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In this episode, Matt journeys into the world of systems thinking and how it separates the great sales leaders from the average.

Learn how to move beyond simple cause-and-effect analysis, understand the interconnectedness of every aspect of your organization, and make smart, focused moves to drive real change.

With practical examples and expert advice, you'll discover the power of systems thinking in solving common sales challenges and revolutionizing your approach to sales leadership.

Tune in now.

Show highlights:

  • Find out the MIT definition of systems thinking [00:01:19]
  • Systems thinking beyond simple cause-and-effect analyses [00:02:11]
  • The power of leveraging interconnected processes [00:05:04]
  • How to strategically drive successful change [00:10:47]
  • Why you must measure the impact of changes [00:12:13]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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