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Getting inconsistent results online is frustrating. One minute, an ad is attracting dozens of the right clients. And the next, you’re struggling to find one or two. You don’t know what attracts buyers online and it puts your wallet in a stressful spot.

Selling needs a consistent message. If you constantly change your ads, people won’t know how you can help. Getting consistent results is about having a story that sells.

In this episode, you'll discover how to get off the revenue roller coaster with a story that always sells.

  • How to avoid ‘blind advertising’ and make consistent money with your ads. (3:40)
  • Why a McDonald’s you’ve never been to takes you from hustler mode to a CEO mindset. (5:01)
  • How to rip the bandaid off messy branding and attract more clients with a consistent message. (6:56)
  • How to build a community of loyal buyers with the ‘Shannon Anderson Story Strategy.’ (11:16)

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You're listening to “The School of Client Attraction.” Marquel Russell is the founder of Client Attraction University, a marketing consultancy helping you attract clients on autopilot and scale your business while working 50% less.

Quick disclaimer: a side effect of listening to the show is more clients, more profits, more freedom, and it's more impact in your business. Now, here's your host, Marquel Russell.

Marquel: Hey, what's up, my friend? Marquel Russell here. Welcome to the School of Client Attraction.

Today, we're going to do an interview with Shannon who is absolutely amazing and she is absolutely crushing it. She's going to walk through how she was actually experiencing the revenue roller coaster and how she was able to escape it, and now her revenue continues to grow every single month.

Let's jump into it. Our president of communications here, Richelle Shaw, she’s doing this interview and she's amazing at interviewing, so she's going to pull out all the goods, so get your pen and paper ready, and let's get to it. [00:55.0]

Richelle: Hey, Hey, it's Richelle again, director, senior director of communications here at CAU, Client Attraction University, yes, and we're here today, chatting with Shannon Anderson, one of our clients, asking her about her success in the program and really just finding more about what she liked, how she found Marquel, what her journey has been. I'm telling you, if you have one that you want to walk, you want to sit down for this one. Shannon, introduce yourself.

Shannon: Hi, I'm Shannon Posche Anderson. I'm a best-selling author, coach, speaker, executive producer, and a publisher.

Richelle: There you go. It’s like, and, and, and, and.

Shannon: I know.

Richelle: Yes, we love all of that. When you're a boss, let them know. Let them know everything that you do. Let them know everything. Shannon, I know that you've got so much going on. You're executive producing. A movie about your life is coming out. The published author. You’ve just got so much going on. Why did you think that you wanted to kind of put some stuff online? And what attracted you to Marquel? [02:08.2]

Shannon: Several reasons. I knew that I was already coaching people, inspiring people. After I released my book, people were like, How did you do it? That's kind of how the coaching started, and then the publishing company started because people were like, I need to publish, and so the publishing company kind of started from default.

But my whole brand is about my life. My whole brand is my life story. I help other people to share their life stories, especially when you've been through a life story like mine. I talk about my journey of how I went from stripping to striving, and how I was able to totally transform my life. People were asking, How can I do the same? and that's pretty much how that came to be. [02:59.3]

Now, as far as working with Marquel, he’s a homeboy, you know? I mean, I'm from Atlanta. He's from Atlanta. So, when I saw him, I was like, Okay. I have a real … just that Atlanta flavor, first of all, and I could tell he was from the streets. I was from the streets. He transformed his life. I transformed mine. It just was like peanut butter and jelly.

Richelle: It all makes sense. It just made sense, yeah. I love that. What made you say you wanted to go and really leverage the internet for all of your coaching and training?

Shannon: It just kind of happened that way. When I released my book, I used the internet to sell the book. I didn't do a lot of in-person type of things. I chose to really learn how to use the internet to really build my brand, build my stories, sell my books, and get on more platforms that way and I don't really know exactly how that happened. [04:07.0]

I think I came across another coach. I came across another coach initially on Periscope, and then it just started snowballing from there. If you remember Periscope -

Richelle: Yeah.

Shannon: - then you know it was the new wave at the time, and so I just kind of jumped on that wave and just went on forward.

Richelle: Sure, so I know that using those like Periscope and even now with most of social media, the one challenge that I think that it brings is that there's no real consistency, right?

Shannon: Mm-hmm.

Richelle: It's kind of like, you can put it out there, but you really don't know what's coming back, whereas with using CAU, that's kind of different. Did you find that to be your experience, too?

Shannon: Oh, absolutely. I didn't know how to really structure it and make it consistent. Me and Aundrae talk about this all the time. I'm a hustler, right? You’re just in hustle mode. I know how to do this and bring in clients and stuff like that, but having the actual structure and a system behind it, and I talked to Aundrae about that, too. [05:14.6]

Coming from a hustle mentality to a CEO mentality, there's a transformation that has to happen, right? A lot of us start out in hustle mode, but in order to really build an empire, you need structure and systems, so that's why I wanted to get into CAU.

Richelle: I agree with you a hundred percent. I tell people all the time, you can hustle to six figures.

Shannon: Yeah.

Richelle: You know what I mean? You can hustle to mid-six figures to a couple hundred thousand to 20 gees a month. You can do that hustle, but really to get it to $100,000 a month consistently over and over.

Shannon: Ooh, that's the big leagues right there, honey. Yes, you need to have a team, a structure, a system.

Richelle: Absolutely. [06:00.3]

Shannon: Consistency.

Richelle: Absolutely. It can't be the hustle. It’s always like you leave so much money on the table if you don't have that structure and the systems. I am truly a structure/systems person. When I see folks go, Ooh, okay, so then what? and then they go, No, I’m going to just do this. Okay, but wait.

Shannon: Yeah, and that’s why I can go back to the hood and still see the hustlers. I'm like, You're still in the hood, you get what I'm saying? Hustling can only take you so far and then you’re always given a different experience every time. Every time I go to McDonald’s, I need the same experience. I don't care if I'm in America or Japan, right?

Richelle: I want the same French fries. I want the same French fries.

Shannon: Yeah, so that’s why being able to duplicate yourself and have the structure and the systems is necessary to take it to seven figures.

Richelle: I got it. Since you do have such a unique experience, let me ask you this. We didn't prep before, so if it's out of bounds, just tell me it's out of bounds. But as a former hustler, right, were you against the structure at first? When you saw it, did you go straight through the program and immediately adapt or did you have pushback? [07:19.1]

Shannon: No, I adapted all only, only because I had been trying to deny it for three years. I’ve been on this roller coaster for about three years.

Richelle: Got it.

Shannon: I was just to the point where I was like, Okay, I’ve tried it that way and I see that I'm going to stay on this roller coaster if I don't get some, some additional help. Initially, if I had not gone through the three years of the struggle, I would have hit this and been like, Oh, no, I'm not cleaning up my back office. I know how to put in my hand, you know what I'm saying? What do you mean I need a funnel? [07:56.1]

Because of the struggle and knowing that, and just kind of learning the stuff, bits and pieces here and there, right, it just was not working and panning out. I said, “I need to get with one person with one consistent message, with one coach who has one consistent structure, rather than taking from this coach and that coach and this coach, and then trying to band-aid it all together,” and it was just a mess.

Richelle: Yeah.

Shannon: Yeah.

Richelle: No, we’ve found that, too, and I’ve been in this game over 20 years.

Shannon: Ooh, yeah.

Richelle: Old, older. We'll say older, older, right?

Shannon: You're fine like wine, honey, yes.

Richelle: And that is exactly what I think that the struggle is. It’s that there are so many pieces and there are so many people out there that are teaching there's no shade, there's no judgement. There’s no way, right? However, I don't think there's anybody that teaches it from “this is how you start.” [09:03.7]

Shannon: Yeah, all the way through, and the ... what do I want to say? He goes deep, deep, deep down into your business, so it’s just not on the surface, right? He actually makes you think and sit. I just had a call with Aundrae today and I was just like, Gasp, I have more digging to do, you know? But that's what I need.

Even as business owners, we're constantly telling our clients that they need to snatch off the band-aid, so you guys are helping me snatch off my band-aid, right, so that I can get better and I'm just like, Ugh, I'm bleeding over here. But I know that it's all for my good and I cannot wait until I really see the full results, because I’ve only been in it two months now.

Richelle: Yeah, but tell us about your results thus far. How is it going?

Shannon: So far I have done a little over $10,000.

Richelle: Yay. [10:01.8]

Shannon: Yeah, so within, I'd say, the first 45 days. I said I wanted to really come out and really get into the system, launch my ads as quickly as possible, so I did that in about five weeks or so, and then the next week, week and a half was when I was just running it up. I've done a little over 10k within these 60 days.

Richelle: That's awesome. That's awesome, and the transition, it is tough and we all, even though we get frustrated, we do fall back on just the stuff that we know. Right?

Shannon: Yeah, right.

Richelle: It's just easier to not have to push through, so you're just showing how strong and what a badass you actually are, but sticking with it and just pushing through and pushing through. The one thing about it is that, and I tell everybody, we don't take everybody. If you're just trying to make money, we are not the program for you. [11:04.8]

Shannon: Yeah.

Richelle: We really want you to have an amazing story like you do, and showing just an amazing transformation. Can you tell everybody just a little bit about your story and what you've done to kind of transform your life?

Shannon: I grew up in an abusive home, alcoholic father, beat my mother regularly. Was sexually abused at 11, went into adult entertainment. I was working at Magic City at 14, and so people are like, What? How in the world did that happen? You’ve got to get the book.

Just my journey from the age of 14 to 25, I was in adult entertainment, traveling the country. I then started doing men's magazine, so I was a cover girl for several years, on the cover of a lot of men's magazines, sold out all over the world, and traveled the world doing that. [11:58.5]

What I saw was people saw me as this glamorous girl living this big life, but I was so broken, but I always knew and I always heard God tell me, “There's something bigger. There's something bigger. You're going to help a lot of people.” Around 25, I got married, and since then I’ve been raising my kids. Divorced now, but I’ve been raising my kids.

In 2015, I was in a car accident. I was in the music industry for a little while. My manager died in a car accident. I watched him take his last breath, had to find his body and everything, very traumatic, and then that's when God said, “It's time to go ahead and write the book.”

I wrote the book, Stripper to Striver, and it was a hit. People were just like, Oh, my gosh, this story is amazing, you're amazing, whatever, and then people were like, How do I share my story? And so that's when the ministry piece started to come in because I don't just help people write books. I actually help them to heal and get them through traumatic situations and stuff through their stories. [13:00.4]

That's pretty much what it is. I have so many clients. They have powerful testimonies about how God has transformed their lives, the things that they've been through, and to be able to show them how to present themselves and go out and help others, I'm like, Wow, I never thought in a million years I'd be in this position. I went into a documentary, and so the documentary is coming out on all streaming platforms. It happened.
Richelle: That’s exciting. Let me ask you, what's your favorite part of CAU? What's the part that you go, Without this piece, I don't think I would’ve succeeded?

Shannon: Definitely the coaching calls. Having four of them and you can kind of pick and choose what I need at this particular time, that has been very, very helpful to just be able to get on the call, ask my questions, and if I can't get it answered to have the option to have a one-on-one, too.

Richelle: Yeah, I love that. Now that you've got your sales coming in and now that everything is going deeper and deeper and deeper, what do you have coming up for 2021? [14:07.2]

Shannon: 2021 …

Richelle: New book, of course.

Shannon: And the documentary. I was going around shopping it to different networks, speaking to different networks and stuff like that. I found a happy medium, so I'm going to start doing that. Then I'm going to also show people how they can take their stories and turn it into film and get on television, too, so that's the phase.

Richelle: Yeah. What's so great is that, I tell people that you get famous way before you get rich, right?

Shannon: Isn’t that true? Yeah.

Richelle: You are doing it exactly the right way, so that once your movie comes out, your funnels are set up, so they know how to pay, right?

Shannon: I’m fired.

Richelle: You are just going to be fantastic. Geez, 2021, she's just going to crush it and I am so excited for you. You are doing great work. You are doing much needed work that people are there and they need you, so keep at it and we'd love to help, and if there's anything else, of course, just reach out. Thank you everybody for your time. [15:12.6]

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