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In this episode, we dive deep into the art of deal-making as Mark reveals his bold plan to turn $1 million into an astounding $10 million.

Be part of an entrepreneurial adventure where insights on rapid business growth, high-profit margins, and the importance of self-investment take center stage.

Tune in for an episode packed with actionable strategies and personal anecdotes that will leave you charged up for an epic new year.

Show highlights include:

  • Do you want to learn how to turn a million into 10 million in 2024? [04:15].
  • Get massive insight on high level deal making opportunities [10:32]
  • Discover missed opportunities in your business [12:39]
  • How did a dream of making just $100,000 a year lead to a mindset shift? [20:11]
  • It's time to think bigger [25:52]
  • Are you ready to be a millionaire? [33:22]
  • Stop thinking, start executing [39:49]

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Welcome to the making of MDM. Can I turn $1 million into $10 million in under 12 months and 2024 Hop on this train because it might be ending in disaster. Or it might be glorious. Who will know? We're about to find out. So with that said, let's get started. I'm Mark Evans

0:29 I'm here to help and teach you what I know and discover freedom. No question one Kevin's when he stepping on what's the deal? Make a Deal make the deal maker dream.
Hey, there I am. Thank you so much for being here to the making of a DM. That's right. The dream maker dealmaker podcast show. This would be the last show of 2023. Can you believe it? Hope you guys had an amazing Christmas holidays with your family connecting and hanging out. I don't know about you. But the truth is, creates massive anxiety for me. Because so many people waste the last week of the year. And I was talking with a guy here in the complex. He's like, Oh, I can't wait to January 3, that's what I'm starting. And I'm like starting what he's I'm gonna start eating right, I'm gonna start building the business I've been waiting to build and all this and I'm like, dude, like, January 3, doesn't change anything like these are excuses. These are lies we tell ourselves and all that anyways, I'm not here to talk about that.

I hope you don't set. You know, I did a show last year talking about this, setting all these goals, January 1, you know, New Year's resolutions and all that stuff. The truth is, these are just you're setting yourself up for failure. If you're waiting for a day to set up to make something happen, that day is never going to come it's not the day, it's YOU the individual, you have to work on yourself, you have to create daily structures, a daily environment, or whatever makes you tick, however it makes you work. Whatever motivates you use that chip on the shoulder to go out and execute relentlessly. But today is gonna be positive. As all these shows are positive. I've been missing you guys, I gotta get back on track. With these shows, there's so many moving parts I got a lot of companies I'm dealing with, they're crushing it, two of them are not so good. But that's part of the game, you know. And the part of the success is like cutting losses quickly, moving on taking the L as a lesson, not a loss, but just keeping your feet moving. So today, I want to share with you something I'm working on. And I'd love to get your input, I would love for you to message me on Instagram at Mark Evans DM.

And if this makes sense, it is this is something you think I should pursue. So I sit around and watch, I'm a pretty good observer. I watch all these clowns talking about how they're crushing it, they're doing this, they're doing that. But yet, you guys don't know this. I own lots of different companies, no one knows I own. I'm actually involved in many different companies. And a lot of them have to do with financing. And it's interesting that a lot of the big players are messaging people that are all my team's about, Hey, man, I need 100 G's. You know, I don't have any money. Like, we know what there's in their bank, we see their banks, like, it's mind boggling that these clients aren't here saying the shit they say. So I started thinking about this, you know, I've been in business almost 28 years, actually, June will be 20 years, June of 24. This game is a game. It's a process. And you know, there's a lot of things I would do different today that I didn't do when I started and everything in between. But I want to talk to you about this, because I really would love to know if this is something that would interest you.

3:41 And what that thing is, is I'm going to take a million dollars in 2024. And I'm going to turn it into $10 million live with you. I'm not going to charge you. I'm going to literally put you on a newsletter, I'm going to share with you the deals I'm looking at. I look at so many deals every day, I don't even realize what we're up to. We're just doing it we're executing, we just do what we do you know what I mean? So I'm going to break down deals, I'm going to break down deals I'm doing or not doing and explaining why I'm doing it or not doing it. And you know, it'll be high level. And then you know, if we go into deep into one i i believe because I've done this many times that we're going to take down a lot of deals. I don't know what they look like yet, but they're going to be in real estate investing short term deals, right? Because if I got to take a million, the objective is to take a million and turn it into 10 million in cash and equity. Like you can't do it like buy and hold a rental and make you know whatever dollars per month plus have a little bit of equity. That's not going to get you to 10 million in a year. So I have to get and do what I do deal make. So you know different businesses that I always look at that are great cash flow businesses, not necessarily great for enterprise value. for exiting, typically, they'll sell for like a 1x of revenue.

And that varies too depending on what vertical it's in. But let's say if I buy, you know, start a company or buy a company, and let's say a company is doing $10 million a year, I could probably sell that company for $10 million. The EBIT on that might be 30 35%. Typically, agency businesses have high profit margins, very manual, very heavy, I wouldn't be the operator, I'm looking for operators to do that, I would come in with a little bit of capital, and a little a lot of knowledge and an audience as well. And we would grow top line revenue very quickly. So I love those types of businesses, because they're great cash cows, where I could literally I think, based off of my experience, some of those, I think I could pop off a couple million dollars fairly quickly, just with that one channel inside the agency model. Now, it's not a model I'm excited about. It's not a model that I'm doing anything in the day to day, but there are people again, not everyone's like your AI. And we got to remember that as we're on the up and coming like I was, dude, if they can make so much money, why did they need you? Well, you're thinking everyone's like us, like we can, we can take the hits, we can take the LLS ups and downs and sideways. And not only that, maybe they'd rather have 50% of a watermelon than 100% of a grape.

So you guys business is very, it's an isolated game, you're very cut off from the real world, you kind of don't, you got a lot of stuff going on. But really, you're not connecting and connect, you know, communicating with a lot of people at a high level. So it kind of gets a little lonely. I'm not complaining, this is just what we this is what we do. So, you know, I look for guys or gals that are great executors and daily implementers. That's not who I am. I'm great big vision. I see the playing field, I know the players, I have team members, I can bring in, I have massive enhancement value. And I put money in these two, like money is a good value. Right? Like people want money, maybe they take a little bit of chips off the table, they can get a couple bucks. But yet I'm looking for companies, we can take the millions quickly. And here again, the goal is 1 million to 10 million, can you turn $1,000,000.10 million dollars in one year. So I would love and I've got more to share here. I would love for you though, to pause this right now.

And go over to my Instagram at Mark Evans DM and shoot me a message. And in the message just say podcast 10 million podcast 10 million. That's all I need you to say. And then what I'll do is if we come out with this, because my I'm still talking with my team about it. You know, this is a huge job for me. By the way, this is something I don't want to do. I think I need to do it though. Because I want you guys to see what real fucking deal making looks like not some bullshit. Hokey Pokey, you know, high fiving as smacking around, I'm talking real deal making what conversations really look like where the deal came from, how much money is involved to get started? What is the company Corp structure look like? His LLC, S corp C Corp partnership? What does it look like? Is there lawyers involved? Is there accounting firms involved? Are there V A's involved? What does it look like? That's what I want you to see. And if that's something that you think would be cool for you to see, like everyone's I do, I'm gonna be a fly on the wall. Well, a lot of it wouldn't be interesting because a lot of it's up here. So fly on the wall doesn't see what's in my brain, they would only see execution on typing or emailing or calling or audio or video like this, right? So I want to do like a weekly update of like, Hey, I got a million dollars. Here's where we're at, here's how much is in cash, here's how much is in equity, here's how much is in play.

Here's how much cash flow we're creating. I mean, I want to really showcase what's possible, when you get focused, and you dial your shit in and start executing the plan. So agencies is a great business, I might buy them, like I said or start them. You know, I love service based businesses, I think there's a great opportunity to get involved in service based businesses a little bit bigger left, that real play would be infusing some capital, as well as bringing on some team members more of a roll up model. It might not be realized $10 million in cash by year one but it might be realized 10 million plus plus plus and massive amounts of equity on the exit, depending on how aggressive we are in q1, q2, etc. So short term investing on real estate, you know, a lot of times I could take some of this money and put 50 grand down on a deal and it pops off at 200 Grand i mean 80 to 100% profit, give or take more or less very quickly in 30 day cycles. The question is, is how much time is on my schedule to be able to be that active. This by the way, this is all active income, active growth. I'm doing it to prove a point to show you what's possible with activities. I'm not talking about parking million dollars just sitting around with your thumb up your ass.

And hoping and praying that you turn this into 10 million, it's never gonna work, it never will work. But maybe I park some money in crypto, maybe I park some money in short term loans. And I'm talking business loans and short term real estate loans. I do a lot of these every single day behind the scenes. So this would be on all new found business. This would be where I'm able to deep dive like hey, you know, this deal came in through relationship capital, this deal came in from a it's always going to be relationship capital, a buddy knew a buddy, or social media, maybe you maybe you listening, you have something going on. And you're like, Dude, I want to be a part of this $10 million journey in 2024. And I have something that's working, I just need to add fuel to the fire. Maybe I'm the guy to help you do that. Maybe I'm not. That's cool either way. But there will be a process. And then what will be cool is I'm going to share with you the tools, the tools that we're using in these businesses, you know, like, Hey, are we using QuickBooks Online are we use, here's the third party accounting company we're using, here's the VA service companies we're using.

Here's why. Here's how much they cost. Here's what it looks like, here's our monthly expenses. Here's our gross monthly revenue goals and targets and revenue. Like, obviously, there's certain things I won't be able to share 100%, because the last thing you want to do is share your competition real time competitive advantage, like that would be stupid. But I'll share enough for you where you definitely will get a massive insight of real high level deal making opportunities. And again, I want you to think about this. If you could turn a million to 10 million, if you could turn 100 grand into a million whatever 10x these numbers, you know, how big can you get this? What does it look like? And the reason I kind of like this, not just for myself, but for you listening is that in your business? You got a business and you're looking at it and sometimes I get it's boring. It's fucking like, Dude, I want to do something else. I hate this shit. But yet, the truth is, you haven't really maximized what you're even doing. Because you've gotten bored with it, or you got frustrated with it, or you're just like, it just doesn't doesn't tickle my pickle anymore, right? So what I want you to do is start playing games in these environments.

Have you ever looked at your business and said, Hmm, how can I create three cashflow streams from this business? Right? I saw a guy recently again, we just got done with Christmas a couple of days ago, I saw a guy post like man, I made 150 grand delivering trees, Christmas trees, he made $150,000 Delivering Christmas trees and like a three week process. And I sit there watching this and listen, that's cool. But I think he left 400 grand or 300 grand sitting on the table. And what I mean by that is when I see things, he's doing all the hard work. He's getting the tree, he's getting the clients, he's delivering the tree, he shakes hands in the leaves, and he's happy. But the real entrepreneur and me the real deep dive business owner that I see is when he does that when he showed up to the house, they clearly pay for convenience. If you're buying someone to come over and deliver a Christmas tree for you, you clearly don't have enough time or don't want to go and cut down your own tree and all that shit. You pay this guy he shows up. Well guess what? I didn't hear I'm talking about making an offer to put the lights on the trees. I didn't hear about like, Hey, do you need a stand for your tree? Hey, do you need a What's that thing? It goes underneath the tree?

The round thing? Like kind of like a on the base? Oh, by the way, do you want some exterior lights outside? Like I literally think his $150,000 he lost more money than he made. And I'm not saying what he did is wrong. I'm just saying this is what I do. I come in companies and I make them better. They're already the people I work with are already doing all the real hard work. The easy work is the guy like me sitting down not emotionally attached looking saying, hey, based off of my experience, no, I've done this before. It's not like theory. This is just like real world actionable stuff. Like, Hi, Nancy. I'm dropping off the tree. Yes, that's $100. I'll thank you for the $20 tip. By the way. Do you have a tree base? By the way? Do you have a skirt to go around the bottom of that? By the way? Who's going to put the lights on your tree? By the way, you have a beautiful outside area? Have you ever thought about putting lights on this? And they're like a very large percentage is gonna be like, never thought about it or? Yeah, I just don't know who to call. And you're right there you have them. There's just one piece, by the way, who's going to pick up the tree? Who's going to bundle up the tree and put it at the front of the house?

Who's on bottom of the tree, put it in your truck and take it off the property? Right? That's an upsell. Right? So hey, you know, sign them up right there. You just dropped it off for 100 bucks and give me a $20 tip. You know, hey, I've come back. $50 Pick it up, cleaned it up, pick it up, toss it out, or $100 Even though it's only a couple $100 Listen, if you don't have that much money you're like Who the fuck would pay $200? To do that? Well, I would my wife paid $2,500 for a fucking fake tree. So yes, I would pay that $200 as well as many people in my economical situation, because I'm not looking for all my god, I can't wait to go and cut the tree down. It's cool. It's a great tradition. But unfortunately, we have fake trees. And our tradition is more like, my wife puts the tree up, we put me and my wife put the tree up. And then we hang the ornaments with the kids and we light it up and we hang out. We played all this Christmas music. And we talk about life. And we see, you know, all the ornaments of the kids each year, they get their picture on that with 2023 2021, whatever. And we smile, and we laugh and like, Wow, you guys are getting big.

So there's many people if they're willing to pay for that, guys, again, the world we live in now has been it's no more it's been more acceptable now than ever. People are ordering food 24/7 they're ordering trees, Amazon, if you have any skills, any gumption to get your ass up and work, you can make hundreds of 1000s if not millions of dollars, with a simple path like that. What's interesting, this guy down the tree business, he literally has gone to Home Depot or Lowe's buying a $50 tree, delivering it for $100 always getting a tip typically. But that's just where he stopped it. I'm asking you in your business? Is this what you're doing to 99%? People listen to my voice. The answer is yes. I don't care what business you're in. Do you know what really keeps your customer up at night? Well, Mark, you don't understand. All I do is HVAC. You kind of don't do that. That's what your service does. But what you really do is you relieve the homeowner, of making sure that they have heat or air conditioning in their house. So then go to sleep and peace and comfortability. So you're actually solving a nice problem. But also while you're on site. There's a lot of other things if they, you know, maybe they need updated thermostats, maybe they need updated the filters. Or maybe they need duct cleaning. Once the last time you HVAC offered you high level duct cleaning, when's the last time your HVAC company has offered them new thermostats? Updated?

Thermostats? When's the last time you offered them? Let me go clean up your dryer vents. I mean, there's umpteen things that you could offer your prospect when you're on site. See, again, most of you are working so hard to get the prospect in the client. But that's where it stops. There's a lot of roofers out here, listen to my voice. And, you know, that's the world I come from, and I fucked this up for years. I didn't know what I knew. Now. Back in 1996. I was doing gutters. That's all I did. And then I was like, dude, like, I'm no more than gutters. I'm at the house. They're like, Hey, can you help me fix my garage door? Yep. So what I do, I went out bought a garage door company all American Door Company. I bought that 1996 At the end of the year, bought it from a guy went in there, boom, instant business. He did a lot of new builds, I hated new builds, why? They don't pay anything I want there's no there's no problem. The problem is I just need a door. And the real problem, the real money is made in maintenance. Hey, man, my mom just ran into the garage door, my car stuck in there, I gotta get to work, emergency service. 3x 4x 5x, whatever the charge is normally, because they're paying for speed, convenience, get this door fixed, I need to get out of the house.

So understanding who your prospect is understanding why they're calling you. But so I did gutters. Then I did garage doors, and I started doing siding windows. And then you start working on foundations. I didn't do the foundations actually sub that out. But I took the job, right, I was actually the GC on it, and then sub that out. And then you start talking about lawncare hardscape. You know, like, Hey, I don't do that. But I know a guy that does, but they can write it under me. And then I get a percentage of that sell, you know, so I could take one client and turn them and make 567 10 types of revenue off of one individual. And there's nothing weird or creepy about it. Actually. It's good. I have some work being done on my house here right now as I'm speaking to you. I had a bunch of ornamental stuff taken off. I had some stucco work done had the roof cleaned. I had all the house paint out new tiles new X pretty much the whole exterior is totally redone. Right. And the reason I share this with you is the guy. His name's Flavio. He's a painter, but he's so much more than a painter. Like my assistant cam. Again, I don't deal with this stuff. My assistant does like hey, that's kind of what I want cam. You know, here's the color code.

Here's what I'm looking for. And then she goes out and executes it finds the people whatever. Well, we found this great guy named Flavio and literally like he's the most resourceful guy here in the community. He knows the rougher he knows the cleaner. He knows this, you know, like, just high level professional. And he gets shit done. He's very resourceful. And guess what? I hope he's making money off of me. I swear on my life, I don't know or paying him. I don't care. He gets his shows up every day they get the job done. You don't hear a peep out of them. And the work is top notch. That's what I'm looking for. See the thing is when I was broke when I was poor when I had no money but drive and hunger I always thought everything was about the money. I didn't realize how to measure it. And this took me about six, seven months to really figure out in the beginning of the game, like, I would go to a house, I'm getting a job for $120,000. Keep in mind, my dream was to make 100 grand a year back then. So $120,000 for someone to redo a bathroom in a kitchen. I'm like, dude, who the hell has this kind of money? Because where I'm from you that your house wasn't even worth that much, right. And these guys are doing basic rehabs, like simple rehabs on the kitchen and bathroom. So it always was this little mind game that I played. But then I started realizing, listen, it's not about me. It's not about my limited beliefs.

It's about what does the customer want? Right, I'm pulling up in a fucking shitty 1987 C 10. truck with a ladder rack ladders everywhere. You know, the things that my you know, Rainbow siding and windows are spouting or interior accent whatever. I'm pulling up there. I went in there to get the job I showed up. I was professional. I knew what I was talking about a game clear communication. I gave them a price. And they got a deposit. And I got the job. I went in there doing that knowing. And guess what? When I started doing that, I started realizing there's a lot of money out there. And I could value my clients by saying, hey, you need your you need your driveway redone? You know that right? Yeah, yeah, I just don't know who to call. Why do and I'll get the best of the best out here. And they'll be out here today. Are you cool with that? Absolutely. So it wasn't like, Yeah, but they just gave me 120. I mean, it's another 25,000 for the driveway. So yeah, I'm gonna make 20% off of that. I made another $5,000 for an introduction. Oftentimes, I would make more money off the introductions, and I did actually I'm doing the job myself, this true story. And anybody that's done this model knows this is true. Right? So there's a lot of ways to skin the cat, if you will. But do you think I can turn a million and a 10 million in 12 months or less? Maybe I fell, by the way, with this kind of agenda. There's going to be ELLs in this. I know what you're thinking losses. Well, I call them lessons. And I think you're going to realize how quickly we move on from lessons.

And most importantly, how quickly we least late. Listen, a loss doesn't define who I am. And loss is part of the game, it's part of the process, sees too many of you take an L and you fucking soak in it for six years. Like dude who's so hard, you don't understand. I don't care, I don't need to understand your bullshit story. See, the cool thing is we've all created stories in our brain. Some of them serve us and some of them hurt us, you got to pick the story you want, my outcome is 10 million plus, I'm gonna do 10 million or bust. That's my plan. I'm not sitting here playing Mickey Mouse games with Mickey Mouse people. See, like, when you get a real focused action set, you literally and by the way, this is on top of everything else I'm doing. I have like multiple real companies with many, many, many employees.

On top of this, this is a side gig for fun just to prove to you guys how to do this, how it works. And maybe it works. Or maybe it doesn't, maybe I'm full of shit. Maybe I'm not. But I can tell you this. If I decide to do this, you'll find out firsthand. But again, you need to let me know over on Instagram at Mark Evans, DM, and the and shoot me a message in there just say podcast 10 million. That way I know that you I'll get you if I if I'm already doing this before this comes out or when it's live. I'll shoot you a link just sign up for the free newsletter. There will be no charging it will be free to use to like literally look over my shoulder. And I posted on social media already we've had hundreds and hundreds of replies saying do this. We need this. But I'd like to know from you the podcaster the listening on my like in your listening as you're running, walking, jogging or whatever you're doing. Driving. I would like you to stop for a second and go to Instagram and message me that podcast 10 million. You know my podcast handles at Mark Evans DM, but I do know this, you're going to learn a lot.

24:15 I have nothing to sell you. Zero. You're going to learn like how I see the game. Most importantly, how I play the game. This is not shit. I'm acting like I'm doing this not theory because I read a book. This stuff compiled over 27 and a half almost 28 years of execution failure re execute success. Re execute failure re execute like this is me doing the work. I'll give you the game plan. I'll show what it really takes. You know I see so many people out there acting you know saying stupid shit like do consult for equity make millions Hmm. So you you get equity for free doing nothing. Is it because you have no money? But you're acting like you do? Is that why you do that? Listen, it's cool to own ad companies maybe? Or it's way cooler to tell people you own ad companies, by the way, then actually owning ad companies. But why are you consulting for equity? Why wouldn't if you truly believe in the company, why don't you pony up some money? Because that's how real players play. Now, listen, if you're in the beginning stages, cool, do it. But here's what happens. You draw in the wrong people, you draw in cheap mindset people do try and give me no money. Okay?

Well give me some equity. Keep in mind, you're dealing with that personality where they think their equity is worthless, or they don't understand the value of their equity. So now you're getting 3040 50% of their equity, without giving any cash without giving any real clear picture of what you're going to deliver for that. And is it on the upside of the top equity of what they're already doing? Like in revenue was that, you know, was a piece of the whole company I mean, there's lots of variables to that. But I see a lot of guys out there teaching consult for equity. I'm not here to talk shit on them. But I just look at this. And it reminds me in 1996, when I had no cash and no credit, I had to be creative, because that's all I had, I had to be resourceful. I could do no money down deals, or $1. One buck deals, right. But that's what I had to do. That limits my opportunities. Why? Because not everyone's willing to do it. So if I'm a real business guy, and I have real money and real revenue going on, why am I looking at a small population, when I can go, the hardest smallest population, by the way, it's the hardest and smallest to deal with, why not go to the big, big, big environment where like, if you have cash, you have opportunity, where you have knowledge, you have opportunity, I could give cash and money, take an equity stake, a minority, even in my minority stake could be worth so much more.

And then I asked myself, do these guys just not have any cash? Well, from my experience, a lot of them don't. A lot of them literally make 100 grand a month and spend 120 a month to make it. Right. They genuinely don't know really how to run a business, they just get people that are kind of gullible, like oh, man, you could have have 50% of this. They don't know what they have. But yet, they also don't know how to grow and scale and, you know, deliver results, not to just the owners, but also to the employees. So I think that's one thing people don't realize is when you're taking over companies or building or like you have people's lives in your hands. That's a huge fucking responsibility not to be taken lightly. These are humans that have children that are building their life inside of your idea and your vision. If you're out there recklessly, just talking shit, doing the wrong things, not understanding what you're doing, you're putting not just yourself in jeopardy, but them in jeopardy. And these are innocent people just doing their job. So when I see all these people talking about this stuff, again, not all are bad. But there's a lot of people selling you the wrong information.

Stock just as easy as buying a company. Trust me, I shared last show, I had to shut down one of our companies, we bought a $1.2 million loss. It was a quick loss, because we saw like, damn, this is back quick. Let's cut it and move on. But this happens. But at the end of the day, I'm an experienced investor business builder. And I still have losses. So if you're taking over companies, and you know, without giving cash and all this shit and dominating real knowledge, what value are you really bringing, just because you can sell it just because you can get it doesn't mean you should. And I just want, I'm sharing this not to knock you down not to say don't do you know, gotten grow. But like be conscious of what you're actually really doing. Because I don't think you understand the whole story. If you're out there. Just recklessly trying to take over companies via consult for equity. Consult for equity to real players means you have no fucking money. Console for equity means you fucking play with little time kids, little time players. And again, I don't think I've ever done consult for equity. I've always put some money in it. You always want the owner that's busted or asked for eight years to get a little bit of cash to like, you know, like, initiate the deal.

Like Put yourself in their shoes. And I'm not saying it doesn't work. It can. I just think most people are going at it wrong. And I would hate for you to mess up your life. I'd hate for you to quit on your goals because you have a bad first deal. Because you're like, Dude, I was sold for equity. It's amazing. I 50% of a trash business to get but it's trash. And it's not making money. And there's 14 employees. There's a lot of debt, a lot of hard work a lot of human capital. Are you ready for that? And oh, by the way, it's negative 12,000 A month when you're coming in. So why wouldn't they give you 50% of equity and like, unless they think you can save the company. It's usually on lifespan work typically, not always, typically. So again, I'm just sick of fucking tired of seeing that kind of stuff. That's why, like, I've literally been talking to God about this like, dude, like, what can I do, I'm not looking to work more, by the way. But it's like, I want to help people that want to help themselves. I don't I do 100% believe not everyone should be doing this. But if I can just share, you can sort yourself out through the process, without you going out there making a devastating, you know, deal. And losing. If you can maintain the lose 1.2 million or, or lose 100,000, even whatever, like, I just don't want you and, and blues, the employees and then lose the respect and then lose momentum.

I want to show you by example, I'm thinking it's going to be a once a week email, it's kind of my vision, I'm gonna send you a once a week email, kind of like a pretty big brief get excited about it. I don't know the day yet. But I literally will condense all the workflow that I had that week. And I'll share with you deals that we're looking at deals that we're executing on deals that we're in negotiations with, and you'll see a balance, you'll see a million where it's at, is it in cash, stocks, not stocks? Because I don't do stock? Crypto, is it in short term financing business, real estate deals, etc. Like, I want you to see this real time real life. And most importantly, I'd love for you to ask questions. And I'll do my best to answer these questions as best as I can. Because you got to remember, I have big teams, big lawyers, all the shit. So I got to be careful on some of the stuff I say or don't say, as well as I have partners and businesses that I'm going to be partaking in real time. So the last thing I need to be doing is exposing trade secrets, or something that could you know, cause problems for everybody, not just me, but for them in the employees. So but I will do my best. I'm straight up honesty, I will give it my all, I will share as much as humanly possible, there'd be nothing left unturned that you couldn't go out and like, capture these ideas.

Like I said, me just talking about this Christmas tree guy, you know, I don't care what business you're in, you can create 345 10 streams of income off of that one client, I don't care what the hell you sell, I don't care if you sell Dental, I don't care. It does not matter. It truly does not matter. When you put these lenses on have residual cash flow, or referral clients and all this stuff. You could literally print money with the same exact clients you have. And there's simple ways to do it. There's harder ways to do it. Are you do you have technology to help you? Are you texting calling? Emailing? Are you just old school getting on the phone? Are you even older school just don't chest, the chest? They all work? The question is, is where are you at in the journey? How big are you trying to grow it? How quickly you're trying to grow it? All these are factors as you're evolving into the game. So when you're sitting here and you're like, Dude,

33:03 I want to make this why we say don't try to make a million dollars making a million dollars is not hard to do in business. it well. It's hard, but not really hard. Lots of people do it. But they don't keep a million. I'd rather see you go make 10 million grow a $10 million dollar business at what 15 To 20% profits and then you actually get to keep a million. How much rather have you make become a millionaire in your pocket, not a millionaire on paper with gross revenue. It's pretty different. Trust me. So I know many people make many millions a year, but don't have much money in the bank. Not because they're bad at money manager, they just don't have a good business model with high profit margins that allow them to have the life that they want. They actually create a very stressful life, very debt heavy life, because that's the cycle they're in not knocking it, they're all this is shit I would talk about like, like I showed already agencies, very quick cash, I can grow an agency prior to 10 to 20 million very quickly. And when I say quickly, I'm talking to three to six months, that's quick. And maybe even quicker than that. Depending on the vertical depending on the product and services and the agency work they're doing, as well as making sure the partner is capable of handling that kind of influx. And the team has prepared service based businesses.

It's not too hard, oftentimes depending on where they're at in their journey if they're still using fax machines and all this shit a lot of times we can go there and pretty much double their revenue. But the hardest part with those the lift on that is the owner operator you're fighting them their egos in the way, this is the way it's always been done. It's like yeah, motherfucker, that's why it's only making this like, I'm trying to help you make it more you know, so I that like you know, you got core principles you got values you got your your vision statement, like what's the team on board with, you know, because if the team thinks they only want to make 5 million you're gonna have to 20 million these are totally different cadences. So this is stuff we need to get people aligned with. So different things like that. This is the stuff I want to share with you inside this newsletter. It's gonna be part of the Mark Evans do him newsletter like I said, one to 10,000,020 24 I'm like, 90% sure I'm gonna do it. But you listen to this podcast show helped me push, push me over the edge is what I'm saying. If you follow me on Instagram, it's at Mark Evans, DM, stop this, go over there at Mark Evans DM, and message me say podcast 10 million.

And I'll message you back with what's going on, if we're moving forward or not. And I'm so excited to be here with you guys. I really am 2023 was a funky year. And the truth is, I think 2024 is gonna be a fucking massacre for a lot of people. I'm not saying this to scare you. I just think you know, we have election year, it's already some goofy shit happening towards the end of the year, you know, war war, like war could happen. Like, these are real things in today's day and age, it sounds crazy to think about. They're spending recklessly this, they're giving money away recklessly. It's just, it's mind boggling to me to be a business owner, just the like, I understand business. So you know, country is a business by the way. And the amount of money the government gets with all the taxation, you know, the land of the free, there's nothing free homing, you're paying taxes on everything. When you buy a car, when you sell a car when you die. When you put gas in it, when you put new tires, like it's taxes everywhere. And I'm all about paying taxes, my fair share, but at the end of the day, do like I want to give it to people that actually know what they're doing.

And I can get good results and help this country. Like we need help. And I truly believe everybody listening to my voice are the ones that can help this country, true entrepreneurs, we can give great people a great life inside of our vision. The Smarter we get, the bigger we get, the more people we can lift up in our vision. See, let me be honest with you, when I was first starting out, my goal was $100,000 a year. So I was paying. I was paying people 10 to 12 bucks an hour. So no wonder I couldn't get a top players to hang gutters with me, right? You're dealing with fucking people calling off three minutes before we pick them up. Like they don't have license you got pick them up kind of thing. Right? So and they're not sick, they're hungover. They're drunk still. So you're dealing with that. But like, once I started leveling up and saying, dude, like we're building $100 million, your company or 10 million or five, whatever the number is, you really like people can build a life in that if the main guys only trying to make a million dollars a year, and your top tier guy wants to make 500 grand a year? Like, don't you think they're like, How can I do that with you?

They know they're gonna go the company's making 50 million a year because now they can make their 500 grand a year and that that's what they can do. But everyone owns everyone operates. Everyone's runs businesses differently. I just think I would like to share with you guys because a lot of people do Evans, what the hell do you do? I do lots of things. But at the end of the day, I'm an investor business owner. That's what I do. I work my ass off. I'm here in the office. My kids are in the poll. I'm talking to you on a podcast show I'm giving free value I'm doing the shit that you do to succeed. That's what we do. We work. And some people are working really hard right now. It's just they don't have the results that they're seeking. Why? Because they just don't have the knowledge. They haven't invested in themselves. They don't understand that category yet. Which hopefully through the journey of us, you being here on this podcast show listening, the best investment you'll ever make, is you no matter what, I don't care what anybody says if you're if you're hanging out with people, you're like, Dude, that's a fucking scam. If it's so good, why are they selling it but like, I'm not saying all masterminds and people are created equal.

But I can tell you this, like you are the best investment. You can go buy a house and make 50% on your money. Or you can invest in yourself and make infinite like insane, like 10s of 1000s of percent returns over time. Because once you gain the knowledge you can implement and executed every day for the rest of your life. Right. So as I'm getting ready to end the show today, I would love for you guys to get to Instagram at Mark Evans DM shoot me a message at podcast and mill. But just know that time is of the essence in life. I'll be 46 on June 19th. We have an event coming up as well for the birthday bash charity event we always do every year. So be on the lookout for that. But I was walking yesterday around my complex here in Parkland, Florida, and ran into my buddy. I've known this guy for 22 years. And I know his family well. And he gave me some news. And the news is his daddy gonna make it his dad's 83. He probably has a couple of weeks left.

And it sucks because we're all going to end there. And it's sad. But also it's great because he lived a great 83 years. But he got some bad news six weeks ago and he took the news like my grandmother did as a death sentence. Just doesn't have any more fight in them. He's just kind of wants to tap out and move on in life. He's gonna leave a lot of great kids a lot of great grandkids behind and he did his role he did his job. But I'll be 46 That puts me what does that, you know, I don't have much time to get to 83 You know, 30 something years and that goes by quickly. So just take this information, execute fast, plug it in your business, fuck it up, figure it out and execute consistently you owe to yourself you owe to your future self and it feels so good it gives you so much more confidence knowing Listen, I'd rather know I wake up and I give it my all even if I fell I'm more confident than if I thought about it and did nothing with it. Stop thinking start doing start executing let's fucking deal make let's crush this. Let's grow together. Hit me up Instagram at Mark Evans DM podcast 10 million appreciate you being here. I'm ready to kick ass I am kicking ass. I hope you're kicking ass over there. Appreciate you remember, today

40:57 I'm here to help and teach what I know and to discover freedom no question was Gavin's when he stepped in the Dow was a deal maker a deal maker not just the deal maker dream maker the journey where it's all about the process and the project was a while ago so I know how we come from a lot of money I remember as a kid wanting to make money pregnancy no one making more than graduated high school with a 1.8 to me my principals and teachers are alive this to witness this somehow you're running into a big businesses walk away from me now be good I've been called to help people just like everybody chasing the money but I'm not chasing the money chasing the purpose or game that's where we add isn't gonna get us where we want to go. To push come to learn come to America helping people without knowing how to discover freedom. Question Mark Gibbons when he stepped into dow he was a deal maker, a deal maker but I'm not just a deal maker, dream maker. The journeys where it's all about the process. Project the deal maker project

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