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Running a million-dollar business isn’t all about the money – it’s about gaining the freedom to live life your way. And achieving that freedom starts with strategies you’ve used in the past (and probably forgot along the way).

While there are hundreds of strategies to hit the million-dollar mark, there are only seven that remain timeless.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to build a seven-figure business through the seven pillars of entrepreneurship (and how it creates the momentum to sell every time). 

  • Why having the right mindset sells more products (and how the wrong mindset holds your business back). (1:22)
  • How to kill off bad marketing for good and attract a community of buyers right now. (2:04)
  • The ‘one-page’ plan for maximizing your profits and making clients happy. (2:20)
  • The three entrepreneurial systems your business needs to focus on (and how they add zeroes to your bank account).  

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You're listening to “The School of Client Attraction.” Marquel Russell is the founder of Client Attraction University, a marketing consultancy helping you attract clients on autopilot and scale your business while working 50% less.

Quick disclaimer: a side effect of listening to the show is more clients, more profits, more freedom, and it's more impact in your business. Now, here's your host, Marquel Russell.

Marquel: Hey, what's up, my friend? Marquel Russell here. Welcome to this brand new episode of the School of Client Attraction.

In today's episode, I'm going to share with you the seven pillars to building a million-dollar business. Now, you may or may not know that we actually do a weekly youth entrepreneurship class here in Atlanta. You can actually RSVP if you're in Atlanta or know somebody and they can go register for free at BizSuccessMadeSimple.com. We do it every single Thursday, unless I’m travelling or something like that and I bring in special guests who will walk in the youth anywhere from 11 to 25 through the process of building a million dollar business. It comes with a curriculum and the whole nine yards, right? [01:01.2]

However, what I want to talk about in this episode, I want to share with you the seven pillars that we teach them. You can actually apply them to your business as well, right, because if a 10- or 11-year-old, a seven-year-old, a six-year-old can do it, of course, you can do it as well. A lot of these things you're probably already doing, but I want to just share these things as well, so you can say, Okay, maybe I can improve on that. Let's get into it and I’ve got my notes, right, just to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Number one is the right mindset. You’ve got to have the right mindset in terms of growing the seven-figure business. Do you even believe that you can grow a million-dollar business? Do you believe that it's possible for you and that you deserve it? That's number one, the right mindset, and we really dive into this thing called the 11 habits of millionaire entrepreneurs. We did an episode on that as well, so you can go check that one out.

Number two is the right product. Do you have a right product that you can actually sell? One of the things we talked about is you can actually create a brand new product or you can improve on an existing product.
Number three is the right client. Are you speaking to the right client? The right client, now you’ve got the right product, but does your product actually solve a problem for this specific person? If it doesn't, then that's not the right client. [02:02.5]

Number four, the right marketing. Do you have the right marketing that helps somebody move from where they are in their current situation to their preferred situation, and you can automate the whole process? As in, people can see how your product either helps them accomplish the desire they want or help them solve a specific pain that they want. Okay, so that's the right marketing.

Then the right business plan. You want to have the one, we call this the one-page business plan. I'm not going to go too deep into the right business plan. I’ll kind of hit on it a little bit, but essentially you want to figure out, okay, all right, what's my name, what's the name of my company, obviously? What's the product I sell? Who's the client? What's the pain that I solve? How much is my price point? What's my marketing strategy? How do I get people to me and so forth? You want to have that on a one-page sheeter or I mean a one-sheeter, so you're really crystal clear on it, all right.

You want to have the right marketing plan. I'll probably do another episode on the right marketing plan, but you want to be clear on, okay, do I have the right marketing plan? Which platform am I using? What's my client-attraction system? How do I get people to my client-attraction system? How do I convert them into an actual paid client? And how do we do this over and over again? How do you remove yourself from it? [03:08.4]

Then, lastly, it’s the right systems, right? The right systems. It's three systems that we teach them that you want to make sure you’ve got in place for your business as well. You want to have your sales system. You want to have your marketing system, and you want to have your operations/fulfillment system. How do people buy from you? And what's the system look like? What is the marketing process that makes people aware of what you actually provide? And then what's the operations fulfillment? After they buy, how do they actually get what they just paid for? You want to automate those things and remove yourself out of it, so your systems actually work 100 percent independent of you. Okay?

Thank you so much for checking out this episode. Have a phenomenal day because you absolutely deserve it. Talk to you soon. [03:51.3]

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