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Facebook and Instagram crashed a couple of weeks back. And online entrepreneurs ran around like a chicken with its head chopped off wondering how they’d make money. 

The only reason they scrambled was because they didn’t realize this powerful marketing strategy was right under their noses. In fact, this marketing channel also protects you from the woke ban-hammer Big Tech slams down without hesitation. 

What’s this secret marketing strategy?

Email marketing. 

In this episode, you’ll discover why email marketing is the most effective marketing channel. I reveal why your email marketing isn’t working. And how to use email marketing to generate millions and millions of dollars. 

Listen to the episode now before you send out another email. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The most overlooked, yet profitable marketing strategy that will make you a millionaire (even if you’re broke right now) (4:17) 
  • How emailing like a human instead of a corporate behemoth is like having your own printing press (5:57) 
  • The trippy way to clear 6 figures every month with email marketing without selling anything (7:44) 
  • The “Ownership Secret” that makes email marketing immune to the woke whims of Big Tech companies (9:51) 
  • The dirt-simple 2-step process you can do today that adds another 0 to your monthly income (10:55) 
  • Why sending one email to your prospects is more effective than calling them 83 times (15:09) 
  • How restaurants can create “Grand Opening” type buzz with waiting lists out the wazoo whenever they want (16:46) 
  • The “Convenience Concept” that transformed Amazon from an online bookstore into a trillion dollar brand (and how to apply this to your business) (22:33) 
  • Why nobody reads or buys from your monthly newsletter (and how to fix it so 30% of your revenue comes from email marketing) (23:28) 

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” The million-dollar goldmine you have and you don’t even know. This show is going to get you fired up, more importantly, money in the bank. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there, it’s your host, Mark Evans DM. Oh, yeah, hey, coming to you here from the Cleveland, Ohio, area. Actually, outside, it's in Mentor/Kirtland Hills, Ohio. Treehouse is almost done. As I'm talking to you today, it’s Day 9 of the treehouse. They're damn near done. I'm super excited. [01:03.6]

Actually, on Saturday, I went out there and I wrote my first email to my DM Family about how I'm down $5 million on something, but I'm actually really up in 3 million in change still, so it's not the end of the world. Don't feel sorry for me, but it's really about a thought process.

Anyway, beside the point, the damn treehouse/office is about done. It looks spectacular. Hopefully, you're following me on Instagram or Facebook, and you've seen the pictures of Mark up there. We've got the cedar shake on the exterior. The front door is installed. The interior is pretty much damn near done.

Tomorrow, they're going to be putting in the electricity and we're in business, electricity and internet, I shouldn't say, hard wired, so we are in business out there, 10, 12 feet up in the air, overlooking a pretty cool ravine. I'm super excited to have a little workspace there to kind of do my thing as well as enjoy some great memories with my kids and it's going to be fun. I'm super excited and a lot of people are engaging in that, so it's pretty neat to see. [02:01.0]

Today's show is going to be fairly powerful. Today's show actually could build you a lot of treehouses. It could buy you your dream home. It could buy you your dream cars. It could take you on dream trips. It could create the dream lifestyle, the dream business, and I'm being dead serious because it did it for me and I want to share it with you.

I want to open up and kind of go deeper into the subject matter because this is the ultimate. This is the ultimate and where I see most people failing is 99.9% of people I talked to, they're underutilizing this asset that they have access to. You do, I do, we all do. The question is, one, you’ve got to know it exists, and, two, you’ve got to know how to use it, but I call it the million-dollar goldmine you have and you don't even know you. You see, it's a beautiful thing.

Today's show is going to be a little bit heavier with links and stuff I'm going to share with you, so I'm going to give you a link right now to go to. It’s MarkEvansDM.com/goldmine. There will be a one-page, two-page document you can download for free. [03:00.5]

Just download it, and when you get home, maybe you're on a treadmill, maybe you're trucking across the country or whatever you're doing, taking the kids to soccer practice, just know that. Get over to MarkEvansDM.com/goldmine, M-I-N-E, and that will take good care of you and you'll be ready to roll and implement what I'm going to share with you today.

One more side note. You guys, I need your help. This is me asking you for your help. If you have not done this, please do so. Take a minute or two today and it will mean the world to me. It would help so many people if you went over to iTunes and left a five-star review, or on Amazon if you’ve got MEconomy or Magician vs. Mule, leave a five-star review. Let people know what's up.

What's cool about this is it kicks up the algorithm on those channels and it pushes you up higher, gets you in front of more people, and the more people we’re in front of, the more opportunities we have to share the message and help people change their life—and that's why I'm here. I want to change people's lives. I genuinely enjoy it. I love seeing people do amazing shit, send me messages that they’ve just bought their dream car or they’ve paid off their parents' house, or they're taking care of their grandparents or they're taking the jet with their whole family to a dream vacation. That's the shit that wakes me up. It gets me excited every single day. [04:13.7]

With that said, let's get into it. What is this thing, Mark? You're talking about my million-dollar goldmine I have and I don't even know. I'm going to say the word. I'm going to say what it is and I don't want you to discount it. I want you to listen. I would not be investing my time and energy if I did not feel like this could generate millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars in your life and I'm being dead serious. And what is that thing? That thing is called email marketing, emailing your prospects, emailing your clients.

See, if you have a brick and mortar, you should be capturing emails and putting them on an email database. If you have an online business, you should definitely be capturing emails, which I know you are if you're checking out, and you should be emailing them updates and offers daily. Daily. Daily and we'll go back about frequency and all that here later. But if you have any kind of social media presence, your goal is to constantly be extracting from social media, like, Hey, guys, if you want to get over to blah, blah, blah. [05:16.4]

Actually, for example, I do Wakie Wakie 4:44. Get on the email list, Wakie Wakie 4:44, blah, blah, blah. We’ve put the link in there. You opt in. We get opt-ins every single day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for free, F-R-E-E. Picture this: build a tribe on social for free sharing great content, great data, and say, Hey, guys, I’ve got a free report, a free whatever, a free this or free that. Get over to xyz.com and get it for free. Now what you're doing is you're taking 10,000 people from social media and a percentage of them are going to come over and get your free report, and they're going to give you their email in exchange for that free report. [05:57.4]

Now, don't think that's just in email. This is where I see everyone fuck it up. They think it's just an email. The email is attached to a human and that human is you and I. We're humans. We have emails. We get emails all the time. Guys, I haven't been to a store to buy clothes I don't even know in how many years, 10 years, maybe longer, I don't even know. I buy all my stuff from online and I don't go searching online. I get emails from companies I've bought clothes from. I see pictures that I like. I click on it and I buy it. That's how I shop for my clothes. Sometimes they fit right. Sometimes they don't. Either way, there's a process to that.

But, for me, if they didn't email me, one, they would never make money from me because I'm not searching. I don't even know the names of the websites I go to, but I wouldn't search it. They search me out. They stay in front of me and I like them standing in front of me. I'm not pissed. I'm not mad. And, oh, by the way, if I end up changing my style or changing whatever I want, I could always unsubscribe for free, so it's free content. I'm in control as an email user. I'm in control of what I want to see in my inbox. If you don't like what you're seeing in your inbox, change it. Unsubscribe and move on. [07:05.4]

But, for me, my inbox is filled with great stuff. Sometimes it's distracting, right, because I don't need to buy new shirts. I don't need to buy new pants. I don't need to buy new shoes. I don't need to buy watches. I buy watches from email, by the way, as well. Let me think about this. I've bought houses, watches, cars, clothes all the time, books, trips, restaurant stuff like restaurant events, hired a limo driver, from email marketing, from companies emailing me. I would like you to take a minute and think about you. Have you ever clicked on something in an email and bought it? Maybe?

Here's what's even trippier. I'm going to tell you, I could show you how to make money if you're sending out emails without ever selling a thing, making real money, tons of money, six figures a month money without ever selling anything if you have enough eyeballs, because people will pay for impressions. Impressions will lead to clicks and clicks will lead to sales. You don't have to sell. You don't have to create the impressions. You just have to create the eyeballs. [08:10.5]

Actually, you would have to create the impressions. You have to create the eyeballs. Picture, if you're sending to 10,000 people a day, 10,000 people, you get a 20% open rate and, say, 1,000 people a day are clicking over there. That's going to make a couple dollars, nothing crazy, but if we can get it to 10,000, 20,000, 100,000 people a day, you're generating hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, for real.

You don't have to have a product. You don't have to have a service. You don't have to have anything. You just have to have a niche and a following of people that want to go see stuff. I know because I’ve done this. I've created an eight-figure business doing it literally. I don't do the emails. I have a team that does them. I don't do the traffic generation. I have a team that spends 300,000 to 700,000 a month buying me traffic to drive more eyeballs. You're not spending 500, 700, 800 grand a month on traffic if it's not generating a little bit of money, FYI. [09:00.3]

Again, I'm not saying go out and stop marketing. If you're marketing, keep marketing. I would never tell you not to market. Market is an amazing investment, and if you do it right, you'll know your numbers, and if you know your numbers, you can scale and scale is where it's at. And I'm not talking scaling that’s making two sales a day. I'm talking scaling, how do you get to 20, 200, 2,000, 20,000 sales a day or whatever.

Opt-ins, same thing, like when you're opting people in, you know what's a big day for you, 10 opt-ins a day, two opt-ins a day, 10 opt-ins a day. One of our companies gets over 30,000 opt-ins in a day. One of them, just one, 30,000 new people come in our ecosystem daily. What do you think the opportunities look like when you have that kind of volume? That all comes from marketing. Again, like I said, please do not stop.
But what I also like about email, and I want you to think about this recently, remember when Facebook went down, people were like, Oh, shit, how do I make money? It went down. Let's say, it goes down for a week, a month, a year, how do you generate revenue if your only model is to make money off Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, or any of these other shit like LinkedIn, etc.? [10:12.8]

The problem is I don't own Twitter. I don't own LinkedIn. I don't own Facebook. I don't own Instagram. But if you're on my opt-in list, I own that name to be able to market to them, and I could put them in a platform and I can email you consistently every single day at my will. You either die or unsubscribe.

That's the only way you get out of the email database lists, unsubscribe or die, right? Because we're going to wash the system. That's a whole other [subject]. That's way more advanced. But as you get bigger, you're going to only be sending out to openers and clickers, and it's called a sunset policy and you can create all this other crazy stuff. But for today's subject matter, we're talking about email marketing on the simple.
Keep it simple. What's the first thing you do? You start thinking, knowing that this is a thing, and, two, you start implementing ASAP. If you have five clients, 500 clients, 5,000, 50,000 or 5 million clients, this is definitely doable at all levels. You can start today right now. [11:14.4]

Picture that, if you're a real estate investor, you have 100 people that you've talked to about possibly doing investment and lending with on your deals. I could take those 100 people. I could upload them into GMass or preferably this is in a database system—and, again, this will be on the report at MarkEvansDM.com/goldmine—but it would be on an AWeber or iContact, or something where they've opted in, and I would just send them an email. I'd send an email to 100 potential investors—it could be 10, it could be 100, whatever the number is, but using this, for example, 100—saying, “Hey, have a great deal. Here's the numbers. If you're interested, shoot me back a message.” Now I send that out to 100 people. Do you think you're going to get a response? [12:00.8]

Maybe they say eff you, delete.

Maybe they say, Yes, I'm interested. Cool.

Maybe they say, Hey, Mark. I haven't done a deal with you in two years. You always pay back. I'm in. Cool.

Bucket A, Bucket B, Bucket C, right? A is ready to go. B needs a little bit more information, and C, they said eff you. I'm cool either way. See, the thing is the reason most people don't do mass email marketing is they genuinely don't understand the power of it. It's so fucking easy to do. The majority will never do it. You don't understand the value in it.

If I can send an email to a million people right now, do you think I have a better probability than if I just go and shoot an online video for free for an hour or 10 minutes, or if you send an email to one person? My probabilities of success go out the roof. I have a million prospects I'm communicating with. They probably like me, know me, trust me, and depending on what cycle they're in the system, right? [13:03.8]

Because some of these people have been following me since 2005. They've been on my email list since 2005, true story, so they know. They've watched me grow. They've watched my family grow. They've seen the kids get older. They're seeing us experience life in a different way today than when they first started following us. They are a part of the journey.

See, a lot of times people are like, Mark, I would love to do email marketing, but I don't know what the hell to say, and then I would say the hell you don't. You don't have to say anything. You just have to document and share. It could be a video. It could be an email, right?

Obviously, the better you get at writing emails, the better opens you're going to get, the better clicks you get, but that's a process. I'm still learning how to create subject lines. I'm still learning how to create better copy and emails. I'm still working on how to create better videos to hit home, because right now everything's image driven, right? You've got to have crazy over the top pictures, so I’ve hired a guy to help me there. [14:00.7]

But for you starting out, picture that you send that to 100 investors, 100 people that have money. You're going to get access to money. Picture if you have 100 people that have denied your offer on their house. When was the last time you group-emailed them and said hey. You don't put them all in the emails, by the way. GMass would send an independent email where it looks like it's coming one-on-one and you’ve got to learn how to write where it's coming from one-on-one on a personable level.

“Hey, (first name), hope you're doing absolutely amazing. I'm over here, sitting here in Shaker Heights, Cleveland, Ohio, thinking about you. Something just came on my desk. I thought you'd be interested in it. Three-bedroom, one bath,” blah, blah, blah.

Or, “Hey, I just got off the phone with my banker and I have access to money, and I'm looking to take a property down today. I know recently we talked about acquiring your property. We ended up not doing it at that time, but as you know things, times change and I just thought I'd throw you out one more Hail Mary to see if you're interested in selling quick and easy. I don't need anything fixed up. I buy as is and I can close in as quick as three days or less. Shoot me back an email if this interests you.” [15:08.8]

You send that to 100 people that have told you, “No, I don't want to do a deal,” I promise you, with consistency, you will do more deals, one hundred percent. See, a lot of people in marketing, they're like, Dude, I followed up with this person 83 times via call. Okay, that's annoying. I don't know about you, but I fucking hate getting phone calls like that. There's nothing you can say that will get me over the hump because I'm already coming on the call negative, right? First of all, I don't have to answer, but, secondly, if I did, I would never do anything with you. I just don't like the approach. But in email marketing, I could set it up in segments, Day 7, Day 14, Day 21, Day 32, Day 65, Day 100, etc. Day 365. [15:54.1]

Picture this. You come in my world today, and in 365 days from now, you're going to get an anniversary email. “Happy anniversary, (first name). Just was over here looking and I realized we met 365 days ago. You downloaded a free report at MarkEvansDM.com/goldmine, which I think is very cool and I hope it's helped you a ton. Anyway, I was just thinking about you, thought I’d dropped you a quick note. I'm rooting for you, keep thinking about you. Hope you're crushing it. If you need any help, let me know.” Boom.

I can set this up today. I could build out 10 years or 100. I could build out 100 years of autoresponders if I wanted, right? We're talking about auto responders now. Prior to that, we're talking about email pushes, sending out a mass email and let's stick with that because that's very simple and singular.

Maybe you have a restaurant and you're like, Mark, this shit doesn't work in a restaurant. Okay, hear me out then. Every time someone comes into your place, ask for their name and email. Get their name and email. Then what you could do, put them into an email database. Ideally, you have a customer management system, but if you don't, worst case scenario, put them into an email database. [17:12.8]

Then, when you're looking at your KPIs, you notice every Tuesday from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM, it's your slowest day of the week, drastically slower. What you could do is send out an email to your entire database of all your contacts that have frequented your restaurant and say, “Hey, Tuesday, from 2:00 to 6:00, we have a special. Here's the deal.” You’ve got to figure out what that special is. You’ve got to figure out how to draw them in.

But if you send that out to 100, 200, 500, 700, 10,000 people, Tuesday is going to fill up. Tuesday is going to get bigger. Don't just send one email and forget about it because it didn't work as good as you thought. If fucking one extra person showed up at work, right? Secondly, maybe if zero showed up, it might be working. You’ve just got to give them time to adapt and change their schedule to meet your schedule criteria, Tuesday from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. [18:07.4]

You’ve got to create some fun stuff. Maybe you have someone come in. You can create a destination. Maybe Tuesday at three o'clock, we're going to have local blah-blah-blah person come in and share 15 minutes with you about XYZ. Turn it into a get-together, a gathering, create a gathering space. Now you're not just a restaurant. You're a gathering place where people come to connect, extract, conversate, etc., and grow, right? See, you're not just a restaurant now. Maybe you have a little bar area. Maybe you have this and now, all of a sudden, you're starting to extract.

Maybe you're a restaurant, and at this moment of time, you're saying, Hey, we actually are really good at catering.

Cool. What's your catering dollars compared to your restaurant dollars?

We're just getting started on catering. How does everyone know about it? [18:50.8]

Instead of going out and spending money on ads and all this shit, I could literally just go back into that same email database and say, “Hey, Steve, did you know … we do catering now? Yes, we cater bar mitzvahs. Yes, we cater weddings. Yes, we cater boom, boom, boom. If any of these things ever pop up and you need our help, you know you love our food, we love to cater to people and we're going to take great care of them.
Reply back to the Nancy@catering.com,” whatever bullshit email, “let's get started.”

You keep doing this over and over and over. You have so much to talk about. If you're a restaurant, you have so much to talk about, new food menu, maybe every week you're changing your food menus, that's an email. “Guess what's up for dinner. Here's where we're at for lunches. Here's what we're doing on brunches.” You could send this stuff out, start creating a buzz, become the destination, get people. You're going to start getting waiting lists at that level, for real, it's true story. People are going to start reserving. They can't just show up any more like they used to because your email marketing is working. Your email marketing does work if you use it. [20:00.3]

What's cool about this—again, that's if you're a restaurant—let's say, you're a trucking company. Actually, my landscape company uses this. Let's say, if you're a landscape company, are you teaching people how to winterize their house, how to blow out their lines for it?

By the way, they don't want to have to do it necessarily. They might just need to see what a schedule looks like. “Hey, guys, here's a schedule of a homeowner that goes down to Florida six months a year.” I'm opening that bitch up and reading it, right? Why? Because I live in Florida seven months a year. My house in Ohio is sitting empty. How do I protect it? How do I preserve it?

I have a person that comes to the house every day, checks it out, but they might not see a leak, but how would we know? “Here are17 things that we look for prior to leaving and here are the two things we look at daily to measure and make sure everything is good.” Cool. That's great content. That's great data. That anchors them into wanting me to use them. When someone is talking, Hey, I need a good landscaper. Boom. Hey, are you using Unique? Hey, are you using this person and that person, whatever, right? [21:01.2]

So, have some fun with it. Start building a brand. Start building recognition, right? Hey, trick-or-treat was just last week. We took our kids to three different places, true story. I wanted to hang out with my parents. I got to stay all night with them, me and my wife had kids, hung out down there for the night and went trick-or-treating with the kids and all that.

Then, the night before, we actually did a downtown in Chagrin Falls, really cool area, kind of commercial stuff, downtown. We went there for an hour and then went to have dinner. Then, here in our little town in Kirtland Hills, Mentor area, I was able to walk up. The problem is these are state lots, so because everything is five acres away minimum and a massive driveways, right, so you go to 12 houses in two hours, but these are good things because it makes you deserve. I mean, you earn the candy that way.

But where I'm going with that is, if I hear people talking, they need a referral, and I could refer them over because he's top of mind. He sends out a newsletter for “Hey, Happy Halloween. Here's three tricks to make an amazing event,” or, “here's how to get rid of your pumpkins after Halloween.” [22:08.6]

I always like to decorate the front area, right, so we get the moms, we get the flowers. We get the corn stalks put on the thing and we get the pumpkins, and we get some straw and all that shit. What if they told me how to go get that easier? Maybe they said they could drop it off. “Hey, did you know we have a starter pack of this or that? It's $250. We could drop it off next time we're around. Let us know if you're in.” I'm in. In, in, in.

Now, I'm not selling product. I'm selling convenience. Do you understand the difference? I'm not just selling product. I'm selling the convenience of getting the product? By the way, this is how Amazon is making trillions of dollars over the years, right? It's selling convenience. It's not always the cheapest, but I know if it's a Prime, I'm going to get it tomorrow or today, whatever they say, and it's going to be quick and easy, painless. That's what you need to do, create a frictionless transaction, and the way to do that is build up trust, rapport, relationship through email marketing. I promise you, you can give me any business, any genre. [23:08.8]

My buddy, I actually had some hair stuff done a long time ago out of Boca Raton, and he has a hair newsletter. Yes, balding newsletter. He's talking about the benefits of infrared. He's talking about the benefits of this new non-prescription drug. He's talking about it. Again, it's endless. I don't care what industry you're in. You could email your list once a day, minimum three times a week, worst case scenario, once a week. You have to send an email.

Don't be that person that’s like, I do, I send a monthly newsletter. No one fucking reads that monthly newsletter. It's a piece of shit. You're wasting your time, your energy and your resources, for real. Why? Because it's too infrequent. We live in a world of speed. They've done forgotten what they’ve read. You don't have to believe me. What are the last 10 emails you've read today? What are the last 10 emails you're going to get to today? What are the last 10 emails you've responded to today? [24:05.0]

See, when the infrequency is there, it's not top of mind. Therefore, you don't know how. Our brain is going a million miles per hour, literally. If it's an email once a week, once every two days, once every three days, as long as it's quality content and is construed as content and quality, and this is all relative, by the way. What does that mean?

Again, when I get emails with these shirts, it's like, “New spring fall collection,” “New fall winter collection,” whatever, and it's yellows and oranges and greens, and then they pay attention to what I like and then they're sending me relevant content and I'm buying more. I spend a lot of money on that shit, right? I don't care what niche you're in, you have to be doing email marketing. [24:50.4]

Again, we've talked about the subject matter a little bit, but most people aren't doing it. How do I know? I'm on your email list. I'm in your ecosystems. A lot of people. I don't get many emails in that. I get them by the professional companies, but the mom and pops aren't doing it and it's pissing me off.

Maybe you’ve got car washes. Do a carwash special. You realize Thursdays, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, no one is there for whatever reason. That's when I'm going to have a special. “Come on in and get your car washed. Not only do you get a car wash for 19.99, I’m going to clean the inside for free and do the wheels on your tires for free,” whatever. Again, whatever the hook is, play around with the messaging.

How often should you send it? I already shared that a little bit. I think you should send daily, five days a week. If you can't, do three days a week. In the worst case scenario, once a week, minimum. Bare bones, once a week, minimum, right? Bare bones.

But what do I email, Mark? Hopefully, I answered that as well. What you email them is content. You share with them what you’ve got going on in your life, not in a negative way. Obviously, in a way to drive them to take a step with you and your company. Let them know what you're up to. Depending, create a local community if it's all local, right? It's easy to create local stuff. “What's up in Mentor, Ohio, this week? Click here.” It's timely. It's fun. [26:13.8]

Think of a newspaper. A newspaper isn't just a one-trick pony. It's not just news. They’ve got the comic section. They’ve got the draws. What is it? The boxes where you fill in the numbers section, all that shit my wife loves, etc. You’ve got to find that out. What makes your audience tick? What gets them excited? This is called avatar building. You’ve got to understand who your avatar is and who you're going after, right?

Mark, how do I make money from all this? There are lots of ways to make money. One, just take your prospects and start rejuvenating prospective energies in your business, which equals more sales I would hope. If you have more prospects, you typically should be making more money, and then just rejuvenating them, staying in front of them, talking to them, right? If you're that restaurant, you're rejuvenating people. You're bringing in eyeballs and ears and mouths into your restaurant to feed them. That's going to generate more money. [27:02.2]

Like I said, any kind of company, I mean, you could literally look at this a million different ways, and I'm talking just on basic mom and pop simple companies. If you want to take a more advanced approach, you could always do affiliate marketing. Go online and check out affiliate marketing. Learn about CPA marketing, cost per action marketing. Depending on your volume, depending on your niche and depending on how big you're trying to get, these are a lot of different opportunities that you could do immediately and start generating revenue.

What I'd like you to do is literally, like I said, on your social media. In real estate, I might do a post and say, “Hey, guys, I’ve got a free contract. If you want it, give me your email. I'll send it to you immediately.” Boom. I get 50, 60, 80, 200 emails. There's a cost associated with that. It's called marketing costs, right?

True story, I can get those for free on social media, and you can, too. You and I can get the same exact leads for free if you understand how to do extraction, email extraction. Just be clear on what you're giving them. More importantly, give them what you’ve told them and start building your trust, rapport and relationship with them through email marketing. [28:09.3]

Why aren't more people using it? I think the reason most people aren't using it is because they don't really understand the value in it. Let me paint the picture. When you check out anywhere, Amazon, anywhere, it doesn't matter, online, anywhere in the world online, what information do they request from you? Email, phone and address.

Of course, they need your address because they're delivering the product. They're not asking for “What's your Facebook handle? What's your Instagram handle?” because they understand they don't own that channel. They own email channels. You do, too. You own the fucking email channel, so you could wake up and send an email whenever you want. It doesn't matter if Facebook is down, Instagram is down, Amazon is down. It doesn't matter. You can still send out an email and create revenue, forever. It's pretty insane. [29:03.8]

I have buddies that generate millions of dollars a year and I tell them to do this in their business. “Oh, man, how do you?” but they keep spending 200, 300, 400 grand a month on marketing. I'm like, Send fucking emails to your list. “I just don't know what to say.” Hire someone. You can hire people to write your newsletter. You can hire people to write an email.

Get on some email lists that you like. It's called a swipe file. Start putting them into a folder, so you can start swipe filing them. Maybe the subject line grabs your attention. Here are 300 swipe files for headlines that really pop. Here's body content that pops when you read it. You took massive action because it connected with you and you took action. You start using them and you start building up your muscle of sending out emails. It's very powerful. Very, very powerful, right? I love it.

Like I said, don't stop spending money on marketing. Just keep spending money on marketing, if it's working, of course, and start extracting emails at a higher pace. [30:03.0]

In my world, an email costs $3 to $5. If I'm doing marketing, meaning if I run an ad online, my overall cost typically, let's call it, $5. It’s what it costs me to acquire an email subscriber. That's paid marketing, right? Maybe I'm doing a free book giveaway. A free book giveaway is not free because you’ve got to pay for the ad. You’ve got to pay for the click. You’ve got to pay for the book. You’ve got to pay for the shipping handling. You’ve got to pay for the customer service person, right? It's not really free. There is a cost associated with acquiring that prospect.

But, again, starting at bare-bones simplicity, you are on social media. I don't care if you have 50 people or 500 or 5,000, you could literally start posting and start extracting people.

“Hey, guys, if you're looking for a real estate contract that's working, let me know. Shoot me your email. I’ll shoot it to you.”

“Hey guys, I’ve got an insane deal coming up. If you guys want to be on the hot list, shoot me an email and I’ll put you on the hot list.”

“Hey guys, there's this new restaurant theme coming out next week downtown. I'm the downtown local guy, hooking people up with great deals. Shoot me your email if you want to be on the list, the up-to-date list, the [unclear 31:11.4] list,” or whatever. Again, it's endless. [31:14.8]

You understand the first email came out in 1997-ish. I think that's when it came out, in ’96, ’97. I remember I was at my parents' house. I had just gotten out of high school, and back then it was more the AOL. I remember they used to send the AOL disk. Everyone had AOL emails, and then Gmail. I got my Gmail I think in 2005 and it changed the game.

Like I said, I invested $50,000 with a guy to show me how to opt in someone and start emailing them and I started making money. I made 10 cents my first day. Let me say that again. I made 10 cents my first day and I got excited, really excited, because I did absolutely nothing for it except set up a system, and now that same system generates massive, massive amounts of money every day, literally life-changing revenue daily. Daily. I have buddies that, again, that started from nothing, generate 200, 3000, 400 a month net, 200,000, 300,000, 400,000 that is. [32:12.6]

So, it’s endless. The question is, are you going to do emails after you listen to this? That's the question. I hope the answer is yes. I hope you keep me posted with your progress. I hope you get over to MarkEvansDM.com/goldmine. M-I-N-E, goldmine, right? Get over there. Opt in. Give me your email and let me get you this information, so you can start implementing it ASAP.

I hope this helped a lot. Keep me posted on how much you make, and over the next 30 days implement this ASAP. I want you to tell me how many leads you’ve got, how much revenue you've generated in the next 30 days. It's important to me that you keep me posted. I'm being serious. I do care about this shit. I want to bring content and information that helps you. [33:01.7]

But if you implement what I just shared with you, you can generate millions and millions and millions of dollars and opportunities in dollars, one hundred percent a fact, and, most importantly, meet a lot of cool people. Some of my best friends I’ve met through email marketing. I email, email, email, boom, or they email me and I start responding. We start building a trust, rapport, relationship through email, and then we move it to a phone, and then phone to person, and then before you know it, we're hanging out, having vacations together. That's a true story, by the way, and you can do the same thing. It's time to kick it up. It's time to crush it. Go get that money.

I’m thinking about you guys. Have an amazing day. With that said, make today count. Peace.

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