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Most entrepreneurs feel enslaved to the “feast and famine” aspects of their businesses. They may make $50,000 one month, then a measly $3,000 the next month. Huge upswings always lead to massive downswings.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. I used to feel the full brunt of feasting and fasting in my businesses. Until I made one simple tweak—so simple a 3rd grader could do it—that tripled my business’s worth almost overnight.

What’s the secret?

Transforming your business from a cash business into a cash flow business. It’s the same secret Netflix, Peloton, and country clubs use.

Best part?

You can apply it to ANY type of business you can think of.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to turn your business into a cash flow generating machine — and why this tweak is mandatory for your growth and long term success.

Listen now.

Show highlights include: 

  • How to triple your company’s value by the end of this week (2:29)
  • The insidious “Cash Flow” problem which makes multi-million dollar athletes and lottery winners dead broke (3:28)
  • How to transform your business into a cash flow-generating machine (without touching your offers or business model) (8:21)
  • The weird way picturing every customer you serve like a beloved family member puts your monthly income on steroids (14:54)
  • The sneaky “Preventative Maintenance” secret for squeezing more cash flow out of every deal (and making your customers happier too) (16:16)
  • Why this little-known continuity trick allows you to hire better teammates (29:08)
  • How to create a “Country Club” experience in your business and skyrocket your cash flow (even if you own a restaurant or wash windows) (39:02)

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Welcome to the making of a dm. How I charged my cash business into a cash flow business. More importantly, tripled my profits. And with that said, Let's get started.

(00:16): A more Kevin, Kevin's I'm to helping teach him what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There ain't no question Mark Kevins when he step the he's closing deal. I'm tell him what the DM stands for. I'm a deal, a deal, but I'm not just a deal. A DreamMaker Hey there to boy Mark Dm welcome To the making of a DM podcast show. I'm sitting here in the treehouse looking around. It's fall. It looks absolutely, it's my favorite time of the year. It's beautiful right now. Today's show is going to be epic. I'm excited for five years from now as I'm recording this show . In five years from now, I'm gonna have people messaging me saying that they took this information and they were able to generate millions and millions and millions of dollars. More importantly, they were able to generate opportunities that has been in front of them this entire time to help them scale their business, generate more revenue, spend more time with their family, get more products, grow the company, sell the company maybe even. And, um, what I'm about to share with you is a treasure of opportunity. Before I do so, I wanna say thank you so much for being here at the making of a dm.

(01:44): I'm recording here on my little handheld podcast audio piece that I use. I've been using that forever, helps the audio sound amazing in my opinion. And uh, it's just easy. I like easy. And for everyone, thank you so much that has been leaving five star reviews over on all the podcast platforms. It's absolutely amazing. Like I said, I read these things often. If I'm having a bad day or good day or anytime I'm looking for gratitude, I just get on there and see all the amazing comments. As I'm talking to you today, I want to share something with you. What, what, again, what I'm about to share with you can change a lot of things in your life financially on a monthly consistent basis, daily consistent basis. But most importantly, when you decide to sell your company, this will help you sell your company for way, way, way more money.

(02:37): And what I'm talking about is how I turned my cash business into my cash flow business. And it literally tripled maybe even more my company very quickly. I know it sounds absolutely crazy, but hear me out, please. I don't care what industry in, I don't care if you're selling hot dogs. I don't care if you're selling steaks. I don't care if you're selling socks. I don't care if you're selling real estate. I don't care if you're selling H V A C or window cleaning, It does not matter. Today's show is definitely a game changer for the people that capture what I'm saying, more importantly implement it and executed in their business. So what I want to talk to you about is the reason I love cash flow. Everyone's like cash is king. Well, sort of the real king is cash flow. See, athletes go broke when they make a lot of cash and then it goes away cuz the money stops coming in monthly, daily, weekly, right?

(03:36): Hourly depending. And then also lottery winners, right? You got the lottery winners, they win all this money, a hundred million dollars and then they're broke two and a half, three, five years later. It's not because they don't have money, they don't have cash, they just don't have cash flow. And I always ask like, would you rather have a million do $10 million today? Would you rather have a hundred thousand dollars a month for the rest of your life? Right? A lot of people do what? I'll take to 10 million, I'll make blah blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay, cool. Let's turn that thinking cap on cuz you don't have 10 million, nor do you have the a hundred thousand yet. It's just kind of a thought. But what I'm trying to do is put you in the mindset of how I'm thinking, how my buddies are thinking, how I wish. I used to think a long time ago cause I'd made a hell of a lot more money. But I started thinking in cashflow terms. I am kind of jaded a little bit in a good way that I've got into the cashflow business at 18 years old. It's called real estate investing. That's why real estate investing is so cool to the majority of the world cuz they can generate monthly residual cash flow on a consistent basis. Ideally on paper, that's what it looks like. But let's say I could make $500 a month on average with debt and all these things. But let's say each a, each asset that I would buy on a single family space would make me 500 bucks a month. And outta that 500 bucks a month, I, I net that. But I wanna make 10 grand a month. So I gotta flip my head, Okay, $500 a month times 20 equals 10.

(05:07): So I need to buy 20 houses. The average house is a hundred grand. Now I need to raise $2 million or finance 2 million or somewhere around there. Owner finance a little bit, you know, whatev again, I need to get 2 million in assets producing 10 grand a month. That'd be the simple, simple answer, right? I'm not in the game of life to only make 10 grand a month. That's where we start though. We gotta make a thousand a month to get to 10,000 a month to get to 20,000 a month to get to 50,000 a month and beyond, way beyond. So I wanna share with you here how my mind thinks, and I hope this helps you a ton. I was sharing this with our thou, I have a thousand dollars month group. It's called the DM Alliance. That one group generates around a million dollars plus a year in the first year. Think about that. See, I'm sharing real stuff with you because I want to help you. I'm not trying to, you know, peacock or or front, but I wanna share with you real shit that's gonna help you make more money. And I'm gonna share my stuff, not what I think could happen, but what I've done when I know people are doing, most importantly how I like, if you take this, you can do it as well. So it's not theory, it's real. So I have say a hundred members paying a thousand a month. That's a hundred thousand dollars a month. You might be thinking like, Dude, I would never pay you a thousand a month. Okay, well that's you, not the other a hundred people. See, one thing I realized early in life, I'm not for everybody. I'm for somebody. And let me understand the mindset behind this.

(06:43): They're getting a steal for a thousand dollars a month. See, when I came into this, I was thinking how do I give a hundred thousand dollars a month in value or more for a thousand dollars? So you're looking at price. My people are looking at value. They retain in there long term. We have people then been in there since I started it this year and, and will stay there forever. I hope that's my goal. Cause I wanna help them. We're always evolving, all of us. But think about this, every day I wake up, I want to bring a hundred thousand dollars of value to you for a thousand bucks. It's a great opportunity for both of us. We both win cuz it's not like you are a number to me. I know every single person in that group. I wanna see them succeed. I get excited when they have a new baby. I get excited when they grow their company. I get excited when they sell a company. I get excited when they're making, uh, you know, new moves in their industry and pivoting and adding to their bottom line, et cetera. And I get excited to help 'em solve problems. But we were talking about this thing because my, we all worked so hard. My window cleaning guy here charges me $800 to clean my windows here in Ohio. I like to have my windows clean once a quarter. At least. If I'm having a party, I wanna clean 'em. If we have a bad weather, you know, and they're, they're crappy looking. I wanna clean 'em. Why? I like to look out a window that's nice and clean. That's just me. Yes, I could clean my own windows if I wanted to, but I'm not going to . So I used to.

(08:21): But for $800 they'll come over for a day and they'll clean the windows and they'll look absolutely amazing. The problem with this is my assistant has to call him. We have to schedule it. He has to come over, we have to pay him and blah blah blah. Which we wanna pay him. I wish. Let's call it $3,600 a year on just to make for easy math. I wish you would just charge me $300 a month and come once a quarter and just set it up and put me in the schedule and just churn and burn. And then if I have a special event, my assistant could call him and then he could come early and we could either forfeit the one in the future or whatever or pay for another one. Think about this, this window washer sitting at home right now as I speak to you potentially. And he's trying to think, man, I need to make some money. I wanna get rich, I wanna make money. But everything he does is transactional. If you truly want to get massively wealthy, I prefer the relationship side of the business, not the transactional side. Hear me out. When I switch to continuity to residual business models, it forced me to become deeper relationship driven because I have to keep performing at a high level to keep you ingrained in the system to help you, to help us, to help you to help us. It's very heavy on relationships. We can grow together. I like that model. Way better than, hey man, gimme 10,000. Uh, good luck, right? Yes, I'll provide the goods and all that, but now it's all on your shoulders. There's no accountability, there's no coming to me If you need help, it's just pay it and move on.

(09:59): Next, next customer number 2,343 next instead. Now it's like very personable. I get to grow with you. I get to see you evolve as a human being in life and in business. It's my favorite thing to see and do. So think about this window washer for a minute. If he simply would charge me 300 a month and queue it up, it'd make my life easier. His life would get easier and he could do it unlimited amounts of time, which would give him consistency. I don't know about you, but what kind of business you're in. But when I was in just a straight cash business of just making money, we'd have huge ups and huge downs, huge ups and huge downs. Huge up, up and then massive down, right? Cuz you're playing catch up. But when I created the residual model businesses inside of that, and I'm not saying you can't ran, run these businesses in tandem. You could still go generate cash but also be conscious of cash flow, creating cash flow in every conversation I'm having. Hey Miss Nancy, you know you love your windows washed. Did you know I offer a service for 200, $300 a month? I could come out here once a quarter, take care of this, take this off your plate, you'd have the most beautiful windows in town and then get you inked up today. You could put it on your credit card and process every single day, every single month on the first 15th. You tell me when you wanna process and we'll make it happen. Not only that, in two months or three months, would you like to see me four times a year or six times a year, right? Have packages and then now all of a sudden, now you got 30 people paying you two to 300 bucks a month.

(11:37): Let's call it seven grand a month. That's an $84,000 cash business. But most importantly, the relationships that you're building inside of that, you have 30 people's houses, you're going to a quarter connecting with them. You have additional services. Hey, did you know I could put rain X on the exterior of the windows? Hey, I see um, your windows sass are a little dry rot. I'd like to get my contractor out here to give you a bid and see if they can get over here and help make your window better. Cuz if not, you probably have another year or two and then you're have to replace the entire window. But they could probably get some pain on that ASAP and solve it. And you don't have to replace it for the next 10 or 15 years. Preventative maintenance, you're their eyes and ears. You become a person of value. You're not just a fucking window washer anymore. You're way more than that anyways. But we put ourselves in these little molds like, oh, a window washer. Dude, you're way more than a window washer. I used to say the same shit. I'm a real estate investor. I'm way more than a real estate investor. I'm a business owner. I care about people. I wanna help you become financially free. I wanna help the sellers having trouble right now. I have a situation with the seller right now from my mother-in-law, her best friend's, really sick, 51 year old lady, massively sick, got a divorce, her husband left her, didn't pay the payment on the house. She's getting ready to lose her house, the foreclosure on December 9th. And I can help her. I don't care about how much I'll make, I'll make money, but I don't care about that. I'm more care about like it's my mother-in-law's friend.

(13:08): I wanna help her. I don't work for free. Nor do they. No one does. And nor should it be expected, right? You talk about, Hey, I'm a professional business. Here's what we do, here's how we do it. But I have a skill that I can help her. Just having a conversation with her relaxes her. When you're sick, as you know, stress is a massive problem. When you're sick, it just makes it worse. But I'm able to help her out now and we're gonna solve her problem. She's gonna get some money to go move into a nice apartment. She can relax, she can have a little bit of capital in the bank. She can have her rent paid for a year and she can still get this off of her books. She doesn't have to go bankrupt. This will write off of, she'll just short sell and move on. We're way more than a real estate investor. We're way more than an H V A C person. We're way more than a window washer. We're way more than a restaurant here. You're creative, you're caring, loving person. You're dad, a mom, a sister, a brother, an uncle, a cousin, a son, a daughter. So when they're at your house every quarter they can bring more value. And then when they do that, guess what they, they have a list now. Now they have an H V A C guy, a roofing guy, a painting guy, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Everything to do with the house, interior and exterior. Hey Nancy, I'm in your house. I see your carpet got ruined because you had a leak in your roof. I know I can't find any roofers or carpet people, huh? Well I know some. Here's two numbers. Give 'em a call. Tell 'em Steve Johnson, how'd you give him a shout and let me know. You can become a person of value. Now to your colleagues, people you do business with, they refer you business, you refer them business, You can make money doing that. Think about that. Like I I, I picture every customer we work with, like my dad, my mom, my uncle, my cousin, my grandpa, my grandma.

(15:01): I wanna like, I care about you and if I see something, even if it costs money, I'm gonna tell you, you don't have to do it. But I'm gonna let you know, hey, you might wanna have some preventative. Check this out. Hey, I was driving down your driveway. Hit three big potholes. You know, if you don't solve these potholes in the next, like real soon, cuz winter's coming here in Ohio, we're gonna have to replace this whole damn driveway. Do you wanna spend a thousand dollars or do you spend $12,000? It's a choice. You can do whatever you want. I'm just telling you cuz I care about you, Nancy, think about that. What that does to your day. What does that do to your day? It's not like, oh I gotta go washing Windows Day, another day, another dollar. No, it's so much more than that. Another person, another connection, another relationship. Not just with the client but also with your colleagues, with people that are looking for business. There's roofers, there's driveway guys, there's painters, there's carpet cleaners. All these people are sitting at their office right now trying to figure out how to get more business. They're talking to marketing firms. They're talking, they're hiring people. They're, they're talking to the sales team. We need more cells. You could be the best salesperson for them. Hey Steve, if I get you a job, just gimme 10% of whatever you charge. You're gonna know if they do it. Cuz you're gonna go back there every quarter. Hey Nancy, I see your garage door needs a little bit of elbow grease on it. You know, I know all American Garage Door Company that used to be my company. By the way, All American Garage Door Company can come over here.

(16:39): They can either fix it or do preventative maintenance. Uh, plan with them at $39 a month and they'll, they'll grease your wheels once a quarter. They'll check your springs. Make sure you don't get stuck in there in the garage or the garage door doesn't fall in the car, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Right? Preventative maintenance. If you think about this, you do this with your cell phone bill. You do this with your insurance car and health and house. You do this with your cable bills. You do this with your electric, your water, your gas. You pay monthly cash flow. They've never came to you and said, Pay me $10,000 and you don't pay for gas. No. They want that a hundred bucks a month for life. Pay attention. See, I never understood this for the, I, I understood it on a real estate level, but I never understood it in a business level. I had a course back in the day. I started selling in 2005. I was selling a thousand dollars course and I was literally for 252 weeks in a row, I did a live presentation helping people for free. If they bought the course for a thousand dollars, I helped them show up. Rate was terrible, it was inconsistent. We had huge ups and huge downs in revenue, right? Cause show up rate would be big if I sold a lot this week and then the next week it would fall off. So I'd have to resell more to get more on. Cuz interaction is what creates community. And community creates growth and accountability. And it's just fun to be in a great community of people doing shit. If I look back, I would just charge a thousand dollars a month and then a hundred, excuse me, a thousand dollars front or $500 up front or just have it front end qualifier.

(18:28): And then I would charge 'em a hundred bucks a month and then every month they come on, then they'd show up more. Cuz when they pay, they pay attention. See, it's easy to pay once and move on. We've all done that. Don't lie. I'm not the only one that's bought a book, bought a course and parked it in there, having me take the cellophane off of it. It's sitting there. I'm getting ready to though 17 years later I'm coming for you. That person made a sell. I paid the money. But did either one of us really benefit to the level we could have benefited? Cause if it they to charge me a little less or the same even, but charged me a monthly continuity on top of it to create accountability, to have some calls that I could call and touch base with them. I pay my fiduciary monthly. I pay my lawyers monthly. I pay my staff monthly. Do you get paid monthly? This is what we're talking about. And I don't care if you're in the construction business, maintenance business, snow plowing business, you know, construction business, bulk business, soc business, cd business software business, restaurant business. This works. I'll share some stories with you. When I had all American Garage Door Company, what I would've done different, I only went and did jobs and said, Hey, it's a thousand dollars, here you go. Thank you, have a great day. If I would've just added, Hey Nancy, a thousand dollars, but I'd like you to join the All American Club for $29 a month, we'll have a preventative schedule set up on your plan and we'll come out, blah, blah, blah, whatever your schedule is. And we'll make sure not only that you get VIP service calls.

(20:07): So if your door breaks and you call in, we have a two hour guaranteed window, we'll be here. If you're not part of the club, we can't guarantee that. But that, but, but think about you're selling, you do this by the way, every electronics you buy, would you like to add the two year maintenance plan on a chair, on a ma on a electronics that costs $20? I'm gonna pay $12 for maintenance, right? I want you to think about this. This is big. There's book clubs, there's t-shirt clubs, there's sock clubs, there's v i p clubs. I remember at Cigar Bar I belonged to in uh, Boca Raton. And uh, I paid like 500 bucks a year for it. I got a box in a cool room with my name on it. I went to that box once the day I got the box and opened it up just to be excited. I never used it any other time. But I always told my friends, Hey, if you go in there, tell 'em you're with me cuz we got a 10% discount, right? So my head, I rationalized it. We only have to spend $5,000 at the cigar bar to justify that 500. But as you know, when you're making these monthly, these monthly or yearly commitments on a cashflow basis, you're not necessarily looking at it in a rational way at that moment. To me it made sense. I still like it. I had it for five years, so I kind of liked it. I did go in there. You did get VIP experiences. You did save 10%. You got, you know, certain cigars you, they'd have, uh, you know, like vip, like come in and hang out with the cigar rollers and all that. So there's some cool little benefits you can do as well.

(21:41): There's a restaurant club and that I'm aware of. I in what they do. They have like a golden knife club or something like that. Carnivore club or whatever. You pay a thousand dollars a year. It's a high end restaurant. But when you book a reservation, not only do you get a discount on the food, on the reservation, but they also have your name on silverware. So when you show up, they have the table four with Evans on the silverware. Think about that. A restaurant you'd say, there's no fucking way a restaurant could pull. Yes, it's high end restaurant style. You could do this anywhere. Hey, you don't have to have a reservation if you're part of the club. What if you ha and by the way, they have hundreds, many hundreds of people, let's say 500 people paying a thousand dollars a year for this value. Think about this. What it also does, it increases them coming into your facility because they like the experience. They have a friend in town they want to show off. So they come in Evans, party of four, come over to the VIP section, Mr. Evans, here you go. And you sit down with your friends and they look down and they're like, Holy shit, this has your name on it, dude, do you own this restaurant? It's like, no, this is a VIP club. So it sells itself. Think about this is who we are, this is what we do. You gotta be thinking on how to create residual cash flow. I have multiple things that create millions of dollars a year. And I always say if I don't work or work, it still comes in. The truth is, you got to still work. You just have to work differently.

(23:27): I don't have to wake up to make money today. Money's already been made and I'll make more tomorrow and so forth. But I have to wake up to bring value. I have to wake up to bring the heat, if you will. I have to wake up to bring the experiences. I'm waking up and talking with my staff saying, how do we create this amazing experience or create this badass gift to give to people in our community that's paying every single month and enjoy the results. What are you doing? What could you do in your business? H V A C roofing, siding, You're maybe you're, maybe you're great at SOPs, systems operations and procedure manuals. You could sell that on a monthly retainer. Say if you're really good at doing it for CPA firms, you know, CPA firms that have five to 25 accountants on their staff or bookkeepers, I'm gonna give you the best SOPs to utilize to grow your organization without all the headaches. What is that worth? Could be worth a lot. Maybe you have a software, maybe you're a concrete guy. Maybe you're a, uh, maybe you're a, uh, you're, you're installing, you know, you do excavating and there's a cool excavating software CRM management that you've discovered and or created and used in your business and it's helped you make your life easier, makes you more money, get you more jobs, makes more profit for you, et cetera. You could sell that as a package for $3,000 down, $200 a month, $200 per user or what, whatever. I mean, it's endless, but it's all driven off the value. See, a lot of people are out there. Like if you look at all software companies, why do you think Netflix is ginormous? Why do you think good like all these, uh, Apple TV and Disney plus all the, like, literally they make billions of dollars at $7 a month.

(25:30): Now I'm not saying we have that kind of market share that big, but we have a way different value way different product too. So we can charge a premium. And not everyone has the confidence to charge a thousand a month. I do because I know I'm bringing way more than a thousand dollars a month, but way more than a hundred thousand dollars a month in value if they implement it. What's cool is the testimonials are fucking off the hook. Plus I have another group they pay over $4,000 a month, right? That's a $50,000 a year package. Think about this. You're out here busting your tail trying to figure out how to make 10 grand on a job. And I'm not saying you can't do these in tandem, like I said earlier, but what maintenance can you add to the product? What experience, user experience can you put into your business to charge monthly or quarterly or a yearly fee? It anchors them into your brand. It gets people wanting to use your brand more. Software, SOP services, bookkeeping, accounting firms, restauranters, snow plowing here in Ohio, right? Five to three to six months, there's snow. So what do they do? Because that's tell you right now, if you don't have a contract with the company and it dumps snow overnight, you're not getting outta your driveway unless you plow it yourself. You have to have a contract with them. They're gonna charge you a monthly fee if it snows or doesn't snow. That's how it works. You know, all those big malls and all those shopping centers, that's all contract driven. If you belong to any ho HOAs, you know, that's all contract driven. You're, you're paying a million dollars a year for landscaping and lawn care and snow removal. They're paying $83,000 a month, right? And there's gonna be add-ons on top of that.

(27:32): But that's just gonna get you to make sure I show up every day. I have seven guys on staff on the property to make sure this thing looks fucking amazing, takes money. But it also takes wherewithal to think, how do I provide great value? I wish my landscaper would do this with me. I wish he would do a monthly program with me cuz for three or four months a year, it's very limited, very lim. Like why not just charge me 3000, 4,000 a month or whatever over 12 months every month he gets a check or a wire, I should say ACH instead of very rough quarter. Last Q4 in Ohio's really rough mark. Q1 s kind of tough. Well what if you spread your risk to your clients and then to yourself And instead of having huge upswings in the summer and terrible in the winter, why not just have the same every single month, 200,000 a month coming in like clockwork Because we're not thinking like that. Dude, I do to service. It's $8,000. That's what you gotta pay. Okay? But you've worked with me for 12 years, You've been at my house every single day, every week. Mowing the lawn, you're pruning the trees, you're planting the flowers. Let's just, we already have a budget of what it costs. Let's just throw it into a monthly and just charge you hit my, hit my account every month. That's what I'd rather do. I can budget accordingly. My teams can, my, my accountant can, they can. As a business owner, you'll increase your profit drastically. See another thing too, it allows you to hire better people because you have consistent money coming in. It's not one cuz right? When you need to hire someone, it's usually when you're having a downturn or real high upturn, like where it's just shooting straight up.

(29:24): But then you're thinking, well shit, next week's gonna be really bad. And then when it's really bad you're like, shit, it's gonna get really good. So I gotta hire now, but I'm kind of scared cause I don't have that much money coming in. But it's gonna get really good. It goes up and down, up and down. That's an entrepreneur journey you don't want to be on forever. It's very tacking. I did it for, think about this. What can you add in your business to create monthly continuity? What if you have four staff members and it costs you 20 grand a month for these four staff members? What if you could? And it creates a lot of stress. Cuz if you're like me as a business owner, I care genuine. If I hire you, it's a big fucking responsibility. I take it very serious. I'm not just hiring people just to hire people. I'm hiring people because it's a big responsibility. It's something I like. I take serious. I'm not saying you don't, but I know a lot of people, it's like, oh, they're just an employee. Whatever. No, you're a team member, dude, we're growing something together. I care about you. I want you to care about me. More importantly, I want us to care about the client. So if we're fighting back and forth, we're taking all that energy away from the client, away from the purpose, away from the future. So let's get on the same page today, right? But picture, if you could just take that off your plate every single month, you knew there was 20 grand a month coming in, what kinda weight would that lift off your shoulders knowing that your team is taking care of? And anything above that and beyond is profit to the bottom line of the company Be a big deal.

(30:55): I three xed my profits and beyond with this model. When you sell a book, you don't have to sell a book for massive amounts of money. Obviously there's not that much money in books. I give all the money at charity, by the way, in our books. But you can also have a monthly continuity, a book, a month club. Instead of paying $27 for the book every month for $15, I'm gonna send you a book. So they double their value cuz your book is almost $30, only paying 15. But what you're doing is creating community. By the way, I'm gonna have a private Facebook group. You can ask your questions like it could be mentoring, it could be there's a guy, um, there's a bunch of these out there now, right? Butcher box, like you can have meat delivered to your door every fucking month for x amount of dollars. I do it with food trifecta meals. I spend like 300 bucks a week every week, every Thursday they're at my doorstep. 300 bucks. 300 bucks. 300 bucks. 300 bucks. Do you know what this does to your multiplier? When you go to exit, by the way, So picture this, you're getting ready to sell your company. You have, would you rather buy a company that makes $10 million a year, but it's like 1,300,000, 1.2 million. Oh shit, 50,000, boom, boom, boom, boom. Or would you'd rather have a company that has like a steady line across, this is your residual business. I I make 5 million a year. Residually comes in every single month like clockwork. Here's the attrition rate, here's the client value, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then you have the other stuff in between that to make the other five, that $5 million residual line will get you a 10 x multiplier.

(32:29): And then the other pred semi predictable but not as predictable as monthly continuity. You might get a four x, right? So now all of a sudden your business just become worth so much more because, and, and clients get a better experience, you get a better experience and the buyer pays you more money and they'll make more money. It's a win win win. I recommend everyone do this in some way, shape or form. Start asking yourself, I don't care what you even sell or do, this is mandatory to be thinking about how to charge something for monthly. But don't think about just the price. Think about the return of value, like the return they're going to get on the value you're gonna provide them. Like I said, mine's a thousand a month and I have another one almost 5,000 a month. They both work amazingly well. They both have different benefits and pro, but they all, they keep, they keep coming back. I have people in the, I have the people in the $50,000. Your program's been there almost eight years. March will be eight years. Think about that. Why are they staying around if it's so much money? Well, it's not a lot of money if you're looking, if you're just looking at dollars, it seems like a lot. But if you're looking at the value and extraction what they get from it, it's massive. And like I said, the biggest thing that forced me to focus on value and relationships, not transactions, transactions. That's how I started. I just cared to make fucking money. I just wanna make money straight up. But when I really started getting smart and mature in business, I understood the value of long-term relationships. I understood the value in my value.

(34:19): See, you're not just a window washer, you're not just a siding guy. You're not just a roofer. You're not just a restaurant here. You're not just a landscaping guy. You're so much more, you gotta understand you're showing up on a property. If you're in that field every single week or if you're on the roofing and you're bidding projects, you could come down to the person and say, Hey, I know I'm here for your roof, but I don't know if you know this, but three of your gutters are clogged. I don't really do that. But we have a program that's $125 a quarter or $33 a month or whatever you charge. And they'll come out here and clean us four times a year for you. And the reason that's important is because it's a preventative maintenance. If your gutters get clogged, it rolls back into your roof. It ruins your roof, it ruins your fascia, it ruins your soffit could even potentially ruin your foundation. And then we're talking tens of thousands of dollars of damage. And the problem with that is it's always too late before you recognize it. Cuz water takes a long time to like penetrate. But I'm starting to see some penetration. I see the gutters are clo like they're, they're like, Dude, tell me who to call now. I want this fixed. And then you make a sell. But it's not a sell like a hard sell. It's like a genuine, like if you do not do this, this is going to happen. Right? How do you think these companies that do five minute oil changes make money? They don't make money on oil changes. You know that, right? They make money on their ancillary products that they offer you there. Hey, you want to top off your windshield washer flood, It's only $7.

(36:00): Keep in mind they paid a dollar for the windshield washer flood. There's nothing wrong with this by the way. This is great marketing and great business practices cuz you're only paying your cheap assets. Only paying $20 to get the oil change. Anyways, that's, that's like what it probably costs them to buy the product. Plus they got staff, plus they got rent plus they got taxes, insurance, workers comp and everything else, right? So, and marketing to get people there. But then windshield wipers and a freeze break, fluid tire pressure checks, blah blah blah. The, it's a, it's a nice menu of stuff and you're in control. But you only went there for an oil change for $20 and you're leaving paying $78. Is that good or bad? Whoa. Depends how you look at it. I think it's amazing why? Because I like to be proactive. I like to be preventative. Cause it won't be good when you leave you're ass down the street and you break down or overheat on the freeway with your two kids in the back seat and 92 degree weather when you're late to an appointment because you didn't wanna spend the $7 to put extra antifreeze in your car when they asked you to. These are the things you gotta understand. There's a business process to all this. I hope this information is starting like aha, aha, aha, aha, aha. I don't care if you're a dentist. I don't care if you're a chiropractor, by the way. My chiropractor, I went to him, I'm like, dude, I wanna pay for a whole, I wanna pay for like, I, I think I paid for like 60 sessions. Actually that's a lie. The first time I paid for 16 sessions and they expired, I only used like nine of them.

(37:35): So in essence, I almost paid double the what I should have. So I went back to 'em, I was like, dude, I want to buy 60 sessions but I don't want 'em ever to expire is like a big deal. They've never had a client do that cuz they always expire cuz I'm like, it doesn't cost you anything to have me in this. You're already paying for the rent, you're already paying for your team to be here. I'm gonna add the one that schedule. I'm not taking anybody's time like this. It's not like you have people standing out the door every day, right? Put me in where I fit in and, and let me just fill the calendar with what I my needs are. And they did it. Sometimes they don't even know they can do it, right? So that's a chiropractor. What are you offering your clients? Maybe you're, maybe you have like, like I said, like a software. Maybe you're like, this happened to me in my lending business. So I did a lot of real estate. I never realized I could be a lender as well. Why? I'm doing my own real estate deals. So I started doing lending, created massive amounts of cash flow for me, returned on my money. Plus there was a club I had, it was called the um, silver Platter Club. The only way you could borrow my money is if you pay $2,500 a year, 200 bucks and change a month. That's the only way you'd get my attention. Cuz if you're not vested, why should I be vested? It's only $2,500. Keep in mind you're borrowing 500 grand at a pop, right? So why that? It was just a separator in business and I had lots of people pay it and I made lots of loans and still made lots of income.

(39:02): See, the thing is, is the restaurant for example, the thousand dollars a year or whatever they charge, that's just a separator. That's like, haha, I'm part of that club. This is why you belong to country clubs. This is why you belong to yoga clubs. This is why you belong to Peloton and all this shit. It's a monthly continuity. By the way, Peloton makes their money on the monthly, not the bike. The bike is the ends of the mean. The mean is they want your monthly money. You know that, right? So at the restaurant, when you're sitting there and you got your people there, you're actually advertising for them. It feels good, it feels cool. Your v i p you got your fucking name on the, the, the silverware. It's a pretty cool feeling, right? Or you got your glass, you got your bottle of champagne, your bottle of wine. Or in the case of the cigar, I got my cigars and I got my other stuff in there and I wanna show people I'm, I'm a member, I belong. But it increases activity to the groom. Instead of coming twice a month, you might come three times a month. Four times a month. And this my friend is how you three x your income, three x your, you know, your business because you're gonna increase business and interaction with your prospects because it's set up on a consistent basis. Think about what this does. That's scheduling too. If you're running any kind of like window washing and all that stuff, you can preplan your schedule. And we all know they're all discombobulated. They're all like run, no. Like their schedule's on a piece of paper that spill coffee already at seven in the morning getting Dunking Donuts and they've already messed up their day.

(40:32): You could have actually professionalize your business, hire better people to make your business better, to make you more money. Why? Cause you have monthly continuity coming in. Cash flow will set you free. Cash will pay the bills, cash will make you money. But cash flow will set you free. Cash flow will give you confidence. Cash flow will allow you to make moves that you never even thought were possible my friend. Today's the day change it. Let me know what you are doing in your business to create monthly continuity. I'm very interested. I'd love to hear what you got going on. What kind of business you have, what you're doing, what you know, what kind of residual you do. What's your percentage of residual to cash business, right? Cuz it might be 50, 50, 80, 20, 10, 90, whatever. Let me know if I can help you. I will. I'm serious about this. It's your time. Let's get this cash flow kicking in. I would love nothing more than a year to three years to five years from now. You message me and say, Mark, I listen to podcast. Boom. I'm making $180,000 extra a month because of that one show that was free. Are you gonna take action or are you gonna sit here and watch everyone else crush it? It's a choice just like it is when that roofer's telling you to get your gutters fixed and you don't cuz you're trying to save fucking $72, but now it's gonna cost you $10,000 in the future. Be smart, be proactive. Let's get the work. So what that said,

(42:11): I'm her to help teach him what I know and how I it to discover freedom. There ain't no question Mark Kevins, when he step the doubt he's closing. I tell what I'm a deal. A deal. But I'm not just a deal. I'm a the journey's where it's at. It's all about the process. Get over to the team project from a small town in Ohio so I know how its should not come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanting them make a honey bra. Didn't see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a one point a. It should have held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm own ball some somehow you're running two way figure businesses. I can walk away from it at all and I'll be good. I been called to help people just like y'all. Learn the game. Just come to ball. Everybody chasing the money. But I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. So I been working my guess where we had, is it gonna get us where we wanna go? So come to push, come to learn, come to Lord Kevin. I'm that helping teach him what I know and how I did it. He discover freedom. There ain't no question more Kevin's when he step, he's closing deal. What the stands for? I'm a deal. A deal, but I'm not just a deal, I'm a dream. The journeys where it's at, it's all about the project. Deal, deal, deal, deal.

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