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In this episode, Mark is pulling no punches as he gets real about the ups, downs, and sometimes brutal truths of entrepreneurship.

From making massive moves in real estate to facing big losses in the solar industry, this episode is all about facing the hard facts and pushing forward to bigger and better things.

It's not all about business though – Mark's getting personal too, talking about how important family is in his own life and his recent move to a different season.

Tune in now.

Show highlights include:

  • Learn to embrace your season [02:39]
  • Is it worth investing more despite losses? [08:09]
  • Don’t let complexity creep in and stop you from accomplishing your goals [11:19]
  • How obstacles can shape a brighter future for you [15:04]
  • The impact of negative influences on your growth [17:10]
  • The impending devastation: Are you prepared? [19:46]
  • How to take ownership of your decisions and actions [23:36]
  • Focus is your friend [27:01]
  • Whoever said entrepreneurship was sexy and easy? [28:43]
  • It’s time to be strategic because the game is different right now [30:20]

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Welcome to the what season are you in? Most importantly, I want to apologize to you. So with that said, let's get started

0:19 to help and teach you what I know and discover freedom, no question Warren, Kevin's when he stepped in the Dow was a deal maker, a deal maker, not just a deal maker, dream maker. Hey there, boy Mark Evans D. M, I'll try not to scream too loud here today.

(0:45) I want to share something with you. But first, I want to apologize. I haven't done a podcast show for a while. It's not because I don't care or love you guys. It's because truthfully, I've been crazy busy. I actually own and run real companies dealing with real employees, real situations every single day, just like you. And it's all about seasons. It's all about what's important today might not be as important tomorrow, and all these other things in between. But you mean so much to me. And the DM podcast community, because I am you. I work hard, I bust my ass every day just like you. I wake up early, I have kids I gotta you know, organize and manage my spouse, I gotta be able to date with once in a while, once a week at least. I got businesses I'm running, some are crushing it, some are getting crushed and everything in between. And I'm not complaining and bitching and moaning. I'm just telling you straight up the truth. See this podcast shows designed to help and empower other people. Most people are strangers initially. But ultimately, I want to become your friend. I love helping people that want to help themselves. The thing is, I've got to meet so many great people throughout this journey of my entrepreneur PRAYER OVER 27 and a half years, as I'm talking to you today, live from my office here in mentor Ohio, you see a couple of cars in the background. Maybe one day, we'll do a video here if you're watching this online on YouTube. But I want you to know that I'm here with you. You know, just because I'm not doing a podcast show does not mean that I'm not walking side by side with you and the trenches with you. I'm a soldier just like you are I'm leading by example.

And with all this crazy stuff going on today, what I want to talk to you about is seasons of the game. Right now as I'm talking to you, I've been in the game 27 and a half years. It's a long time, I can't even believe it, to be honest with you. I'm 45 years old, I hope I have another solid 45 or 50 years in me, good health, good mental capacity, good movement. I'm not stopping until I die. I love what I get to do. I'm a true entrepreneur at heart. From this time, in this season of my life. I have an eight year old and a four year old as you know, my eight year old four year old are way more important than any business deal that could ever come across my desk. However, as well as my wife, as well as my immediate family. There's been so many moving parts. You know, we're hanging out here in Ohio, we're actually getting ready to roll back to Florida for the next seven months. And we have so many things happening in cool environments here in Ohio. I'll share some with you. I just recently like I said I purchased this building here. And I believe June or July, fully rehabbed it turned out pretty epic.

Like I said I'd love to do a video here. Kind of show you behind the scenes what's going on. But we have an office. We have a gym, the sauna, the cold plunge, we have a bar with a kids section, we have a car section, we did an event here with like 70 people recently to connect with them in the dealmaker alliance in the DM family. And if you guys aren't a part of the DM family or DM Alliance, the DM alliance is $1,000 a month club, the DM family or for entrepreneurs don't a million plus a year and beyond.

And that's 50,000 a year. And it's not for everybody. But I just want you to know that my season has been so insane. Oh, I gotta tell you this too. This is pretty cool. I actually have been dreaming about a property for over 10 years. Recently, I was in Mexico hanging out with the family at an event we were doing. I was actually participating in and I got a call from my buddy. He's a broker. He's like, hey, I need to you need to see this. Now. It's that type of property. I literally fired up the jet left early, flew back home landed and immediately whisked off to this property. This is on a Friday. Landa three I'm at the property by four o'clock.

(5:00) And it's 143 plus acres, beautiful 1600 feet, road frontage, you know, long driveway, 1400 foot driveway, there's no house on it. There's a pole barn with some equipment that was in there. And then in the back a huge five acre pond. And then if you go real far back, we have 3000 foot of the Grand River. This is untouched land very, very untouched. And it's amazing. And that's what I wanted. And I've looked at many different properties over the years, I just didn't find the one a spoke to me, You know what I'm talking about, like, when you're really looking for that piece of property that, you know, I know, everyone's I don't fall in love with property you do, I fall in love with my properties. I've never lost money on a personal residence, I purchase it for whatever it costs, and I put whatever I want into it, and I always over approve them. And I've never lost money. Interesting fact about this asset, that we recently took down the 143 acres, we've actually been offered a lot a lot of money for the property before I even closed it. Now I'm not sharing this with you to impress or brag or anything like that I'm just sharing with you. We have a lot of things going on in the season of my life is really just taking massive action. In a world where things are crazy, focusing on what I control, control the controllables, if you will, and I'm just getting, you know, just getting started. You know, it's like I said, I have an eight year old and a four year old.

I have the wife, I have the businesses, we have a massive FinTech company absolutely murdering it. And it's only growing bigger and bigger and bigger. Every day, we just got an SVP to help us run the operations. We got a massive partner in that company that's crushing. His name's Adam, an amazing guy I've known for a long time, really, some neat things are happening and some stuff picking up. I purchased a solar company, probably around, you know, June ish. And we actually ended up have to close it down. It just did not make sense to keep pouring money into something that I just am not passionate about. That was a big mess up on my part. Truthfully, when I say mess up. It's not like I'm prying around, or booboo, poor me. It's like these are lessons. Some people call them losses. I call them lessons the season of my life and 2023 and November, which we are right now before Thanksgiving, is I'm literally focused on cleaning up messes. If things don't make sense. Today, they're not going to make sense for me in the future.

So I eliminate them, get them out of my system, get them on my cycle. What do you have on your plate? What are you doing like the solar company, for example, I'll talk about that specifically, the solar company, me and my partner are going to lose a little over a million dollars. And that was a very quick timeframe we got in there, we got excited. There's one thing we did not do, which we should have done. I know better. But we didn't we were just moving so fast with so many other things going on. But all we had to do was verify that the revenue they mentioned was true. And it wasn't they lied straight up lied. They said, Hey, we have massive mid six figures coming in. And ultimately it was like 15,000 coming in. So to say it's frustrating is an understatement.

Actually, it's not even frustrating, just disappointing that someone out there would lie like that. To someone that actually helped them. I helped them in business prior to purchasing that company. So it was kind of a weird situation. But so that we cut it down, we were looking at it, we said Hey, okay, we're taking it out here. We're losing money. How long do we want to lose money for how big is the upside. And then if it makes sense, we'll progress and we'll pour more money into it and just get heavier on it. Or if it doesn't make sense for where we're at and where we're going. We'll cut it and move on. So we looked at it made the decision, we cut it, and we moved on clearly. So you have to look at your stuff, guys. We're moving so fast as entrepreneurs, that literally sometimes we get ourself in deals that we shouldn't be in, it's okay to walk away, it's okay to cut the string. It's okay to dissolve the company. But it's not the end of the world. It's like, you know, I see so many people.

This is one lesson I learned when I'm writing in my journal, I think about this. Too many people harp on the problem too many people harp on the loss. The biggest thing I can tell you about successful people is take it as a lesson and move on. Right? There's nothing you could have. You can't do anything now about what you did. But yeah, I could do something moving forward. I can promise you this. My next acquisition of a company which will be sooner, I'm guessing because I like to acquire companies. I like to buy real estate. As you know, real estate is my full time real thing. We have a lot of cool things in there. But like, I'll learn to be better. I'll learn to slow it down just a tad. If I just took an extra day, we would have discovered this issue. It is what it is move on. Too many of you are holding on to bullshit stuff that's not going to serve you. Here's what I want you to think about. If I keep going back to that and poor me you don't notice

(10:00) I got ripped off, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well guess what that last keeps compounding and they keep winning, they keep stealing from me, they steal my joy, they steal my time, which steals my money and steals my freedom if I allow it to. But literally, I cut it and moved on. I'm only sharing it with you because I want to be super transparent as I always am. With you as the listen. You know another thing too about the podcast show, because I had many of you, thank you, by the way, reaching out asking admins, when's the show coming out? When's the show coming out? Well, it's out again. And you can listen to the shows multiple times. There's actually a guy I listen to on some podcast shows, and he's only he's only has a handful of them. But they're just so deep and so good. I've listened to a multiple times, oftentimes, pretty much every time I hear something different, and each one of those shows, so am I our walk today I'm listening, listening, listening, let's say, Aha, boom, creates a trigger.

It either helps me write a book that I'm writing, by the way, I'm working on two books as well. But I also write like, a chapter of a book, maybe helps me create some content for you guys on social media. By the way, I am still actively on social media sharing content, just for me to sit down in a podcast room, like you're seeing here right now, by the way, this is like a cigar smoking area. In my facility here in Ohio. It's a process. Which brings me to another point. Another truth of why this podcast shows kind of petered along in the last four months is because complexity kicked in. So I have a lot of cool people working with me and doing stuff and you know, they do it, we need to do video because video and YouTube. I don't know if you guys remember, but I always have a handheld in my hand with a goofy thing over the top. So sounds good on audio. I typically like to do audio because when I get inspired, I don't have to stop schedule setting, go into a room like I want to talk to you real time, when it's really hitting when shits getting heavy, or things are happening in a positive negative way. I just want to heads I want to go.

And I want to share because I don't want to audit or edited I should say content or information to make me sound cool or different. Like, I just want to be me. Like I'm not the guy that's like sharp sharp is attack. That's not who I am. I'm just a genuinely straight up guy talking to you, in essence talking to myself. Because the way I'm talking here in the show is the way I talk to myself. So it's like dude, quit being a dumbass step your game up, execute? Hey, you took it on that it's over, move on. Let's go make some money. Where's the opportunities? So complexity really creeped in. It's like, Dude, I got I'm looking at cameras, I got audio thing set up, this is broke. This is broke. And we need a computer. And we need to like, it's so much bullshit that I see. And again, I I'm aware of it. And it's still snags me. So don't go too hard on yourself. The truth is, I felt like every day went by I was letting you down. You as the listener, or the viewer, I want to help you accomplish great shit. And the truth is before the show, like in June or July when I stopped going for a minute, is a lot of people are on the struggle bus right now. And I want to I want you to thought on this information. I want you to ask yourself, What are you struggling with?

(13:26) And then I want to ask yourself, Why am I struggling? Then I want you to ask, what made me get to this point? And what could have I done different to not struggle? And then I want you to really, really, really think deep? Where are you at in the journey? What season of the game are you in? Because I talked to hundreds of 1000s of people. Right? Listen to this content or information. Wish it was millions. It's coming.You got to remember everyone's in different seasons like I am. So people are in the grind season someone have no kids, no spouse, they're just working. So people are ever brand new kid that's a cool season to be in. Enjoy it. It's not forever. It's very temporary. So people are my season. Have a couple of kids. They're eight and four. You know, like the piggyback rides are going away. The shorter back the shorter rides are going away soon with my son. You know, it's like you might shit. Two years he might be giving me shorter pack rides. Who knows? But every time they asked you to give him a shorter back ride, never say no, never take that phone call. Give them the fucking shoulder back ride. Because it's going away. That's what's important to me. That's what's always been important to me. And then you got the other side of the season. Let's say my kids are 1415 1822 They're starting they're out of the house now. It's just me and my spouse looking at each other. I don't know about you, but I like to pursue greatness. I like to pursue the next level. I can't sit around with my thumb up my ass. Thank you

(15:00) about things I want to go do things. So I bought that big piece of land. Truth is, the day I closed I had 22 guys out on that project working. The day I closed, already had it set up, already had the team ready already had the vision and on paper in my brain and then on paper already had people to execute. I was ready to invest, to get what I want. I don't care what my mom and dad want me to want. I don't care what my grandma or grandpa thought I should want. This is what I want. But it's 2023 people are confused. And when you're writing this and thinking really deep. Have you ever thought that the obstacles that you're facing today are to make you a better person for the future of where you're going.

(15:50) And without this stuff happening, the future person that you want to become? Well never transpire because it takes a lot of pressure to create a diamond. So many people are avoiding the pain. So many people are avoiding the fear of this, that they never get out to experience the life that they set off to create. They've allowed comfortability more importantly is called familiarity. They're familiar with not having a bunch of money in their bank account. They're familiar with having a Mickey Mouse team, they're familiar with fucking Mickey Mouse money, you're very familiar with it. Get on familiar with it's stepping into you, where you want to be, you're gonna have to change the way you talk, you have to change the way you think. You have to make different types of decisions. You got to move quicker. You got to shake the tree. You gotta grow. You got to invest in yourself.

(16:52) Today, I did a post about this about hey, man, you know, this, all the money goes to charity. We're doing all this cool stuff here before Thanksgiving and Christmas. And we did a post and you know, we asked people to add a couple of their friends on there. Hey, who do you want to make a million dollars net a year with? So some guy posts three of his buddies on there. One of his buddies starts commenting, hey, then, on a piece of shit, this would never work for me this guy most Yeah, he's probably making million dollars just sharing bullshit information. I'll just sit back here and collect my welfare check.Hmm. If you have friends like that, you need to eliminate them out of your life immediately. They're not your friends, they're your enemies. They're your enemies. This could be a family member, this could be your best friend. If you're not talking to people about progress, positivity, movement and growth, eliminate them disassociate. Immediately.

(17:48) That guy literally will pull this kid down to another level. And the problem is, is what's crazy? Why the fuck would you want to hang out with some dipshit like that? This guy has a spouse, he is a kid saying that dumb shit. Kind of individual. Do you think he's raising kind of relationship you think he has with him, his wife, let alone himself. I'm not here to talk shit. But I'm here to talk truth. And if you ain't here to grow, you should definitely not follow me. I only want great things to happen for everyone. But when people talk and act like that, and do things like that, they're never going to get anywhere in life fast at all. They're miserable human beings. And I don't want that in my life. So the season of life I'm in is eliminating bullshit.

(18:42) Eliminating complexity, focusing on simple growth and organizations by eliminating bushes, stuff that just consumes my time. I have books that I've been wanting to put out. Just getting around to it. It's I don't know if you've ever written a book, but it's not as quick as two minutes. It's a lot of time, especially we want to write something impactful. So when we're pushing these deep, and we're pushing these levers, you know, this is when you got to start thinking about deeper stuff. You got to start thought auditing, like I said, mentioned, why are you in this position? Because I've been talking about you don't have to believe me go listen to my shows 12 and 18 months ago, you're going to have to work 10 times harder to get the same result. You're going to have to build your capital stack, because shoots getting ready to get real. You're going to have to figure out what path you're taking. You're going to execute relentlessly. These are things I've been sharing for the last 18 months I've seen cycles. I've been in cycles. And I know what's happening as we speak. As you're listening to me, things are happening and it's going to be devastating for a lot of people. These are a lot of good people that worked really hard to get

(20:00) the things they've gotten, but they listened to the wrong people, telling them how to leverage up heavy, how to go harder in the wrong area. Because they didn't know any better. They've never fucking been in a cycle. And they're telling you what to do. And it will create massive destruction, financially, emotionally, mentally, and a lot of times physically, because people are going to go off the rails and they're going to literally go backwards at a whole nother level. And if you're listening to this show, I don't want that person to be you. And if you're going through all that bullshit, rest assured, you can get out of it, it's gonna be hard work, you're gonna have to become this different person we're talking about, you're gonna have to fucking get in a room of people in a room and get very vulnerable. You're very fucking real. I don't care how big your following is. I don't care how cool you fucking think you are. You got to get genuinely real with yourself and other people that are not there to judge you or pull you down. But to hear your story to understand where you're at, to give you true guidance on how to develop and get a plan out of the situation you you, you put yourself into, those are the types of rooms the DM Alliance and the DM family are. And if it's not the DM fam or the DM Alliance, go find a room that fits what you're trying to accomplish.

I can tell you this, I've been in many, many rooms, most of our Peacock, Dick measuring contest rooms, they want an act, talk and act and be cool, where they're all ripping each other off fucking stealing from each other, not doing the work, trying to look for the easy way trying to figure out how to scam the game. I'll tell you why. Those are the rooms you don't want to be in the DM fan, the DM Alliance, these are real, genuine, unique, authentic rooms, where they were there to guide you give you direction, use resources, share resources and guide you to another level. That's the season Amen. You know, I'm sitting here look talking with my financial advisor last night, my fiduciary tax advisors, all these guys, I do that every two weeks, sitting down doing that, that's what I got to do. At my season of my life, I got a lot of moving parts. Depending where you're at, you might know what I'm talking about. If you don't, that's okay, you're on your path to get there, I hope. But I can tell you this. When I'm having conversations with them about what's going on.

(22:21) They know it's here. And they know what's really about to come. If it's hard right now,it's about to get really, really, really hard. You have to get stronger mentally. You have to like really organize your days, to give you every single when you can get, I gotta fucking get up at 430 If I get up before 29 430. That's a win for 31 You fucking failed before you even got the day started. Seriously. It's that important right now. It's always important, but it's really important right now, I'm going to eat clean out all day today. Once you do go off the rails or bowl another failure. You don't want to stack failures, right now you want to stack little wins everywhere you can pray everywhere you can just get out of the car today at a penny was on the ground heads up. That's a fucking win for me. True story I'm looking for wins. When you start looking for wins and you start winning more. It starts the search becoming your normal search becoming just it is what it is losing socks, losing hurts. But it's also part of the process, right? A lot of the stuff people are losing at are things that they can control. Because that situation you're in. You did that you control that you made the decision to do it, or you made the decision not to do it.

(23:42) I want you to think about when you're writing this stuff down the root cause of why you're at where you're at. If you have a bad relationship with your spouse, it's not it didn't happen overnight. It happened many times over. How are you talking to them? How are you communicating? How are you conversating? How are you growing? How are you? What's your relationship conversations like? What are you hugging? Kissing? Are you fucking What are you guys doing? Are you connecting? That's what you need to be thinking about. In business. If you're over leveraged, why why'd you over leverage? How can I preserve one? How can I like organize this and do it better next time? Moving forward? I'm going to change my process. You got to start underwriting things differently underwriting your life, underwriting your businesses, underwriting your real estate deals, underwriting, underwriting, your wealth, all these things have to be re underwritten. Things are different. When I start with my financial guys, they do like why are you working evidence? Why do you keep moving forward like you literally could keep your money in a low interest bearing account and be very very very good off for the rest of your life and beyond for your kids?

(24:49) Why chase in fucking money I'm chasing goals. I'm chasing dreams. Money is just a piece of a very small piece. I've always been the same guy today. I just have more money, and I'm gonna get more money. But I'm doing it because I'm stepping into me of who I can become the people I can help the audience one too many. I'm not meeting in a coffee shop one on one every day with, you know, talking to dipshits I can't do anything and don't want to do anything. I'm not there to convince them. I'm connecting with people that want to grow. I'm connecting with people that have big dreams, big goals, big aspirations, most importantly, a fucking work ethic. I know man, told myself I wouldn't custody, I wrote it down three times. That ain't gonna happen. I'm just talking to you, like I'm talking to myself. You got to start getting very picky on who you're hanging out with. You got to Sir, get very picky on who you're talking your dreams and goals with, you got to get very picky when you're talking to seller about your situation you're in right now. If you're in a bad situation, and you're telling your friend, your spouse, your partners or whatever, they don't know really what you're really up to, they will told you man, they're gonna create doubt, they're gonna fake negativity. They're not even doing it on purpose. That's just all they know. And you're sharing information with them half loaded. So what do you expect, they don't get your dreams, they don't get your goals, they don't also get the situation you're in. So why even talk to him about it just to vent, what you complain. And that's you without a solution. You got to get a room where people has been there, done that and can give you a solution to the problem. The truth is, a lot of you listen to my voice, unfortunately, don't want to solution. You want to soak in your pain. You want to feel what it feels like to hurt.

(26:40) You're kind of familiar with it. You know how to deal with it. It's not easy. It's not fun. But you know how to do it. So you constantly find yourself back there. You got to change your environment. You got to change your stuff you're listening to you got to change up your daily habits. You got to change up, you got to change. Here's where I'm at. Here's where I want to go. Now who do I need to be calm. To get that you got to change your offers. You got to change your product baby. Maybe you gotta like these be purposeful on your your plan. Not so wishy washy, stop chasing 10 Rabbits are what we like to call shiny object syndrome. Focus is your friend. What I say focus is my friend. I'm taking that same advice. This is off oftentimes easier said than done. With opportunists like us. I want you to know I'm on your side.

(27:43) This season on and I can help people. We have a thing coming out for Black Friday, make a donation to charity. And you can join us all the details and show notes and all that stuff. I don't even have the link. I'm not waiting on anybody. I had this information I wanted to share with you. I wanted to apologize to you and I want to push you because I know right now things are happening and you can act like it things are not and if you act like things are not you're a fucking fool because you know they are the universe is that effect the world is crumbling around our eyes. Fucking guys don't know if they're girls or guys or guys or boys or boys like no one knows what the fuck is going on. But I do because we know a guy can't be a girl and a girl Gambia guy straight up. If you're listening to show and you think of the otherwise, get the fuck out of here ain't your guy.

(28:38) But I can tell you this. I know business. I know life. And I do work really hard on becoming a better human being every day. I might not say it the best way. I might not do it the best way. And whoever said entrepreneurship was pretty unsexy and easy. Because if they did their line, it is oftentimes most of the time bloody, ugly, hard, annoying, frustrating and just absolutely fucking down in the dog trenches, working your balls off. That's the truth. And I'm here to tell you this. If you're willing to work your ass off, if you're willing to focus on growing you if you're willing to get genuinely honest with yourself and others and the right environment. I implore you to explore the DM Alliance the DM family. You got to get around people helping you. You got to get around like when it's easy and fun and cool and money's flowing. Those events are cool. Now's what you're paying for. Now's the time to dig in. Now's the time to get uncomfortable really uncomfortable. Now's the time to like look at this guy at me or listening to me and understand. I've been telling you this shits coming for the last 18 months. No no no markets, easy interest rates.

(30:00) 3.2% We've got to train nearby clearly, interest rates cheap, but some of you are still too scared. As this train goes by some of you're too scared to even do a deal 4% 5% 6% Because you don't know how to underwrite a fucking deal. The market made you weak, the market made you dumb. The market actually is exposing how dumb and weak many people are. The markets, you don't buy deals in speculation, you buy deals on Mac, Mac, period. I'm not buying future spec, I'm buying where I'm at today and what I can do. Now listen, don't get me wrong, if I can put sweat equity into it. And I can do the deal. And I don't care if you're buying a business or real estate or whatever.

But if I can put sweat equity and get a real bump in the ROI and kick the EBIT up, that changes the dynamic, but I'm not just going to buy 100,000 Our house hoping to sell for 123 months later because the markets so hot, that ain't investing that's gambling, you know that now, I'm not going to buy a deal because I get a 2.8% interest rate, think and walked in for three years, thinking that I'm going to refinance out the burr method, motherfucker, you're gonna be burned when you're out on the streets, freezing your ass off because you're homeless. That's the only barrier Tobin. Now don't get me wrong, there's opportunity still in these markets. But you got to get smarter. You got to underwrite better. And you got to know the game you're playing. The game is different right now. It's capital preservation, capital growth. You got to understand what makes you tick and what slows you down what speeds you up. I've talked about this many times openly. I don't have debts. I don't care use a good debt, bad debt, motherfucker. It's debt. And I understand good debt. I understand bad debt. I understand these things. And I've done many. I've borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars. I understand that game. But I can tell you this. I can sleep like a baby. I don't have car payments. I don't have house but I don't have any of that bullshit.

(32:01) Yeah, I can grow bigger. I can also tumble there. See, the thing is when people don't talk about the compound effect is a very amazing tool. The compound effect on the backside rolling down the hill, it's a very bad tool. You don't want compound in reverse, you want compound effect in the positive when should go south. Everything compounds, margin calls, notes, blow up. Bankruptcy, foreclosures, Bobal, it just all starts stacking. This isn't to be a Debbie Downer day. This has to be an eye opening, get my shit together day. And that's what the DM podcast shows about truth, genuine caring for you. I'm telling you what you need to hear not what you want to hear maybe, but what you need to hear. Because we're in the game together if you like it or not. And if you don't want to be in the game, probably now's a good time to get out.

I want you to know this. I'm on your side. There's a lot of good people in the world that want to see you win. But if you're hanging out with any dipshits that are talking negative, that are consuming the news that are like thought talking solutions, like every day you should be thinking solution solution solution, solution, problem, solution, solution, problem, solution solution, not problem. It's a bigger problem. Let's talk about the problem. How big is the problem? Problem Solution, Problem Solution solution. So like solution driven entrepreneur is what you want to be if you want to get very wealthy, solve a lot of problems, solve big problems. This is where the men step up. And the boys stay on the porch. This is where the women step up. And the girls stay on the porch. It's now or never. It is now 2024 is going to be absolutely epic. For the right people. The question is, is it with you or not? I hope to see you on the other side. I appreciate you being back here at DM podcast show thank you so much. And that said

(34:09) No way no question won. Kevin's when he stepped in the Dow he comes in. Tell him What's the theme Sam. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker. I'm not just a deal maker. dream maker. The journey we're in the process of Pride Project small town in Ohio so I know how we come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanting to make money pregnancy no one making more than graduated high school with a 1.8. To me, my principles and teaches is to witness this. Somehow you're running into a big business. Walk away from it. Now be good. I've been called to help people just like everybody chasing the money but I'm not Is the money chasing the purpose? Or game? Where we add is it gonna get us where we want to go? Come to learn come to what I know and discover freedom no question was Gabby's lady stepping in doubt do make a deal make a deal, make dream make the journeys where it's all about the process over project file maker project

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