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People always ask me if they can be a fly on the wall while I make millions from my home. They think they’d learn about business from what I do, but they’d learn far more from what I don't do.

I don’t fill my calendar with pointless 15-minute meetings all day. I don’t waste time with Mickey Mouse conversations. And I don’t complain about anything that’s out of my control.

Instead, I do the work. That’s how I’m able to accomplish more in 4 hours than most people do all week.

Do you want to do the same? Then listen to today’s episode. I’m answering a bunch of questions and giving you real, unfiltered million dollar answers.

Listen now and have a massive breakthrough in business and life this month.

Show highlights include: 

  • Why you’ll make more money and enjoy more freedom as an intrapreneur than banging your head against a wall trying to be an entrepreneur (6:17)
  • The poisonous “Broke Mindset” that keeps you poor no matter how much cash is sitting in your bank account (7:52)
  • Why being the richest person in your friend group suffocates your wealth and strangles your dreams (12:07)
  • The counterintuitive way telling a prospect “no thanks” skyrockets your confidence and closing rate (21:09)
  • The cold, hard truth about why you’re making a fraction of what you’re worth right now (23:35)
  • How filling your calendar with meeting and calls actually makes you poorer (29:23)
  • The billionaire’s “lose money often” secret that sounds backwards but backs up a Brinks truck into your bank account (44:01)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” We're going to have a little bit of fun today and do some Q&A with the DM. So, with that said, let's get started.

(00:17): A more Kevin's deal. I'm more deal. I'm here to helping teach him what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question. More Kevins. When he step in the doubt he's closing deal. I'm just tell him what the deal stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm hey there, chip mark

(00:46): DM coming to you from beautiful Parkland, Florida, just getting back in the groove of things. It has been a crazy week since I spoke to you last week. I actually went down, I had my sister-in-law town. She just left to day, but a lot of cool things, you know, hang out with the fam you know, how it is out on the golf course with the kiddos, doing TaeKwonDo, went down to the keys for a night, the cool location way down there, four hours deep from us. And just a lot of neat things. It's always neat to get out of your bubble and kind of see what's going on around anyway ways today. I wanna do some Q and a, I have some questions. I get asked all the time. I'm excited to answer them here today. And by the way, if you do have a question and you want me to answer it on the monthly Q and as, or the, the podcast Q and as I should say, make sure to hit me up on Instagram at Mark Evans, DM and say Q and a, and then let me know your question.

(01:47): Love to help you out if I can. So one, I appreciate everyone sharing the show, massive responses, lots of cool stuff going on. We're growing social drastically over here. Just a lot of neat momentum and compound effects, really starting to take effect. And that's because of you, you guys, as the listener, thank you so much. You know, the people that share the show on Instagram and any social platform, I guess I should say. And you know, if you have an email list and you send out the show via email, thank you so much for doing that. It's a great way to give yourself position. Like if one of these shows hits and it makes sense, you could actually create content, which would help you and then just say, Hey, yeah, by the way, check out the show, click here. And then what that does is it gives you great positioning and a lot of cool stuff there.

(02:37): So if you have not done, so please share the show. If you're new here, if you've not went and left a star review on the platform, you choose to listen to the making of a DM, a five star review, but you greatly appreciated. I don't know if you guys know this or not, but it's called an algorithm. That's how these systems work. So if you're over there and you leave a five star review one every time you do it, it gets pushed up in the algorithm. And more people, this picture, picture someone sitting at home trying to push hard. They're dealing with life and everything you and I are dealing with, but yet they don't have this outlet where they're able to come and listen to something like this. And they're trying to learn about it about real life. And you share a story like, Hey, show is awesome, or whatever you say, five star review style.

(03:22): And they see it and they engage in it. You don't even know you're making that impact, but I promise you, you are. So please take a minute or two and leave a five star review. It caught you, nothing takes you a couple minutes. I'm providing value. I think this show 1 0 5 massive amounts of value on a weekly basis. And I'll continue to do so, but listen, you get outta life, what you put into it. And if you can't take a couple minutes and leave a review, well, it says a lot more about you than kind of, if you're wor if you're stressed out about results, I'd probably start with something simple, like leaving a five star review. So I appreciate you guys being here so much. I got a lot of cool stuff to share with you. I'm working on a lot of deals and as, as deals start cranking, you know, and, and we're really, I mean, we're looking at a lot, a lot of stuff as you guys may or may not know.

(04:13): I do acquire businesses. I do sell some of my businesses. But right now we're acquiring a couple of size companies. And with that comes a lot of staff, you gotta audit books, you gotta audit marketing, you gotta audit accounts. There's there's a lot. And you know, I thank God. I have great P amazing people around me to help me do this. As these companies are fairly large, some of them, you know, well, again, semi large and perspective, and, and it's not large enough. That's why I'm buying it. I'm gonna make it way bigger. So, you know, I'm not here to brag about all that stuff, but, you know, I do think I have a special set of skills. Actually. I know I do special set of skills when it comes to marketing and you know, such, so I'm excited for that, but it is a very tacking, very like tedious.

(05:03): One deal I've been working on for three and a half, four months. Not because not because of me. It's just, it's just, the process sometimes takes longer, cuz there's a lot of moving parts. You're waiting on a lot of pieces. It's tax season, all that fun stuff. So there's a lot of things lingering. And so you know, you're excited to do it, but yet you're like, ah, I, is it gonna ever get done? And maybe it doesn't, you just never know that's what keeps it interesting. But as I'm sitting here looking at this, I'm looking at my board and it's, it's a lot of cool stuff. And inside of a lot of cool stuff, there's a lot of stuff and it, it's not the stuff you want to talk about or think about cuz sometimes this could cause a lot of anxiety, a lot of stress, you know, there's people in the teams that I gotta reposition.

(05:46): There's people, people in the teams that gotta let go. There's people in the teams we're hiring for, by the way, we're always hiring. If you are in the market, if, if you understand how to buy media, we're always hiring media buyers. You know, we're buying, we're trying to buy millions of dollars a month in traffic. So we do that in all businesses, across all platforms. If you're amazing at, you know, running and managing companies and teams, we're always looking for great leaders in, within the company to help grow companies that we're working on. I mean, again, it's I, I'm looking for very proactive entrepreneurs, truthfully. I, I think you can make a lot more money. If you're an entrepreneur or a great number two it's not talking down, it's talking with you by the way. I because I need you just as much as you need me as we scale this thing called life and businesses.

(06:35): So if you ever if you ever have an interest in any of that stuff or know someone, just let me know over on Instagram at Mark Evans DM. So I get a lot of questions on the daily. And one of 'em recently is a, a guy was telling me, he's like, mark, I want to leave my job, but I also want to join a mastermind. And I'm not sure I can do that because I wanna leave my job first. Let's seal chicken before the egg thing and, and a quote I wrote a long time ago, I was thinking about this, here it goes. This is something you might want to think about. Most are waiting for security to take action. I chose to take action to create security. Let me say that again. It's worth saying twice. Most are waiting for security to take action.

(07:30): I chose to take action to create security. See my entire adult life. I've never had a w two job. I either made money. I was dead broke, right? I'm not, I'm not going to eat. I'm not gonna be able to pay my bills. And the truth is there was a point in time where I did almost go bankrupt, not broke, almost went bankrupt, by the way, these are two different things to me being poor and broke and you know, bankrupt. There there's a lot of variables, all these things, but sometimes broke so set. You know what I mean? I don't, I've always had a positive mindset. Even when I was sitting in a one bedroom, actually an efficiency apartment with candles lit no heat, no hot water reading a book about how to get rich. See, I already knew how to make money. I didn't understand how to keep it.

(08:15): And then I got in my own self and my feelings. That's why I always talk about data, not drama. And I was very stressed out overwhelmed, but I kept my head down, kept my feet moving. And I'm no longer in that position by a long shot. It was not fun going through it, but I would've never, I would never trade it for anything cuz it makes me respect and appreciate the game that we live in called life and business. I understand the ups and downs. I understand the cycles. I understand the seasons. If you will. If I was in a season today, my season right now is slaying season. I'm slaying left and right. We're crushing it on many fronts. It's not always pretty. It's not. It's very gruesome. Often times truthfully, cuz you're dealing with real 24 7, but I can tell you, like I said, we, I have an amazing team, amazing teams all over in all companies that really step up and work really hard to be better human beings.

(09:10): And that shows drastically as we evolve and come companies. But as this guy's talking to me, it reminds me of one of my buddies, actually a great friend, amazing friend of mine. Now I met seven years ago and the guy was generating about a hundred thousand dollars a year net. That's what he was making. And that's not a lot of money at all for what he was doing and putting in the effort. And he came to one of my 5k events and I was talking to him. I'm like, dude, you need to join the mastermind, the DM family back then it was $35,000. And he looked at me like a deer in the headlights. And he is like, I can't do that. I'm trying to retire my wife. And I thought about it. And I was like, dude, well thought about for nanosecond, cuz I've heard this before.

(09:53): And I said, well, if you really wanna retire your wife, one, why haven't you done it? And two, I can show you how to retire your wife quicker. And more importantly, forever. See a lot of people will jump the gun and try to retire their spouse and or quit that job. But they never, they they'll ultimately end up going back. Not because they're dumb, but because they don't understand the mental dynamics that a, it takes to anchor in these kind of things, because it's a huge decision. It's a massive decision. I'm very confident if someone's thinking about that, by the way, this is a fact fair one. I'm proud of my wife. She was my girlfriend back then. But when she was 24, when we met, since we've met and been together, she's not ever had a job or had to have a job. And we were always very crystal clear that that's, that's what she wanted.

(10:42): And that's what I've always wanted. And I don't mind if she's working and all that stuff. That's not like I'm trying to control her by all means. But like there is an independence factor there where she does get paid from one of our companies. She does do stuff for that company. But most importantly, she's a, she's a mom. She takes care of me and does a lot of great stuff. So, you know, at the end of the day we always wanna get better. We always wanna do more, but I could. I know how to do. I know how to act, act, you know, have our spouses exit the workforce and become, you know, a high level, whatever they want to do, support their vision, port their journey by me, you know, creating the funds to do that. Let's be honest. It takes money to do that.

(11:24): Right? So again, when I'm listening to this guy, what he is really afraid of is the unknown. And he's built this story in his head that he thinks he's going to quit his job first and then joined a mastermind. Cuz if you joined the mastermind, he's spending money, not investing by the way he has it flip flopped and he's inve he's spending money in his brain and he thinks it's going to take away from his departure of his J O B. And the truth is from my experience, knowing how this game works in real life is if he would make the investment in himself, he would 100% be out of that job way quicker, cuz he's been saying the same for the last nine years. This is what we call king of the dip syndrome, king of the dip syndrome. He has been making more money in any of his five buddies that he rolls with on a daily he's talk.

(12:17): He's the big dog he's making probably 20,000 more than most people he's rolling with. So therefore he's the king dingling. And when people he's out there hanging out with his buddies, by the way, listen up. If this is you, this happens at all levels by the way. But he's sitting there talking. He's like, dude, I'm crush a game. I'm making a hundred grand. I'm thinking about leaving. And then instantly his buddies are like, are you fing stupid? What are you thinking? You have it made for God sakes. You have a gas car dude. Right? And he starts believing in buying their narrative and minimizing his dreams of what he really wants. Not because he stopped dreaming, but because he's listening to different dreamers. See when me and my buddies are hanging out, we're challenging each other's dreams. See we don't, by the way we don't dream.

(13:08): We have goals, right? My goals and their goals. We're talking about goals. More importantly, we're hitting them and we're pushing each other to hit bigger ones. You know, it's not about being materialistic, but it's like, if, if you're hanging out with me and you're telling me you wanna retire your wife, I'm not sitting here. Willy Dillon with you and saying, oh man, that's really cool, man. I'm gonna say cool. When are you doing it? Bye. What's the date? Well you don't maybe when's the date because if you don't do that, you're just all talk. See, there's a lot of that out there. You know that to be true, we've all done. It. It's all talk. It's not going to accomplish the goal. If you're just talking about it, you're not gonna make it happen. And not only that, my biggest fear with guys that are talking about that, they're typically talking about it with the wrong people.

(13:58): You know what I mean? So be very cautious, be very careful of who you're sharing your dreams and goals with very careful, cuz you might get frustrated and more importantly, you might start believing what they believe. You think you should believe. Pretty messed up. I've seen to my whole life. I've seen people around me when I was growing up my whole life. Why would you leave the job, man? You have great benefits. And I'm thinking great benefits. Like what? And then they're like, dude, I can't quit this year. Cuz next year, you know, on the 15th month I'm gonna get a $10,000 bonus. And I'm like, so 15 months of your life is only worth $800 a month extra. What if you went out and made $80,000 a month extra in doing what you love to do and building something you actually are proud of and have, you know, have something to show for it.

(14:54): See the thing is, let's be honest. Call spade to spade. Most people straight up or horse for money. They will literally sell their soul to go to work and create these stories in their head to protect their ego. It's a fact, I'm not trying to be a Dick. I'm just being real. Cause that's the truth. Most people are scared to death. And like I said that cool. I said a second ago, a minute ago, I should say most are waiting for security to take action. I chose to take action to create security. That's been my whole life. That will be my whole life. And I promise issue the people I roll with that's 100% who they are and what they stand for. So hope that helps because I get that question asked all the time. If you're asking that question to yourself right now, get very crystal clear on the end date, the departure date.

(15:48): The moment when you can look at your spouse in the eyes say honey, we did it. Today's the day you're gonna be shaking. I'm getting goosebumps even saying it. You're gonna be shaking with excitement. You're gonna be blood. You're so scared ultra fear. But the universe is testing you. My friend, the humorist is universe is saying, Hey, do you believe your? Yeah, you might have the first year you might have to miss a vacation or two truth is you probably should miss it anyways. Cuz if you're taking a vacation or two and your spouse is still working and you say you wanna retire 'em you're already up. You've already not committed truthfully to the end goal. But mark, I need the mental break. No you don't because it's just getting started. You're gonna really need the mental break. When you start getting the rubber to the road, see the thing is, is what most people don't realize.

(16:42): I never took a vacation for nine years, not one zero, my first nine years in business. I didn't go anywhere. Nowhere, zilch. I worked every single day. Now I'm not advocating that. I'm just painting a picture that most people right here, celebrating mediocracy, they here high fiving each other at Howard Johnson instead of enjoying a nice four seasons vacation, they're trying to spend, you know, $300 a night when me and my boys, we're rolling at $5,000 a night and trying to figure out how we buy the island. This's the truth. See, it's all mindset. This game really is mindset in life. Everyone thinks it's tactical reason. Most people want tacticals cuz they makes, makes 'em feel more confident in the next decision. They're looking for that security due to I have a roadmap I can quit. Well, here's the thing is I've never met anybody.

(17:41): That's been on the same road. That's had the same experience ever. You're gonna have different experiences at different times. More importantly, what are you going to do in those moments? Everyone reacts and doesn't react to certain things, which brings me to another question. I get asked all the time, mark, can I be a fly on the wall? Or in essence, they're always saying, Hey man, can I come and sit in your house, your home office and just see you, what you do all day long. And I think about that all the time. One it'd be a very boring day for you because the truth is you would not see me doing anything over the top. What you really would learn is what I don't do. I don't have Mickey mouse conversations. By the way, I'm giving you the, if you're fly on the wall in my office, I don't think about small problems.

(18:37): I don't argue with dumb people. There's nothing to argue about, right? Cause if you argue with dumb people and you know, it's dumb, well you're are the dumb one. I don't stress about, you know, every little detail, you know, I know some people do. It's called perfectionism. I E equals procrastinator. Right? I'm very fast action taker. What that means is I do not think about thinking to keep thinking about thinking, to keep thinking about thinking. I'm a really truthfully, I just get done. It's not always pretty. It's not always, it's not structured. It's very chaotic sometimes, but it works for me. I have a lot of amazing things going on. A lot of amazing people helping me. And the truth is a lot of stuff. I'm not even, you know, I I'm, I'm texting people. This is a big one. I wanna be very crystal clear.

(19:33): I hope you're listening to this cuz this is a really big one. I see this a lot. Actually. I see this more often than not most people suck at communicating. Mm, let me say it again. Most people suck at communicating. What do you mean mark? What I mean is that they're very incompetent or, or not confident at all in their conversations they're having with people. Therefore they're too willynilly with their responses. Recently we had some guy reach out to us, my sales guys and he is like, Hey man, just what I wanna do. Here's how it's gonna do. And my sales guy's like, what should I say? And I'm like, what do you think you should say? Cause that's how we always come back. If you're leading teams, you need to always ask them what they think they should say. Right? You need to know.

(20:23): Listen, my job is not to be a crutch. My job is to be a leader and being a leader. You're gonna have a lot of darts in your back, right? A lot of people talking about you because you're trying him, you're pushing on the comfort zone. I know I did that with my football coach. I hated that guy. I wanted to cut his head off multiple times. Right? I wanted to punch him in the throat. The man, he made me a better person. He made me a better leader, made me a better, just kept my feet moving. Like he pushed me. He pushed me and it's not comfortable, but I knew I wanted to be better and I needed to be pushed. So I never throw punch him. I never cut his hat off. I respected it. And I bit my tongue and I just kept moving and I saw improvement.

(21:06): This stuff works. But as he messaged me and I said, it's real simple. Thanks for the offer. We're not interested. See a sales guy. Doesn't typically have the balls to do that. Why I'm gonna lose a cell FYI dip. The cell's already been lost. Why? Because there was never a cell in the first place. See, the thing is one I don't do is I don't care about the next cell. I don't care about your cell. I don't care about any cell. I care about helping people. I care about having great conversations with great individuals and guess what great continues to happen. Listen, I lo I love selling just as much as everyone else, but I have a different way to sell. I don't do hardcore. I do not stress out over it. Like dude, you're either in or out. I'm not chasing you.

(21:54): I have 72 other people in line that want to meet, like have, Hey mark, I got money. Let's talk. Okay. Let's talk. I'm not trying to convince you. I'm not trying to push you over the edge. But there are ways to help people get out of own way. And as you're a fly on the wall, you would hear me talk to groups of people. This is the one doin concept. I don't like to do a lot of one on one with my teams. Not because I don't like 'em, it's just because I don't have enough time in the day. And not only that, it's more like the telephone game you used to play. You tell one, there's five people in a room. You tell one. And by the time it got back to you, the story's drastically different. So I like to have all the people that are organized on top tier management to hear the conversation.

(22:43): So there's no, well he said, she said, blah, blah, blah. See the thing is and I'm and by the way, I'm not saying I'm perfect at this truth is I'm often frustrated. I'm frustrated when people are with me for a month, five months, a year and beyond, and they still have Mickey mouse problems. I don't get mad at them. I get mad at me. I get mad at me cuz I'm clearly doing a job leading them to the next step. Now I know, listen, we all take responsibilities. And I believe if I talk to the guys, they'd take responsibility for what I'm saying as well in the gals. But the truth is true. Leaders stress out about this. This is what I stress about. I want to help great people accomplish great. I wanna help great people get out of their way to unlock a whole new level riches.

(23:34): And if you don't know how to communicate for real, if you don't know how to be confident in your conversations for real, if you don't know how to step your game up, you will either be eliminated or you'll always be paid a very small amount of money for what is out there for you to get. That's the truth. I'm seeing it with several guys in my teams. They're not catching hold as fast as I'd like 'em to they're overthinking everything. They're stutter, stepping all things. They're not willing to make a decision on the fly with the cell because they're too afraid of messing it up. They genuinely don't understand the cell. They don't understand their FA their role. That's my fault. I have not taught 'em enough for to get, to empower them, to make real big decisions. I, I thought I did, but clearly I haven't why cuz I'm frustrated and if you get frustrated, that's what you'd see if you're flying my wall, you see me get frustrated at things like that.

(24:38): Because things like that, not only am I hurting you as the person on the other side, but you're hurting all the clients that you're touching, not it like physically or anything like that, but we're not helping them to the capabilities that we're capable of. And that stresses me out that me off because I'm put on planet earth to help people. I want to help you. If not, I wouldn't be shooting a podcast show at seven 30 at night while my kids are hanging out with my wife, doing what a, whatever they're doing downstairs, I'm doing it. And I talked to my son and my wife and my daughter and I said, Hey mark, do you want me to go to TaeKwonDo with you today? Or do you want daddy to do the podcast show while you're at TaeKwonDo? And then we hang out after, or do you want daddy to go with you to TaeKwonDo the whole family? We always go and I'll do the podcast show when you guys are getting a bath and all that fun stuff. And I already knew the decision. He wants me to go to TaeKwonDo, but I like to incorporate my conversations with my family to make sure that I'm on the same page. And again, it's about communication and I'm not saying perfect in this in any way, shape or form, but I can tell you the, I see the way people email, I see the way people text and I see the way people talk.

(26:01): It's not good. It needs to sharpen up. You need to sharpen up your skills. There's ways to say stuff without saying anything at all. There's ways to move people forward without them knowing that you helped them move forward. There's ways to have people move forward. Knowing that they move forward. My approach is very straightforward. I say, do you want the truth? Or do you want me foot around and sugar coat it? I don't care if they ever said pusy foot and sugarcoat. Cause that would never happen. If that anybody would ever say that, I'm like, Hey, gotta go. Bye bye. Cause I want to shoot straight with people. Everyone's acting like they're gonna live forever. You would see my cadence. If you're sitting a fly on my wall, my cadence is very real, very strong, very, very effective. I'm not sitting here with my thumb up my, thinking about doing stuff.

(26:52): I'm doing stuff. Working through problems, working through progress, working things. There's a lot of emails, a lot of texts, a lot of phone calls I don't do. If you open up my email inbox, I don't know. I'll probably have 200,000 unread emails, but more, you know, I see people bragging. I have zero whippy. Do what the does that mean? By the way what's 200,000 mean? That means not all emails, not all phone calls, not all texts are important just because you call me doesn't mean I have to answer and or respond or call you back just because you text me doesn't mean I have to respond back. Now. I'm not saying not to respond to people and all that, but there's a lot of. Most people are doing that are means nothing, nothing, right? And it's sucking up your brain. It's sucking up your, your brain power.

(27:41): Your, your literally your battery by 12 o'clock is drained. You're consuming social media at such a high pace. You don't even realize it. You're responding to dip and you don't even know it. So you gotta have a filter. You know, you gotta understand how to harness your day and let control your day instead of your day control you. It's a very important piece. I promise. So I want you to be thinking about these things as you're communicating with people, right? There's a lot of people you shouldn't sell. You know, it's always interesting to me. People always bragging about selling people. And three months later, they're online talking about how they should have never sold the person. Well, if you hard close people, your, your return rates and refund rates are gonna be way different. Then if it's a consultative side, I'll sell genuinely wanting to help someone.

(28:28): And there's a lot, all this stuff is something that took me many, many years to understand. Truth is I've always been a good listener in a cell cycle, cuz what I'm listening to, by the way, I'm listening to what you're saying. But more importantly, I'm listening to what you're not saying. I've been in the game long enough to identify certain things you say means something else typically. And I would reiterate that to them in a very direct manner to make sure we're very crystal clear and on the same page. Understood very powerful stuff. Very powerful stuff. So being a fly on the wall again, just so we're clear, you think you're coming in here for what I do the truth is you'd learn more from what I don't do on a daily basis that most people do. You look at my calendar and you're like, this is impossible.

(29:26): What does me? We look on my calendar. I don't have it blocked off in 15 men in increments. I don't do that. I don't like that. No joke. I was sitting there smoking a cigar with my buddy Matt today. And he's like, dude, you want to meet up Wednesday next week, blah blah. And, and I like, I started getting anxious immediately and he started laughing. He is like, I'll text you Wednesday morning. I'm sure you're available. Maybe, maybe not. But I can tell you this. I'm not putting it on the schedule. Why? Cuz I have a lot more important things to do potentially. Maybe not, but I'm I don't plan stuff out. I don't have a massive schedule cuz I'm busy where working I'm busy doing stuff. How can I schedule a call with certain? There's a lot of stuff I can't schedule. I do have scheduled calls, but also I start asking myself, how do I start limiting?

(30:13): You know these calls. And sometimes in the beginning it's gotta be a lot more on a weekly. And then the goal is how do you get down to zero per day? You know? And, and the companies. And I, I think a lot of people are doing the opposite. I think they're trying to figure out how to add calls. I know. Cause I see their schedule by the way. So many people that are listening to my voice are trying to act or be bigger than they really are. What do I mean by that? Well, let me help you. When someone says, yo man, I wanna talk. Don't say cool man, set up a time. I'm a scheduled dude. And then you send a Cal link. Are you really that busy? Are you really that busy? If you don't want to talk to someone, just tell 'em straight up.

(30:59): You don't wanna talk to him by the way. The there's nothing wrong with that. Hey man, I'm too busy right now. Cool. When's the time available. Read message and move on. You don't even have to respond clearly. It's not now, right? Let them put you in the follow up system sequence and then they can follow up when they want. But I move on to the next. Right? And I, I, too many people are sitting around dealing with this. I don't understand why in the world they would do that. Send me to Calendy stop being bigger than you are. Another thing recently happened. One of my companies, couple of our sales got eyes or send by the way they didn't do it. Thank God. But they were gonna send out a message and say, contact my assistant to set up a time. Do you know how dumb that is? I wouldn't even think to say that cuz it's stupid honestly, but this is what they did. They're sitting around wondering out how to make the phone call, phone ring, I should say. And yet they wanna prop up and say, send an email and have my assistant set up the call. Huh?

(32:17): Have you lost your mind? If someone emails me back. I remember in the beginning days, it still happens today, by the way. But if someone emails me back, Hey mark, I'm in. Do you think I'm like, Hey, thanks for the message. This is Kim Mark's assistant. What is a good time? Tuesday at three or Friday at four. And I'm on that phone. And as fast as humanly possible, hit someone saying mark I'm here. I'm ready. I'm willing. I'm able, let's talk. Why in the world would people ever throw a curve ball at someone by the way, there's people that I've not done business with because that's how they function. I don't function that way in any way, shape or form. Hey man, I have an important question for you. Hey cool man. Here's my calendar link set up a time and they're like seven weeks out and I'm out.

(33:17): You're dead to me immediately. I can't do business with you because if it's this hard to get on the phone with you to take my money, how hard is it gonna be when you get my money to get you on the phone. Have you ever thought about that too many people? I, again, I know you listen to magician versus mule. You read the me economy, read the 10 minute business owner more. You only work 10 minutes a day, dude. It's not about how many minutes or days or hours or weeks you work. It's how you work when you work.

(33:51): I know a lot of people work more hours than me, but don't have a pot to in. I know these sales guys out here making 2, 3, 400 grand a year trying to figure out, do I need to make a million dollars? You'll never make a million dollars cuz you don't know how to communicate. You don't know how to connect with people and you're sending off over to an assistant to set up a call for your lazy, cuz you don't know how to get on the phone and close a deal. Yeah, this conversation's pretty fresh in my mind. So it's the truth though. People are over automating and underperforming. People are trying to be too big.

(34:34): Oh, you're sitting there looking at your family. Like dude, I need to make some money. I need to make some calls. Why you hand off the most important thing that you're waiting on? Emails, phone calls. Am I the only one that thinks that's crazy clearly there's no owner, the right mind that would do that. You work so hard to get the phone ring. You work so hard to get the responses back. Why would you ever put a barrier on the entry of those processes? Now there is a time when you possibly want to put a barrier on it. If you're just a in general marketing and blanket marketing and there's no qualifiers and you're getting 700 emails or calls a day, well yes, you gotta prioritize and go for the a leads, B leads, et cetera. But if you're sitting at home and you're only getting one or two responses a day, the else, are you doing all day?

(35:36): Who do you like, what are you doing? So my recommendation is stop over automating and over complicating something that doesn't even exist. You're not big leagues yet. Stop acting like a big shot. You know? And I think a lot, again, if someone was a fly on my wall, they'd realize pretty much a everything runs through me. My assistant does not touch my calendar at all and never will never has. I'm not that big. I, I, I prefer you not to even. You're gonna schedule me. See, I don't function like that true story. I actually get massive anxiety with that. I don't like a lot of stuff on my schedule. I know what needs. I'm a big boy. I know what the needs to get done to make millions of dollars a month. I already know I've worked at cadence. I've been in the game, I'm in the trenches.

(36:26): You know what I mean? So just stop acting so big. I messed this up a long time ago. I remember I had a company. It was Mickey mouse company compared to now, but I had a an office in Paris. I had an office in London and had an office in New York city. And then I had my office in Columbus, Ohio and I put all four of 'em on my business card back then. Cuz I wanted to be big shot. I'm a big shot. Well, first of all, these offices are paid mailbox locations. Well paid office locations at simple. Just had a box for you, right? I don't think I ever received mail. I never, I, I guarantee you, I never did a deal because of that. Ever, if anything, I probably lost deals cuz the people are like this guy's a flip fake.

(37:11): Like this is not real. This guy who needs to think I am a clown. Anybody that knew what was going on would never, I, I wouldn't do business with someone like that. I'd laugh at him. You know, I see this. When people, when I call like people are spending money on marketing, it's like we're posting somewhere and it's like, please state your name for Google voice. I'm like, dude, you're so cheap. You have Google voice. And yet you're you can buy my house with cash. How does that line up picture? If you called apple, Google voice, state your name like seriously, like what are you doing? When are you gonna grow the up and build a real business? These are things I used to ask myself all the time cuz I knew I was faking. I knew I was fronting. I was trying to act like a big swing and Dick and I didn't have anything going on relative to this situation.

(38:04): Truth is I've I've had more going on than most people and they're and they have like 10 people on the team cuz they're trying to outsource everything, do nothing. And then they never get to never get to enjoy anything because they don't really know what they're doing. I know it might look stupid, even probably sound stupid oftentimes, but one thing I, I can assure you if you're flying this wall, you would see deals going down, production, happening teams, growing challenges, being progressed through solution driven company. We solve problems on the daily and I hope you are too. And I've realized, you know, again like you're sitting here, you, you would not see me talking about $15 sold phone bills or whatever cell. I don't even know what they cost. Cause I haven't looked at 'em in 15 years. Right? True story. You'd see me sitting here thinking how to create something big, how to create something.

(38:57): Once that lasts forever, I'm working on two books, I'm working on an audio book as well. Right now I'm working on, you know, a new front end piece to drive more eyeballs to traffic. I had this documentary that I'm working on. You'd hear the conversations, you'd hear the collaboration. You'd hear the magnitude and you're not booking through my assistant. Right? I'm working with direct with the people to get the message out as big and as fast as possible. And that takes time. This is why most people don't do it. It's very big. It's very overwhelming. It's a lot of moving parts, but you know, one thing I'll do, I'll get, I have a great picture of where we're at and where we're going and I'm willing to do the work. And most people here listening to the making of a DM is willing to do the work.

(39:45): And that's why I like talking with you is because I've realized that I, if you guys only knew the messages I get from people on the daily, letting you know that what, what this show means to them, it genuinely is fuel to my fire. It gets me excited. It was funny recently I was talking with one of my buddies and I send him some of the messages that you guys send me and, and different things that happened in my businesses. And like, dude, you check this out. He gets zero zilch out of it, by the way. And the reason I'm sharing this is because there's two different sides of this coin. Like I get it. It energizes me. I love it. That's why I'm doing podcast shows and creating books and giving all the money to charity and created a village for 500 people in Haiti through my efforts and my connections and my, you know, and, and folks like you following.

(40:35): Right. And what's fun. He doesn't, he doesn't, he's kind of like a hermit at the highest level. For real, I'm not knocking me. This is the truth. And when I'm talking to him, he's like, dude, that does nothing for me. And I was like, well, interesting. What does it for you? He's like seeing projects from start to finish to fruition. He gets off on getting the project completed and seeing results. See, I see results after the project, right? I like to the front end piece has to happen no matter what, cuz if not, no one would know the other piece existed, but I get excited here in the testimonies. I genuinely know that this show changes people's lives. I genuinely know the books that create changes people's lives. I genuinely know that $1,000 a month, DM family mastermind group changes people's lives. I know that the 50 K year mastermind, DM family, I have changes many people's lives.

(41:32): See a lot of times if you're sitting in the den or in the dungeon or in the office, whatever you want to call it and I'm doing these books, it sucks. It does suck straight up. It's a lot. It's very intense for me. My brain doesn't think like that. I'm a slow reader, horrible writer, terrible like focus. But I get it done. I just hunker down. Truth is when I'm heavy in books, I'm up at three 30 or 4:00 AM. And I work really hard for two hours in the morning when my brain's fresh, I literally jump outta bed, brush my teeth, take a and run upstairs and work in the office. That's the truth. Again, it's not always pretty, but I'm telling you straight up the truth and I just grind it out, grind it out and get it done. And I have 12 books to show that what I'm talking about is real.

(42:18): I've done 12 books, actually. I've done more than that. But 12 published books. I got more on the way. I wanna have hundreds of books and not just through me. One of the coolest things I have with the job I got is I get to help people. Like you get books to the market, get opportunities, do podcast shows. And I have all these connections. You know, my boy, Mike does our books. My boy, Jonathan does our podcast and many people. I work with many people I talk to. And if you don't know these folks, you need to message me ASAP at Mark Evans, DM and say podcast book or both. You know, I wanna hook up on the podcast and book guys and I'll make introductions for you because again, you're, you're not coming in here to see what I do. You're coming to see what I don't do when I'm creating a show for an hour or half hour.

(43:10): It's one to multi thousands of people right in a day. And then I create a book it's and sold thousands of times, hopefully millions of times, eventually as we get bigger. But that's the goal, right? I'm not sitting here talking to title companies. I'm not sitting here talking to you know, contractors and all this. Not to say you shouldn't depending where you're at, but that's what I'm not doing. I'm not negotiating to save $200 on something. I'm not, you know, we have a safe coming in here for something I'm working on. I'm not sitting here like, Hey man, meet the contractor, do this. No that stuff's all coordinated and organized without me. They know the plan. They execute the plan. See, I think it depends on what you wanna work on. And one thing to think about too, a lot of things people don't know is like, I lose money often, right?

(44:05): This is not bragging. By the way, I'm just shooting straight with you. As I always do. I remember a quote I heard or saying before, it's like billionaires, lose millions millionaires lose as hundreds of and people that are broke will never lose a dime cuz they don't make investments. And I can tell you this right now. I will never stop investing in myself. I will never stop investing in you. I will always show up. I will always be present. I will always execute as planned. It might not be pretty. It might not be what you want to hear, but Godammit, it will be real and it'll be real time and it'll be like, it'll be genuinely me. See a beautiful thing is I'm not trying to front. I'm not trying to like, oh I have all these beautiful companies. I do nothing. And get rich.

(44:56): I can tell you I get wealthy, but I do work. I don't have to. By the way I want to work. I want to truly build something that I am proud of on the daily. Not just for money, but for the people that are involved, the lives were touching. It's not just the employee. It's their staff. It's their children. It's their cousins, their brothers, their sisters, their parents that are watching them literally evolve inside of a company organization to a level they probably didn't even think was possible because we are an entrepreneur organization. If you have balls and grit and work ethic, male, female, black, white, I don't give a. I just want results. And if you can get results, there's always a place on our team. There will always be opportunity with guys like me. And that's the beautiful thing I get to do every single day.

(45:53): And that's what people don't see. See when I'm talking one on one, the individual I would be talking one to one is going to go out and spread the message. Spread the word like you can. I'm talking to you today about this show. This is something I'm sharing my voice. My message. I hope it's impacting your life and has impact did your life. And if it adds you gotta stop and you gotta share the message. Connect with people through the message. I wanna help multiply voices, not subtract or detract. I wanna supply a multiplier that is so big that we cannot avoid opportunities cuz they're so plentiful. You have a voice. I don't care if it's one person, it's one person more than I get to meet through the show. I don't care if it's a million people cool want, by the way, you can do more.

(46:48): Share, get uncomfortable. Most people will share their problems, but they won't share their opportunities and cool things they're working on. But it sounds. No. You know what sounds? You complain in about $5 gas and don't be that person complaining about $5 gas. Stop talking about it. Stop getting sucked into those stupid conversations. It serves no one except king dinglings dude. Oh, you make so much money. I gotta, I gotta figure out something. I gotta get a side gig. Cause this Gas's killing me. Think about this. This is what people talk about. It's not what people in my world's talking about straight up. It is what it is. We're gonna evolve. We're gonna grow and we're gonna control the controllables. That's all we can do. If you don't wanna worry about gas, ride a bike. If you're stressing out, stop driving.

(47:42): Like it's a pretty simple solution. Most people don't like the solution though. Either way. The more money I may, the more I realize most people are wasting their, their breath and energy on. That will never matter. Ever if it's a hundred dollars a gallon, your lazy still gonna put it in the tank and you're still gonna play. One thing I've realized is most people just like complaining. It makes 'em feel like they're connecting. Oh man, this weather's so bad. Oh yeah. Anything it's bad over there, man. It's real bad over here. Really? So this is the comparison to the shittier weather. Cause by the way, it's real sunny over here. Right? You know what, what are you complaining about? There's not like you woke your up today. You had the same opportunity I have period. What are you gonna do with it?

(48:30): You gonna talk about it, of slide by so make excuses. Why you can't do something big in life every day. Every moment is an opportunity to step your game up, to make a better decision, to communicate better and get to the goal. The, the end goal of what you're shooting for. IE, your checkpoint it's now or never. It really is. You know, I think I shared last week about my brother-in-law's brother passing away at 51 years old, devastating 50 one years old. He will not have the opportunity you have to wake up. He will not have the opportunity to go out and pursue something bigger, better his opportunity no longer exist. And there's gonna be a moment. You and I, we can't keep grow we're we can't grow anymore. We'll be six feet down in the ground. We'll be done though. But why we're here on planet earth?

(49:24): Why we're able to make these moments count? Are you gonna make 'em count? Are you gonna add to 'em? Are you gonna multiply? 'em My goal is to multiply 'em and multiply the multiplier. And I hope yours is the same too. I do know that the making of a DM is going to crush it and continue to crush it. We're gonna have millions and millions and millions of listeners per week, per month, per year. And we're gonna keep sharing this message and I need your help. I really need you share this message. Share the show. It's not for everybody, but it's for somebody. And I hope that somebody's you. If you're still listening. Thank you so much. I do appreciate you. I might not know you in person yet, but our pass will cross one day. And if not soon, hopefully sooner than later, because at the end of the day, if you're a doer, I wanna meet you. I wanna connect with you. I wanna grow. I wanna buy a business with you. I wanna work with you in a business. I, I want to help people win and that's what I'm about. So I hope that helps hope that Q and a was a little bit insightful, cuz there's a lot of cool going on, but I'm thinking about you guys over here. Hope you have an amazing day. Thanks you today.

(50:38): I'm to help him. I know. And I question more when he step, he, I tell what the deal stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journeys where it's at, it's all about the process. Come to get over to the project from a small town. I so I know how it is you. I come from a lot of honey. I remember as a kid wanted to make honey breath. Didn't see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8, like should have held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm a own somehow here running two AFI businesses, walk away from it. Y and I'll be good. I been called to help people just like, y'all learn again. Come to ball. Everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money.

(51:31): I'm out here chasing the purpose. Yo, I been working my life. Guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? It's come to push, come to learn, come to grow. Come I helping. I I know. And how I did discover freedom. You Don question mark Kevins. When he step into doubt, he's closing deals to sell him what the theme saying falls. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey's where it's all about the process. Come to get over to the project. I deal make project.

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