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Curiosity is one of the biggest wealth-generators you have access to. Because curiosity unlocks an endless amount of business opportunities.  But only if you harness it.

How do you harness your curiosity?

It starts with thought-auditing. Thought audit every time you get a new client, lose a client, get a new employee, or one of your hardest working team members quit.

The more curiosity you have, the easier it is to serve your clients and team members better. And make a boatload of money in the process.

In this episode, I’m sharing how thought auditing everything makes it impossible for you to fail.

Show highlights include: 

  • The “cut off the cancer” method for firing bad clients, partners, or team members before they screw you over (13:18)
  • The subtle “VIP” mindset tweak that lets you fly first class by the end of this year (14:14)
  • Why surrendering to your ego grows your business more than any marketing campaign could ever do (21:16)
  • The “RAG” trick that fires up your team members (without overwhelming them) (23:16)
  • Why trying to scare potential employees out of the job is the best way to find top talent (28:50)
  • The 2-second perspective shift that makes your life easier (especially if you’re always stressed to the max) (30:13)
  • How thought auditing transforms your most humiliating failures into epic victories (32:45)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” Does curiosity kill the cat or make you wealthy? You decide. On today's show, I'm going to break down some insights about curiosity that might change your mind. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey, there, it’s your boy, Mark Evans DM. What a beautiful day over here in Mentor/Kirtland Hills, Ohio, sitting on the bench, overlooking the ravine. Hey, I appreciate you guys being here. [01:02.4]

Again, thank you. Last show about giving my father the Corvette. I’ve had so many amazing people reach out to me and say thank you and congratulations on sharing it and all that good stuff. Again, I’m just sharing. I’m not trying to brag in any way, shape or form, and I know you guys know that. That's why I’m getting all these amazing comments and amazing five-star reviews over on iTunes and Amazon. Get over there and leave your review for MEconomy. If you haven't got your book yet, please get that, MEconomy, where a hundred percent of the profits go to charity.

Today's show, I want to share some insights with you guys and gals about true business ownership. I’ve owned many, many companies. I’ve been in business for over 25 years. Yes, 25. Some of you listening, I’m older and I’ve been in business longer than you've been alive. It's been a journey and I’ve learned a lot, and the truth is I’ve probably forgotten more than most even know. I’m not saying that in an arrogant way. It's just I’ve been in the game a long time and I look forward to another a hundred years of it and always learning. [02:05.6]

On today's show, what I want to talk to you about is something I’ve been doing my whole life and I’ve always heard people say this term. I’ve actually written about it in some of my books. I’m always interested in how people say curiosity kills the cat. The truth is curiosity has made me fucking wealthy. I’m very curious. I believe the people that say curiosity killed the cat, the problem is they're hanging out in the wrong areas with the wrong people, being curious on the wrong shit.

I'm curious about human nature. I’m curious about why products sell faster than others. I’m curious why some people are successful and some aren't. I’m curious why people are happy and some aren't happy. I’m curious why people can't get along with others, but other people magically can just get along with anybody and everybody. I’m very curious. [03:00.2]

Then I stop and think about it because I have that whole thought-audit stuff I do. I’ve talked to you guys many times about that and I ask myself, should everyone own a company? Could anyone own? I used to say yes. The truth is most people don't have the fucking mental fortitude in their left pinky, let alone their whole body, to run and manage people.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen all sides and I have partners, and I could talk on this intelligently because I have fucking 200-plus partners and multiple companies, and I see the way some of these dickhead respond to people. They're very rude, condescending. They think they fucking know everything, and then I start digging deeper. Okay, maybe I’m just being a dick, right? Maybe they have some clout to this. And I’m not saying some of the stuff … It's about presentation, right? It's about the way you talk to people. [04:02.6]

I’m very interested, in that I think some people literally get a boner talking shit to people in a negative way. It's like the guy or gal that is very rude to the server, but very nice to the owner, and I see this firsthand. Actually, I have about three clients right now, three partners, that I’m in the process and about to fire. I’ve already contacted my lawyer. I don't dick around with that stuff. We don't talk bad to day-to-day people. We don't say mean things. We don't cuss at them. We don't talk shit.

Listen, they're there to help you. They're there to help build your brand, build your business. They're hardworking people. I’m not saying all, but we've hired great people and, unfortunately, some people, like I said, just get a massive hard on being mean and I don't even know if they know they do it. That's what's even crazier to me. I mean, you genuinely can't know you're this big of a dick and keep being a dick like this. [05:06.0]

One guy comes to in mind in particular and he always brings up money, like, [unclear 5:14.4] fuck if this ain’t working. If you do it, this might damage my reputation, and just some money back. We're many months deep, the money, like, what are you talking about? Why are you talking to people like that? And then he continues on and I look at this and I’m like, I just want to see how big this guy is, how big of a partner he is. Then I go in his account and he's fucking one of the smallest partners out there and then I ask myself, I wonder if there is congruency to why he's so small time.

See, the thing is I remember, and I’m talking about myself here, I used to be different when I was small time. I’d come from a place of fear. I was taught. I was very antsy. I was very anxious. I was very overwhelmed with a whole lot of nothing. This guy maybe, maybe, has 25 grand in the bank, maybe, back then. [06:07.6]

I was just scared. I was talking to people. I wasn't talking to people. I was telling people what to do. I never talked to people. I was like, Dude, get the fuck out of my way, I got this. I never allowed people to grow with me. I always pushed them to the side and just took control. I talk about this in Magician vs. Mule. It was a very immature activity on my part and this is exactly where these people are. All three of them, again, curiosity, I’m curious as to why they talk to people this way, and then I go and see how much they're doing in business and it's very little, all three of them, and they all think they're King Ding-a-lings, and in my world, that's a no go. [06:58.6]

Again, treat everyone with respect. Talking and being nice to people is key. Not to say once in a while we don't get antsy. That's part of the life. But I'm very aware when I’m that way and I’m very conscious of it, and I try not to be that guy.

But the thing is, as I’m sitting here overlooking the ravine, I’m very curious. I’m curious why some people are successful and others aren't. I’m very curious why money confines some people's bank accounts and it almost eludes others like it's the plague. I’m genuinely curious.

See, the thing is there are a lot of people that look like they're doing well that aren't doing so well. I know. I get the calls. I’ve helped many, many high-level people. Unfortunately and fortunately, I’ve helped some people get so big and then they think they're too big for their own britches, if you will, and then I start seeing them go off the line and saying shit that's not true and I know it's not true, factually not true. [08:15.0]

Oh, man, I’m a relationship guru.

You're fucking cheating on your spouse every day. What are you talking about?

No, I love my partner. We've been together for many, many years.

Dude, just because you're together doesn't mean you're a relationship expert.

Now, I’m not saying relationships are easy or whatever. I’m just talking truth here. I see people skew these lines as they get bigger and not everybody, of course, but a couple of people and I’m curious as to why they do it. Oftentimes I think it's because they feel like they're living in the shadow of another individual. The demons are creeping up. See, we know success and money only enhance who we really are deep down inside when the lights are off, we're lying in bed and it's only us. We're in the bathroom, fully naked, looking in the mirror. That person looking right back at you is the culprit. [09:14.6]

As I’m curious to see why this is the case, this is thought-auditing, guys. Thought-auditing will set you free. Thought-auditing will open your eyes to another dimension, if you will. What is success? Do successful people rip people off? Yes or no?

See, the thing is I talk about this, and I’m going off on a little tangent here, but I was sitting there taking a leak one day in the master bathroom and all my bathrooms actually have this feature and I love it, and that feature is non-slamming toilet seats. I know it sounds crazy. I get excited about little things in life, clearly. I can literally take a leak, put the toilet seat down, and it just goes down gently. My son can run in there and back in the day he would be slamming the seats around, right? But now they just go down ever so gently and you don't hear a peep. [10:14.6]

I sit there and I’m so fucking grateful for the individual that created that. I'm so thankful, for real. I’m not joking. I’m being serious here. And I hope they're fucking stupid wealthy from it. I really do. I hope the person made a lot of money, and, by the way, if whoever invented that, please let me know. I’d love to meet them, because, again, they solve such a … it sounds like a simple thing now because it's solved, just like toilet paper, just like toothpaste, just like toothbrush, simple shit, but it's something that drives me nuts.

I don't even know what they cost, but I bet you, they're probably 50 to 100 percent more than a regular cheap toilet seat, and until you've ever had a toilet seat that doesn't slam, I don't know about you, for real, when I hear a toilet seat slam, it drives me bonkers. It's just something about that’s like, Fuck, you're too lazy to hold the seat until it touches the thing? Most people just slam them down, and if you have little kids, they're slamming seats down. That's just what they do, right, until they learn how to do it the right way. [11:18.5]

I was always taught, let's say, I see this guy rolling down the street in an Enzo Ferrari and I’m a hillbilly kid how I grew up and I’m like, Dude, that guy ripped someone off to get to that car. I’ve discounted anything that this guy has ever done. I have no fucking clue. I’m judging him based off me. I’m judging him based off me. That's a pretty shitty thing to say about people if you genuinely don't know them.

I’m not saying bad people don't have a lot of money. I'm just saying the majority of the people I know have a lot of money are not bad people. They’ve actually busted their tail. They've invented or created, or have many employees, a lot of stuff they've put in, risked their lives and their families’ financial futures to build these massive companies to get to where they're at. [12:13.0]

See, it's always interesting to me. People tell me how to manage employees and they have no employees. People know how to grow a company and they’ve never built a company. They can't even do a goddamn lemonade stand for Jesus … for God's sake, right? For Jesus’ sake. For God's sake. You know what I mean?

It’s funny, people are telling me how to be a great husband when they're out cheating on their fucking spouse every night. It's interesting, people tell me how to be healthy and they're literally about to die tomorrow over obesity or whatever they're dealing with. See, the thing is I’m very curious as to why we think we need to tell people what they need to do or not do. [12:55.1]

See, as you're trying to build this company—I’m going back to my partners—and I see these three people. I believe and hope they're good people. I’m having a talk with them this week. That's why I’m thinking about it. One-on-one before we cut them off, because I really want to help people. I want your money. I don't need your money when I have a partnership. Not only do I want to, but I only do work with great people.

Sometimes people slip through the cracks as we get bigger. That's part of the process, but what we do is we eradicate issues instantly. As soon as we discover them, there's a protocol internally and we cut off the cancer. It's not always easy. It often costs money, actually every single time it costs money. Then we look at our processes and procedures and systems and say, How did this individual get through?

Again, curiosity. I’m curious as to what they’ve said in the interview process. I’m curious as to what they’ve said when they filled out the form. I’m curious as to what they’ve said when they spoke to the team, what allowed them to get in this environment if they're such dickheads. [14:06.8]

I’m curious. I don't know about you, but I love to people-watch. You see, I'm a VIP buyer, always have been, always will be. I was always that guy, if I can go out and be VIP, I don't fucking go out. I stay home. Clearly, I’m not working hard enough because I can't afford to VIP, so get your ass back to work, period.

But as I’ve evolved and my businesses have grown, and now I have a decent amount of capital, I pretty much can do anything VIP. It doesn't mean I do everything. I really don't do much when I hang out with my fam, but we go to Disney, hire the VIP concierge service. Then, boom, they're in the van, they're taking you in the back doors and all that. That costs money, great experience. We expedite. We buy back our time. I don't have to stand in a fucking three-hour line. I literally walk in the back door and we're in there in two seconds. Pretty cool experience, if you guys don't do that, if you go to Disney. [15:10.7]

But I’m curious as to why others don't do VIP. I’m curious as to why people are cool to stand in the line. I’m really fucking curious as to why broke people hang out in Black Friday lines for 10 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours to get the new PlayStation, when they know goddamn well that their electricity bill is about to get shut off. I’m very ultra-curious about that.

I'm not saying everybody, but I know people personally that have done that. They literally are about to be foreclosed on and yet in their brain they have to be in line to have something to talk about to their broke friends. Look, dude, I stood in line for 27 hours. They're bragging about standing in line for a long time. They're bragging about buying something and almost seeing a fight happen in front of them. They're bragging about this shit. Yet their kids are home sleeping. Their spouse is at home, doing whatever he's doing or she's doing, and they're about to lose their fucking house. I’m curious as to why this goes on. [16:29.1]

You understand that's the majority of the world, by the way. The majority of the world. Why do you think there are only 12 seats in first class and the rest are economy, the other 230, however many seats there are in these? There's only a small percentage that have a first-class mentality. It took me a long time to figure this out. I’ve told you the story, but the story is real simple. I had a mentor and he said, “You fucking show up to my place without flying first class, you're not stepping in this door.” Needless to say, I’ve never not flown first class or private since. [17:11.2]

See, when you understand, again, I was programmed that way. Dude, the plane is going to get there no matter what. Hell, does it matter if you're in first class or an economy backed by the shitter? I can tell you right now, there's a lot different, one, just the way you feel. That alone should be worth it. I know it may sound shallow, but what the fuck ever it is, it makes you feel the best. You get stuck on that tarmac, you're eating in first class typically, they're serving drinks in first class, and economy is getting dick. I promise you that. I know because I’ve been there.

Everyone's telling me they’ve got first-class lifestyles, first-class businesses, and everything they fucking touch and do is economy-style efforts. It's no big deal, I’ll hire a C class. We're still going to get there eventually. Why not hire A class, pay more money, stop being a dick, stop being a micromanager and hire someone better than you and get there faster. Because that would fucking wreck your ego. That's why. [18:20.8]

See, when I’m hiring people, this is true story, 15 years ago, I used to dress up in the suit, meet people at a fucking rented office space, actually 17 years ago, meet them one of those rented office spaces, like, Yes, do you know? I’m a big shot and blah, blah, blah, and you're beneath me. Why the fuck should I hire you? Because we’ve all seen Glengarry Glen Ross and all shit. Why should I? I’m going to take your job. I’m going to be the boss behind your desk.

Dude, I don't want that bullshit. That's what I thought it looked like, though. I didn't have podcast shows I could listen to. I didn't have books I could read like this back in the day to really learn how real business is done. [19:06.0]

Then I’d hire the individual. They show up and they fucking leave. You're sitting there wondering, Mark, why does everyone leave me? Mark, why do they? Literally they're here for two weeks and then they're gone. They don't even call and tell me they're gone. They're quitting. It's because the common denominator is you. What are you doing on the front end that's having a terrible outcome on the backend?

See, why do we think we can keep doing the same shit and expect a different result. How is it going to get better? I'm a genuine, for real, before it was cool, entrepreneur, hyper entrepreneur. I’m involved in many, many different companies. I’m the entrepreneur that says I have nothing going on and someone comes to my life and they're like, Holy shit, how do you do all this? [20:01.5]

You can't hire a corporate-style person, which I’ve tried many times—trust me, I’ve fucked this up many times—hire corporate-style people in an entrepreneur environment. It will not ever work in my experience, unless you're drastically, massively, upfront and saying, Listen, I’m an entrepreneur. I’m fucking all over the place and I need your help to help make our life, our job, our direction and our clients’ experience better. It's going to be chaotic. It's going to be frustrating. It's going to be overwhelming. But I can tell you this. If you stick in the fight with me, we're going to win because I’m a fucking winner. I have teams. I will hire people and we'll get to the top no matter what. What I’m trying to do is talk them out of the job.

What the old Mark used to do is try to convince them to take the job, so I can act like I’m a King Ding-a-ling and say, I’ve got an employee under me. I’m paying 60,000, 100,000, whatever, a year. I don't tell people I can do anything. I don't know what the fuck. Here I need your help. That's why you're here in front of me. I’m hiring you. I need your help. [21:15.2]

When you really surrender your ego and just know you just know what, and just be genuinely upfront about it, something pretty amazing happens. The door opens wide up. Now, listen, this is true, I’m sharing real shit with you guys. I don't run organizations like, Okay, guys, today’s pep rally is … you know what I mean? I have teams that do that.

I’m not a day-to-day guy. I’ve tried it. I can't do it and I let everyone down, including myself. Therefore, I’ve surrendered this activity because I run on emotion. I’m a very emotional guy, and if things aren't going well, I get emotional and not everyone can handle that emotional warfare, straight up. [22:06.8]

I’m not being a dick. I’m just talking passionately, which can be construed as being a dick. It's like, Dude, why the fuck aren't you closing these deals? Why the hell is this not getting done? What the hell is taking so long? Right? I’m that guy that I just said I don't want to be. And I’m not doing it in a disrespectful way. It's just my emotions get so excited. Dude, I’m already up at four o’clock, but by the time we're doing these meetings at 9:00 a.m., I’m ready to tear people's faces off and they're just getting up. Right?

What I’ve done is be curious as to when is the best time to deliver the message? What is the best mechanism to deliver the message? And who could better deliver the message than me on a consistent basis by utilizing the best Mark Evans there is? [22:56.4]

See, I can implant into my team members, my COO, etc., how I think and what I’m thinking about. I’m talking to them for 10 or 15 minutes maybe once a week. They're listening to these podcast shows and stuff. They know how I function. This is not a secret, by the way. Just be real. Be authentic. Be genuine.

I was talking with the guy and he’s like, Dude, I just can't hire an assistant.

I was like, You're fucked then. If you can't hire an assistant, you can't hire anybody.

“They seem to always leave me,” and then he goes on to say, “I give them everything. I don't see their value. If they're not working, I need to give them more stuff to do,” blah, blah, blah. Really, what he's doing is overwhelming the environment. Individuals get overwhelmed typically, and if they do, they just walk away. See, I’m not saying overwhelmed. I’m talking like you can't throw 30 jobs on one person. [23:54.8]

See, the thing is the old Mark was like, If I’m paying this fucker 50 gees, I’m going to get 250 gees of effort out of this person. That's how I used to think. Then when I started thinking about it, I was like, dude, my assistant, Kim, is an amazing individual. I could give two shits if she worked a minute a day or a minute a week, or a hundred hours a week. I don't care. She's a winner. She's a team player, just like I am. I’m not counting minutes and hours. We're counting results. We're looking at results. Did we get the job done? Yes or no? Communication.

I don't have to talk to my assistant every fucking day. Oftentimes I don't talk to her for a week. She knows what needs to happen. I communicate with her through email, shoot her a text or an email, and it gets done. We're on the same page. I’m not a micromanager, fact. That has hurt me sometimes, but it's also when I’ve admitted it. It has helped me. [25:04.1]

Some people like to be micromanaged. I did have an individual work for us one time, for a decent amount of time actually, and they just couldn't handle it anymore and they said, “I love you, Mark. I love the team. I love everything. I just need someone more paying attention to me.” You're in the wrong fucking job. I don't have time to think about paying attention to myself, let alone you. That means they want to be micromanaged. That it means they need very hardcore structure. Again, in an entrepreneurial world, it’s just her life changed a little bit. Some stuff happened and she's just like, Dude, I’m done. She was with us for three and a half years, four years. Amazing person. People change.

Some people can't hack entrepreneurship. Actually, most people can't. See, it's about activities and actions, and you need to be thinking in your brain, if you're constantly having the same outcome, what are you doing on the front end to cause it? See, a lot of times, even in sales, people are like, Dude, my close ratio is two percent and blah, blah? My close ratio is fucking out the moon. Why? Because I have a filtering process that I use, right? [26:14.0]

But with that said, it took time for me with how I sell, with how I communicate, with how I present the offer. See, it's not necessarily what you say. It's how you say what you say. Way too many people are not articulate. They're too busy worrying about it. They're not paying attention to articulating the words, right? You're too worried about you, forgetting that there's an individual on the other side of that message.

I truly do believe if you observe an experiment, next time you get ready to send that fucking email that's being dick, pause, probably delete it or edit 90 percent of it, open it up with something positive, end it with something positive, maybe just don't send the message. Experiment with it. See if you pull the team closer or further apart. [27:16.8]

Every time you meet someone or communicate with someone, it's an opportunity to learn. I know I talk a lot here, but typically I’m listening. The people around me, I mean, they're way smarter than I am. Why would I not listen? Not to say I won't have ideas. See, our job as a real entrepreneur is to listen to everyone's input and execute decisions. That's it. In my opinion, that's my job. That's what I get paid a lot of money to do. You're going to piss some people off on that execution. They're not going to see.

You know what's interesting to me? I was always like, Dude, no one sees what I see. Fuck, no one has ever seen what I’ve seen anyway, so I don't even think about that because I’m not there for them. I’m there for the bigger picture and what I see. They don't have to see it. They have to believe in it that you see it and they're willing to execute on it. I can transfer my belief through my experience, through my efforts. [28:20.4]

I’m not saying walk into the cave. I’m saying, Hey, follow me in the cave and let's do this shit. Too many people play in business. Very few in business. That's a fact. Thought-audit on this shit. Customers are always having a problem? On the front end, fix it. Can't hire an assistant? You've tried seven times. Try until you get it right, but edit the front end. Bring them in different. Scare them out of the job. I used to always get scared like, Dude, I’m meeting someone and, man, I hope they take the job. I don't give a fuck if they do. I’m actually trying not to get them to take the job, because if they take it, they're qualified. [29:03.8]

I hope you understand what I just said. This isn't dating. I’m going in there with all my bumps, bruises, scars and everything else and revealing all upfront. Some say it's being vulnerable. I just call it being smart. Here's the fuck I’ve got going on. Can you help or can you not? I’m not looking for a friend. I’m not looking for a pen pal. I’m looking for someone that can get in here. It's not roll up your sleeves. It’s tear off your fucking sleeves. You can't even roll them up. It's so dirty in here, you’ve got to tear your shit off and get to work. There's going to be long hours. There’s going to be fun times. There’s going to be crazy times and everything in between. But I can tell you this, we're going to change a lot of people's lives. We're going to make a lot of money for a lot of people, including yourself, change your financial future, blah, blah, blah. Too many people are trying to not change people's financial future, try to overwork them and underpay them, and wonder why they can't get good help. Get curious. [30:03.0]

I see people in life that life is not [hard]. I always say some people like … It's not real, dude. Life is not hard all the time 24/7. Some people just live a hard life because they are hard. They haven't gotten out of their own way. They haven't surrendered and said, I don't fucking know everything. I can't be everything for everybody. I need me time. This is the time to get selfish.

I talk about it in MEconomy. You're pulling from too many ends. You're trying to be for too many people. You're trying to be for so many, you can't even be for you. That's a problem. The struggle isn't always real. There are people that struggle. Listen, I’m losing money as I’m talking to you. I’m sure of it. I’m sure something is happening bad, but also a lot of great shit is happening, but we'll address it and it's not a struggle. It's just a part of the process. [31:04.5]

“Dude, it’s so hard out there.” Is it? What's so hard? You’ve got a fucking roof over your head. You’ve got food in your belly. You’ve got access to the internet. You can literally make money from your phone. You know that, right? And it's hard? Let's drop your ass off in Haiti. Let's drop your ass off in another country where you can't do any of this bullshit and let's see what really hard looks like.

See, I think the thing is, let's be straight up, the problem is what's really hard is you're not hard on yourself. You're a fucking pussy. You know it. Everyone else knows that. They're just afraid to tell you that. It's the truth. You're a snowflake. You're a baby. You're better than that. If you're even listening to the show and even having an inkling of that bullshit, you’ve got to snap out of it because it's never going to serve you ever. It does nothing for you. And if you don't want to change, stop trying to be an entrepreneur, and stop listening to the show, because it's just going to agitate you. It's going to make the struggle harder for you and your brain. [32:10.8]

I want the best for everybody. It's interesting to me, people that are hating on people and all. Dude, if you can go make a trillion dollars, go do it. Good for fucking you. That inspires me, by the way. It doesn't hurt me. That inspires me. See, for some reason we think the people making big money are smarter than us. Typically, they're not. Oftentimes, it's the opposite. They're not smart. They're just fucking doing something and they’ve got inside something they really excel at and they're crushing it. I’ve never met a successful person that has never failed, because what does failure mean? Thought-audit.

See, guys that I know like me that are rolling in many companies, generating tens of millions of dollars a month, we're not failing. We're constantly learning. We're tweaking. We're editing, removing. We're thankful we have another day at it, another shot at it tomorrow. Thank you, God. Thank you, God, for fucking allowing me of the day today to go get this shit. [33:15.7]

Surrender. Hang up the bullshit. It's okay. Be vulnerable to your team. They already know you're full of shit already. Admit it and solve the problem. See, they know I will always, and you can ask anybody on my teams, I will always shoot straight with you. The old Mark would beat around the bush and hurt you, thinking I was helping you. Oh, Melissa, you're doing a great job. It's okay. No, Melissa, you fucked up. You know it. You know better. What can we do to rectify the problem, solve the problem? Solutions. What are they? Go. [34:01.3]

See, the thing is life is so short. Why are we beating around the bush? Tell them. Again, it's about delivery. It's about who. Again, you don't have to be as bold as me or someone else. Be you. Be the genuine you. Start learning how to be a better you, a better version of you, how to deliver at a higher level, live at a higher frequency. Let them know that you genuinely do care through your actions and your words and efforts.

I’m curious why some people have massive followings and some people don't. Behind the scenes is what's going on, folks, between the ears, I should say, if you can start getting that under control to the next level. I’m a peon, by the way. In the grand scheme of things, we're a droplet in the ocean, one speck of water in the ocean, right? One leaf in the forest. It just is what it is. But while we're on this planet, how do we impact a lot of people's lives? How do we change your life? [35:01.1]

The best way to change your life is to change other people's lives, like I changed my life by creating a better toilet seat, for real. My life is better because of that. It sounds silly. It's true. It's one less thing that I don't get frustrated about and that makes me happy.

Curiosity has made me very wealthy, actually semi wealthy. I’m on the trajectory. I want to be stupid, filthy wealthy. I’m still getting curious. Actually, the truth is I’m probably more curious today than I was in the beginning because I know curiosity is a real thing. I know being curious does not kill the cat. It can make me more wealthy.

I’m curious as to what makes you tick. I’m curious as to what kind of content is going to help you become a better person. I’m curious. That's what I’m always asking you guys for feedback. I’m genuinely curious. I’m not just asking to be an askhole. I’m asking because I do care. I genuinely do. Unfortunately, sometimes I wish I didn't care as much because it drives me nuts, but it's who I am. [36:17.5]

Curiosity can make you wealthy if you harness the power of it and understand the meaning behind it. Start understanding how your customer experience is, your employee results are. Are they sticking around long term? Are they not? Where are they hitting the bottlenecks? Do they need more hand-holding or do they need less hand-holding? Start being genuinely open to the front end.

The goal is not to have 150 people come to an interview. The goal is to have five with one high-level person that you'd want to hire. The truth is I don't look for employees. I don't look for people that want a job, I guess. I want people that want a career. It's a big difference. It's a way different cadence because employees you're not typically investing in. I want to invest in people that want to have a massive career with me. I want them to have a better life, personal life. I want them to have nicer cars, nicer houses, bigger bank accounts, bigger financial futures. I genuinely do want that. [37:18.0]

I don't just talk this shit. I actually implement it. Maybe you don't see that from your side, but that is the truth, anybody listening, because I do have people on my teams that listen to the show. They know it's true. I’m not the micromanager. I want the best for you. A lot of the conversations I have are for helping my team become more financially free with all the money they're making with us. That's a fact, helping them understand financial literacy at another level, because, listen, you can make a lot of money with this, but that doesn't mean you get to keep it.

If you make it, I want to show you how to keep it. I want to show you how to grow it. I want to show you how to expand it. I don't need you to be here with me forever. I want you to do what you want to do and have to do as you grow, as you grow into your life. What's interesting about this concept is they typically want to stay with you forever, if not longer, if not forever. Why? Why wouldn't they? I’m their friend. I want to do stuff with them. I genuinely do. [38:13.7]

Anyway, that's the show for the day. Curiosity can make you wealthy, but are you using curiosity to your advantage or disadvantage?

Hey, make sure to get over and get the MEconomy over on Amazon.com, and please leave a five-star review on Amazon and iTunes if you haven't done so already. I appreciate you guys being here. Please let me know what you're struggling with in your business, in your game of life. Where are you at? What are you struggling with? Hit me up on Instagram, @MarkEvansDM, let me know what's up.

Appreciate you guys being here. Hope you have an amazing day. Let's go kick some ass. With that said, make today count. Peace. [38:55.3]

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