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In this episode, Matt McDarby sits down with seasoned sales leader, Kevin O'Keefe, CEO at Profit Key ERP and Executive Chairman at Advanced Sales AI. They will discuss the art of inspiring and nurturing success within sales teams.

Kevin shares his wealth of experience, from working with salespeople for five decades to his insights on leadership and motivation. Get ready to learn how to find your way into the hearts of your team and unlock their full potential.

Stay tuned for an inspiring and informative conversation with Kevin O'Keefe.

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Show highlights:

  • How to inspire and lead a successful team [00:01:54]
  • Discover the secret to building a winning plan and coaching your team to success [00:05:24]
  • The power of the social contract [00:08:24]
  • A leader’s biggest challenge [00:10:53]
  • How do you invest your time as a sales leader? [00:14:27]
  • Discover your maximum effort [00:18:44]
  • Master communication and inspire [00:20:30]
  • How to inspire your team with competence and preparation [00:25:34]
  • Explore team motivations and inspiration [00:28:10]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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