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The more you learn about generating leads online, the easier it gets to forget the basics.

And when you complicate the simple things, you end up with 60-hour work weeks and less money than you started with. 

You don’t need to have every tool or read every book to make the money you want. You only need to trust your own value. 

In this episode speaker, coach, and Breakthrough Kings CEO Mike Williams discusses the simplicity of leveling up your business and why you don’t need to live in front of a screen to make the money you want.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • Why you don’t need to work weekends for a bigger paycheck – and the marketing that saves family time right now. (1:28)
  • What Bruce Lee reveals about attracting more leads and charging what you want. (5:00)
  • Using the “Trojan Horse” method to get your lead flow through the roof (and at any price). (12:25)
  • Why most coaches blow through their money on extravagant marketing systems – and the only plan you need for selling big-ticket offers today. (18:00)

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You're listening to “The School of Client Attraction.” Marquel Russell is the founder of Client Attraction University, a marketing consultancy helping you attract clients on autopilot and scale your business while working 50% less.

Quick disclaimer: a side effect of listening to the show is more clients, more profits, more freedom, and it's more impact in your business. Now, here's your host, Marquel Russell.

Marquel: Hey, what's up, my friend? Marquel Russell here. Welcome to this brand new episode of the School of Client Attraction.

We're going to do it a little bit differently and we're going to dive into an interview in one second when my guy, Mike Williams, is going to break down exactly how he added an extra $11,300 to his revenue in only three days and his whole entire journey. I know you're going to have to take a lot from this and implement it right immediately into your business. With no further ado, let's get into it.

Rochelle: Here it is. I am Rochelle, senior director of communications for CAU, and I'm so excited that today I get to talk to my good friend, my new good friend, Mike Williams. Mike, Mike, Mike, welcome, welcome, welcome. Introduce yourself to everybody. Yeah. [01:10.0]

Mike: What’s happening? My name is Mike Williams. I own a platform called BreakthroughKings.com. We help legacy-minded men generate more traffic leads and sales in order to build their businesses and increase their opportunities.

Rochelle: Love that. Love that. Tell me what you mean by “legacy-minded men.” What does that mean?

Mike: Oh, man, our four cornerstones at Breakthrough Kings is family, success, leadership, and community. We want you to be more well-rounded. Oftentimes, we are really great at success and we suck at home, right? We want you to have that balance and key factor to that is learning how to leverage the internet to take care of the most important part.

Sometimes it’s that money, because that's where a lot of men find our time. We find ourselves working 50, 60, 70 hours a week just to provide, so if we can learn how to monetize the internet, we'll have more time to spend time with the spouse, be there for the kids, and all the other things that are way more important. [02:08.0]

Rochelle: Absolutely. I love to hear you say that because literally one of the things I think that I’ve been finding every time I’ve talked to one of our clients is that we're really looking at the big picture, and it's not about the money for us at CAU, and so we really try to make sure that we choose folks that it's not about the money for that and it seems like it's not about the money for you either.

Mike: That's right. It's just the freedom and time. That's all I want, freedom and time.

Rochelle: Yes, yes, yes. It's always so funny how people have found Marquel or got here. It sounds like you had this, this idea really, really solid before you’ve got here, and then what happened? How did you first meet Marquel? [02:53.5]

Mike: You know what's funny? It's a funny story. I’ve never met Marquel in person. However, I’ve been following him for years. There was a program, some affiliate marketing programs that we were a part of at the same time, but when he started doing his own events, I was like, Man, he's killing it, and I was following him ever since. I would get every free offer. I’d always be on his email list.

Once the ideal of Breakthrough King came, I was ready to kind of level up. I really wanted this to be something that was going to be here for a long time. I didn't just want it to be an idea that happened in 2020 and it wasn't here in 2021. I reverse engineered Marquel's funnel. I wanted to see how he was getting these clients and what the process was like.

I ended up getting on a call with one of his sales guys and, I mean, just the rundown and I was like, I’m hooked. I have to get in. That same day, I went all in. I was like, Yo, take my credit card, let's do this thing, and, honestly, that's probably the best investment I’ve made over the course of the last 12 years. [04:00.8]

Rochelle: Wow. Okay, let me break this down a couple of ways. First, you said this is what you do anyway. It’s that you do internet marketing. Just the fact that you're here, it just makes me go, Wait, what? And then that you love the process so much. What about it made you say, I’m all in? Even though so many people funnel hack or reverse engineer this thing all the time, and I happened to be the one who vets the leads, so when I see them coming in, I go, Oh, somebody's funnel hacking.

Mike: Yeah.

Rochelle: Really funny. They want to see the follow-up sequence desirably, and if we get them on a call, that's exactly what happens. It’s that they end up coming in because they're like, Oh, my gosh, you guys did this so well. What was it? What was it that made you say okay?

Mike: Honestly, it was the simplicity of it all. What oftentimes happens with internet marketers who end up being here for a while, we know so much that we just start complicating, and it's the total opposite of what we learned years ago in the first place. [05:08.7]

Rochelle: Yeah.

Mike: It's like all these years, I’ve just been extremely complicated in the process. I’m a pretty smart guy. I love all aspects of internet marketing and the fact is you just don't need everything. You don't need to do everything. You don't need every tool. You just need one. Like Bruce Lee says, I’m not afraid of the man who knows 1,000 kicks. I’m afraid of the man who's mastered one, and they've mastered that process. So, I was like, You know what? I’m all in. I see how simple this is and I have to try to duplicate this. The only way I’m going to do that is by being a student.

Rochelle: By being a student. One of the things I always like to ask is what struggles were you having before this journey? I mean, you’re successful and we love helping successful people already, right, really just to level to those seven figures. But what kind of struggles were you having before? [06:02.7]

Mike: Okay. All right, so let's look at it like this. The first month I hit five figures with CAU, right? I can't say that that was my first time hitting five figures. However, this was the first time it came this easy, right? For years I was hustling and bustling, working with way too many people who, honestly, weren't as serious as I was trying to help them, and because of that, that helped me realize my value and that I simply had to step up and charge more for what I was doing, so I could work with higher quality people.

Naturally, I think that just does something for the universe, because once I made that decision and to stretch myself, to ask for more, I really did start attracting people who were far more successful than the people that I’ve been working for, working with for the last 11 years, for crying out loud.

Rochelle: Sure.

Mike: And so, I think that that was the biggest thing, just helping me to understand my value, and if you position it right and when you ask for it, you won't be concerned with asking for it and they won't be concerned with paying for it. [07:08.3]

Rochelle: Yeah, Marquel always says that the only people that have a problem with price is us, that your ideal client never has a problem with the price. It's us being able to ask for it with a straight face and without quivering, and without um and hemming and hawing, just saying that this is the price, right?

Mike: Yeah.

Rochelle: How long did it take you to increase your price? Were you struggling with that?

Mike: I was, and I’ll be totally transparent, the first month was a struggle for me to ask for the money because I didn't feel like I was on the phone with really quality clients at the time. But I was like, you know what? I’ve got to keep pressing forward. I’ve got to keep pressing forward. Let's just keep pushing. The more I kept working the system and the more I just went through the script and really became the script, you know what I mean? You go through it a couple of times and then you just become it. You just start spitting that thing out like this and that's what the confidence is coming from. Just routine doing it. [08:10.2]

Even though this person may feel or you may feel as if “I don't think they’ve got the money,” you read that script like they’ve got a million dollars. You read that thing and, before you know it, your confidence shows and you do it so much and you ask for it so often, it just becomes an actual.

Rochelle: Yeah, and that's, and that's the truth. You never know who has the money. You never know and people lie on their application. Okay? The people who don't have money say they've got a million and the people who have a million say they don't have anything. Our job is just to be consistent and consistently ask for the money, and I know that part of our program has the mindset piece to get you able to be able to ask for the money. How did you feel about the mindset piece? [08:57.6]

Mike: I thought it was great and, to be honest, it didn't click in until early December. In early December, I had the opportunity of sitting through the Rapid Growth event, right? I guess we'll talk about it later, why I was able to sit through it. So, I’m just listening to the rapid growth event and I’m just admiring how Marquel is helping 45 people through this process, but it was the money piece that really hit home about old thoughts of money, thoughts that Mom taught us about, right?

As I’m starting to see the success, self-sabotage is kicking in because I’m saying, Oh, I’m going to mess this up. This is going to be like five years ago, I know it. Right? You’ve got all that anxiety happening and you're just running away from success, but after that event and really gearing in on the mindset, I’m like, You know what? Screw that. I deserve.

Those words, “I deserve”, are some very powerful words, and every day, if you say those, I think that that helped me overcome my self-sabotage. That helped me realize that I am worth when I’m asking for because I know what I’m doing. [10:07.0]

Rochelle: Actually more, by the way, because I saw how much you're charging. You need to charge more.

Mike: Hey, I just had that conversation, too, a few days ago, so I had to make that decision to go up. I was like, If that's what the coach wants, that's what the coach is going to get.

Rochelle: That’s right, because I saw that you made $12,000 in two days or something like that, something crazy. Is that what happened?

Mike: Yeah, it was about 11,400 in about two and a half days, yep, yep, yep.

Rochelle: Wow. That's kind of fun.

Mike: Yeah, it was. I actually messaged Marquel and I said, “Bro, I feel like nobody can tell me no. That's what I feel like.” The following day, it’s weird, because I was talking about another program that CAU has with Marquel briefly and then I ended up having the same conversation with Drae, but he texted me and I’m like, Did he speak to Marquel? because I literally just spoke to him two minutes ago, and he was like, Nah, but I think we’re mentally in sync, right? [11:06.0]

Rochelle: They do. They have one that works, so literally I’ll be talking to one and I’ll get a message from the other and I’m like, I know you guys are the same thing. We're on a group text all the time and they are so funny in that they're posting the same thing at the same time. I’m like, There could be no better partner in the world. They're so good. They're so good.

Mike: And the first thing he tells me, he's like, So, let me go up those prices. I’m like, Huh? I stiffened up, right? I’m like, What? And I was like, I made XYZ. He was like, So, when are we going to raise those prices? I was like, Say no more. I’ve got you. That's what we did. We went into it. We did the script exactly the same and people weren't opposed to saying yes, you what I mean? So, it was like, why not?

Rochelle: No, the price is only our fault, right? Here, in between those six inches, and you're delivering the same thing. You're delivering the same thing and what you're delivering is truly the transformation. [12:07.0]

Mike: That’s right.

Rochelle: And so it's like, so how much is the transformation worth to them?

Mike: Right. Yeah.

Rochelle: Yeah, that's always the question that I love to ask. I know you've kind of told us what's happened since you've got to CAU. When did you get to CAU originally?

Mike: August. Late-July, August of this year.

Rochelle: Okay, it's been five months, five months, and not only that you've been doing so well that we invited you to come and to help coach our clients, too, because you're just such a beat. How did that happen and how are you feeling now that you get to kind of get the inner workings of it, really get to dig deep?

Mike: You know what? It’s part of my master plan, right? When I saw that email, the email said, “We're hiring.” I’m like, We're hiring, and in the back of my mind, I’m like, Nah, that wouldn't look cool if he was working for the company, but then the other part of my mindset, it'd be the smartest thing you can do to learn how this whole operation works from the back end, right? [13:13.7]

Rochelle: Yeah.

Mike: So, I’m like, You know what? I’ll give it a shot. I’m assuming that there are 100,000 people on this email list and I’m just a shot in a bucket, whatever. I’m going to make a quick video and I’m going to send it in. Then I didn't think anything of it after that and then I’ve got the emails that they wanted to interview. I’m like, Okay.

I show up to the interview, just being me. I think I had on a tank top and we go in the interview, because they said be laid back, so I’m going to be laid back. We had a great conversation and I told him, all transparency, I said, “Listen, this is kind of like a Trojan horse effect to me, my opportunity to just get close to two people that I admire who have been able to build such a significant business in our industry.” You can't go anywhere without anybody knowing who CAU and Marquel is in this industry.

Rochelle: Those real players, right?

Mike: Right.

Rochelle: Those real players that are … They don't know him, but the real players know exactly who he is. [14:10.3]

Mike: Exactly, and I noticed all the circles. Their names will pop up. Marquel will pop up on some of those virtual events. I’m like, All right, this is a smart move and I can be learning straight from the source, and that was a great opportunity, too, because not only do I get to work with Aundrae and learning his style of coaching, getting his different perspective, being able to coach students every day, that's sharpening my own sword, you know what I mean? I just looked at it from a personal development and a business development perspective to lock arms. Why not? It only makes sense to do that.

Rochelle: Yeah, I know, I felt the same way when I got here. It's not that I wasn't already amazingly successful. It wasn't that I hadn't done anything. But I loved it so much. I mean, I loved working with them. I loved hanging out with them. I loved just kind of their energy. I’m older, and so, here we'll cover the gray. It's just that young fight that I remember that fight. [15:11.8]

Mike: That’s what’s up.

Rochelle: They got me to get back into the fight, because I was like, Ugh, no, no. Really, this stuff, it's just easy to make money without even being in the middle of this stuff. But I’ve really enjoyed it myself. What's your favorite part of CAU? That's kind of my favorite question to ask. What is it? Is it the scripting? Is it the mindset? Is it the simplicity? What is it?

Mike: In regards to the program, it’s very simple, very easy to follow along, right? Each video is five to 10 minutes, and they kind of took that whole rapid business growth weekend, put it into the course, so somebody who wants to get in on Monday and launch by Friday, that's possible. Right? Somebody who wants to get in, kind of take their time, that's possible, too. [16:04.0]

So, it caters to the person who's ready to go and the person who’s just like, Hey, I just need a little more tutoring here. I need to ask somebody a few more questions. They have that opportunity to be able to touch, to be able to log on Monday through Thursday and have somebody personally answer your questions. Nobody's doing that. I don't know many.

Rochelle: Nobody.

Mike: I don’t know any, to be honest.

Rochelle: Yeah, nobody’s doing it.

Mike: When I got here, that blew my mind in and of itself. I was like, They're doing it every day? That’s heavy. But that helps you step up your standards. As a client, I’m like, if I want to be able to reach the level of success that they're reaching, I obviously have to do the same, too. Right?

Rochelle: Right.

Mike: I have to figure out how to duplicate that because, obviously, that's where the secret sauce is or something.

Rochelle: Yeah, that's part of it. So many people are teaching high ticket, right? And it's not hard to get somebody to pay for their dream because you're selling them their dream, right? Getting them to pay is not the thing. Getting them to give you testimonials, giving them to refer you, getting you to have results? Now, that's a whole different story. [17:15.0]

Getting somebody to pay 20,000, 30,000, they'll do that all day long because they're believing in the sales letter, they're believing in the pitch, they're believing in the script, right? They're not really believing in you yet, but every single person that I’ve interviewed believes in Marquel and that is what the difference is because everybody gets results. If you do it and if you do what we tell you to do, and if you jump in and are plugged in, you will get results and it's just a matter of time how much and how much tweaking that you allow yourself to be coached to do.

Mike: Absolutely.

Rochelle: Because a little birdie told me that, when you first came to the program, you kind of had your own funnel set up. Is that true? [18:07.4]

Mike: Let me tell you something. I came in here like any other man would be with the big ego like, I’m going to turn this thing up. I’m going to tweak this right. I ended up blowing all this money. I’m like, That ain't seem right. Let me get on one of these calls. So, I got on a call. Aundrae looked at my data and he was like, Oh, so you’re just going to do what you want to do, huh? I’m like, Excuse me? Is he talking to Fredrick Douglas back there? Who is he talking to?

Rochelle: That’s exactly how he talks. Oh, my gosh, it’s funny.

Mike: I collected myself. I said, You know what? You're here for a reason. You're here because they're getting the result that you want, so I’m going to shut up and I’m going to listen. I haven't done that in a very long time, right? Other than my wife. I’ll shut up and listen. [18:53.5]

So, I shut up and I listened. He told me the changes to make. I did it and, in four weeks, it was a rough four weeks, but I said, “I’m going to trust in the process,” and I think in those last few days of that month, we ended up closing three different clients and I was like, Okay, okay, he knows what he's talking about. I was like, okay. It's kind of Smokey on Friday. When he comes around, I’ll be quiet. When he leaves, I’ll start talking again. But it was a good moment. It was a good moment.

Rochelle: It’s just a process. I tell people, part of my role here is that I vet every application, right? As the apps come through and I call them and I say, Okay, are you crazy? Or do you really have a business that, number one, we can help and, number two, is worthy of our help? We're not interested in just helping you go make money and take from people, who really aren't the subject experts. Then we don't want to fool with you, right? What happens is that everybody comes to the party with being a subject expert. In their brain, they're like, I’m smarter than this like that. That's not going to work, no, and then when they follow the process. [20:08.5]

So, I love to hear you say, Oh, yeah, and you burned through a ton of cash, and so you kind of figured out that that wasn't the way to go.

Mike: Absolutely. Definitely. Definitely. Another great decision I made this year.

Rochelle: Listen and follow the instructions.

Mike: That’s right. Stay coachable.

Rochelle: Stay. Stay coachable. Now, that is the key, because so many people aren't. They aren't coachable. They come with this angst and of who they believe they should be and why they don't know it, and when they see how simple it is, it hurts their feelings almost, and they go, This isn't it. This isn't going to work for me. I go, Hmm, okay, okay. But then when they follow the process and they see all of your wins that you had last weekend, everything that happens, it helps them kind of just turn around and turn around. [21:05.0]

Mike: Definitely.

Rochelle: So, that's awesome. That's awesome. With that, since you did the first kind of four weeks on your own and not in the program, once you said yes, how long did it take you to get your first sale?

Mike: Another transparency, I fell back in September and I fell back in October. I wanted to reshape my message. I wanted to hit a different type of man, okay, someone who was a business owner, so I had to change my messaging a little bit. End of November, I did that, made the adjustments, went through the plan and the process, and then my lead flow started going through the roof. [21:48.7]

Honestly, this December was when things really went bananas. Simplified the message, really drilled that, really targeted on who I wanted to talk to and just kept it up, I mean, the same thing. I’ve got my same Facebook ad campaign that I was told to create the same script, the same booking process. Everything is the same, but I’m just talking to who I want to talk to now. The conversations are great. The confidence is high and, according to my coach, I just raised my prices, so I’m excited for that, too. So, we're good. Honestly, December was when things really took off for me because I really dialed in.

Rochelle: Yeah, it sounds like, too, that even when you came in, you got the plan. It sounds like whatever business now that you want to venture off into or a passion project, now you know the system. Would you agree?

Mike: I totally agree, one hundred percent. Anything I want to do, this is the way I’m going to do it. Especially if you're doing big ticket, it's just the best way to go. It’s the best way, hands down. Hands down. Keep it simple.

Rochelle: It sounds like you've become your own kingdom king.

Mike: Yeah, I guess so, yeah. I’m a bethought king.

Rochelle: Yeah, because now, really, even though you were teaching it, you were kind of going about it. You weren't as congruent as you are now. [23:08.8]

Mike: Oh, that's the word, congruent. That’s the word.

Rochelle: Would you say that?

Mike: Yeah.

Rochelle: Okay.

Mike: Yeah, from start to finish, that's the word right there. Dialed in, locked in. That’s the word, congruent. I like that. I liked the way you put that.

Rochelle: Awesome. Awesome. We are so grateful to have you, not only as a client, but now as a coach, and it’s really helping us be on this crazy trajectory to help a million entrepreneurs really serve millions and millions in the way that they want to be served and helping them really get results, and we love that that's what you're doing. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Anything, any last thing you'd like to say to Marquel and Drae, or to our audience watching?

Mike: Marquel and Drae, I want to say thank you for just blazing the trail. I want to say thank you for not quitting or giving up, because I know you've dealt with a lot of frustration, a lot of ups and downs, but thank you for not quitting and allowing us to be a part of your overall success by helping us to get success. [24:13.5]

For anybody listening and you've been on edge about CAU, just go ahead and do it. If you haven't booked that appointment, book it. If you’ve already spoken to somebody, find the money, get in, and just let's get your coaching and consulting business off the ground and to where it needs to be.

Rochelle: All right. Thank you so much, Mike, and we will talk soon.

Mike: All right.

Marquel: Thank you so much for checking out this episode. Have a phenomenal day because you absolutely deserve it. Talk to you soon.

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