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Are you caught in the “I'm so busy” cycle, feeling like life is a relentless rush with no room to breathe? In this eye-opening episode, Cherylanne challenges the pressure we feel to be constantly busy and offers a powerful shift that will resonate with every modern woman.

Discover how to break free from the exhausting cycle of reactivity, rushing, and unrealistic multitasking to create a life that is purposeful, paced, and present. Get ready to reimagine how you use your time and energy as Cherylanne shares practical steps to reclaim a sense of balance and fulfillment.

Don't miss this discussion that could be the key to unlocking a more intentional and joyful way of living.

Show Highlights:

  • Ready to break free from the busy cycle?[01:35]
  • Break the pattern of competitive overscheduling. [04:55]
  • Are you tired of the perpetual rush and reactive energy? [06:24]
  • Discover how unrealistic multitasking is weighing you down? [09:13]
  • The journey from being reactive to being purposeful. [12:34]
  • Are you setting the right intention for yourself? [14:32]
  • Learn how to carve out the margin you need. [15:36]
  • Dealing with days when you’re running ahead of your pace. [17:21]
  • The transformative power of staying present [17:48]
  • Say goodbye to autopilot mode of living. [20:22]
  • Discover the ultimate antidote to your lifestyle! [24:05]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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