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Goldman Sachs recently predicted the Fed is expected to raise interest rates to 4.75% and 5% by March 2023. What’s going to happen to commercial property over the next 6 months to a year?

But here’s a more important question: what’s the main thing you should stop doing?

In today’s episode, you’ll discover the exact mindset millionaires — and even billionaires — adopt when it comes to real estate investing (even if the economy goes down the toilet.)

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Show Highlights Include:

  • Why using “HM Loans” permits the lender to legally steal your investment property (and forces you to seek credit from dodgy pawnshops and violent loan sharks) (0:54)
  • How you could own a $200,000 property — and never work a day in your life again — by being $30,000 in credit card debt for 5 years (4:35)
  • The insidious way CNN abuses the potential recession to pump you full of fear (and destroy any chance of building your multi-family property empire) (6:21)
  • Scared of a Lehman Brothers style crash? Here’s why the property market won’t crumble like it did in the Global Financial Crisis (even as the media and politicians attempt to fuel you with “fear-porn”) (7:03)
  • Why “liar loans” were the real reason why the market crashed in 2008/09 (and why 2023 could be the ticket to your freedom from a 9-5) (8:52)
  • How you could miss out on the greatest real estate opportunity of your lifetime by being a yellow-bellied coward (12:05)
  • The “assumption loan” secret to maximize your ROI (and achieve a 75% leverage on all your investment properties… so you could invest in more properties with less physical cash) (15:02)
  • How to find the highest ROI multi-family deals (and avoid the feeding frenzy when interest rates cool down) (17:31)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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