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In today's episode, Kevin Kearns, Chief Revenue Officer at Hotel Engine, dives into a topic that is crucial for sales leaders who need to drive remarkable results.

Kevin shares his views on talent density and why finding the right individuals for each position is vital in building successful sales organizations. He explores the importance of a rigorous interview process, utilizing case studies, and evaluating talent to ensure a perfect fit.

Join us as we uncover the secrets to unlocking the potential of your team with Kevin's insights on coaching, diagnosing problems, and making strategic decisions that lead to success.

So grab your notepads and get ready to learn how to elevate your sales organization to new heights. Listen Now!

Show highlights:

  • How to achieve talent density in your sales team. [00:01:44]
  • Find out why case studies can help you make the right choice [00:03:18]
  • “The toughest job you will ever love.” [00:07:11]
  • How can sales leaders create excitement, accountability, and success? [00:09:55]
  • Can you pick the right initiatives for your sales team? [00:13:08]
  • How can sales leaders truly understand their field? [00:16:24]
  • Can't Find a Mentor? This Sales Leader Shares His Secret to Success [00:20:55 ]
  • Sales leaders: Are you overwhelmed with too many initiatives? [00:26:36]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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