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There’s a lot of times in business and life when we want to throw in the towel. Maybe you lose a big 7-figure deal and want to close up shop. Or you’re tired in the gym and want to quit and go home. 

But here’s the thing that separates winners from losers:

Winners push forward — especially when life punches them in the face. Losers give up, return to their mediocre life, and talk about their past accomplishments. 

Which one are you? 

If you’re not pushing forward every day, you’re destined to end up a loser. In this episode, I reveal how to keep pushing forward despite everything falling apart around you. Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The counterintuitive way lending 7 figures to somebody who ghosts you makes you a more savvy entrepreneur (1:50) 
  • How “active connection” makes you wealthier, grows your friendships deeper, and transforms your worst days into pure bliss (5:14) 
  • Why something as simple as walking around the block makes it impossible to throw yourself a pity party (especially when life gets rough) (8:39) 
  • How trying to grow your business with your bank account is a recipe to become dirt broke (and how to use other people’s money to fund your dreams) (14:14) 
  • Why celebrating your wildest accomplishments stunts your growth (18:17) 
  • How to get paid for a round trip on a private plane instead of paying (22:41) 

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” I want to throw in the towel. Am I the only one? Not only that, I can predict the future and I'll prove it to you today. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey, there. It’s your boy, Mark Evans DM. Thank you for being here today. I'm not sure what you’ve got going on, if you're working out, if you're taking a ride in the car, or just listening wherever. I appreciate you taking the time. This is very important to me as time, as you know, is the only commodity that we can never get back, ever. Once it's gone, it's gone. Money comes and goes. Friends come and go. But time you can never get back. [01:17.5]

I want to share a quick story with you and get into the meat and potatoes as well, the bones and all that good stuff today. As I'm sitting here talking to you today, yesterday was a very emotionally rough day. See, as an entrepreneur, what I’ve discovered is a lot of entrepreneurs—most entrepreneurs, actually, all entrepreneurs I know and talk to—are kind of highly emotional creatures and their mood swings are up high and low and everything in between. Yesterday was kind of one of those days. Not kind of; it was definitely one of those days. I lent some money out to a guy. When I say “some”, I mean, it's seven figures and he's avoiding me. He's MIA. [01:58.6]

Out of my 25 years of my career, I’ve lent a lot of money to many different people, and out of everyone, I thought this guy would pay me back and he's not. It's weird and it's sad, and for me, it's not about the money. It's about the emotional piece to it. I've known this guy for many, many years, over 10 years. He and I have done a lot of stuff together personally and through business, and I always look at this and say, How can I vet better?

I posted this. I shared the story on social and some people are like, Man, does it just make you skewered with people and all that? Don't you change? and all that. I'm like, Dude, I don't. This is the truth. I'm talking to you directly about this. I'm not interested in becoming a different person because of one bad apple. I can learn from it, but I'm not changing me seeing the good in others, and my personality and the way I’ve trained my brain is I like to see the good in everything. [03:01.0]

For example, this guy has ripped me off so far, MIA, get lawyers involved, that fun shit, whatever, and I'm learning as I'm talking to you. I'm learning how to better protect on the front end, how to get different documents signed here, how to vet XYZ. I don't think like, Oh, man, is this a bad guy? I genuinely don't think he is. I just think he's in a very dark place. How do I know? I’ve messaged him saying, Dude, I will help you and do anything if you need me. Please respond. I'm not saying that about the money. I just want to help the guy as an individual, as a buddy. I know I'm going to get a haircut on it, 50 cents on the dollar or whatever. I don't give a fuck about that. But when you start avoiding, it makes me think, what is going on in your brain? What in your delusional world makes you think this is okay?

Again, it’s very sad. Then, two other things on that day, because it’s an emotional thing on that and I’ll talk about how I kind of got out of the state of mind of being super negative and sad I guess, not even negative, just sad. [04:06.0]

A buddy of mine, his grandmother passed away, 91 years old, and right when I had just messaged the lawyer, boom, I got the text from him telling me that and I'm like, oh my gosh. Then, five minutes later, I get another message from another one of our buddies where they found his friend's four-year-old daughter passed away. It puts all this stuff into perspective.

I'm actually getting goosebumps even talking about it, because it makes you realize that everyone is out here chasing the money and all that shit, which is cool I guess if that's what you want to do, but I'm really chasing life, life experiences, connecting with people. I really want to help people. I really want to get to know people. I genuinely do take an interest in others. I think about stuff.

For example, my buddy, he told me this. As soon as he told me that, boom, I was having flowers sent to them, sympathy flowers. It's not like, what can he do for me? or, Oh, my God, oh, poor me. It's, dude, go do something special for him. Let him know you're thinking about them. Let them know that they're in your thoughts and prayers. There are a lot of actions. If you don't have the money to send flowers, maybe send a quick video, a very direct, Hey, man, thinking about you, emotional, personable, and connect. [05:15.3]

Connect with people, and I think that's what's missing. I see that missing in a lot of people's companies and life in general. It’s the connection. It's very passive. I'm a very active connector. I'm very forward-thinking. I'm thinking about stuff that when I hear you, for example, across the street, my neighbor, his name is Chuck, great guy, owns a company, I was over there. He invited me to his bocce thing and we're hanging out playing bocce, and he kept saying, Hey, man, can I borrow your lighter? My cigarette lighter is not working or whatever. I was just there, hangout environment, 40 guys or whatever, and of course, yeah, use the lighter, whatever.

I come home that night and the next morning I was thinking, How could I give Chuck a cool gift for inviting me over there? It's the first time I met his friends and it was a pretty experience. I got him a cool custom lighter with his name on it, spent 100, 150 bucks, whatever it was, with his name and lighter.

I was over there yesterday and he was like, Oh, my God, look at this lighter. Oh, dude, this lighter is amazing, and his friends were like, Oh, you're the one that got it. People are talking. I don't do it for that. I do that to make an impression, to let them know I'm listening, to let them know I'm paying attention. [06:17.8]

That's important in friendship. A lot of times, it's important in all relationships, not just friendships. But letting people know, stopping for a minute, letting them know that you care about them, letting them know that they're important, letting them know that they mean something to you, and more importantly, just letting them know you're thinking about them.

There are a lot of neat things we could do and that's what I do when I go into these negative moments. When I hear bad news, I think, Okay, where's the good in this? I think about when shit hits the fan, how do I deal with it? We’ve got to deal with it. Most people hide from it. I hit it head on. I know hitting it head on, this sucks. I'm going to get out of the way.

Some people just love to put themselves to misery. Some people love to crawl through broken glass naked in hell than to just stand up, jump over the glass and get the done. I know a lot of people talk. “Oh, man, not me, that's not me.” Most of the people that are talking that shit are the ones actually doing it. [07:14.0]

I'm telling you guys that I'm rolling with most of them. All the guys I'm rolling with, some of them are falling off, but when shit hits the fan, you’ve got to step up. You’ve got to be ready, and a lot of people aren't. That's what I do. That's where I gain my confidence in those moments. It’s because I show up every fucking day. I show up intentionally. I show up on purpose. I show because I want to and I have to. I just need to. It's a part of my life. Just get massive gratitude.

Again, another thought, too. Have you ever been sad and you're not sure why you're sad? You're not sure. It's like something is going on and you're just not aware of what is going on. That happened the same day, yesterday. It was my grandmother's birthday actually the day before and I was thinking about her a lot. [08:03.3]

My grandmother meant a lot to me. She was kind of a great person. She was not kind of great. She was an amazing person, kind of a mentor to me without knowing it before she passed away in ’05, but yesterday she had been gone for 16 years and it was her birthday, and I just didn't know. I knew there was something going on. I kind of suppressed that moment. I'm not sure why. I just did. Instead of celebrating it, I kind of just avoided it, which is weird because that's not typically me, but there’s just a lot going on over here and sometimes that happens, but that's the truth. I just thought about it and how appreciative I was of her, just go straight to gratitude.

Another thing super-duper important, and I'm telling you right now, I literally went into the theater room, true story, I turned on the theater and I was like, Dude, get your fat ass up and get out and get walking, because I was just soaking, crying around. A little pity party for myself. Right? It's like movement changes the state of mind and that's what I did. I didn't want to get out and do another four-mile walk, but that's what I did. [09:02.8]

I went out and I'm like, Fuck. I mean, it was hot as balls. People were here. Deena is hanging out. We're getting ready to have dinner. I'm like, I’ll be back in an hour, and I just went and did the work, listening to podcast shows, listening to audio books, whatever you're listening to, and connecting with yourself. That's what I'm talking about.

It definitely helped me shift and get out of that funk, and today I woke up hungrier and happier and more motivated than ever, and that's what I want to share with you today, something here I think is important that I think could help you and, hopefully, what I just shared with you could help, because we all fall into a funk. The question is, how quickly can you get out? That's where the magic is.

I was thinking about this, too. This will help, this kind of a transition piece, but I definitely think this will help. A lot of people come to me and are like, Dude, you're so far ahead of me and blah, blah, blah, whatever, or, man, I’d love to have this one day and this and that. Man, you’ve got to be so proud and so excited. [10:05.6]

Not to say I'm not, not say I'm not proud, not say I'm not excited, but I’ve got a lot of shit going on and I feel like I have nothing going on, truthfully, and I'm not trying to sound silly here. That's the truth. But it's almost like I have a magic eight ball. Have you ever had like, dude, I'm not a fortune teller or I can't see the future?

But the truth is guys that are rolling that I know, and growing and expanding and you know who they are and you see how big they're getting, I promise you this, we see the future. We see where we're going to be, not with where we're at.

Let me say it again. We see where we're going to be. That's what we're working towards, not with where we're at. I'm not out to celebrate, yeah, I’ve got a new car today. Yeah, let's go, let's go, let's go, and celebrate all week, celebrate all month. Dude, that car has already shown up. It's just showing up in real-life form. I've thought about and dreamt about that car for the last 10 years. Today it just happened to come true. Cool. That's my acknowledgement. I’ve got to get my ass back to work. Why? Because it’s not for the thing, but for where I'm going. [11:11.5]

I see so many people get this mixed up. Many people are trying to figure out how to become better with what they have, not with what they can gain. They have to gain new knowledge to get what you really want. You can't say you want to lose weight by sitting on the couch, eating bonbons and drinking beer all day. You can say it, but you're not going to get the results. You have to reprogram. You have to re-edit your brain, unprogram, I should say, and reprogram with good data to get you less calories, more movement, get your fat ass away from the TV, whatever, and this is what you need to do.

I want you to start thinking about the future, where you're going, not where you're at. I grew up in a small town. I grew up in the trailer court until I was 10. My parents still live in the same house since we moved out when we were 10 years old that burnt down when I was 10. I mean, I could go on and on and on, and this is why I see most people never get out or get over to the next level or even get out of their situation. It’s because they're consumed with where they're at and what they’ve got going on in their day to day. [12:17.5]

For me, I want you to focus on where you're going. I want you to dream about that. I want you to think. True story and I’ve talked about this before in a podcast, but my 1987 truck I had, I paid $1,200 for it, financed it. It was my first loan I ever got in my life and it burnt to quarts of oil or whatever.

When I drove that car, the windows down because there was no AC, driving to a job site with oil burning, two quarts of oil a day on average, I literally was smiling ear to ear. You saw a shitty truck on the freeway, heading to a job site, that said, “Rainbow Siding & Windows”. That was the company's name. I was sitting in a Rolls-Royce convertible, AC blowing, classical music playing, smoking a cigar, being a big shot. That's what I saw. [13:14.2]

The day I got one, when I was 30 years old, I got my first Rolls-Royce Phantom, the day I got it, I never touched her. I bought it out of California. I was in Georgia. The day I got it, I knew exactly how to drive it. Why? Because for the last fucking 10 years, I’ve been driving it into my mind. I've been cruising. I've been rolling. I've been gliding back and forth. It's like, to me, the car was just an acknowledgement of that, that my bullshit was real, you know what I mean?

I saw the future. I just didn't know when it was coming to fruition, but I can tell you, I knew I was getting a Rolls-Royce eventually, and I see a lot of people just not doing this, and if they're doing it, they're trying to overdo it. They're trying to expedite it overnight and there's nothing that happens overnight that's worth keeping long-term. [14:01.5]

For me, when people come up and they're like, Dude, that's awesome. I want this, blah, blah. You can get it. Everything is possible. Anything is possible. But why aren't people building their companies to the next level? They're too busy trying. What I’ve noticed is they're too busy trying to build their company with what's in their bank account. You can't scale, you can't grow, looking at your bank account. Your bank account is limited. You’ve got to start thinking differently about who can do the how. Who has access to money to help me grow? Who can I bring in? As my boy, Tim, will always say, do you want 100 percent of a grape or 10 percent of a watermelon? Which one are you going to get more juice from? And I'm talking a big-ass watermelon.

I want you to start thinking differently. If you want different results, know that the result is there. The difference to get to the result is you have to ask different questions. You have to start thinking differently. You have to start taking different actions if you want, truthfully, what you say you want. [15:02.2]

As I'm building companies and growing companies through the e-comm side, like we talked last week, hit the million-dollar a week mark, and beyond and growing, and cranking and hiring and, and zigging and zagging, what I’ve realized is a unique ability in me is seeing the big picture, seeing the future.

See, a lot of times, the reason people can't get past themselves is because the future is scary because it's big. I have so much money going out daily, more money a day going out than I used to dream about making in a year, let alone going out and investments and the cost of people. By the way, my team members are investments, your sales team and everybody. Everybody in your team is an investment. If they're not, they shouldn't be in the company. But I want you to understand this. The future is ever changing.

As I'm sitting here on this massive property here in Ohio, overlooking the ravine as I do often when I'm talking to you, I'm just getting started. The guys I'm rolling with haven't said, Man, I’ve accomplished so much. We're not sitting around, talking about what we've accomplished. We're talking about what we've learned and where we're going. [16:13.0]

Let me say this again because this is a big separator from people. Most people going nowhere, all they do is talk about accomplishments or what they've accomplished, right? It's kind of like that guy or gal, let's use an example, that guy where you're hanging out with your buddy 20 years later after high school and he's still talking about fucking winning touchdown. He's still talking about the girl he banged because she was so hot and she was the cheerleader and now she's not so hot and he's like, Thank God I got her before the world got her or whatever he says, right? People like that don't grow. They're stuck. They're talking about what they did, not about where they're going. It's way, way different.

Me and my buddies are talking, Hey, man, this is what I learned. We generated $2.3 million recently. Here's what we did. Here's what we would have done differently. Here's what we're going to do, expect next time, and here's where we're going. I'm excited for the future. Let's get to work. [17:07.5]

See, the thing is your future takes work. Your future takes a different you. If you're painting a better future, if you're painting a different future, it's not like “Oh, I can't afford that.” The question is, how can I afford that? “Oh, I can never afford to let go of this and hire someone. I make 250 a year off that.” The question is how can I invest 125 a year in an individual to make my life easier, make the company more money, and they make more money? We all win. It's a different mindset.

See, if I pay my team more money, that doesn't mean I make less. The truth is oftentimes, pretty much all the time, I make more. Now, the net profit might look different. Instead of making it 40 percent because I'm a solopreneur, I might only get 20 percent, but that 20 percent is a lot bigger in dollars than that 40 percent as a solo. The thing is that no one teaches us. No one talks about this. This is real-life business, FYI. You're going to have to hire the assistants. You've got to hire the call teams. You've got to hire the salespeople. [18:14.3]

There was a point in my career many times that sales guys made more money in the company than I did. Actually one company that produces many millions a year now for us, six years later, for the first three years, every single person in the company made more money than me. I only took a dollar a year salary. I was in the great position to do that, but I wanted to keep every dollar in the company. If you're out there trying to model me and like, Oh, dude, how is this guy doing it? and you're buying the shit I'm buying, thinking I'm buying it out of that company, you're wrong. You'd be fucked. You'd probably be under right now. That's why I always say never count other people's money.

But I want you to start thinking differently. I mean, you understand you could wake up, if you're the visionary, and not really have a [sense of] I don't have to do the day-to-days to create revenue. I don't have to do anything. To be honest with you, to make money the team is set up and it's designed to generate money. [19:14.8]

We have e-comm. I have videos. I have podcast shows. I have books. I have laid the groundwork to create conversations with the one-to-many concept, right? You can do the same exact thing. I've been doing the Making of a DM for two years now and we're over 70-plus shows and it needs to be more, and I'm going to continue to do more.

But I want you to understand that the struggle is not always real. I get it. I've been piss-poor broke. I've been frustrated and overwhelmed, but I did not let that deter me. If anything, I let it encourage me, because when I'm frustrated and overwhelmed, that typically means I'm actually doing something, right? [20:01.7]

It’s just like when you're going to the gym and your body's getting worn out, and you want to quit and your brain is saying, Stop running. Your knee is killing you. Your hip is hurting. Just keep pushing forward. I'm not trying to run the five miles at the moment. I'm trying to get one more step, one more step, one more step.

I see so many people focusing on the big picture that they lose sight of the steps to get to the big picture. Things don't happen magically. That's why I always love people having nice cars and nice houses and nice things, because visually I could see for the majority of the people I know that they've worked really hard to get to that moment. That's what that means to me.

Some other people might be like, Oh, they've over-financed, oh, they've done this. The guys I'm rolling with typically pay cash for everything, their house and their cars, and if they're not, they could have bought the cars for cash many, many times over and they just have a different leverage level. There's no right or wrong. It's just the moment. [20:55.5]

As I'm talking to you, I'm thinking about all these things that I’ve done, but I don't get excited about that because I get excited about all the things I'm going to do, where we're going, what the team looks like five years from now, what's happening next year. Wat happens when we hit nine figures a year and XYZ? What team trip are we taking? Where are we going? What does it look like?

See, as you get bigger, it doesn't take money to make money. It's like an investment in other people. That is money, but you also have to have the insight of investing in other people. It makes life a lot easier. When you have money to hire great people, things do get easier. Don't let anybody lie to you and tell you it doesn't. But you have to be conscious of these activities and efforts and, more importantly, you’ve got to start learning how to hire. You've got to start learning.

Again, everyone hires differently. Everyone manages differently, everyone. Just be the best you can be. Hire people to help you get better at this. Read the books. Implement the shit you're reading. Do it in real life, don't talk about it. Actually implement. [22:01.8]

Where are you at today? Take stock. What does it look like? What are your thought processes? This all thought-auditing, by the way, right? Man, I wish I could do that. Switch it to “What do I need to learn on how to do that?” See, I was talking with my buddy, Matt. He's coming here to Cleveland to hang out for the DM Family. That's at 35k a year, actually going to 50k a year now, where we have about 36 guys and we grow companies. We grow bottom-line rev. We grow net, net, net, net, net revenue in the millions. More importantly, we buy back our time. We get our time freedom.

But as I was talking to him, he's coming here and he's flying on a private jet for free. How? He created a thing that we’ve talked about and I did a show about this, how to turn your liabilities into an asset. What he has done is he has specialized knowledge and he has sold a certain amount of people, a one-day event that paid for his jet, round trip to and from Iowa. [23:04.0]

What's cool about that is anybody could do that. It's just a thought that becomes a reality through implementation. See, the thing is, he didn't say, I can't afford to take a private jet. He asked, How can I take a private jet? When you say, I can't, you shut everything off immediately. There's no imagination because you've already shut it down. Start thinking, How the fuck do I fly private? Who the hell do I need to become to buy that big house I want to buy? Who do I need to become to take care of my grandmother financially? Who do I need to become? What do I need to put in place? What do I need to invest in?

I'm not saying that it's going to be easy. I'm not saying that it's not going to be scary. It should be scary and it should not be easy, because if it was fucking easy, everyone would have it. Therefore, it wouldn't hold any weight. But what's cool about it is that it gets easier, so there's light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a freak train coming at you. It's the sun. It's the opportunity. [24:06.8]

What's cool about this world we live in is, if you're a hustler and you're a grower and you want to keep pushing forward, today where you're at is only a moment in time. It's a checkpoint. It's not a destination.
I want you to understand what I just said. Today is a checkpoint, not a destination, because the biggest lie here—and, again, I’ve helped a lot of entrepreneurs and I'm trying to help a lot more. I am helping a lot more, not trying. I want to help more because I love to take great people and do great things. But understand this—and you have to understand that the bullshit you've been telling yourself, Mark, if I only had 100,000 a month passively, life would be set. Bullshit. Mark, if I only worked 10 hours a week, I'd crush life. Bullshit. [25:01.0]

See, these are all thoughts in your brain, coming from bad data, bad programming. Guys I know, we say we want a million dollars a year. Then when we would get it, we're like, Dude, fuck, why didn't I say 20 million? Why didn't I say 100 million? Because once you know what you're capable of, why would you go idle? Why would you want to stop?

I talk about the ideal day. I'm not saying the ideal day is not cool to write down and kind of get your mind thinking and expanding and opening, but, dude, honestly, and I'm being straight up, when I was in Maui, it was my ideal day every day and I started fucking hating it by Day 3, probably by Day 2, because it's like I’d wake up when I’d want, go to the pool when I’d want, get breakfast and eat whatever I’d want, but I did not feel good about myself because I knew I wasn't pushing me. It had nothing to do with anybody else but me. [26:00.0]

I knew I shouldn't have been eating pancakes and fucking waffles with pecans in it and all this shit. I should have been tightening up my diet. I knew I shouldn't have been getting up at 8:30 in the morning because I went out the night before and had too many cocktails, and now I had a headache and I was a little sluggish and a little foggy until about two o'clock in the afternoon. But, by the way, at lunchtime, I could eat like shit because I justified it because it was my ideal day.

It's cool for a moment, but I promise you, if you really want a lot out of life and you know you’ve only got one shot at this thing called life, you realize that that is a myth. I'm not chasing that anymore. I'm chasing the best Mark today. The best Mark. I want to be better today than I was yesterday. Tomorrow I want to be better, tomorrow, than I was today. I want to be learning. I want to be expanding. I want to be hiring. I'm going to get punched in the teeth, I'm going to get kicked in the nuts and we get choked out some of the times, but I can tell you, I'm constantly trying to become better. [27:00.5]

Not every day is successful, right? And if anybody tells you it is, just run. They're selling you something. But I want you to understand, I have a guy I'm working with right now and he's very delusional. He's very delusional. He thinks that magically when he hits the destination number, that his life is going to be easier and better and simpler.

The truth is and what I’ve found is that it’s actually usually the opposite, because you start putting more pressure on yourself because you realize you've been playing so small. You realize that you're capable of so much more. You start analyzing where you could have grown and where you didn't. Therefore, you start working on growing in better places, taking your money and putting in better environments that can grow much quicker. Is this producing cash? Is this producing cash flow? Am I buying into someone else's vision? I mean, I could go on and on and on. But what happens is he's so busy paying attention to other people that he's losing the joy in himself and what he's accomplished, more importantly, what he's in the process of accomplishing in the future. [28:08.4]

So many people are watching from outside, like, Dude, and I talked about this a second ago. Stop counting other people's money. You don't know how much money they have. You don't know what they're making or not making. You don't even know, listen, if they're making 10 million a month, what does that mean? Maybe they owe 12 million a month. How do I know that? Only they know. Shit, maybe they don't even know, so why should I know? All I know is if you try to be other people, you'll never be the best you.

When I started getting very comfortable in my own skin and doing the work, and taking care of myself and just working on myself and just pushing limits, your confidence will rise. Your actions, your results will speak louder than your words. I'm not a talker, like I said. I say this all the time. I know I talk a lot here because this is the show to talk, but most of the time I'm just sitting there listening and doing. I do. I do the work. This shit doesn't happen magically. [29:07.5]

Me and my wife, I joke with her because sometimes I'm hanging out at the house all day or she thinks I'm hanging out, but I'm texting people and communicating. I'm connecting. I'm on a conference call. I'm writing a book. I'm doing an audio, podcast show or whatever. I was like, Man, hon, do you think this stuff magically just happens? You know what I mean?

I’ve got to share that with my kids, too, because they see Dad at home all day, hanging out. I'm in fucking gym shorts right now and a t-shirt, overlooking the thing while the kids are playing in the pool, and I'm recording a podcast to you. They might think this is me just hanging out, smoking a cigar out back doing nothing. They don't know any better. That's why I’ve got to share with them what's going on. Hey, Daddy is doing this. Here's what it looks like. Hey, hon, here's what I did today.

I’ve also got something really cool about to happen. Actually, I'll share it with you right now. Uh … can I? Yeah, because the show won't be out and I don't want my wife to know, but I’ve done something special for my wife. I bought her a new car. She doesn't know. [30:02.7]

I actually bought it four and a half months ago. It's just coming in this week. Today is Tuesday when I'm recording and it should be here by Friday or Saturday at the latest. We’ve got a lot going on. The truth is I kind of fucking forgot about it. The guy texted me and said, “Hey, you can send the rest of the money. It’s coming in today. I'll get it shipped out to you tomorrow.” Yeah, send me the info. I kind of done forgot.

See, I'm not sitting around like, Oh, I can't wait. Some people are too eager for the simple one thing. You need to have hundreds of thousands of things going on, not to say you should lose focus, but you’ve got to have a lot of cool shit happening and keep growing. It's a cool checkpoint for me. Why? It's a car my wife wanted. It makes me feel good. I pay cash for it, get it out of my life, get that money out of my system, and I'm able to do something cool for my wife and my family. I feel very honored and proud to be in that position, but I put myself in that position. [31:00.0]

If I was the old Mark 15 years ago, I could never be in that position to do that. Why? Because I was just too busy playing business. I wasn't really in business. I've been in business now, for real, I say in business for over 25 years, but really, really in business for about 15, a real business, understanding business knowledge and understanding how business really works.

Rest assured, we talked about a lot of stuff here today, but you can predict the future if you start changing your thought process with your actions to get what you really want. It's a very powerful thing. It's a very freeing thing. I'm sitting here smiling ear to ear because I see, when I'm saying that, my future. I see the jet. I see the yacht. I'm not going to be on it all day. I'm not going to sit on the yacht fucking 364 days a year. I'm going to be on it one or two weeks a year. I will use the jet when I want. It just buys me time, buys me flexibility. [32:01.0]

You might say, Oh, man, you're showboating. No, dude, that says more about you than me. I'm just trying to buy something that I want. This is my dream. You can’t fucking know and you can't dictate what my dream is, right? And, shit, the truth is I might buy the yacht and hate it, but I charter them every year. I've been chartering them for about seven years now. These are six-figure charters per week minimum.

Again, this isn’t to brag. This is sharing the truth with you, so maybe I’d buy it and hate it, and I’d sell it, just like I did my Bronco. I put 150 or 200 miles on it. I had it for three years. I sold it. I liked the Bronco. I wasn't in love with it. I didn't use it. I felt like it needed to get out and it needed to run. There are other cars I have my eye on. But, again, these are things like that was a dream to have. I got it. I sold it. I moved on.

See, my dreams when I was 18 were different from now when I'm 43. My dreams when I was 42 are different today now that I'm 43. What was important when I was 22 is not so important today. I can buy any fucking car I want, but now it's not about buying the car. It's about what can I accomplish to go, get the car? What asset can I buy that will buy the car for me? Different thought process. The result is the car. [33:14.8]

It's either, one, I'm working hard for the car or, two, I work hard for the asset and the asset works hard for the car. Just change up the way you think, reconnect the dots, and that's what I hope the Deal-Maker show here, the Making of a DM, Dream-Maker, Deal-Maker, for you does, starts rewiring the brain, starts getting you connected to the next results and getting excited about the future.

You're at where you're at for a reason. You can either lean into it and grow or sit there and wallow in it and just complain and say it's not your fault. It's all your fault. You're an adult. Step your shit up and let's get to painting a better financial future and a better, bigger picture of where you're going to be in the future. If you get excited about that, you're going to understand it takes different actions, a different thought process and different results to get to that next level. Only you—yes, you—can change it, no one else. [34:09.2]

I hope that helps you. I hope you guys get a lot out of this show. If you did, please share it on social. Please tag me. Not only that, if you get a chance to get over to iTunes and leave a five-star review as well as on Amazon, if you've bought the MEconomy, which we're getting a lot of publicity for and we're just getting ready to do the first donation check to the Underground Railroad Project with Tim Ballard, super excited for that. It's going to make a massive impact.

As you know or may not know, a hundred percent of the net proceeds of all my books go to charity and will continue to do so forever to make an impact, so you're helping a lot of people with it. You're changing your life and you're changing their life, and I respect that and I appreciate that.

Guys, gals, listen, keep focused. If you haven't listened to any of the podcast shows, get back to the other ones. I’ve got a ton of value in here. I hope it brings value. Hope it brings joy into your life. Hope you get massive financial freedom and enjoy the ride. It is a journey, not a destination. Fall in love with it. Fall in love with the journey and you'll be set free.

Have an amazing day. With that said, make today count. Peace. [35:14.4]

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