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Join the MathisTwins as they tackle the beast of tough conversations and share the blueprint to turn nerve-wracking talks into your secret weapon for success.

Unleash the power of the “Five P Framework” and evolve from avoidance to confidence. Whether it's about facing up to a tricky business negotiation or confronting personal boundaries, this episode is the key to transforming discomfort into triumph.

Tune in and transform your toughest dialogues into victories that resonate in every aspect of your life – it's time to make those conversations count!

Show Highlights:

  • Are you ready to have tough yet transformational conversations? [03:40]
  • Understand the dynamics of tough conversations in business. [07:24]
  • The extraordinary benefits of tough conversations! [08:58]
  • Get your boat rowing in the same direction to have a healthy team environment. [11:20]
  • How can we overcome the fear of tough conversations? [14:22]
  • Have you ever practiced tough conversations in real life? [17:22]
  • Discover how not having tough conversations can impact you. [18:49]
  • Unlock the key to avoid a miserable life! [20:08]
  • This brilliant 5P framework will teach you everything about conducting a difficult conversation. [22:48]
  • This roleplay example will guide you thoroughly. [26:55]
  • The longer the wait, the worse it will be. [31:14]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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