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Balance is a word that makes people feel good. But it comes with a dangerous cost: Your legacy.

Here’s the cold, hard truth:

Most people use balance to justify their lack of action and results. They say they’re balanced so they don’t feel like a broke loser. But they are.

In this episode, I’m ripping apart the balance myth everyone believes in. And I’ll show you how to get everything you want in life — by disregarding balance.

Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • A sneaky, yet powerful “hack” for connecting with other high-level entrepreneurs (3:26)
  • How to transform your biggest competitors into collaborating interns in one day (6:14)
  • The insidious way you use balance to justify your lack of action and results (10:27)
  • Why seeking happiness is a dirt-simple way to end up miserable and poor (14:38)
  • The sadistic way you leverage your words to sabotage your life without even realizing it (25:49)
  • Why becoming a productivity master won’t fix your negative bank account (29:33)
  • The bulletproof formula for hitting your wildest goals in record time (32:18(
  • The “Stretch your Brain” secret which unlocks anything you want in life and business (33:58)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” We're going to have a little bit of fun today and do some Q&A with the DM. So, with that said, let's get started.

(00:20): A more Kevin I'm more deal I'm here to help and teach him what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question. More Kevins. When he step in the doubt he's closing deal. I'm just telling him what the deal for. I'm a deal maker, a deal make, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. Hey there, boy. Mark Evans, DM thank you for being here. Beautiful day, Parkland, Florida, a lot going on. I need your help on something as we are making some big moves, but I wanna share my schedule over the live last 11, 12 days with you. I have a point while I'll share it with you as well. Miss today's episode is gonna be an extension from last week. Got a lot, a lot of feedback from last week's show about do masterminds work and more importantly, the piece about balance. There's a lot of, a lot of communication on balance going on in this world clearly. And I'll share some insight on that. Hopefully help you out here. But the help I need is five star reviews and sharing these shows with your people. Social media tagging me, tagging the posts, letting people know what's cool or not cool.

(01:45): I'm fine. Either way, just share the message. You know, I do this a hundred percent free for you. That's whatever I'm doing it, cuz I do love helping people that wanna help themselves. So if you could take a minute and just do a quick forward to your buddies or post on your social about this show, that would mean a lot to me. You know, a lot of times people like go, I can't do anything. I don't have any money. Well, you have a voice. You might have two followers. You might have 2 million followers. I don't know. It doesn't matter to me, but you just sharing the message shows me that you're trying, you're being resourceful, doing what? Taking advantage of what you do have, not what you don't have. So appreciate you. If you can make that happen. It means a lot to me and the five star reviews are insane.

(02:31): As I'm talking to you today, I'm getting ready to prepare to leave here. What tomorrow around noon, I gotta head up and go speak to 200 entrepreneurs from all over the country. And it's always an honor. I don't really do a whole lot of public speaking that's for a buddy of mine. And I kind of know, and they've, they've planted seeds with me for many, many years. It's kind of a cool story. How I met this guy, his name's Matt. How I met Matt is he was doing a charity. He was doing a charity event. He was raising some money for kids that can't walk and they needed wheelchairs. And I made a donation of $5,000, not bragging or whatever, just sharing like truth and made a donation and, and got, I think 50 wheelchairs or, or whatever the cost was back then.

(03:17): This was a long time ago, by the way. And just did it cuz I saw him do a post and I respect his work and I just wanted to support him through his vision and his mission. And that's always a great, a great piece in life and feels very good helping people out. I've never shared it except just now, obviously, but you know, when you see someone that you know is respectful, hardworking, doing some cool stuff, a very powerful way to connect with people is through charity and donations. So you know, it's always, I, it it's ultimately, and I didn't do it back then. Cause I didn't understand what I was doing, but it is a real hack. If you wanna really connect with someone the best way to do it, that I've ever seen just through their charitable co.

(04:00): So cause they're doing a charity event, you step up and do something big, get recognized and let 'em know, Hey man, I respect you. I appreciate you. And you know, here's a couple bucks. It's very cool. So I was sitting here going over my schedule. I don't really look backwards often, but I was thinking like, man, it's been a, my wife said something interesting. Yes. She's like, wow, you've really, you know, been gone, you know, done a lot of stuff. Been gone, moving around, you know, shaking and bacon. If you will. I left on the 24th, I headed over to Tampa to hang out with my boy, Sean and meet some business people and stuff I'm done. I'm doing stuff with and I've done stuff with, I was over there till the 27th, the late 27th got home at like two o'clock on the 27th.

(04:44): And I was down at another event in Miami that night didn't get home until one o'clock, you know, it was from five to 1:00 AM. It's about an hour drive for me to get there. But you know, down there networking about 450 investors and business owners and crypto people. And my boy Dan and Ryan, I got the hang out with my boy sting and all those guys, but you know, and then got back. And then up kind of just hanging out. It was wide awake at 6:00 AM. Cause I got the kids screaming around doing stuff, you know? And then the next day jumped in the car at noon. Me and my wife and kids, me and headed it down to Largo, got down to key Largo. I had a, a company team building event, you know, where we met. I paid for everyone to fly in, paid for everyone's rooms and food and all that fun stuff.

(05:28): And hung out with them for a couple days just to see what's working. And what's not. What's cool about that is I haven't met 90% of these people face to face ever. I've talked to 'em some of 'em I know some of 'em, I don't know. Cuz I typically, when someone comes doing company, I don't do the hiring process and all that much anymore. Actually I haven't done it for a long time, but I will call as a CEO and say, Hey, welcome to the company. Appreciate you and all that good stuff. Just kind of make the connection and let 'em know that they do matter. They are important. And if they're in the company, they're not just a number. You know, the team really does care. We, we talk to a lot of people to hire an individual. So as I'm sitting there and get done with that, get back on Wednesday and then Thursday about four o'clock head up to Delray beach, Florida.

(06:13): And we have a media company meetup. Again, I'm picking up the tab for about 60 people, hanging out, having some S and drinks and all that stuff. And just connecting. It's really cool cuz that media company I've owned for August will be seven years. And I like to be an industry leader. I like to lead the pack. I don't wanna just talk about stuff. I wanna see what's working and what's not working and how we can all help each other. And I just have an open forum conversation if you will. And I bring my competitors if you will, if that's what a lot of people would call 'em. But I, I look at 'em as collaborators. I bring people that buy traffic from us, sell traffic to us clients that we work with, clients that we haven't worked with yet, people that I know are spending and investing millions of dollars a year in traffic and media.

(06:58): And we just sit there and we talk and we put it on the show and we pay for everything again. And that's at night, I got home at nine o'clock at night, up at 5:00 AM at the gym at 6:00 AM and boom on the road by eight in the meeting room from nine to five, hanging out with 60 amazing people all day, you know, and I promise this all does have a point to everything I'm sharing with you today. But and then back home, today's Saturday as I'm talking to you and I'll be leaving at noon tomorrow, but what's funny about today is my day's been thrown off drastically as us walking home from the gym. My wife called me crying. She was in pain. She actually sneezed as crazy as it sounds and slipped a disc in her back. And she couldn't move, which is crazy as you know that alone sucks, but we have two little kids and you know, and all that stuff.

(07:50): So she was in it wasn't good. So I've been dealing with that, running to the stores, getting medicine and heating pads and cooling stuff, and then hooked up with a guy, get her to, into a chiropractor, to do some you know, take some images and, and help her out as much as possible till Monday. But it's now three, it's actually 3 45 as I'm talking to you. So we just got back and I had to do this podcast show and like I said, tomorrow, I'll be speaking. I leave to go speak to 200 people and I'll be back late Monday night. And then Monday night, my sister-in-law comes in town. She'll be here for seven days. So the reason I share all that crazy with you all, by the way I have team meetings. And one of the biggest things I'm proud of as well is we launched the deal maker, mastermind group, the one K a month group.

(08:41): We have over 80 people in there within two weeks. We are now closed as of March 3rd, at midnight, I talked to every single person to be exact, it was 193 people I talked to. A lot of people did not qualify to get in people. I felt that were just looking for get rich quick, which I don't teach or advocate in any way, shape or form did not make the cut. And anyways, I talked to 193 people in all in 11 days. I'm sharing this with you, cuz I talked to a guy, like I said on my way to Tampa the first time. And you know, I kind of got upset with him and you know, he is two little kids and he talks about this word balance, mark balance. What about balance? Keep in mind, he's dead broke and he can't balance checkbook cuz he has no money to balance.

(09:28): So I I'm sharing this with you cuz when I'm getting ready to do big weeks like this, I kind of know they're coming. I sit down with my wife and talk with my kids and say, Hey guys, here's the deal. I'm up to something big. I'm working on. I got some stuff going on. And you know, it's called communication. You know, I used to not be that good at it. I still kind of am lacking in it sometimes. But when I'm doing something big like this, I have to communicate with my family. So they know I, then I'm not gonna be, as I'm not gonna just be hanging out all day. Like they think I'm hanging out anyways. Right? So say, Hey, here's the deal got a lot going on. But the first trip I took, I was with mark for those couple days. And then I was with my entire family. I actually had my in-laws in town as well. And then I'm with my teams and you know, so let's like, I'm like out running around and. I'm actually doing stuff and working and meeting and connecting with people. Right? So I think about this balance stuff so much and you know, just the commitments and it's funny how we lie to ourself. People are using balance as a way to justify their lack of action as a way of like acting like they're being some Superman, human being by being balanced. I don't know anybody that's balanced by the way, anybody at all, not one person and I've never understood balance. You know, I, I think there's a, you gotta find a path. I figure what ed, ed, there's a guy named ed. My Laddy talks about this, but it's like, I'm not ever balanced.

(10:59): I have a lot of going on. I have a lot of companies cranking. I'm looking to buy a couple companies right now. So you're dealing with lawyers. You're dealing with, you know auditing companies. I mean there's a lot of conversations, a lot of meetings I'm dealing with tech people on the new websites we're working on, I'm dealing with the new, you know, the 80 plus investors that we brought on board and business owners into the DMK group. I'm doing live videos in there an hour a week, you know, working on a 500 person event in Cleveland, Ohio at the end of June. So we're negotiating con not negotiating, but I'm talking more like here's the location we're gonna do it. I'm with my assistant and already event planners and all that. And like what's going on? And you're chunking out half a million dollars for this 300,000 here, 900,000.

(11:45): I mean a lot of moving parts and I've never thought about balance. I've just been very aware that you have to be cautious of this. Again, I talked about this in 2005 with my grandmother passing. It was a very big wake up call for me where I like working. It's fun to me. I like helping people. I like making a lot of money and I like growing and pushing the limits. But as I'm sitting here talking to you, I've been busy. I know a lot of times people from afar think I'm just hanging out, smoking cigars all day, doing nothing, hanging out, back with yachts, flying around on jets and. And sometimes that is true. That is what I'm doing. But the majority of the time, it's definitely not what I'm doing. I'm sitting here working. I'm writing, I'm doing webinars. I'm doing podcast shows, doing events.

(12:34): I'm creating books. I have two books in the works right now. I have hundreds and hundreds of people that I'm communicating with on a weekly basis. Oftentimes one to many, but oftentimes one on one, the 193 people talked to. I did not hand that off. I did that personally to talk to every single person. It was not easy. It was hard. To be honest with you. I know it sounds silly saying it's hard to make calls, but listen, every single person is important that you're talking to. So I take it very serious. And when I'm talking to 'em, I'm focused, I'm listening. It's very heavy cuz they're not calling you and say mark, everything's amazing, dude, I'm crushing. I'm making millions of dollars. I don't need any help. I'm talking real talk like things that like things that I need to understand to see if I can help them and where I can help them and what we can do today to start getting better results tomorrow.

(13:23): So it's very tacking reminds me of the old days when I used to work in construction and do all the physical labor. It's interesting. Physical labor is different than mental labor. They're both, you know, I, I'm not saying one ones more important than the other, but one thing I do know is I want to get rich with my brains, not my back, my brains, not my back. And ideally I, you know, initially I kind of gotta do both, but people see me and they're like, dude, you got all the cars, all the houses, all this cool. You must be like so happy. I am happy, but I'm not like there's so much more. See, I, I don't think people really understand again, back to thought the word thought, auditing the word, thought auditing, what does happy mean to you? It, it will evolve. Happiness evolves, right?

(14:08): Being content evolves right now have two young kids. I'm very focused on the family life. Hanging out with the kids, going to TaeKwonDo, playing golf, going fishing with my son, hanging out with my daughter, her, you know, driving the golf cart around town. I'm very happy and content with that. But I'm also very happy and content with me growing companies. I wanna grow. I wanna push. I wanna see what I'm capable of. I'm only 43 once I, right? So as you're building this life of yours, you need to understand these crazy words. We just say so simply, but I just want to be happy. What the does happy mean to you? But mark, I just need to get balance. What does balance mean to you? Not what you read or what you think it is, but what is balance to you? Like I talked about last week, if you didn't listen, the last week's show you probably should, but I'll just kind of like give you a synopsis of it.

(15:06): The guy told me he needed balance and he hasn't worked for two years and he has no money, but he's balanced cuz he's that home with his kids. Now I don't know about you, but I don't know how the hell anyone could be balanced or even feel remotely balanced, sitting at home with their Dick in their hand and can't pay their bills, waiting for their kids to come home from school saying, but I feel balanced. I'm balanced, man. What does balance mean to you today? What does it look, look like? All you guys said, I wanna be rich. Cool. What does rich mean? I always love it. Mark. It's a lot of money. It is. What's a lot of money mean and I could promise you the majority of the time, a lot of money in their head that they're saying is not a lot of money on the grand scheme of things. See, we use words as if it's no big deal. The words you're using or not using are everything up you're doing. I promise you. I know it did for me and everyone else. I know that's a lot of money. What does it mean? What does a lot of money mean on both sides? It costs a lot and it's worth a lot. I don't know what it means.

(16:28): I value time. Way more than money. Way more than money do you today when I'm taking my wife to the chiropractor, actually coming home from the chiropractor I look over and there's a sea of cars everywhere. I tell my wife and kid I'm like what the hell's going on over here. They must be giving out a hundred dollars bills everywhere. Nope. You know what they're doing? It's BJ's, it's the line for the gas, the line for gas to save 2 cents a gallon, a. You nine. I got a video of it. I couldn't even believe it myself. They clearly will now ever believe buy anything. I, I don't wanna sell them Dick. I don't wanna do anything with these types of people. I can't, I don't understand it. They're literally sitting in line for hours to say 40 cents, 50 cents a dollar. I, I like 10 do whatever the it is.

(17:25): It's not worth it. I don't even know what gas cost. Why? Because it doesn't matter. I gotta drive. I need gas. I'm gonna pay whatever it is. If not go back and dig a oil. Well and produce your own gas for God. I don't like people consume their brain with that will never do anything. Gas is expensive. What does that mean? How much is gas prices? I don't know. It's funny. Dean's dad actually most people, my family, when I first started buying nice cars, I bought the roll and the first thing they said, oh, I bet you thing gets how many miles a gallon does it get? And I'd look at 'em. I genuinely don't know. And I'm like, it's a good question, I guess, and your brain. But do you think I'm spending $350,000 on a car worried about gas mileage.

(18:14): Seriously. Think about that. This is what people consume their brain power with. So many people are consuming their brain with that will never do anything for them. Except frustrates you over. You you off discourage you. There's nothing encouraging about $5 a gallon for gas. If you only have 20 bucks in the bank, cuz you only got four gallons in you, it's only gonna get you so far. Oh man, I bet you insurance is expensive on that. I don't even Don know how much insurance is. If you're worried about how much insurance is, you're buying a $350,000 car, right? It's all relative. The old mark that knew the price of everything. Cause that's how I was raised my entire life. My mom and dad still, if I got to dinner, I guarantee Jews. I was gross. The state. Th I get that thing down at the store for 12, 10 or whatever.

(19:19): This is his mindset for real great guys. But this is how they think. When I hang out with him, I'm gonna say dad, mom, order from the left side of the menu, what does that mean on the right? Side's the price, the left. Side's what they want. See, I talk a about calling it, minimizing your dreams, minimizing things in life. My dad he'll want to eat a filet minion, but he'll see the prices $50. So he'll settle for the Porter house for $28. It's only $25. Like dude, you're you're 60 years old, like you're not living forever and I'm paying for it for God's sakes. Eat the best. Let's go, man. What if this is your last meal straight up? Have you ever thought about in these kind of terms? You're assuming you get to pick a dinner tomorrow. You're assuming you're going to wake up tomorrow. There you're there's a lot of assumptions in life. I've never met anybody died saying, man, I knew I was dying today. Have you?

(20:25): You probably or possibly could. I should say not wake up tomorrow. That's a real thing. 150,000 people a day die. Why isn't it? Or I today could be, this might be my last podcast show. That's why show up and share real. Cuz I wanna be knowing as the real talker straight up. I want people to come and look at my casket and say, this guy changed my life and he's the real deal. And I want him to look at my kids and my kids to be proud of their dad because he wasn't some tool bag saying he wanted to be balanced and have no money to take care of. But yet he was around. He was a cool dad. I'm not trying to be cool. I'm trying to be an amazing leader and an example for my kids. There's tough conversations in that. There's things I have to do that I never want to do, but I have to. Why?

(21:28): Because it's my job. It's my purpose. I've committed to doing and being the best at these things. I fell every day, but I get up and I, I fight at it again every day. If you see in my office, I have like Richie rich punching a, a money bag. I feel like that's what I'm doing every day. Punchy a bag, a a difference in the bags though, as you know, they don't hit back. My kids are watching. They're paying attention. They're listening balance. You know what? I want my kids to say seriously, something to this effect. My dad's a badass. If he says he is going to do it, he does it. He will move mountains to a car. His goals. I've never seen someone so focused and determined to making things happen in life. Not waiting for things to happen, but making things happen.

(22:32): He was tough, but he was fair. He was hard on me. But as for the better of me, he knew I had more inside of me than I I had in myself. He believed in me when no one else did including myself, he lifted me up. He was never the guy to give you a handout, but a hand up, what game are you playing over there? This is the difference. I'm playing a different game than most talked about this in one of the shows. I don't remember what episode but death motivates me. Do you think someone's gonna come to your CAS and say, man, Johnny was so balanced. This fat was so balanced. Come on. I'm not the most physically fit dude, but I'm at that gym pretty much seven days a week. My problems, not the gym. I promise eating. Right? But kids are watching daddy's up. I have to edit the schedule cuz daddy said he's gonna do it. Most of the I do. The kids wouldn't even know initially that I did not do it. The problem is once they recognize I didn't do it, it's too late.

(23:45): Dad's a liar. Dad's a conman. Dad's all talk. Dad has never accomplished. Dad who he's. He's just, he's just, he's a cool dude. That's about it. I hope that well, first of all, that will never happen with me. I'm very crystal clear with my kids. That dad works. You're gonna work your off too. If you set a goal, you do not stop until you hit that goal. Yes. That's how I talk to my two year old. Yes. That's how I talk to my six year old. That's how I talk. I want the best out of everyone, mostly out of myself. Cause I can control me. I can't control anybody else. Some of you're sitting over there like God, dang, I don't wanna be your kids. The truth is I think I'm raising some amazing human beings. I could be wrong. I don't think I am. Cuz I have consulted a lot of many people to learn how to be a better dad. How to be a better leader. How to know when to push and pull and all that good stuff. I wanna instill confidence. I wanna, you know how I instill confidence with my kids. I wanna lead by example. I want them to know daddy fails every day, but daddy doesn't stop. You know what I mean? This balance just really, it, it really is a problem in the world. There's so many people out here, great people that genuinely bought into some book or course or something they heard or saw or have been taught to be balanced. Show me something great. That's balanced. Show me it doesn't exist balanced.

(25:34): Now I'm not saying be reckless. I'm not saying not be aware, but balance is a ver like you just gotta understand these terms and what you're actually saying more importantly, cuz what you're saying and this goes deeper. This comes down to the power of questioning, the power of questions. Most people listening to my voice right now, some ask at asking direct questions. And if you suck ask, asking direct questions of someone who could help you. I could only imagine the questions you ask yourself. For example, someone raises their hand at an event. Hey John, what's up buddy? Hey mark. Thanks for having me at John. What's your question? Well, you know Hey, first off, thanks for having me. And yeah. Hey here's what I'm thinking and you know, I I've been doing that. Like everything they're saying, they're building this lie in their head.

(26:28): They're saying it with words, by the way, you know, I've been working really hard for the last 26 years and things are just really starting to come to fruit now finally. But it's like shut the up. What question do you have? What's your question? See, the thing is they have to tell the story out loud to justify the thing. They're about to ask straight up. They already know the answer and they think that by saying stuff up front is going to change what I'm going to an like respond at cuz around again, we talked about king of the dip around all the king of the dip, buddies and all that they hang out with you're right? Johnny balance is key buddy, but you can't take off this month. Remember cuz Steve's above you and you don't have any time.

(27:19): He he's he's got priority over you. But balance is so key. Johnny questions most suck at asking questions. And the reason I bring questions up into this on top of this is balance. If you can't ask good questions, how can you understand what balance even means? All this stuff I'm talking about is high level entrepreneurial work. You've gotta work. You you're your biggest client. You are your biggest client. You know, a lot of people ask me who has mentored me. Lots of people has mentored me, but my biggest mentor is me. I mentor myself every day, every minute, every hour, having a bad day. Let me give you an example. I talked to a buddy right before this call, he's having a challenge. His C challenges, the challenge I had for the first 12 years of my business career. It's no longer a challenge for me.

(28:12): I don't have the challenge anymore. Told him exactly what I did. He's like, holy. You're right. I've been beating my head against the wall for the last 14 days about this, but why was he beating his head? It wasn't because he's dumb. It's just because he's asking the wrong que question and he's coming up with the wrong answer. If you ask the wrong question, you're going to get the wrong answer or an answer that doesn't help support the true question. You're trying to ask yourself. So I ask myself questions in different ways. You have to understand what is balance, why am I seeking balance right? And balance. Isn't evolving. It's a moving target. For example, if my wife left today and she took the kids for a week to go hang out with her mom somewhere, I would have seven days. I would work like a maniac 24 hours a day for the next seven days.

(29:07): Not cuz I have to, but because I love it. I enjoy it and keep my mind busy. I'd be, I'd be fo it's just a different level. I don't have two kids to run and catch around. I don't, you know, I, I would just, I would do me at the highest level. So balance is it changes, but what I, what sucks on my side of this, on this side of the desk, if you will, or side of the, the audio is I see a lot of great people that's bought into this. You know, they even like even people like, dude, how do you stay so productive, define productivity. I know a lot of broke, productive people, a lot. They're productive on the wrong, right? Just because you're productive. Doesn't mean you're profitable just because you're productive. And by the way, most people that say they're really productive or delusional.

(30:04): Right? Oftentimes good is good enough. Some people are trying to get perfect. And not only that nothing's ever perfect, nothing is ever perfect ever. It just doesn't exist. And if you're a perfectionism, you're a procrastinator. That's what perfectionism is. It's a form of procrast nation. It allows you to justify your to be a perfect, but I can't do it until it's perfect. I had a couple guys that had a company and they built out, they spent a lot of time, lots of hours, many, many hours. And they, they bragged about how hard they worked on it and how amazing it was. And they showed. And I was like, this is, this is. It's all. And they're like, what do you, what do you mean, man? What do you mean? Well, first of all, you're assuming, you know, all this stuff's going to happen.

(30:56): It's not 90% of you wrote down. I can't imagine it ever happening. Secondly, you know, this is a business that makes money. Like everything you're doing here is a non financially act. It's not a financial activity. These are things that just ha these a lot of this to be it's just to be expected. But they spent like, when I say multiple weeks collectively on this thing, it might, it might have been months. And we worked together and literally most of the they wrote down, as I stated, never came to fruition. The problems they thought were problems were never a problem. The things they don't understand because they're only pulling from limited information and knowledge. How can you build a perfect formula? If you don't have real life experience? How can you build any formula? That's all theory at that point, right? So these words, these things, the that we all created in our brain, what does it all mean?

(31:59): I really want, I, I can't stop talking about thought auditing. It is something that has changed my life and changed everyone's life. I know that uses it. And it's something it's just, I wrote about it. A magician verse mule. I didn't even like, again, I'm not smart enough to come up with these terms initially, but it's something I've been doing a long time. Everyone writes down goals, but they don't write down their thoughts. Well, your, your thoughts, the questions and thoughts will equal your goals. If you're not accomplishing what you want, it's not because doesn't exist. It's because something in your operating system, in your brain, isn't allowing the dots to connect, to get the result that you're seeking.

(32:42): I do a cool thing with my DM family, the 50 K group guys I sent, 'em all big check in the mail. And I said, I, and these are, these are all guys on seven figures a year minimum. And I said, I want you to take time. And I want you to write down a number that's gonna be in your bank account liquid and five year from this date. And it was the biggest mind for these guys because they're trying to figure out how, like they don't wanna throw here. Here was our reasoning. I don't wanna throw down a crazy number. That's not possible. Who said you had to and what is that number anyways? And why is it impossible or a crazy number, right? Cuz some of the guys' numbers that they wrote down are very ultra manageable. From my perspective, based off of the information I know about 'em. So then you get this whole thought process of, I don't want to let myself down. Let's say if they have 5 million in the bank today and they might be, I want 25 in five years. Well, that's an easy formula. That's probably very doable at a very simple level. Just keep doing what you're doing. Multiply it by five years. That's 25 million. Right? And it's, it's very accomplishable, but they're better than that. I'm using it as examples. It's not what someone said, but like there are guys in that group that I know did not stretch their brain. See the thing is the brain goes to work on big things on things that you, you direct it to go to work on. And if you say, man, I want balance and you don't understand what balance means. It's probably not going to serve you. Actually. It's not going to serve you.

(34:21): But I want, I, I want growth. I want life. I wanna make a lot of money. I wanna spend a lot of time with my family. Cool. What's a lot of time mean see, do your kids go to school or do they not? Do you have a nanny or don't you does your in-laws help you or not? Your family help you or not. Are they growing up? Are they not grow? There's so many variables. And if you copy me, you get messed up too. Why? Cuz I have different goals. I have different dreams. I have different aspirations. I have different cadence. I have a different plan. We all do. This is why. When I see people talking about, you know, writing down like their, their production plan daily, like how, how they stay pro productive and all this, you know, calendar or journal, what everyone functions different. I've bought every journal. I've bought every production calendar I've bought all this. Find the one that works for you. You know what works best for me, yellow notepad and paper.

(35:17): I don't need to write down my goals daily. I got big goals and I'm focused on them. Every goal I've ever written down, I've accomplished every goal. Maybe that means I'm not writing down big enough, by the way, at this point, I have way bigger goals. I have not accomplished today. Cuz every, every six months I'm resetting my goals. Right? Have you ever heard people talk? They're like, man, I was I'm dreaming too small about money, right? Or whatever it is. And the reason is is because it's an evolution process. You realize what you're capable of through the journey. I've just realized over all these years. If you never learn anything from listen to this and learn this fall in love with the journey, get to know yourself better and fall in love with the journey because it's never going to end. I know maybe you're sitting there thinking, dude, if I just had 5 million that changed my life.

(36:13): Cool. Fall in love with the journey. $5 million might help your, if it might make some things a little better, but it's, it, it, you, you're going to always be moving towards something bigger. That's how we're, that's how we're built as humans. And if you don't, you're going to lose it all period. This is why people win the lottery, lose it. Cuz they don't have the wherewithal. Like you do to be a, on a show like listening to a show like this and understanding what makes you tick. What makes you go? What makes you grow words mean a lot. And when someone says balance, I really know that someone actually is really saying I'm up. I need help. I'm scared. I'm broke. I'm I'm worried. Like there's words. That mean certain things. If you're seeking balance, you're not communicating. You gotta communicate with yourself first and foremost.

(37:10): And like I said, with my family, I gotta communicate with the fam like in June when I have that 500 person event, the buildup to that is very intense. It's a lot of work. I'm gonna miss a couple things that I don't wanna miss. I'm sure of it. But my purpose is way bigger than that moment. And I'm doing it not to be, you know, hide from my family, but to better my family, I'm not doing it to hurt my family. I'm doing it to better, my family. Right? So I, I sit down with them and say, Hey, the storm is coming. Here's what that means. We're going to be a, it's gonna be a little crazy over the next two weeks. And if you can help help me. But just so you know, I might not be as responsive. I'm here always for you. It's not that, but daddy's got to work. I can't be hanging out the pool all day with you. I can't be taking you, just riding around on a golf cart all day without, without any direction. You know, daddy's really focused right now. Right? My kids, my two year old. Oh she's about to be three she's like, she doesn't really understand that yet necessarily a hundred percent, but she definitely knows. And then, but I, I do get to put her to bed at night. I do get to wake up and grab her in the morning and you know, bring her down, have breakfast and all that. I still keep those actions in play. But like the focused action's different. So balance, I want you to be balanced in your way of balance. Balance is just a word that makes people feel good. Right? And I'm telling you at the end of the day, if you're using balance to justify your lack, you're pretty much a loser straight up, cuz you're better than that.

(38:58): It's not about balance. It's about vision results and action and communication. I do know, like I said, when I, when I thought balance was, you know, because we've all been here, right? Or dude, I need balance to me. It's not a balance. It's about a reset. Sometimes I just need to be aware if I, if I feel super off it's because I'm not communicating and I'm, I'm not paying attention to what I'm really here for. See the thing is I have core values running op I have an operation internally of core values that I'm running, I'm building from. So if, when I did not, which I used to first 12 years, I was just balls to the wall, make money and everybody else gets destroyed around me. I just didn't care. You know what I mean? So I just wanted to make money. I thought that's what made me successful.

(39:53): Just make money. And that's not what makes me money. That's not what makes me successful. I should say what makes me successful is being a great leader, a great visionary, a great doer. Someone that gets beat up all day, but still shows up and wants to do it again. I want you to succeed. I want you to enjoy the fruits of your labors, but again, I want you to build something that you're proud of. I can't imagine being proud, send at home, not being able to pay the bills, thinking that I'm, I'm being balanced with my family. I just don't believe that's a real thing in any way, shape or form. It's actually a massive delusional process and a problem. And my biggest fear with that besides you, if that's you, is the people that are around you watching you behave like this. You're better than that.

(40:47): You're capable so much more. And sometimes we all go get dark and it gets crazy, but you gotta fall in love with the journey. You gotta get the big picture and you start executing daily wins, micro wins. I dude, I'm searching for any win. I can wake up at six boom, 5 59. Yes. Winning right? Boom. That's a win. Get excited. Put on your shoes, lace them up perfectly. That's a win. Some people can't get up in the morning. That's a win. So these are things as we're seeking. The next level. One thing I want do is just say again, thank you to everybody that hopped into the one K DM family mastermind group to say I'm honored as an understatement to say I'm overwhelmed and not in a bad way in a good way is an understatement. I take this with great pride. I, I, I will, I will do anything in my powers to help you accomplish amazing in life.

(41:51): If you invest in yourself will with me. That means a lot to me. It's not like you're just a number or you're just like, oh yeah man, blah, blah. Yes. I'll make money. It'll be a multimillion dollar year business for me. But it's a passion driven business that allows me to help so many great people like yourself to get to the next level. It won't always be easy. It won't always be fun. That's for sure. But one thing I can tell you, if you stay in the game, it will be worth it. You're hanging out with someone that's not a quitter. I don't quit. I don't stop. I keep moving. I've been down. I've been kicked. I've been punched at the same time. And I back up and we will preve. And if you promise me that you'll stick around. When Tufts get time in your world, when you're feel like there's no other way, but Al but you stay in.

(42:47): That's when the magic happens, I'm honored for you to be on this journey. I'm honored to be on the journey with you. I should say, because it's an amazing journey in itself. I look for that one day when people are inside the DM family like that, and we get together, which we will be in the end of June, but we'll all get together and just connect, deepen our relationships. Forge new opportunities, connect at so many different levels, not just business, but life for friendships will be forged. Money will be made handover fist at many levels. Lives will be altered and changed forever in your family and your people around you that you're leading and guiding. That's following you and watching you will forever be changed. Why? Because you took action. You yes, you took action. When the doors opened, you took action. You didn't wait around.

(43:43): You didn't think about it. You didn't talk about it. You did something about it that says something about you. Just find that feeling when you want to quit. Get back in that state of mind when you feel like you want to toss in the towel, cuz it happening fast enough, cuz I could assure you. It will never happen fast enough until it happens. It will. It will never happen easy until it happens, but you have to do something to make it happen. And if you join the one K group, you will make it happen. I will hand you anything. I have access to, to help make your life easier. To make your journey a little smoother. If you're willing to do the work, the results will show up. What's cool about this real life experiment. If you will, of living is we have 80 ish people in that one K group in the first two weeks. I want you, if you did not jump on that, I want you. Or if you're just learning about it, pay attention. You're gonna see a wave of people on social media and in real life, which social media's real life is different. Growing to a whole new level. You'll see their cadence change. You'll see their images changing in a positive way. You'll see them giving back at a much bigger way. Cuz I lead by example, I will share about giving all day long to you. I'll share how important it is and why it's I I'm gonna show you how to make so much more money so much easier. Not, not simple. It's simple but simpler, but you still gotta do the work, but I'm gonna show you a different way. I'm gonna show you a different path, a better path. And I'm honored for that.

(45:26): I'm very, very excited. So I, I don't know what I'm gonna open of gates again. The doors I should say, but next time I do, it'll be very limited probably for seven days. And if it opens, I would recommend you take massive action on it. It's real. It's a real group of people doing real and real life. And it's exciting. So balance get your balance in your checkbook and let's get our lives focused on action and results because whatever you think you're capable of, I would bet you're capable of way, way more. So what that said, hope you have an amazing day. I gotta go down to hang out with the family and go get some dinner and then have to go speak to 200 people a day, count

(46:18): Deal. I'm here to help and teach him what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question more when he step the doubt he's closing deal. I'm just tell him what the deal for. I'm a deal, make a deal make, but I'm not a deal maker, dream maker. The journey's where it's at. It's all about the process. Come to get over Tom project from a small town in. So I know how it's and I come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid winning a make honey bra and see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a like should held me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm an own ball. Somehow here running two AFI businesses. I walk away from it all and I'll be good. But I been called to help people just like, y'all learn the game.

(47:08): It's come to ball. Everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. Yo, I been working my whole life. Guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? It's come to push to learn, come to grow, come over. Kevin. I'm helping teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question mark Gavin. When he step into do he's closing deals to sell him what the stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. The journey's where its at. It's all about the process. Come to get over to the project.

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