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Are you ready to reclaim your time and revolutionize your life?

In this episode, Cherylanne is joined by Julia Hudson and Lisa Casson, the co-founders of Pennyworth, who unpack the game-changing benefits of hiring help. These executive support aficionados with roots in Silicon Valley will show you how getting assistance isn't just for the rich and famous – it can actually be your secret weapon to having both a thriving career and a peaceful home life.

Discover how to find your perfect support match and multiply your discretionary time. Don't miss this empowering episode; it just might be your cue to give yourself permission to buy back time with Pennyworth's savvy strategies.

And for a discount on your search, schedule a call with https://pennyworthprojects.com/ and be sure to mention Brilliant Balance!

Show Highlights:

  • Here is the ultimate pathway to breaking limiting beliefs. [01:07]
  • Do you need extra support to empower yourself? [07:31]
  • Explore the areas in your life where you can use external support. [10:34]
  • Discover the ultimate time-saving secret for women [17:42]
  • Do you feel like you're drowning in responsibilities? [19:39]
  • Discover how having help is not just a luxury, but a necessity for many of us [22:30]
  • The value of having an intermediary to save you time. [25:28]
  • What are the things that are dragging you down? [26:46]
  • Finding your way to a high level resource who can really take work off your plate. [27:31]
  • Your guide to get over reluctance toward seeking and hiring support. [31:44]
  • The key to prioritizing yourself and setting boundaries. [35:03]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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