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When it comes to running a successful coaching program, you might get so consumed in helping others that you forget to help yourself…And if you’re giving advice for free or stretching yourself too thin, you’re not making the money you want (and taking on too many clients in exchange for your freedom).

But you don’t need to work harder to make more money. Running a million-dollar business is a mindset – not the coach with the longest list of clients.

In this episode, licensed clinical psychologist and financial coach Dr. Rosche Brown shows you how to make the money you want and manage the money you have (for ayour most profitable and stress-free future).

Highlights from this episode include:

  • The hidden finances that tarnish your mental health – and how to scale your business and leverage the internet in the most stress-free way. (1:44)
  • Why you might be addicted to living paycheck-to-paycheck (no matter how much you make) – and how to break the bad financial habits for money that invests in you. (11:07)
  • How to craft the perfect message for finding clients excited to work with you and pay whatever you chargeprice your offer is. (15:36)
  • How to stop “feeling funky” on coaching calls and get the emotions out of your offer for the results that scale your business (and build your confidence along the way). (26:59)

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You're listening to “The School of Client Attraction.” Marquel Russell is the founder of Client Attraction University, a marketing consultancy helping you attract clients on autopilot and scale your business while working 50% less.

Quick disclaimer: a side effect of listening to the show is more clients, more profits, more freedom, and it's more impact in your business. Now, here's your host, Marquel Russell.

Marquel: Hey, what's up, my friend? Marquel Russell here. Welcome to this brand new episode of the School of Client Attraction.

Let me ask you this. If you're not making at least 30k per month right now, how would you like to know a step-by-step process of exactly how to do it? If you want to know, you're going to love today's episode. It’s actually going to be an interview. We're going to jump over to it right now of Dr. Rosche, where she walks step by step through how she came in and started making at least $8,000 per month and how she's actually growing that.

Our senior director of client communications Rochelle is going to interview her and she has an amazing web interview and then digging out the goal, so you can actually take and implement it into your business. Let's go ahead and jump into it right now. [01:05.0]

Rochelle: Hey, hey. All right, so, hey, this is Rochelle Shaw. I am the senior director of communications here at CAU, Client Attraction University, and I am having fun again. I get to chat today with Dr. Rosche. Yay, yay. We got to meet in person. As soon as I meet them in person, I know that I will love you for life, we’ll be friends for life, I can't wait. I loved your energy.

Dr. Rosche: Thank you.

Rochelle: I loved that [sound dropped] with the dollar sign on it. Please introduce yourself to everybody. Tell them what you do.

Dr. Rosche: Yes, my name is Dr. Rosche Brown and my business name is the Doctor of Rethinking because I help women professionals, particularly nurses and licensed mental health professionals, learn how to make money, manage money, and then, of course, multiply their money. [01:59.7]

Rochelle: Yay.

Dr. Rosche: And so that's what I help people with. I'm a licensed clinical psychologist, as well as a financial coach. Together, that's considered a financial psychologist, so I help people really understand their mindset when it comes down to their money.

Rochelle: Ugh, it's so important because so many people don't know why they do things or why they decided to not pay this or why they always pay late, or why they have to see the money in their account, and they've got the perfect person.

Dr. Rosche: Yes, exactly, so I'm getting all in their mind and, I mean, I’ve been doing this for 14 years, so I’ve actually been doing therapy since 2006, but I started seeing finance as being a real issue to people's mental health stress. Financial stress and mental health stress, that'd be going hand in hand, right? That was a huge thing that was happening for a lot of people, and so about five years ago is when I was like, Oh, let me get into it and make a whole coaching program that makes sense around this, but definitely you needed to increase it. I was doing it, but how do I make this into a great business? That's what brought me here ultimately. [03:07.8]

Rochelle: It brought you to CAU. What did your business look like? You said, make it a great business. What does it look like before you’ve got to CAU?

Dr. Rosche: Before CAU, I was really mainly focused on life insurance and I was doing financial reviews with people, I mean, so looking at their money and their money out, but for the most part, I was really looking at making sure they had a great life insurance plan. A lot of people didn't have enough coverage.

Now life insurance has the options of growing money inside of your policies. I was educating people on that, but then I noticed there was a gap there where I'm asking people their financial goals, but life insurance is not the solution for getting a house, right? You know what I'm saying? Life insurance is not the solution all the time for saving money for investment properties or getting out of debt. [04:00.5]

All those things were missing, and so I was like, Okay, I need to develop a coaching program for it, and I was just actually giving away the information. I was like, Okay, if you do this, this and this, that's how you want to eliminate your debt. Then this is how you’re going to build your credit, and then after you build your credit … I had this whole thing and I was like, And then you're going to save this money, this amount of money a month. This is the kind of savings vehicles you want. Now I was like, Hey, you want to learn how to invest?

I was just like throwing things at people and people were learning and people were growing, but I wasn't making really any money for it. That was kind of before CAU. I was like, I don't have a specific structured program. I'm just doing it for people. So, that was kind of my before-CAU story.

Rochelle: Yeah. It's hard to leverage that, I would imagine.

Dr. Rosche: Yeah.

Rochelle: That would have kept you super busy, huh?

Dr. Rosche: Right. Oh, yeah. It definitely kept me busy where people were calling me and asking me more and more questions, especially when life happens. Right? Like in COVID land, things happen, so they know to call me because they know I'm the person who's educated and can help around finances. [05:07.4]

But the thing is that I didn't really know how to charge them, right? I didn't know how to have a structured program, like I was saying before, to make sure that I was really getting my worth while I was giving out all of this great information to them.

Rochelle: Now you said a word, how do you get your worth through all of this? It makes you kind of think, wait a minute, here I am helping people get their own worth.

Dr. Rosche: Right.

Rochelle: It's like the cobbler's children have no shoes. We help everybody else, but we forget sometimes to turn around and help us. Were you just searching online or how did you find Marquel?

Dr. Rosche: I always say I'm super spiritual, right? That's even great that CAU is, too. I feel like I was literally, this is so funny, I was asking the Lord like, I don't know how to say the right things to my audience. I'm not really sure who my audience is. [06:09.4]

I was having this moment with God. I was like, I need help because I need to start making big money. How am I ever going to make the million dollars that people are talking about? I had this old thing and I was asking these questions.

So, I went to an event with another coaching person and it was a three-day event during this virtual time. It's normally an event that's in person, but she had just made it virtual. While I was there, there was this guy who was talking about how to scale a business, right? He was one of the vendors, so the one, that guy was just like a vendor and he was like, Oh, you should scale your business from … I think he helps people scale it to $100,000 a month or something, right? Now, clearly I'm like, Wait. I wasn't near $100,000 a month at all and so I'm like, How is he going to do that? I'm going to go talk to him. [07:03.8]

Once I went and talked to him and then he told me that his demographic are people who are already making 50,000 or 60,000 a month, and I was like, That's not me either. Right? What he did was say, Hey, I have somebody for you who can definitely help you get to your 50,000 and then maybe you can come back to me and know how to scale it up to the 100,000. I was like, oh, okay, and so he said Marquel and he literally sent a message, I think, to Marquel, told me how to send a message to Marquel.

Then I started searching, right? I was like, Who is Marquel? Right? I met this guy. I didn't even have a huge relationship. It just was the idea of he just felt like a trusting person because the person he was bidding for was a trusted person, somebody who I had had taken one of their programs in the past. I was like, Okay, they trust him and then he sounded great. He gave another warm transfer basically to Marquel. [08:03.0]

I started looking at my Marquel's things, which you know have thousands of testimonials of great people who look like me, just so happens, that are doing great things and making the money that I would wish to make in life. That really made me excited and so I looked at something and signed up.

I really got psyched. All this in one day. It happened all in this one day. He told me about him. I did all my research. I was up all day, at night, like, Okay, let's see this testimony, this testimony. I enrolled and I think it might have been the next day maybe you called me. You called me the next day and then you were all pleasant and bubbly and you were like, Yeah, girl, you can do it. I was like, Oh, she just seemed so bright. I was like, Okay, I will do it. [08:56.3]

You gave me I guess the pre-call and then I got on with Mark on a call and it was so funny because, of course, he was asking me a lot of different questions, but I'm all like, Just tell me how much it is [inaudible]. I was like, I'm going to do it, because I had already sold myself, honestly, through looking at the testimonials. I was like, I want this program. It's just about how much is it? Is it going to feel good to me? I’d just got the EIDL loan, so I was like, I have this money. This money must be invested into my business. How am I going to go about doing that? Mark did his spiel and I was just like, Okay, hurry up, and then he told me and I was like, I'm ready. Number one, I'm ready for this. So, that’s how I got in.

Rochelle: Right. I tell everybody that we do kind of get you through and ask you a whole bunch of questions because we know what we do works, so we want to make sure that we have the right people who really want to serve.

Dr. Rosche: Yes, definitely.

Rochelle: If you're not trying to serve, then we don't want you fooling with us. We will tell you to go somewhere else like, Go do that somewhere else. This is not a make money online scheme. That's so 1980, you know what I mean? [10:12.3]

Dr. Rosche: Right, right, yeah.

Rochelle: No, no, no. Now we just leverage the internet to help you create freedom, help you create freedom in your business, income freedom, freedom of your time, so that you don't have all of these things, but it's structured, and freedom to, I always say, do whatever the hell you want when you want.

Dr. Rosche: Yes, yes, exactly.

Rochelle: That’s what freedom is to me. It's not that, oh, it's the money. The money is good and even it's not that you weren't already super accomplished. That's what people don't realize. It's like you are already making a large sum of money, I’s numbered how much. But you are a clinical psychologist. You are Dr. Rosche, you know what I mean? So, you already are well accomplished. What's your why? Why did you really want to start helping people financially? [11:08.8]

Dr. Rosche: That's so interesting. Of course, your why changes over time and different things and can get deeper, but when it comes down to the core of just the beginning aspects, I grew up in an area in the Bay Area called Oakland. People know Oakland. They just had the Verzuz Too Short and E-40, so where Too Short is from.

But initially I grew up in a household and a community where people were addicted to substances. People were, for the most part, on welfare and different things like that, and so since I was young, I’ve been helping people with their finances and their mind and I didn't even understand it was like a job initially, like a career to go into. It's just something that I always was doing. People would give you their money and subtract it and all that kind of stuff. I'm like, Okay, this could happen and this could happen, and so I was always very excited about it. [12:02.1]

I only knew the basics, right? I knew save something, right? Don't get yourself into debt. I’ve been talking about basics since I was 10. I knew those things and I knew “I'm going to buy me a house,” so purchase myself a house. But then I also realized that most people don't think this way.

Rochelle: They don’t.

Dr. Rosche: And most people struggle when it comes down to reaching their financial goals, and that got deeper and deeper, especially as I started to do the work, started to do therapy. I used to work with foster youth at the time and one of my pet peeves is people going into the grocery stores not knowing how much to spend and then having to take things back. I don't know, people would be like, No, take that back, take that back, and that used to be a thing that would happen when I was younger when I used to be with my family and I was like, No, I hate that. I feel like I don't have enough money. I was all about managing, right? And so I think that kind of became my why. [13:00.7]

So, I started to teach that to even my foster youth and the high school students that I used to work with, and then I went into transitional age youth, teaching them about independent living skills. The more that I kept on doing that, I'm like, People need this. This is from another level when it comes down to your mind, but it's also this money thing, and wealth is freedom. That's part of freedom when you can put your hands on money at any given time.

That really kind of became my passion and once I got it aligned with like, Oh, I could do some type of financial coaching, I was doing it. But knowing that it could be a business is where it was like, Oh, I can help a lot more people, particularly when I noticed that people like me who had doctorate degrees, people with me who had careers or people who were making good money were making six figures. Naturally, we did all the work and went to school. We did the stuff we were supposed to do. We're making the six figures, but now we’re like, What are we supposed to do with it? We still manage it the same exact way as we manage it when we had no money. [14:06.4]

Rochelle: Yes.

Dr. Rosche: And so we still get addicted to this struggling where you’ll just be like, I would be broke, too. You just go like you make more money, you spend more money. I was like, I want to help those people who are very similar to me, make good money, but they have no ideas, nobody ever interrupted.

I went to school for a long time to get my doctorate degree, but nobody ever sat there and said, Hey, this is how you're supposed to manage all your money. This is how you're supposed to invest in stocks. Nobody taught me that, and so I'm like, I'm going to be the person that was going to interrupt that pattern of living paycheck to paycheck, even though you have enough money, you know what I'm saying? And then taking the educational tools, but also moving to that level of having what you really, really want. There's no reason why we’re still not looking for a house and stuff like that and made enough money five times over to end up purchasing that house, but we don't understand how to do it. [15:04.2]

Rochelle: Yeah, and it's just easier. They like their comfort and if your comfort is struggle, then you feel comfortable in the struggle.

Dr. Rosche: Yes. There's so much safety in the familiar, right? There's safety there, even if it's wrong.

Rochelle: It’s wrong.

Dr. Rosche: It still feels safe because it's what we know, and so, yeah, I’m really all about let me help you and break some of that level of safety. You're at a new level, so let's have a new level of thinking.

Rochelle: Yeah. What did you feel about or how did you feel at the event when we do the money side of it?

Dr. Rosche: I mean, that was so powerful, right? Because, of course, I have money blocks, too. Especially as you're, to me, when you're in CAU, because a big thing is that they're helping us to know that we're more worthy and we're deserving of high-ticket value costs to our programs, right? [16:02.2]

So, that was huge because, even for me, even though I make even more or better money than the average, where even in my private practice, people pay me 200, 250 an hour, so even that was like, That's good, good money, but--

Rochelle: That should be enough.

Dr. Rosche: Yeah. Then I was like, That's so much more than anybody in my whole world, right? Nobody else makes that kind of money. I'm making a hundred times more than most people that I know. To think about making my mind think even more than that, thinking like, oh, I can make thousands per hour, that was something that I had to work on.

When we did that money exercise, it really helped me, and even that's another thing, one of the main things I think that came up, which was the idea that you have to work harder to make more money. It was a huge thing that was in my head because I was like, Dang, but if I'm making thousands like that, I'm probably going to have to work even more. That's how I thought about it, not realizing, oh, no, when you structure it, you can work a lot less and make more, and I was like, I want that in my life. [17:09.8]

Rochelle: Once I think when everybody sees it, then they go, Well, wait, why would I ever? Why would I ever do it that way? and I go, I don't know.

Dr. Rosche: Yeah, they know no better. They’ve got to be better.

Rochelle: That's exactly true. That's why all of the work that you are doing is so, so important. Let's talk about the steps you took in the program. Where did you start and then how quickly did you make your first, and how did all that work?

Dr. Rosche: Okay. I'm definitely a student, right? So, just the idea that CAU, right, university, and everything was really set there to say, do this, then this, then this, then this, then this, and so the steps were really helpful. I mean, I was super excited. I've been in other coaching programs before. I have spent a lot of money in coaching programs, in all honesty, that, again, I’ve been on this for about five years, trying to figure things out. So, this was the most excited that I had ever been and right away didn't have buyer's remorse. [18:16.1]

I have gotten coaching programs and been like, Oh, why did I spend this money? right away, and this one was the first time that, I mean, all the information was right there for me, so that was huge. I felt in even just me going ahead, even though I wasn't supposed to, I just wanted to see what the topics were, so I went ahead and I was like, Oh, my, these topics are just really going to bring me from A to Z for real.

I think that just made me so happy even just at the time having the fast start call. Right away, I think, I did some stuff for Week 1, but right away I had that call with Coach Drae, and then he talking and I just felt like he pumped my head up. I was like, I could make a lot of money here. Right? I just had this so my spirit just felt real good with him. That was Week 1. [19:13.0]

Then you know Marquel sent a little personal message. I was like, I'm winning in this program and I hadn't made a dollar. I was so like I was in the winning spirit just because of the people who I was already just connecting with at that time and I just started going through everything.

I think Cierra, as well as Coach Drae, they both talked about keeping up the pace, right, during the time and knocking things out, and he kind of gave me a quick timeline of how to get things done and all of that. Cierra, she was saying a lot about that, too, that you don't want other people having success and you don't have this, so you don't keep up with it. All of that made me really excited. I was on it in the beginning doing all that. [20:00.8]

But at the same time, I think I joined, I can't remember when I joined actually, but maybe June or July or something like that when I first joined and my life was full, right? I was full. Even though I was knocking out these things, I was full. Like I said, everybody was asking about life insurance, right? We're in COVID, the COVID time, mental health. If you had never thought about doing mental health before, what COVID, by the time we hit June or July and people started realizing like, Oh, this ain’t three weeks.

In the first three weeks, everybody was just chilling and they were like, Oh, I'm okay. Look at this break that I have for my life. Everybody was so happy about it. Once we hit and they extended shelter in place, that's when everybody was like, Wait a minute, and the need for mental health increased significantly. Therefore, the need for what I was doing increased significantly and I just had so many things that I have my hands in in so many different pots at that point. So, even though I was doing the program, I felt this feeling of I can't accept more people in my life, if that makes sense. [21:12.2]

Rochelle: Yes. Absolutely

Dr. Rosche: Initially, I was doing the program. I was getting on the coaching calls, but nothing was really converting and I wasn't really blaming the program per se. It was just me because I was like, I know I'm just not even in my attraction. I was like, I almost don't even want these people because I'm too full. I've got too many other things happening right now. It was so crazy because I’m on this, but you're spending money. You’ve got to do this, but I really just didn't have enough energy inside of me to do it. That's what I noticed.

I feel like the big turning point was that, once my 12 weeks were over, just coincidentally, my 12 weeks were over right when we were going to the boot camp. I go to the boot camp and the spirit of the boot camp, ah, man, that, and I needed people. [22:01.8]

Especially by that point, I really needed people around me, and so the energy, I mean, the caliber of people, shall I say even. The caliber of people getting to see who's in CAU, right? You’re looking at successful entrepreneurs, successful people who all are degreed up, you know what I mean? I mean, so many doctors in the room. I’ve never seen that many Black doctors in the room. I'm so used to being the only Black doctor in the room. I was like, Oh, my God, there's a Black doctor at every table, you know what I mean? Everybody was so successful in their own right and I think that was great.

The family feeling, the casualness of just Coach Drae and Marquel. All of that together, the energy felt fire and being able to get the hot seat. I mean, I really was so happy that the Lord gave me the hot seat, right, because everybody didn't get it, so the fact that I’ve got that hot seat, that hot seat literally transformed my business. [23:04.3]

Literally, that was what transformed it because I wasn't getting the right people on the calls and just by simply asking me questions, Marquel just changed the whole dynamic of what I was doing. Then I started targeting the right people, the exact right people, right? I had the right type of better messaging. Everybody in the audience started giving me what were things of interest of my target people. People just started yelling out, Think about this, think about this. People were recording and taking pictures for me because they were like, Oh, you probably want you to picture. Here goes a recording of the information, just in case you forget something. Coach Drae helping my mindset around it. I mean, to me, the boot camp was fire. It was like that was where things shifted. [23:56.1]

I joined the inner circle right after that. Another investment, right? You were extra coaching me into the process, but very much, so thank you for it, but I went through that and I think the inner circle helped me go to the really good next step to still have the connections of what I needed and to understand a little bit better of how to do this program.

So, that right there is what, to me, led me to getting my first two clients, so I actually got two clients at $4,000, which is just bananas to me, you know what I mean, where I was doing pretty much what I'm doing with them now. I always used to do this for free. For free.

Rochelle: And now you're getting $4,000. Yeah, this is so much better, right?

Dr. Rosche: So much better. I mean, just the idea. I mean, even just going further with the inner circle calls, I'm excited because I know that before Christmas, right? I'm speaking as I’m manifesting this for myself, but I can see it already that I should have another two, maybe three clients, even before Christmas and we're in the week of Christmas. [25:09.8]

Just the idea that that's converting two or three people per week, right? My initial goal in this program was five people a month, so now as I look at my 2021 goals, I see where that five will easily double to, you know what I mean, being like, Oh, no, 10 people a month by paying me $5,000 a month.

Rochelle: Which is your million-dollar business, right?

Dr. Rosche: Exactly. I'm like, Oh, I'm actually going to make these millions, right?

Rochelle: Yeah. When you start talking about those type of numbers and when you know what you're delivering, you know that you're serving, you're serving at the highest level, that's exactly what happens, right?

Dr. Rosche: Yes, yes.

Rochelle: It’s so fun to see that like, and even in your face.

Dr. Rosche: Yeah.

Rochelle: That a-ha, because I’ve been with you this whole journey. [26:00.8]

Dr. Rosche: Right, yes.

Rochelle: It’s so awesome to hear and to see. When I saw you post in the group, I was like, Oh, my goodness, here we go, because our first one, talk about substance abuse, it's like crack, right?

Dr. Rosche: Yes, yes.

Rochelle: You want another one and another one, and you want to go back after it.

Dr. Rosche: Yeah.

Rochelle: The best piece of cake you've ever had in your life.

Dr. Rosche: I mean, even just the idea of the people, like when you're targeting the right people. I love my clients and those only two people, but it's like, gosh, they're my favorite people making it easier to work with them and to make this money because it just feels like, I love y'all. I really want the best for you.

Rochelle: That's how we feel about you, too, just so you know.

Dr. Rosche: Right, yes.

Rochelle: That’s why we don't want to … Getting to choose your clients is truly a luxury.

Dr. Rosche: Yes.

Rochelle: And so many business owners don't realize that. They think that you have to take who comes to you, but you can craft the message, so that you attract just those people that you really want to work with. [27:14.2]

Dr. Rosche: Yes, exactly.

Rochelle: But then you say, Ooh, I don't think this will work for you, and we release them in love and grace [inaudible].

Dr. Rosche: Yes, yes. That’s huge. Another big thing, just thinking about just the numbers, right? The idea that business is more of a numerical game and I love the idea when they say bring the data, not the drama, because it's so real, right? Because you're so in your feelings all the time like, I feel I’m not talking to the right people. I feel like this is heavy. I feel like nobody really wants my program. I feel. Now I realize, oh, no, we can look at the numbers and we can see what the actual problem is. Is this problem you? You know what I mean? Is it your messaging? [27:59.0]

I feel that that's why it was so aligned with what I actually needed, so it makes it easier to even understand how to scale your business. How do you make a million dollars is so easy once you know what the numbers are.

Rochelle: It's an equation. I happened to have written The Million Dollar Equation book, so that's how I kind of know it, but it truly is just an equation. Right?

Dr. Rosche: Yeah.

Rochelle: An equation, and where people get all messed up is in the feelings.

Dr. Rosche: Yes, yes.

Rochelle: It’s all in the feelings and when you get in your feelings, you can't make logical decisions.

Dr. Rosche: Right, exactly.

Rochelle: So, it's always one of our core tenements here at CAU that in data we trust. We look at data every single day and say, Okay, is this a problem or is this just something that we don't like?

Dr. Rosche: Right, exactly.

Rochelle: It’s like, No, this is a problem or, look, you just don't like that. Get over it and let’s move on. You've done five calls. What do you mean you need to change your message? No, you don’t. How about you do 20 calls? And then let's see. You're not even good at your calls yet. They're feeling that funky energy that you have coming through the phone, right? You don’t [inaudible] when you're growing. [29:12.1]

Dr. Rosche: True. I mean, I was just thinking about that. That's another level of CAU, the idea that somebody will listen to your calls, because you're not left alone to just assume. Right? You know that you have somebody, so even when Coach Drae actually will say to me, Hey, Rosche, yo, your energy was popping in the beginning and then it fell down because you to feel confident in your price and all that, I was like, Oh, that's good when he's telling me go deeper.

So, he has given me true coaching and direction on how to make it work, so I can definitely see how when I implement it what I learned that it shifted how I was doing things and it ultimately led me to my clients, and now I see how I can continue or I will continue to bring in and attract more clients to me. [30:05.6]

Rochelle: Yeah, it makes it easy.

Dr. Rosche: Yes, yes.

Rochelle: Right? When you went in, because the system is easy.

Dr. Rosche: Exactly.

Rochelle: It’s about what you put in it, what you’re going to do if you’re going to allow it to be easy, if you allow yourself to serve the clients and not let your personal money issues get in the way.

Dr. Rosche: Right. Exactly. Yes.

Rochelle: Right? That's all it's about. Goodness, goodness gracious, yes, all right, I think you answered. You answered that one. How about what's your favorite thing about CAU? That's my favorite question to ask.

Dr. Rosche: What’s the favorite thing? I mean, I guess it’s really the family-like quality. I feel like it's the spiritual family-like quality of CAU, and I guess even in the time that I’ve been here, it's always ever changing to serve us as their clients. [31:08.0]

I’ve noticed that in just a very short period of time. I mean, it's been about almost six months or so, a little bit less, but I noticed and I'm like, Wow, when this wasn't happening, they changed this, or they're like, Oh, the clients need a little bit more of this here. Let's bring some more coaches in. Let's have this. I think that it has been one of my favorites.

I love the Facebook group because I just like the idea. I feel like we all really want each other to win, so it definitely takes out that aspect of what we know of like the crabs in a barrel. We don't even have that here. It's like somebody gets a client and you're like, Cool, you know what I'm saying? God bless you. They’d be guarding the neighborhood, right?

Rochelle: Right.

Dr. Rosche: You’d be like, Cool, that means I can't wait for mine.

Rochelle: I’m on my way. Right.

Dr. Rosche: Right. It feels that way and I think that's even more so exciting, that everybody loves and wants everybody else to win as much as possible. [32:07.3]

Rochelle: Yes. That is truly our goal. The reason they featured us in Black Enterprise is that our clients have generated over 100 million dollars.

Dr. Rosche: I know.

Rochelle: That's fun and that's truly our goal, to get to a million clients serving and owning million-dollar businesses. That changes the game, right?

Dr. Rosche: Oh, yeah.

Rochelle: We make the true impact. Oh, my goodness, this has been absolutely a joy. Always fun, and I'm so damn proud of you, I just can't even…

Dr. Rosche: Thank you.

Rochelle: It oozes out of my spirit all day long to hear and to see you go, I don't know, and even at the boot camp to see you kind of like, I'm not sure, but back home and just kill it, crush it, I’m [inaudible] … [33:01.4]

Dr. Rosche: Boy, man, I'm so juiced about 2021 because I have this level of program. I think the issue from the previous coaching programs for me was they were like, Oh, you should have this, you should have this, you have to have this, but nobody taught you how to get the clients.

Rochelle: No.

Dr. Rosche: They don't tell you to get the clients.

Rochelle: Because they don’t know how, and, oh, I’m not supposed to say that out loud.

Dr. Rosche: Yeah, but, I mean, maybe it's another big win. It's like you need to teach me how to get the clients and, I mean, we literally structure from A to Z, how once you get them, what you do when you get them, you know what I'm saying? From all those pieces. Those things were missing. I felt like I was getting pieces, but not the whole step-by-step program.

Rochelle: No, no. They tell you that you need a better website. They tell you that you need better pictures. You need to be … that picture ain’t going to work. I had a person. Now, at this point I was probably doing, yeah, probably 6 million a year.

Dr. Rosche: Wow. [34:00.5]

Rochelle: She was tired of seeing me in the same white jacket in my pictures online, and I said, First of all, it's not the same. I've got 11 of them. And second of all, Oprah said that people light you, and the people of color, they don't light you. You light everybody else. It's better to wear a white jacket, and so that's why I wear a white jacket.

So, now my deal is I only get advice from people that are doing better than me whose lives I’d rather switch, right? And so, that's the rule now. And it's like, what are you talking about? But in their brain, all of their insecurities start, what you need to do in your business, your website isn't right, your whatever. Some of your website isn't even up yet and you're still generating because that's not what it's all about. We get after that. We have at CAU 15 different ones that don't even get any traffic because we run traffic to specific landing pages. [35:07.3]

Dr. Rosche: Yeah.

Rochelle: We are really, really excited, as I said. Thank you so much for being here. I am so excited. I can't wait. I'm going to have you back here in the next quarter so that we can giggle about those five a month that you were talking about.

Dr. Rosche: Ooh, I know, I know.

Rochelle: Yeah. All right, you have a great, great day. Hey, we'll see you soon.

Marquel: Thank you so much for checking out this episode. Have a phenomenal day because you absolutely deserve it. Talk to you soon.

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