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Have you ever wondered how some people get more done in a day than others get done in a week? Top performers do the work that others aren’t willing to do.

Top performers also aren’t afraid to invest in themselves. Coaches help them see things about themselves and their businesses they couldn’t see on their own.

In this episode realtor, real estate investor, and coach Nicole Ambrose discusses the importance of understanding the personality of your clients, how to choose the right coach for your business, and how to attract a flood of ideal clients fast.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • How studying your recent sales can lead to a flood of new clients for your business (4:59)
  • Why copying the most successful people in your industry leads to failure and what to do instead (5:38)
  • How to make more sales than you ever dreamed of by not selling (10:59)
  • How to quickly separate coaches that will scam you and coaches that are legit (even if you’ve been burned in the past) (14:15)
  • The Miracle Morning method for accomplishing superhuman amounts of work before your competitors wake up (18:52)
  • The trait that separates the top 1% in any industry (20:32)

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You're listening to “The School of Client Attraction.” Marquel Russell is the founder of Client Attraction University, a marketing consultancy helping you attract clients on autopilot and scale your business while working 50% less.

Quick disclaimer: a side effect of listening to the show is more clients, more profits, more freedom, and it's more impact in your business. Now, here's your host, Marquel Russell.

Marquel: Hey, what's up, my friend? Marquel Russell here. Welcome to this brand new episode of the School Of Client Attraction. Today I'm going to be interviewing the great Nicole Ambrose. She's a realtor and real estate investor, and also a real estate coach. I'm going to have her unpack her entire process of how she landed 20, actually 22 at the time we're doing this interview, 22 $5,000 clients in only six weeks. That's a little over a hundred grand and the program wasn't even created yet.

All right, so we're going to jump to that interview right now and I'm going to really ask all the tough questions, so you can get this, unpack it and implement it into your business. Whether you're in real estate, whether you're a coach or whatever the case may be, it's a lot of nuggets inside of here. Let's jump into it. [01:05.2]

Nicole. First off, thank you for taking some time out of your very busy schedule to hop on with us.

Nicole: Absolutely.

Marquel: Thank you so much.

Nicole: And, by the way, Marquel, just by the way, I was three minutes tardy because I was signing up another client, just FYI.

Marquel: We'll take that. We'll take that. Actually it was three minutes. Can y'all hear what's going on that side? Let me know. But she said she was three minutes tardy because she was enrolling the class, so we can deal with that. We can. We can deal with that.

Nicole: Okay.

Marquel: We can deal with that. So, how many? That's 21 now or what?

Nicole: Actually that’s 22.

Marquel: Twenty-two, 22 times 5,000. You know we've got to dive in and see how you made this happen. First off, tell everybody who you are in your own words.

Nicole: I am Nicole Ambrose. I'm a real estate agent and investor, and now I’ve added to that a real estate agent coach. I teach real estate agents how to take their business to a multi six-figure business in a very short amount of time. [02:00.7]

Marquel: Nice, nice, nice. My first question, Nicole, is I always like to know why entrepreneurs do what they do because this entrepreneurship stuff ain't sweet, right? It ain't always as cute as everybody makes it seem on the internet. Why are you even on this entrepreneurial journey?

Nicole: For me, it was about my children. I got tired of missing school events for my kids, and I want us to be able to vacation with them when I wanted to vacation with them, go to their different sporting events, but even more so than that, I felt if I was wanting to give another company 10 hours a day and help them make tons and tons of money, if I devoted that same effort into my own business, I could make my own self that same amount of money. It was really about financial freedom and being able to make enough money to leave a legacy for my children's children.

Marquel: And you've been a real estate agent for how long?

Nicole: It'll be four years in February.

Marquel: Four years in February. Good stuff. My first question, before we even get into the coaching side that you’ve done extremely well before we even connected, right? [03:06.0]

Nicole: Absolutely.

Marquel: What did you do? Especially in a space where most real estate agents, from what I found, I'm not in the industry, but what I found is that a lot of them make almost no money, especially at the level of success that you've accomplished. Most never meet that pinnacle. What would you say were some of the things that you did differently? How? How was that possible early on for you?

Nicole: To be honest with you, initially, and this is just a true story, I hired a coach that was an Instagram phenomenon. He was killing it as far as followers on Instagram and he talked a really good game, so I signed up for his coaching program to the tune of $25,000, and it did not allow the things that I explained to him that I wanted to do. I was looking up in the coming weeks and he was implementing them in his business, and he wasn't really helping me a lot. [03:58.3]

Honestly, what fueled me was the fact that if he was a top-producing real estate agent, have been a real estate agent for over 15 years, if he was implementing stuff that I told him that I wanted to do, and that at first I was just pissed, but then after that, I was like, You know what? That means that I'm on to something.

I backed up out of his coaching program and began to just take a deeper dive into the things that he started to implement that I had given him, and I just put those things on steroids and then I started really taking a deep dive as to research what all the successful real estate agents were doing. I knew it wasn't the normal stuff that people tell you to do, the cold calling, the door-knocking, calling your sphere of influence. That crap doesn't work.

My first year I ended up selling 25 homes and I did the research, and I actually started monitoring different personalities that I actually sold and what made me successful in those sales, and I just started writing that stuff down and really, really taking a deep dive into my business from a perspective of personality traits and what makes people buy in different things like that, and then understanding who my sphere was and who I wanted to sell to. [05:12.9]

Once I did that, I actually became really successful. In my second year, I sold 50, and then I just started putting all my best practices on steroids. Last year, I sold 62 and this year I’ll end out at 85. It was really just really studying my craft and becoming. A lot of times, we'll start seeing what other agents are doing and we start jumping around, and never really hone in on what works for us and what makes us successful. We forget about the success factor and we just start doing anything just because we say that it's popular and other people are doing it. I really just put all my best practices on steroids and went with it.

Marquel: Nice. I love it. I love it. You did 22 houses your first year.

Nicole: Actually, it was 28.

Marquel: Twenty-eight in the first year, and then the second year?

Nicole: It was 48.

Marquel: Fort-eight the second year. Third year?

Nicole: Sixty-two.

Marquel: Sixty-two, and then this year, you're going to end at about 85 you said? [06:04.3]

Nicole: Yep.

Marquel: Perfect. I love it. That continuous growth. For those listening, it’s like, what's the actionable insight that she already did this year? Number one, she came in to gain and was automatically open to investing in herself, went on to drop 25 grand. Boom. Then it didn't go the way she wanted to go. She backed out of it, still kept going. It was like, Okay, I know I’m onto something. Even with that, most people, that would have knocked most people out of the game, right? She stayed in the game. She was like, I’ve got to stay to my craft, get amazing at it and go all in on this. That’s a jewel.

But I know I’ve got so many questions actually. We’ve got limited time, so I want to give it a second. Let me take the best ones in, right? Obviously, you were already crushing it, right? In a big, big way, and then we started working together. Let's talk about the transition to leveraging this digital side with your coaching business and all that, because what would you say? Because since you were already questioning and most people, once they start really crushing it at a really high level, they're like, Okay, I know it all. I'm good. What actually made you decide to invest or seek out a coach to assist you with taking things to the next level with your coaching side of the business? [07:17.3]

Nicole: Because I really understood the mistakes that I made the first time, and part of me making mistakes in my business the first time was really not… You don't know what you don't know. One thing that I understand is that I'm very good at sales. That shirt that you bought from somebody else, I can sell it back to you off your back.

I'm excellent in sales, but that whole digital space was foreign to me and I spent a lot of money at the beginning of our real estate business, making mistakes. I didn't want to make those mistakes again. I just wanted to make sure that I went to the right person. I did some research about that space, the culture space, and about how to really get it out there, really get it out there on a bigger platform, and when I met with you, it was like, Okay, this makes sense. [08:03.8]

All the things that you were telling me that you could do for my business, I knew that it was things that I didn't know anything about. I think part of being successful in business is understanding that you have to surround yourself with people that are better than you and know the things that you don't know in order to help grow, because it’s going to be impossible for you to be perfect and good at everything. You have to really pay people that are excellent in their space to help you be excellent in those areas.

Marquel: Got it. Let me ask you this. All right, you did that and it came through. Within about six weeks, you launched a brand new program. Before even creating the program, you landed, what, 20 clients? Give us the whole thing. You got in and you started implementing.

Here's one, other cool thing, if I may say it. We spoke and you told me about the incident with this other coach, right? You told me how that went, and we spoke and we had our conversation. You were like, All right, cool. You pulled the trigger and moved forward. Then kind of tell us about the experience, once you pull the trigger, what happened, results, all that good stuff. [09:05.9]

Nicole: The very first part, I knew right out the gate when I was looking at the program, I was like, If I can get this to work and I can get it, because I knew that I had a good message, it was really about…but I didn't know how to really hone in on the message to make it appealing to the masses. I knew my business. I knew that I had a solid product, but I didn't know how to package it up and put a bow around it and get it out to the people.

When I stopped, when I saw your program and I dive in, I was like, This is exactly what I needed, and it was so easy because all I had to do was follow the steps. It wasn't like I had to…and this worked. You’ve got to put the work into anything that's worth working for, but I realized that there were some things that I did in my real estate business that I was going to have to flip to my coaching business, but you helped me really design a program that allowed me to hone in on the specific client that I wanted to work with and not just kind of be all over the place, because initially I'm a real estate business, I was kind of just “You want to buy a house? You want to buy a house? You want to sell a house? You want to sell a house?” so I was just selling. [10:15.6]

You really helped me perfect my craft in the sense of “Who do I really want to work with?” and then getting my message together. Once I was able to really get a solid message together, it was open from there, a solid message with a great program. That's really all you need and the [inaudible] was to come up with the package that you gave us that helped us put it in front of the masses. It really sold itself because it was really just about the brand, and helping me brand myself and putting the messaging with it, and then understanding who I'm speaking to, and you gave me one of the most powerful things that I ever could have come across. I stopped being a salesperson, and you taught me how to attract the business as opposed to selling a business, and that changed the whole game for me.

Marquel: Game changer. Let me ask you this because you mentioned it when we did the three-day event a couple of events ago. You did a hundred grand in about six weeks at the house, right? Obviously that's extra on top of what you already do in your real estate business. [11:15.5]

Not necessarily comparing the two, but historically, how much work and how much effort would it normally have taken you to make a hundred grand in your other business?

Nicole: What? Are you serious? Oh my gosh. Especially when I first started out, we're talking about six a week. I didn’t start making a hundred grand a month in my real estate business and actually last year I only did it. I did one month, one month last year and that was in my third year, and then this year, this year I did it one month in my real estate business itself. But here with this coaching program—and I know I'm not supposed to say this to you, but I'm going to say it anyway—I was getting so many appointments and I didn't have my sales team in place, so I had to turn the program off because it was coming too fast. [12:06.7]

I know we're not supposed to turn it off, but I was being so busy that I began to neglect my real estate business because this had me just…the business really on steroids. I really could have done a hundred thousand that second week, too, that second month, too, but I didn’t because I had to completely turn it off and go back and get my sales team, and now next week we'll go back to turning it on.

But long story short, it took me three years to get to the point where I made $100,000 in one month in my real estate business and I did it here in six weeks.

Marquel: Very interesting, very interesting, very interesting. Let's talk about the how a little bit. You’ve got anything, Wes?

Wes: Yeah, quick, real quick. Coming from the first Instagram coach and pivoting over to what Marquel was offering in CAU, how easy or how reluctant were you because, obviously, and a lot of people are watching now experience what's called coach hurt? Coach hurt. Here's this new guy, hat tilted to the back. [13:11.7]

How easy was that to say, Okay, this is another coach I'm going to give a chance to? What was it about the CAU that made you say, All right, I'm going full steam ahead?

Nicole: First of all, honestly, I had talked to two other people before then, and then once I’ve got to CAU, I still was hard-nosed, still because that was a very painful situation for me.

When I talked to the salesperson at first, I was like, Mm-mm, have Marquel call me. I appreciate it. Thank you for this time that we've spent. However, please have Marquel himself call me. After I got on the phone with Marquel, I think the most important thing for me was that I was able to see myself and where I wanted to go in what he was talking to me about, and that's very, very important to me. [14:07.4]

If you don't know my struggles, even though it's different industries, if you don't know my struggles and what you are presenting to me is not going to help me impact my struggle, the struggles that I know that the business that I'm about to put out is going to face, it’s going to be hard for me. Marquel was there, and it was in 20 minutes, he called me back. He was down to earth. He was very, very informative, and the first person was informative, too, but it was just kind of like, Okay, if I'm going to get burned in there, let me get burned by the person whose name is on this thing.

It really, really, when he went through what the modules would be, I knew that it was the gaps that were in my process. With everybody else that I had talked to, it was just about the money for them, and it proves to be true these couple months later, it was really for him about, I don’t have to take you. I'm interviewing you the same way you're interviewing me. I'm like, What? [15:04.9]

It was really like he cared and he only wanted to work with people who were passionate enough to really carry their business to the next level. It was like, I'm going to interview you while you’re interviewing me, and that doesn't mean that I'm going to take you either.

Wes: Nice. Nice. Nice.

Marquel: Cool. Let's talk about the how a little bit. Some people are like, All right, great, a hundred grand in six weeks. All right, how? I know the biggest thing hopefully they didn't miss is, you said, the messaging. You knew you had a great offer. You knew you had a great program that you could offer people. What the first day we dove into was the messaging. What else? If somebody was listening to this is like, All right, what steps did you take? what are the kind of actionable steps you would give them that you implemented throughout this process to accelerate? Because you accelerate because you came in and took action and so forth. What other steps would you get in that, Okay, this is what else I did? [15:57.3]

Now you're at a point where, and let me give y’all some context, like Nicole said, she came in and started questioning, got to the point where she was overwhelmed with client flow. That's a beautiful place to be in when you're at a point where you’ve got so much business coming in that you’ve got to shut it off. Now she was at the point of hiring a sales team, and I made a video earlier, a lot of people try to hire a sales team too early. Typically, when a client comes to us and they're ready to hire a sales team, depending on where they are, we typically advise against it.

Even Nicole and I had this conversation early on. She was like, You think I should hire a sales team right now? and I'm like, What? Not right now. Let's do this, this and this first. Now we did that, so now we…because I was like, I’ve got somebody for you once we get you here, but we want to get you here first. Now she was like, All right, bet, and that's the biggest thing when Nicole was like, All right, bet. She’d just do it. She did it, got her there, so now she's onboarding a sales team because she can actually scale even further. She actually did every step and now she's at a point where she’s like, Let me hire some people, but not us staying where it was like a machine.

What would you say? Some other access steps you gave people, you would give people that you implemented throughout this process to get these results? [17:05.4]

Nicole: Those first two weeks, it wasn't going,[to happen]. Honestly, it just wasn't going to happen. I felt it should go, but it was me. What I realized is that I wasn't putting the effort in. I really thought that, okay, I pay the money, so it should just work. I should put minimal effort in. Let me put an hour or two a day in this and let me just have a program that works, and that wasn't the case. You truly are going to get out what you put in.

I read a book, and I think Ramon is watching right now, Ramon had given me a book to read called Miracle Morning. I was ending the book of Miracle Morning at the time while I was going through this process, so I talked about waking up two hours early. I ended up having to wake up four hours earlier than my normal day, so I was getting up at 4:00 a.m. instead of 8:00 a.m. Shouldn't just sleep till 08:00 anyway, but I was guilty as charged. [18:00.7]

But I started getting up at four o'clock in the morning and I set that four o'clock to eight o'clock for those three weeks to just…and I wasn't working at it every day, but I was doing four days, four solid days a week to just really nail it, get it, understand it, and that was what made the difference, when I actually just followed the program, really put the work in, because if you put the work in the program works clear, i.e. I’m here.

But, really, that's what made the difference, really putting the work in and spending those four hours. I think I did have four hours, three days a week, and being disciplined enough to actually really get up at four o'clock, because I know once eight o'clock hits, I still have a full-time real estate business to run. I knew by the time eight o'clock hit, I was going to be in my day and my day and my day, and I was complaining those first two weeks to Aundrae and Drae was like, Are you doing the work? Are you doing the work? I was like, Well… Okay, so I had to take that away. I had to take that away to say, Yes, I am doing the work, and I committed to those four hours, those three days a week. Boom, it went on steroids. [19:08.5]

Marquel: Perfect. I want to point something out here. When Nicole started working with us, she was already winning at a really high level, and she was sleeping till 08:00 and the whole nine yards. She had afforded herself to where she could sleep till 08:00.

Nicole: Yes.

Marquel: Now she was like she wanted to level up in another area, so she was willing to sacrifice four hours of sleep. Y'all may be surprised, tell them what, we get people that tell us that 10:00 a.m. is too early because I'm on the West Coast, so that's 07:00 for me. We would be like, Huh? But people don't really understand, sometimes she was like, Okay, for me to call, for me to make this happen, I need to get up not two hours early, but I needed to get up four hours early at 4:00 a.m. Most people would not do that.

If y'all are taking notes, that's one of the biggest things you want to take away. That's how Nicole has been able to crush it in the top 1% in the real estate agent field, investor field, and now in the real estate coaching field, because he's willing to do the stuff that most people aren't willing to do, which is sacrifice four hours of sleep. [20:12.0]

Most people just ain't going to do that, you know what I'm saying? But she was willing to do that because she was like, I know I need to do this now and I think this sacrifice now is going to get me to where I want to be next. Why? Because a lot of people will be thinking, What do I say in my ad? Or what's the right targeting? Or what do I say on the phone call? That's part of it. It’s that mental stuff. It's that stuff you can't teach. What Nicole has shared about “I got up at four o'clock,” you can't teach that, you know what I'm saying? You’ve got to have that. If you’ve got that and you show up with that, that's how you win, you know what I'm saying?

Some people want to come and they're comparing themselves to Nicole, but they sleep till 09:00, or they jump up at 07:00 and they start checking emails and watching videos and don't do nothing else. They don't implement, whereas when Nicole gets up at 04:00, she's implementing doing the work and that's the big difference. I want to make sure that we just breeze over that and people pick up that nugget. [21:05.2]

Wes: As she was saying it, Marquel, what came to mind is this morning I was on a call with Dr. V and, actually, she made a post on it. She said, “I chose my purpose over comfort,” and immediately when you said that, it was like, yo, that's how [you do it].

Marquel always talks about simplify to multiply. All that, what you just said was just narrowed down into one sentence, choosing your purpose over comfort, just for the time being. It doesn't have to be forever. People feel that I'm going to have to do this forever. No, if you do it right, concentrated for such a short time, you’ve created your trajectory.

Marquel: I mean, I get up at 04:00.

Nicole: That's so true. It's the same thing that happened in my real estate business. I was up at 5:00 a.m. I wasn't up at 04:00, but I was up at 5:00 a.m. getting my phone calls, answering my emails. I was doing it as our morning ritual, right? Then once my business got successful to the point where I was able to hire people to do some of the stuff that I was getting that support, then I was able to scale back and kind of get up at 07:00 and get moving at 08:00. But now it's a new business, so you’ve got to go back to that morning ritual of building, and when you're building, you can't sleep until 06:00, 7:00 a.m. It doesn’t work. You’ve got to be up when it's still dark outside. [22:14.3]

Marquel: They all hear you. They all hear you, Nicole. Definitely, they hear you.

Wes: Let me ask you something, Nicole. What I see a lot of real estate agents do often is they get caught up with the instant gratification, the sale, the sale, the sale. I'm about to get this amount of commission off this sale. What do you have in place for you and your team? What do you guys do differently in regards to customer relationship management?

Because for most individuals, purchasing a home is probably the greatest investment they're going to make in their lifetime, what do you guys do to cultivate that relationship to let them know like, Hey, it's not just a transaction for us. We are here, so that when you're purchasing your other home for your kid, I’m the real estate agent you think about as well? What do you guys do differently?

Nicole: The biggest thing, honestly, Wes, for me is that I'm just a vehicle. I know that God put me here to be the vehicle, to lead people to financial freedom through home ownership and investing. I'm actually doing my kingdom work. I'm doing work. [23:11.6]

I'm walking in my purpose, and my purpose has been the vehicle that has led me to my passion, and the money for me is just a perk. I love people. I love helping people, and this may be too graphic of a story, but I'm going to tell it anyway. Y'all know I'm a storyteller.

Long years and years and years ago, there was somebody that had told me, and she was a crackhead, and I was like, Why are you doing something that will make you sell your body and do all of this crazy stuff? And we’re rescuing you from crack homes. What is it about it? She told me that every time she got high, she was chasing that first high and she could never catch it, so every time she would get high. I'm like, I don't ever want to feel that, right?

I helped my first client close on their house and it was somebody who had lived in an apartment that was filled with mildew, when her baby kept getting sick from the mildew and they couldn't understand why the baby was getting sick, come to find out, it was the mildew that was in the apartment that was making the baby get sick. [24:16.3]

When I sold my first house to her, and then my second house was a client that her and her husband were 25, they were pregnant and they were ready to have the baby, it took me back to when that young lady told me about chasing her first high.

Now, for me, this is my crack. Every time I close a house, I'm chasing that high because the feeling that I get from helping people across the finish line, whether it's them being a first-time homebuyer or a repeat home buyer, helping them build their real estate portfolio, whatever it is, that feeling is a feeling for me that I can't explain it. Every time I feel it, it's like, Oh, I’ve got to feel that again. Oh, I’ve got to feel that again, because I'm a help mate. I'm a help. I like to help people and that part of it is just something that I would do this for free. I get a chance to get up every day and do what I love, and I just happened to get paid for it. [25:12.1]

Wes: Awesome.

Nicole: And that comes through in my sales, because people can see that.

Marquel: I love it. Totally makes sense. I love it. I’ve got a couple more questions, last two. I mean, it's probably a crazy question, but how do you feel about the results so far in terms of your real estate coaching business?

How do you feel about what you’ve put together over these short number of weeks, for the most part? How has it already impacted your personal life and how do you feel it's going to impact your life going forward? Because the money is great, right? But how does that help your personal life and ongoing life going forward as well?

Nicole: People see that side of real estate agents that they see us putting on a pretty dress or a nice suit, and they see us at the closing table like, Hey, closing another one. What they don't realize is that that business, this business, this real estate business is taxing. [26:02.8]

You're dealing with so many people inside of a transaction. A transaction can go left at any time because of the appraisal and inspection. You're dealing with the seller, the buyer, the other agent. There are so many areas where this job, although I love it, is a high-stress job, so I was working 12, 13 hours a day.

Now I'm going to be able to triple my income and work a fourth of the time, so to be able to really have my life back, to really be able to spend true quality time with my family, to really be able, because real estate agents don't go on a vacation. You see us on vacation, we're on our calls at the airport, trying to close the title, da-da-da, while we're racing to the plane. We don't have days off. It's a seven-day-a-week job. [26:55.8]

To really be able to scale that part and have a better result with half the time put into it, that part for me is like, Wait a minute, so I can make this kind of $100,000 a month, plus, plus, plus, and I decide to put that time into the program, by the time I get back home, I would have said it was ridiculous. To make that kind of money at this point in time, in my mind, I’ve got to keep in real estate because this is my baby, but, honestly, in my mind, I was saying, [inaudible] real estate because it just doesn't make sense. When you think about 12 hours versus two to three hours a day, it doesn’t make sense.

Marquel: Right.

Wes: Let me ask you this, Nicole, real quick. One last question. How easy was it or how difficult was it to pivot when COVID came? A lot of real estate agents that I have in my circle of influence, come March, June, July, they were just crying like, Wes, my business is space waste, and they were not able to transition over to a virtual experience like you have. How easy was it or were you doing virtual before COVID? [28:10.9]

Nicole: I was the one that's 50 percent virtual before COVID because I had such a high [inaudible] or such a high number of people every day. I was already doing my social media marketing. I was already [inaudible] because I could touch more people at one time, because real estate is really just explaining the same thing over and over again, so I had already figured the fact it would make sense to have this conversation about what it takes to throw [inaudible] which is one person. I had already had [inaudible] seminars once a month anyway, so this wasn't a huge transition for me. My business, we never took the hit, especially when they said in real estate, we could still continue to work through the pandemic, that we were essential workers.

Wes: She sounds like a typical CAU client, Marquel. We've been online even before the pandemic. [29:03.7]

Marquel: Exactly. Exactly. It was a bang-demic fall for our clients. All our clients are still getting them bangs.

Nicole: Right, bang.

Marquel: The bang-demic fall of the CAU clients. For sure. My last question I think is, because I won’t keep you much longer, so if you were to give everybody who's listening some advice, let's say they're considering working with us, on the fence, thinking about it, what advice would you give them if they decided to move forward or if they're on the fence? If they're on the fence, what advice would you give them? If they decide to move forward, what advice would you give them to maximize the experience of working with us?

Nicole: If you're on the fence, my only advice to the people that are on the fence is really to look at where you are and improvise, and if that’s where you want to be and if it’s not, then it's something different to get you somewhere you want to be. I went back to them about what it was they charged. In comparison to what you make, it’s no comparison. I would just say, move and do something. Do something. [30:14.3]

For the people that are already in the program, each one of these modules, I thought that I shouldn't, I thought that I had it, and that it is in all of those modules. I thought that I had it. With the fact that each one of those modules breaks it down to the sub-list compound, take each one of those modules, seriously. Move forward with excellence. Move forward rapidly because time is of the essence and you don’t want to be messing the [inaudible] what you're doing now. You’ve got time. We’ve still got eight weeks left. It’s eight weeks. Eight weeks. It took me six weeks to make a hundred. You can make that hundred by Christmas.

Marquel: Could make a whole…it would be a nice Christmas, right?

Wes: It would be a really nice Christmas. [31:00.5]

Nicole: [Inaudible] I like shoes.

Wes: Nicole, what do you say to that entrepreneur, the ones who are wired like myself who are like, I ain’t got to pay for this. I’m going to just watch this Marquel’s free YouTube channel. I’m going to watch these free virtual workshops and I’m going to just Google my way to success? What do you say to someone like that who feels, You know what? This free stuff is great. I’m going to implement right after this call and I don't need to invest in the coach? What do you say to that person in regards to plateauing and elevating to the next level?

Nicole: One of the things that even I'm telling my coaching clients is that the first thing is you don't know what you don't know. The second thing is, a lot of the stuff that was in there, like I said, I felt I had it, and so I got to this point where I was like, You ain't know nothing. You thought you were smart and look at this guy. He went and packaged together stuff that really the thoughts that were in my mind and that I didn't know how to execute, and I’m a very, very intelligent person, the thoughts that were in my mind about figuring out how to execute, and there were things that I just never really thought about. [32:07.6]

He has crossed every barrier and he has put everything inside of this program, and last week, they added some more stuff to the program, so tomorrow and Thursday, I’ve got to get up at 04:00 a.m. again—thanks, Marquel—to get these big module that he just put out last week.
Honestly, I would just say, for people that are wired like you and think that you can do it on your own, if you could do it on your own and if you're already getting the free stuff or if it’s Google alone, they ain’t going to want to pay that up. If it was Google alone, you will be doing it already.

Wes: Yeah. Feels done, man. I’m good.

Marquel: By the way, I'm going to just say this publicly. Nicole said, once we get it, I think once we get to a mil, I think—what was it, Nicole? I’m quoting you just to make sure I’m right.

Nicole: I think I remember.

Marquel: I’ve got it in my messages now, so I can pull my Voxer up, but I think it was like, once we get the business to a mil or two mil, you buy me something. I think it was a Rolex or a car, and then once we got it to five mil… It’s in my pocket. [33:09.6]

Nicole: The Rollie is the mil. The Rollie is the mil.

Marquel: Once we get the business to a mil, I get a Rollie, and then five mil.

Nicole: Car is at five mil.

Marquel: Once we get to five mil, I get a car.

Nicole: Absolutely.

Marquel: I'm saying that publicly, so the Rollie. I like a Rollie, all right?

Nicole: Yeah.

Marquel: I’d have me a Rollie within the next few months or so.

Nicole: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Marquel: And I'm going to flex it on social media. I’ve got to flex it on my social media.

Wes: Nicole, are you putting something in the chat? I see something coming through. Wes, you will also get a gift. Oh. Ay, it came through. Your Wi-Fi is messing up, but I’ve got the message. Thank you.

Nicole: Wes, if I get to five mil, everybody, when I get that five million, everybody gets a gift.

Wes: Everybody gets a gift.

Marquel: Everybody gets a car. You get a car. You get a car. You get a car. [33:57.2]

Nicole: The thing that I do want to say, Marquel, is that Marquel is absolutely amazing, and the thing that I definitely suggest, too, is that the people that he has working for him, his team is so amazing and so dope. When you join, you're not only getting Marquel. You're getting a team of professionals that really you’ve got a whole team of people that really care about your success.

Drae is that person that's going to be the kick in the butt when you really need it, but it's like that nice kick in the butt and you don’t realize you’ve got kicked in the butt until you’ve got off the call. That's Drae. Then, CC is just so caring, and then the messaging, because my challenge, honestly, is that I struggle with creating the messaging. They have somebody in place that can help dive into your messaging, so that the areas where you think that you struggle in that may not be strong in, they cover all the bases and take all the excuses away. If messaging and you really coming up with great content is the problem, it’s the program for you. [35:03.6]

Marquel: I love it. I love it. I love it. Thank you so much. Everybody listening right now, you want to come see how we can help you? I mean, mainly we work with coaches, consultants, service providers. If you’re selling something, 3,000, 10,000 or more, or if you want to package your knowledge and expertise, kind of like how Nicole packages of knowledge and expertise about real estate and has turned it into a program, you want to do that and charge 3,000, 10,000 extra to attract clients to help you do that, or if you’re at a point where you just want to scale and get more clients and automate the whole process, we can potentially help you.

That's all I’ve got. Thank you all so much. That's it for today's episode. Have a phenomenal day because you absolutely deserve it. Talk to you soon.

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