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There’s one piece of advice I can give to everyone which let’s them dump gasoline on their dreams and surpass their wildest dreams 100 times over.

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What’s the secret?

Joining a mastermind group.

But here’s the thing…

Joining a mastermind won’t do squat for you if you don’t leverage it. You must connect with others and do the work. It’s simple, but not easy. But if you can do this, you will look back on your wildest dreams right now and embarrass yourself by how small you were thinking.

This is the power of masterminds. In this episode, I reveal how to get rid of your self-defeating head trash so you can finally join a mastermind and reach levels of success you only see in the movies.

Listen now and change the rest of your life.

Show highlights include: 

  • How to infiltrate the “insider’s club” where you can rub shoulders with multi-millionaires (even if you’re dead broke) (7:59)
  • The bare bones “Local Ad” trick which can connect you with a wealthy mentor overnight (8:13)
  • Why “wasting” 6 figures a year to join clubs makes you the richest person in your neighborhood (10:51)
  • How to become a great giver and guarantee success (even if you’re broke and can’t give anyone $100) (13:27)
  • The “Plant the Seed” method for transforming your social media into a network-building machine (14:43)
  • Why joining the right mastermind makes failing in business downright impossible (and how to find the perfect group) (18:58)
  • The insidious way work-life “balance” makes you broke and cripples your relationship with your family (and how to build a business which supports your lifestyle instead) (22:31)
  • The cold, hard truth about why everyone around you takes advantage of you (31:22)
  • Why leaving your family for 3 days to grow your business actually brings you closer as a family (35:21)
  • How joining a mastermind can solve your biggest, hairiest, gut-wrenching struggles with a single text (43:41)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” We're going to have a little bit of fun today and do some Q&A with the DM. So, with that said, let's get started.

(00:21): Evan deal. I'm here to help and teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom there. Ain't no question mark Gavins. When he step in the doubt he's closing deals. I just tell him what the deal stand for. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm a dream maker. Hey Eric, your boy, mark. Copy. DM thank you so much for being here to the making of a DM deal maker, dream maker do more. That's what it's about. Hey, so I'm sitting here and beautiful Parkland, Florida, maybe you're brand new to the podcast show as we're starting to get a lot more new viewers and they come in and listen to the first show, but I'd recommend that you definitely start at episode number one, talking about what the DM truly means. So you can understand kind of the information I'm sharing with you today and beyond, as I'm sitting here talking to you, like I said, I'm in Parkland, Florida overlooking the golf course. Beautiful sunny day, just got done, playing some tennis with the fam. Even drew is out there. My two and a half year old and my wife and my son. And they're now out in the pool. Why I'm up here in the office doing a podcast to you and for you.

(01:39): I appreciate every single one of you sharing the show, leaving Fivestar reviews, posting on social media. And most importantly, just connecting. I have nothing here to sell you, except the idea that what I'm going to share with you can help transform your life and live a better life financially, and time. And again, if you have, have any, if you've never left, I should say a five star review over on iTunes or whatever platform you listen to. Please do. So why? Cuz it allows people that are sitting at home, maybe driving to work or struggling financially or just, just having to struggle in the business and they need to hear the truth. They need to hear real talk to help them understand they're not alone. We all have crazy going on, but I want to talk to you today about something very important. Something that's truly changed my life.

(02:37): Something that I really understood at a very early age and holy, thank God I did. Cuz one day I'm gonna share a show with you about a compounding time. That's gonna be a show that I believe will be shared millions and millions of times. I hope this show is well. I hope all my shows get shared millions of times, but these shows are so important to me, more importantly, they're so timely. I share real with you. That's going on in my life. For example, I just got back, hanging out with my buddy at the race over in St. Pete Tampa hung out, took me and my son went to the races were in the pit were talking. I got my cool logo on his car. I love to support my friends. I think that's the best thing in the world. I met him on social media about out five, six years ago, just smoking cigars, taking pictures of each other and saying, what's up man.

(03:23): Thinking about you. Hey man, kick today. Hey man. Keep grinding. Hey man. Hope all's well. Thinking about you just did that for years. Plant seeds. I don't need Dick from him and he doesn't need Dick from me. We don't need anything from each other. It's a beautiful thing, but we connected like this. And then the first time we ever connected, we rolled up on the back of the yacht. I invited him down to hang out on the yacht for a week with us, with me and my fam. He brought his fam down and we hung out on the back of the yacht and we connected to a whole nother level reason. I'm sharing this with you is because this is how it starts. Now. There's nothing we can do about the past. If you're not making connections today, utilizing social media and all this stuff, you're missing out drastically.

(04:08): We got done with that. I got home at three o'clock in the afternoon yesterday and had to clean up, jumped in the car at four o'clock and hit it down to another mass through my group where there's about 400 people there. And my buddies flew in from California. I think what's is his name, Jordan Belfort was there. My boy chase my boy, Eric. A lot of people, a lot of people I know was there. So I wanted to go there and support it. I didn't feel like it. I didn't want to go. I had to go. Why I, cause I made the deal with myself to show up and I showed up. We got there and hung out and met a lot of great people. You know, I didn't go there like, oh man, I wanna make money today. But there's some relationships. My boy Stumo was there.

(04:52): Haven't seen him for a while. Got to connect with all these guys, Dan Fleishman. He's the one that held it, but making these connections. And then I got done with that. I got home at one 30 in the, in the morning. Now if you know me or don't know me, I go to bed at nine o'clock. I'm an early riser, 4:00 AM ish. This morning. I did not get up at four. Actually that's a lie. I got up at three 30 cuz my daughter was screaming and crying. So I got up hung out in bed with her for a while, but I got up. I slept in today and it felt good. But then up and I had to do family stuff. Right. Get out with the fan, do stuff, play with them and be silly and have fun. Oh, by the way, I have this thing called businesses.

(05:31): I'm running too. Right? So get this done. And today I'm gonna, like I said, as soon as I'm done with this and we go to the pool, got and hang out the club, get lunch. I haven't eaten today yet. And it's two o'clock in the afternoon, but get done. Go have like a sh you know, I don't even know what the hell that's called. Lunch, brunch, dinner. I don't even know Leonard, but get done with that. And then five 30 will be on the dock fishing with the kids cuz that's what they want to do. And that's what I want to do. Cuz I know those moments are very short. I don't necessarily, oh man, I can't wait to not do anything except fish. I'm not out there to fish. I'm out there to connect with my kids and I I've realized these things.

(06:10): And then I get done with that. And then up in the morning, get the morning routine end and then leave here at 11:00 AM to head three hour, drive down to keys, to meet my team. I have a team meeting. I'm flying in a bunch of people from a company I own. And they're coming in 90% of the people I've never met in person. And I've had this company for over. Maybe August will be seven years. So I'm excited to meet them and their family. Some people bring their families to smart, but I'm excited to meet them and connect with them kind of how that schedule plays out. We'll have dinner at night as we'll be hanging out the pool, the beach bar and all that cool stuff. And then we'll have dinner at night and then we'll meet the next morning for three or four hours.

(06:52): Kind of talk about the pulse of the market. What's going on with our business, where we're at, where we're going, what it looks like in the future, share the vision. This isn't go meet and talk about everything and, and just, you know, this is our life, right? And oh, by the way, I pick up the tab for everything the company does. It's exciting times to be alive. I get done with that. We leave, we come back home. I spend one night at the house and then boom, back up. We have a, a industry event. We host we'll have 60 of the top people in the game. Again, I pick up the tab, I'm planting seeds. We pick up the tab to the industry, experts in what happens is there's 60 people that are all spending millions of dollars. In essence, this is a high level mastermind.

(07:38): These are vendors. They invest in marketing through our company. So we're gonna talk to 'em. We know what's working and what's not. They do too. We're we're gaining insight. We're all there to learn. We're all there to connect. So my question to you is do you think masterminds work? What I wanna share with you is, like I said, when I was younger, I've realize something, how to infiltrate and how to get inside the insider's club. If a table didn't exist, build the table and start it yourself. When I was a young kid, I was thinking, I was like 19 years old. This is newspaper days. Somebody you might not even know about these things, but there's a thing called the Columbus, this patch. I used to run ads in there cuz I wanted to connect with people. I ran an ad in there that said local entrepreneur, looking for high level entrepreneurs to share wisdom, I'll pay for lunch.

(08:38): And then my phone number, not my assistance, not an email address, not a social media handle of my phone number, call me and I, I would pay to run this ad in the Columbus dispatch and I'd get phone calls and I'd go meet people outta a Bob Evans or at a first watch. These are breakfast joints in Ohio and I'd sit there and I'd connect with these guys in their seventies and eighties. And I just wanted to know what they're doing and how they're connecting and what they're up to. Let me step one. Step back when I was 18 years old, I went to a real estate seminar could be called mastermind, but then it was a seminar. It was, it was a pitch Fest, right? Go there for three days. Pay pretty much nothing. I think 500 bucks for three days to learn.

(09:21): But the learning was to get you into the bigger group. Well, I didn't have much money. I only had $2,500, but I went there with the intentions to learn more importantly, execute. See, I didn't have to execute. I didn't want to execute. I had to execute. I literally robbed from Paul to, to pay Peter to go to this event. And I went there and I heard this guy make one phone call. I swear my life. He made one call to a seller. This was real estate back in the day. And I was like, I can do that more importantly, I went and did it. I messed up a lot. I still messed up, but I did it and I kept going cause I just don't quit. I can't, it's not in me to quit. Right? So that was 1819. I'm meeting all these older gentlemen and they're telling me, I'm like, you know, they're like, Hey, I gotta, you wanna meet at the club?

(10:12): No, I wanna meet at Bob Evans. Keep in mind. Truth is I was intimidated. I is a fish out of the water. I can't meet at your club. I'm I'm driving a truck for God's sakes. I can't go to the most expensive country club in Columbus, Ohio and meet you. I didn't say that. But that's what I'm thinking. Instead of just say, Hey, let's meet down at the Bob Evans down the street from the club I'll buy. I just wanted to soak up as much knowledge as possible. And everything they kept saying is at, meet me at the club, meet me at this, you know, at an environment that they pay to participate. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever belonged to any kind of club, maybe a music club, a book club, a business club, a golf club, a tennis club, any kind of club.

(11:02): The truth is those are masterminds. A mastermind is an environment that is very like it's a group of people that are on the same page or are on the progress to become on the same page. If you join a golf club, you want to join a golf club to probably become a better golfer to gain better. That's the higher level people. If everything, if everyone's paying 50 grand a year to belong to this club, I belong to, I belong to several clubs. I belong to the Parkland golf and country club where I live. Right? I don't know what we spend, but it's thousands of dollars a month to eat, to hang out, to connect. There's a lot of great people. I've met here, hanging out at the fishing fishing there, hanging out at the tennis courts with my kids, hanging out at the playground with the kids, hanging out, just hitting a couple golf balls with the kids, going to the driving range with my son with practice and meeting people.

(11:56): It's about connecting so many people in masterminds are like, when you join a mastermind, most people think they're just gonna get rich overnight doing nothing. Do you understand really what a mastermind is? You're paying for access and knowledge. And the truth is you gotta align with the individual that's hosting or running the mastermind. I'm not going to go to a mastermind of somebody that I don't respect. I don't like, I think he's full of. I think he's a liar. I think he's a cheater. Why would I wanna belong to a mastermind that someone's leading like that I would, by the way, find a mastermind. People don't come to my mastermind to learn how to get physically fit. That's not what I'm known for, right? Clearly. But there will come to me to mastermind, to sit there and learn how to gain a better life and vet get quality time by investing in yourself and buying time.

(12:56): I was an episode. We did a couple, couple back. You should definitely listen to it. How to buy time, how to build businesses, how to buy businesses. I don't know all the answers. No one does by the way. But I do know this in my $50,000 a year, mastermind group, 100% are killers, hardworking, amazing people get done. More importantly, they share they're great givers. They share their knowledge. They share their money. They share their time, their great givers go figure. Why do you think it it's that way? Why do you think that it's power of association? They're in a group of people that are talking about positive, progressive stuff. Not to say we don't share a problem, but if you come to a problem, you better have a solution. Or what you think may be a solution. If you're having trouble building up your company, raising money, what would you do?

(14:05): Maybe you're having trouble connecting with people. Well share with three things, three points of how you're connecting. Now. See when you get into a room of people that want to uplift you and help you and you get into a room and, and more importantly, you have to do the work. You have to be vulnerable. You have to share real. You do so people can actually help you. Not the ego. Like dude, everything's great over here, man. I'm crushing it. Three minutes later, you put the phone down, you start crying, cuz you're scared to death cuz you can't pay your bills this month. You gotta get vulnerable. You gotta share real data. Real. More importantly, you gotta talk to people. You gotta connect with people. The beautiful thing about the world we live in now is a amazing tool called social media.

(14:50): So picture this you're in a mastermind group and there's 50 people or a hundred people in it and you're in a private Facebook group. You can literally click on members and see every person in that group literally. And you can see if you're friends with them or not. If you're not send a friend request, then send a private message. Hey Steve, I see you're in the deal maker, family. My name's mark. I just want to introduce myself. I'm in the group as well. Here's what I do. If you need help, let me know, plant the seed connect. And then when they do a post like it, rocket ship that, do a bang, do a muscle, do something thing. Stop being a foyer success. Isn't about being silent. If you wanna connect with people, you have to speak up. You have to say, what's up.

(15:47): You have to say, Hey, here's what I got going on. Hey, here's where I need help. Here's what I'm doing to that's working. See, I started last week cuz the $50,000 a year is not in reach for most people. A lot of people, right? I genuinely wake up every day wanting to help people. That's that's what I get excited about helping. Let me say this again, helping the right people. I'm not helping you for free. I make money in my companies, but thousand dollars a month, I start at thousand dollars a month. Mastermind group, a thousand dollars is not going to change my life in any way, shape or form, but I guarantee it could change your life straight up. I know what I'm putting into it. I know the people that are in there and I already see it happening in the last seven days.

(16:37): Amazing. already taken place. You're listening to my voice. I talked to you guys about this over the last seven shows saying if I did a one K group, is this something you'd be interested? And if so, message me one K I'm in on social. Lots of people message me. I'm still fighting it. Cuz to be honest with you, I'm scared to work with people to only think they're worth a thousand dollars a month. That's the truth. It scares me, but it is a bear of entry. And I think the bear of entry will qualify people at a certain level. I'm gonna share something with you. Very, very serious something you've probably never even thought about. But when you're paying for a mastermind, the first thing that's happening, you're investing in your self period. That's the first thing. The second thing you think you're paying for who's in the room.

(17:29): That's a big myth. What you're genuinely really paying for is who's not in the room. See, you don't wanna be talking to no one. Someone that's like doesn't value themselves at AOU a month. Why would you waste a breath with an individual that don't believe they're worth a thousand dollars a month. That's why you're paying a thousand a month for you. And then you get in the group for who's not in the group. I'm qualifying people for you. Do you want to go to a football stadium and talk to 80,000 people that paid a hundred dollars a tickets? Or do you want to go over to a smaller stadium where there's only a hundred or 200 people that pay a thousand a month to be in there? I guarantee you the results will be drastically different. If you're talking to 80,000 whatever people or a smaller group of highly qualified people. And yet I see so many people exhausting their energies on dip, trying to convince them about their vision, about their goals, about their dreams.

(18:43): Dude, I'm going to build this app and it's gonna do blah, blah. You know, why would you be able to build it. It's so amazing. Why isn't someone else already build it? It's probably already been built anyways and kick them the outta your life. You get in a group of guys and gals that are killers that are investing in themselves and you're making connections. It's impossible to lose. And again, I know how shallow people are. They're going to invest a thousand. Do dude, how much can I make if I invest a thousand dollars, no one knows, but I can tell you this. If you're investing in yourself and you're investing in relationships and you're investing in results, the thousand dollars is Mickey mouse. For the opportunity that you have available to you. I'm not going to do the work for you.

(19:36): I'm not going to connect the people one on one for you. I can't do everything for you. If you get your in there and start connecting in mastermind groups and relationships, your results will be astronomical. And that's day one. Then year two, year three, year, five year 25. See everyone understands compounding money. Do you want a thousand a day? Or do you want a penny a day and double it every day for the next 30 days, pull up that calculation and see what the number is in the day 30. See in my life I'm 26 years in the game and I'm not going anywhere. And I truth is I'm just getting started. But for the last 26 years, every year, I've invested in myself, multiple times, many masterminds. I've flown all over God's country to meet people, build relationships, connect with people, help people ask for help from people and and everything else in between. I have forged deep relationships. I got roots so far deep. Nothing can take it away, but yet someone will come into a one K mastermind. It's not working. It's take 28 of canceling. You don't deserve to win. Then truthfully. That's how I feel. You don't deserve to win at a all. It's a weak proposition. There's so many weak people out there, straight up. It's disgusting.

(21:22): I was talking with a guy a couple days ago. This is very important too, as well. Everything I'm saying is important. By the way today, everything I say is always important, but like this is ultra important. The, that came out in the show today and told you my schedule is I got a lot of going on. Oh, by the way, when I get done with that industry event, I gotta bounce up to go speak to 200 entrepreneurs in Tampa for a buddy of mine. It's a four hour drive each way. I'm not complaining by the I'm just sharing. It's a four hour drive each way I bought the books to give to everyone thousands of dollars, but more importantly, my time, most importantly of forging relationships, cuz I understand the value and the relationship. Every person in that room spends tens of thousands of dollars a year with this guy in his mastermind. And he's letting me come speak and share insights. I don't know everything, but I'm gonna connect with people and I'm gonna share the truth of what I do know. And it's probably a lot of stuff they don't want to hear. But I was talking with the guy and he's got two daughters and he is talking about joining a thought, man, I just, I can't swing it right now, man. I'm just trying to, I'm just trying to get balance.

(22:46): My son was in the car with me. I came unglued. I absolutely went ballistic. This guy's broke mentally. And he is worried about balance. Let me ask you a question. How could you be balanced sitting at home knowing you can't pay your bills? Well, man, I get to spend time with my kids. How are you even present? You're literally the eviction. People are knocking on your door and you're, you're talking about balance. It's such a weak piece. So many people use now listen, I'm all about lifestyle. I'm hanging out with my boy in Tampa. I got my son with Miguel. Guess what? We're talking about life in business. I'm not going there to twiddle thumbs and hang out just to do nothing. Hey man, let's go with the, all the world sucks, man. Yeah. Hey, this weather it's really hot.

(23:43): Yeah. Oh yeah. Okay man. No, I'm going there to connect with him about NFT projects he's working on and something I wanna work on. I'm going there to meet his team that five of 'em flew in to connect and hang out so I can meet them and learn from them. We're hanging out. It's not just all business, but my life is business. My life is connecting. My life is relationship capital 1 0 1. I'm investing my time and knowing up why my wife and my daughter's here in Parkland, hanging out, going to the spa meeting some friends, the nanny's hanging out with my daughter at the pool at the playground. I miss em, but you gotta look at the big picture. I don't do this often either, but I did this because it was an opportunity to grow. I don't understand broke people. That's worried about balance. How the are you worried about balance? When you're broke, you can't even balance your checkbook for sakes and you're trying to balance your life. Do you not see a problem with that? When you get inside of the right mastermind groups, you will never have those kind of conversations. My job is to protect my mastermind members from. People like that. And I straight up told him he's a liar. He's a. He's full of. I mean I it's true. It's it's real talk.

(25:09): I didn't tell him I screamed it. I was sad for him. I couldn't imagine. And I'm talking as a man, as a man sitting at home while my wife is working a job while my kids are at school all day. And I'm worried about picking 'em up at three o'clock cause I need balance and I can barely pay my bills. The kids are six and eight. They're watching daddy like a Hawk. They're listening to 'em. They're watching 'em and they're definitely paying attention for the last two years as done this, it's disgusting. But in his brain he thinks he's doing the right thing. I asked him several questions. Yo, how many phone calls have you made? Well, you know, it's not, working isn't working. Like I thought, eh, wrong answer. Answer the, by the way, when no one answers that question, that means none. What are you doing to solve the problem? Well, man, you know, very victim mindset. Everything's victim, victim, victim, victim, and in his P on brain, he's saying I'm worried about balance. I want to be with my kids straight up. If you think that's balance, you're the most delusional person under the sun. Now I'm not saying not to hang out with your children, but when there's a time to work, there's a time to work. How could you look at your children in the eyes and tell them that you're giving 'em at your all.

(26:54): If you ain't out there putting the pedal to the metal, how could you look at your wife and make massive love with her? Thinking that you're a man and you can't pay the bills? Cuz you're worried about balance. Truth is I bet you the wife's not even him because he's a. It's the truth. And that's why I'm sharing it with you. Cuz I see great people by the way, this is a good dude. That's lost. He's bouncing around to different groups and D and yeah, Johnny, you're doing a good job, buddy. Keep balance up by the way, another $500. Hey man, great job. This guy can't pay his bills and they keep taking money from him. I don't want your money. I wanna help people that wanna help themselves. And the longer you stick in the fight, the more you're going to win because it starts compounding just like losing the longer you keep losing the bigger the loss is get you're losing time. You're losing opportunity. You're losing money. That's why the one K mastermind. Group's only open for two weeks. It shuts down March 3rd at midnight, I'm not looking for everybody. I'm looking for somebody. Are you worth a thousand dollars a month? If you're not get the off this podcast show, I can't help you for real. How aren't you worth a thousand dollars?

(28:22): How the club dos at the club or a thousand dollars. And if, if I show up or don't show up, they don't give a, but I can walk in there. Anytime I want sit at the restaurant at the bar and one kid actually could change your life, But I have to show up. I have to invest. If you can't tell, I'm kind of passionate about this balance piece Balance. Probably couldn't balance this checkbook cuz there's zero in. It's not hard to balance zeros. I just think of the kids. I, I really, I really think of the kids. Daddy let's go play. Okay? How? I don't mind once in a while, but how dude, my kids are out at the pool right now. I'm watching. 'em I'm watching 'em right now. They're waving to me. I'll be out there in 30 minutes and I'll go out there and have a blast. Why? Cuz I'm doing the work and they know it. I don't have to say anything. They know. I wanna go sit out there in the sun. I wanna hang out at the pool. I wanna smoke a cigar. I wanna relax on the golf course who doesn't and I don't need to do this. I have to do this. This is what I signed up for. And I do this for free, but I'm committed. I'm dedicated. I made a deal with myself to serve daddy. I want to go to the park. I wanna go to Disneyland.

(30:16): Sorry honey. We have no money. Daddy. I want the new bike. Sorry honey. Daddy's a loser. I got, but I got balance, honey. This is where will talk. And I know this is about masterminds, but this is the you avoid in a mastermind. When you show up, when you invest in yourself, there's players in there. Every single person is investing in themselves. It's a separator. I want you to take stock. Take note, follow the people that follow me on Facebook and IG. And I promise you mark my words in the next 3, 6, 12 months, every single one of them that sticks in there and doesn't quit on themselves will be drastically, massively different place in their life massively because they've made a commitment to themselves. They're executing the work with the right people. Have you ever noticed people get taken advantage of always get taken advantage of cause they're hanging out in the wrong groups.

(31:30): They make the bad. They always make bad decisions with the bad people. I'm not saying I've never made a decision with the wrong person, but get in a group where people are great and typically great can happen if you do great work. If you connect, if you get out of your own and what's crazy is this dude genuinely thinks he's being a good dad. And he might be a great dad loving wise. But if you really love your kids, you're gonna do the work you're gonna show up. You're gonna let them know what it really takes to succeed in life. My kids know I have, it's a given trade dude. I want to eat pizza all day and hang out and drink soda and drink beer, whatever. But I, I gotta go to the gym. I meet my boys every morning at 7:00 AM. Except today. Typically I'll be there in, in about two hours. Actually. That's a lie about four hours. When the kids are going down, taking a bath, it's a group effort. I got my wife, she's on board with it. My kids understand we're all in this together. That's why I had the nanny. So my wife can do her throughout the day. Cause I've worked hard to be able to afford it hard and smart by the way, cuz I've realized that we need time to connect. Go on the lunch dates, go on the dinner dates. By the way at the family, the, at the, the, the event with the team, I'm not only just taking my wife and kids, we invited my in-laws there to come and hang out for a couple days with us. They get to experience it. Hang out on the beach while I'm in the room working.

(33:17): I love it. If I can't step away for four hours and connect with team members that are like changing their lives in the company and what they're doing and get excited with them. The then what the are you doing all day? Like seriously, how much TV can you watch? How much dicking around can you do? Are you worth a thousand dollars a month to build your business, to build your life? Hope the answer is yes. I don't care if it's my mastermind or someone's you have to get in a mastermind and start utilizing the mastermind. Don't be the person that bounces from mastermind to mastermind, to mastermind. Oh, by the way, a guy that's in the thousand dollars mastermind, my Michael message me. He is like, yo, can you speak Friday at 1145? Actually he said 1145. He gave me two times. And I didn't really know the times cuz I'm like, I've already made a commitment to be at this race and hanging out with my boy. I didn't know it was race schedule and all this stuff. And I said, I'll let you know, I want to do it. And we'll figure out a time when we figured out it was Friday at 1145, I went to the truck, me and my son he's sat in the back, eating some chips and French fries and. He shouldn't be probably wow. I'm on the call doing a live video for 30 amazing entrepreneurs in Reno, Nevada. I believe it's Reno on the big screen. And I'm sitting there. I'll have to show you a picture, but it's like the cell phone held up on the dash with Mark's lemonade, cant like lemonade thing. You know the big lemonade things you get from the fair I shot the VI. I, I, we did a live for an hour and I got to connect with his mastermind group.

(35:01): The more masterminds that you stay in and get in the more successful, you'll be the people in that room. I know some of the guys in there they're and under 30 years old, crushing it at all fronts, physically, financially relationship, et cetera. This does not happen by accident. Once in a while, it's good to get away from your family. I wrote about this in the meat economy. You gotta be selfish once in a while to be unselfish. Say, I gotta say that because you think you're being selfish by leaving your family for three days to knowledge up to give 'em a better life. If that's how you think you need to reprogram, do you think I'm sitting around when someone pays a thousand dollars like ha let's go party. I just got another thousand dollars sucker. No dude. The truth is you can ask my boy, Matt, we have over 50 people in the mastermind paying a thousand in a month, basic math.

(36:01): That's $50,000 a month. And we're walking to the gym after it hap after it launched out, which I'm very proud of by the way, I talk to every, every single person on boarding in there. I talk to. So it's a lot like I'm looking at the work, I'm looking at the results and he's like, dude, like you excited. I'm like excited about what it's work. It's work time. See, when I take a thousand dollars for a mastermind in my group, I want you to get massive amounts of return on that. And I take that very serious. It might not happen week one or month, one or month 20, but it will happen if you stay in that group. I know where the intentions are. Fifth a month. Ain't changing my life in any way, shape or form. Yeah, it's cool to have, but that's not what I'm chasing. I want millions a month now. All of a sudden now that gets way interesting. That's a different story, but I'm not working hard to go for 50 grand a month.

(37:03): I'm going for relationships. I'm going for results for you. I'm thinking, how can I massively overdeliver? The truth is what I was going to give. I've already added about 10 X of what I was going to give that people already paid for. I'm overdelivering I will always do that to me. It's a massive responsibility. I'm not just so a marketer. That's trying to make a thousand dollars off of an individual just to say I did it. I've never been that way. This is my life. This is my legacy. This is what I do every day. I get to do it. I love I was at this meeting and last night and multiple people came up, taking pictures with me, dude. I, I love your. You changed my life, man. Your mindsets to me, blah, blah, blah, blah. Cool.

(38:02): That's not why I'm doing it, but it does feel good once in a while. But I love hearing the stories of helping 'em. I wanna know their name, what it's help. What's the big takeaway. Is there anything else I could add more value to? Those are the real questions I'm thinking about and ask I not just ask to ask, but ask, cuz I genuinely wanna know how to deliver more to help 'em either through my podcast or through my books or through my mastermind or when I'm meet in person or when I'm doing an event, all of the above, I wanna be better for me and you. And what I love about people and investing themselves. They wanna be better for themselves as well. And typically from my experience, the people that are rolling with me, they wanna be better for themselves to be better for their family, to be better for the people they wanna help. They're great. It's okay to sacrifice a very few, couple days to have a way better future.

(39:09): My question to you is this. If you don't do it now, when do you do it? What are you waiting for? What's stopping you. What are you afraid of? There's something holding you back. If you're not in the one K group I will ne I don't even know how to, I wouldn't wanna do it for less. I didn't even wanna do it for a thousand a month. I have a waiting list for people paying 50 a year. What's that over 4,000 a month, but I wanna impact more people's lives. Like I shared with you in 2005, I wrote it down. I'm looking at the sign I want to make and help create a thousand millionaires in my life. That number truth is it's a hundred thousand. Now the truth is it should be a million plus and it will evolve. And it's not just me helping become millionaire or multimillionaire, maybe a hundred millionaire and beyond which I hope. But for the people you'll directly impact by you gaining confidence through the knowledge and action that you've taken off the information and sharing it with other people through your channels, through your social, through your books, while you're finding your, your voice by shooting live videos, by shooting, you know, events, doing events, writing books, writing articles, maybe I have a piece of that opportunity to help you become better at it, streamline it faster, gain more confidence quicker, cuz the faster I can help you the faster we can get it out to the world. The faster we can help more people.

(41:05): Yeah, we'll all make more money. Why wouldn't we? Why wouldn't we want to, I do the podcast for free $0. I share all this. I write books. I give all the profits to charity, all of 'em 12 best sellers I'm and have two more out this year. They all go to charity. I do event in Columbus on my birthday bash and I raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity at my own birthday party. I'm not sitting around figuring out how can I make money off these. I'm thinking at how can I deliver massive value for an insane value price.
If I gave everything for free, every person listening to my voice should be millionaires. Now, as I shared the with you, why aren't you crushing it? You need to belong to an environment, a group of people that supports your vision that understand your real struggles. That don't talk to you, but to inspire you, to connect with you, to relate, to help, I could go inside the DM family group right now and create massive value by simply sharing connection stories. Steve, you should know Matt, Matt, you should know Steve. Why? Cuz I know Steve's story and I know what Mike or Matt could do, man. I wanna learn crypto dude. You know this person I've vetted. These. You don't understand how important you are. If you're not worth a thousand dollars a month, why would someone go spend 150 grand a year, 150 grand for a college education to make 50 grand a year for something they hate doing.

(43:03): But yet when you go, yo, it's a G a month to pay for yourself. The knowledge up to get information, to grow your life in business and everything else you want to grow. Ugh, it's a scam Evans. If it was so good, why are you charging for it? Evans, if you have so much money, why don't you do it for free? Well, Hey. I am doing it for free. I'm doing a podcast. I have old were a hundred hours of free content, actually couple hundred hours cuz I did a podcast prior to this called you know, real estate, power hour, hundreds of hours of free content online. But the thing is with a mastermind. It's about expediting conversation to result. That's what a real mastermind's about. If I could solve your problem in with one text, one email, one connection. What is that worth to you? If you're struggling with the big decision, who do you talk to?

(44:06): That's going to give you real. Conversation. Talk, not like, oh be careful Jim. Be real careful. You know, last time you did this, you lost money. Just be careful. I wouldn't do it. Let's go on a vacation instead too many of you are killing your dreams because you're a slaved with a dollar bill. It's the truth, mark. Money's not that important to me, liar. If you're on the show, it's 100% important. Why wouldn't it be important? It creates the life that you're trying to seek. Maybe you want to give more money away to charities. Maybe you want to build a better life for your, your family. Maybe you want to help your mom and or grandparents or elderly people that you know that if you had a little bit of extra money, you could make their life a lot better. People that actually helped you get to where you're at. See, it's interesting when I'm in my mastermind groups, you guys would think that we're sitting around trying to figure out how to get billions of dollars and do nothing.

(45:10): That's the exact opposite we're asking. What can we provide to the more marketplace that could help people become wealthier? We'll get money. And then in that same breath and that same conversation, we start to ask. Once we gather this capital, how can we deploy it out to help more people? How can, what charities are existing? What foundations can we start? Who do we know that could help us get our voice heard more? I was last night, we're sitting the event. They're talking about creating information. This guy made 8 million. Didn't take one penny from it. And he's Don. He's creating software and systems and stuff to go out and give more money to charities. He'll give hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars away in his lifetime and everyone, if you're hanging out in the world, crowd, who's a greedy bastard cause they don't know the story. They're too lazy. Cuz they're worried about balance to sit down and spend one minute on the internet and really understand what the story is and what they're really trying to do. Mastermind is an amazing tool. I've been in a mastermind since I was 18 since 1996. And I'll be one in for the rest of my life. I'll either be hosting them running 'em or be a part of 'em or both forever. It's a connection. Remember you're paying for who's in the room. Who's not in the room. As opposed to who's in the room.

(46:31): Think about this. It reminds me of the mask. The mask stuff is some of the best things in the world. I've not worn a mask yet. Well, I did one time to check in. I didn't even really wear it. I just put it on my ears. But other than that, I'm not wear a mask at all. And it reminds me of this. If you see someone now walking around the mask, I instantly have zero in common with them straight up zero. They're going to the gym still with a mask. Why you're at the gym? You're okay, dude. I have nothing in common. It's a step. It's a like, dude, like I get it. I don't live life scared. How, first of all, you're not living. If you're scared, you're playing scared. That's not living. I'm in the game to win life, to grow, to expand, to, to, to help, to drive to, to like there's so much to do. But as I round out here for the day and I'm gonna, I'm gonna expand more on this balance stuff in future shows. But I can tell you this. If you get in the right mastermind group, I'd love for you to be the DM family. You can see the information. I have a replay link cup. I share about a, I have an hour of video I did on this and it's only up till March 3rd and it, you know, and then it's gone at midnight and that's, that's not BS, marketing.

(48:01): It's the truth. Cuz I'm gonna take my arms around every single one of these and I'm gonna help 'em grow and I'm excited and you guys are again, you're either in the game, you're gonna watch, you're gonna see it with your own eyes you can get in now or just wait until I decide to open it up again. And then you're assuming that it's gonna open up at the same price. You're assuming I'm even gonna open it up. Maybe I decide not to. I don't know yet. I genuinely don't know yet. I want to focus on people that invest in themselves. Take my asset action thousand dollars might be scary. Now you'll be laughing about it 12 months from now. If you stick in the game and with my mastermind, the DM family, we do two live events. First ones in end of June, we have weekly calls. I have a private group, a private environment. We're setting up. That's gonna be a huge set of libraries. I don't care what business you're in or what you're struggling with in business or financial growth. We'll be talking about. We're gonna be talking about how to hire good people, how to ex exit your company, how to buy companies, how to grow your real estate company, how to grow your real estate team. How like everything, my fiduciaries, how to protect your upside, how to protect your downside, like growth investments. I'm working on. The guys are gonna pre you are gonna see stuff before I even share it to the world might be able to get involved even on some of this stuff. But most will sit here and listen and think it's not for them. Most will sit here and come up with every excuse. Why they can't do it.

(49:31): Now I need balance. I need to focus. When does the balance and focus come into play. Maybe you need to stop bullshitting yourself and join a real group. That's really out to set to help you. I have nothing else to sell you. I want to help you with where you're at and where you want to go. We all are on different paths. There's no one size fits all all again. That website, Mark Evans, dm.com/replay. I'll be in the show notes as well. But if it's something you're serious about, this comes out on Wednesday. This has gone on Thursday. So it's something I would do ASAP. And if you're brand new to this show, welcome, I came in hot today for you. And if this show was a gut punch and you feel like it could help people around you get 'em on the same page as you.This is probably a show they should listen to. Let me be the bear of, of real news. It's not bad news. It's real news. Let them know that they're holding you back from growing. Let them know that they're constraining the future potential of your life. Let them know that you're affecting your children. Driven by you being a. Staying at home saying you need balance. If not now, when genuinely, if not now, then when it's a thousand dollars enrollment fee and a thousand dollars a month, your first month of invests only two grand and a thousand a month. After that, Mark Evans, dm.com for slash replay. Get going. Now I might open this thing never or three months from now or three weeks. I don't know yet. And I don't even know what price we'll reopen it at. If it even changes. I don't know, but I do know what we have now.

(51:26): It's only a thousand dollars enrollment and a thousand a month and it it's done March 3rd at midnight, get on board, make your investment. You're worth it. It will be scary. It's meant to be, but you're rolling with the right person, the right people. If you're listening and showing you vibe with it, that's the that we're going in there too. On a one like on a higher personal level, talking with you and to you, you're asking Q and a, I'm doing live videos in there to help. I shared one thing on the first day in there, people's already generated enough money to pay for this thing for 10 years with one thing on the first day. Just imagine that that's, if we're just talking the dollar for dollar ROI, the human capital ROI in this group is unlimited. Unlimited. It's limited to your imagination.
It's limited to you getting in there and doing the efforts and connecting with these people. It's up to you. I can lead you to the water. I cannot make you drink it. But if you're dying of thirst to grow, to be a better person, to be a better business owner to have, have a better life, this is the you need to be in and you need to expand your wings. Don't go to a mastermind just to be cool. Go to a mastermind of when to connect, pull the ego to the side and let people really know what you're dealing with. So they can actually help you. The world wants to help you if you know it or not guys in my group and gals in the group, they genuinely are helpers. They want to see if you make more money. It doesn't take any money from our pockets.

(53:13): It's like going out and getting sunshine. I'm standing out here in parking lot. I'm looking at the sun, the sunshine in my office. You can go out and get sunshine. Just as much as I can. Me getting sunshine. Doesn't take away from your sunshine. It's now or never really now or never. Mark Evans, dm.com/replay. Step it up. There's a reason you're listening to this today and you're still listening. You're shaking. You're scared. You're excited. You're not sure what it is, but know that making an investment in yourself that one trigger alone will set you onto another trajectory. I promise you that. I hope you have an amazing day. I hope this message hit you hard in a good way and in a bad way as well. I guess that if you took it in a bad way, well, that means you got work to do, but I appreciate you being here. Make the day count.

(54:14): I'm more deal. I'm here to help teach him what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom. There. Ain't no question. More Kevins. When he step in the do he's closing deals. I tell him what the, for I'm a deal maker, a deal make, but I'm not just a deal maker. I'm dream. The journey's where it's at. It's all about the process. Come to get over Tom project from a small town in Ohio. So I know how it's did not come from a lot of money. I remember as a kid, want to make honey bra and see no one making more than that. Graduated high school with a 1.8. Let hell me back. I owe my principals and teachers are alive just to witness this. I'm an own bowl. Somehow you're running two AFI businesses. I walk away from it. Y'all I'll be good.

(55:02): I've been called to help people just like y'all learn the game. It's come to Paul. Everybody chasing the money, but I'm not chasing the money. I'm out here chasing the purpose. Yo, I been working my life. Guess where we at? Is it gonna get us where we wanna go? It's to push, to learn, come to grow, come over. I'm that? Helping what I, what I know and how I did it to discover freedom there ain't no question more. Kevin's when he step the doubt he closing deal. I to sell him what the theme Sam I'm a deal, make a deal make, but I'm not just a deal maker, dream maker, the journey's where hat it's all about the process. Come get over the project. A deal deal, deal project.

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