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Empowering and enabling your team to think and act like leaders is very difficult.

But it may be the key to your success as a leader.

The secret is that top sales leaders intentionally demonstrate what great leadership looks like to empower their people, increase their team’s self-motivation, and raise the bar on their critical thinking and execution.

Join me in this episode as I share how great sales leaders walk the walk and inspire their teammates by demonstrating what great leadership looks like…

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Show Highlights Include:

  • How top leaders demonstrate effective behavior to influence how their teammates think and act (2:06)
  • The hypocrisy trap that many leaders fall victim (Warning: this mistake will make it impossible for you to get your teammates to live up to your expectations) (2:36)
  • Use this “Push vs Pull” framework to get your team to change for the better and reduce resistance (4:58)
  • The “Kimono Peek” method that great leaders use to empower their teammates to excel in their job (6:15)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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