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Everyone in the media, business circles, and the real estate community is plastered with fear.

In short, everyone is retracting from business, real estate, the market, and becoming filthy stinkin’ rich.

But while everybody’s panicking, and the so-called chips are down, there’s never been a better opportunity to push forward:

Work more hours. Network with more people. Establish your position as an expert while everyone else is cowering in their boots. And you’ll reap the wealth everyone else can only ever dream about.

You might be thinking…  easier said than done, right?


In today's episode, I reveal the billionaire mindset you need to adopt to add another 0 to bank account. I’ll also uncover why looking up to Gary Vee could mutilate your time with your kids, wife, and even drive you to suicide.

Listen now.

Show highlights include: 

  • Why investors with $20 million in cash are terrified of the recession (and why adopting “protection mode” could cripple you by the end of 2023) (5:26)
  • The trick to prosper while 95% of other investors have their head buried in the sand (7:08)
  • The “WYPTR” question that instantly ease your fears about the recession (even if you’re going to lose your entire real estate portfolio) (8:00)
  • How to avoid wasting time on unproven business models and specifically go after proven money makers (15:23)

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(00:00): Welcome to the making of a dm. Will the upcoming recession make or break you? This show is about to light a fire under you. Please have a pen and paper ready because we're about to turn it up. So with that said, let's get started.

(00:23): A more deals deal. I'm here to help and teach him what I know and how freedom. There ain't no questions when he's closing. I just, what the for saying for, I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. Hey there, your Boy, Mark got D . As I'm talking to you, I see a 12 point buck, about 300 yards. No, not a 300, about a hundred yards from me. About 300 feet down the go. Its pretty wild. This thing is huge. But that's a side note. Getting started here today from the tree out in Kirkland Hills, Ohio. Thinking about you guys wanna share some real stories with you in regards to what's going on in the world. Before I do, I just wanna say thank you guys so much for sharing the show. I'm getting tons and tons of messages, and if I don't get back to you immediately, please, I'm not trying to avoid you. I have hundreds of people a day messaging me, and sometimes they go to spam. Sometimes I try to reply back as fast as possible, just so you know. So I'm not trying to be a dick and not message you.

(01:41): I do all my own social media accounts. I'm not here handing it off to an assistant or social guy or whatever. I want to know you. That's why I'm here. I want to connect. I want to get to know you. We connect, we do opportunities. I just got off the phone right before this with a guy that follows me on Instagram and we just started talking and probably spend about 30 minutes on the phone with them. But he's gone places and it gets me excited. He's doing it already and he's around the 600 k year mark. But when he gets done there's some opportunities that he could easily pull levers on. It could be the two, 3 million range in the next 12 months. Easily, easily. I see it, but oftentimes the people I'm talking to at that moment. But that's okay. That's part of the game. So let's talk about something real. And as you know, we talk real stuff here every day. And this is ultra real. So I, you guys know, I talk a lot about the thought audit, thought auditing. When I say a word, I wanna be rich. What does that mean to you? What emotions does it draw up? And I see so many people fucking bickering back and forth online, Dude, Rich is, it's not money doesn't make you happy and this and that. It's like, Dude, I'm not saying that truth is stupid. Filthy rich is what I want. I'm talking so much money you can't, like, I don't even know what's going on. It's already hard. Now I want a hundred x more, a thousand x more, right? Because dollars to me is means value. You bring to a marketplace. I'm past. If I make money, can buy a new car.

(03:19): I can already do that now or a new house or whatever, right? But I wanna talk about the thing at hand today. And I want you to be thinking about this because maybe you're on the treadmill, maybe you're in your car, maybe you're just sitting here meditating and listening to the show. I want to share some very big words with you that have real, real, real deep meaning. And they're being thrown around candy right now. And that's not by accident, that's by design. So I'm gonna share one word with you right now. You ready? I want you to literally, when I say it, I want you to think for a minute about what it does to you. What? Think about ready recession. We're in a recession. The recession is here.

(04:10): Do you get scared? Do you get excited? Do you feel like you're missing out? Do you feel like you're winning? Do you feel like you don't have enough? Do you feel like you're weak financially? Do you feel exposed? Most people listening to my voice has had it pretty easy for the last 10 years. The market, just the general vibe of all markets, crypto, stock, real estate, business in general has been pretty fucking easy. You've been touting online how easy it is, how you're so fucking smart. You got it all figured out. You're taking 14 vacations a year. You're hanging out like you got it all, everything recession. See, the thing is, if you even remotely close, have a TV on near you, hopefully you don't have much TV on ever. But if you do, like you're at the airport or at the gym or whatever, all you see is headlines. We're in a recession, recession, recession, recession. I know people that are worth, they have 20 million sitting in the bank and they're fucking scared because they keep hearing the word recession all the time. They're in protection mode, not growth mode. Massively different approaches to life protection or growth.

(05:49): See, there's a lot of everyday people out here living on the streets that got a handout of money from the government. They're out there buying the new iPhone, all these toys, going on vacations, buying stupid shit. They're fucking broke. And then you increase gas prices, you increase your living expenses, right? Food, electric, gas, water, all that on top of everything else. But now they're so fucking complacent and lazy. They don't even wanna work. But they expect to make a hundred million dollars a day doing nothing. They're in trouble. But for you in recession, I want you to really, really, really understand what that does to you. See, all you fuckers love saying when there's blood on the streets, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, what if that's your fucking blood on the street? Now what? See, this is not a doom and gloom show today. Trust me. This is a high level realization show that I want you to get very crystal clear on what these words mean to you. More importantly, we're gonna talk about what you need to do with them.

(06:58): If you're listening to my voice, if you made a million dollars last year, you gotta work like you make 10 million this year to make the same million. That's the truth. I see a lot of you guys very complacent head in the sand, hunkering down, not communicating with your audience. Your people struggle bus by yourself. The bus is huge, but it's only you and the road. This is when mentorships and masterminds and coaches are critical and crucial at the highest level for your success. This is when you being genuinely honest with yourself, first and foremost, and everyone else around you of where you're at and where you are going. A lot of you have got away with a lot of bullshit of faking the market. Made it easy. But you're here for a reason. You're here because you want to be better. You're here because you know, don't know everything I hope.

(08:00): But I see a lot of people. I was just talking with a guy four days ago, and he is bawling. Literally. He's gonna lose his house and he has a lot of real estate. He's in trouble. Big trouble. I asked one simple question, What's your path to revenue? Here's the big no no. He's like, I have no clue. I was like, Well, how have you got this far? He's like, Dude, everything I bought just made money, huh? That's not good. That's not good. See, the recession isn't bad for everybody. But the way the media paints it like it's you against the world of the media, just the way the media just constantly fills your brain, depending how old you are listening the show, I was in the game back in oh 5, 0 6, 7, 0 8, we thrived because we were down to reality with ourself. I knew it was coming. We all knew it was coming. We were watching it real time as we are right now. I want you to know, what does recession mean to you? How are you going to use the word recession to be resilient, to be profitable, to grow bigger and faster than you ever thought was possible? Are you gonna grow through acquisition mode? Are you gonna grow because you've forged amazing relationships with great people to hunker down with and evolve?

(09:40): Or are you just gonna tap out? Are you gonna take the easy path? Are you gonna just accept it for what it is? Whatever you decide, just know this. You're in charge of the decision. And just because the decision may be easier today, doesn't mean it's going typically will never serve you in the future. I'm seeing it. I'm feeling it. I see people that are borrowing money from hard working people, that 100 fucking percent will not be able to pay these people back with what's going on in the market. They're avoiding the conversation. They're hiding from the person. That story does not end well, my friend. Another word I keep seeing, throwing around like it's water and candy. Catastrophic, catastrophic. Do you understand these words? Recession and catastrophic. They have deep, deep meaning. You better control this shit cuz it's in your brain. You control the word meaning to you. Most importantly, the outcome. How do you use these words as fuel? That's the questions you need to be figuring out. I want you to look at what you have. I want you to take audit of everything you got going on everything. And if you're like me, you feel like you have nothing going on, . But we have a lot going on, right? For example, I might say podcast show, dm, alliance, dm, family media company, real estate company, lending company, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And then I'm gonna, I'm say, okay, how many years have they been in business? What kind of gross top line revenue are we creating? What is it generating mean net? Is it a frustrating business or an easy business, right? Cause not all business are created equal. Am I looking to scale it and grow it? Or am I looking just to maintain and stuff the cash out of it?

(11:50): There's no right or wrong. I'm just asking questions because I created these problems and I also create these solutions to the problems I've created my life just like you have. So we gotta get very crystal clear. I wanna ask you a question, and I want you to think about this. Today's a very deep thought podcast show, but I wanna A, what do you want in the next 12 months? I want you to write those answers down. It's a lot. It could be a lot of answers. Probably what's more important, I want you to hear me cuz this might sound silly, but it's very, very, very true. The most important question, when I'm dealing with what's going on in today's economical times, I'm more asking what do I not want? See the people that have been sharing leverage, leverage, leverage, leverage, leverage, pay attention. There's gonna be lots of bankruptcies, lots of foreclosures, lots of different narratives are going on. Not about leverage, if that's what you're about, do it. But smart leverage and bad leverage are Dr. Drastically different outcomes. But back to the main point, I'm more focused on what I do not want. Because a lot of you listen to my voice, are going to go do things for the quick buck.

(13:16): Deep down inside is not serving you. Where you're at and where you want to go kind of goes against what you believe in to make the move. Because you're desperate. Desperate people do desperate things. I want you to get very crystal clear. I want us to hunker down. I want you to work longer hours. I want you to work harder hours. I want you to work smarter hours. This truly is where champions are made in times like this. I've seen a lot of clowns talking shit for a lot of years. And unfortunately a lot of people listening to 'em as if they know what they're talking about, they don't understand even how to read a fucking p and l. They don't understand what cost is. They don't understand anything they're fucking doing. Actually, you don't have to believe me. Just watch . Just watch. Listen, I kind of know what I'm doing on a lot of this shit.

(14:11): And that's not cocky. That's the truth. I've been doing it long enough. I, I still fuck it up. So I'm not judging them. I'm just telling you like I'm real with myself. The majority of you guys are fucking lying to yourself and everyone else around you. We have to hunker down. This is why the DM Alliance membership will grow. I truly believe if you're not in the DM Alliance at a thousand a month, you're going to fucking get slaughtered in the day to days. It sounds harsh because it is. Where are you going to help get help? Where are you going to learn to grow? Where are you going to learn how to deal this adversity in your face? Where you're gonna go to share your wins when shit's hitting the fan and really hard to share your wins when everybody else is having challenges around you. The DM Alliance, that's where it's the only community I know that exists that will push, prod, grow, drive, connect, great people together.

(15:20): See, I did a post recently on social asking, Do you suffer from the shiny object syndrome? Right? You're bouncing around all over the place. I used to do this all the time cuz the truth is I'm an opportunist. I wanna take advantage of cool things. I like to be a part of new stuff, fun stuff, exciting stuff. But I'm gonna tell you how to avoid this and set some rules. If you have shiny object syndrome, the majority of the time you're losing time, energy, and money and traction on what's working. Cuz you're not focused. So if something like in essence what I'm saying is if you have shiny object syndrome in essence, and this is just the truth, you're just a whore. A who of opportunity or disguise this opportunity . That's it. Like you have no structure to what you're like. You're like, Dude, I'll do anything. Okay, but what don't you want? Remember we talked about that. What don't you want? What do you want? See if you want 10 million a year business, but all your shiny object shits 500,000 or $50,000 moves, you're not getting to that 10 million anytime soon.

(16:43): I personally don't look at anything to get involved unless I can take it to 10 million. Bare bones. Bare bones. Why my goal's a hundred million plus? Because in real business, the average businesses make 25% in revenue, net 10 million business, 2.5 million to the partners potentially, right? A hundred million, 25 million give or take depending on the model, the product, the service and all that. Those are real businesses. By the way. I'm talking real. I don't need to be in the day to days. We have real COOs, CEOs, all that shit. But if I'm stepping into an adventure with someone and maybe they're at 2 million or a million or 3 million right now, if I don't see I can get them the 10 million in two years or less, I'm not doing it. I have zero desire. It's not that I don't like 'em, I would just tell 'em, Hey, get in the DM Alliance and learn how to do it. You don't need me. I think I could help you push it faster, but it just doesn't meet my criteria. They're not right or wrong. That's just where I'm at in my journey. My season of life, my season of business, my season of financial wherewithal. I used to do this all the time.

(18:04): I used to just do stuff. I was busy. I had lots of things going on. I'd wake up six months later, I'm like, fuck. That was stupid. I lost on many, many, many, many, many things. More importantly, I lost a lot of traction on things that actually were working amazingly well. I'm behind the eight ball on that and I know a lot of people listen to my voice are in the same situation or have been. It's what makes us who we are, but also can take us down very quickly. See, I gotta always remember, not everyone has the mental fortitude that I may have. They can't take too many L's before they just tap out. I'm just a hard head and I just keep going , right? But I've also, again, setting these rules has helped me so much. We all have rules. By the way. If you've ever dated someone, you know what you like. You also know what you don't like. Oh man, I hate when she sucks her teeth. Oh man, I hate when the he hos. Oh, I don't like girls that have whatever, call her hair. I don't like girls that have big boobs, little boobs, big butt, little ass, whatever, guys, same thing, right? Tall, skinny, fat, short, fat, bald, whatever. Like hairy, not hair. We all know what we like and don't like. When's the last time you've sat down and do this with your life in business? Cause I don't want you to create a business that you don't wanna wake up to five years from now. I don't want you, if you're making 20 million, listen to my voice right now or more. I don't want you moonlighting and side hustling on all these stupid ass ideas that make a thousand dollars a week. It's taking away from the big picture.

(19:55): Well, Gary V does. I get it. Not everybody's Gary V. See, like when I hear about Gary v, I think he's a very good dude. But I love, I wanna be with my wife and I wanna be with my kids. I don't want to get a divorce. He got a divorce. So, and again, I'm not judging it, it's just the facts. How can he run a huge company, be out there talking about side hustling, Dawn fucking, and maybe his family's with him? I don't know, but I don't think so. When he is out there garage cell hunting. I'd much rather lay in bed and hang out with my kids. I'd rather take my kids down to Patterson Fruit Farm here in Minter or Kurtland Hills or whatever and hang out and get, go to the pumpkin patch. Don't get me wrong, there's times I wanna fucking go crush business. But I also know my kids are only here for so many years with me. I can go crush business in my hours of the day as well as when they leave. Again, I'm not trying to sound like a dick. It's just my rules. I'm just trying to paint the real picture. See, I listen to people of where I want to be.

(21:03): I want listen to people. That's got what I want. Business. I think you can learn a lot from Gary relationship. I have no clue. I've never seen a picture with him, with his kids, to be honest. Never seen him hanging out, just playing, being a dad. I'm not saying he's a bad dad, by the way. I don't know anything about him on that level. I only know him in the business sense. I don't wanna be known about business. I wanna be known about being a great dad, a great husband, a great leader. Those are more important to me. A great son, a great brother, a great friend. Business is important, but it's not the most important. And these are rules I started creating over the years for myself. These are filtering processes. Like, Hey man, I got a great deal. No, I'm not interested, dude, you're a dick. Okay? I'm not interested cuz it's too fucking small home slice. That's why I don't like it, right? Cuz they ask, Well, why did you not like my deal? Well, dude, it's one, you're a new operator. Two, it's too small. And three, I don't have fucking time to even message you. This takes away from my kids. I have real rules. Anybody knows me and my buddies are saying we all, this is where we're at in our life. Investing a lot of time in my brain, a lot of time in my physical health, all the, it's me time. I wrote a book for God's sake. It's called me Economy about this shit. You can get it on Amazon.

(22:34): But I want you to think about these topics we're talking about. I want everyone listening to my voice to be massively successful on all levels. Some listening to my voice will not make it through. The journey sucks. It sucks. When I'm talking to a grown man and they're crying their eyes out, telling me they're getting lose their house. It's not a call I ever want to have. It sucks to hear that people are getting divorces because money's tight and things have changed and stress goes up. Cause they didn't have their shit in order. See, everyone says, why isn't everyone in business? Cuz if it's so easy, whoever said it was easy. First and foremost, our job is it looks easy from outside in, but there's a lot of moving parts. The game really is not about business. The game is about your mindset, right? Picture right now. You get a phone call from the bank as you're listening to this podcast show and they're like, Your bank has been suspended. Or you get a lawsuit in the mail, or the guy shows up at the door, knocks on the door and hands you a lawsuit. How do you react? What do you do? See, a lot of you aren't prepared mentally, financially, in any way, shape or form for what could happen. I'm very worst case scenario guy in business. I expect the best, but I plan for the worst. We know what's coming. We plan for the best and worse at the same time. We look at it very professionally. It's not always pretty. I fucked this up Two years ago in a business I did, I really missed. So I got too excited to help people. It's a big business. Make many millions of dollars a year in gross Rev. The net revs really small, but it was a volume business. But unfortunately, there's a very big component.

(24:33): The third party vendor that we were utilizing is a piece of shit. it real. And it's huge. It's a huge multi-billion dollar. So it's like we don't have any say. We do everything and they don't. It is just that you're unheard. They just go away. I didn't even think about it. Never even thought crossed my mind. But it's business, it's life. It happens. Sucks. Costs me millions of dollars of my personal money. Many millions. And I'm still getting kicked in the teeth with that business. It's not fun, but it's life. It happens. We could have done what 90% of the other companies done and just shut down and moved on. We're still in the fight. We're still here. The team is amazing. Product is amazing, but it's not catastrophic. , it sucks. Again, the world uses words. They don't even know what they mean.

(25:34): To me, catastrophic is, I'm dying today. That would be catastrophic to me. You lose all your money. It sucks. I don't think it's catastrophic. Why? Cause you can go make more tomorrow sucks. It didn't work out as planned. It never does, ever. It's 10 times harder than you ever think. It's a thousand times smaller than you ever envisioned. It's a lot of work. But what's cool is if you keep your feet moving and you start understanding what we're talking about here on the DM Podcast show about these words, these meanings, these feelings, right? Your feelings. Cuz your feelings are driving. Most of you, Oh, I don't feel like going to work. So you don't work out. That's your feelings. That's why I need you to get very serious about a structure.

(26:29): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, like every day. Fucking have a plan. Execute the plan, drive it. I message my wife, I message her every morning, by the way, in an email sent her kind of like, What's going on? But I was telling her, people are so overwhelmed and they're not sure why they're overwhelmed, but some will make it, some won't. And she's like, What the hell does that mean? ? And so when we were talking after we started talking in person, obviously I'm like, Listen, right now the media's throwing words around like recession, catastrophic. Listen, shit's tight, shit's tightening up. Interest rate's gonna be over eight and a half per eight and a half percent by the end of the year. It's going over 10%, probably by 2023, somewhere around there. And it's gonna stay there for a while. It's interesting to me, I was just talking with my neighbor. He was looking to sell his house for a little over $2 million. And he is like, Dude, you know the realtor set's probably gonna sell on the market for about two years. And he's like, I gotta move all the way to West Coast. I don't wanna do that. Do you have any alternatives? I gave him some alternatives. He's like, Man, I never thought that was possible. He here's a 1.87% interest on his property, his loan pretty good. So his options, he didn't even know, cuz his realtor didn't even tell him. Cuz most realtors don't know what the fuck they're doing. Anyways, that's a whole nother story. Whole nother podcast show. But we need to get serious. We need to get creative. We need to get committed. That's really what we need to do. Get committed to where you're at. Get committed to where you're going. Most importantly, get committed to the actions to make it a reality.

(28:21): I want you to take stock of all your assets, and I'm talking of your social media assets, your email, your buyer's list, your seller's list, your bank account, your IRAs, your 401ks, your relationship capital. I want you to take massive stock of where you're at today, where you're valuable at the most. I see so many people playing so small. I see so many great people that are retracting right now when I'm literally watching them saying, Go fucking harder, bigger, faster. Now's the time. See, we're in a marketplace where everyone's, the majority are retracting. If you push harder on the front end now, you actually gain more visibility and more traction because you don't have as many people competing for the same eyeballs. So you can gain market share by being ballsy or taking an educated guess and making the move to move harder and more move forward, investing more money in marketing, investing more money in people, investing more money in equipment, getting that new wiz bang thing up.

(29:33): See money. One thing that's fucking amazing to me is you understand money does not vanish, right? Crypto's down 2 billion, let's say. Well, they always say crypto loses 2 billion. Well, it never gets lost. It ends up in someone else's pocket. Just not yours potentially, right? Same thing with what's going on right now. You know, all this money went somewhere. If it's not in your bank account, well then where the fuck is it at? Where's the big money at? What services offerings can I create to tap into real money? Where's the vo? So I want you to start really taking stock and audit your situation. I'd love to see what you got. I'm here to help you. I'm here to see you win. I believe over the next two years are gonna be very bumpy for a lot of people. I hope you're ready. You gotta be ready. If you're not, you're going to be a casualty in the situation. We don't want that. I want you to prevail. I want you to shine the light brighter than it's ever been shined. I know you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, and everyone is following you. They need you to step it up. They need you to get real serious and hunker down and do what we're talking about here on the show. You need to learn new skills. You need to get laser focused and laser committed. Commit, execute, and enjoy. Keep your feet moving. Do not quit. Get in a group. The DM Alliance is the group. Straight up. It's a thousand a month. That's it. Meet a hundred plus amazing people dealing with all types of businesses, all types of situations. We meet once a week on the phone. We have an amazing private group talking every day.

(31:36): We meet twice a year in person. We're changing the game forever with entrepreneurs that wanna be better. Now's the time. Message me on Instagram at Mark Evans DM and say, DM Alliance info. I'll hook you up. I'll get you the details. I'm only sharing with us on the podcast show, because I wanna see you win the game of life. I hate seeing people struggle, but I know through struggle, with commitment, you will prevail. You'll get out of it. You'll be better, you'll be stronger, and you'll be more equipped in the future for what's about to happen. See, life's not happening to you. It's happening for you. Do not put your fucking head in the sand. Look up, be strong. Write this shit down and let's get to work. So with that said, make the day count. Know and how I did it to discover freedom. There ain't no question Mark. Kevins, when you step into doubt, he's closing deals. Come to tell him what the deal stands for. I'm a deal maker. A deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. A dream maker. The journey's where it's at, it's all about the process. It's come to get over to the DM project from a small town in Ohio. So I know how its, should I come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanted to make a honey bra. Didn't see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8 should they held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm a own boss. Somehow. You're running two A figure businesses. I can walk away from it all and I'll be good.

(33:22): But I been called to help people just like y'all. Learn the game. It's time to pause everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. Yo, I been working my whole life. Well, guess where we had. Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? So it's to push to learn, come to grow more. Kevin's d I'm here at helping teach what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There ain't no question. More Kevins, when he step into doubt, he's closing deals to sell him. What the DS stand for. I'm a deal maker. A deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. My the journey's where it's at, it's all about the process. It's to get over to the DM Project. Deal, Deal, Deal, Deal. DL Project, Project.

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