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There’s a lot of stupid things entreprenuers do that subconsciously sabotages their business — like saving money on groceries, spending time in the weeds, and not dreaming up a bigger vision for your company. 

This happens because you live in fear. But the wealthiest people among us know certain tricks that minimizes this fear so they can create massive success. 

In this episode, I’m revealing what these simple secrets are so you can use them and finally accomplish BIG things in your business and life. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The strange way saving money in your personal life stunts your business growth (2:01) 
  • Why total failures always end up being more successful than “armchair entrepreneurs” who never try (5:03) 
  • The “Chihuahua Trap” that tricks business owners into thinking they’re playing big when they’re actually suffocating their growth by playing small (11:23) 
  • Feeling frustrated you’re not growing to the next level in your business? Here’s how giving 30% of what’s in your bank account almost instantly takes you there (13:08) 
  • The special muscle only the ultra wealthy have that gives them secret powers for growing their business (and how to build this muscle if you only have a few grand in the bank) (14:13) 
  • The “Double G’s Strategy” that makes you uncomfortably wealthy at breakneck speed (17:30) 
  • How to start a business and generate $15,000 in 4-7 minutes (even if you have no business experience) (31:29) 

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Read Full Transcript

Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” Are you frustrated that you're not accomplishing big things in your business and life? More importantly, random thoughts from the private jet event at my boy, Sean Whelan’s event, where I spoke to over 500 amazing people. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey, there. It’s your boy, Mark Evans DM, coming to you from Parkland, Fla. Man, it's been crazy, the last seven days. Hope you're doing absolutely amazing. I’m excited to be here with you today to share some insights of hanging out on a massive yacht and speaking to almost 600 people in Utah with a lot of amazing people I got to meet recently. [01:12.5]

As I’m sitting here talking to you, I’m getting ready to prepare to roll out of Florida, head back to our Ohio home for the summer. We'll leave here in a couple of weeks, but over the last two weeks, you start getting a lot of stuff done from everything we've procrastinated on and all that crazy stuff.

While we're in Ohio, we’ll be redoing our house here in Florida, and while we've been in Florida, we've been redoing our entire basement, which I’m super excited to get there. We’ve got a cigar lounge, a theater room, a sauna room, kids’ classroom, and hang out there and all that cool stuff. Pretty cool, our basement. I’m excited for that. It always starts off as a $100,000 project, ends up at $300,000, but it is what it is, man.

The cool thing about spending money is … what's the saying? If you have a problem and money is the problem and you have money, you don't have a problem. I remember not too long ago where everything was about money. I always tried to go cheap, tried to pay less and do all that fun stuff, and it's not a good way to grow. [02:11.8]

It really helped me back actually, to be honest, but it's how I was raised. I talked about my thought-auditing and all that stuff, but I hired great people and great things happened. Buy the best products and you don't have problems all the time. It's kind of weird how that works, huh?

Again, this isn't to brag or impress, but to impress upon. There’s a lot of cool stuff going on and we're going to talk about a lot of random things here today, but not so random. They'll all link together and I’ll share that here with you today.

But I’ve been on cloud nine, to be honest with you. I got to go out and speak in Utah with my boy. Sean Whalen invited me to Lions Not Sheep. A lot of people there, 500 five to 600 people, somewhere around there, gave them all my book, ME Economy, which will come out June 19 this year, so please be ready for that. DM me and I’ll get you on the VIP list. We’ve got some cool things we're going to be doing. [03:03.7]

As you may or may not know, 100 percent of those proceeds go to charity, so I’m very excited to give to the charity and all that stuff and help them pack a lot of kids’ lives. This is actually going to the Underground Project with Tim Ballard, so really neat and exciting, for those.

But as I’m sitting here speaking and I’m just going behind the scenes and sharing very vulnerable, real stuff with you. As I always do, I’m sharing real shit with you 24/7. If you follow me on social media @MarkEvansDM on Instagram or Facebook, I’m sharing some stuff like this behind the scenes. But I was scared to death to go speak on stage. I don't know why. Actually I do know why. That’s why I’m talking to you about it. After I thought-audited on it, I started going in deeper and trying to ask myself, why am I still nervous? Literally, I couldn't eat lunch, couldn't eat breakfast. I was like, I’m speaking at one the first day. Sean came out, just crushed it, and what I was going to say, I said none of it. [04:00.0]

But here's the rub. Here's what happened. When I psyched myself out because there are some pretty big names there. Ed Mylett was speaking right after me, Dan Fleyshman, a lot of great people, a lot of great speakers. This is what they do for a living. I’m not a speaker. I’m just a guy, just a dad, husband, just trying to build businesses and get stupid, filthy rich, and help a lot of people.

But I went on stage and just shared “me.” I was shaking. My hand was going a hundred miles per hour. I was backstage. I couldn't swallow because my throat was tightening up. I was thinking of reasons to leave, but I knew that was never going to happen, and it reminds me of a lot of people that are so close to a whole other world, but when they get scared, they quit. When they get scared, they bail. When they get scared, they just tap out, and it's really a separator. It really is, because I’ve got up on stage and I’ve met a lot of amazing people because of it, actually people's lives that will change because I showed up and stepped up. [04:59.3]

Ninety-nine percent of this battle, we've heard this a million times over, but it's really showing up. If you want to lose weight, show up to the gym. You don't have to have the best workout. You don't have to have the perfect workout. Just get your ass to the gym and show up. Me speaking on stage, it wasn't the best speech, but it could have been better, could have been worse as well, but just showed up. I promise you, one thing interesting, every single person that got off that stage said, “I could have done better. I could have hit these points harder,” because that's what success is about. It’s constantly improving.

I learned a lot. I got up there. I did it. I said some funny things and said some serious things, and some stuff I don't even know what the hell I said, but I said it and it is what it is and I want to improve upon it. But we’ve just got to show up, don’t we? When you're doing that marketing thing and you're scared, just show up and pay the bill and market, and see what happens, get results. Show up. Get serious about yourself and understand. When I’m backstage and they're ready to introduce, The DM, or whatever, I’m thinking, Dude, this is a legacy piece. I’m doing this to lead by example to my family, to my friends, to my colleagues, to people that watch me. [06:05.8]

By the way, lots of people are watching you, and not what you say, but what you do, FYI, so if you talk a big game, but don't do a big game, you will be found out sooner than later, I promise you that. It was really cool to step on stage and see 500+ amazing people's faces and the cool effect that happens after that.

So, you get off stage … I actually don't go to the green room. I go straight to the back of the room and hang out with people. I want to connect with people. I really do like it. It's a good thing and bad thing for me, to be honest with you, because I’m the type of guy that's hanging around until the end and sometimes that's not so good because it's like people don't understand the value, meaning that they just want to talk about nothing. I’m there to help, not there just to talk, you know what I mean?

Some really neat things happened, though. I’m shaking people's hands, taking pictures, signing books, all that fun stuff, which is cool, but I’m really there to like, how do we help change the world one person at a time and change their world, first and foremost, their ME economy? [07:08.6]

What's neat, that book, I wrote it for me, and I don't know if you guys know this or not, but I write books for my kids. First and foremost, for me, and then, secondly, for my kids, and then, thirdly, for you guys. The evolution process of their dad is what you guys are reading, who I am, really am deep down inside, my collective thoughts in a format, i.e. book or audiobook, to share the stuff I share with my kids. I’m not saying your children, but we're all children, right, at the end of the day? Just some of us act like we're grown up and others aren't. I definitely don't want to ever grow up.

But I’m just sharing the stories, sharing the messages of where I’m at, where I’m going through, and things I’m discovering. I’m very fortunate to be … I stood up and one day I said, “I want to help other entrepreneurs,” and I’ve worked with a lot, a lot of amazing people at many different levels and it's one of my favorite things I get to do. It pays the least, but it makes the most impact in my life. [08:04.5]

It makes me want to deal with stuff I don't want to deal with, so I can report back to them and then what I’m talking about is leading by example, leading by leading, like doing the fucking work that matters, getting punched in the face and reporting back, failing miserably and reporting back, succeeding at a high level and reporting back, and everything in between. That's what leaders do. For some reason, all you guys think you can win everything and not risk anything, and it's just not how real life works and that's why people are frustrated and overwhelmed.

Some cool takeaways from the event. Number one, this is something I think about often, which is about giving. A big giver, I love giving. I grew up as a small town hillbilly in Ohio, so giving was just a dream. I used to go to church and put a dollar in, and I was thinking it was a big deal. Then I elevated to $5 to $10 to $20, the $20 you grab it and shake it, so people see you actually put it in because you're the big dog, and I thought I was doing big stuff. [09:01.0]

What I didn't realize was it was a muscle, my brain, I was working in, and I was pushing it up little by little and at the event I was fortunate enough to be able to donate a decent amount of money, high five figures, off a whim of something that hit me in the heart, tapped me on the shoulder and said, “You’ve got to do it.”

It was interesting, and I’m not doing this to showboat or anything, just so you know, and by the way, this is why some people don't give, because they're afraid they're showboating or showing people up. Listen, if you can show people up and outgive them, do it, because that means everyone is winning. You're going to push them up. You're going to push you up and, more importantly, you going to help the cause, so don't get it twisted. I don't share all the giving I do, but this year I’ve given over $150,000 unexpectedly just off a whim, not counting everything else I’ve given. [09:52.5]

Again, this isn't a brag or impress, but impress upon, what you think you can do, you can do so much more, and when you're tapped on the shoulder, which we all are daily, probably all the time, and you either hear it, acknowledge it, or you hear it and don't acknowledge it. In that moment, during the bidding, it kept going up and it was like, Going once, going twice, and then I just filled out the big number and people were like, What? like it was a big deal.

For me, giving is a muscle, and when I’ve got to give, I felt the tap and I said I’ve got to give. I’ve got to give big and I want to make an impact on homeless families. I want to make an impact on children, and I want to make an impact on people that are being abused in many situations. I was able to give, and what's cool about giving that way is, one, it's anonymous, other than the people in that room, but the people's lives I will touch through someone else's efforts.

A buddy of mine, Dan Fleyshman, runs that charity, multiple charities actually, but he's able to pass it out and do as he wishes to the charities he's a part of and impact. A hundred percent of it goes to the charity. There are no crazy fees or anything like that. This is out of pure heart, so it's pretty cool. [11:09.7]

But when you're doing that this is a muscle and what I think, I know for a fact, a lot of people talk about abundance “I'm an abundance person. I’m all about abundance,” but their actions are very the opposite. Even if you think you're a big dog, by the way, there's somebody I recently was talking to and he was like, Dude, I’m big time. I’m heavy in crypto. I’m like, Heavy in crypto. What does that mean?

First of all, people throw words around like it's fucking water, by the way. But he said, “Dude, I’m heavy in crypto,” and I’m like, Heavy, meaning what? and he said, “$20,000.” Keep in mind, heavy in crypto to me is meaning millions, not 20,000. $20,000, the truth is I wouldn't even do it, right? But maybe you would. Maybe it's big for you, but it's not big for him because he has more money than that and he's acting like he's heavy, because he has lied to himself thinking he's a big dog and a small tank and his bark is definitely bigger than his bite. [12:04.3]

I’m like, Dude, is this big time? That's what I think about. Who told you that's big time? Who told you that that's big in any way, shape or form? And it's weird to me that people would incur like, Dude, that's big time, man. You're really going heavy. Where is that heavy? Heavy lying is what I would say. But, again, listen, if you have 20 grand and you have 20 grand and that is heavy, but this guy, this is not his situation and this is his biggest problem. That's what’s holding them back from a whole other level.

Where I’m going with this story is about giving, because giving is one of the most amazing gifts in the world. I’ve given millions of dollars away to charities over the years, many years. I’ve been giving for 25 years on purpose, very consciously, and I want to give a lot more. I want to give nine figures away, over 100 million in my lifetime, if not more, but probably 10 years from now, I’ll be looking back and saying, Why was I thinking so small? I hope I do say that, but that's a big number to me right now to give away. It's very interesting, this game we play with ourselves. [13:08.8]

But giving, truthfully, if you're a real giver, what it really does, if you know it or not, it unlocks a secret door to another world. Many people will never experience it because they're too afraid to give. They're too afraid to give to the next level. I’m not talking giving $20 and it's not a big deal. I’m talking if you have 10 grand in the bank and you give $3,000, that's a big deal. It's a big move. That's a big play.

What I’m thinking is, as we're growing and evolving, the doors it unlocks—by the way, I don't want to leave you hanging—the door that it unlocks is the truth of abundance. See, me and my buddies, we give all the time. We give our time. We give our money. We give both and we're constantly asking ourselves how to give more and it's totally opposite of how I was raised. People thought, if you gave, you're like, Oh, my God, you're taking it away from your family. Oh, man, you could have bought a new house for that. Oh my gosh, I could have bought new cars. I could have paid off this. I could have done this. I could send my kids to college or whatever. The answer is, yes, you could have done all of that, so why haven't you? [14:13.7]

See, giving is a muscle. It's a secret power that the ultra-wealthy realized. By the way, it's not just wealthy. It's just people in general that are great givers, and when you give, you do get. If you truly believe in tithing and you get 10X and all this stuff back, why aren't you giving more?

Let me ask you another question. Who has taught you about giving? Who has taught you that giving is good? Who has taught you that giving can be bigger, it can get you more, and mean it? Who has taught you that the most amazing gift of giving is to give? It feels amazing. In a selfless way, it makes you feel amazing. You can change an individual's life by giving. [15:05.3]

Frank McKinney recently posted on social media, on Facebook and stuff, talking about us donating almost $300,000 to the DM Family village. We actually get in and we build an entire village for 50 houses to house, I think 400 people for the rest of their lives, a self-sustained community. That makes me feel fucking amazing, by the way. That's cool to tell my kids, more importantly, lead, not just tell them, show them, tell them who dad had to become to do that. What we had, what sacrifices, what situations, the moments to get to that moment, that's the shit that excites me.

Again, I know, to give, once you make that decision, it's so mentally tacking, but when you do it and release and commit, it opens up abundance to a whole other level. You can never outgive the world, FYI, ever. It's impossible. You’ve got to step the game up with giving. [16:06.2]

Like I said, I was honored to be able to give. I sent the money immediately and it will impact a lot of people's lives, because I’ve been working on myself and I’m proud of that, and the guys in the DM family, the small private mastermind group I run, we're talking about giving all the time. I’ve actually had people tell me giving is the biggest thing they've got out of the thing of learning how to make more money. They're like, It's wild, the more I give, the more I make. It's wild, the more I give, the more time I get with my family.

Again, like I said, what we're really saying, it unlocks, it opens up the door of abundance to a whole new level—and I’m not talking, giving comfortably. I’m talking, giving uncomfortably, being conscious of it and giving. If you think you can only give 1,000, give 1,500. If you think you can only give 5,000, give 7,000. Get uncomfortable. Whatever number pops in your brain, give that plus. Start practicing this. This is a muscle. [17:01.6]

Every time you have an opportunity—it's everywhere, by the way—an opportunity to give, an opportunity to plant a seed, the person behind you at the grocery store, the person behind you at the checkout in the drive-through, pay for them. Start building up this muscle. I don't care if it's $3 or $300, do it. Don't make it like, Well, maybe if it's only this or that. No, that's not the game you're playing. The game you're playing is leveling up. Play the game. It works. The game of life, by the way, I’m talking about. Giving.

The second thing here, gratitude. I’ve had an entire show about gratitude, but this is not to go lightly. It’s to be grateful. What's the worst that happens if you give? If you give it all, in the worst case scenario, you have zero money in the bank. You can go make more money, but more importantly, you've helped change people's lives. It feels pretty good. I don't know anybody who has given it all that doesn't have more. I really don't. Maybe there are people out there that exist. I don't know them. But being grateful and I’ve never heard someone say, Mark, I’m so grateful, I can't stand it, you know what I mean? It just doesn't exist. [18:08.6]

So, get grateful. You can see. You can hear. You can type. You can talk. You have the internet. You have opportunities galore. It's 2021, you can make as much money as you want possibly. Absolutely can do that. You can connect with people that you could have never connected with 10 years ago because of the interweb, the social media and all that. I want you to get grateful. Get more grateful. Get stupid grateful, meaning so grateful that you can't stand it anymore. You're like, I can't. Your body is just like, I’m so grateful.

Dude, when I’m walking down the road, the breeze, I can feel the breeze. I can taste. I can touch. I can smell. You know what? The biggest thing on the stage that I realized a couple days ago here in Utah is people come to me. Mark, I don't have enough time to get wealthy. Mark, I don't have enough time to get rich, whatever that means to you. It used to get me thinking like, Man, these people are busy. They’ve got a lot going on. But now I’m buying into their bullshit, to be honest with you, and I’m trying to figure out how to help them. [19:05.7]

You know what the thing is? And I realized this when I was talking to 500+ people. I’m watching their heads and their bobbing around, they're talking, and it just hit me. You know what the real problem is? You have too much time. I know it sounds crazy, right? You have too much time. Yup, I don't care if you have kids or school, whatever. You have too much time, because if you have time to talk about your not having time, that time and energy could have been put into your business and your life and your financial future.

See, successful people are always pushing the needle. I talk about this in The ME Economy. You want to get an extra 30 days a year? Go to bed an hour earlier and wake up two hours earlier. Start hacking time. Squeeze the time. I need 10 hours of sleep a day. Bullshit, eight hours. I need eight hours a day. Bullshit, go to six, seven, 10. Change the hours. Go down. I’m not saying you're going to sustain this forever. But what happened? You're working in the gym. You're working the muscle. You have too much time. [20:05.6]

If you're talking about how you don't have time, you have too much fucking time. You know it and I know it. I see this all the time. I just can't put my finger on it and I don't buy your bullshit anymore. Mark, I don’t have enough time. Bullshit. See, when you have a goal and you go out and do the work, you're not talking about fucking time. You're talking about “How do I get more money to get more time?” If I didn't have money or time, I’d fucking quit my job and I’d have all the time in the world to go make real money.

I did a poll recently because I’ve been thinking about this time thing and it's like, I just don't have time or money—72 percent of the people said they don't have time or money. It's pretty fucked up, if you want my opinion. How don't you have either/or. I’m not saying be reckless here, but my brain goes to this. By the way, I’ve been poor. If I had no time to pursue my dreams and goals, and plus had no money to pursue my dreams and goals, I would fucking eliminate the money piece to give me time to go get more money. [21:18.7]

See, what we're really all chasing is more time to do what we want to do. Lots of people here say, “Mark, I just want to make a couple extra bucks.” No, you fucking don't. You want to get more money. You want to get stupid, filthy rich to spend time doing what you love to do. I don't care if it's work. I don't care if it's hanging with the family. I don't care if it's to pursue your goals, dreams, passions, whatever. You want to take that money and do bigger things, but you can't go do these bigger things until you get time. But how don't you have time or money? What that really says is you're fucked up in the head and you need a mindset reset. That's what you're saying. [22:00.0]

You need to reset your mindset. You need to realize that stinking thinking. Think about it. “I have no time or money.” So, why not eliminate the thing that you don't have, i.e. money, to get the thing you want, time, take that time and go earn real money?

Listen, I barely graduated high school. I never went to college, but I’m fucking pretty sure I’m right on this. It’s strange to me that you don't have either/or. Over 70 percent, and I’m talking hundreds of people took it, said that. It's wild to me. That's why I fly private. That’s why I spend a lot of money a year flying private, because I want more time. I can jump. I can literally drive the Rolls or car, whatever car we’ve got, limo, whatever we’ve got, truck, Escalade, anything, pull up to the front of the jet, hop on and take off. No one is telling me what to do. I get there when I want. Obviously, I’m respectful. I say I’m leaving at 10:00, I get there at 9:50, and I take off with the fam. [23:09.0]

But what was cool, to Utah we invited 10 people that each paid money to be on the jet for the three-day experience, four-day experience actually, and I guarantee you, every single person that joined us on the jet changed their life. I’d put $1,000,000 on it. One guy, this was not expected and not even thought about, one guy is actually going to come to work for one of our companies and generate massive six figures, hopefully, seven figures a year for himself and his family. He's a hustler. He's hungry. He’s got the mindset. He's got the muscle. He's just in the wrong vehicle. [23:52.5]

The most exciting thing I’m excited about, to be honest with you, is that not only does he have all this stuff, which is really cool, but he's going to be able to spend time with his daughter. He doesn't really get to spend a lot of time with his daughter because he's always on the road traveling for his job or what he does today, and what we offer at one of our companies is he could literally sit at home and do everything he needs to do. Go to his daughter's baseball games, softball games, gymnastics, hang out and do math homework in the daytime, whatever he wants. I’m more excited about that than anything else. Yes, he'll make our company a lot of money. Yes, he'll make a lot of money. Yes, he'll change a lot of people's lives. But that to me is what this is about and he was on the jet. I could go down the line of all these guys.

What's cool about it, too, it forges relationships at another level. See, when you invest in yourself with the right people, people take notice of that. My job, when people invest, let's say it's $10,000, round trip, my job is to make sure, one, that you have an amazing time and, two, that you get massive value and a return on that $10,000. There will be people that came on that jet that will generate millions of dollars. It's through connections, through relationships, through just by showing up and making the commitment. [25:11.2]

Lots of people, the first time they ever flew private. It expanded their horizons. I know it did for me. When I did it, that changed my life. When I ponied up money, jumped on a jet, I was like, Oh, my God, this is real. People live like this. Why can't I? I started asking different questions and now I get to fly private. I’m not saying I’m better than you and all that bullshit. I’m just saying I remember when I had to do this when I was sitting in coach to go to first class, first class to private. It's a journey.

Some of you are on the never journey. Some of you are on the 10-year journey. Some of you are on the tomorrow journey. But it is a journey. If it exists, why can't we do it? They didn't build these jets for nobody. They build them for somebody and why can't that somebody be you and I? This is the shit I think about. [26:06.8]

One guy on there, he's already doing it. He's crushing it. This guy comes from Canada. Two stories actually, two guys from Canada. One guy came from Canada straight out of quarantine, came straight here, boom. He said, “Dude, I wouldn't miss this for the world.” It changed his life, met so many great people, already has deals in the making. He'll generate literally six, seven figures from that one trip.

See, when you guys think about trips, you’re thinking about bonbons and hanging out on the beach, sipping cocktails. That's cool once in a while, but, listen, guys and gals that hang out with us, we're on a mission to grow. We know we haven't even barely tapped this, scratched the surface of life. We're very resourceful. We want to connect. We want to grow. We want to expand.

Another cool thing, you guys will see this on social soon, this artist has made some really cool pieces for me, Anthony. I’ll be sharing this because you guys all should follow, more importantly, support him and buy his stuff because he's got some really bad artwork. [27:03.8]

But he came on the jet. I actually just had lunch with him today here in Florida as well, but he's a good dude doing some really neat things, generating, an artist making real money, changing people's lives through his art and, more importantly, changing his life. He gets to spend every day with his son and his wife.

Again, my common theme, if you don't understand, family for me is fucking big, huge, ginormous. Most of the people out here are running around, chasing the money. I’m not chasing the money. One, I realized a long time ago, money runs way faster than me. Actually, as we're talking, as you're listening to me, there's money going through your ears right now, literally. How? Through the interweb, the airwaves, right? People are transactioning right now. There are transactions. It's floating around on the interweb. In the cloud, they say, right? The problem is most people's cloud is in their head. They're cloudy. That's why they don't have direct results because they're too unfocused. “I don't know what to do, man.” Wrong question, right? [28:01.5]

On the jet, some really neat things happened and popped. I want to give you a couple of things, takeaways as well. If you're not happy with your results, not big enough results, I’m going to tell you the answer why. Giving is one of them, but there are a lot of answers. But the real thing is this. You're too focused on granular, not grand results, actions. You're so busy, caught up in the day to day mundane tasks, you can't literally think about big shit.

The guys I’m rolling with, me included, people have told me I’m nuts my whole life. People are like, Dude, you think way big, man. Man, get your head out of the clouds, Evans. That shit is never going to happen to people like you. My shit is so big that I have to recruit people to help me get there. Not just people, but people who are way smarter than me, which is not hard to do, but I’m not that smart. That's my secret power. I know I’m not smart. I know it. It's one of my secret powers. I don't try to act like it. I don't go around fronting like, Dude, I’m the smartest, man. [29:08.6]

You guys, these podcast shows could be a thousand percent better, but it's just who I am. This is me. I’m talking to you as if you were sitting in my office directly across from me. I’m not trying to do any kind of trickery NLP bullshit and all this stuff. I'm just talking to you as a man, man to man, man to woman, whatever. I want to help people. This is my style, like it or not. It doesn't matter to me, because this is me, right?

My whole life, people have been trying to change my life, you know what I mean? Lots of people, and still today, right? They still think I’m crazy. They still think I’m dreaming too big. They still think, Dude, why do you need a jet? Why do you need a yacht? Why do you need all these mansions? Why do you need all these cranes cars? You don't even drive that much. It's true, but I want them. That's why, the fuck. That's all I need to tell you. First of all, I want to tell you anything, but that's why. I like it, you know what I mean? You have to understand, if you want to get grand results, you have to stop doing granular actions. [30:12.8]

Now, listen, if we shut everything down and take this out of proportion, I’m not saying that shit doesn't need to get done. The truth is small things create big things, a lot of small things. But you, as a leader, you have to be constantly reinforced, grand, huge, ginormous, painting the picture to your followers and your teams of how big this shit really could get. Take them to another level. Take them to another stratosphere through your vision. That's why you're called a visionary, not a talkanary. You're a visionary, not a granulanary.

Dude, we're going to … we’ve got to work really hard on sending an email. What should the subject line be? Dude, I’ve got the best idea for the company. It's going to be worth about 100,000 a year, but I’ve got to figure out what the name of the company is going to be. That's granular bullshit that will never matter. It will never change your life. [31:12.2]

If you start a business today and call it Business A, and in three years, that's crushing it, you could always change the name because now you have millions of dollars raking in. Call it whatever the fuck you want. But the problem is, and I saw this live in person, and I see it every day, by the way, but this guy, amazing dude, amazing guy.

By the way, actually, me and my boy, Sean, we were his first customers ever, right there on the spot. By the way, I don't just talk shit. I fucking do it. I want to be clear with this. Most of the fucking people you guys probably listen to, probably 99 percent are bullshit talkers. I’m talking. I’m leading by example. He has got these amazing flags and these are flags that are created through servicemen's uniforms and women's uniforms, and he takes them and creates these really cool flags and I’ll get it on social media. I’ll try. Again, you can see it. It's @MarkEvansDM, if you go to my Instagram. [32:09.6]

But these flags, I paid $500 for them. Me and Sean both bought one for 500 bucks. He wanted to give them to us for free, but that's bullshit, because this guy is busting his ass for free all the time and people are taking advantage of him because he's allowing it. By the way, it's his fault, not their fault. It's his fault, right? Because when you accept full responsibility, you get results and you create accountability to yourself.
Me and Sean, we said, “Yo, here's the deal. Here's what we think they're worth. Here's what they're worth. Here's what we're willing to pay and I’ll pay you right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not in this hour. Right now,” and we literally, within four to seven minutes, I’m not exaggerating, created a business where he generated $15,000 in front of a room of 40 people, 15,000. [33:00.0]

What's interesting is that he has been thinking and talking about this idea for the last four fucking years. He wants to change these people's lives. He wants to do this. He wants to do that. Yet he's caught up in the granular details. It's stealing from his dreams and all these fucking people he could help, because he's caught in his head. He's afraid to go to market with it because it could get shut down. He's afraid to go to the market with it because it could be bigger than he thought.

By the way, he about shit his pants there on stage when we sold $15,000 of these flags and he was like, Oh, my God. He went from “How do I start my business?” to “Holy shit, how do I service my 30 customers that just came out of the woodwork?” Think about the difference of the mindset. He was focused on granular problems. When you have 15 grand coming in the door, brand new, these are called grand problems. The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity. No one gives two fucks what his company is called. I didn’t and I don't even know what his company name is still and I paid them 500 because it doesn't matter. I wanted the product. I wanted to support him. I love what he stands for. I love what he's doing. I love what that means. [34:11.5]

He's so worried about wanting to help all these people, he's not sharing his story. He’s caught up in his own head and this, my friend, is why it's so important to be around people that have been there, done that, and more importantly, will tell you directly how to get there to the next level, how to step your game up. That's the shit I love. I’ve done this. I’ve seen this and I’ve been a part of this on the front side and back side of creating new companies out of thin fucking air.

If you have a grand vision, the granular shit will take care of itself. If you have 15 grand in the bank, you can pay someone to do granular. But the problem is so many people are so focused on such granular bullshit nonsense. Dude, I need to check out my business card? No one has a fucking business card in this day and age, and if they do, it doesn't mean anything. A business card does not sell business. It's old school. Old school, I’m telling you. [35:11.8]

If you're not where you want to be, it's not because it doesn't exist. It's because you're focused on granular, not grand. Ugh, let me say this again. If you're not where you want to be, it's not because it doesn't exist. It's because you're focused on granular, not grand. You have to lead the pack. You have to push the made-up boundaries in your head. You have to drive and go for the gold. More importantly, you’ve got to share the grand vision constantly, so much so you actually start fucking believe in it, because at first when you tell someone you're going to build a million-dollar company or 10 million, or 100 million or a multi-billion dollar company, you might not see exactly how it's going to happen, but you know there's a possibility, and if there's a possibility for someone to do it, why the fuck can’t that person be you? [36:09.6]

Why can't it be you? Yes, you may have to change vehicles halfway through. That's okay. NASCAR guys and race car drivers do it all the time. They change cars out all the time. Three hundred laps, lap 200, something happens, change cars or whatever. I think they do that. Pretty sure they do. Change tires. The grip is different. Athletes do it all the time. They change their cleats because things are slipping, because the weather has changed. Times have changed. We’ve got to fucking change.

Are you sharing your grand visions or are you fucking talking about granular bullshit to your buddies? If you're not hanging out with people that are talking about big shit, getting you a boner harder than fucking Mount Rushmore or whatever, whatever that is—not “whatever that is.” Mount Rushmore is awesome, but a hard on to get you excited. Females, whatever gets you excited—then you ain't hanging out with the right people, and I’m telling you right now, if you can't fucking make money now, you never can. [37:06.8]

There's more money floating around in this fucking world right now than I’ve ever, ever, ever seen. Me and my buddies sit around talking about how much money is out there. We've all been in business for many, many, many, many, many years, and we're asking ourselves, Where is all this fucking money coming from? The goal is how does that money get into our pocket? How does that get into our ecosystem? By providing services and values, and opportunities and great things.

I was just yesterday hanging out with a guy. His name is Peter. He actually runs a pretty big Rolls-Royce dealership here in Florida and we were talking and he was like, Dude, I sold 86 Bentleys and Rolls-Royces. I don't have inventory. My problem is I don't have inventory. We're talking cars that go from $100,000 to $500,000, $600,000, $700,000, $800,000, and he has zero inventory. He was like, We've never, ever, ever, ever seen this. [38:01.2]

Now, guys, listen, I’ve got to be straight up with you. I’m fucking very curious. The biggest lie I talk about in Magician vs. Mule is curiosity killed the cat. Bullshit. It's curiosity has made me a lot of money, made me and my buddies a lot of money, the people I know in business a lot of money. I’m very curious as to why or what this looks like—and, hey, Peter, I hear what you're saying. Why do you think that is? Folks, listen. Listen. Here's what he said. “Mark, it’s really simple. The rich get richer and they're spending money like crazy on all kinds of stuff.”

Folks, I have a watch. It has gone up six figures. Yes, six figures. I’m not shitting you. It's crazy right now. What's going on is there’s so much opportunity and money, and if you're not making more right now, it's not because it doesn't exist. It's because you're not asking the right questions. You're not getting in front of grand opportunities. You're fucking Mickey mousing it over there and you know it. More importantly, you can say whatever the hell you want, your bank account knows it. Until you step it up, nothing changes, until you evolve. [39:11.7]

By the way, who taught you to think about being grand? Mommy and Daddy did this when you're young. Johnny, you can be whatever you want, buddy. Okay, cool. When you get 18, 22, 24, quit fucking dreaming and get a job. Quit fucking dreaming and go, get to work, let's go. Thirty, 32, get a diploma, go to college and get a better job. What they're really telling you is quit fucking dreaming. It's Mickey Mouse. It's micro. It's granular stuff. I challenge you to start focusing on something so big.

By the way, me and my wife, I’ve got to be honest with you, this is true story. Me and my wife's biggest fights we get into are about my wife's very granular stuff. By the way, I don't want to marry someone just like me. That would not be good in any way, shape or form for anybody. But my wife thinks about granular shit. [40:04.3]

Genuinely, I swear on my life, I don't think about granular stuff. I’ve actually oftentimes been told I oversimplify stuff. I’m not mad at that, by the way, because it doesn't get me in the weeds. See, when you get caught up in the weeds, you see too many problems. Too many problems and you just tap out and move on. Nope, don't want to deal with that bullshit.

See, I just go from A to Z, start to the grand. Everything else in there, if the grand is big enough, meaning opportunity and time investment for what I could reap the rewards of are big enough that I could produce revenue, I could make enough money to hire people to deal with all the fucking stuff from between A to Z for me. I’ve just got to hire, have the balls to hire people, and I’ve got to have the grand vision to give me the balls to hire people. I’ve got to see it. I’ve got to see the path. Everything else is just details and I’m not saying they're not important. I’m just saying, is this the stuff you should be doing? Are these the things you should be focused on? Are these the things that are hindering your growth success? [41:09.7]

See, what's interesting is I’ve owned and I’ve worn every hat in my companies, every single fucking hat multiple times. I had to beat it into my skull that when I got granular, I never could get out of my own way, asking myself, Why am I constantly having the same problem? I’m not making enough money and I have the same problems. I had to get grand problems. I had to get new problems. I had to get a whole other level of problems to get out of my own way, and the way to do that is to start taking different actions, start asking yourself different questions, start making bigger front-end investments, hiring better people.

By the way, you're going to shit storms inside of all of this. I don't care if it's granular or grand, there's still going to be problems. Are you granular or grand with your actions and thoughts, in talks and goals, and in drives? Are you granular in your efforts or grand in your efforts? These are things you need to thought-audit on, pay attention to. [42:05.7]

How are you investing your time in your business? Where are you investing your time? Man, I’m doing the accounting work and bookkeeping? Unless that's your company that you're trying to grow to $100 million a year, what the fuck are you thinking? Hire this shit out. I’ll hook you up with someone that's amazing. Hire this stuff out. Pay 500 to 700 bucks a month and go make money. Stop pussyfooting around.

Folks, again, people have too much time. That's the problem. Even if they say they don't have enough time, I’m watching you, you're lying. You're playing around on social media all the time. You're fucking catching up on every episode of whatever's on Netflix that’s hot at the moment. You're chatting like, Hey, dude, anybody got a great little docu series on Netflix I should watch? Yeah, motherfucker, get your ass to work. That's what you should be doing. [42:56.5]

You're not living forever. Your kids are watching. Your friends are watching. Even the ones that talk shit about you, they're all watching you. The question is what are they watching you do? I want to be a leader to myself, first and foremost, to my kids, to my wife, to my in-laws, to my parents, to my sisters. It's everyone. You can't talk about it. You’ve got to be it.

I hope every single person listening to the show stops dealing with granular and start focusing on grand results, grand vision. It will serve you and the people you're trying to serve at a whole other level. If your problem keeps happening, start looking at the problem, the underlying thing that's making that problem consistent. It's always the biggest. I can tell you this. The number one thing, it's 100 percent guaranteed, you're a part of the problem. You're a part of the solution as well, though, if you know it's a problem. [44:00.8]

Start thought-auditing. It's real. It will change your life. If the big things aren't in your bank account, big numbers, and the big results are coming in your life and your business, it's because you're too granular. I struggled with this for years. I’m telling you, I’m trying to help you. I’m here to help you. This is something that most people have never talked about. I’ve never heard anybody talk about this, by the way.

One more thing, something very interesting. This is the first time I’ve traveled, when I went to Utah, without my family in a long, long time, years. I usually travel with my wife and kids, but I didn't this time because my wife had a lot going on and whatever. I love my kids and I have a point here. I hug them every morning. I wake up and I say, “Hey, love you. Good morning.” Every night, “Sweet dreams. Love you.” That's my life. I really, really, really love my kids. It's a big deal to me. My parents, they showed me how to love kids. They were great to me and my sisters, so I’m very fortunate in that. [45:11.0]

But one of the biggest speakers up there, he's big. He's worth a lot, a lot of money. He has done a lot of cool things, helped a lot of people change their lives. A big takeaway, someone asked him, “What is the one thing you wish you would have done differently?” Keep in mind, his kids are grown now. They're a little bit older, 18 and above. He said, “I wish I would have touched them more, hugged them, kissed them, told them I love them more.” What’s pretty cool about that is I don't have that problem.

I’m not judging this, by the way. I’m not saying this is right or wrong. This is for me. I’m just sharing what I learned, right? This is not a regret I’ll ever have because I do know kids will only be kids once. I only have a very short window of opportunity to hug, kiss, talk to them, tell them how much Daddy loves them, what Daddy stands for, and that's why I write these books, too, because I can show them from the things I’ve done, not what I talked about. [46:06.3]

By the way, I talk and do. Talk about it and do it. Talk about it more and do it more. Talk about it more and do it more. But I’m so thankful that I’ve learned that this is a real thing, so I pay attention to successful people. See, it's not about money. This guy has a lot more money than me, by the way, a lot more, but that doesn't mean he's more successful than I am. Yes, he might have more money, but he doesn't have what I have with my kids, and he might wish he could go back. You can't go back in time, but I can always make more money. He can, too. He does.

Again, I’m not mad at him. He's not mad. It is what it is. What it is, though, is high-level functioning entrepreneurs, we know it. By the way, I have flaws, too. We all have flaws, but I’m just very proud that I don't have that flaw. [46:58.4]

See, again, this is called gratitude. He's very grateful that he has touched and impacted more people's lives and done a lot of cool stuff, and he's still doing it, which I think is awesome. I’m learning from him on multiple levels. Where I’m going with this story is pick up from what people are saying they wish they had just as much as what they wish they didn't have or didn't do, because time doesn't stop for anybody. Our kids are going to grow up, our grandkids. I don't have grandkids yet, nor do I see that happening anytime soon. But these are things I think about. It keeps me up at night, makes me want to make more money with my lifestyle to have more time to do those things that I want to do that are important to me.

I think it's very important that you understand what's important to me if you follow me. Family is very, very, very, very big. It is my thing, actually, so I don't trade money for time against or away from my family. I just don't do it. I want to be around guys and people that we can change people's lives together, but I don't have to do that at the cost of my family time. There are ways to do this and I just hope you guys stay around on the journey. [48:05.4]

I appreciate all you guys that share this on social media if this podcast show has made any impact or if any insight has helped you kind of stop thinking granular and start focusing on grand. I think it would really make a big impact. I think I’ve heard Ed talk about this granular/grand thing. Someone did at the event. I don't have exactly who said that, but I want to give credit where credit is due, but it really resonated with me because I’ve seen this happen so much with so many people. They're so angry that they're not getting the grand results, and yet they're so caught up in the granular steps, granular things that don't really make two shits until you're actually at the next level.

Again, appreciate you sharing this. If you ever get a chance, please, if the show has ever made an impact, get over to iTunes or wherever you listen and leave a five-star review and give me a shout out. Tag me. I will repost typically very quickly and give you a quick shout out and say thank you. But I’m here for you guys. I’m rooting for you. I’m very grand with this. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere and I appreciate you guys being here. [49:08.7]

With that said, keep me posted with your results. Follow me on Instagram @MarkEvansDM, on Facebook as well. We've got some really cool shit in the works. What was even neater, as soon as I got back from the jet, we hopped on the yacht three days later with the fam and hung out for the day, and it's really cool that this shit is real. First of all, I pinch myself daily. Even though this is my life, it still doesn't even seem real, but it is, and I’m just very thankful that I never quit. I never gave up and I just keep thinking bigger, and I know you're there, too.

I appreciate you being here. Thinking about you. Rooting for you. Make today count. Peace.

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