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In this episode, Mark Evans walks you through the seismic shifts that can happen when ambition meets action. He unpacks a weekend that altered the course of his financial future, a staggering $120k lesson in growth and opportunity. Hear how a seemingly insignificant nickel per unit turned into a monumental $130 million victory.

Mark shares his unique wisdom on forging paths to freedom and securing the deal of a lifetime.

Join us for another episode that will challenge you to invest boldly in yourself and push your entrepreneurial spirit to new heights.

Show highlights include:

Discover how investing in yourself can unlock your potential [5:05]
Fast-track your relationship capital and gain insider connections. [11:08]
Are you auditing your circle? [14:07]
How to increase your bottom line tenfold [25:16]
It’s time to show up. [32:37]
You are your best investment. [33:42]

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Welcome to the making of a DM, my $120,000 weekend experience. And I'm gonna share with you how a fella turned five cents, and to $130 million. So with that said, let's get started. I'm Mark Evans

0:25 I'm here to help and teach what I know and discover freedom. No question why Kevin's when he's stepping down, tell him what to do, Sam, deal maker, a deal maker, the deal maker, dream maker.

0:43 Hey, there's your boy, Mark, Devin D. Welcome to another making of a DM. And thank you guys so much. For all the messages. I'm getting tons of messages on Instagram, and Facebook, that we're back. And they're excited that we're doing the show a week, as we've done for many years now. But I'm excited to be here today. I got home late last night around midnight. I've been going hard since Friday, literally from like 484 30 5am till 1011 o'clock at night. And that's not my normal routine. And then I'll explain why that was going on as it's a it's a full, you know, full immersion in some cool stuff. But also, I want to say thank you guys so much for all the five star reviews.

And again, if you do a five star review on any platform you're on, caught, you know, snapshot it and send it over to me at Mark Evans DM at Gmail, on Instagram, and let me know, I'd love to connect with you. And let you know you're a loyal listener. And I appreciate you. A lot of you guys ask, you know, Mark, I was at, you know, meeting here this weekend. And lots of guys are asking Mark, how can I be valuable to you. And I want to be honest, this is exactly what I said. And I've kind of been this guy my whole life to be honest with you. But I don't need anything from anybody. Truthfully, I really don't have worked really hard. I just want good people in my life. I want to work with great people every day, I want to help people I want to, you know, Shine the light brighter for all of us.

And you know, we're just win with winners. And but, you know, when we started talking, I was like, you know, the only thing you could really do is just share the message, you know, share the podcast show share the books magician versus mule me economy, 10 minute business owner, you know, I've 12 books out there, you know, one resonates with you just share it. Let one person know, let three people know, whatever, then I've been talking to you guys about this on the podcast show. When you listen to my voice right now. You know, you can literally stop it, pause it, and go to your Share button and share it with one or two 310 people that you feel like that message resonates. And what this does it get you thinking about big stuff, abundant thinking. Because when I'm listening to shows it's not just about me, it's about I'm learning, right? Just like you I listen to podcast shows, I listen, all this stuff, I love it, you know, literally an hour a day minimum.

But when I'm on my walks or runs or whatever, I'm listening to this, if something pops, you know, we're talking to a lot of different people all the time in our network. It might resonate with me, but I'm like, wait a minute, I was talking to Matt, Matt said that I'll do this, you know, Hey, Matt, listen to this episode between minute 22 and 24. It's huge. And it's a good way for you to kind of connect in and drive deeper relationship capital with your friends and your people that you're working with, even if you barely know. And now, like I said, now they know you listen to this type of content. And you know, they're like, they're like, wow, like, do like you're on it. This guy sounds crazy. I kind of like it, or whatever. And that's kind of how this game works. I think it's a really a cool opportunity to relate with your buddies and connect. I've done this in the past. Were the old days.

A lot of you don't maybe not know this, but like, I would grab the newspaper if I'm reading it like in the business section or real estate section. I used to cut it out. This is pre picture phones and all that fun stuff, right? But I would cut it out and I would send them a message like via postal mail and say hey, man, like a quick letter like, hey, hey, Steve, I saw this about what's going on in the title company world mortgage world. What's your thoughts? And it was man hope all's well just thinking about you. And then like people would be like, Dude, you're like, Man, I like it's unheard of. You could still do that method as well. It's just I'm talking about the podcast show today because it's so simple to do that. To stop pushing. I send my wife messages all the time I send her podcast shows I'm listening to all my friends. I mean, I do it pretty much daily. So it's a good habit. Share the show, is what I'm saying. And it means a lot to me.

That's what you could do for me to help. Not just me, but the community and the people you roll with. So let me explain to you. I talked about investing in yourself. If someone comes to me and says, Mark, what's the best investment you've ever done? on, you know, I know a lot of people think about like, Oh man, I did a real estate deal on a 5x Oh man, I did this and a 2x Oh man, I make 27% a month on this. So you know, whatever the best investment I made, and I continue to make is investing in myself. I still have coaches and mentors, I invest hundreds of 1000s of dollars at this point in my life per year, and high level masterminds and mentorship groups and private networks. So, you know, some of them, you may have heard of our 360, you know, yet have a net worth of $100 million minimum, most people are worth 500 million to up to $20 billion, very small, intimate, you're paying 280,000 a year for that network. Some of you, Tiger 21. That's a $10 million minimum net worth, they review your books, they make sure you're legit. They put you in little pods of people.

And you know, these groups exist. Think about this. What does this do to your life in your business, if you're hanging out with people that are making are worth a certain amount of money? So you might be thinking, Well, Mark, shit, I'm barely worth anything right now. Cool. But you're on your way. You're listening to the show like this to learn to grow. You know, everyone's on a different timeline. It doesn't mean your timeline is right or wrong. It's just a different timeline. It is what it is. You get anxious like I do I want it to go fast. Go quicker. Holy shit, I got a lot going on. Oh my god, I have nothing going on. Well, man, I feel like I'm working a lot. But nothing's coming to fruition, you know. So we've all been there. We're all there still today. But the investing in yourself is the biggest invest investment because the compound effect. And by the way, I've been investing in myself since 1996.

I took $2,500 went to a Russ Whitney seminar, back in the old days, you had to go to seminar, fly there, drive there, sit down and learn. It was an infomercial TV ad, I called the number I paid $2,500 went to a three day training. And then that's just a cell cycle. It was a whole nother world. But like, I learned enough in that $2,500.03 Day investment that I went out and did my first deal. I made $15,000 I wrote a book about it called one buck deals, but like it gets you going. And what it does is a couple of things really unlock it unlocks you. Because when you invest $2,500, or 5000, or 50,000, or 120,000, or whatever the number is, when you invest in you. Now comes real. See a lot of people they do no one will invest in me. My first question always, if people were presenting opportunity, or whatever, my first question always is this. Bob? How much have you invested in yourself in the last 12 months? And they look at you like you're dumb because they have no clue what you're talking about?

And it's like, well, let me explain how much have you like, Have you bought books, courses, seminars, mentorship, mastermind groups, etc? How much have you invested in yourself? And if they say, Oh, I don't believe in that bullshit, cool, I'm not interested. Because they're not willing to learn. They're not willing to they can't even educate themself. So what makes them think I am going to invest my time and energy to educate someone that doesn't want to be educated? See, I'm not here to change them. Like, I'm not here to like, I want to, I want to catch people on the other side, I want people like, Dude, I put 50 grand in this game. I'm investing in myself every day, every dollar, and eventually it's going to break eventually is going to make it work, it's going to pop. Those are the guys I like to work with because now they're vested. You guys,

8:28 this is when I say win with winners. This is what winners do. They invest in themselves, some of you listen to my voice, more than likely have never really invested money in yourself. I've felt in my DM family, it's $50,000 a year. And again, I'm a user as well to these products. So please hear me out here because it's very important. When someone pays me $50,000 That's when change happens. It sounds crazy. Because I you know, obviously you gotta have a great product, a great brand and gonna be able to serve them obviously, that's, you know, a given should be a given anyways.

And if their strategic aligned with where they're at and where they want to go, and they feel like I'm the one that can help them get there based off our prior conversation. And again, you would never present this to someone you can't help. But when they when, and I've seen this happen many, many, many times I've done it nine years. When they pay $50,000 their business grows by 2030 40% Because the belief in themselves, when they stroke that wire, when they spend that money, they realize they're in control. They realize they're the best investment they could ever make. It unlocks a door that most will never walk through. They don't even know the door exist. Investing in yourself every single day. Waking up at the time you say you're going to don't go into the gym like you said you're going to do making these moves every day hiring the best personal coach hiring the best business coach hiring the best Baba blah, blah, blah, like, invest in yourself. Very powerful, very, very powerful.

So I said, I'm a user. So I've hired a billionaire here in Fort Lauderdale to teach me in his small group. I pay him $120,000 a year. And we meet once a year. And we sit in a room, there's about 28 ish of us, with our spouses. So 14 business owners with spouses, and we bring it he brings in top tier people, I can't share all the details, but like people that are managing $50 billion people that have multi billion dollar companies that you guys all would know, big brand names. This year, we brought in someone from Shark Tank, and went real deep, what's working? What's not, let me ask you a question. This is a fun fun fact, out of Shark Tank deals, if they do 10 deals, how many of those deals Do you actually think, make money? So out of 10 deals? They say, Yes, I'm in the deal. out of 10 deals, how many do you actually think, make money? These are like, these are vetted, they come on the show, they invest capital in their time. And these are smart investors. How many out of 10 Do you think actually win and make a lot of money?

I'll tell you the answer here shortly. Because it's going to blow your mind. What do you think it is, though. So I invest 120 grand to be in there. And as I'm sitting there, I'm the dumbest guy in the room, by far. That's not hard to do, by the way. But I like that. I don't have an ego. I want to learn from people that's been there and done that. And I know, it's the ultimate hack to hire, or pay to get in those rooms, pay to get the connections in that room. What's cool about it, this is my second year, by the way with it. In that room, the relationship capital is fast forwarded drastically. Because when I'm paying 120 grand, you would think that I'm paying for who's in that room. I'm not. What I'm really paying for is who's not in that room, the tire kickers, the shit talkers, the no doers, the people that are way in the nosebleed section saying you can't do that you there's no way that works get alive, blah, blah, blah, blah. That's what I'm really I'm in a room where we can talk open and freely and connect with amazing human beings.

That's what this game is about. It's an ultimate fast track. And listen, if you're listening to me, and you've never invest in yourself, don't go from zero to 120 grand a year, for a weekend event. And some calls. That's not where you're at. I'm not, I'm not selling this, I'm just sharing, I invest in myself. And what's cool about that I learn and I take it back to my people that invest 1000 a month in DM Alliance and the $50,000 a year in the DM family. I'm learning from these people, I'm forging relationships with top tier individuals that are a plus in their game, a plus people that you and I would never ever have a chance to meet, we might meet them on the street, we wouldn't even know who they are. And we would never do anything with them. But when you really get intimate in an intimate setting with a with a leader that is leading from the front that sharing their contacts, their relationship capital, literally it's a handoff. It's like a legacy transfer.

Right? Just like you're going to do with your children. When you get wealthy and you do these things, you're gonna you're handing the keys to the legacy when you depart planet Earth. And these relationship capital environments, it's the same thing my mentors handing me the key he's learned grabbing my hand, grabbing the other guys or gals hand and connecting those two together and saying, you both are my peeps enjoy. we fast forward both success. It's it's it's a mindset, it's a relationship mindset in that game. We're all there to win. We're they're all there to earn. We know we don't know anything, we want to be better. We want to help each other we want to grow. We're trying to be the best version of ourself every single day. My question to you is, are you auditing your circle of who you're rolling with? I want you to think about this very seriously. Over the last 10 years, how many big time people's been in your life? And how many of the same people has been in your life? They use the good phrasing of it. They're like, you know, in football, right? Because football is all going on.

By the way. We're in this room. Everyone's watching football and who's the guy first? I don't know his playing style, but like, we're in there working. We're in there talking. We're in there shedding conversations that will literally change. It'll pivot AI opportunities to generate 10s of hundreds of millions. I truly believe I swore on my life. The people in that room before between entrepreneurs and our spouses, someone with one of the information that one of this lady who shared some insane information with us, at least one of those entrepreneurs, maybe me, I don't know yet. We'll grab a hold of that really understand what she said, and be able to turn that into a it's $100 million a year business. I don't know what it looks like yet. But these sparks are happening. Sparks are flying everywhere in these kinds of environments. No one in that room is like, oh, yeah, dude. Sure. Yeah, that's probably a scam. Oh, yeah, man, if it's so easy, why doesn't everybody do it? Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I'm sure yeah. Yeah, that 120 grand. I'm sure that yeah, why do they need 120? Grand? They're so smart. They're worth a billion dollars. It's because you're fucked up. That's why, because the people you're rolling with are fucking with your mind. And you're allowing it. So you're the fucked up one. Straight up. You are? Not them. Audit your circle. The last 10 years. Have you invested in yourself? The last 10 years? Who are you rolling with? The last 10 years? Who have you subbed out to sub in with new people? Yes, it's going to probably be family members kicking them out? Yes. It's probably going to be your friends from high school that used to smoke weed with kick them out. Yes, it's probably this guy or gal or whatever you hang out with because they're cool. It is. It's fun. And I kind of just want to chill. Fuck them.

You only have one shot at this thing called life. Make the most of it. I'm not here to be your friend. I'm here to grow me. I'm gonna say be a jerk about it or be a Decker just. But listen, they're disrespecting you. If you allow them in your circle, if they're shit talking negative Nancy don't know we're never talking about anything big. No more stats about sports they do about their personal finance. What do you want out of this thing called life? What do you want? Do you know how damn easy it is? Just to pay to play a lot of you are doing this already? In a weird way. Right that the VFW for example? My dad's a member there you go to the VFW. I don't even know what the fee is, can be much couple 100 bucks a year probably. You go there.

You know what you're getting. If you go to a country club and spend $100,000 to join 3000 a month, you know what you're getting when you walk in there. Typically, there's a gun club down the street here. It's badass. It's a $5 million facility that people are paying their corporate memberships. I got a cigar bar, shooting range workout facility, restaurant, in this facility club. You know what you're getting when you go in there? Do you think at two o'clock in the afternoon, if you go in a club like that, and people are just chillin, smoking sticks, shooting guns fucking talking shop? Do you think they're talking about what's not working or what's working, and how to grow and how to hire and how to how to move the needle and how to make bigger impact in life. And all you got to get in these rooms, folks.

17:47 You have to, it's mandatory. If you're not, you're working way too hard. You want to do a quick thing. Take your top 10 Friends, tell them you're going to invest $25,000 in yourself.
Hey, man, I'm further in my career. I'm gonna go make an investment of $25,000 in myself this year, pay attention to what they say. If they say Dude, that's awesome. Good for you. I'm like, Huh? Why would you do that? Get them the fuck out of your life quickly. I'm serious. It's that important. But it's funny. Because these same fuckers went to college 150k in debt, we're going to $75,000 job thinking they get life by the balls. And they truly know they don't. But they act like they do. Why? Because they're the king of the dip shits. They're all hanging with each other. Talking about the same bullshit. Nothing's getting progressed.

They're just barely scraping by. Just I hope I make it another day. The days drag on. You don't understand Baba, blah, blah, blah. Get out of those rooms immediately. But Mark, you don't understand. I don't need to understand. That's how I grew up. I grew up in a town of 666 people I grew up listen to my aunts and uncles and cousins and brothers. All these people, my friends and they're all shit talking, downgrading, playing life small wish and should have coulda. I'm like, motherfucker. I'm gonna go do I'm gonna find the people. It's been there done that and get in the game. Why wouldn't you? It never stops. See, the thing is the people went to college are now debt 150 grand. If you tell them to invest in yourself, the reason they won't because they realize this college system was a scam for them. They were sold a lie, and they bought it. So when you're doing self improvement, it's a specific thing that you want to learn to get in knowledge of to grow you and your life and your family and your legacy and everything else. Very powerful life changing.

And amazing, you're like you genuinely, your real next best friend is a stranger in one of these rooms right now, one of your next best friends, like I'm talking genuinely, like, what's cool about these rooms, I literally feel like I know these folks better than I do people I went to school with for 12 years of my life. I don't talk to anybody from high school except one guy. He's like my brother, his name is Bill I talked to him about once a month. He's like my brother. You have to sub out to sub in. You have to be careful who you're sharing. You can't share big dreams with small minded people. And if you continue to do so, and they keep beating you down, guess why? If you believe them, you lose. See, the thing is, the truth is, we're sharing these big visions, these grand ideas. Oftentimes, we're still unclear. So when we share with someone that doesn't, that's doesn't live in abundance, that doesn't live like curious and wants to grow.

Their natural reaction is they were like, Dude, that's a scam. Don't do it. Why would you do that? That's stupid. And then create these stories. And if you listen to them, and you believe them, you lose. Everyone loses. It's going to be hard, it's going to be painful, because these are people you probably genuinely care about. But if you really do care about them, let them go. And go build your life. Build a better you. Because eventually, they're going to be like, dude, how the fuck did you do that? And then you're gonna share with them. Remember that time 12 years ago, when I told you I was investing 25 grand on myself, and you laughed. That's what I did. I went all in, I went all in on me.

All Lin. Folks, I will continue to go all in on me every day, all day, forever, until I'm planted in the ground. And I hope you do too. Because it is the most amazing thing you could ever do for yourself and your family, and anybody you care about. So I want to share a fun story. Well, let me tell you the number, about back to the Shark Tank thing, because it's important. out of 10 deals on TV, Shark Tank investors, smart people, many different verticals, many different businesses, they out of 10 deals, how many actually fail, or succeed, I should say, out of 10 deals on Shark Tank with massive TV exposure, which draws a lot of traffic to these products and brands. Three out of 10 succeed. Three, that means seven fell on average. I want you to think about that for a minute. If everything you do constantly wins.

You're not winning to the level you're capable of. Sounds crazy. There's got to be losses to create lessons to make things better. I always learn more about me and my business in my life when we're taking ELLs than I do when we're successful. Success hides failures. Right, some some things, just crush it. But eventually that party stops slows down. But when you fell, you're really exposed. That's what's cool about being in vulnerable environments, be vulnerable with yourself. True entrepreneurship is the most vulnerable place you could ever be. If you want to be great. Because you have to be real, like I fucked up. I did that I made the decision. I knew better. I didn't see that. Wow, that was amazing. I'm gonna learn from that. You 100% responsibility and accountability to yourself. It's very powerful. But I want you to think about that three out of 10 are successful. Just three. Truth is in the VC world and all that it's usually like one out of 10 but the one crushes it still wins. It still makes money. Sometimes you just don't know I don't care how great you are you you don't have 100% batting average.

You just don't it does not work like that. Right. So I want to talk to you about something. So one of the guys speaking again, I can't share names this this guy billions of dollars in the produce business, very small margin business but massive, massive, massive distribution. He there's thing called enterprise value. enterprise value is what is my business worth. So like your EBIT up? You know, that's like I Have to say if you make $100 million, all your expenses are 80 million you net 20 million, give or take, I mean, simple oversimplifying this, but $20 million, your EBITA. And then you're gonna get 10x multiplier from your EBITA. When you go to sell to the market, now you're getting $200 million on an accident. That sounds pretty cool, right? But in business, there's little things that you can do for every dollar on your bottom line, what that means if you're getting a 10x EBITA, every dollar you put on the EBITA line is literally 10x.

So while you guys are trying to make 8% on your money, if you focused on your business, you could get a 10x return. If you have the vision and nowhere know how and understanding what I'm talking about. This would help you stay focused a lot more, if you grasp what I'm saying. Right. So for every dollar I save, and put on the EBITA line, I'm going to get when I go to sell my enterprise value, it's worth $10. Let's say if you save a million dollars, and you make the numbers tighter, you streamline your software's you streamline your people. And you look at your products, you look at your services, your stamps, your spending, you know, 2 million a year you figure how to get it to 1.1 million a year, that whatever however you get there, the $1 million in your bottom line really is a $10 million play makes it a lot more fun. When you understand the real game you're playing, see a lot of you playing the game. But the problem is you don't know what game you're really playing. I'm in the game to create, to sell. Every company I'm involved in, we are looking to go how are we going to exit this we're paying attention to balance sheets, I gotta get better at that. Balance sheets, balance sheets, balance sheets.

So this guy in the distribution channel. He was in the produce world. And he's like, I need to stay super focused. And my objective on our crates that we send out products and I want to say five cents. You heard me right, five cents. And I'm gonna dedicate three years of my life to do it. This sounds fucking mind boggling, right? Like fluff says, Who do this. By the way, this is a multi 100 million dollar company as is. He's gonna say five cents. Because in three to five years he wants to sell. And then the amount of just squeezing, squeezing, driving down, pushing putting your thumb on the vendor's throat that sells and produces ease. My goal is five cents per container. Many many millions of containers a month right? It adds up. So in three years, by saving five cents, he turned five cents, literally five cent savings. Do you know what when he exited the company, what that created an enterprise value just on saving five cents on one thing, not 101? What do you think the number is?

28:06 I hope you're sitting down. It added when on his accent $130 million in his pocket. Over a five cent savings. He went on a five cent mission to want to pull down the price they save five cents per unit. And by doing so in three years. It gave him an extra 130 grand on the sell. That sounds cool, right? It is very cool. So my question to you is are you serious enough? And do you understand the real game you're playing? To get real back to that, like That's ultimate back to the real basics.

28:52 I'm gonna grind it out. I'm gonna push this vendor. I'm gonna work on this product. I'm gonna clean it up. I'm tightening up on it make it just inch by inch by inch by inch. There's nothing fucking cool. You're at a dinner party. Hey, Steve, would you work on this week? Oh, man, you know, I saved 2.02 cents today this this week. You know, we're on our track, man. You know, we're getting there. And people gonna look at you like you're crazy. Hey, man redesigned in the package where it's actually it's stronger. And it's actually two cents cheaper. People were like, What the fuck you talking about? Like, who cares two cents, dude. Know what game you're playing. Understand how business really works. I could go on and on and on with stories like this. It's so massive. So massive. But I want you to start thinking you know, we talked earlier about routines right like to get up early, like my days. And that's why I've been up since 430 getting home at midnight. You know, we stayed at a nice home nice resort in Lauderdale. But like, you know, we're sitting around tables at dinners. I mean, it's full immersion.

You know, we get up, I go work out to do my thing. Boom, I'm at the meeting by nine, at the meeting at nine have lunch at 12 to 130. Sitting in room sitting in the circles of people, everyone's there from all over the country. We're talking, we're connecting, what are you working on? What are you doing? Hey, man, your company is worth 35 million. Hey, if you plug this in, I've seen this happen. It goes to 52 million. Are you doing this? Are you doing that? Hey, you don't know that guy. Hey, I'll introduce you. I'll connect you. I got a meeting today. With a guy literally, he's booked out seven months in advance. I'm meeting him today for an hour. Because of that meeting. It would have never happened. If I didn't invest in myself. It never happened. If I didn't show up. And let me be honest, I have a lot of shit going on. I did not want to be there this weekend. But I had to be because I've committed to be better. And being better is not easy. It better and easy. Don't go together. I had to bring my mother in law and she stayed with the kids. Me and my wife went out there for three days. Like we left the house.

We were on the yacht last night till 1030 At night we drove from the guy to the house instead of going back to the hotel because I want to be here when I wake up. That's like my thing. Sounds crazy. Right? Left the yacht bubble. 142 footer. But 24 amazing individuals. How could something great not happen? One conversation, one connection, one relationship away from a different life. But most of you could do it. You're just not putting yourself in those rooms. Because you're talking to the wrong clowns the wrong dipshits telling you it's dumb. It's a scam. It's a ripoff. But motherfucker, they have 150 grand back, you know, like owed money to college. And that's why they think it's a scam because they went to the wrong thing. And they think, Hey, I'm gonna go to college. And that's it. That's when education stops. No, motherfucker. That's when education starts. Every day, I'm educating myself to become better.

And you need to tool. And if you're not get the fuck off my podcast show. You should not be here. It's stupid. You're wasting your time. Go hang out, have fun, smoke cigars, play golf, watch sports, put your hand down your pants, eat popcorn, drink beer, do whatever. This is not the show for you. But for the people that want a better life that want real debt, like real shit. This is how real business is done. By the way. It's not like oh, hey, John. How are you doing? Yeah, everything's great. Yeah. Okay. Have a great day. Not in my world. Not in any world. I know. There's a lot of things we got to do. We're wearing a lot of hats. We're dealing with a lot of shit, real shit. And oh, by the way, we have family too involved. You have to add that family component. Kids sports. Time for yourself. Time with your spouse? How do you guys have time to do all this other shit? Oh, not everyone really wants what they say? They say it. Very few are showing up. Why is there only 24 in that room? Why is there 480 people in that room. So I'm always pissed off. When I see like, people go to the sporting events, Taylor Swift events, they'll fucking spend $250 to go to these events, but they won't spend $100 to learn something online for six hours that can make their life better. I can pack a stadium of 60,000 people to get wasted to like just disregard life to go watch sport and again, American sports.

You just do it. If you don't have your life in order, you don't have your shit you want in life? Why are you wasting it on some fucking sports team that you don't give two shits? Like they don't care about you. They just want to rope you in and take your money and act like you're having a fun, how are you having fun, you get drunk, you're hungover, you're hanging out. And again, I get it. I'm not knocking. If you have money and you got your shit down and cool, go do those experiences. But depending where you're at in the journey, don't be wasting time on things that you could be investing in yourself. Time and money, you are your best investment. You are your best investment. So I hope at the end of the day, you get in the right rooms with the right people, the right connections, the opportunities, the thing that like it just I love it. You'll become fast friends, expedite conversations, most importantly, expedite results. Like who wants to wait five years to do X when you can do it in 30 days. This is the ultimate hack. And I trust next week when I talk to you. By the way, if you're not on the one to $10 million newsletter, you're absolutely crazy. It's free. It's at Mark Evans diem.com forward slash 10,000,001 0 million. It's free of sharing how I'm putting deals together real time.

Look over my shoulder, fly on the wall wherever you want to call it. You see the deal flow. You see deals happening. I got a message going out here shortly where we just LinkedIn nother deal it's gonna be fucking insane. And I explained why I'm doing it how we're doing it, you can learn for free. Don't confuse though free with investing in yourself because when you pay, you pay attention. And I'm not saying you can't learn and go implement and earn with free content out I'm not saying that at all, but you got to put pressure on it by paying it unlocks you has not dealt with content can be same exact fucking content. But when you pay 50 grand, that content looks way different. That content feels way different. And most importantly the results from that content because you're invested now, the outcome is way way way different. So I hope you get out there and kick ass today. Keep me posted with your progress make sure to hit me up on social media at Mark Evans DM I'm here for you I'm rooting for you. Hope you have an amazing day make today

35:55 help and teach you what I know and discover freedom no question was Gavin's when he stepped in the Dow he was a deal maker a deal maker not just the deal maker dream maker journey where it's all about the process and the project was a while ago so I know how we come from a lot of money I remember as a kid wanting to make money pregnancy no one making more than graduated high school with a 1.8 and to me my principals and teachers are alive this to witness this somehow you're running into a big businesses walk away from me. Now be good. I've been called to help people just like everybody chasing the money but I'm not chasing the money chasing the purpose or game. That's where we add isn't gonna get us where we want to go. To push come to learn come to helping people without knowing how to discover freedom. No question mark Gibbons when he stepped into dow he was the deal maker, a deal maker. Just a deal maker, dream maker. The journeys where it's all about the process of a project. deal maker project

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