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Social media is the single most powerful tool you can harness.

It hand-delivers multi-million dollar business deals to your doorstep. It unlocks an endless amount of opportunities. And it even helps you find your best friends.

But here’s the problem:

You’re not using social media the right way. You’re afraid you’ll get judged for sharing your wins. You’re terrified people will think you’re a scam artist if you share your losses. So you don’t post — and wither away the most powerful tool you have access to.

That ends today. In this episode, you’ll discover the social media secrets for generating millions of dollars in revenue. And how to stop getting in your own way.

Listen now before one of your competitors does.

Show highlights include:

  • The “Smoking Cigars” secret for using social media to find your next multi-millionaire partner (3:42)
  • How to make an extra $100 grand today by only using social media (5:19)
  • The braindead simple social media content formula which instantly magnetizes high-level relationships to you (8:14)
  • How to multiply your impact, opportunities, and even the number in your bank account by spending 20 minutes a day posting emojis (11:33)
  • The only secret you need to build a massive and engaged following on any social media platform you use (13:11)
  • Why people unfollowing you on social media actually catapults your income (even if you think it’ll butcher it) (23:05)

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Welcome to the making of a DM. Are you using social media to extract millions of dollars of opportunities for free? If you're not, this show is something you must listen to right now. So what that said, let's get started.

(00:21): I'm more Kevin, I'm more Kevin I'm to helping teach him what I, what I know and how I to discover freedom there. Ain't no question. More Kevins when he step he, what the D for I'm a deal, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. Hey there, it's your boy Park, captain D M. Thank you so much for being here at the making of a DM sitting here in Parkland, Florida. Today's my last day here for a while, as I'm about to head up to Ohio, but I just got back yesterday around three o'clock from park city, Utah, hanging out with 11 amazing human beings. I'll share that in a second, but I got a chance to speak and hang out at my boy, Sean, Waylands lions, not sheep event, and it was absolutely up epic. The lions den. If you guys, aren't a part of that, I think it's a couple hundred dollars, two, three, $400 a month. Whatever it is, it's worth it. If it's open, I'd recommend you looking at the lions den and get involved. This is what this is about, you know, connecting with high level amazing people on all fronts. Anyways, before I get started about today's show, cuz today's show is going to be epic.

(01:49): Hope you listen to this multiple times. This show is something you might wanna listen to multiple times. Cause I wanna share with you how to generate a lot of connections, which ultimately will generate a lot of money for you. And I'll explain that in full detail before I do thank you so much. Many people are posting what we're up to over here on the making of a DM. I met a lot of people in Utah. It's like, dude, your show, the podcast has changed my life. You're my, you're my top three podcast shows, which is absolutely amazing. So I just wanna say thank you so much for everyone. At least Fivestar reviews and shares with their friends and connects and all that. It does mean a ton to me. For real. It's not just, you know, lip service, it's the truth. And um, I appreciate you guys so much. Um, so I wanna get into the show cuz today's show is so important. This is a show you want to share. if you care about your buddies and you want to grow, utilizing social media, to connect with people across the globe and how to generate millions of dollars from it.

(02:55): So I just told you, I spoke in park city, Utah with Sean Wayland, there was about 1200 people in the audience from all over the world, amazing people, sitting in a room, connecting with other human beings, touching, feeling, seeing hugging, crying, guests, crying and evolving saw right before my eyes, as I do at every event like this. And as they've came in town, you know, I sit there and I was thinking, you know how Sean and I meant you may or may not know the story, but it's worth telling again. If you have heard it, it's worth listening to again, cuz and if, cuz there's power to it, Sean Whelan and I meant on social media, you guys can listen to the show we did here on the making of a DM with Sean. Lion's not sheep, but as I'm sitting here talking to you, what happened is him and I through social media, we have a certain thing we like to do.

(03:49): It's called smoking cigars and somehow through social media, Facebook back then we connected yo man, what's up? Hey man, what you up to? Hey man, checking this out. Hey man, what stick kind of sticks. You smoke it. Wasn't like, how do I make millions with you, Sean? He wasn't asking me mark, how do I make more millions with you too? He was like, dude, we had a general interest together and we're just connecting we're business guys. We enjoy smoking cigars and we do our thing. So we kept building that relationship up. And then I would randomly take pictures of me smoking a cigar saying, what's up Sean, thinking about you and the fam hope all's amazing. He would do the same to me back and forth, back and forth over the years. And one day his new book came out how to make shit happen.

(04:33): And he's like, dude, check out. Who's in the book. And I check out, there's only two pictures in the book, a picture of Sean and a picture of me explaining the power of social media. Now keep in mind that book's been bought over a million times. So people have heard about me a lot just through that social connection, Sean sharing the story in his book. Now I didn't go to social saying, man, how do I manipulate the situation, connect with this guy and get in his books and get on his stages and do these things nor has he said, Hey man, how do I connect with mark and get millions of dollars and deals with him and get on his stages and all that dude. The truth is right now, I'm fucking talking about Sean Wayland because of social media. It's real time. Right now I was in Utah talking to 1200 people because of social media.

(05:26): I took 10 guys to the event with me and 100% of them came from social media and they each paid at least $10,000 a piece to hop on the jet to have an amazing badass experience. VIP at all levels. From the time we took the jet till we landed and took the chauffeured card to the hotel hotel, back to the jet, to VIP access at the event all from social media, not 99%, 100%. So why am I telling you this? Not only am I gonna tell you about this, I'm also gonna share with you how to do it so you can start connecting with people to make your life easier. Bigger.

(06:09): Let me ask you a question. Do you wanna really help people including yourself, by the way, do you wanna make a bigger impact? I mean, it's a question you have to answer. What was cool about this? The first time I ever met Sean in person is, uh, I was getting ready to head out and I had a couple days extra on the yacht. I was like, yo man, you wanna meet me in the Caribbean? Um, and hop on the yacht with me for a couple days. You and the fam he's like I'm there. And as this dinghy's coming up to the yacht's called watershed too back in the day. That's what the name of the yacht was. I'm hanging out in St. Thomas he's in the dinghy. He's rolling up. I'm standing on the back, smoking a cigar cigar ready for him. And I was like, what's up my man.

(06:53): First time I ever met him in person ever. We connected via social media connected on the phone verbally. And then the first time in person, probably two and a half, three years after we made points of contact via social media. It's pretty cool. Isn't it? It's absolutely wild. I could tell you hundreds of stories, just like this and many more like a lot of stories like this. See the difference is though I'm posting on social media. I'm adding value through podcast shows. Now through books, through social media, I'm doing my work. If you're lazy, not doing anything, you're not going to get noticed. Anyways, on social media, you have to do work. You have to connect. You have to share, you have to stop and let people know who you are.

(07:49): See the thing is most people here listening to my voice. No one knows who the fuck you are, cuz you're not talking about you. Cuz it sounds weird because it might be weird, but it's not really that weird. If you're not talking about you connecting like what? You're up to, how you're doing it, your failures, your journey, et cetera. Then who the hell is you gotta get on social media. Grab that phone outta your hand. That you're probably listening to my voice on flip the fucking phone around and shoot a video and say what's up world. My name is boom. Here's what I do. Let's connect.

(08:29): It's that easy stop looking at. Oh, is it perfect? Oh man, I think my hair's outta place. Oh I, I, I don't like the way I look in this, this shadow or whatever bullshit, excuse you make and start sharing to the world. What you got going on. You don't have to have Ferrari and mansions and yachts and all this shit, but you got to share with what you're doing. Hey guys, I just made 72 calls. I talked to 17 people and I closed one deal today. I can share with you the same exact script that I used to do that boom, you're gonna get blown up. People are gonna call you to connect with you like your shed. But mark, which social media is the best one. All of 'em but in the beginning, pick one. Where's your audience at that you want to connect with?

(09:20): Are they on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, whatever other shit they got out there. It's everywhere. It's all kinds of them. Twitter, wherever your audience that you're shooting for. That's where you go start. That's where you start. If you can't extract people from a warm environment that people are hanging out, that you want to connect with. Well, you got a long road ahead of yourself. So just pick one and execute. I utilize mostly Facebook and Instagram. I sold, like I said, 10 tickets on the jet at at least $10,000 a piece through Facebook and Instagram, I could have sold 80 tickets. Truthfully. I have so many messages. DM event, DM jet event, jet event, jet event, DM jet DM, jet DM jet. I did a post here's what I'm up to here's what's going on within 24 hours. Let's just stop for a second and think about this within 24 hours, six figures in sales.

(10:23): It's a badass experience. Yes, I've done it before. Yes. I've talked about it. Yes. Clients have talked about it. Guess where they've talked about all the shit at guess where I've sold it at every single time, social media, social media, you can do this. If you're not, you're missing the boat. I wanna share with something I do that I know will help you a lot. See, we live in a voyeurism world. I've talked about this in the past on shows, but most of your voyers you look and scroll and scan and you know everything about everything, but no one knows your who you are. Why? Because you're not acknowledging anybody. My recommendation, cuz it works is this. I want you. I want you to think about when you do a post on Facebook or Instagram or whatever platform, what's the first thing you expect, likes or hearts or whatever shit. Right? So let's say if you get a hundred likes and you get five comments, yes. The likes are an an engagement piece to let you know, people are engaging in it. But the comments are very powerful, cuz they're acknowledging you. If you follow me and you follow people, I follow you'll see me. I comment on pretty much everything. Cause I wanna let them know, Hey, I got time for you. It's not just a, like it's also a rocket ship or a muscle or boom.

(12:00): That's what I do. What do you do? If you wanna take it an extra step further, this is very powerful. If you see someone like me post or someone you're trying to connect with, do a great post, share the fucking post. I get an alert when someone shares my post, as soon as I get an alert, I like it. And I comment on it and I might even shoot. 'em a quick message and say, thank you. Think about this. There's so many points of content. Now don't think you share my post and we make millions of dollars tomorrow. That's the wrong way to go about this. If something's impactful and you like it, share it with your story and let people know where the, where it come from. Like it's powerful. And the best way to do this is through consistency. You're either consistent or non-existent you share a story once a year.

(12:50): Do you think I'm gonna remember who the hell you are? But if you share it once a week by week 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, I probably know you very well because guys like me, I'm working hard to get my content to more people's hands. If you share it with one person or a million people, it's the same to me because it's, that's the effort. That's important. You showing that you're seeing it, acknowledging it and sharing it. Three points of opportunity. Like comment share. I'm doing something once a day on social media minimum. And if I see your name, keep popping up, popping up, popping up. Guess what we do naturally. I'm gonna click on your profile picture. I'm gonna see what the hell you're up to. And then I might even shoot you a message like dude, thank you so much.

(13:39): This is what we all do at all levels. If someone's at a bigger level, just so you know, they're commenting they're messaging. That's why they're at a bigger level, cuz they're doing the work that it takes to be at that level. That's the secret. What's the secret. Just in case you missed it, it's doing the work like comic share like, like comic comic comic comment share, boom. And you start building up this connection. You don't have to believe me do this stuff in real life, which you should anyways. Find the top 10 people. You wanna really connect with people that you vibe with people that you feel like can get you to the next level. People that inspire you. People that get you excited for over the next 30 days. Every time they post like and comment, at least it doesn't have to be a page.

(14:33): It doesn't have to be a book of comments. Just share a fucking rocket ship, do a thumbs up, do a muscle, do a beach theme, whatever you want. That's what I expect you to do. And if you do that, I guarantee you, the people that you're sharing, liking in commoning, a percentage of 'em are gonna reach out to you. And then you're gonna start building a connection and forging a relationship as quickly as 30 days or less. Now I'm not saying go to Donald Trump and do this shit, cuz that's not gonna happen. But I'm talking about people in influence people in your business space. People in your industry are not genre that you want to connect with, to grow with. See what I'm excited about Cleveland, Ohio, June 29th and 30th, depending when you're listening to us that might already be done. But we have a huge, massive three, 400 people charity event.

(15:22): That's big for me by the way, because we're my team talks to every single person prior. We wanna make sure that we can absolutely help you crush your game of life. This is a non-selling event, nothing to buy nothing. Zilch, keep your credit card up in the room and come down and connect and meet people. See for some reason in the social world, I know I'm talking about how amazing social is. Social's a great way to start the conversations and ignite relationships. But connecting a person will send you off to another world. It will send you to a place that you don't even know exist. If you're not doing this already, every event I'm still go to. I was just in Utah, like I said, for two nights, three nights actually sitting in the room, going out and connecting with all these people. 1200 people talking high fiving, laughing, like I said, people are crying.

(16:14): People are hugging. People are high fiving. People are sharing, being vulnerable. See, at the event in Cleveland, we're gonna be doing stuff you've never seen before. We're gonna help anybody. That's looking to get a breakthrough in business and life in both connect the dots at a faster pace. If you need help with something, you come to me, we connect you with the person or one of the persons on my team. We want to help you solve your problems. Be be intentional. When you show up to an event like this, I'm giving you permission to utilize my relationships for your benefits. Connect with people, extract opportunities, bring opportunities in everything else in between. That's what I do events for. It's the hardest thing I do. It's 90 days of commitment on my end and my team's end. And we give all the money to charity. A hundred percent of the net profits go to charity.

(17:08): You'll see it live happen before your eyes. We're so excited to see people connect the dots because I know the impact that I can give you. The ripple effect that you go out and impact. You get outta your, get outta your way, get outta your comfort zone. You start doing what I'm talking. Even as much as this podcast show right now, getting on social, sharing your story. What? You're up to? The challenges, the opportunities, the wins and everything in between. I know you're thinking, but mark, they're going to judge me. They're already fucking judging you. Who cares? Who cares? Share your journey. All you let 'em judge. You ju people judging. You don't do anything with you. Anyways. It means they mean nothing. Don't let them their shitty life dictate your amazing life. You're in the making of creating. Never let that happen. If you do, they win the game of life.

(18:03): You don't think about that. You're playing in fear. You're allowing a stranger or even maybe a potential family member. But, but mark, we don't talk about money in my family. Bullshit. You don't you talk, they talk about it when they're fighting about it. Trust me. I know cuz I saw that my whole life, the only time I talked about money is when they're fighting. Cuz they ain't got none. Talk to 'em about your wins. It's not bragging. It's sharing. If they think it's bragging that tells you more about them than it does you. Cause you know where you're coming from. They don't have a fucking clue if they say that, oh it's easy for you to say, okay, like what does that mean? Share your journey, share your story. What you're up to. If I ask 10 people in your community, what you do, you probably, they probably have no fucking clue who you even are.

(18:54): And if they do, they'll like, I, I don't know. God does nothing all day, right? Like, or they'll bring up an old story. Maybe they know about you. You gotta show the world that you're constantly evolving. Many of you here, listening to my voice have been on the journey of social media. Following me for many years before I even had kids, I was looking back, you know the memories on Facebook, 2014, I was this right now to the day I'm shooting this. I was giving away a house to a homeless veteran. 2014. I only had 32 likes and two comments. I didn't quit posting. I didn't give a shit about the likes. I didn't give a shit about the comments. I was sharing my message to the world because I wanna see what's going on. I wanna share. And if just one person, it makes an impact in one person, it was worth it. I'm still sharing today. I was sharing in 2012, I only had three likes. When I was walking the communion to Santiago, I kept sharing. I'm gonna keep sharing and I'm gonna keep connecting because what happens is when you and I meet in person one day, hopefully June 29th and 30th in Cleveland, you're gonna be like, dude, I pretty much feel like I know ya. I might say the same thing. If you've liked and commented and shared my shit because that's how you get recognized.

(20:18): You can't be out here acting like a big dog and no one knows ya. You gotta let people know what you're up to, what your company does, how you can serve them, how you can connect with them. And that's what this show's about today is simply utilizing social media to create relationships, more importantly, deepen relationships and stay consistent with them. If you follow me on Instagram, I do a thing every day called the wakey wakey 4 44. Why? Cause I'm up early every day and two I'm consistent as hell. I want you to see the boring mundane shit I do every day. I'm gonna share a positive message at 4 44. I'm gonna share other stuff throughout the day. When I spoke at Sean's event, I had hundreds and hundreds of people come up and get pictures with me and tag me and tell me, you know, re recite some of my quotes that I used at the event and all that stuff, which is absolutely amazing.

(21:12): You know what I did. I connected with each one of 'em. I said, thank you. I hearted their thing. I reshared. Some of them, this is how it works. Folks, planting seeds, connecting Ryan Stewman. I don't know if you guys know him or not great guy. He's got a great group called the apex. And uh, these are all groups you guys should be looking at, by the way, the DM Alliance, the apex lions den, you should be in all of 'em. My boy, Tim brots legacy wealth. I mean, this is what this life is about is connecting and helping people. But Ryan and I connected on Facebook a long time ago. And I remember when he was just getting started, really starting to ramp up. His cadence is awesome. His writing is getting better and uh, I've always liked it. I've always understood what he's up to and kind of how he's making moves, but he's really evolving to another level and it's super awesome to watch. And I was checking out some of the old messages him and I had back in, you know, 16, 17, whatever, and you know, just kind of seeing how much he's evolved. See that's what's cool about the social media kind of creates a timestamp journal of what's going on that day. As you know, inside of Facebook, for sure you can sit there and you get these memories that pop up all the time. Now on Instagram, you could literally scroll all the way down and see where you started. What day you started posting on Instagram.

(22:39): I'm guessing that stuff happens like that on Twitter and every other platform, but you gotta start posting. You gotta start documenting. You gotta get outta your own way. And don't worry about what other people think. Cuz you know where you're coming from. You know where your heart's at, you know what your agenda is. You know, your agenda is to impact the world. Connect with people that want to connect with you. Listen, the truth is to be honest, there's nothing wrong with people unfollowing you on social media. It's actually a good thing because what you're doing is sorting out the people you wanna roll with, like, why are you trying to keep people? You don't even like happy? Why are you trying to keep people around you? That don't even like you, but they don't have the balls to pull the plug. You gotta be bold and let them know what you really stand for.

(23:31): So they actually leave you alone. Stop wasting your time. Stop taking up your space. Start connecting with real fucking friends. True story. I could hit up my guys like my guy like Sean, him and I like real talk shit stuff. That's on in real life. I don't have to like man, I'm embarrassed. There's no judging. It's there to help. That's where we're at. Now in this journey, I'm invited in his house. He's invited my house. We do shit together. We want to grow. If he needs me or I need him. We're there for each other. Think about how wild this is. Some of my best friends in my life. At this point in my life, I'll be 44 on June 19th come from social media.

(24:12): Some of my best friends in life have come from social media. Some of my best employees, people I get to work with have come from social media. Huh? How does that work? It's because I did the work. I'm doing the work. I like comment post. I share videos. I share audios. I share real life. Shit. The good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. And the more consistent you are with this, the faster the results will come get to know people, let them get to know you. And then the world is your oyster. See it's no more grandma and grandpa or mom and dad days. They used to have to go to networking events, to shake hands and kiss babies to even potentially connect. It limited it to you within a 60 mile radius of your house, probably.

(25:05): But with social media, you could literally sit on the toilet and write a post and push submit or, or go live or whatever. And now the world can respond back the world, your friends, your followers, their friends, their followers. Cause people are gonna like it. Share it, comment it that's what this is about. This is how you get more money for your deals. This is how you get more opportunities for the, if you have money in the hand, this is how you do both in all. Like if I need something, I post it on social media. Hey guys, you guys know any amazing landscapers and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, boom done. You have to acknowledge this in your brain and accept it. More importantly, implement it. Whatever you want. Anything you want is on social media. Anything, stop being a fucking consumer and start being a creator. Start connecting with people and helping people and reaching out to people and liking and commenting on the top 10 people that you want to connect with. And before you know it, your life will be fucking changed forever. Yes. I'm excited because it works and I want it to work for you. And if you're already doing it, do it more.

(26:34): You only live once. That's it. Whatever number you're thinking in your head go B mark. I don't want people to know. I make money bullshit. That's the story you've told in your head, create a new story. I wanna help people by sharing my wins with them. I wanna show 'em what fucking winning looks like, because I'm gonna talk about it. I'm gonna guide them cuz you know why, you know why this is very important for Rob. Hear me out, please. There's someone else that understands what I'm talking about. That's a fucking thief and a creep and they're good at manipulating people. And they're gonna lie to people. They're gonna show fake bank statements. They're gonna share fake stories and then your person that you could help. If you would actually get outta your own way and implement what we're talking about here today, they're gonna end up finding this creep and he is gonna take their fucking money. And now they can't help you and you can't help them.

(27:38): There's bad people out there doing bad shit with great pieces like I'm talking about today. I wanna help great people utilizing a great opportunity and a great path. This is marketing. This is utilizing being a creator and sharing and extracting and connecting. I would love to hear who you've connected with at the highest level through social media. Get on Instagram, huh? Huh? Yes. That's social media at Mark Evans. DM. Let me know who you've really connected with. And you know it. If you listen to my voice and you've asked me a question or messaged me on IG or Facebook or any other fucking platform, I reply I do. I don't pay someone to do that for me. I do. You wanna sit there and you're trying to figure out, well, no one knows me. No fuck you haven't done anything to be known for. How do they know you?

(28:35): This was like going to the store, getting a brand new cell phone with a phone number and sitting in your fucking closet. Wondering why your phone's not ringing you. Haven't given anybody the phone number for like, come on, you gotta get outta your own way. Learn how to write, learn how to shoot a video. You know how you do it, turn it on and talk. I don't care if you have a burger hanging on your nose, post the fucking video and go, as Sean was saying at the event, send it, send that shit. My videos I shot five years ago look way different than they look today. My videos five years from now will look way different than they do today. You don't have to believe me. My voice. I'm talking to you on this podcast. Show the making of a DM, go back and listen to the podcast show I had in 2015 called the real estate power hour and listened to the difference in my voice. But you know what? In 2015, I gave it to the best of the fucking I could. And people listened hundreds, actually, millions of people listened millions. Now looking back, I sound, I'm like, oh shit. I was saying that, oh my God, I sound horrible. But that was the best I had then right now, as I'm talking to you, it's the best I have.

(29:52): I'm gonna look back this in five years from now. I'm like, shit, haven't you gotta calm down man. but I'm passionate about this shit. I'm excited for people. I wanna meet you. We've never met in person. I wanna meet you. How would we meet through the podcast? Through social media podcast or so either or, but we made a connection through me sharing content information. I wanna see you win. I wanna see, I wanna like, I want you to text me, like dude, I just bought my fucking Ferrari. I just bought my rules. I just bought my mansion. I just bought my wife a new ring. I bought my wife a new car. I bought her new house. Her in-laws out, whatever. I want to hear your wins. I got a call today from a guy that I know through social media. He's like, dude, I just bought my dream most for 1.8 million.

(30:40): I'm shitting my pants. I love that stuff because I started it's all because I started. I shared that's it again? You don't have to believe anything. I'm saying go on any social media platform I have and go all the way to the beginning. Look at the pictures. Look at the stories. Look at the comments, look at the likes and see it. It's evolving. It's getting bigger every day. This podcast you're making of a DM grows every single day. It's the best I got. I'm not trying to make your friend. I'm trying to help people trying to connect with people. I'm trying to be better. I'm trying to be bigger. I'm trying to be more excited. I'm trying to like, I wanna live life to the fullest. I don't just show up here just to show up and like, oh how do I figure out how to make money off you guys?

(31:31): I've never thought that to be on ever. I, this show actually costs me money. My time editing, post everything. I mean it costs money and I'm fine. I'm not complaining by the way. I love it because I know I'm in the game forever. And I know someone listening to my voice right now is gonna implement what I'm talking about. And I'm gonna be sitting in front of them in next year, 2, 3, 5 years and on a fucking yacht or a jet or both. And we're gonna be laughing about this moment question. Is it gonna be you? I know where my heart's at. I know what social media can do for you. You have to under, you don't even have to understand. You just have to execute. Don't fucking think about it. Do move fast. You stop this fucking podcast show now and execute next 30 days execute like comment, rocket ship, post like comment, rocket ship share, boom.

(32:30): Next you spend 20 minutes a day. That's all I'm asking 20 minutes a day on social media. Doing exactly what I'm talking about. Dude, if you see someone's post that you want to connect with you message. 'em like, holy shit. That was an awesome post. That's what I'm talking about. Keep sharing the heat. You do a post like that on a comment or whatever. You don't have to use these words, but like that's how you connect with people. You understand someone wrote the message they getting acknowledged does not hurt anything that helps everybody. It's very powerful. I hope you take this serious because this is a very serious piece. If you're trying to grow, if you're trying to get more exposure to your products, more exposure to your brand, more business, more clients, more opportunities. This is how you do it in 2022. This is it. This is you've had by the way, whoa, whoa, whoa. This is huge. It's fucking free free. It's not like I'm telling you to go out and do 50,000 a month in direct mail. It's not like I'm telling you to go buy $10,000 a day in Facebook ads. It's not like I'm going out and telling you to buy online image ads on Google and all this shit. It's fucking free. What's your excuse.

(33:48): Everything you want is on social media. Everything. I know it, you know it, but what are you gonna do about it? There's no excuse zero. Start sharpening your voice every day you post it's gonna get better. Do video, post audio, post text, post share, do more. Make it in 30 days. Please get me posted with what you're sharing. I wanna see it. I'll comment on your shit. I'll like it. Test me message me and test me. I don't talk this shit. I do this shit. I don't know many people that are moving waves on social media. Like I'm talking about, there's not many dorm. I want you to be one of them. This will unlock the opportunities and the doors that you never even knew existed. Get you in rooms that you need to be in and want to be in. You don't even know these rooms exist.

(35:03): Truthfully like the DM live event we got going on 29th to 30th, which if you're listening to my voice, you should be at it's Mark Evans, dm.com/live. L I V E again, that's Mark Evans, dm.com/live. You're gonna meet my boy. Austin. He's generated tens of millions of dollars by the age, 29 from social media. And he does create free content. That's how it works. There's a, there's a model to it. There's a process. You're gonna meet some amazing people. Sean Waylon will be there. My boy, Maurice Clara will be there talking about the journey, how he was in prison for four years. And then he got out and now he has over 400 employees collectively. And his companies he's associated with Sean is how he's built millions of dollars a month in business, through social media, through free ads, free of advertising on social. My boy Mike Aguilar had he's generated multiple cells in the massive eight figures.

(36:04): He just share it. There's nothing to buy. It's just a straight sharing. Give, make an investment in yourself, make an investment in your future. Make an investment in these charities. Like I said, a hundred percent in that profits go to charity and there's some really cool shit going on. We'll go from nine to five both days. And on the second day, from six 30 to 10 30, I have a badass party scheduled and you're invited. If you're a member at the, if you get a ticket, you're gonna see stuff you've never seen before at an event. This is an experience. This is when you see social media collide with handshakes and connections. You're gonna see how fast relationships gets expedited from social, to getting in a room together. It's real, very real. And I hope to see you there again, get over to Mark Evans, d.com/live. Hope to see you there. I will see you there. Keep me posted on this journey. 30 days of posting on social media, make it happen. Don't fail yourself. Don't steal from your future post today. Right now, as we go, remember, make the day count

(37:14): I'm to helping teach him what, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question mark Kevins. When he step in the he's closing, I'm tell what stands. I'm a deal, a deal, but I'm not just a deal. I'm a dream maker. The journeys where it's at, it's all about the process. Come to get over to the project from a small town of Ohio. So I know how its should not come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid wanting them, make honey bra didn, see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8, like sure. They held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this I'm own ball. Somehow you're running two way, figure businesses. I can walk away from it at all and I'll be good. I been called to help people just like, y'all learn the game.

(38:03): It's come to ball. Everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. Yo ive been working my whole life. Guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? So come to Bush, come to learn, come to grow more. Kevin I that helping teach him what I, what I know and how I did it. See, discover freedom. That question more Kevins. When step the he to what the deal I to sell them what the DM stands for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. The journeys where its it's all about the deal deal, deal. This

(38:58): Is the podcast factory.

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