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One of the worst things you can say as an entrepreneur is to look outside your industry and say, “That wouldn’t work in my business.”

Sometimes the most successful ideas come from unlikely places, and a coach can help you see and implement these ideas in ways you never imagined.

In this episode, Marquel and personal trainer and coach J. Lopez discuss why being the best in the world won’t help you meet your goals, revenue-killing client mistakes, and why your business is not unique.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • How to instantly spot when a coach is lying to you (5:20)
  • Why having a “low mindset” locks you into a failing business that you can’t escape (7:59)
  • How offering your services to fewer people leads to more cash in the bank (10:56)
  • The startling reason that thinking your business is unique causes you to crash and burn (16:05)
  • What most entrepreneurs fail to understand about their clients (and why this costs them a fortune) (18:16)
  • The devastating impact that “lead poverty” has on your business (19:03)
  • How the right coach can multiply your time and help you regain control of your life (20:26)
  • Why being the best at what you do can still lead to total failure  (21:58)
  • The only question you need to answer to produce stunningly great content (27:19)

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You're listening to “The School of Client Attraction.” Marquel Russell is the founder of Client Attraction University, a marketing consultancy helping you attract clients on autopilot and scale your business while working 50% less.

Quick disclaimer: a side effect of listening to the show is more clients, more profits, more freedom, and it's more impact in your business. Now, here's your host, Marquel Russell.

Marquel: What’s up, everybody? I’m Marquel Russell here and I’ve got my guy in the cockpit with me, Mr. Wes Walters. What’s good, Wes? And we’ve got the great fitness coach, fitness trainer extraordinaire, J. Lopez -

J.: What’s going on?

Marquel: - in the building with us. What's good, bro?

J.: Hey, man. Productive day as usual.

Marquel: Good stuff, man. Basically what we're going to do is, so J. has had some really extraordinary results over the past months and even a year or so and we're going to kind of pick his brain. [01:01.0]

We're going to let y'all ask questions as well, whatever questions you have about how he's grown, because I know some people in the group are maybe personal trainers or fitness coaches, or no matter what kind of coach or consultant you are, is totally relevant and applicable into your business. We're going to get into a lot of cool stuff. We're going to pick his brain, actually get as much out of him as possible. I’ve got some questions that I want to ask. Wes will probably jump in with some questions.
First off, I wanted to say thank you so much, bud. I know you’ve got a busy schedule. You’ve got a lot of things happening, so appreciate you hopping on here with us.

J.: No problem, man. No problem.

Marquel: For sure. Number one, before we get into the actionable strategies and all that, the first thing I want to know is why are you even on this entrepreneurial journey? I know you had jobs and so forth in the past and you've been doing some other things, so why? Why entrepreneurship? Why are you even on this journey?

j.: I would say a purpose. Purpose. I just feel time is fragile. We only get one life here on earth and to me it should just be spent doing something that you enjoy doing. [02:05.2]

It doesn't matter how much money someone can make working for someone else. I just feel everyone deserves to work for themselves. Everyone deserves to get up every morning and just enjoy what they're doing. From the day I became an entrepreneur, I haven't felt what it's to work. I don't know what it’s like, you know what I mean? I haven't felt what it feels to go to work and in some years, in a few years, so to me, that's what it's about.

And just dealing with a lot of stuff, past things working nine-to-fives, having to come to the realization that most jobs, companies, they don't really see the value in us as individuals and we have to see the value in ourselves, and that's pretty much what that's about.

Marquel: Obviously, I’ve been super excited about being able to work with you over this past really short period of time and been excited to see the results and your evolution over this process. But I know early on, even before we connected, you had some different struggles and challenges in your business. [03:01.5]

What actually kept you from quitting, bro? Because I know, a lot of times, we will go through this business thing and sometimes it's like you're almost crazy, because any logical person would just quit and just go get a real job with a consistent check. What actually kept you from actually quitting, bro?

J.: Faith. Faith. I had faith and I felt bad. I always felt I was meant for better, and even during times when I didn't have clients or even when I was at my nine-to-five, I always had a vision for myself. When I was at the warehouse stocking shelves, all I thought about was personal training and that was my vision for myself.

So, the minute that I saw an opportunity to take a step, take a leap toward making that vision, bringing that vision to life, I took it, and whether it was quitting a job, no matter what it was, no matter what I had to do, I mean, and I’ve been there, I’ve gotten it from the bottom, so even at my lowest points, I still felt the million-dollar check, the $1,000, $10,000, $20,000 checks were written, I just felt I just needed to put the work to get that check fast. That's how I always felt. So, faith. [04:16.0]

Marquel: Makes sense. Cool. Obviously, things are popping in the business right now. Before we connected and how things were going, because you told me some horror stories about the business early on, right?

J.: Yeah.

Marquel: What were some things? We're going to get into what's going on now, the steps and all that good stuff for everybody, but prior to that, what were some of the things you were doing to grow your business, whether online or offline, and what was the frustrating stuff that you were dealing with? Kind of take us through that journey kind of, if it was to go back in time a little bit.

J.: First, I actually had to take a whole year off for personal training. Not a lot of people know that, but I took a whole year off personal training. The reason I hadn't taken a whole year off was because I made a business investment. I invested into a gym rental opportunity through a coach, someone that offered me mentorship, and I believed him because he had a nice car, supposedly knew a lot of people and stuff, but that was pretty much it. [05:11.9]

I trusted this person. I made an investment, and looking back, obviously I made a big mistake and the reason why I made a big mistake was because this person didn't have any proof of what they did. I just believe him based off the flashy stuff, because he had a nice car and he was making me all these promises, right? So, I took a very big loss.

The minute I made that investment, he was nowhere to be found. I struggled for six months at this gym and I didn't give up. I stayed at that gym trying to promote, trying to get clients. Another thing I found out that there was a gym, literally one block over, facing all the traffic. He never told me that. It was just an overall loss.

I used to do a lot of posting online. Just we called it blank shots, just posting pictures of myself working out, posting, letting people know I'm offering personal training. It was just a struggle. [06:05.8]

It was hard to get leads. It was hard to get clients, and even if I could get a client, potential clients to my gym, it was hard to lock them in. I always felt like I had to run a sale or cut my prices in half. I look back at the prices and the rates and stuff I used to charge and it's ridiculous. It almost makes you look at the people that were paying you like, dang, you know what I mean? Okay, I'm the one that was charging that, but it makes me feel some type of way like I worked so much more.

Marquel: That's a great segue actually. What were the rates you were charging then and why? And then what are you charging now? What was the shift that helped you go? Does that make sense?

J.: Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Marquel: The reason I ask you that is I'm willing to bet that 99.9% of the people listening right now are drastically undercharging and they know they should be charging more. They know they're worth way more. However, it’s that sticking point. You see what I'm saying? [07:12.8]

So, what were you charging and then why? What was the mentality around it? Because there’s always the mentality around it, right? So, what were you charging and why were you charging that? And then, what are you charging out, and then why and what made the shift?

J.: Anywhere in the 20 odd sessions, the 25 sessions I used to train monthly for 99 bucks, and at the time I just felt like, You know what? If I can charge this $99, I can get 20 to 30 people to pay this and that'll get me enough to pay my bills and my rent. It was just this mindset that I had, and to me, I call it just a low mindset. I didn't have any confidence. I didn't have any guidance and any self-worth as an entrepreneur. At the time, I didn't have that self-worth, and that's where I was. [08:03.0]

But where I am now to go from having the goal or saying, Hey, you know what? It would be nice to make $2,000 this month. It would be nice to make $3,000 this month. If I work hard this whole month and train all my clients session after session and do all this posting online, it'd be nice to see or make $3,000. Not even make 3,000 and actually see it in my account, but made 3,000 to pay my bills. Right? So, that's where I was.

Where I am now, $3,000 is standard for a client. I make that a client and, honestly, that's still bare minimum to me right now. I have three or four different projects, each of them doing five figures a month right now, so it's a way bigger step. I’m light years ahead of where I was, and we're talking where I still have to keep myself secluded. I'm not even out there. [09:06.7]

People can't just get in touch with me. You have to go through a process to schedule a consultation with me. I'm literally booked up, all my evenings. If I make something available, it gets booked. So, that's a good problem to have, but it's at a point now where it's like, Man, I’ve got options. I’ve got plenty of options. I’ve got offers, plenty of offers, whether it be coaching other trainers, whether it be people wanting to invest into what I have going on. Yeah, I'm having to outsource my work. It’s just a lot and it's a good feeling.

It's a good feeling because, at one point, I couldn't even get clients and now it's like I'm having to really limit the amount of people that I can even talk to. Yesterday, I had to do two people at once that I did a consultation with, and I usually don't even do that, but I did a two on one, took two people at once, locked them both in, $3,000 each, and that was just in an hour. It took me an hour to do that. So, yeah, a good feeling. [10:10.7]

Marquel: Good stuff. All right, so what changed, bro? What did you do? What did you start doing? Let's talk about some of the action stuff. Right now, you went from doing that hoping that it'd be nice to make 2,000 or 3000 each month to now having a $9,000-day, a $6,000-day, and you're averaging 20k+ per month.

J.: Yeah, per month.

Marquel: Mostly five figures in different deals, so you’ve got multiple five figures a month coming in and in the beginning stages at this point. What were some things that you started doing? What changed? You were here, right? What changed to help you accelerate this whole process?

J.: Ah, man, okay, one, I stopped trying to help everybody. That's the first thing. I started being really very specific in what I was offering, who I was helping. [11:01.6]

And I stopped focusing on my following and that's another mindset I had to change, because I felt…and, I mean, you remember, at one point, I was about to invest in getting another certification. I was like, Oh, if I get another certification, this will help me increase my prices, or if I go with this company here, that'll kind of give me a better stamp of approval. Then I’ll be able to charge more.

Yeah, I'm so glad I did not make the decision to do that. I had to change my mindset, the mindset shifts, the mindset, and to me that's something that can only come with coaching. That’s guidance. I mean, I’ve talked to entrepreneurs now, a lot of entrepreneurs. I meet other people in the community and just through conversation, they're like, Man, the level of your knowledge right now, a lot of people just ask me for help. They ask me for coaching just based off what I’ve learned by working with you, obviously. Right? So, to me, I would say, the mindset shift. [12:02.5]

Marquel: Got it, got it. For those who didn’t, let's talk about that and the importance of coaching, pushing you past the initial stuff, right? Because there was a crazy story. Most people don't even know the story of how we connected. It was really crazy, but for those who didn't see the post that you made earlier in the group, explain the story of what initially got you into action, not even a testament to working together, but what initially [did it]? Because I didn't even come off trying to sell you.

For those who don't know, I actually met J., a childhood friend of mine posted a video and they were working together, and at this point I was working out of the house, but I knew I needed to train or whatever, so I saw them and I was like, Cool, let me reach out. So, we reached out. I pulled up on him and me seeing them online, I’m like, Okay, you’ve got things popping. So, I ain't going to the gym, trying to pitch them on my services or something like that. I went in there like, All right, what is it going to cost? I paid him and we were working together.

Kind of take it from there and tell the story of how this whole evolution happened because some people didn't see the posts in the group. [13:02.0]

J.: All right, it was a couple of years ago, a couple years back. It doesn’t even feel like a couple of years, but, yeah. I was in my garage, no car, barely making 2,500 and 2,500 was a good month. If I went hard and bust my ass for the whole month, hour after hour, all this posting crazy. If I looked up, I could do 2,500, right? That's where I was.

It was really the same day that you contacted me, I think it was that morning, I was looking into it. I was like, All right, I’ve got to go get a job. I think the holidays are just coming up and stuff. I'm like, You know what? I'm just going to get a part-time job so that I can still try to maintain my business. And he contacted me, locked in, obviously, started training and you don't do too much soccer.

When we come to the gym, you’re here to work out. That's just that. And I tell people all the time, I’m like, Yo, Marquel is the smartest dude in the room, but I'm telling you he does not talk, and a lot of times when people compliment me on my business and stuff, you come up and they're like, Who is that? I'm like, He comes here to work out and they stop. They don't even know you because you don't tell you come in here and you work out. You did, right? You're not in here trying and you're not promoting business and stuff, and that's how that was. [14:09.8]

So, one night I was on my laptop, ran across your Facebook page and, yeah, it was just like I would do any of my clients, click, see what they do, just whatever, snooping around, man. I saw the website. I clicked on it, and then I clicked and I saw these video testimonials of these and that was a first for me. That was my first time seeing someone that had video testimonials. I don't think. That was my first time seeing any coach, anybody, any business owner, really, that just had testimonial after testimonial and I was blown away because I was like, He can't, you can't make this stuff up. He's got real people on video. You can't make that up.

After watching, going through the testimonials, the next day, I was like, Yo, that's what you do? Tell me more about it or whatever. You were still modest about it like, Oh, yeah, you know. That's what I’ve got going on. You said, “Hey, if you need some help, let me know,” so I’m like, All right. Yeah, I need some help. [15:10.2]

I told you what I had going on. You could see I didn't have any clients. Anyway, you were just like, You know what? Posts some free content. Post some free content every day for the next 30 days. So, I was like, Oh, all right, cool, cool. You left the gym and I thought about it. I'm like, No, I'm not doing that. This dude is crazy. I'm not about to give out free information online. Okay, he might know what he’s doing and on his side of things, but he doesn't know what it's like to be a fitness coach. He doesn't know what it's like to be a personal trainer. I’ve been doing this.

Marquel: I’m doing things differently.

J.: Yeah, my mans is different. I've been doing this. So, I was like, No, I'm good. I just trashed that thought. Then that's when I was like, You know what? I've been just looking to get myself another certification. I'm going to make this happen. So, the next day he came to work out just like, Yo, I ain’t seen the post, so I was like, Oh yeah, about that, man. I'm going to just get this next certification and once I get that…and he just cut me off. He was like, You're scared, man. I'm like, Oh, I’m what? He was like, Yeah, you're scared. [16:11.9]

We had a little back and forth, not really a back and forth, but it was an awkward moment, too, because this is my gym, so you're in my gym trying to check me. I was like, Hold on, you know what I mean? I was pretty pissed off at that moment, to be honest. I was pissed off, but I was pissed off enough that after the session I was like, Nuh-uh, I don't like anybody feeling like they’ve got over on me or whatever. I’m like, No, I'm not scared, so I'm going to post, and I did it. I posted some free content, thought about it, then the next day, then the next day, and this is the result of that. The result was, within seven days, I just started getting a bunch of DMs, a lot of people reaching out to me, man. Yeah, I mean, it was overwhelming. [17:00.0]

I had a couple of neighborhood apps that I use, Facebook, Instagram, and people just started DM-ing me like, Hey, I’ve been following you for a while, and within 21 days, three weeks, I remember 17 clients I locked in and that's while I was still in my garage gym. Yeah, that was crazy, just not having to do much to reach out, Facebook ads, none of that stuff, just taking that initial step, trusting what he told me to do. That's pretty much how we started working from there.

Marquel: Yeah, it's pretty crazy and it's funny that you mentioned the neighborhood app, because I remember you always used to mention the neighborhood app when we used to be in the gym.

J.: Yeah.

Marquel: Bro, people were reaching out to the neighborhood and everything, so I remember that. That's pretty crazy. Nextdoor, right?

J.: Right, yeah.

Marquel: That's what it was, Nextdoor. That's what it was.

J.: Yeah.

Marquel: Cool. Everybody, for those who are wondering, Okay, how is this actionable for my business? essentially what we did was, first of all, J. hit on it earlier that we really got clear on it like, All right, who is your ideal client? Who are the ones you like working out, training the most? and it was like, Entrepreneurs. So, I was like, All right, why not just target just entrepreneurs in your messaging? [18:14.2]

We crafted the messaging around that, and then it was like, All right, how do we put out the right bait to attract the people you want? It’s like going fishing, right? You're going to use a certain kind of bait if you're going to get bass. You're going to use a certain kind of bait if you’re going to get catfish. You're going to use a certain type of bait if you're going deep sea fishing and you're trying to catch swordfish, you know what I'm saying? Sure it was like it was going to be a certain type of bait you're going to use, so what’s the bait? That became the content.

Then, from there, the volume because most people are terrified because now you start getting an influx of people reaching out, because now it’s a whole different situation. The positioning was different. And now you can easily start because most people don't increase their prices simply because they're in lead poverty. It's like they only get one lead every other day, so they're like, I’ve got to land this or I ain't going to be to pay my bills. But when you're in a position now where you’ve got a systemized way for people to come through and become clients, you can charge whatever you want, especially when you're good at what you do. [19:10.0]

Another thing we were working on was really dialing in and really getting clear, and letting people really understand what you really do, because, like I told you, I’m like, Bro, the reason I hired you is because me and Kantis, I took Kantis with me—Wes, you know Kantis. A few of you watching will probably know Kantis—me and Kantis used to spend fitness on our own and we used to be in there 90 minutes, almost two hours sometimes.

So, I went and J. was like, I’ll have y'all out of here in 45, and I ain't telling him we were in another gym for 90 minutes, so I’m like, Bro, how long will it take me in here? He was like, You know, 45, 60 minutes max. I'm like, I'm in, do you know hear me? I’m like, I didn't come in here because, like me, you're working with entrepreneurs. We value time and results. So, I’m like, I'm coming here, work out 45 minutes, take me 20 minutes. You’ve bought me another hour a day. That's five hours a week you’ve just bought me. That's 20 hours a month that you’ve just bought me, you know what I'm saying? [20:07.7]

So, that's a no brainer and that's a no brainer when you're speaking to an entrepreneur. They're looking at that, not necessarily how much you cost, so 3,000, 4,000, even 5,000 or whatever, it's a no brainer at that point because it's not about that. It's about the speed to result.

J.: Exactly.

Marquel: That's a huge thing for everybody to really gather, especially when it comes to your messaging, your market and all that good stuff. What question did I get? Y’all got any questions? Wes, you’ve got any questions? Anything you want to jump in with, bro?

Wes: Yeah, I’ve got a question. I'm glad that we have J. Lopez here because, his business, there are a lot of people who are going to look at him and say exactly what he said that Marquel might know real estate, Marquel might know retail, but he doesn't know my business. I know personal trainers personally who are struggling. I mean, I wish there was another word for struggling right now. Struggling is not the right adjective. Literally, going back to Walmart to check bags and stock shelves. No shade because I did that in my life, so, no, there are people that have got to do what they’ve got to do to feed their families, by all means. [21:13.0]

That is not your reality at all right now. Business got better after corona, after COVID, right? So, it's the perfect example of someone who's watching right now to be like, Uh, that doesn't apply to my business, and it does in your case. What would you say to them?

J.: I would say that it is one thing to be good at what you do, but it doesn't matter. You can be the best at what you do. If you don't know how to reach the people, if you don't have the confidence to charge your worth, if you're not skilled, if you're not skilled, I’m going to say it one more time, you're not skilled and communicating that to someone, it’s going to be pretty much impossible to really reach your actual sales goals. [22:03.9]

If you're not skilled in identifying what someone's problem is, right, and then co effectively offering them a solution, I mean, that's pretty much what it is and that goes for anybody. Even now, I remember before I met Marquel, I had already started going to the gym at 2:30 AM, right? And that was the decision I made because I felt it would buy me more time and that was pretty much the routine I developed for myself.

When I go to the gym, there are business owners that I’ve known consistently for three years and they've even seen my growth in my business, and it's crazy to have known someone back then, having conversations in the gym, and the conversations we used to have back then were just like, Hey, I see you doing goo. I see you're working out. That turned into, Oh, man, Hey, I see you online. I saw your video online. How are things going? Oh, business is doing good. That grew to, Oh, yo, what's new? What's new with the sales? Oh, that's what you're doing right now? Okay, cool. What's your advice on this that turned into, Hey, I’ve got an idea. You should do this. Let me know if you get it situated. I want to invest. [23:15.7]

And we're talking about millionaires, multimillionaires, who just saw my growth in such a short period of time, and their conversation and the vibe has completely shifted. The respect level has completely grown. The conversation went from pretty much nothing to something. Yeah, to me, that's major actually because other people see the growth.

I find myself having conversations with business owners, entrepreneurs, and I have to tone down my conversation and even then I'm still dropping major gems. Something simple, I can pinpoint something very simple, not even want to dissect someone's business. It doesn't matter. Any arena, business owners just send me their websites. What do you think of this? I could point out 10 different things that need to be fixed. It's not my place to do so, but that's pretty much where I am on the knowledge level. [24:08.0]

So, when this shutdown happened, when this pandemic happened, I did not panic at all. I didn't panic. I felt like I had a generator, an extra generator I had never turned on. The system, the skills, all of that that I had learned and put in place, I never turned it on. I’d just started running Facebook ads and things like that and launched the full program

I just did that about three weeks ago and my whole evening, seriously, I probably have one more person that comes to my evenings to train. I'm seriously considering just giving them a refund, just so I can have my whole evening, just to have… I'm doing three or four consultations a day right now. I did one consultation yesterday, $6,000, two days before, that was $9,000. I mean, it's a no brainer and I'm not even mashing the gas. I'm not mashing the gas at all. [25:05.2]

We're talking about I'm in my basement. This is a chill day. I'm not mashing the gas. I'm posting. I make one post in the morning and I get DMs. I get people scheduling up. I’m scheduled up. I'm booked out with consultations for the next two, three weeks. So, it's a no brainer.

Wes: You said a lot, but what I heard, what jumped out to me is that you raised your game and it attracted a level of clientele that was tantamount to that gain that you gave.

J.: Yeah. I have a lot of well-known people that want to work with me and reach out, and it's a good thing because if someone is not serious, someone can't afford or whatever, not ready to invest, I mean, they're just not even going to come your way. You're doing me a favor, so I attract. Every client I take on is a, is an entrepreneur that's at the top of their game and I'm not doing anything now, but just testimonial after testimonial, every time I drop a new testimony or a new result in my business, it brings me a thousand new inquiries. [26:06.8]

Now my schedule is overbooked. I have DMs, DM after DM. I have DMs I haven't even responded to, and it's not on purpose. It's just I have these different platforms. People texting me, my phone number isn't even on my website. I had to take that off as people started texting and calling. Getting clients is not an issue anymore.

Wes: I’ve got a question from a Ray Digger, She said, “How did you pick your content that you're going to be focused on for the day or for the week? Marquell always encouraged us to post one piece of content per day.”

J.: I will say, I would tell you what he told me a couple of years ago. You know more than 99% more of the people that follow you, so when you're trying to figure out what content to post, honestly, don't think. When you think, anytime I overthink things and put all this work in to make some content, I never get that reaction. When I just do, you know you know your craft. What is it that you're passionate about? What is it that your followers need help with? So, that's what I'm thinking about, how can I help? [27:09.6]

Before I post a piece of content, I need to be able to say, Who is this helping? If I cannot answer, Who is this helping? What is it helping him [with]? That's it. I don't post it. But every time I get ready to post, I already know what I'm speaking of, who I'm speaking to, and that's why I always get reactions to every single video. I’ve never posted a video, it doesn't matter about views. I'm not checking for views. Every time I’d post a video or a picture with captions, whatever I'm speaking about, I get emails. I get DMs because it's going to target. It's going to hit that client, that potential client that you need and the one that's willing to pay you what you're worth.

Marquel: Absolutely.

Wes: I have one more question, a follow-up question from Raydigger. How do you narrow it down on your ideal client, the ones that you want to work with? He says currently her messaging is not attracting her target audience. [28:02.3]

J.: You have to be specific. Don't be modest. It is okay to be direct on who you work with. Even with me being very specific, some people will still go through the process. They'll fight to make it to the consultation like, Hey, look, I watched the video. I know you said this. I know you said that, but could you consider? And that happened yesterday.

That happened yesterday on the call. I had two people in the same consultation, and I spoke to this client and landed the client, $3,000 for that, and her friend was sitting next to her and once I processed her, she just slid over like, Hey, can you take me on? And I was like, Listen, honestly, I’ve got 10 more minutes before my next consultation. You’ve already heard what this program is, what it offers. Why should I take you on? That was my honest [answer]. Why should I take you onto this program? What reason do you feel you need to be on this program and what are you willing to do if you get on the actual program? And she answered those two questions. Okay, cool, $3,000 to lock in, done deal, and I went to my next consultation, simple. [29:12.1]

So, be very specific. There's nothing wrong with being specific. This is not a personal thing. It's nothing to take personally. I know who I help and bottom line, that's it.

Marquel: Bingo, because the reality is now you go from selling people on why they should buy to people selling you on why you should allow them to buy.

J.: Exactly.

Marquel: So, it's a total game changer. And the biggest thing, one of the biggest reasons that J. wins consistently is that he's coachable. Initially, like he said, he had some resistance because it was a new way of doing it, doing things, but once he got that it did it and saw some forward progress, he was like, All right, this guy might know a little something.

Because I remember one time J. used to do the videos and he used to just upload them, right? No caption, no tech. He would just upload the video and I was like, Bro, you’ve got to put some caption to get them to watch. He was like, Nah, I'm uploading, bro. I'm like, Bro, people ain't just going to watch the video because you're light-skinned, bro. [30:08.7]

J.: Yo…that’s right.

Marquel: You’ve got some compelling copy to get them to watch. Now, a couple months later, he started doing it and I started dealing like, Bro, your copy is super strong, so now as long form copy, his video copy is like even I stopped and I’m like, Hey, let me check this out because it's like the copy is so strong now just from the reps, just from doing it, just from like, All right, bam, let me do it. All right, bam, let me do it. All right, bam, let me do it, and not just watching, hearing what I'm saying, but watching how we do stuff and then [being] like, All right, how do I implement that into our business?

Because the cool thing is most people miss the gate because they're like, Well, yeah, that won't work for my business, and people think, Marquel doesn't know my business. CAU, they don't know our business like that. People don't realize one of the things we're great at as a company is marketing, client attraction. That's our thing. Right? [31:01.5]

And no matter what business you're in, if you're not a marketer first, you're not going to be in business long. It's like J. is a fitness coach and personal trainer because he's a marketer first. If he decided, Look, I'm going to kill the fitness business today and I'm going to go and start a moving company, where his knowledge of marketing, he just transferred that over into the moving company and has blown that thing up. It doesn't matter what he decides to do because he's invested his time and his money into learning this stuff, so no matter what business you're in, if you understand marketing…

That is like I walked through with a lady the other day on a call, a webinar I did, and her business was she sells alcohol-infused popcorn. Right? So, I kind of laid out a whole process and she was like, Oh my God, I never even thought of that, but once you understand that you can literally go into any vertical and implement these strategies. It doesn't really matter what the business is, so that's huge.
Obviously, man, you’re totally crushing it now, bro, so my question is this… [31:58.3]

And, by the way, I wanted to say that coachable part, because if you know that you want more clients, you want more profit, you know you want to impact more people, you know you want to have more freedom and you want to grow your business faster while working less, and you decide to hire for us or for Wes to reach out and see if we can we work together, just make sure you're coachable, because if you're not coachable, we don't want your money or we don't want to work with you, because we only want your results and we're only going to allow you in if we're confident we can help you.

So, you being coachable and having big goals is some of the most important stuff that you can have. If you just want to make an extra $1,000 a month or $1,500 a month or 300 bucks or whatever, this definitely isn't a good fit, but if you want to add an extra 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 grand or plus per month to your revenue while actually working less, we definitely could potentially help.

For those who are listening right now and they're kind of on the fence and are like, Oh, I'm going to think, I think I’m doing it and I'm not sure. I'm not sure if I'm ready, whatever the case may be, if you would say one thing to the audience about the process, what would you say? [33:04.2]

J.: Man, I would say, I wish I had a time machine so we can go back to the garage, go back to the garage and no car, but since we can't do that, I would just say, ask yourself where you want to be. Where do you want to be 30, 60, 90 days from now, a year from now? Where do you want to be and do you honestly feel that what you've been doing will get you there?

If you feel what you've been doing on your own can get you there, then, all right, that's that, but if you want to put your pride aside, be transparent and say, You know what? This is where I want to get to and I know that it's going to take some real skin in the game and make it happen, then, yeah, that's pretty much it, so it all comes down to sacrifice.

What's the saying? Sacrifice for what you want or what you want will be the sacrifice. I live by that and I truly believe it. So, if you really want this, you really want to make it happen, you're going to sacrifice and make it happen, and if not, then you're pretty much sacrificing what you want. [34:01.9]

Marquel: Before we wrap up, bro, let's talk about it, man. You said the numbers were conservative. Yeah, so you were at 2,500 a month, right? You said that that was a great month. What are we doing now these days per month? Let’s talk about it.

J.: Oh, man, all right. So, the price of the projects, each of the projects that I have in place right now, okay, so one did 20k.
Marquel: Let me calculate it. Hold on, I’ll calculate it. Let me calculate it. Let’s talk about it. All right, so? We've got one project, 20k.

J.: Yeah. Another project that did 20k. Before that one, that one was 12k. Another project was 15k. Right now, my high-ticket program, I've been running it and three weeks in officially, not even running it at its optimum level, yeah, that's 20k. A month is not even up.

Marquel: Okay, so just so I'm clear, so it’s five different projects, one of them at 20k, one at 20k, one at 12, one at 15, and one at 20. [35:07.3]

J.: Yeah.

Marque: Okay, perfect. Let me just…we’ll do the old school math with the yellow pad. So, that’s two, four, six, seven, eight…so we have 87k a month so far.

J.: Yeah.

Marquel: For everybody, I want y'all to understand something, 87k a month. The brother said on a great month a year or so ago, it was 2,500 a month. Now, 87k per month and he can work when he wants to, has the ability to carve out an entire hour to jump on here and chill out and not tripping, 87,000 a month. That's a seven-figure run rate. For those of you who don't know what that means, it requires $83,333 a month to make a million dollars. Dude, that’s 87,000, so his business right now is at a seven-figure run rate and he's chilling doing the business the way he wants to do it.

J.: Chilling, chilling.

Marquel: Chilling.

J.: I’m about to mash the gas, though.

Marquel: Imagine that. [36:01.5]

J.: I’m about to mash the gas, though.

Marquel: If he can refund a client to open up his whole evening, total game changer. Yeah, that just updated my brag a whole lot, so how we help a fitness trainer to go from 2,500 being a great month to $87,000 a month. Oh, man. Oh, yeah. Okay. Okay.

J.: New levels, new levels.

Marquel: We've got to get an undated testimonial, too, bro. We’ve got it.

J.: Yeah.

Marquel: Yeah, I ain't know that. I ain't know that. This just made me rethink my whole graphic for the group. I should’ve asked you that before I made the post.

J.: No, I told you, man, I'm not used to this.

Marquel: I need it. I need it.

J.: He wanted me to drop like, Listen, look, man, I'm just… Nah, man, I'm not used to this, man.

Marquel: I get it.

Wes: J., real quick, what's the key for the swolness, man? I've been trying to get swol for the last five years. I plateau at 200, can't get past 200, man. [37:04.0]

J.: Eat, eat.

Wes: Eat.

J.: Eat, eat. If you're comfortable with your diet, you're not doing it right.

Wes: Okay.

Marquel: Eating enough.

J.: You're not eating enough, man, not eating enough. But, look, you can get on the program. We can talk. We can chat.

Marquel: Hey, hire that man, Wes. That's the first step.

Wes: I’ll definitely do it.

Marquel: Hire that man.

J.: You can chat.

Marquel: I told my guy, Brian, we did our mastermind call before we hopped on here and I told Brian should be reaching out to you, which I was like, man, because he said he was at 233. He worked it down to his goal. He had 195. I’m like, Man, hit J. up, man. It's at least worth a conversation.

J.: Let's go. I’m ready.

Marquel: Yes, he should be hitting you up, so cool. So, Ray said our first step is posting a piece of content per day. That's part of it, right? I think the biggest thing is, you're going to really clarify your messaging, get clear on who you want to work with, what are you going to lead them to, so there are definitely a few pieces to it, for sure.

J.: Yeah.

Marquel: Good, so that’s that. We're almost at the top of the hour. J., thank you so much, bro. You’ve got any closing remarks as we wrap this thing up? [38:05.2]

J.: Get motivated. Take action.

Marquel: That's it, straight like that, everybody. So, that's it. God bless you all. Love you all. And this session is a wrap.

J: All right.

Marquel: Talk to y’all soon.

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