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What would happen to your business, family, and finances if you couldn’t work for 12 months? 

Would you survive, thrive, or go bankrupt? 

Here’s the cold, hard truth: 

If you couldn’t survive without working for a year, you’re not a man. But once you fix your finances, you’ll thrive in all areas of your life no matter what punches life throws at you. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to have at least a year in reserves so you can handle any financial or business storm that attacks you and your family. 

Listen to the episode now and protect yourself (and your family) from a worst-case scenario. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How getting your finances in order makes you a better husband, dad, friend, and leader (5:34) 
  • Why constantly worrying about money stunts your business growth and sabotages every relationship in your life (6:33) 
  • How saving more money in your bank account makes you present in your business and with your family (even if business-slaughtering obstacles appear in your life) (10:45) 
  • The obvious, yet overlooked diversification strategy that shrinks all your financial risks to ant-size (12:22) 
  • The “Park a Percentage” process for getting your finances under control (even if you’re in mountains of debt right now) (14:12) 
  • Why going broke to fund your reserve account makes you wealthier, healthier, and happier (31:47) 

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” A man can't be a man, unless he has his finances in order. True or false? We're about to find out. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there, it’s your boy, Mark Evans DM. Welcome to another show of the Making of a DM, Deal-Maker, Dream-Maker, And “Do More.” Appreciate you being here and appreciate you. Yes, you as the listener. [01:03.6]

Maybe you're brand new here. If you are, thank you so much. Welcome. Check out all the shows. I think we're at almost 100-plus right now in here, so lots and lots of good stuff. If you're trying to figure out how to make more money, gain more time, get more time freedom, build a team, build companies, generate millions of dollars a month, you're at the right place at the right time. There's a reason you're here. I want to say thank you so much.

Not only that. If someone probably recommended the show to you or you found it on the algorithms on the interweb, thank you. If you guys share the show, that means so much to me. It helps us get the message out, spread positivity in a time like this today, because it's real, raw content.

Again, sometimes people, some of the stuff I talk about on the show, you might feel, from the outside looking in, That's not positive, Mark. Today's show might be one of those thoughts, but it's ultra-positive because I do care. That's why I'm bringing it up. Positivity is not necessarily about rainbows and unicorns. It's about goals, results, solutions and drive, and bringing up a problem and addressing it, and solving it, more importantly. [02:07.5]

I want you to know today's show is probably going to kick a lot of people in the teeth and the nuts, throw and punch you, and everything in between. I'm not here to do that to hurt you. I'm here to do that to help you. I want to talk about that today.

But, again, thank you so much for everybody that has been buying the books MEconomy, The 10 Minute Business Owner, Magician vs. Mule, sharing it. We have lots and lots of books. We're able to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to charity because of great people like you. As you know or may not know, a hundred percent of the net proceeds does go to charity. Every time we sell a book, an audiobook, etc., a hundred percent of those net profits do get to charity, so I appreciate you being here.

With that said, today's topic is going to be a throw punch and today's topic is “A man can't be a man, unless he has his finances in order.” Ouch. [03:09.8]

Let me say that again. A man can't be a man, unless he has his finances in order. Why this subject? I'm glad you asked. I was hanging out with my buddy, Matt, and we were sitting there at the gym, working out and stuff, and recently he was on a conversation with a guy and he’s like, Dude, my dad used to tell me this all the time. He said, “My dad always would say, ‘Son, a man, can't be a man, unless he has this finances in order,’” and that really hits home to me because, again, I’ve been working and busting my ass for all these years to make sure that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing as a man.

I'm not playing fucking video games. I'm not jerking off to internet web porn, 24-7. I'm not hanging out with my buddies golfing all day long, avoiding reality. I’m not hanging out on a yacht smoking cigars all day, even though that's what most people think I do all day. I'm in the fucking trenches, working and building companies, generating revenue, millions of dollars a week, millions of dollars, many millions of dollars a month at our companies collectively. [04:15.4]

I know some females are listening to this thinking, Mark, I'm a female, though. I don't need a man to take care of me. Again, I'm not saying he needs to take care of you or not. I'm just saying a man can't be a man, unless he has his finances in order, and knowing what I know, why the fuck would you want to be with some pussy that doesn't have his shit in order? It isn’t going to serve you or him, unless you're a control freak and you want to control your man, actually, boy. You'd be controlling and you have your little fingers on him.

But if you're listening to the show, that's not you, I would assume. This goes for females, too. There's so much opportunity. It's not about “he” or “she”, but I'm talking man to man because that's what I am. I'm a man, right? I'm not trying to not address the female population. [05:09.4]

The truth is I think most females out here, I have lots of females that run companies for me and they're amazing, so I'm all about everybody winning. But I can talk very clearly on the subject matter because I am a man, a 43-year-old man with a wife, two kids, many different companies, a lot of shit going on, good, bad and everything in between, and I could tell you right now, when my finances became in order, I became a better husband, a better dad, a better son, a better friend, a better business leader, etc.

Let me explain to you why this is so important. You may not know, and everyone has a different number. In the beginning stages, guys, from 18 to probably 23 or 24, my first six or seven years in the game, I was working my ass off. I had no life. [06:08.6]

True story, my life was business. My life actually wasn't business. It was working. I thought I had a business, but I was working, and if I stopped, I made zero money. Shit, working, oftentimes I made zero money or lost money, right? That's not a business. That's a job, working for a psycho, i.e. me. I'm glad I didn't stop. I'm not knocking it. It's just the reality of the situation I was in.

I wasn't a friend. I wasn't a son. I wasn't present at any time because I was so worried about my money that I had none. I was so worried about things falling apart if I didn't show up. I was so scared to get sick, because if I got sick, I couldn't go make money to pay my bills. I was scared. I was playing life scared. [06:56.0]

That is not a place of growth and opportunity, by the way. Right? Especially fear, flight or fight kind of thing. I mean, I'm a fighter and, like I said, I stuck in the game and fought my ass off to get to where I'm at today. But the truth is I’ve learned a lot on the journey and my goal here on this show is to make your journey much easier and expedite the results much quicker than my hard-headed dumb bass took me many years to figure out.

Like I said, for me, for solid six, seven years, I really just worked. Sixteen-hour days were normal, easy, seven days a week. Not 10, not 11, not nine. Sixteen minimum. Again, I'm very proud of that, by the way. I'm not knocking it. Shit, I'm a mule. I talk about it in my book, Magician vs. Mule, so this is not new information.

As I’ve progressed to where I'm at today, what I’ve realized and, over the journey, I’ve invested millions of dollars in myself, hiring coaches, mentors, mastermind groups, reading books, buying online courses, going to events and everything in between to become a better human being, to become a better son, to become a better husband, to become a better leader. [08:11.8]

See, if I'm worried about money, how can I be a great leader to my team? If I'm worried because I don't have my finances right, how am I going to be a great dad and be present sitting down? The reason I bring this topic up, not only was I talking to my buddy, Matt, about this, but also I get hit up all the time, like, Dude, how do you stay present with everything you’ve got going on?

I mean, I get it, sometimes we're not present, but maybe I'm working on a big deal or something, but it's not chasing the money. It's a different type of present. It's a different type of non-presence, if I'm in that moment. But I try to be present at all times, for you, for me. To do the show, I have to be present for 30 to 60 minutes, because I want to talk to you intentionally. I take notes prior. I want to make sure I hammer home real points. I want to make sure we're helping you become better based on the data I know that's real. [09:05.2]

Back to this. A man can't be a man, unless he has his finances in order. What does that mean? It means a lot of different things to everybody, but the truth is if you're out here hustling to make money to pay your bills this week, you don't have your shit in order, period. If you're out here hustling, trying to pay your bills this month, guess what? You don't have your house in order.

I'm not here to tell you what to do or not to do, but I'd recommend that you take a really hard look at yourself and get really fucking serious about where you're at and where you're going. Are you playing? Are you pussyfooting around? Are you acting like a big shot when you know you really aren’t and you're a fucking dweeb in the game?

For real, I'm shooting straight with you, because this is something you've probably never been told because you're hanging out with a bunch of dipshits, thinking that you're crushing the game of life, and you're not really crushing anything but your dreams, your goals and everything else, so I want you to get really serious here. [10:00.0]

How much cash do you have in the bank that you don't touch to pay your life expenses? Picture this. Picture you walk outside and, heaven forbid, you get fucking blasted by a semi. You're out for 12 months. What happens to your life? What happens? Do you thrive? Do you barely survive or now are you poor as fuck and now you're at the whim of the government? Heaven forbid that. You don't want to be that person.

The way to not to be that person is to bring it to reality, get real with yourself and make a plan, so you're never in that position. But if you have one week of expenses saved, 12 months or 12 weeks or 12 days, or one month or three months, the longer [the number of] months you have saved, the more present you can become as a man, as a woman. [11:00.0]

Picture you have 12 months. Let's say your expenses are 20,000 a month. I don't know if that's a lot or a little. Mine is way more than that, but, again, everyone has different levels. Truth is, back when I was 27 years old, my expenses were … I don't even remember, $5,000, $5,800, somewhere around there, and I had enough cash flow coming in every single month that sustained my lifestyle. I was literally financially free because I had more money coming in than I was spending every month by 27, and now I'm 43. Not to say there are not some big dips in that and big upsets. I mean, there’s everything in between on that one. That's a journey in itself, right?

But I want you to get really clear. What are your hard expenses every month? I'm talking gas, water, mortgages if you have mortgages, taxes, insurance, everything. Let's call it 20 a month. In 12 months of expenses, you need a quarter of a million sitting in the bank doing nothing. Nothing. I'm not talking an investment account. I'm talking just cash parked for if shit hits the fan. I know some people have up to two-plus years in reserves in cash and they have way more than 20,000 a month in expenses. I’m talking seven figures, just parked, doing nothing. [12:16.4]

See, as a real investor—me, I'm a real investor. I've been an investor. That's kind of how I got in the game of investing in real estate, right?—I've trained my mind like, dude, if a dollar is sitting, I should be making money on it. That's partially true, but, also, typically, if your money is making money for you, there are some risks involved in that process.

I know there's risk with money sitting in the bank. I get that, so I don't want all these messages blowing. “Dude, there's always risk.” Yes, there is, absolutely, but I can de-risk by getting in multiple environments, so I can have a million in the bank, a million in crypto, a million in assets, or whatever your dollars or numbers are to de-risk out the environments, so if one shits the bed, you still have money. If the other one or if two of them do, you're still in the game. [12:58.5]

But let's say you need to have 250 grand in the bank for 12 months of expenses. You, as a leader, are still leading with leadership movement, not “I have to fucking make money today or I can't pay my bills, and we're just going to rape these clients and take their money and sell them shit and give them whatever we can tell them, promise them the world and under-deliver.”

Again, I'm not here to judge that because I see people doing this every day, by the way. What I'm trying to explain to you is that we have to game-plan. You're not going to wake up one day if you have 250,000 in expenses in a year and save 250. It's just not how it works. You’ve got to start chunking it out. Stop fucking buying stupid shit. Put the money and park it in literally a reserve account.

Go to your bank, set up a new account specifically for what we're talking about today and start putting a percentage of the revenue you generate inside of that, until you accomplish your three months, six months, 12 months. I know a lot of people say six months. Six months is fast. I don't know about you guys, but six months fucking flies. Shit, we're almost at the end of the year, end of the month already, and I feel like it was just Christmas yesterday, right? [14:10.0]

I recommend just parking a percentage two, five, 10, 20, whatever you can really push to get to that number. Make it a game to get your one-year cash reserves as quickly as possible. How quickly can you do it? How quickly? Then once you get that money in there, you have a year, 12 months. Literally, you don't have to make a dime and you can still fucking live the same exact life you have right now. The exact same life.

The truth is, if you can't figure out how to get yourself back on track in 12 months, you're fucked anyways. It's going to be a long road anyway, right? So, 12 months, or if you want to really get aggressive, go out 24 months. Get a 24-month cash reserve account. Now you're looking at, based on the numbers earlier, 20,000 a month, now you’ve got a half a million just parked in an account, not a big deal. It's only 500 grand, but it's sitting there. [15:07.7]

By the way, don't let me minimize that. Five hundred grand is a lot, so 500 grand gives you a two-year runway. Two years. Two long years to be the best dad, the best husband, the best leader. Do you think you can lead from a better position if you have two years in reserves with confidence? Do you think you could be a better dad and more present when you have two years in reserves, knowing that if the business goes up or down, you still fucking pay your bills? Do you think you're going to be a better son, a better friend, a better business owner, if shit hits the fan—not “if.” When the shit hits the fan—knowing that you've prepared to be a man who takes care of their finances. This is real talk. [16:01.5]

I was talking with this [person]. I don't want to mention names, but I was talking with someone. This is a female actually, and her husband literally riding around his little banger car, the ones that make all the loud noise. By the way, this is a 40-year-old, a 40-plus-year-old guy. Literally, he's a child at the highest level. The only difference is he's not wearing a diaper—at least I don't think he is—because he's a wimp.

It's embarrassing and she's married to him, and he plays video games all day. All he wants to do is drink with his buddies all day, and all he wants to do is work on his car and make it louder and put a better system in it. Dude, when are you going to grow the fuck up? By the way, this piece of shit splits bills with his wife. Again, this is not by her wanting it. This is just how he is, unfortunately. She married him, so that's her fault. But I see this happening all the time. [17:01.4]

I think about this. This may motivate you or demotivate you, depending on what drives you, but I couldn't imagine, heaven forbid any of this shit happen to anybody, but it does happen every day. I've never met someone who says, Man, I was waiting for it to happen. Let's say my son gets sick or my daughter gets sick, or my wife gets sick or I get sick, or anybody, if any of us gets sick and we need 12 months off and it costs millions of dollars to take care of it. Let's say a million for easy math.

Are you prepared to solve the problem or do you go into the government network and they just run you through the ringer—you're always a victim. You're always a victim in the system. You're always just a number—or do you pay for the best care because you're prepared?

See, the thing is preparation is what we're talking about, being conscious of the possibilities that could happen. Again, it could be way bigger. It could be way smaller. Hopefully, it's neither/or, but I'm prepared if it does happen. [18:05.5]

How are you preparing your life to be the best leader, the best owner, the best son, the best sister, the best brother? How are you preparing to be the best? The way to do this is through finances. Again, I'm not saying finances make you the best person in the world, but it gives you mind space to become a better human being.

It gives you the opportunity to be calm, cool and collected when shit is hitting the fan. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy your wins when you're winning because you're just winning bigger and earning more and growing more. It gives you the opportunity to sit down and read a book for an hour. It gives you the opportunity to go out and to your kids play sports and hire the best coaches for yourself and for them. It gives you the opportunity to eat better food. It gives you the opportunity to say no to things you don't want to do. And it gives you the opportunity to be in full control as much as humanly possible. [19:09.3]

See, when you have stacks of cash sitting in the bank for two years in advance of your life, I don't have to work today. Truth is I haven't had to work for many, many years. I want to. I enjoy helping people. I enjoy growing my life. I enjoy building a bigger vision. I enjoy seeing my team buy their dream cars and buy their dream houses and all that. That shit does not happen because we're broke. That shit doesn't happen because I'm stressing about money. It happens because I’ve prepared and implemented a plan to make me a better human being, to make me the person I want to be.

I would say, I don't know, this is not factual, of course, but 95 percent minimum, maybe way more, have never done this or even thought about it. That means 95 percent of people are out there doing things they don't want to do because they have to. [20:08.8]

I grew up like this. I saw my entire family do it. I still see them do it. They've got to work overtime. They can't take off time to go see their kids play sports. They can't take a vacation because of their seniority and they haven't been there long enough. They've only been there 18 years when Johnny has been there for 24 and he wants to do something else. I could never imagine being in that position in my life. I'm dead serious. It doesn't even resonate with me. I don't understand it. I never understood it in kindergarten, let alone fucking as an adult.

Now, I get it. I'm not saying not to do hard work. I'm not saying I don't do shit I don't want to do, but what I'm saying is I'm doing shit I don't want to do because I hate doing it, not because I have to do it and don't like doing it. I have to do the audiobook for MEconomy. I hate doing that shit. It takes hours, many days, many hours to do it. I make no fucking money. Zero. I give it all the way to charity. Not complaining, by the way. I'm just sharing an example. [21:06.8]

I’ve got 19 co meetings I’ve got going on in the next 30 days, literally. I don't want to do all that shit, but I have to because I want to be a great leader. I want to help guide the team. I want to sit down with great people and talk about their dreams and goals. It makes me a better human being. It makes me think bigger. It makes me see clear paths of opportunity. It gets me in front of deal flow.

The best part about it is I get to spend all this time with my family. That's the best of all this shit I'm talking about, true story. I literally can go whenever I want, respectfully, and hang out with my kids. If my daughter or son came into my own office right now as I'm talking to you and said, Daddy, let's go to the park and play, give me five minutes and let's go. I'm going. Clear my schedule, move things around, but I'm going. Why? One, because I can. Two, I want to, and, three, they're not going to be kids forever and that moment is going to be a time when I hope they walk in the door and surprise me and they're 12, 20, 35 years old. [22:16.2]

Time is what I really am chasing. I want more of it. I want more memories. I don't need more things. I just want more memories. I want more opportunities to help more people. I like helping you as a listener and people. I’ve forged amazing relationships with many of you that listen to the show. I have thousands and thousands of people listening to the show and I get to forge amazing relationships socially through you and with you.

I love that shit. I get to do it because I want to do it. I want to. It's enjoyable to me. I'm proud of it. Seriously, I'm very proud to be able to help strangers in the beginning. The truth is, I don't think we're ever strangers, because if you are on here and you like listening and you understand what I'm saying here and sharing real shit, we're connected. We just haven't met yet. Now we are meeting. Very powerful. We're thinking on the same wavelength. You thought you were crazy. Everything I'm saying is normal. It's powerful. [23:15.8]

The truth is the majority of the world is fucking crazy. It's very crystal clear, clearer than it has ever been. Your thinking now today is more valuable than it has ever been, trust me. Stay strong in the process, right? Keep your head up. Stay focused. Keep your feet moving.

But back to “a man can't be a man, unless he has his finances in order.” I want you to really sit down and figure out how much your monthly expenses are, and then I want you to go to the bank and set up your reserve account, for real, or set it up online, however you do it. Set up a bank account. Now you have a bank account set up and I want you to start peeling off one, two, three, four, five, 10 percent or more and put it in that account every, every day, every week, every month, however you're moving money around. [24:06.2]

Make it a game to park that money. This is not rainy-day fund money. This is living expense money if all shit hits the fan. I want you to pay attention. This could take you months. This could take you years to get to this point, depending on how big or small your number is.

By the way, the smaller, the better because you can get there faster, right? It will teach you to stop being stupid with your money. It will teach you to invest in the right things. It will teach you to stop being a consumer, be a creator. You really will get focused.

If you're out, fucking around on Thursday night, can't wait till Thursday to go, hang out with your buddies, you're fucking up, for real. If you don't have your money right, you shouldn't be doing anything. I didn't do anything for many, many, many, many years, for real. I worked my ass off to get the money. I worked my ass off to be able to learn what I'm sharing with you. [25:00.5]

The truth is I almost went bankrupt twice in the process. Why? Because I didn't have someone like me telling you the raw truth. I was just out blowing money because I was just making money and thought it would never stop. It stops when I stop, right? I mean, I'm buying 24-7. I was just being reckless because I didn't know better. I didn't have financial literacy. I was immature at the highest level, like last week's call.

As I'm sitting here with lots of years in the bank, I know I can be very calm, cool and collected. I know I can make decisions that are the best for everybody, not just me. I know I don't have to be greedy. I just have to have everyone winning. There are opportunities galore when you get the set-up properly. But it's amazing to me that people can't wait to hang out with their buddies, go on the boat on the weekend and go fishing and do nothing. What are you avoiding? Reality? Seriously, think about it. [25:59.0]

You females, for real, the females listening here. If you have a boy like this, he's not a fucking man, by the way. But if you have a boy like this, I'd be looking to trade him in real quick. Go, find someone you can love that is a man, because there are some out there.

There are a lot of fucking boys out there that act like they're men and look like they're men, but I'm telling you, if they can't take care of you, more importantly, if they can't take care of themselves—fuck you and everybody, themselves. It's all about us, right? You, too, right? You’ve got to take care of yourself, too, but if they can't take care of themselves and they can't take care of you—if they're more worried about what video games coming out next week or they're getting more amped up about the Super Bowl or whatever fucking game is on to escape reality, go get blasted with their buddies, how important are you really in their life, for real? Genuinely, this is the shit I see that I don’t understand.

I live in a great golf course community. I see guys golfing every day when they're wives are at work. I don't get it. I genuinely don't understand it. I'm not saying some of the wives don't want to work, but I do know some of the wives have to work. Most of them do somewhere they can keep the wheels rolling. [27:12.0]

How can you be a man, hanging out at the clubhouse, getting blasted on a daily basis, golfing with your boys, acting like you're a big fucking shot, and your wife is out busting her ass? It's embarrassing. As a man, it's embarrassing to me. It's sad.

True story, now my wife, my wife has never had to work, ever. She can do whatever she wants. If she wants to, great. If she doesn't, cool. If she wants to pursue her dreams and passions, that's what it's about to me. I like to be the person to take care of people. I get the game of life. Me and my wife are super blessed. We have two amazing healthy kids. We're healthy ourselves, everyone in our family, semi-healthy. But I don't know what my life would look like if I didn't plan the way I'm talking about today, having a reserve, being ready for the future. [28:01.0]

See, most people are living like today is their last day. You're spending your money like today is the last day. I get it, live like it's the last day, but reserve like you're living until your 150. You need to. You need to preserve this money and grow it. What's cool, though, is it gives me an outlook of life that I'm just so much happier.

When I discovered what I'm sharing with you, I became happier as a human, as a man. I saw that I had many years of reserves before I even had kids, right? That was just because I’m an investor by nature, right? But I didn't understand what I was doing on purpose at that point in the beginning stages. But now, being a little bit older, having fiduciaries around me in my life helping me really understand the bigger picture—having policy set up for this or that, having living wills and trusts, and blah, blah, blah—it just gives you a sense of confidence. It gives you a little zing in the step. It makes me feel very proud. [29:00.0]

I've talked about this on shows before, but I’ll share it again if you have never heard it, but death drives me and motivates me like no other. I'm not going to be around here forever, and nor are you, but one thing I want to do is make the most of it while I'm here. But also on the flip side of that, when I depart, I want to be proud.

By the way, you get no recognition on this when this happens. But I want to be proud, if my wife and kids are still around—hopefully, they are—or whoever is taking care of the estate, that that shit was set up right, that I made their life easy. Holy shit, Mark really did what he said he did. I want the attorneys and the lawyers and everyone to say, Dude, I’ve never seen someone have it so simple for their family on the departure of a loved one. I'm being for real. I think about that.

I think about the joy it brings to them, knowing that while they're grieving, they don't have to fight the lawyers. They don't have to fight family members on what they get or don't get. They don't have to worry about a tax bill that's going to come through a death tax and all this shit. It has been built for that. What I’ve built my life to do is to make things easy for the people around me. [30:11.5]

Now, I'm not saying there won't be hard stuff. Dealing with grief is pretty hard. But knowing that that's the moment you depart, think about the grieving that they're going to have, depending how you go, too, right? Accidental, Alzheimer's, maybe just die in your sleep. That's the way I want to go, hopefully healthy or semi-healthy. I'm not too healthy if I'm dying in my sleep. But having my brain, having my movement, 102 years old, boom, I’m going to die in my sleep, I'm good.

At that moment, the tide will go in and we're going to see who has shorts on or not. I will have mine on because I’ve prepared. I've invested time. I've invested money. I've got very uncomfortable, very vulnerable with myself, first foremost, as well as with fiduciaries and people to help me get this to become a reality. [31:05.5]

It's not always easy, but it's mandatory in my life. It's mandatory for me to be a man. I want to lead my son to show him how to be a man. I want to lead men around me to be better men. I want to lead females to show them what men really should do and what it looks like by actions, not words.

I know it's weird for me to say because I'm talking words to you today, but the truth is, this is shit I’ve been doing for many, many, many years. I've never even thought about it until my buddy said something at the gym, true story. I've been doing it, just doing it. I've been executing a plan, my plan.

Think about where you'll be 12 months from now. Don't put this off. Go, set up an account immediately and put whatever your budget is. Get scared. Go broke by investing money in your reserve account. Park it. Forget about it and enjoy knowing that it's sitting there in case shit does hit the fan or when it does because guys building businesses is not always, like I said, rainbows and unicorns. [32:18.0]

Picture that you know 20 grand a month is coming to you, no matter what. Say you're having massive months. I shared this when I lost 600 grand in a month at one of our companies. I didn't get deterred because I have money. I have parked money to protect me from that emotional rollercoaster.

If you're dealing with financial and emotional roller coasters, it's because you're not prepared. That's it. That's a given. The ups and downs are a given. It happens to everybody and every company and everything. It's like going outside thinking it's going to be sunny every day, 24-7, seven days a week for the next 100 years. It's not how it works. There are always storms. There are always weather changes. There are always seasons. There are seasons in life, too. The question is, are you prepared for them? Are you stocked up? [33:05.3]

As my boy, Sean Whalen always says, “Get your house in order.” This is one of the biggest ways to get your shit in order, which is by getting your finances correct. Get your money right if you want to live right, and I do believe that.

This is a big show and I know I get aggressive on this stuff because I want to really make sure you hear how important it really is. I'm talking to you from my soul, my heart. I'm not here to become your friend. I'm not here to make you happy. I'm not here to make you smile yet. But I promise you, when you get to this point …

I would love to know your number. What's your monthly nut? What is your monthly nut? Shoot me on Instagram @MarkEvansDM. Let me know what your monthly nut is. Is it five grand, three grand, 10 grand, 50 grand? Whatever it is. Don't be silly. If you're living off five grand a month now, don't say, “50 grand a month.” You're just setting yourself up for failure, dude. [34:01.3]

Sharpen the pencil. Sit down and get serious about your life. How much are your monthly expenses? I'm talking everything. Entertainment, fun, insurance, taxes, everything. Put it down on paper. Then, whatever that is, multiply that by 12. Set up a bank and let's get to work. Make it a game. How quickly can you fill your reserve account with 12 months of living expenses?

Make sure when you send me on Instagram @MarkEvansDM what your monthly nut is and just say, “Hey, my monthly nut is …” and the number, and tell me how quickly you're going to do it. How many months or days is it going to take you to fill that reserve account?

The truth is some of you listening to my voice right now have already done this and I'm proud of you. Seriously, it's a big deal. I'm proud of you. If this is you, let me know this is you as well. I'd like to acknowledge you personally because it's a big moment in life and, like I said, everything you're talking about is big. It's real. [35:10.3]

Think of the way you move. It's almost like you glide on air. This is why I don't have a worry in the world. I have shit taken care of. Man, I remember the days I didn't. Dude, I was so jittery and scared, and frustrated and overwhelmed, and excited and sad and happy, all in a nanosecond. But I can tell you, that's not how I am today.

Don't get me wrong. I get excited. I get jittery. I'm an excited person, period, but my life got a lot clearer, a lot happier when I discovered what I'm sharing with you, and I hope you take it and implement it in your life and enjoy the process. Keep me posted. Follow me over at Instagram @MarkEvansDM. Let me know what your monthly nut is and how quickly you're going to accomplish your goal.

With that said, make today count. Peace. [36:03.2]

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