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I just got off the phone with my fiduciaries and accountants, and I have three months to deploy over $5 million in opportunities.

But I’m not just giving away this money to any average Joe. I’m only looking to invest in a few industries, and I only want to connect with real players. But if you listen to this show, you’re probably more qualified than you think.

In this episode, I reveal who and where I want to deploy this $5+ million in opportunities to. And you’ll also discover how to 100x your impact, net worth, and legacy.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The 4 industries I want to invest $5 million in this year (and how your business can get funded by me) (2:56)
  • How hiring an anxiety coach to help you get over your fear of flying is the best “investment” you can make for your business (8:58)
  • The “Private Jet” mindset tweak which makes affording a $70k flight a breeze (10:26)
  • The weird way traveling to Utah will grow your bank account faster than any mastermind you join (17:55)
  • Why grinding locally is the deadliest mistake most entrepreneurs make (20:47)
  • The “Blissfully Dissatisfied” secret for 100xing your net worth in the next 10 years (32:16)

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Welcome to the making of a dm. I got $5 million burning a hole in my pocket. Can you help? Not only that, a quick trip update, and please be careful in this show. I might motivate you to do something big. So what that said, let's get started.

(00:19): A more Kevin's deal. I'm Kevin's, I'm here to help teach him what, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There ain't no question more Kevin's when he step the he's closing deal. I know what the DM stands for. I'm a deal, make a deal makeup, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. Hey, there's your boy, Mark Evans D Welcome to the making of a DM podcast show. The DM is you the deal maker and dream maker of your life. You, my friend, are the one Than Who's going to change the trajectory of the family financial tree forever. That's why you're here, I hope, cuz that's what we're talking about here over at the making of a dm. I'm sitting here in the treehouse, just got back from a West coast trip in Utah. Share a little bit of information about that as well. I just wanna say thank you to everybody that is leaving five star reviews, commenting, sharing on social media. Please when you share though, if you'd simply tag me so I know you're sharing it. And then I could reshare get you some social exposure. But last week's show was powerful. I've got so many messages from people taking the information I shared last week for Free and have you implement. The truth is, people's invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn what I'm sharing with you on the making of a dm.

(01:55): I've invested millions and I'm sharing real stuff. I have nothing to sell you. I want to help you. And all I'm asking is that you share the show with your friends and people, probably not even your friends today, probably your new friends. Just share it on social. Let 'em know what you're listening to in your ear. Let 'em know where you're at and I'll be the bridge to help you create new relationships and friendships. Something cool happened today. I was actually out walking, taking my daily walk and someone stopped and got out his truck and introduced himself from the podcast show. So we're making waves, we're making connections, we're talking directly to the right people. I'm not for everybody, Let's just be clear. I might cuss, I get excited. I want to help people. I'm bottled up here in the house by myself with the fam.

(02:43): So I might get a little crazy sometimes, but my intentions are to give you the real talk and to guide you and help you accomplish your biggest dreams and goals of your life. So with that said, I want to talk about something I need your help with. I have a decent amount of money I need to deploy and this could help you. This could also help me. Maybe you know someone, maybe it's you, maybe it's your uncle, brother, cousin, sister who knows. I just wanna share this with you. I've never shared this with you on a podcast show, but I think it has some merit today. So I just got the phone with my fiduciaries and my accountants and over the next three months, I have to deploy over 5 million in opportunity and I'll share. This is hard cash. This is not, I don't need financing and all that stuff. This is cash ready to deploy on the right opportunities. Here's some of the things I'm looking for. If you know anybody, I love eCommerce businesses. If it's an eCommerce business with a great driver, by the way, I'm not looking, I I I I will buy it and own one, but I'm also looking for great operators that I can invest in. The company must be doing over a million dollars a year minimum in gross sales. It must be in business for at least five years minimum. It must have a great owner operator if they do and they wanna stay around and grow. I have great resources, I have capital, I have energy, I have efforts, I have teams. We can take that thing to the moon with the right piece. I'm looking at strip centers across the country. I'm looking for good ROI strip centers, I should say.

(04:26): You know, I'm looking for some upside. I'm looking to take down a bunch of those here in the next 24 months. Flex space, you might recognize that term. More strip malls with big anchor tenants. We are buying big in that space. I probably, to be honest with you, I probably have about nine figures, um, over the next 12 months. We'll deploy in that space. So if you or anybody you know that's building, developing or owning or looking to sell, strip centers, private message me on Instagram at Mark Evans dm. Again, I'm on Instagram at Mark Evans dm. I will be heading it up. You'll come into me with the information and I'll put it to the point person on my team so we can make sure I'm engaged in my business. I know what the hell's going on with my investments. So that's why I like it to come to me first and then I'll hand it off to the right person to execute quickly. Now I move fast. If it's a great deal, we'll take it down in days, not months, not years like or never. But if it's a great deal and we say we're in, we're in. But like I said, I'm, I'm buying, um, I love the pet space. I'm not looking for a job. I already have enough of those. I'm looking for someone that truly wants to grow big that doesn't have the resources maybe to get to that next level. Maybe someone's in the bridge the gap, if you will, where they've grown to a certain point and they've kind of just settled down, but it's just sucking cash out of their pocket and they need to bridge that gap to get to the next level and really accelerate. That's probably where we would come in and help the most. If you have any amazing assets, real estate that you just have to liquidate fast on your guy discreet and fast, we don't need to talk about it.

(06:14): You know, I don't share that data. You know, I don't care what your situation is, We've all been there. But if you're in a bad situation, you need fast cash. I'm your buyer. If it's a real deal, I'm buying preferably bigger apartment buildings, um, and such. But if it's simple single family, one off deals and it's a no brainer, I might take it down super fast. Day funding. I like to do day funding. I'm doing a lot of that. You know, we're parking millions of dollars a week into day deals. Uh, what that means is you have a deal, you're looking to close it out. You say if you're buying for a hundred and you're selling for one 20 on the backside, you'd come to a guy like me, I'd lend you the hundred thousand. It just literally hits the title, title. It's a process right? That they have to do legally. And then you'd kick me back a percentage on top of the a hundred thousand. Typically on deals like that, depending on if I've ever done deal with you or not done deals with you or how big or how many opportunities there are there, you're usually looking at about two to four points to do a deal like that with a minimum of $2,000. So meaning if you have a $40,000 deal, you know, we're not doing it for less than two grand to fund that deal for the day. And when I say day funding, it means a day less than 24 hours. I do some shorter term loans, you know, some bridge lending if you will. Um, high interest rate. I understand the game that we're all in. So there, I understand how you can pay these high interest rates.

(07:36): I understand, you know, the opportunity cost if you don't do the deal. So again, don't hit me up. Don't be intimidated. Let me know what's going on. I'm here to help. I want to help. I have the capital to help. I have the resources to help. I genuinely want to help people. That's my thing. I really, really do want to help you. So I think, I don't know how else to tell you other than test me, see if I'm full of shit. If you have a great deal, I'll tell you I'll do it. If it's not a great deal, I'll tell you why it's not for me. But that doesn't mean it's not a great deal for someone else. So please, all you gotta do is reach out at Mark Evans DM on Instagram and I'll help you out there. So that's what I got. 5 million plus and like I said, we are acquiring in real hard cash over nine f over a hundred million on uh, flex space. So we're aggressively seeking great deals. If you're a broker, investor, developer, et cetera, maybe maybe an agent or whatever, please hit me up asap. We are acquiring as fast as fast can be. Okay? So my trip to Utah, I'm sitting here, I took my family, we hopped on the jet, you know, everyone asks me all the time, so I'm just gonna get it out of the way, you know, do I own a jet? I don't own a jet yet. Not because I can't afford one, just genuinely, I I don't like wasted money. I don't fly that much. Um, truth is I hate flying. I'm scared to death. I don't know why. It's kind of like a newer thing. Over the last four years I've, I get massively anxious. I don't take drugs and all that shit to kind of reduce that. I just kind of lean into it and, uh, just put my hand in God's iga, put my, put myself in God's hands I guess.

(09:16): But, you know, I have a lot to lose. I've worked really hard to get to where I'm at. Uh, you know, I love my family and I always think about the moment that could happen. I don't, again, this is silly. I'm actually getting ready to hire a guy to help me with this cuz we should always hire great people to help you solve your problems. But I'm hiring this guy to help me get over this weird feeling. I've never had a bad experience on a plane. I've had a couple crazy experiences, but not bad. It's just, I don't know what it is. It really messes with me and it messes, it messes my day up cuz you know, you get yourself all worked up. I get on the plane, we take off, you know, for some re for three and a half hours, you know, cuz I flew from Ohio to Utah. I'm just thinking about worst case scenarios and all that stuff, even though I'm hanging out with the fam and all that stuff. But thank god there's um, you know, my family's there doing what they do and, and um, I have the internet where I can message people and keep in touch with my team and all that. But uh, I don't own it. It costs me about, I wanna say 70,000, 68,000 to fly round trip from Ohio to uh, Utah. You know, some people think that's crazy, some people don't. Some people's like, why are you bragging? I'm not bragging. I'm just sharing the truth because I never heard people talk about this shit. I always thought it was untouchable, unachievable. I only fly private typically unless I've flown down the country, which I haven't done that for a long time. But, you know, a lot of times it's something I wish I learned more about.

(10:36): You know, I remember the first time I got on a jet how it changed my thought process, how it made me think about like what, who do I need to become to be like this all the time? But I can tell you if you've never done it, it's something you should try. Even if, you know, it does sound crazy over the top expensive in initially. But once you understand like, here's one thing I don't understand, actually I'm sorry I'm bouncing around here. But everyone says time is their greatest asset, but I pay attention to people what they say and then what they do. two different things. Time is the greatest asset for me to fly from Ohio to Utah. Where I was going, it was gonna be about a 10 hour flight, right? Cuz you gotta stop somewhere. If you took commercial, yes you can fly first class and all that shit, but instead I flow private say $70,000 for three and a half hours. I saved six and a half hours of my life of flying where I could be productive. The truth is this happened. I flew from Ohio to Provo land the jet there, we land there, me and my wife, the the Escalades sitting out there. There's an Escalade we rented sitting right by the jet. When we land, we load the, they load the Escalade, we jump in the car, take off. I have three massive meetings and I promise you one of those meetings will pay for the jet alone. Buy the jet, let alone pay for that jet experience. In those six and a half hours that I picked up from not taking commercial, I had time to go to three locations. I'm in a guy I've invested millions of dollars with. He has hundreds of million, billions of dollars of assets. Have another guy that I've been rolling with for a long time.

(12:07): Him, I never done business together, but we're about to, um, we're kind of tied into three different people we've done business with. It's just we had a chance to connect. And then another meeting, I took my family with me actually at all, all of these by the way, but we're sitting at a table of 20 people talking about like, this company's literally going to make a billion dollars and the next 12 months and I know the owner and I got to meet the other owner. So I'm sitting at the table with him and then plus all the other guys involved in it, you know, from the accounting, the side of things to the sales side of things and all that. Just listening and hearing what's working, what's not and uh, how we can help scale and grow together. By the way, I am in business with those guys. I am an affiliate of such and we will generate high eight figures, if not nine figures with them over the 12 months by being involved. So in six and a half hours, my most important asset, while you're fucking dicking around at, you know, layovers, you know, all these big ballers I do to is the most valuable asset. Oh, by the way, I go to leave early cuz I got three layovers to get to, blah blah blah, blah, blah. Dude, who are you fucking lying to yourself or the crowd or both, right? So pay attention to what people say and then pay attention to what people do is what I'm really saying here. So in six and a half hours, I genuinely think those three connections could make something happen. We'll see, another cool thing. I hate being told what to do. Put your phone down, don't stand up, don't keep your seatbelt on, blah blah blah.

(13:43): None of that shit happens on a jet. See, the reason I wanted to get rich straight up is so I could do what the fuck I want to do. That's the truth. If you don't like that, I'm not your guy to follow Everybody I know that's in my circle. Bust their ass to get to a level where I don't have to talk to anybody if I don't want to. Right? Some people call it f you money, whatever you wanna call it. I can do what I want when I want with who I want. But I love to help people. I love to work, I love to drive, I love to build. That's what it's about. So when we land, me and my wife and my kids, we bounce for six and a half hours. We're meeting a bunch of amazing people. It was kind of cool on the second meeting, I walked in and a guy comes up to me and he's like, Dude, thank you so much for getting me access to a million dollars. Now keep in mind. I've never meant this guy my entire life. Truth is I didn't even know what his name was. And I, we started talking and he told me what he did and all that. And I was like, Dude, that's what it's about. That's what I do. That's why I do this crazy shit. Like I said, today guy stops, his car gets out, we start talking cuz he listens to the podcast show here. That's what this shit is about. There's days I wanna quit, there's days I don't wanna do the show. Truth is my day's crazy today I got a lot of catch up to tool, right? But this is important. This is a commitment I've, I've done for myself and I will stick to it and I hope you do the same. Not every day's pretty, not every day's perfect, but I can tell you string enough wins in a row and you ultimately will win the game of life.

(15:20): So I don't own the jet that's out, which I've talked about many times, but I thought I'd share that here again. I had three amazing meetings. We'll turn into massive amounts of money, an opportunity. And not only that, the best part we're really breaking bread with great people. So, and I don't do that a whole lot here locally. Actually I was joking with my wife. I was like, in the last five days in Utah, I probably met up with more people I do in Ohio in a year. And that's the truth. I don't know if you've been to Utah, but if you've ever been down 15, you know they have, uh, I, I forget I'm gonna drop the ball now. Um, oh my gosh, Silicone slopes, you know, billions of do multi billions of dollars of companies everywhere. I love getting in those environments and just driving true. When I was coming from the airport heading to my first stop, I was telling my wife, I was like, man, I'm overwhelmed with opportunity. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. I'm just grateful that I can see the growth. I'm grateful that I can be a part of it. I'm grateful that I can actually understand that there's more available. See, I don't settle, I don't think I've accomplished anything in life truthfully. And I just shared with you some cool stuff we've done and a little bit of money. But like the truth is where we're at today and five years from now looks drastically different from the people we've impacted to the amount of employees we've hired to the amount of companies we've impacted to just the ripple effect. I wanna change not just your life but everyone around you's life. That's what I think about daily cuz I know what I'm talking about.

(16:50): Worse because I've done it. I know it's real. Probably one of the greatest gifts I had this weekend. Actually last night. I got a message from someone and they were able to buy their parents a house where they used to live 30 minutes down the road from the trailer court. Their parents did. Think about that, think about that. All your hard work, all the struggle, it becomes massively worth it in that moment. That to me is what success is about doing the work to get what you want. Never settling, never accepting. It just is what it is. Bullshit. There's so much more out there that made me smile ear to ear. When I hear those stories, I get very excited. Maybe buy 'em a car, maybe pay off their house, maybe buy 'em a house, maybe send 'em on the dream vacation. But I can tell you inside the DM alliance, you know, that's that one K mastermind group I have is there's a lot of amazing things like that happening on the cons, on the, on a weekly monthly basis, connecting the dots, dreaming bigger, thinking bigger. But as I'm driving down on 15 north, heading out to go to these meetings, just seeing the building after building after building after building. Seeing Ohio, we don't really have that. The layout they do in Utah, it's different. It's older here. Utah, everything's brand new. Where I was out on 15 south and north, like going down that main corridor, like ev there's so like for miles, hundreds of miles. It seems like everything's brand new, new houses, new commercial, new malls, new warehouse buildings. I mean, it's just everywhere. And if you like, I think the reason I'm sharing this with you, you need to get out of your bubble. You need to get out of your normal and go see a different normal. See, it's normal for those guys. And in Utah there's lots of wealth. There's lots of wealth everywhere. But like it's visibly, you see it everywhere.

(18:47): You see the eCommerce going daily. You know, I'm invested in some restaurants out there at three different brands. I went and stopped at those two different, uh, stopped at two of the three brands. Hello Sugar and uh, uh, Dirty Bird and got to meet the co-founders. And I went to another comp, another uh, brand they started that I looked at investing in and just connecting and with great people. What are you doing to expand your horizons? See in the DM family, I have that 50 K group and uh, we're getting ready to meet in November, middle of November. And we're going to a facility that's worth a lot of money. They have over 1100 employees, over 2000 acre campus. Multiple things to do. And we're going there for three days. I'm not sharing with what it is, but like, there's a lot of amazing shit going on in this facility. Amazing. Life changing, life altering truth is people actually go there to die. Not a bunch, but there are people that literally it's like heaven to them. They want to die there. So not to say we're dying , but we're, I'm just painting the picture of how amazing getting out of your bubble. And it's only three hours from my house here in Ohio, but getting out of my bubble, getting in these environments, connecting the dots, seeing it, not talking about it, not reading about it, not watching a YouTube video about it, not watching an IG reel about it, but going there, touching, filling, seeing, smelling, experiencing it. It really brings it to life. It really brings you. And then you realize like, shit, I can do this. I'm here doing it now how do I do more of it? Get outta your bubble. I remember when my wife and I traveled the world for seven years.

(20:25): We were in some most amazing places that I, I never even dreamt of cause I didn't even know they existed, right? We're riding on the fucking back of a an elephant in India, right? We're hanging out to Taj Mahal, we're hanging out in Paris on the Eiffel Tower, hanging out in Santorini, Greece in a beautiful white villa overlooking the Caldera. Like, get outside of your bubble. Know that there's so much more available. I think this is one of the biggest misses from entrepreneurs staying in the grind locally. They're just grinding and out locally talking to the same people, talking about the same things, expecting different results. It expands your mind. It lets you see what's available. So as I'm at one 15 and, um, talking with my wife and like I said, my kids are in there just thinking about how diverse it is. So we're, we're in Lehigh and then, uh, we went to Draper and then we went down to, um, oh gosh, I'm gonna mess this up. I forget. It's like it's on the other side of Park City, on the other side of the mountain. And then, you know, so we stayed one night down in, uh, Levi Lehigh and then, uh, aro area, and then we bounced over to Sundance. We rented a beautiful cabin, me and my wife and kids just by ourselves. Hot tub, you know, outside beautiful mountain views and all that shit. But it's literally 30 minutes from town. What's by you? You know, it's interesting. There's people that probably live in Orum and Lehigh and all that area that's never been to Sundance. I know I live in Ohio. There's probably some beautiful facilities that I've never been to that's 30 minutes to an hour away. So I believe everyone listening to my voice should do something. And the next 30 days to expand their brain, go to a five star location.

(22:12): Go hang out and expand your, you know what's possible, You know why I love all this shit is because the truth is, it took someone that was sitting in their house or in their office, a vision. They had to write it down. They had to struggle to accomplish it. And then more importantly, they accomplished it. So when I see all this cool shit going on, I'm gonna thinking, Wow, it must be nice. I'm thinking, Dude, congrats to them. Congrats. They inspire me, they inspire me. I, if they inspire me, I get inspired. I do more. I can inspire more people. I can inspire bigger thinking. I can inspire bigger. You have the same effect. You have people that follow you and listen to you that aspire for more, but you gotta lead the way. You gotta push, prod, connect, drive, push, pride, connected. Just keep going. This is why I'll never stop ever. There's too much to accomplish in this amazing life. I'm 44, I wanna live to 144 healthy, 144. And we're just getting started. I want to see people succeed. Nothing makes me more excited than to get the messages to meet my, this guy I'm gonna meet again, um, here in the next day or two. Just saying What's up? It's like the best gift in the world. So when I ask you to send me a message on social media, I'm not just saying it passively to sound cool, I fucking mean it. I know we're all dealing with shit. We're all pushing, we're all growing, we're all expanding, we're all excited.

(23:53): Share that shit with me. There's, I I I I'm, I'm asking you to, I I'm a sounding board. I wanna listen, I wanna help. I talked to a guy actually yesterday as well and he is messaging me like, Man, I need one on one. I need this, I need that. And I'm like, but you, you're, you're, you haven't said one word in a group setting. What's one on one going to do? It's not about the setting, it's about you fucking saying something. No one knows you're struggling if you don't fucking talk about it. No one knows you're winning if you're not talking about it. No, it's not like, oh man, I don't wanna sound cocky, but dude, that's not fucking cocky. You're just sharing the message Someone had to share with you to get you excited. You read an article about Steve Jobs or this person or that person or maybe, you know, whatever it is, you're reading it and you get ex inspired wherever or however you can do the same thing for other people. It's never been easier for you to do a TikTok, to do a Facebook post, to do an Instagram post, to do a real, to do a podcast show, to write a book and all this shit. It's your duty to let people know what winning and success looks like in your eyes. You don't have, I'm not saying it's right or wrong, it is what it is. It's where you're at in the journey. See, a lot of times people are waiting to get where I'm at waiting to get where Andy Priscilla's at, waiting to get where Sean Wayland's at, waiting to get where fucking Donald Trump's at, waiting to get where fucking Steve Jobs was at before they ever say anything. That's not how it works. That's why today I came on and said, I want to invest 5 million plus of my own dollars an opportunity. I've had this money sitting around.

(25:34): I've had lots more than that sitting around in opportunity funds of my own money, not borrowed money, my own money that busted my ass for. And I love looking for great fucking jockeys that want to crush life together. And if I don't share that, how would you know? And if I didn't share that, message me. If you have opportunity, how would you know to message me? Maybe this today is what you needed to gain courage to step the fuck up. There's nothing noble in being silent. Connect, share, learn. Move your ego to the side. We're all in it to win it. But if you need help, you need to let people know. If you have opportunity, tell more fucking people. The guy I talked to you yesterday, I'm like, he's like, Dude, I'm only doing one deal a month. Cool. How many people are you talking to? What's your day look like? Like I'm not judging you, but I already know. If you're only doing one fucking deal a month, you ain't doing dick. More importantly, you're doing the wrong things. If you're doing anything, you could trip and fall and do a deal a month, right? But again, sometimes you need to hear it from someone that's been there, done that. I get it, I've been there. I'm not. I'm not. It is what it is.

(26:55): Accountability. See, I don't think most people need accountability. I think most people need a bigger vision of themselves. If you understand how much you're capable of, you'd quit pussy footing around with all the bullshit stuff you're doing. If you really knew what you were capable of. And if you're listening to show you're capable of a hundred x more than what you're accomplishing now, I know it seems hard to believe and I know it's true because if you weren't, you'd already fucking be doing it. It's your time to step up, look at your activities, which ones are serving you and which ones are sucking your time and which ones are just busy work. Eliminate the busy work, eliminate the bullshit work and get the fuck to work. Connect with players. If you don't know the top 20 people in your industry that are the players, if they, more importantly, if they don't fucking know you, you got work to do, connect with them. Let 'em know what you're doing. Be valuable. Don't message them. Hey man, who got a great deal? Let's connect. Bullshit. Message 'em. It's never like they're, they're posting every day. Steve, I love your content dude. Keep kicking ass man. Beautiful family. Three days later, Steve Fire. What a fucking show. Keep up the great work man. Biggest fan three days later, Steve, you've taught me so much and so little. Keep sharing, keep shining. You do this multiple times to multiple people by sharing shit like that. Guess what? Naturally they do. Thank you Mark. Appreciate you buddy. I do the same shit I'm telling you to do. It works right now. I'm talking to a guy that just sold a company for nine figures. I've been following his journey. He just created a podcast show. He's starting to get going. I see I'm watching him. I'm excited for him and I let 'em know it.

(28:59): Keep the shit up dude. It's awesome. We all, let me just stop here. We all want to quit. We don't know where someone's at on the other side of the microphone. We don't know where someone's at on the other side of the computer screen or the phone. We all want to maybe that one piece of encouragement keeps 'em going the day. That minute, that hour we don't know. But I am sharing genuinely I like his shit. And the more times I say it, the more I engage in this content, the more he engages back to me. And before you know it, we're fucking hanging out three years from now. See I'm not one night stand guy. I'm out here fucking trying to build relationships through social media. The same exact fucking you have same exact tools connect. I know on the show I always say give me a five star review if this show helps you. Five star review. Most of you fucking listen and don't even do it. You're too fucking lazy. You're too busy. You can do it sitting on the shitter. You can do it sitting in the sauna. You're just sit by the pool. You can just sitting at the table, shut off the fucking football game and do it then. Not just for me but for everyone. That your is list you're listening to, it's called priorities. See again, I don't think you have an accountability issue. I think you have a vision of how big you fucking can be. How great of an opportunity in life you have right in front of you. If you did, you'd stop pussy footing around. This is why I get excited. I'm sitting down now I'm standing up cuz I'm excited for you. I've been you. I fucking thought I was balling when I was really balling behind the scenes cuz I was playing small. I was the king of the dip shits for many years.

(30:49): All I had was one extra thing than every guy I was hanging out with. That's it. And they're all looking up to me like I was the big king dingling. We were all dip shits. Fyi. We were playing small. We were living below like way below what we were capable of. Needless to say, none of those guys I'm rolling with anymore, I haven't rolled with them for many, many years. I wanna get around people that are doing big shit, thinking big shit, doing like more, like I said, doing it. I still pinch myself. I'm talking to a guy right now. He said, Dude, I got 25 million to do. I don't know what to do with it. That like my other buddy dude, we're buying 500 million in X, Y, Z in the next 12 months. You wanna participate? Yes. See some of you're participating in a hundred K opportunities, some are. You participate in a million dollar opportunities. Some are to participate in a hundred million dollar opportunities and some are participate in multi billion dollar opportunities. You got the catch here though. You still have to fucking participate. Why not get your head right? Connect with bigger people. Talk about bigger shit. Grow bigger. Not on the waistline but in the bank account. Who do you need to become to get with where you wanna go? Who are you happy with where you're at? I'm fucking not. I'm blissfully dissatisfied as they say. I don't need anything. I want it. I wanna see what I'm capable of. God woke me up today to give me an opportunity to step the fuck up. He gave you the same opportunity. If you're listening to my voice, you either see it as a challenge or an obstacle. It's a choice. Isn't it fun to grow, to push to prod.

(32:54): You see, this is when people come to me and like, Mark, if it's so easy, why isn't everyone an entrepreneur? Hey motherfucker, here's why what we're talking about today. Cause you gotta be conscious, you gotta grow, you gotta push, you gotta prod, you gotta dig deep, you gotta want more. You gotta become more. That's why it's relatively easy. But is it simple? It's easy to have six pack abs but it is as simple to accomplish it. It's hard. Takes work, takes effort, takes energy, takes motivation, takes drive, takes. You know it takes the work. I'm here to tell you today is your day. If you're listening to my voice and you're not communicating and connecting with me and guys like me and other people in our industry and growing and you don't know the top 20 people in your game, you got fucking work to do. And it doesn't stop. This work does not stop. This is the shit you've signed up for my friend. Get hungry, get serious. Stop pussy footing around. It's your time. I believe it. But do you we'll find out. Take the action steps, stay focused and go get it. So what that said, make today

(34:19): Counts. I'm helping him. I know how discover freedom. There ain't no question More Kevins when he step in the do, he's closing deals. I'm gonna tell him what the D stands from. I'm a deal maker. A deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journeys where it's at, it's all about the process. It's get over to the D project from a small town in so I know how it is. Cannot come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid want them make a honey brat. I didn't see no one make more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8 should they held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm own ball. Some out here running two way figure businesses. I can walk away from it. I be good. I been called to help people just like y'all. Learn the game. It's come to Paul, everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. So I've been working my whole life. Guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? So it's come to push, come to learn, come to grow. I'm helping. I know. And how I did it to discover freedom. That ain't, no question marks when he step in the do he's closing deal down to sell him what the stands for A deal. A deal. But I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journeys where it is. It's all about the, It's I'm deal, deal, deal makeup.

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