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Everyone overcomplicates making money. They bust their cajones working 18 hour days because they learned you have to work hard to make more money.

But here’s the truth: making money is ultra easy today.

Whether you invest in watches, cryptocurrency, real estate, or any other income-generating asset. It doesn’t require hard work, long days, or sacrificing your relationship with your family.

In this episode, I’m revealing why working smarter is more fun and more lucrative than grinding hard.

Show highlights include: 

  • The counterintuitive reason your anxiety is a cheat code for business (3:53)
  • Why achieving your wildest financial goals won’t make you happy (15:48)
  • The “ELF Method” for building multi-million dollar companies with ease (20:33)
  • Why high-end watches can be one of your most profitable investments you make this year (24:13)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” This is a random show where we're going to be talking about life, money, travel, more importantly, where I'm putting my money. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey, there. It’s your boy, Mark Evans DM. Hope you're doing amazing, and again, thank you so much. The last show we did, the black sheep socially awkward, has been absolutely on fire. [00:57.2]

I’ve actually done I think 76 shows—today is 77 here—of the making of a DM and I’ve never had the response I’ve had with that. I thought I was the only one that felt socially awkward, hanging out with family, old friends and all that, but clearly I’m not. I appreciate all the responses. I appreciate all the shares. I appreciate all the five star reviews on iTunes. It means a lot to me.

I know sometimes you don't think your voice can be heard or maybe you're in a tight spot financially and you're like, Man, how do I help, give back? And I want to do good stuff. Go, leave a comment. Share on your social media. Maybe one of your buddies, maybe one of your friends, maybe someone you care about is listening to the show and you start getting dialed in together, and that would mean a lot to me and all you’ve got to do is share. It's free. It's one of the best ways to show someone that you're paying attention and you care, and that you're actually making an honest effort about giving back. As simple as copy-paste, put on your stories and tag me whatever, but it is what it is. I appreciate you guys that are doing it. That means a lot. [02:04.6]

Today it might be a little random. I just want to share some stuff with you guys kind of in my heart and on my mind. I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning, as I pretty much always am anyway, but today is a little different, not bad, just different. We just got back last night. We were in Traverse City, Mich. I don't know if you've ever been out there, but it's actually very pretty.

I'd never been there, but we were out there for the last four days, hanging out at the Park Place Hotel in the penthouse presidential suite, which was not a presidential suite I’m used to, but it was again, all things being all, it was nice and super laid back. We did a lot of stuff, walking around town and hanging out with the kids, and going to dinner and hanging out for lunch, and to be honest, a lot of that I don't enjoy. I’m not saying that to be a jerk. It's just not in my natural habitat where I go somewhere and when I hang out all day. I like to read. I like to work on myself. I like to have great conversations with great people to help them grow their business and their life, help solve problems. [03:12.3]

I don't know, listen, don't get me wrong. I love hanging out with my wife and my kids, but there's only so much I can do hanging out before I actually started getting antsy and start really shutting off and shutting down. One of the biggest conversations my wife and I have sometimes could be arguments or whatever and she's like, Oh, you don't want to do anything. It's like, we went out three times a day. What do you want me to do? It's like I’m not here just to be a social butterfly and just sitting around. It's not fun for me to walk into boutique stores and it just, honestly, feels I’m killing time.

I don't know about you guys, but I’m 43 now, but I’ve always, the truth is, ever since I can remember I’ve always had kind of a sense of anxiousness, like time is limited. I don't know when I’m going to die, but I guarantee I’m going to die, just like you. I hope it's long from now, a long time from now, but it's on my mind often. [04:13.0]

I’ve actually done a show about how death motivates me. It's not just me. It's all my buddies that I know that are high performers. Death is a very real thing that we think about constantly. I’m not sure if it's even healthy sometimes, but I can tell you right now, it is a real thing and it's something I want to talk about, because I can't be the only one because my buddies are the same way. But I think about like, man, I want to accomplish so much in life. I want to do so many great things in life and I want to make a lot of fucking money. I already talked about being stupid rich, filthy rich, not for the money, but for what the money can do. [04:57.2]

I was thinking about that today because as I’m sitting here out back as you can probably hear the birds chirping and going crazy today, it's beautiful, 66 degrees, overlooking the ravine, saw actually a couple of deer bouncing around, some black squirrels running around, turkey everywhere, which is pretty cool. I asked myself, Why do you want to make a shit ton of money? And I want to ask you that question because I think there's a massive disconnect with most people in this question. Why do you want to make a shit ton of money?

I think about this question because, honestly, I’m being straight with you, I have a lot of money from where I started. I have a very little amount of money for where I’ll be in 10 years from now and I’m talking many millions. This isn't to be braggadocious or whatever, but I’ve always wondered about my mentors, people I listen to on podcast shows or read great books, I don't hear anybody ever talk really about money, more importantly, what the hell they are doing with their money. [06:11.0]

I want to share a little bit of insight here with you. It might be a little choppy because I’m just going off my notebook of what I was thinking about today. But you’ve got to know where someone has started from and what their drivers are to actually understand what I’m saying. I’m not giving here financial advice today. I’m just sharing shit that I do and I mess this shit up all the time, FYI. I’ve got millions owed to me right now. People are not paying. Talked about that on a show recently. I’m making millions a week, sometimes overnight in certain investments I’m in, which is pretty wild and I’ll talk about that. But my first question is, like I said, why do you want to make a shit ton of money? [06:56.7]

If you don't want to make a ton of money, you as the listener, I would ask, why the hell are you even here? because I am an entrepreneur and I’m all about helping people make more money, because from my experience, the guys and gals that I help that make more money, they give back more. They're able to do more. They're able to take care of themselves better or they're able to take care of their family and do the things they've been dreaming about their whole life, and it's very important to me.

For me, the truth is I was born in small-town Ohio. My parents busted their ass to barely keep a roof over our head, barely put food on the table, barely give us the necessities needed for school. I didn't know back then, but I was poor. My parents were poor, right? Hardworking everyday American folks that would just bust their ass working. [07:58.3]

My dad, there were nights my dad wouldn’t even come home. He was working. He'd work his main construction job and then he would take on a side construction job to go install carpet in a commercial complex three hours away to make sure they had enough money to pay for the trailer that we lived in. Probably the trailer was $250, $300 a month or whatever it was, and I’m very amazingly appreciative of that.

See, I know my mom and dad are proud of me. I want them to be more proud and I also want them to understand that when I talk about them, and they do know this because I talked to them about it, because I use them in references a lot because it's who I am. It's my life, right? They busted their tail to give me and my two sisters food and shelter, and there are loving people. My parents are great people. But we very rarely had much money. [08:58.2]

We would go, our vacation, true story, would be to go to Kings Island for the day. We couldn't even stay all night because it would cost money to stay at the hotel. But my mom and dad would work really hard to be able to buy all of us a ticket, and I’d be able to invite one of my cousins or my best friend Bill with us because you needed to have two riders per ride, right? So, it was me, my buddy and my two sisters. This was a ginormous deal for my mom and dad. Like I said, we couldn't even stay all night because that cost money to stay at a hotel.

So, I always think what drives me? And I used to see my parents fight a lot, actually all the time, about money. Mark, you can't buy this. Sandy. That's my mom and dad's name as well, Sandy, you can't. What are you doing? But one thing that they always did was they always bought lottery tickets. I always found it interesting. We always had something going on. We had a big-screen TV in a trailer. It was very strange to me. Once they got some money, they would get rid of it. They never really did investing. I don't think they did it, had an investment. [10:01.8]

They actually did investing in a property through default. My mom's dad, something happened or I can't remember the full story, but I was probably I want to say 16 to 18. I don't remember because I was kind of foggy in these time-frames because I was just trying to figure how to get out of school and go make money. But they actually got an investment property, but they always complained about it that it always was a money suck and it never really made money, blah, blah, blah.

Again, anything with money, it was always hard. It was always negative, and I genuinely, I’m saying as straight up today, where I’m at in my life mentally, emotionally, financially, I think about this because, again, this all starts in the brain, but making money is very ultra-easy, easier than anything I’ve ever thought once you understand the principles of investing, once you understand the principles of money in general. [10:55.0]
A lot of times we think money creates freedom. Until you get in tune with yourself-- I’m looking to be free of myself. I’m looking to be free of my negativity, free of opportunity. I just want to grow and money is a great tool. Don't let anybody ever tell you, Oh, man money' is not going to solve everything. I can tell you right now, being rich with money is much better than being poor.

I saw a great quote one time. “I’d rather cry on my Bugatti than to cry in my trailer,” my mobile home, and it sounds douchey maybe to you, but probably not because you're listening to the show, so you know where it's coming from, because if I have a Bugatti, I’m probably giving a lot of money away and I’m doing a lot of cool shit in life. It's just that sometimes you have bad days, sometimes you have bad weeks, sometimes you have bad months, etc. Just because you have money, doesn't mean you're going to have bad seasons in the game of life. It's oftentimes that it happens a lot more. Why? Because we're progressive. We want to grow. Things don't happen fast enough. [12:03.8]

Genuinely, I own lots of companies and I have many, many, many, many employees and people that rely on these companies to produce revenue and grow, and lives would be changed or altered if that stopped and I take that very fucking seriously. See, when I’m buying stuff, I know people see me buy cars or whatever. I have a great car collection. I’m buying more. I’m actually going to buy another one today as a matter of fact, but I’ll probably put three miles a month on that thing. I don't really go many places because I don't have anywhere to go. I want to stay home. I want to work on my dreams. I’m writing some books. I have some podcast shows I’m working on. I have companies I’m growing. So, it's like I don't need to go anywhere. I know my wife doesn't like that sometimes, but, again, she and I would go out on dates and day dates and all that stuff once in a while. [13:00.2]

But I want you to understand it’s like I’m growing me financially because I was born out of lack of safety. I would see unstable times. I’d literally see my mom and dad crying because they weren't sure how they're going to pay the bills. I’d see a stack of bills on the table and it was that whichever got picked up was going to get paid and the other ones were just going to have to wait. I see people making decisions to go to the doctors or the hospital because they don't have the $20 back then for the copay.

This is a true fucking story, by the way. These are true stories. This happened more than once. I saw many, many things happen because of lack. See, a lot of times you get into desperation mode and you do the shit that you don't necessarily want to do, but you do it because you're trying to solve that immediate problem. [14:01.2]

See, the thing is I never wanted to live in fear. My fear, truthfully, is me dying, me not having my brain when I die. Right? My kids have to take care of me or my wife or whatever. I don't want that. That's a big fear for me. You’ve got to understand my thought process to understand the way I invest. I invest in people. I love people. I love people. I love the jockey. Ideas are everywhere. Great people are not so everywhere. Not as much. I love hard workers. I love people that care. I love people who want to make change and I’m looking for these people anywhere in everywhere at all times, through social media or it could be a server at a restaurant meeting at. It can be anywhere, anytime.

Shit, the truth is I was rolling in Traverse City. I got out, stopped at the rest area, me and my son. We were going out to go to the pisser, and this guy, somebody said, “Hey, nice Cadillac,” because we have that new Escalade, blah, blah, blah, and we started talking and then he was telling me about his buddy who owns his company in Traverse City, boat rental, blah, blah, blah. We started talking, exchanged information, and I like people. I like to talk to people because that's what I do. There might be something there one day, who knows? It could be a cool story. [15:18.6]

But I’m investing in that kind of stuff all the time and I do lose. I do lose. I was talking with a buddy of mine today for an hour and a half prior to the show and he's going through a tough time, not financially, but mentally and emotionally. The money is there. The problem is his drive is not. His relationships are disconnected right now because he has been overly focused on making money for so long.

See, that's what sometimes I don't think people realize is it's hard. This is why retirement is such a big lie, but it's so hard to bust your ass for so many years thinking that by the time you make 10 million a year, you're going to be happy. You might be happy because you had a goal, but that doesn't necessarily mean you are going to be happy. [16:09.7]

The things I like to do is invest in people because it keeps me connected to the day-to-day and the people that love hustling and love working, and sharing their excitement. I really get excited about that actually. It's why I love things like the Dealmaker Family. I do a 50k-a-year group because I get to literally be a part of their journey and that's very rewarding for me emotionally and mentally.

As well, I love to be on the cutting edge of stuff. Recently, as of February, I hired a great crypto coach. I've owned crypto since 16 or 17, a little bit of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the main coins. I’m not a trader, by the way. I’m not buying and trading. I’m not trying to do swing trades and all that shit. I just truly do believe in the future of cryptocurrency. That's my belief. You don't have to like it. I’m just telling you what my belief is. [17:04.1]

I hired a coach as I would recommend everyone to do. Hire a coach. It helps you ask questions. You can expedite learning curves. You could gain confidence. I could borrow his belief. I could borrow his knowledge and implant it in me. Not to say that I’d just take his word for everything. I could do deeper research based on the conversations we have, etc.

Anyway, I pay this guy five figures, whatever, for a couple hours. We sit down and he helps me. I made a $50,000 investment in a coin today. The same coins were $2.4 million today, eight months later, not even eight months, less than eight months, sevenish and a half months later, it’s worth 2.4 million.

That might sound cool. The truth is I pussed out. I actually moved to 116,000. I was going to make that move. Instead I just put 50 in just to test the waters, not right or wrong, but the truth is, 116,000 or 50,000, it doesn't affect my life either way if I lose it, and the thing is, if I’m educated, my risk is down because I’m educated to understand the risk, I understand the upside, etc. I just I said, Hey, I believe it, but sort of, right? If I would've put 116 in, that'd be worth over $5 million. [18:24.3]

But don't be sad. It's worth 2.4 only on 50 gees and the good news is that I actually bought more as it went up. I started buying more at 3 cents. I started buying at 0.80 cents and I bought more at 3 cents, 5 cents, 15 cents. I actually recently just bought another million coins at 40 cents. So, a lot of cool opportunities there because I do believe the cryptocurrency is powerful and again, I’m staking it. These are hacks, by the way. I’m not saying go, invest in it, but hacks. I believe there's a massive upside there, and then Cardano, ADA. That was another coin I got in at 38 cents today. It's at 2.80, 2.90, somewhere around there and I have a lot of those coins. [19:06.3]

But my goal is I’ve got to gamify shit to keep me interested. It's like, hey, I want to generate $6 million in net profits. They'd be unrealized profits because I’m not looking to take the money out because I don't need it, but I want to grow my wealth. I want to grow my knowledge. I want to be on the cutting edge. I like to be a part of that conversation and because I can kind of see it. I see how it works. I’ve got frustrated just like everyone else is, setting all that shit up because there are a lot of accounts set up to do it, decentralized, centralized, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Again, I’m a real estate guy, so I understand risk and reward factors. I’m a business guy, too, right? I understand there's risk involved in everything. It's hard for me to understand why people think making money is hard. Where I’m at today in my life, I get it. It's hard because we're dealing with hard situations, hard people, hard environments. [20:05.3]

As a real estate investor, you're dealing with shit all the time, right? You're dealing with a negative motivated seller. You're dealing with a tire kicker buyer. There are a lot of shit conversations you’ve got to have to ultimately make the sale or get the deal done. You’ve got to spend a lot of money on marketing. You’ve got to spend a lot of money on your team. As soon as your team gets acclimated and understands what you're doing, they go off on their own. It's hard. Man, you can make a lot of money.

What I’ve discovered through all my other companies I own is that real estate is pretty hard, for real. It's good. It makes decent money, but it is hard overall. I have other companies that are very easy. I know Joe Polish coined this term, ELF business is easy, lucrative, and fun.

I have a company that generates millions of dollars a month for us and it's very fun. It's very lucrative and it's very easy, and a lot of people are winning in that company. I have people making more money in that company in a week than they used to make in months, many months, combined because the model is conducive to those opportunities. [21:16.8]

I have another company in the data world that generates a lot of money every single month and it's fun. It's exciting. We're on the cutting edge of opportunity. We're learning how to get better data. We're learning, more importantly, how to use the data to serve the prospect, to serve the people in the data environments that we're in. It's very fun.

Now, listen, I’m not in the day-to-days of any of these businesses, by the way. These are things that I see, the big vision. I know the jockeys, and I make the investments. I’ll invest time, I’ll invest money, and/or both, and connections, right? A lot of things we could expedite through connections. I have a lot of great relationship capital that I’ve made massive amounts of deposits over my life to help people. [22:07.8]

The truth is I’m not even good at asking for a lot of help because I just want to grind it, just like you. I want to grind. I want to work hard, because the harder we work, the more we make. That's a fucking lie, by the way, because I can tell you right now, there are a lot of people who work way harder than me that make way less than me. It's not that I’m better than them. It's that I’ve worked really fucking hard on myself to understand. I want to work hard and I also want to work smart.

More importantly, I must constantly fucking evolve every second, every hour, every day. I’m not the same me 30 days ago, not the same me 30 years ago. I’m not the same me, fuck, three minutes ago. We're evolving at such fast rates. Crypto, for example, why I like to be on the front end of crypto is there are so many people against it, and then when you talk to them, they just don't understand it. They're uneducated. [23:08.3]

I’ve invested many, many, many hundreds, if not, thousands of hours of time, researching, watching videos. While you're out, fucking around, getting fucked up with your buddies, I’m in my theater room on YouTube, watching creators of crypto, Richard Heart, all these guys that created, ADA, Ethereum. Who's saying this? Why are they saying that? What does this mean when they do that? What is it for? Blah, blah, blah. Busting my [ass].

It's not even hard work. It's just educating yourself, getting in the trenches to understand what I’m up to, how I can be better, how it can be smarter with my money, because trust me, everyone wants your fucking money. Everyone. I want your money if I can help you. Why wouldn't I? Why would I not want your money to help you? [24:02.1]

See, money, to me, is just a tool. It's an amazing tool. I’ve donated more this year than I’ve ever in my entire life. I’ve invested in more cars and watches than I even knew was a thing. Yes, I said invested because there are certain things you could buy that could become investments. Some of my watches have gone up 100+ percent in the last 12 months. Now, I’m not saying that I predicted that. I’m just saying that if I didn't make the investment in top notch timepieces, that wouldn't work.

I could go spend $250 at a fucking store to buy. I don't even know what kind of watch is 250, but whatever kind of watch is 250, as soon as you walk out of store, the thing is fucking worth zero, but I can make an investment by $50,000, $35,000, $45,000, $50,000, $100,000+ watch, and all of a sudden, these things are at double or more. It's pretty interesting how we've been taught about money, right? [24:58.6]

My wife isn't buying Michael Kors purses for $500, I don't even know what those cost, but whatever they cost. She's going to buy the Chanel, the Hermès, the 5,000, the $15,000 to $30,000 purses. Oh my God, it's so over the top. Cool, but did you know that we can sell those for more money than she paid for them, and she has used them?

See, the thing is, what do you do about money? More importantly, what do you do with your knowledge of your money that you know about money? I buy everything I just said, by the way, watches, purses, cars, etc. I buy with cash-flow-producing assets, companies, real estate, crypto. Yes, crypto can be a cash-flow-producing asset if you stake it, which is a very cool thing, and by the way, my staking with our crypto.
Again, this is not to be braggadocio. I'm just fucking telling you the truth. Literally, my stake in what I generate in a month is what I used to dream about making in a year and I don't do dick, except I saw it. I learned about it. I took my dollars where my mouth was and put it down, and now I’m seeing it through fruition. [26:10.3]

See, a lot of you guys are out there fucking talking shit and not doing anything. If you did as much as you talked, you'd be way wealthier, way more connected, way more opportunities, and money, again, is simply a tool. I don't have anything figured out, by the way. I’m not acting like I’m smarter than you. It's just that I do think that you have to understand the contrast to understand what's driving someone to work the way they work, to earn the way they earn. A lot of people are bragging about how hard they work. No one cares how hard you work, except you.

I remember when I was 18, 16, 13, and I would work and outwork anybody and I’d brag about it, “I’ll outwork you any day.” Yeah, but we're all fucking cogs in the wheel. We're replaceable. I want to be irreplaceable. I want to connect with you at such a deep level that you can't go anywhere else. [27:12.3]

See, in my real estate investment company, and this is true. I’ve sold thousands of turnkey real estate deals, and if they bought them and held them and did exactly what we said, there were three, four, five, some of them 10 times of what they paid for them seven, eight, 10 years later, a very good investment.

But what's cool about this is that there are other companies that have started popping up. I was training, what you would want to call training, because I would do three-days, two- or three-day events, showing people what I was up to. I’m not worried about you taking what I’ve done and competing against me because the only fucker I’m competing with is that person looking back at me in the mirror. By the time I’m sharing it, I’m already massively ahead of the average person that I’m teaching, definitely that I’m teaching it and I’m just sharing raw data. [28:01.4]

But what was cool is we would forge such great relationships with our clients that people would try to poach them that I would teach, which is fucking stupid, but they would try to poach our clients and they’d be like, Hey, do you know Steve Johnson? He just called and said he can give us a $5,000 better deal than you.

Oh, okay, I do know Steve Johnson, but what is $5,000?

Yeah, man, I know. We would never go with them, but just a heads up, he's poaching people or trying to poach people.

I’m using Steve Johnson as a fictitious name, of course. But what's cool about it is that you build loyalty. That's why I’m here on this podcast show. I want to show up every week to be in your ear to let that I’m here. I’m a real person, just like you. I have massive amounts of flaws, just like everyone else. I do have a couple of little things I’m great at, very few. I’m not good at many, many, many things, but very few things I’m good at. But I know how to see big picture. I’m very good at, wow, I see the big picture. I’m very good at taking massive, quick action. Literally, I’ve seen it. I get it, and I’m on, so it’s funny to me. [29:07.0]

Let me give you an example. I have people reach out to me and it's like, Mark, I’m interested in your mastermind, 50,000. You already know it's $50,000 a year. You already know I have a lot of successful people. It's been literally people that are online every day, talking about how the Dealmaker Family has changed their life in two months, three months, three years, five years, etc. They follow them, too, because they'll use them as reference to that.

Yeah, man, I’ve been listening to so-and-so and blah, blah, blah.

Cool, so what do you want to talk about?

I want to see if it's the right fit for me.

Yep, we’ve got to talk to you. Every single person I’ve talked to, each person prior. When I say, Man, this is a fit for you. How do you want to take care of it? Send a wire today. I can get you the details, blah, blah, blah. That's when the rubber meets the road. That's the difference with the people I work with and that's the difference with me. [30:06.6]

If I’m calling to waste your fucking time, I’m ready to make a move. This car I’m about to buy today, true story, I talked to him about three minutes yesterday on the ride home from Traverse City while my wife was driving. I said, “I’m in. Tell me where to send the money. Here's my address.” I’m not price haggling. I’m not trying to fucking beat him up for $2,000. I’m trying to get free whatever. Dude, I already know what the car is worth. You've priced it right. A fair deal is a fair deal. I see some people get a hard on to try to save two bucks or to try to feel they’ve got a deal and got one over on someone. But why? Why? If it's a fair deal, it's a fair deal, period. [30:53.1]

See, that’s how I grew up my real estate company, too. I told my team, because this is what I do and this is what I believe because I know it's true, “Call and fucking help the person. It's a human being on the other line. This is like your grandmother or your grandfather, or your mother or your father or your uncle or someone. Hear them out. Guide them. Give them direction. Solve their fucking problem. By the way, that doesn't mean we have to buy the house. If we can, great. If we can't, solve their problem. Make their life better by hanging the phone up with you by giving them a direction.

When you do that kind of shit, you build loyalty. You build trust. You build relationships. You get people that want to win with you all the time. I see guys online all the time, talking shit like, I’m abundant. Every single one of their actions. By the way, the guy is calling me.

Hey, man, I want to learn about your DM Family.

Cool. What's up? And then you make the offer. Then they say, yes, this is a no brainer and then they can't pull the trigger on 50 grand even though they just told you they made a million dollars. They're fucking lying. They're lying. I’m Not saying all, but I’m saying most, because people that make real money, don't waste fucking time like that, not in my world especially. [32:14.0]

I’ve already worked in my brain that I’m executing. I already know what things cost and don't cost. When I talk to you, I’m yes or no, not fucking maybe, not let me get back to you tomorrow, but, motherfucker, let's do this deal today. Why would you throw that in the universe that you let everything just cycle around? I’ll get to it tomorrow. I’ll get to it next week. I’ll get to it. Yeah, I’m going to do that next year. I’m going to do that when things change a little bit over here. You're a fucking liar. You ain't going to do dick. [32:52.1]

All this comes back to money. See, you think when you pay 50 grand for the DM Family, it takes from you. What if actually that added to you? What if you’re actually investing in that new office that you need to get because it's time? It's scary, but it's time. Your team sees you making moves. Your team sees you growing. Your team. Share it with them.

Guys, I’m fucking scared. That's a big goddamn investment we're about to make, but I’m doing it because I trust you. I believe in you. Goddammit, our product is the best in the market. Do you agree?

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

The energy and the momentum alone, if you fucking lead them and guide them and share with them, will pay for that building many times over. Just share with them. “I’m scared.” I’ve done this many times. I do it all the time actually.

Fuck, Colleen, that's a big investment, 280,000 this week. What do you think? Blah, blah, blah. Wow, it's a big number this week. But do you think we can pull it off? Yep, I’m in. I trust you, Colleen. I trust you. I believe you, because I know they came to the game prepared. [34:09.0]

They shared the data in a proper way that is very conducive to like, Hey, we're going to grow this bitch. Here's the data. Show the data, not the drama, right? Data, not drama. I can make decisions off the data. I could not make it off your bullshit drama. No one cares about your problems, it’s true.

Money. Again, I told you the show will be a little sporadic today, but I want you to understand where I’m coming from, when I’m making my investments, I have investments, lots of them, with many different people, many different companies, and I’m always growing.

My buddy I was talking to today. I have a decent amount of people that owe me money and I was like, Dude, is it even worth it? Because one guy owes me a really decent amount of money, and I was like, Dude, I’m not changing me because of one bad apple. I’m not. I’m not going to do it. [35:08.5]

I’m not going to veer off what I’m capable of and my vision of where I’m going because of some dickhead that is a con artist at the highest level that I’ve known for a long time. He was all fucking talk, all bullshit. I’m not going to let that ruin me. It’s going to make me better, right? I’m going to have different procedures on the front end, a different filtering process, but other than that, I’m going to keep at the game, dude. I’m at the game.

It's like in football. You get your head whacked. You're blowing snot bubbles. Do you stop playing football? If you love the sport, it actually gets you excited because you're like, That will never happen again because I want to get my head on. I’ll swivel a little bit better. I’m going to stay a little bit more focused. I’m not going to look as far down the field as I used to. I’m going to do both, right? You start getting more conscious of these things. Sometimes you don't know it's a problem until it's a problem and that's okay because that means you're growing. [36:04.7]

Dude, I would never do anything if I learned about all the problems. Fuck, I’d never have gotten married. I’d never have started dating. I’d never have had kids. But thank God, I’ve got married. Thank God, I have two amazing kids, and thank God, I didn't know about all the problems. The truth is you could have told me about all the problems. Maybe some people may have, but I wasn't listening to them because I wasn't there yet.
For me, money is simply a massive tool. I want to protect my house. I want to protect my family. Shit is crazy in the world right now. You’d better get your shit in order. My boy, Sean, always says, get your house in order. I’ve been saying this for years to myself. I’m focused on me. I wrote a book about it called MEconomy, for God's sake. Get your shit in order. Get your money dialed in. Get your brain tight.

Get your shit under control, because I can tell you right now, when shit hits the fan, you'll be in a way better position if you have many millions of dollars. You'd be in a way better position, 10 years from now if you busted your ass today when things are hard. It'd be way easier 10 years from now. [37:13.0]

A lot of lazy fuckers are out there, sitting around, and if you follow me on social media, pretty much everywhere I go, I give $100 bill tips to servers, staff. The lady that cleans our place at the hotel, I gave her $100 as a thank you, because right now the people that are working will be a fucking thousand times better off in the future than the lazy pieces of shits that are sitting at their house, milking the system, taking advantage of a situation and they think it's an opportunity. It will come to bite them in the ass.

Whatever happened with you as a person, being a fucking man. For me, it's a man, right? Literally, I’m going to sit my ass at home and do nothing, thinking that’s manly? I’m going to brag to my buddies and I’m not working, but I’m getting paid more money than if I did go to work? Dude, I don't care if I get paid half. My ass showing up for work is worth way more. Just the effort and the actions are worth way more than dollars. [38:15.5]

See, again, you’ve got to assume where my brain is at. I want the money. I’ll get the money, but I’m willing to work for it. I don't need it. I don't need you to just give it to me. I want to provide a service. I want to provide a value in exchange to earn it. It doesn't mean I have to work hard to earn it. I’ve worked hard for 25 years to earn me, so I can go share it with you and hopefully expedite your results.

Money. It's a tool. Don't let anybody ever tell you getting stupid filthy rich is a bad thing, because if they say that, that's more about them than you. Acknowledge that, cool, and/or fucking stop talking to them about it and/or disassociate, limit association with them or whatever, right? [39:04.7]

Some people just don't get it. “Oh, man, money is the root of all evil.” No, love of the money is the root. I don't love money. I love me and I love what I can do with money. I’m a great giver. I want to give more. I want to be more. I want to hire better people. I want to hire more people. I want to give to a bigger cause. I want to share my blessings with other people. I can tell you right now, there are a lot of great fucking people that have no money that can't share like I share financially. They could make a bigger impact. You can make such a bigger impact with money.

Money is simply the tool. You could build wings. You can help people with cancer. You help give people experiences, like we did with our boy, Nick, that passed away recently to be able to fly his mom and dad, mom and him on first-class to the Super Bowl game to give them tickets that they could never afford and take them to Disney for seven days, full expense paid trip with limos and blah, blah, blah, all this stuff, just to give him a smile on his face that has no dollar value. I still talk to them, his mother today. [40:12.5]

Money is a tool. Use it wisely. Get investments. Build cash flow. Get so much cash flow that you're like, I cannot believe how much money is coming in, and then when that happens, get more, because if you can do $100,000 a month, I can promise you, you can do 500,000 a month. If you can do 500,000 a month, guess what? You can get to a million a month, etc. I know it's real. Now is the time. Dig in. It's go time.

Again, if you think money is the root of all evil, please unfollow me. I have nothing for you. If you think working hard is stupid, I’m not saying working hard is stupid. I’m just saying working hard without evolving is very dumb. My uncle does construction. He busts his every day. I bet you, he has less than $1,000 in savings, not because he's not a hard worker, but because he doesn't understand investing. [41:11.0]

He's a hard worker. He just works really hard. Then he gets home and he's like, Dude, I deserve blah, blah, blah, boom, spend. He's investing all the wrong energy. Go, learn on YouTube. Pull it up. Join a mastermind. Join a local group. Join a free group. I don't care, just join something to connect with people that are talking and thinking about the right stuff. It will change your life.

Again, I would love to hear your thoughts on the show. I want to start talking more about other things I’m investing in. I’m in 18 different verticals that I have investments in personally that are generating. Some are generating cash. Some are generating cash flow. Some are going to be an exit for massive amounts of cash. But the relationships I’m building through the process, I just invested recently into 30 restaurants. That's a new game for me. The ROIs look pretty amazing. It could be zero, who knows? But, at the end of the day, I’ll never know if I don't get involved. [42:10.6]

See, I’m not afraid of losing. I’m more afraid of not winning. Losing is just part of winning. I want to get in the game. I want to get my teeth kicked in. I want to get kicked in the nuts, punched in the face. I don't wake up saying, I can't wait to lose money today, but I do know it's a part of the process and I don't avoid it. The key is to make your winners bigger than your losers, have more winners than losers or losses, and just stay in the game.

I’d love to hear what you’ve got going on. I’m here for you. Message me. DM Family, if you've got the balls to step up. It's male only, by the way. Not that I don't like women and to help women. It's just that the guys peacock around females. It's a fact they do that. I know because I’m a guy. That's what we do. Instead, I’m there to help the guys get to the next level, and not just financially, but emotionally, mentally, physically with their spouses, with their children, and get their money right. [43:08.2]

Anyway, I’m here for you guys. If you need anything, let me know. I have a lot going on and I’m going to be sharing with you more and more. Follow me on social media if you're not. I’m pretty sure you are, but if you're not on Instagram and Facebook, @MarkEvansDM.

I’ve got something cool coming out, too, that I’ll share with you guys next week, so be on the lookout for that. It's 100 percent free. It's another way for me to give back to you. If you have business opportunities that make sense that have a lot of upside, a lot of great opportunities. I’m looking at them every single day. I look at opportunities every single day, and if there's an opportunity that makes sense, I’d love to hear about it.
Again, appreciate you being here. Thank you for the support. Let's go get that money. It's go time. Have an amazing day. Make today count. Peace. [43:51.1]

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