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Mark Evans is about to reveal how turning $20k into a $2 million deal isn't just about the money—it's about the rich network of relationships that powers success. In today’s episode, Mark explores the untapped asset that you possess: relationship capital.

Learn from a dealmaker who climbed from humble beginnings to the heights of financial freedom, focusing on purpose rather than profit. Mark opens up about the importance of a solid self-relationship and how that shapes every connection you make.

Don't miss this conversation that could redefine the way you view wealth and success.

Show highlights include:

  • Who do you share your wins with? [02:00]
  • Discover the power of relationship capital [06:55]
  • How much are you willing to invest in yourself? [13:41]
  • Time to get in a better relationship with yourself [17:40]
  • Discover the key to lasting relationships [25:04]
  • Join me on my journey to turn $1 million into $10 million in just twelve months. [28:33]
  • Start making those genuine deposits and find your tribe [44:46]

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Welcome to the making of a DM. Can relationship capital make you rich? And an update on a deal? How to Turn $20,000 and to over $2 million or bust. So with that said, let's get started. I'm Mark Evans

0:26 I'm here to help you discover freedom. There ain't no question why Kevin's when he stepped in the Dow he comes and tell him what to do sample. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker, dream maker, boy, Mark D. And welcome to another show of the making of a DM. That's right, a deal maker, and dream maker of your life for yourself and everyone you care about. Sitting here in beautiful Parkland, Florida, cranking it up. And I got some good stuff to share with you today. Before I do, I want you to take a minute if you could, and go to whatever platform you're on and give a five star review. And share this with three of your buddies. Share this show with three of your buddies, all you got to do is push pause, share, text them, or email them. I use this feature all the time, I'm listening to podcast shows just like you on a daily basis on my walk. And when I hear something that really resonates with me, where I feel like my buddies can gain some insightful knowledge to help make their life better. Because I'm deciphering information of deciphering who the players in the talkers are and the doers. I share it with them. Please share the show.

If it's making an impact in your life. That's all I ask the simple share cost you nothing. For you to share the show, it literally takes 30 seconds to share with three people. Who do you share it with? That's the question. I just did an event with 160 people, 120 adults, and 40 children, the 120 adults in the room in the dealmaker Alliance and the deal in dem family. The show the event is about relationship capital. The number one question is who do you share your wins with? These are questions I want you to take audit with today. And I got some way good stuff. I'll share the exciting stuff on top of this some deal flow and such. But I want to get real down and dirty with you today. Because the event was amazing. And if you're part of the DMA or DM fam, and you miss the event, shame on you. Seriously, I don't want to go there. We all don't want to go there. We're all busy. I do want to go there. But we're all busy. We all have a lot going on. There's always an excuse not to show up. But man, it's just like the gym. When you show up. It changes your life. You get there, you're not going home. You're ready. You're excited. The connections, the conversations, and the relationships that you'll forge at an event like this is unheard of. So who do you call on the winds? Think about it. Who do you genuinely call and you're like, Dude, I just made $50,000. And I'm ecstatic.

Hey, man, I'm leaving my job. I'm going to start this business and I'm going to crush it. Who do you call? It's hard to call your high school friends. It's hard to call your family members typically. That's genuinely happy for you. That's genuinely says you know what? You made 50 grand dude, but like, you should have made 250 Here's what I would have done different. Not to say that's not congrats. But that's how you learn. Let me ask you another question. Who do you call? when shit hits the fan? Who do you call when shit hits the fan? It's the person that you call or the persons that you call that's been there already in the past that can help you navigate through the problem or process much quicker and cleaner. Who do you call?

4:29 You're getting sued? Who do you call? It's not your lawyer. Unless you have a for deep relationship with lawyers already. Who do you call? Who's your mentor? who's been there? Who's went through that battle already? Who do you call when you want to talk about big ideas? Like the crazy shit, like stuff if you say to normal people, they'll put you in a loony bin then kind of shit. Who do you call? When you're like, Dude, I think I invented something or created something, it's gonna generate a million dollars a day. Based off my calculations, X, Y, and Z. Here's my path. Here's my strategy. Here's, and then resources start coming out of the woodwork. If you're talking to the right individual, that million dollars a day might be $2 million, a day or more. They'll give you some insights, they'll give you some connections. Who do you call when personal shifts happening? Who do you call? Real shits happening in life everyday to all of us? Who do you call to talk? Navigate? The reason I'm sharing this is that most people listening to my voice, suffer in silence.

5:51 Celebrate and silence. Get excited and silence. It's holding you back. It's keeping you where you're at, it's never going to get you to where you want to go. It's not fun. You're always scared. You're always frustrated. Who do you call when you want to get in trouble? We all have that individual, that they're always doing something to get in trouble. And anytime at any moment, we can hit them up and be in trouble really quickly, right? We all have these people in our life. Who do you call? See relationship capital is an amazing asset. You're either constantly making deposits, or constantly making withdrawals. Beautiful thing about relationship capital is it never ends. You constantly have to be forging, relationship capital. And it's never been easier.

I can grab my phone right now. And this is your homework today. By the way, I can grab my phone right now. And shoot three videos to three people I care about to let them know I'm thinking about them. I have my maybe I haven't connected with them in a year, two years. 10 years. What relationships do you want to restore back up? A deposit is letting someone know that you're thinking about them. In the crazy world we live in everyone's all about themselves. At this moment. It seems like shit, they got the phone in the face. 24/7 It's all about me. It's all about me. It's all about me. What if What if you let other people know how they've affected your life. Shoot them a text, shoot them a video text, shoot them an email, get old school, write these fuckers a letter, send it in the good old postal mail. Invite them out to lunch. sit across from a man to man. Look him in the eye and let them know they're important to you. Let me ask you a question. If I did that to you or someone did that to you? Would that make you feel happy? Would that be a deposit or would be a withdrawal?

It'd be an amazing deposit. We all have crazy stuff going on all the time. Lawsuits, employees fire getting fired employees quitting employee stealing competitors trying to tap in your market. I mean, there's shit 24/7 And if someone just takes a couple minutes a day to just ping someone and say hey man thinking about you hope all's well. I just saw you on social keep kicking ass. I'm here if you need anything, as simple as that could change someone's day could shift the momentum to a positive direction. You have no clue how powerful you are. I don't care if you're down in the dumps. I don't care if you have no money. I don't care if you have a pot to piss in. You have relationships. And if you want to get money, if you want to get deals, and if you want to get more opportunity you've ever thought about focus on other people, not just yourself. See, the thing is the true thing about relationship capitals is getting in the best relationship you can with yourself. Learning about you. Yes, you. It sounds selfish because it is I wrote a book about this called me economy back in the day.

And I promise you, you being selfish for yourself is a must. It's like save yourself before you save the world. I see a lot of people out here trying to save the world but they don't have anything. They don't have any resources. They don't have any time, energy or money to be able to help as many people as they genuinely want. And I think most people genuinely want Want to do that to help, but they don't have the money to do so. See, money is just a tool. money buys you time. Money gives you options. If I don't like you, I don't want to work. I don't need to work with you. If you don't have money, you might need to work with someone you don't want to work with. It's modern day slavery. It's going on every day. Relationship capital is something that I will forever be doing. I was on a walk this morning with my son, we got up at 333 18 to be exact. It was kind of one of those nights me my wife and son.

We just couldn't sleep my daughter, she's passed out she was having a good time. But we're just wide awake. Just excited for the day. So we got up, watched a little TV crocodile thing or whatever it was on TV. And then I go work out at 6am. So today, in the morning, I was going to take a nice walk and run. And my son's like, Dad, I want to go and go with my buddy Austin. So we get out Austin relationship capital have mentored him for seven years, crushing the game, which is awesome. But we talk and I'm sitting here what listen to my son and watching my son and paying attention to what we're talking about. Because he needs to understand, hey, Daddy's doing relationship capital right now. Hey, we're talking about cool things not so cool things, but real things. Mark, these people type of people in your life are very important. Because when I'm winning, and Austin's winning, we're both excited for each other. If one's losing or slipping somewhere else, we're very genuinely real about saying, Yo, man, here's what I would do. Here's what I'm doing. Here's how I'm doing it.

Hey, if you need help, let me know. We're depositing constantly, you have this power in you. You just have to make a conscious effort at it. And what's cool about this conscious effort, as you start seeing the world and a little bit different, better lens a little bit clearer. My agenda is this to be a good human, to make an impact and people every day to say hello, to smile, to be better. 1% better every day to connect with three people every single day, text, email, call phone, zoom, live, whatever, connect with people. Relationship capital is your biggest investment, your best asset and will forever serve you if you know how to be a depositor. One thing cool about depositing constantly in relationship capital is you may never have to withdrawal. I have a lot of people in my life where we're constantly depositing great relationships, connections and all this with because that's what we do. It's not like oh, man, you know, I've done 14 deposits now it's time for a big withdrawal. Most people were out there asking,

12:55 Hey, can I pick your brain? Nope. Hey, man, can I ask you a question? You just fucking asked it. That's a withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal about me about me. It's selfish. It's disgusting. Lead and simple, Mark. keep kicking ass man. I love how you're a great dad, great husband, great leader, great business owner. We got a question for you. And then you asked the question. It's pretty hard not to reply to that. But I'm not fucking replying to you. If you say mood, could I pick your brain? Nope. I know you're replying. More likely I'm going to block Yeah. Hey, man, I have a question. You have a minute. That was your question. You just lost your minute. See, the thing is, is who's teaching you this shit? What rooms are you hanging out in? Are you too fucking smart to invest in yourself? But to fucking dumb that you went to college and racked up a 200k bill? To go get a job making 80,000 a year.

But you won't invest 50 grand to learn how to make millions. You won't invest 1000 a month to learn how to make many millions. Is a genuinely you don't know how to or where to. are you worth $1,000 a month? are you worth $50,000 a year? What are you worth? Now not saying the only way to be successful is to be in masterminds and all that shit. I got the DM Alliance it's 1000 a month DM families 50,000 a year. There's a lot of good groups out there. Mine is not the only one. There's a couple out there. I don't know the other ones because I'm busy in mind. We have 130 members in the DM Alliance 32 members in the DM family. I get to talk to the Ask people in the world, people that are trying to be better every day. People that are constantly striving just to be 1% better.

People learning how to ask better questions to get better answers. But the only reason it works is because they're getting a better relationship with themselves. If you hate yourself, if you constantly dwell on the past, if you're constantly blaming your mom and dad, your grandparents or whoever fucked your mind up, you have a terrible relationship with yourself. And listen, it is what it is. But when you genuinely can look at someone in the face in the eyes. And you know exactly where you stand in the game of life. There's nothing more powerful than those moments. He's having to look like a dipshit with that white hat. Cool, man. Haven't you look at clouds as fucking flip flops all the time? Cool. I haven't you wear the same outfit all time. black shirt, white shorts, flip flops, white hat. Cool. Like, I don't care. Because I know who I am. I have a very good relationship with myself. I know I don't know anything. I know I need help. I know there's a lot of smart people out there that want more out of life. Everyone will tell you what you can't do.

And you're easily swayed and persuaded when you don't have a good relationship with yourself. Because your last? How's your health? How's your routines? We all fall off once in a while. Don't get it twisted? I do too. Still. The question is not falling off. The question is how quickly do you get back on? That's why you need to have great relationships in your environment. As you're pursuing a better relationship with yourself constantly. Because these guys or gals in your your community, your relationship community will ping you and say Yo, man, what's up? True story this morning, I got a message from a guy. He's like, Hey, man, I'm split with these two partners. I said, Cool. I told you to do that when we first talked eight months ago.

Because I know I'm a hardhat. I gotta run through the wall a couple of times to get it. But you're right. I know. I'm right. That's why I told you to do that. I'm not being a dick. I'm being honest. And I'm like, I'm glad you're finally seeing it. Now it's time to go execute. He's an amazing human being. I hate seeing good people do stupid shit. There's nothing that benefits me by you being a clown. By you not pursuing a better version of yourself. There's nothing that benefits me by you getting in a better relate like, I don't want to, you know, dude, if this guy gets in a better relationship with Himself and better relationship with his other people, he makes a lot of money. There's nothing that benefits me for you not doing that. I want you to win. I want you to enjoy the life that most people dream about and talk about. Because I want you to experience when you accomplish everything you've set out to you realize there's so much more. See, there comes a point in the game where you're not just chasing money.

18:27 That ship sailed for me a long time ago. I'm in the game to connect with great human beings. Don't get me wrong. I have things that go wrong in businesses. I have businesses it's failing. I business that are succeeding, like massively. But that's what makes us this is not a destination of fact, this is a journey forever. Today I'm healthy, happy, hungry, excited. That could change in a dime. I could get sick. something bad could happen to the family members. Get in a better relationship with yourself. It will serve you when I'm sitting there talking to 120 People often think how amazing it is that 120 People from all over the country would pick up their life. bring their spouses and their kids to hang out for three days with us. It's not just for me, it's for all of us. You don't have things like that happening. If you're not forging relationships constantly. You never even saw me promoted. Talk about it. The folks in that group are changing people's lives every day, including theirs.

That makes me excited. I go to bed and I sleep Like a baby, knowing that I gave him my all. See, every day that goes on when I'm having challenges, which is every day, we all do. I embrace them. I learned from them. See the people who don't have good relationships with themselves, they think they know everything. They think they're smarter than everybody else. They think they don't need help. They think they got it under control. But from my experience, those people that think and act that way, are miserable human beings. And out of control, they have no control the radical, they're unstable. They play scared. They never really get to live the life that's available to all of us. And it stinks. Because we do have a beautiful world we can live in to do some amazing things. Relationship capital, is something I've been thinking about for many years, my whole life, actually. I've watched my mom and dad do this very well. But I alluded to it earlier that I see many people saving the world before they save themselves. And I saw my parents do that.

They are take the shirt off my back and give it to anybody type of people. But the problem is, they're always shirtless. In this case, lacking money, lacking time. They're willing to help other people where I'm from, you help people move, help people do stuff. But yet, if I can barely put food on the table, and I can't afford my bills, why can I how do I have time to help anybody? I can't even help myself. But yet they feel guilty saying no. Because they don't have good relationships with themselves. You can talk shit about me? I don't care. No, is no. Yes, yes. See, that's what money gives you options. And the way to get money is you have to really forge your relationships internally. With Yourself. How's your relationship with your spouse? How's your relationship with your family? How's your relationship with your children? See at the opening at the event, I shared a video and it's adults. You know, they sit in a room. The camera guy says hey, who would you like to have dinner with?

One lady says Justin Bieber, which is a joke. Another guy says some soccer player. I don't even know his name and other like, it's about all these people. The flashy people, a celebrity. Right. And then they grab their kids and put them in a room. I say Who would you like to have dinner with mom and dad? Family? Grandma, grandpa, mom and dad. Have you ever sit back and thought like why are you doing all this stupid shit. Like why? I see so many people consuming, consuming shit. Oh, I'd like to sit down with Donald Trump. Like to sit down with so and so. Why? You're human. You can watch them online 24/7 If you want. I have this documented and I get asked all the time. If you could sit down with two people who would it be that are dead. It'd be my grandparents. Ceylan people I care about I don't give a fuck about any so called celebrity or whatever they're called. I don't care. I want to talk to my grandma, grandpa Tom, thank you. So they didn't have sex and how my dad or my mom or whoever, like I wouldn't be here.

Now like to grab, like a 45 I'd like to get to know him at 45 and said when I was 12 when they died, said I was 27 When my grandmother died. I'd like to really know. Show them who I am. Show them what I've done. Because of them. What they sacrificed. Be careful what you're chasing all this for. Get your face out of the screen and get focused on you. You are the plan you are the main thing. Without you everything you care about will never exist. Put the computer down and go fucking play with your children, your family your wife tick or play with her high five or whatever you do. There's nothing on that computer more important than that. There's a time and place for all this shit and I'm gonna say play 24/7 By the way, but most of you aren't doing any of this. I'm very worried about the way relationships are being diminished in drove People are weak, they quit, they stop in quit so fast. But unfortunately, it's because they don't have a relationship with themselves. You're quitting on you first. And then the person you fell in love with second. It's almost like easy for people to get a divorce now, I genuinely am my wife and I's attention or 100% to be together forever. We talk, we grow, we expand, we fight, we argue, we solve, we push together, we're a unit.

I see some of you guys and gals who go to ask my spouse about the fact they don't trust you. kind of relationship is that my wife can literally spend and do whatever she wants. Because I trust her. Let's not say that she won't make a bad decision here and there, she won't buy something that's stupid. But I'll do the same thing. It's how we learned. It's how we grow. But you must communicate. That's what's needed these events when you have 120 people, you know, the night before, we're all smoking cigars hanging out by the bar if you didn't smoke, sir, just all hanging out. One thing I was most proud of? I would bet 98% of the people in my group doesn't really drink anymore. Because we're becoming better human beings. I'm not knocking, drinking. But I can tell you right now, you're not at 100% when you're drinking and hungover. I know. I know. It'll get hungover while you're not at peak performance. I know because I used to be that guy. Over two years sober. And, you know, I wasn't even a heavy drinker. Anyways, I drink maybe once a month, but when I drank I was in our personalities, typically as entrepreneurs crazy people, is we're all in we're full gear. 24/7 It's just as our personality.

There was no like, hell have a couple drinks. And we're good. No, no, not for me anyways, and that pretty much everyone I know in my world. But again, this is maturity. Who do you call? When you're struggling? Winning? Excited, frustrated, happy? Who do you call? I would love for you to take a moment. Pause this and shoot three videos, the people that you care about. plant some seeds, make some deposits. Because what's cool about relationship capital is it starts compounding over time. And what's neat about relationship capital, the person you're compounding with, you may never ever, ever, ever do anything, you know, business wise with them. But they might be a circle of influence with many people do business with you? Say I'm not worried about what you say in front of me? Honestly, I'm really not. I'm more worried about what you're saying when I'm not around? How are people talking about you when you're not in the room? Who's standing up for you when they're talking shit about you? And or someone you know, and you stand up for him? Or do you not? Say here, a lot of people chattering about other people. If anybody's talking shit about anybody I know.

28:23 We will have a conversation. Because they're my buddies, they're my friends. They're my, I have relationships with these people, I know the truth. I hope you do the same. Because as we journey into this game of life, I'll be 46 this year. And then 2024 have made that big statement, that bold statement that I'm going to turn $1 million into $10 million in value in the next 12 months and 2024 If you're not on that newsletter, it's 100% free. We're gonna build that newsletter at over 250,000 followers over the next 12 months as well. And I'm just going to give you massive amounts of value, what I'm doing, and you should be paying attention to and I'm telling you what I'm doing so you should probably fucking do it too.

I'm building relationship capital at skill with the one to many effect. I'm going to write one email. very impactful, insightful email once a week. And I'm going to send it to people that are that are curious about watching this journey of dealmaking. How it works, when I'm thinking about what the structure looks like, who the players are, what the upside looks like, what like have a torso. Again, this is all in the newsletter, you can get it but massive value massive amounts of deposits. Picture this, what if there's 250,000 people in that newsletter and only send one email a week? There's nothing to buy nothing, I'm not selling anything and I'm just sharing high value deal making truth content? I sent it 10 times it's 2.5 million people's received that email 20 times 5,000,040 times 10 million 10 million relationship deposits. Not everyone's going to open not everyone's going to click not everyone's going to jive with it. That's cool. What if only 8 million do 6 million do? What if only 1 million connections deposits were made in one year? Do you think I'll be better off with opportunities and the future with 1 million deposits, or zero? See, the game is not that hard.

When you break it down to simple terms, the problem is most people listen to my voice. They're so busy chasing money, and trying to cloud Chase other people that they're not focused on themselves, and what the value they bring to the market is because you're, you're too confused, you don't understand what's going on. Because you're listening to too many people. And most of the people you're listening to are full ship. That's why I came out with this one to $10 million newsletter. And this is a side project on top of all the other deals I'm doing. Because I want to show you what's possible, what I actually do all day, every day. The most importantly, what you can do, because it wasn't long ago, I was some hillbilly small town kid from small town, Ohio, living at my parents house running a gutter company, to fast forward 20, almost 28 years later. It's happened pretty quick. And I'm just getting started. If you're not on that newsletter, please do so. It's free. You'll learn a lot I promise. It's at Mark Evans dm.com forward slash 10,000,001 0 million. Mark Evans dm.com, forward slash one 0 million 10 million.

Get on the newsletter. I'd love to. I got people replying to me today actually, I sent out a deal that we did, how I turned a $20,000 Listen to this. Let me let me talk about this deal now. How it turned a $20,000 relationship capital deal. And I believe in the next 12 months is going to generate two plus million dollars net to the company. Net within 12 months. Now listen, I'm gonna give you financial advice. I'm not guaranteeing any of this. And the truth is it could fell. But I break down exactly what vertical it said, why I think it's going to win. It's in. And I'll share with you here too, as well a little bit, but it's way more visually, I break down my method, my grading scale all these things at Mark Evans diem.com, forward slash 10 million. But this is an A 350,000,300 50 billion with a B dollar vertical. And it's poised to grow to almost $700 billion by 2028. It's on it's an online marketing. Do you think online marketing is getting smaller or bigger? Do you think people got a business because they have less leads or more leads. Everyone wants more leads this particular niche and vertical because it's not just basic marketing.

We're very high frequency marketing. I'm looking for big verticals with big scale, I'm not trying to do three deals three ads a day, you know, make 30 bucks or 300 bucks even already 3000 Our average client will spend at least 100 grand a month minimum. And I know if you're thinking you're listening to this and you don't really spend money on marketing, like oh my god 300 grand a month on marketing. Dude, that's nothing, nothing. Real businesses spend way more than that way, way, way more than that. Many, many millions. And that's what I want to show you I want I want to expose you to the real world of business. I want you to see what it really fucking takes to make that $10 million a year that you keep dreaming about making. But yet everything you do is fucking Mickey Mouse steps. No shitting on a show up. It's not it's never can show up if you're taking barely any steps to accomplish it. Right. So I want to show it to you in direct email format where you can literally see it and understand it and start getting exposed to real business. This doesn't exist. I've never, ever heard or seen this ever in my life. So I'm excited to do it.

That's why I've committed hours of my life per week to get this in your inbox. But it's poised to grow. Small team no office everything's 100% virtual, small team two virtual assistants and the operator, the partner I invested in the company. And like I said inside the newsletter share with you what my percentages look like, what the numbers could look like. I mean it's It's very interesting to say the least. This is an agency style business, though, meaning we're an agency. So it's a good cash flow business is not get rich quick, it's get rich, working your ass off really hard. But the way the money's made really is a very highly specialized strategy, and marketing. You know what I mean? So, we have internal knowledge, specialized skills, specialized insights, been in the game for a minute, it's not for everybody. This is a vertical that is very niche down. I like that small niches, create big riches, if done, right. So it takes a lot of work. It's a great cash flow business, not a big exit, maybe sell for 1x, maybe.

But it's a great cash flow, I could turn 20 grand into 2 million ish, a year, year one, maybe more, maybe way less, maybe way more, who knows. That's why you need to be on newsletter, because I'm going to share updates on it. I'm going to share what's going on. So be wise about the types of businesses and I go into detail like the type of businesses I like, like that, that's why I like them, I only have a million dollars to work with. And I gotta turn that into 10 million. So I gotta be very conscious of that strategy. Like I got a 10x My money in 12 months. So I'm not doing a real estate deal making 7% 12% 15 even 20% it just per year, it just doesn't work. I got a couple other deals in the pipe that we're working on right now we'll be sharing in that newsletter. I have to write it down because you won't even believe them if I if I told you here, but they're real. And I'm going to show them to you. Because I believe most of you are sitting on a goldmine and don't even know it. Because you've never seen it through the lens that I deal making every day.

Creatively, consistently. And profitably. You should be doing the same thing. You should be learning by doing. You're here for free, which is awesome. I'm glad you're here. But I'd love for you to be in the bigger groups like in the DM Alliance, or the DM family depending what kind of revenue you're doing. Because those environments, breed success, breed confidence, breed relationships, breed resources, to help you grow faster, quicker, easier. I'm not saying it's guaranteed I'm not saying it's even easy. Because it's not There's nothing easy is relative anyways. But we had some really amazing speakers that have my guy Peter, him and I have a pretty good sized company together had my guy Ron there he is the CEO of profit first book, if you've never read, that's a great book had my guy David Karp, their managers 4343 or $44 billion. So he by far, like blew everyone's socks away with the seven things he shared. Maybe I'll share with you next week, but very, very motivating and powerful, life changing. People came up to me and like, Dude, this is worth 100 years of dues, that one speech?

38:19 Can I share something with you? You know, what's interesting about that? People that invest in themselves at a high school, say 1000 to 10,000 a month, whatever the number is, they're looking for one answer. The people that are broke, or broke in are looking for all the answers. But yet, when you ask them what they need answers on, they don't even know what questions to ask. When you invest in yourself. The odds are in your favor to succeed. When you don't, the universe doesn't recognize you. It's so cool, man. You are so good and so smart. And you know everything so well. And you're not willing to invest in yourself. It's always funny people always asking me, Mark, Invest in me. I'm like, Cool. How much have you invested in yourself? Well, nothing yet. So let me get this straight. You want me to invest in you? But you know you better than anybody else want invest in yourself. Kind of sign is that?

See there's traits of success, and they're all around us. If you're paying attention, successful people constantly invest in themselves. Could be books, courses, mentoring, training, masterminds group everything. As I'm looking at my calendar when I'm talking to you, I had an event I did from 11th and 12th of January. I did another one like I said mine 14th through the 17th I have another one coming up for two days, three days 22nd through the 24th of January. And I have another one from the 26th to the 29th of January. They're all masterminds. One of them has 600 People at it. The other one has. What is it? 36 people, 18 couples, we each pay 10 grand a month to be in that one. The other one is 14 people coming into office here in Boca returned, or sitting talking about a company making a pivot to grow at a whole nother level. There, it's not always easy. Very rarely is. Truth is when it's easy, I'm paranoid. That's the truth. But I have a good relationship with myself knowing I'm investing in myself.

There's no one that I know that I know everyone that's been through something that I'm about to go through. I don't even know who they are yet. But when it happens, it will come to me. Because I'll ask for help. That's what successful people do. They ask for help. And define success successful for you and I could be drastically different. But I want to go to sleep easy at night. I want to wake up excited to crush it. I'm very prioritized with my family, myself. And then business. My kids are eight and almost five drew bear will be five in April. Time is fleeting me with them. There will be a point when they don't want to hang out with dad or mom. They're going to go on to school. Oh, there we homeschool but they'll go on to maybe college, maybe not. I doubt it. But maybe. But they're gonna go find their own way. They're gonna find their own paths. I'm excited for him. But I'm also sad. Because I love my relationship with my family. It means the most to me. A deals were coming go. Opportunities are everywhere. But when the kid turns five, and then six, those days are gone. can never get them back. So I'm not saying I'm 100% on this because I like to do what I do.

But I am very proud to prioritize where I wake up. I do my thing. I am at home to wake them up to have breakfast with them to go to the office when they go to class at nine. And then have lunch with them. If they're during the weekend. I'm hanging out with them all weekend. Every day. I actually hang out last night Friday was a Friday night. I'm going to record us on Saturday, Friday night. 430 We're at the movies, watching migration, having dinner, talking, laughing, being silly. This morning. Like I said I got up early walked with Mark did my thing with my buddy Austin and him came home and Draya woke her up. And they were bearing me on the couch putting you know they like to do the forts and all that stuff with the pillows and the blankets and and I tried to take my cell phone and yellow dad dad were Yeah, Dad, I got your phone, dad, Hey, you can't see me like, you know, all that fun stuff. And then now I'm here. Because they're doing their homework, they're reading books, triggers donor words. She's learning different things. And when I get done with this, I'll be at the pool with them for the rest of the day hanging out. It doesn't have to be that complicated.

When I see complexity creep in with most people, it's because they're trying to be everything for everybody. Because they don't know who they really are. So they're trying to be other people. I will always wear my goofy white hat. I will always wear my goofy flip flops. I will always wear this pretty much the same damn outfit I wear every day. Because that's what I do. It's who I am. I'm not trying to be you. I'm not trying to be Hollywood. I'm not trying to be anybody. I'm trying to be the best Mark Evans DM, there ever has been me 1% A day better. I'm trying to get sharper with my words. I'm trying to be cleaner with my language. I'm trying to be deeper with my relationships even already conscious but even deeper. I want to help more people in my life. I don't want to be famous. I want to be impactful. The only people I care that know me or as my family. But unfortunately, the pursuit to help more people. Someone's got to know who you are.

And I'm willing to have the trade off of people bashing me online or saying I don't even care about that stuff. It goes with the territory. Because the people the loudest in the highest seats. The nosebleeds. I don't hear him. But I do know this relationship capital will never, ever hurt you by building it. It will always serve you constantly make genuine deposits. Go out of your way to forge great relationships with great people. Be very clear that not all relationships are created equal. Because there's a lot of people out there that think they're doing relationship capital. But what they're doing is manipulation. Capital. Don't fall into that. Don't don't fall into it, you doing it and don't fall into it. Let them to do it to you.

45:13 You have the world at your fingertips. It's meant to be bumpy. It's meant to be fun, exciting, scary, frustrating. And exhilarating. But at the end of the day, if you don't do it, no one's gonna do it for you. What are you chasing? What are you going for? What are you trying to accomplish in your life? All these are very important questions, because it's going to require different efforts. If you want to be Michael Jordan is going to look different than if you want to be a high school basketball coach. Different. But you only you really know what you want. Deep down inside. What's tapping you on the shoulder? What's keeping you up at night? What's getting you up early? I know. You just want to get to work. And I want you to crush it. Enjoy the process. Find a tribe get in a tribe. I don't care if it's a DM Alliance or DM family. If it is great, because I know where we're at. I know where we're going. We have people in every vertical not just real estate, multiple niches.

We have cops ex cops in their ex firefighters and they're crushing it. It was cool too. We had at the hotel for Rolls Royces out front, multiple other cool cars, multiple people, multiple people flew in on their own jets to come to this event. Why? Maybe we're on the something. I hope if you get nothing out of this, they sign up for the free newsletter. One to 10 million. It's at Mark Evans dem.com forward slash 10,000,001 0 million. Sign up. It's free. I hope you give a five star review. I'm asking a lot today from me because I only start telling you and giving you insightful things of action steps. Share this show with three of your buddies that you care about. Let me help you start connecting you guys together, be valuable to each other. You guys, if you're not doing making money and doing deals with your buddies, you need new buddies.

If you're not getting excited, connecting with them, like oh shit, I gotta hang out Steve again on Tuesday. get new friends. Seriously, get new friends. You need to be excited to hang with your people. Truth is most of you fucking need to stay home and hang with yourself and your family. That's the that's the real truth. I have a pretty boring life from outside looking in. But a very fulfilled life in real life. I'm not trying to be anybody else. Just be the best version. You can have your self talk, the way you talk act, the way you act become better, let's say and to be reckless, by all means, but just be better. If you get a chance to get over to whatever, whatever platform you're listening to this, iTunes, Spotify, etc. Leave a five star review and let me know maybe I'll send you a gift. Maybe shoot me a message on Instagram at Mark Evans DM with the link to your to your review. I genuinely am excited about 2024 You know 2023 shook out a lot of fakers. There's still a lot more coming around in here in q1 but I promise you this keep your feet moving. Never Stop Get with a great group of people and keep forging relationship capital hope you have an amazing day Keep me posted on your progress now it's time to get to work so with that said make today count

48:58 I'm hurting helping you discover freedom no question was Kevin's when he stepped in the Dow he comes in tell him what to do sam I'm a deal maker a deal maker. I'm not just the deal maker dream maker. The journey the process project was a while ago so I know how we come from a lot of money I remember as a kid wanting to make money brand see no one making more than graduated high school with a 1.8 to me my principals and teachers are alive this to witness this somehow you're running into a big businesses walk away from me. I've been called to help people just like everybody chasing the money but I'm not chasing the money. You're chasing the purpose or game. That's where we add isn't gonna get us where we want to go to come to armed and armored and open teaching without knowing how to discover freedom. No question was Gibbons. When he stepped into Tao he was the deal maker, a deal maker, just did dealmaker dream, the journeys where it's all about the process. Project. dealmaker FileMaker. Project.

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