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Do you have the courage to earn $1,000,000 a year?

Reason why I ask: most entrepreneurs are making, on average, $60,000 a year — less than a J.O.B.

To add insult to injury, they’re working 80 hours a week, hustling their face off, and not spending any time with their kids — the very reason WHY they started this business in the first place.

Making $1,000,000 a year is everyone's dream. And it’s possible, with this concept.


In today’s episode, I reveal this concept you can use to start earning $1,000,000 a year.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • An entrepreneur who sold his business for $1 BILLION — that’s with a B — teaches you how at (this) event on the 1st of March 2023 (2:45)
  • The insidious mindset 95% of entrepreneurs possess (which locks them into a permanent state of low profits, 80 hour weeks, and no freedom) (7:00)
  • How to add 4 hours back into your day by “systemizing” your business with the exact model I used when I first started out (9:59)
  • Double the amount of real estate deals you do in a month by spending $5,000 (15:52)
  • Why answering the “WIIDFW” question transforms your struggling business into a thriving one (16:01)
  • Afraid of an employee making a mistake? Here’s why you should celebrate employees goofing up (21:01)
  • Why trying to save $60,000 a year on a W2 employee costs you $120,000 (or $180,000) in the long term (24:37)
  • The counterintuitive reason why earning a million dollars a year isn’t THAT much money in the grand scheme of things (26:56)

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Welcome to the making of a DM. Ma. What are you doing? Or not doing? That's robbing you, of your future shows gonna be very insightful for you. So with that said, let's get started.

(0:22) I'm hurting helping you discover freedom. No question was Kevin's when he stepped in the Dow he's closing deal. What's the deal, make a deal make the deal make a dream. Hey there, boy mark, the D am coming to you from beautiful Parkland, Florida. I have a crazy schedule over the next couple of weeks. But before I get into that, I just want to let you know, if the show is making an impact in any way, shape or form. Make sure to share the show with your friends or colleagues on social media. If you do share on social media, make sure to tag me, I'll make sure to get you some eyeballs on you as well for saying thank you. Not only that, if you haven't taken a couple minutes and got over to the platform, you're listening to the show on and give us a five star review. Do so now the reason that's important is there's someone right now setting that needs help. They're online searching and they're gonna find some of these fake gurus, it's never done business, it's going to tell them 19 year old life coaches that tell them how to live life, you know, people have been in business for two years, that's never made a dime except selling you how to be in business. And then they're gonna get bad information and mess up their life. And we don't want to do that. So you have a hand in that you can be able to share your positive insight, what the show means to you the making of a DM, and what you're learning. And just when you do that the algorithms push us up, we get more eyeballs, we get more exposure. I don't take any ads here. I don't charge anything to be here. I want to be here because I want to help people I want to help themselves. So I just want to say thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing. And as, like I said, I got a pretty crazy next couple weeks, Friday, and four days from now, me and my wife be hopping in the jet headed down to Austin, Texas for a quick turn and burn. We could leave Friday get back Monday at 4pm East Coast time, jump in the car, go over to the hotel, on the 27th I'll be at the hotel, I have an event from six to 9pm. Soon as I get up the next day on the 28th I go from you know, I gotta get up six at you know, 444 workout, I'll be down at the thing at 8am till about 4pm with a bunch of guys high level 50k group. And then at 6pm we have a movie premiere. That's right, I have a documentary coming out about the dealmaker from trailer parks to millions, it's going to be a cool episode, I've never seen it before ever in my life, I'll see it for the first time on the 28th, which I'm excited with about 150 people so it's gonna be really cool. And I'm honored and excited my parents would be in there my in laws, it's gonna be neat, my kids. So very excited about that. On the first as well. I got two guys coming in one guy recently sold a company for a billion he's coming in to speak to the group. And another guy just sold a company for 115 million. And both of these guys have large nine figure real estate portfolios as well. So we're gonna be talking about where we're at what's going on, how they got there, and all that stuff. So that's just a couple things. And I got a lot more stuff going on, as well. But I just want to let you know, before I get started here today, entrepreneurship is hard. You know, I know a lot of people maybe even watching me might think it looks easy, it sounds easy. You know, right before I got on here and shot this episode, I didn't want to do it. I was honestly about just ready to head out and go hang out for the day, go to cigar bar, meet a buddy, talk about some business stuff I got going on. It's much easier, sometimes more fun to talk about the cool stuff that we're going to do. Not the stuff we have to do or we supposed to do. And I just want you to be clear wherever you're at in the journey. Know that this is a process. I've been doing business now for 26 and a half years. I've never had a W two job my entire adult life. And I can tell you like I still want to quit probably 20 times today already. I wanted to quit I didn't want to do the Facebook posts. I didn't want to do the Instagram lives. I don't want to shoot the show. But these are things that we have to do to get the results that we want because my goals and my dreams are bigger than the problem the process. So I just want you to know, I know. It's like cool yeah, man, we get to you know, make money and do whatever. Well, I've I'm beyond the point of making money for myself. I want to help other people make money and gain insights in their life and grow their their empire and grow their masterpiece of their life. and themselves. So I guess what I'm saying is just don't quit. Just don't quit, the only way you can lose as an entrepreneur is if you quit. I've been kicked in the teeth punched in the gut nuts practically chopped off multiple times in the same day. And you just keep going. There's days you want to tap out many times, there's moments that you just get, it just hurts, and I get it. But also, it hurts when you sit there and watch people do knowing like, this is why I talk about, you know, you got super get committed, get get some structure in your day, like, that's why I wake up early every morning. It's why I do my workout in the morning. It's why I get my stuff done in the morning, from 430 in the morning, till 11 o'clock in the morning, I've done more work in that time, and accomplished more things. Let me be clear, though, I'm not talking about work, I'm talking about accomplishing things, getting things done, than most people do their entire week. And that's just one day. And I'm not saying this to brag, I'm just saying this is stuff I've created these habits I've created to keep me focused on the goal. It's easy to want to quit, it's easy to want to give up, it's easy to get beat up and you know, get beat up every day. And entrepreneurship. It's it's, it's a journey. So, again, that's what I want to talk to you today about. So the thing is, what are you doing or not doing that's robbing you of your future? What I'm really talking about is, as an entrepreneur, I see so many great people doing so much work with so little results. And I'm not saying I'm always afraid to share this kind of stuff. Because I don't want you to think that you don't do anything and you make lots of money doing nothing. That's not what I stand for. That's not what it is in any way, shape, or form. But I do know as a hillbilly kid from small town, Ohio, that had a gunner company that did everything barely made ends meet then got exciting when the company barely made ends meet then did a garage or company barely. It's like, I know for a fact, as you evolve, if you don't change this mindset, you don't start asking better questions, start thinking about your time different, starts thinking about your value different, start thinking about your goals different, you're going to wake up 1020 3040 years later, pissed off in your life, realizing that you were focused on the wrong problems. You were doing the wrong things, it's very tough. It's impossible to build $100 million, your company doing $10 An hour task, right? It's impossible. So what I want to be very clear with you is that my goal today is to kind of talk to you about the mindset shift I had I remember when I transitioned from gutters, siding, windows, roofing, all this stuff to garage doors to then doing rehabs full time, and I did hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rehabs for myself and other people, retail and investors. What I realized is that I can't do everything. I can't be everywhere. I can't be everything for everybody. But I tried. And when I did that, I always create a constraints on growth. I created constraints on myself, I was working 1618 hours a day, most of you listening to my voice, you genuinely don't know how to make more money. Because you're genuinely tapped out timewise you just don't have enough time in the day. So it's not about you not working hard. It's about what are we working hard on. And a lot of people I know, work get very obsessed about things that are not going to move the needle. So when I I got very scared when I went full time into rehabbing because I'm like, Oh my gosh, I'm going to lose everything. And they got rid of those companies. And I did lose everything actually gained a lot. I created another gel made a little bit more money in this gel, the gel, meaning my rehab company, and my real estate company. But then as I exited into doing real estate full time, one thing I started doing is realizing there's a lot of things here someone to say a lot of stuff. So hopefully you might have to listen to twice. But like in real estate, I gotta find deals. The way to find deals is through marketing, networking, and all that good stuff, right? I got to tie up deals, I gotta go inspect pre deals before we purchase, right? I gotta go raise money. If I'm buying them for cash. We got to rehab them. We got to close them. We got to sell them. We got to fix. I mean, there's a million things inside of businesses, right. So I started looking at this a little deeper, I started asking different questions to get different answers. And I know a lot of people say, oh, man, there's no such thing as dumb questions. You're right. There's dumb people, uneducated people not asking good questions. There. You're like, that's when you get stuck because you're like, dude, I'm doing everything I know how to do. Why am I not getting the growth? And for me, because I'm dumb. I have to like get so mad and so frustrated with the situation I'm at before I actually start thinking differently to make a bigger change. So for me, I'll give it some context. In real estate My time is better spent running ads, I'm good at creating advertisement and marketing. I could run advertisements, and I get the phone's blown up and get phones ringing. Well, I can answer all the calls. So what I did, I'd hired two or three people in the beginning to answer calls. Hi, you know, Boca homebuyers, how can I help you blah, blah, blah, blah, three bedroom, two bath XYZ. So we created a process a formula, if you will, on intaking leads, and then the leads would come in, and then they'd go to me. And so right there, I eliminated hours a day, right? They're just taking calls, right. And then I got over to the processing side, where I'd take a lead sheet, and I'd process the leads, this is all manual. By the way, this was not computer days. This is like early 2000s. So I'd literally look at the lead sheet and say, Hey, we can make this offer at this number. Here's where we're at bla bla bla bla. And I would do this and they'd go back to them, and then they'd sell the to close the deal. Why all that's going on, we have to realize, like when I'm saying, hey, I'll pay 100 grand for this will pay 30 grand for this, I'll pay 20 grand for that I'll pay 50,000 for this, all this stuff, I'm making financial commitments, right? If all these offers get accepted, I better have the money, let's say 500 grand sitting in an account ready to execute. So why all these guys or gals are talking and taking deal flow. I'm on the other side, creating conversations with private investors talking about private money, understanding how to get their money in play how to make eight or 10% on their money through secured real estate by Bubble Bubble blob being the bank XYZ, right. So I my time was spent marketing generating activity, while the best time was spent by going out and getting the money because you need both of those sides to make the middle work. And then it gets better. So I used to go to all the houses myself, because I understand the difference from a footer and a foundation to the soffit and facia, you know, tile went, you know, the windows to do all that stuff, right headers, etc. So I started saying, okay, when I'm going to this house, how can someone else do this? For me? That sounds scary, right? Especially the control freaks, right? I know how to look at a house, I can tell you if it's five grand or 50 grand for rehab fairly quickly, and it can be in the ballpark of a 20% ratio either way. So I started creating an intake form on that side, I'd say, Hey, Steve, you got a property 123 Highland, walk over there, get over there. And fill out the sheet and let us know take some pictures, here's how it looks. Take this picture, take that picture. Like they have to take like 80 to 100 pictures, literally, rough foundation basement, you know, any bad areas that looks like the front yard, the backyard, east, west, south, north, up, down, left, right, like we had a structure of doing this. So I would pay that person anywhere from 50 to $100 to do that, and the average person could go to three to four properties a day. $50 a day, that's $200 a day, that's a pretty good income. It's about 50 grand a year, simply taking pictures and filling out paperwork. So now I'm at the office, I don't have to go anywhere, I'm advertising, we're running leads, the calls are getting made and accepted. Intake Forms are being put on my desk while the forms are being put on my desk. I'm you know, on the other line, talking to people about private money or meeting people for lunch, or going to networking events, or speaking on stages or doing conference calls, etc. And then just talking about money planting the seeds, right constantly, every day, I still do it today, talking about money, money, money, money, what do you got? What are you working with? What are you looking for? What do you what's your risk tolerance? What's your investment strategies? What are you trying to accomplish? XYZ, right? That's something I do every single day still, just because I've done it so many times. It's just ingrained in me. So while that's going on, these properties went out for 50 grand, the sellers like oh my god, my house is beautiful. It doesn't need anything. Then I look at the report. Okay, we offered 50 It's worth 100 When it's fixed up, it needs 20,000 worth so we're at 70 cents on the dollar. Okay, kind of fits in the ballpark. But then our inspector goes out and he's like, Yo, this place needs about 30,000 and work. Okay, well, hey, Steve, you got to call the seller and this is factual negotiations. See I'm not trying to steal a deal I'm trying to just get a good deal and do volume right so they go back Steve get on the phone a Nancy the seller, here's the deal. We had some buyers, you know, XYZ here's where we're at, here's where we need to be. This is something you can make work. If not, that's fine. If so let's let's take the next step. Next step would be title headed over to the title. Make sure there's nothing wrong with the title, get insurance, title insurance offset, set up the closing, and we close the deal. So I would eliminate myself out of 90% of the effort. The daily effort like work, right I had to work someone has to work to do the ad someone has to work to take the phone calls. Someone has to work to go look at the property someone has to work at renegotiating deal. Someone has to work at initiating title someone has to work to go to closing all these pieces, minus running ads initially, and getting the money and in telling the people where we'd be out on them numbers. That's all I did all day long. So I got really good at doing deal analysis in seconds and boom, boom, boom, why are they selling? You know, what's their motivation? Why are they selling? Where are they at? What's the dollars? Right? So that was phase one of my real estate changing of the journey. So as I did that, I started asking different questions, better questions, deeper questions. Okay. Now I've got a lot of this off my plate, how can I do more volume without me being involved in all these steps? So I hired a marketing person, once my marketing stuff works, hire someone paying five grand a month to run the ads to manage ads. What happened is they actually did a better job than me why? Because they only had one job to do run ads and make sure that they're performing at these numbers. When I was doing it, I was doing three other jobs, right, I was running ads, you know, looking at deal analysis, and then getting the money. Those are three separate jobs inside the one thing, and we all do this. Well, they all it's no big deal. We do all this anyways. Yeah, we do, but probably not that good. So when I handed it off, our volume actually doubled. So I paid $5,000 To go from 10 deals a month to 20 deals a month, just like that, that just that one piece, and a lot of you listen to my voice, you're thinking, Oh, my God. But what if it doesn't work? Well, what if it doesn't work? I'm still back to square one. Whereas that anyways, but the real question, what I always ask myself is, what is it fucking did work? It did work. It worked so well. And I'll share more of that in a second. But like it worked. So well, we hired two marketing people, right? We ultimately got where we did over 100 deals in a month, like our consistent numbers were 50 to 70 deals a month like clockwork, that's not easy to do in real estate, by the way. So that's not BS, you know, took time to do that took time to get there. But I had to change my thought process, I had to hire people, I had to take my money, and go hire people to put in place once I define the roles and responsibilities, and have them go out and execute the plan. So hired that marketing person, they grew that they doubled the front end lead gen, which would double the front, which would double deal flow. And then I'm like, Okay, now we had four inspectors, we had four inspectors going to all these properties, because, right, if we get 100 leads in, we might take 50, you know, look at 50. And that means you got to inspect 50 properties, and then out of the 50, you might buy 20 of them 20 ish, 30 to 40 50%, maybe on a good month of those deals. So you're spending a little bit of money. This way most people don't do it's like, well, you're spending money, right? Because it's $50 times fitness, $2,500 and inspection fees a month. If we use $50 as the number, well, that's okay. Because it's my time's worth more than $2,500 My time is way worth more than $50 if you're looking at independent piece, but what I did, I had to switch my gears, I had to go full hardcore on raising money. And then as we're raising money, you know, connecting with people letting them know getting involved in deals, just deal making, right? Put them in a deal for 50. We sell in 30 days, they make 53,000 we make our money, they make their money, they're like how do I do more, we just kept doing more and more and more and more and more and grown with them. And they got to a point of closings. I just could not go to all the closings, we had so many closings going on. Because keep in mind, I'm just talking about 20 deals we're buying. And for buying 20 We got to be selling 20 because that was our model we'd buy, fix up, put them in rentals, and then sell them that was our model just churn and burn turnkey is what they call it. So I'd be at closings all the time. And then I was like, Well, what if I don't go to closings? And everyone's like, Dude, you can't you cannot not go to closings. I'm like, says who? Like do you think Trump is going to all his closing? Do you think so and so is going to all their close? It's impossible. So what I did, I started learning about power of attorneys, having people that could sign documents on my behalf, if they got to the certain point, right. So I get hired, I could pay my lawyer to go in and sign documents. For me, they're already there. What was called the title company, I used the lawyer in there, and the title company, and a mortgage broker company and all that, like we had, it was a full service office space. So it was great to have them. I'm sitting there having a meeting at a chicken wing shop, getting a beer and chicken wings, I'm guessing selling money, you're talking to people about money. While that's going on. People are buying deals, people are selling deals, people are inspecting deals, and I'm focused on the pieces growing the company revenue. By the way, all these pieces are equally important. So don't get it twisted. Like if the deal flow stops on the front end, I don't need to raise as much money. If the inspections break down. And they're not being done, right. I can't do more deal flow which I'd lose more money like, so they all have to come together. And as an entrepreneur as an owner, these are things that we must be doing. We need to be thinking, Where is our highest value in the organization and Company? Right now? I'm building another company. Right? Cool. Well, let me stop for a second before I share that. Go backwards again for so keep in mind that all that real estate stuff I talked about. There's a counting. There's people have to get paid every week like employees and contractors. There's note holders that have to get paid. There's a lot of accounting pieces. I used to do all this myself crazy. And I know people do it. Like then I hired someone for $1,800 a month as a thought third party company I hired for $1,800 a month to come in and take all that off my plate. Literally, it freed up so much mental space that allowed me to even double the business again, right? See when you have to like, why in the right mind? Would you want to grow your business, if you grow your pain point, if you're listening, my voice, probably accounting and paperwork is a pain point for you. If it was, it is definitely for me. So instead of doing, I can't grow because I like I would always pop the growth because I do and I can't grow anymore. Because if I grow this, then I grow the problem. And the problem was, I don't want to do paperwork. Problem is, it's already a shitty mess right now. If I grow it, it's going to be a way bigger problem. So I'd always subconsciously pull back. Marketing is not working, slow it down, Steve, I can't buy the deal. They need to be different numbers, blah, blah, blah, I create all these excuses and problems. But yet my dreams and goals kept driving me to the next step. So you gotta get focused on what you really want this business to do for you. And you got to start looking at this. I know people have money in their bank account, but they don't hire people because they're afraid of messing it up. Newsflash, you're going to mess it up. Get don't mess it up on purpose. But if you have a job roles, responsibilities, and you have a budget, hire people, get them in your system, have them help you grow your empire, your organization, you have to share the vision. They have to know where they're at, where they're going, what their jobs roles, responsibilities are and an execution mode. So all these things are over the top. And I see great people trying to do all these things working very hard. They're running ads, they're taking calls, they're being diligent on data. They have the best CRM under the moon, but they are going inspecting every property. They're going to Home Depot and Lowe's and contracting companies. And they're negotiating deals and they're doing this and they're doing that, then they're trying to raise money to do more deals. But they're so busy, they don't have time to raise money, so they can't do more deals, and they can't do another deal until they close the deal they already bought with someone else's money. And then by time that happens, 14 deals have passed by their their inbox and they're like, frustrated and angry. Why can't I fix this? What's going on? Because we're not asking the right questions. We're not doing the right activities. How can you be mad if you're gaining weight, but you're eating Cheetos and Doritos or drinking beer all day? You can't be mad, you're doing the wrong activities to get the results that you're seeking or desiring, right? So good and good house, we got to get better at asking better questions. How do you want this thing to look in the future. And if you fast forward to today, by the way, that was like a long time ago. And I do this with every business. I'm trying to figure out how not to work in any business. My job is not to work in the business. My job is to constantly work on the business on top down. So I can share a vision, share growth, be on the lookout for hiring people, right? So we have another company we started about 18 months ago, and it's crushing it. We've hired lots of people, we have new office space coming on board. We have lots of salespeople, lots of affiliates, 2500 affiliates, we have all these pieces, all these people, from call centers to cold callers to intake forms to document prep people to x I mean, it's it's a lot, it's a lot of moving parts.

(23:15) And counting, I always forget about counting because I try to avoid accounting like the plague, right? But you need great accounting. So as this is going, I spend maybe an hour a day in that business. And when I say in it, from 1030 to 11. I'm on the phone with people, my team, my core team, my top down guys, my COO, the managers, etc. We're talking about where we're at where we're going, what's going on. And I only do that Mondays and Fridays, by the way. So I hired great people, what have skill sets in each vertical each category great and cells check, great and document prep, they love documents, I hate it, check, pay great and managing people day to day you love it, check, hey, you're great and software development check. So we have these people these components. And again, this cost money, this this isn't. When I say cost to me, it's an investment, right? Because I'm going to invest in all these people. And they're going to level up the company, we're going to grow the company. The good news is that company does very well already. As we're evolving, it's going to do very, very, very well. Not just for me as the owner, but also all the people involved in the levels, because they all get to grow with me. So if I started that business and looked at it a little differently, and said, you know, how do I do everything? I'll take the calls, I'll take the documents, I'll do the software developer, I can save a couple bucks. I'll do this, I'll do that. So many of you are trying to save money and I messed this up for years. I tried to save money on things, and it always cost me double or triple of dollars. But what we really forget is we just lost three months, three weeks, three years of time. It's not the money I'm worried about. And when you really understand that. It's not just the money that you're worried about. It's the time that you're losing the momentum, right you're you're crushing, crushing, crushing, boom, and then the momentum pulls back on you That's tough. So, what are you doing or not doing that's robbing you of your future. If you're not taking money, it's in your bank account hiring great people to help you grow your organization. You're robbing from your future. If you're not take looking at your business saying, How do I hire someone? How can these processes proceed? This piece out? By the way, in real estate, everyone told me, I did this in 2005. By the way, everyone told me, Evans real estate's a chest to chest business, there's no way in hell, you can buy real estate without meeting the seller. Well, I did 1000s of deals without meeting a seller. Are you going to lose some deals by not meeting the seller? Absolutely. But I'm not worried about doing one or two deals or losing 10 deals. In the grand scheme of things. I'm worried about automating systematizing and structuring with great systems, great organization, and great people. That's what I'm focused on. See the people that were telling me like, Dude, you're losing deals. They're doing two deals a month. So if they lost one deal a month, that was a problem, we went from 10 deals to 50 deals and beyond a month, not meeting a seller in person doing virtual remote rehabs, with great teams on the ground. Now, that didn't always work out well, but it doesn't work out. Well, even when you're local, even when you're showing up the job every day by yourself with them. It doesn't work out well all the time. It's called business. And I think a lot of times real business. People want to play it. They want to act like it's easy. I'm not saying I didn't lose sleep. I'm not saying I don't dry heat once in a while. I don't say you don't get overwhelmed. I don't say I don't freak out. But what I'm saying is that, if we're going to freak out, if we're going to get overwhelmed, if we're going to be dry heaving, why not do it where it makes a lot of fucking money. And it's worth it. Because they're all that when I was doing all that I wasn't making that much money initially, like 100 grand a year, maybe gross in the company. Right? That was back in the day 96. And then I got to a million dollars gross. That's not even a lot of money. Back then, because you're pouring all the money back in the company. See, most of you make 300 grand and you go and spent living $400,000 lifestyle. You gotta be educated and dedicated to the process, where are you at and where you want to go. Stop taking the vacations, stop playing business, start being in business, you can live the life of your dreams. If you'd slow down on the play, and get serious and get in the trenches and really get to work on the game. On the real big picture. Like you are a masterpiece, you got to work this thing. You got to build the brain, read, write, deploy work. I'm not saying not to go play. But there's a time and place for playing work. And most of you're too busy for compliant. Too busy watching people on Instagram, do a thorough vacation. Why can I? Well, you don't know what they did you don't even know what they're doing. Nor does it matter. I'm focused on me economy. I wrote a book about it right? So I got too busy on me. What do I Who do I need to become to run a real organization, and then it just gets bigger, because then you start hiring people that can make financial decisions for you see, in real estate, there's a lot of financial decisions that have to be made. And that's a process to let go. For me the hardest part was when I was selling properties, I was really connected with a lot of these buyers. They're my buddies, they become friends of mine. So I had to figure out a way to transfer my relationship over to a sales guy or gal. So I had to transfer my relationship over to sales guy or gal. And when I did that, it'd be something like, Hey, Steve, you gotta meet and she's amazing, she'll take great care of you. The truth is, she'll take way better care of you than I can. Because I'm running around here like a chicken with my head cut off. And she she's directly working with the deals, she'll give you better insights. She's going to be on the phone, she's more available than I am. And she'll help you accomplish your goals with our company. Are you cool with that cool. Handoff the relationship. Now again, at first, it sounds weird because you're an owner. And this is your baby. And you're going to feel like oh my gosh, I'm handing over the reins, I'm handing over the keys to the castle. This is a process you got to undo. You got to unlearn your bad habits, your bad behaviors, your bad behaviors of you being a control freak. You think no one could do it as good as you. You're the best is the game Bobo, that may be the case on some of these. But again, if you're the best person at doing a $10 an hour job, and you're doing it trying to figure out how to make $100 million your company out of this. You might as well just toss it up. You're done. Like it can't work. It will never work. It shouldn't cause a lot of agony, frustration, overwhelmed, anxiety attack, it's not worth it. So what I'd recommend is sit down, grab a pen and paper, pen and pad and paper. Write, write down. What do you do all day? Most of you listening to my voice probably only really accomplished like maybe three or four real things a day if that you're busy all day. same people coming tomorrow, come try to figure out balance with my family. Show me what you do all day. Most majority 90% of your work is just work. I get hired out to $5 an hour people at a foreign in a foreign country to do it. To me, I just don't have enough money. You don't? Do you want balance or money? Do you want time with your family money? I don't believe in balance, by the way. But do you want time with your family or money? Right. The cool thing about this is, once you get really dialed in all these activities you're doing, you think you're very important, all these activities. I'm not important in any of my activities, except division driving, and making the big decisions. I only hear the real, real bad stuff. By the way, at this point. I only I got to deal with the real, real bad stuff. By time it gets to me it's, it's like, oh, shit, it's bad, right? And that happens daily, by the way. So you got to get good at this, you got to get better at making bigger decisions.

(30:51) Because they sound big right now. But I can go hire someone for 4000 a month to build x, y and z. I can have them do this for it's going to free up 12 hours a day in my time, three hours a day 12. What is your time worth? What is your time worth? I see a lot of great people, like I said earlier working way too hard for too little. And it's not about working. I want it I want you to focus on getting results. I don't care if you work a minute, or an hour or 100 hours a day. Just get the results that you're desiring. Most people don't have the mindset, or the wherewithal of what they're actually doing and why they're not they're pissed off or they're not getting results. Well, the results will never show up. If the 100 million dollar results will never show up. If you're doing the $10 an hour stuff. Get the work. Get serious about it. Most importantly, if this show, I would love to hear like how many hours a week you're putting in right now. And not only that, how many hours a week, have you ever met the guy or gal that's working like three hours a day, that's producing millions of dollars a year. And then I meet the people it's working 16 hours a day that barely get make ends meet, I used to be that guy. I can tell you right now I work way less. And I make way, way more. But by 1000s and 1000s of percentages more by working less, but I'm working smarter. Now that does not say I'm investing a lot more money and people. I have different businesses, I'm investing and growing and pushing that says I'm scared too. But that's a different time different place for that conversation. But I'm telling you now, if you don't start valuing and understanding great people start hiring for these pieces inside your organization, you're going to wake up many years later, pissed off that you did not leverage your dollars today to get the future you desire. The time is now we got to get very clear on what you're doing very clear on what's taking up your time. Is it important for you to do it or not do it not based off you but based off of where you're going. And you know, and get serious about getting a plan in place to start executing it accordingly. So I want you to let me know what's going on you can let me know at Mark Evans DM on Instagram shoot me a message. By the way, this is the same shit we talk about inside of the DM Alliance. If you're not in a group with badass killers, crushing it in business in life and growing what we're talking about on a daily weekly basis, that group is for you. It's only $1,000 a month, you can always message me in Instagram at Mark Evans DM type in DM Alliance. I'll get you a link you can learn about it, what's going on what we're up to. But there's amazing people doing amazing things in all types of businesses. I don't care what kind of business you're in. There's people in this group that's doing these types of businesses. And they're growing and they're pushing. Not everyone's got it figured out. And by the way, no one has it figured out including me. I'm still figuring out the growth, the bigger levels the next level, but I bring on amazing people amazing guests. Most importantly, I show up every single day to help you grow your empire to grow your business and get you on the path trajectory of a whole nother level. So keep me posted shoot me a message let me know. Let me know that the show was amazing for you today. If it hit home, let me know. But again, what are you doing or not doing? That's robbing you from your future

(34:14) I'm hurting helping you discover freedom. No question Warren Gavin's when he stepped in the Dow was a deal maker, a deal maker, not just the deal maker dream. The journey where it's all about the process and the project was a while ago so I know how we come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanting to make money pregnancy no one making more than graduated high school with a 1.8. And to me, my principals and teachers are alive this to witness this. Somehow you're running away. Thank you businesses walk away from it all. Now be not being called to help people just like come to everybody chasing the money but I'm not chasing the money chasing the purpose or game that's where we add isn't gonna get us where we want to go to push come to learn come to grow. I'm hurting helping people without knowing how to discover freedom. No question more Kevin's when he stepped into dow he knows what the deal maker, a deal maker, deal maker dream made the journeys where it's all about the process and the project dealmaker FileMaker. project

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