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Most entrepreneurs pretend they have the hustle muscle. They post their highlight reels on social media and act like they’re crushing it. But they’re allergic to action and their social media pages are full of lies. 

Does that sound like you? It doesn’t matter what skills you have, how much cashola is in your bank account, or how many high-performers you know. If you don’t have the hustle muscle, you’ll never become wealthy. 

But if you do have the hustle muscle? Even if you’re not where you want to be today, you will get there. 

In this episode, I’m giving you a reality check by sharing how your hustle muscle will either make you millions or keep you average. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How my former car washer became a millionaire at 24 in under 3 years of wholesaling real estate (2:11) 
  • The only 3 ingredients you need to become a millionaire (even if you have no skills and $0 in your bank account) (4:05) 
  • How to make $500,000 (or more) a year by sending texts and emails while sitting on the beach in sunny Palm Beach, Florida (8:09) 
  • The laughably simple, yet difficult way to become a business mogul (11:00) 
  • How flexing your “hustle muscle” every day adds a 0 to your bank account by the end of this year (20:22) 
  • The weird way your brain tricks you into being average (and how to slaughter this mindset quirk to become great) (42:18) 

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Read Full Transcript

Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” Do you really have the hustle muscle? We're about to find out. Please do not have children around this episode because what I'm about to share with you is very, very raw, and a little bit of profanity. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey, there. It’s your boy, Mark Evans DM. Today I’m fired up. I hope you can hear it in my voice. This is going to be real talk as it always is because I’ve got something to share with you. I’ve actually got a bunch of stuff to share with you. [01:06.4]

If you're an entrepreneur and you're sitting here trying to figure out how to keep your feet moving when you don't want to move anymore, this is the show that is going to knock you on your feet, push you, drive you, get you excited and let you're not alone.

As I'm sitting here in Parkland, Fla., again, I always want to say thank you, guys, first and foremost, for being here, number one. Number two, thank you for all the awesome shares on social media. It means a lot to me, it really does, and then on iTunes sharing all the five-star reviews, just giving me props. Thank you, guys. Seriously, thank you very much. If this show ever impacts you, please feel free to share it. It's simple. It's free and I think we're on Show 63 or 64, so I'm delivering real value, real content. I have no objective except to simply help you and I hope you know that. [01:57.0]

Today is about the hustle muscle. I’ve got a couple stories here to share you out. I’ll share with you one and then another one after that. But as I'm sitting here talking to you, today is a wild day, a lot going on, good, bad, crazy, everything in between, but these messages, I’ve got a text and I’ll tell you the backstory in a second, but I got a text at 9:40 this morning. “Mark, wanted to reach out to you and thank you for introducing me to the wholesale game. I hit a popular beginner entrepreneur’s goal this week and I'm officially a millionaire. My life has changed and I really owe a lot to you. Thank you. And I hope you and the family are doing great.

It looks like you're having fun.” It's my boy, Alex. He's about 24 years old, out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Interesting story. He and his buddy started doing real estate two and a half years ago and I met them. They used to wash my car and I have a Rolls, right, or whatever. I think one of the Rolls they were washing.

Obviously it's a memorable car in Cleveland specifically, but they're washing it. These are young kids, hungry kids. I love that. I love that, that they're not afraid to ask questions and talking like, Dude, what do you do? and blah, blah, blah, blah, and it started there. [03:09.6]

His name is Alex, like I said. Then he realized like, dude, I can make more money just valeting cars, just like my boy, Austin, is crushing it in life. He valeted. When people take an interest in me, I typically take an interest in them, and I knew where he was valeting one night. Me and Deena were on a date and we went to this real nice restaurant, valet the Rolls or the truck. I can't remember what we were taking that day. But when I come out, I want to talk to him real quick and I give him a $100 bill tip, and I look at him in the eyes and I say, “Alex, this is seed capital to make an investment in marketing, to grow your wholesale business and get going, more importantly, how long, how quickly you're going to get out of this job,” and the journey began. I actually was the first buyer of his properties. I used to buy his properties from him. He would make $3,000, $4,000, $5,000, $10,000, $20-something thousand off me and I made a lot of money off of his deals that he'd bring me, so it was a win-win for all. [04:05.0]

But he's a definition of what today's call is about, young, hungry, more importantly, his hustle muscle. And his family is rather wealthy, which is interesting because a lot of times I think it's the generation like, Oh, they’ve got a lot of money. He's a young kid. He's not going to do shit. But you just always can kind of tell sometimes when you see the kid, the sparkle in their eye. They have it. They’ve got it, and the goal is, I hope he keeps it, because that's always the next phase of that journey, keeping that hustle muscle intact, which brings me to the other side of this coin.

I have a fairly large media company. We have sales P. I mean, it's a big [company]. It's a real company, you know what I mean? It does eight figures a year. It's big and one day we'll get bigger and get to nine figures, but that's a whole different conversation. But there's a lot of hiring and firing that goes on. I'm not really involved in that anymore at this point in the business. I'm always interested in the sales side because sales drive all businesses if you know that or not. You should because it's the truth. [05:11.5]

But as I'm talking to you, what I’ve realized is that we had a guy come on board. He's an 18-year veteran in the industry. I was excited to work with them. I've known him. I’ve met him online. I've invested millions of dollars through him to buy traffic and different things he's sold before. And he took off a year, kind of embarked on a new journey of life and we ended up hiring him three days ago. His name, he will remain anonymous, but I was super optimistic. I still hold a little bit of optimism here, but it's not really optimistic. It's kind of wishing. But he’d come on board, onboarding him, got him with our COO, Colleen. She's amazing. She showed him how to get in the system, how to manage us. [06:07.2]

This guy, let me just put it in perspective, coming to work with us, he could literally 4, 5, maybe even 6X more money than at his biggest peak in his 18 years. He could do that in his first year with us, 4X minimum with what we do in our reach, and I'm talking real money, real mid-high six figures, hanging out, no office, simply making calls, connecting with people via email and text and just serving people.

Sure enough, I got a text this morning. I get this great message from Alex, this little shit, he's hustling his ass off, which I love, and then I get texts from my guy, sales manager guy. He was like, Yo, this guy kind of quit. I was like, What the fuck do you mean, “kind of quit”? What does that even mean? And he was like, He did quit. He said he didn't realize it was a full-time position. He didn't realize that he XYZ, but he said he'd be available in September. [07:11.8]

This is a lot of lying in this guy's brain to make him feel like he's a man because he's clearly not a fucking man. He's a and I'm being straight with you, it’s exactly how I feel, and if he was standing in front of me, I'd say the same exact thing. You guys have heard me talk about this on another show with the sales guys and I'm embarrassed. To be honest with you, I'm embarrassed as a man that these guys are even out in the fucking real world and I can’t believe they have a wife. I can't believe their kids look at them and think they're dad is cool.

It pisses me off, to be honest with you, because what's interesting is I don't think these guys understand they're just big posers. This guy, if you follow him online, you think he's big time. He's well-connected. He's got all this shit going on. But dude, I promise you, you don't have shit going on if you quit a job in three days that you committed to and you come up with some bullshit excuses. [08:05.0]

This is not a hard job, by the way, let me [say]. Where I come from, real work is not sitting around, hanging out in Palm beach, Fla., fucking texting and sending emails and calling people, making $500,000, $650,000, $750,000 a year, you know what I mean? So, when I hear this shit, it makes me angry and, again, at the end of the day, he can't control my anger, I can only control it, but we have two sides of this.

He clearly thinks. He's an18-year veteran. He clearly thinks that he's better than-- I don't know what he thinks. The truth is I don't give a fuck what he thinks because I don't want to think like that. That's the truth, but it's wild to me. I'm saddened by it because he’s a-- I always think it's the young guys. This guy is in his forties and Alex is a young twenties and this Alex kid is cranking. He's worth a million, a million-plus dollars, and this other guy is sitting around with his thumb up his ass, acting like he's doing something big in his life. [09:07.8]

I say that I'm thinking about the children, his two kids. His kids are looking at him. Daddy, you're so cool. Right? Every kid thinks their dad is cool. But rest assured, if you're a poser, you're all talk, no action, and you do all this shit, you talk all this shit, but you don't back anything up, your kids, they might love you, but they'll never fucking respect you. How could you respect someone that makes a commitment and bails so quickly? Because how you do one thing is how you do most, if not all things, I promise you that, and this dickwad sits here and not only, here's why I'm mad, he wastes my time. I have never even talked to him since he came on board, but he's wasted my time talking to my team about him. [09:58.5]

My team, my job as the leader is to protect my team's heart, thought process and all that internally, because people like this come in, they get everyone excited and then they bail quickly. That’s an issue and we have a real onboarding process. I mean, it's very intense. It takes a lot of manpower, a lot of man hours. When this happens, you know what? It deflates the team a little bit. But I just want you to know if you're an entrepreneur, you're not alone if you're dealing with this kind of shit. Secondly, if you're an entrepreneur and you're not where you want to be, it's only a matter of time if you keep your feet moving. You cannot fucking quit. You can't quit.

See, it's interesting. This guy I know, Jeremy, he's my boy now, my buddy, he literally back in the day when he was learning real estate, he thought, Dude, but everyone could do this. He's very isolated. He doesn't share his stuff because he's afraid people will take his information back in the day and go implement it. I'm like, Do you realize the gift that you have is grit, not quitting, being fucking diligent, doing what you say you're going to do? If you say, you do it, period. [11:14.4]

Folks, this is five percent of the world, if that. From my experience, most are talking shit. When you think you're competing against someone when you learn something or share something, the only thing is you're competing against yourself because no one is going to drive you harder than you.

The other side of this is I know entrepreneurs and I’ve worked with lots of entrepreneurs over the years, you guys understand we're wound pretty tight. We get anxious. We get some depression inside of that. The truth is, I believe the reason is—and I'm not a doctor, I'm not making any statements here, but I'm talking about my real life experience—what I always write down when I'm going through these situations is I’ve always got to fucking remember this, the other side of the coin, because what drives us nuts in our game and our day in our life drives us forward. [12:08.2]

It’s worth saying again. What drives us nuts as an entrepreneur drives us forward, why most people, they get a little anxious and they stop. They sit there and like, Dude, once I get done with this video game, I'm going to go start, do some marketing and make some money. Lazy fuckers never get off the video game console. All talk, no action. Their wives are out working and they're at home fucking playing. Ladies, if you're listening to my show ever and your man is at home playing video games, you’ve got to get fucking rid of this guy or have a real heart-to-heart conversation and break that thing in his face. This is silly. What are we doing with this world? Who in the world thinks this is normal? Are you a fucking child? [12:58.6]

And, guys, if you're listening to me and you're that fucking guy, shame on you. Step your shit up. I haven't played a video game I don't even know in how long, 25, 30 years. If that's what you enjoy once in a while, it is what it is, but, dude, if you don't have millions in the bank and your fucking spouse and family is not taken care of, and your house, you're sitting in a shitty rental, shitty car, shitty life, shitty financial situation, you're a fucking loser if you're doing that stuff. Every goddamn waking moment of your life, you’d better be fucking driving harder, get the money, get the opportunities and get the stuff done.

How embarrassing. You have to hang out with your fucking buddies, drinking beers. I see you fat fucks out there golfing every day. That's why I don't go golfing. Dude, it takes five hours of your life. You're out of shape. You can barely move, but you want to go golfing every goddamn day. I live in an amazing golf course community. I've been here five and a half months. I've gone for one, 13 holes, one day. Dude, I’ve got shit to do. [14:06.0]

And I'm not saying if you do this stuff like recreationally, these guys are doing it every day. They're getting blasted daily. They're hugely overweight, not all of them, but let's be honest, a lot of them. That's why they're playing golf. They're doing something. It’s a great way to make connections for business. Yo, dickwad, you're not making any money. What are you talking about business? If you're going to go do business, make some money, put something together, do something big in life.

I'm not yelling at you. I'm just talking about this. This is what goes through my crazy mind over here. I'm saddened by it because I know a lot of these guys are fucking good smart dudes. When I say guys, I'm talking guys, gals, everybody, but I don't see many overweight women out there golfing every day like these guys. Why? And, by the way, there are guys out here golfing daily while their wives are at fucking work. Their kids, who knows where these shitheads are? Playing around, terrorizing the neighborhood, whatever. [15:08.5]

It's very selfish in my mind. Again, I'm not judging. I'm just talking to me. I would never ever do it. I'd be sitting down with my wife and saying, Hey, honey, you're pursuing your goals. You're pursuing your dreams. What do you want to do? How do I retire you? How do I get you to sit back? And we can do whatever we want whenever we want. But now these guys want to hang out, minimize their life, make their wife go to work. Not make them, but pretty much make them. If the wife doesn't work, they might not be able to pay their bills kind of thing. It's embarrassing. If this is you guys listening to me, the people I'm painting the picture, heaven forbid, I hope it's not, because, guys, life is so short and so fragile. [15:57.0]

While all this was going on, right before I got on this podcast show, I got a message from my little buddy, from his mother, to be honest. He’s on his last leg literally of his life at the ripe old age of 13. He can barely talk, can't put sentences together. The end is near. He'd fucking cut his left arm off to be in a situation where he could be 35 years old and have an opportunity like what we're talking about literally, to have health, to have another day, a healthy day. He can't even walk, can't even barely talk. This is all about contrast, understanding you're fucking pissing your hours away, your minutes away, your opportunities away.

If you have the hustle muscle, opportunities are fucking galore everywhere. Everywhere. You’ve got to stick in the fight. You’ve got to get dirty. You’ve got to get pissed. You’ve got to realize you're in charge of this. You. Not your fucking mom, not your grandma, not what grandma, dad, daddy's dad said to you or whatever the bullshit making excuses you make. You. [17:15.7]

Until you get angry, nothing is going to change. Same bullshit lies you keep telling yourself over and over and over, just like this dickhead did with us three days deep and you quit. You don't even know what you're doing in three days. He's a fucking quitter. I'm embarrassed to even say I know this guy.

Folks, if you don't get and if you don't sit there and get mad, by the way, use it as fuel. I hope you want to punch me in the face because I'm talking to you. I hope you want to kick me in the nuts because I'm talking to you. That means you're fucking listening and you're going to do something about it. Shit, if you did hit me in the face, at least you fucking committed to something and you did it, because most of the shit, you're not doing. [18:04.8]

I care about you guys so much, I'm telling you straight, real shit talk to help you. I don't need you. I don't want you. I have nothing to get from you. I want to help you understand that things are not rainbows and unicorns every day. Fuck, very often it's never even rainbows and unicorns. We get shit on 24/7. I want to stop every hour, every minute, every second, oftentimes. I’ve got lawyers hitting me up. I’ve got salespeople quitting. I’ve got teams happening. I’ve got emotional things. Folks, I can't quit. Why would I quit? What am I going to quit and do? How could you quit and go look at your family and say, I gave it my all? You're always doing it all. You're always succeeding at next levels. You're always evolving and becoming bigger and better, and stronger and faster, and more profitable and understanding financial literacy at another level. It never ends. [19:10.0]

Again, back to what I said earlier, what drives us nuts about being an entrepreneur drives us forward. I talk to guys and they're like, Dude, and I'm talking guys that have $20, $30 million in the bank minimum, some of them less, some of them a lot more. No, dude, I'm stressed. I want to grow. I don't know why. I'm like, I fucking know why, because you know what's on the other side of that, lazy, complacency, quitting, procrastination, unfulfillment. Unfulfillment.

Folks, fear is either going to drive you or hurt you. I'm in situations every goddamn day that I have no fucking clue what's going to happen, every day. I'm making big investments. They could go to zero. I'm making big moves and hiring people. They could quit or I could fire them. I’ve invested massive amounts of resources. People tell you making business decisions is easy every day. They're fucking, number one, not making business decisions and they're lying to you, trying to get your money, and they clearly don't have a business. [20:22.3]

If you're willing to work and build your hustle muscle, I’m telling you, the opportunities are endless. If you don't have the amount of money in your bank account that you want, but your hustle muscle is intact and for real hustle muscle, not some bull. Dude, I’ve got to hustle muscle. Oh, yeah, I'll be back. I'm going to work tomorrow because my friends are going out tonight and we're going to hook up today at two o'clock and have a couple of beers. You're a fucking liar.

But if you have the real hustle muscle, your hustle and your dollars haven't made up to count up to each other, they will soon enough. Stay in the fight. Take the fucking punches, punch back, kickback, bite, scratch, poke the fucker’s eyeballs out, whatever you’ve got to do. Stay in the game. You will be where you want to be and beyond. [21:09.0]

I don't know what's going on with this world, but there are a lot of fucking pussies out there that are out there acting like they're big dogs. They couldn't hold a wick to anybody I know. They would get their shit smashed. I don't care what they look like. I don't care what they sell online. I'm talking real fucking results. I'm talking like you put your money where your mouth is kind of results. I'm talking you put your efforts where your mouth is kind of results. I'm talking when shit hits the fan, you showing up even when you don't want to show up kind of results. This is the cadence that you will have to do to really grow something really, really special

I know people might tell you otherwise. Wake up and everything is so easy and it's okay, there's balance in life. The fuck there is. Balance? Say fucking gymnastics. Where am I balancing on a balance beam, trying to stand up? Dude, you're on the balancing beam getting jousted by 14 people 37 times a day. Sometimes you just want to, dude, just let me get to bed and wake up tomorrow, please. No broken bones, no bankrupt accounts. Just let me get back and let me get up and fight out another day. [22:25.4]

That's real life. Depending how long you're in the game, the truth is this starts getting a little bit easier as we evolve, as we get bigger, as we develop, because we've put in the work, we've built our hustle muscle. Again, hustle muscle, think of you going to the gym today and you grabbing, you putting on, say you're bench pressing and you bench your normal. You haven't benched in 10 years and it's like you've got to warm up with 180 or 150, whatever you warm up with, but you walk in and you're like, Put 300 on that, I'm doing it. [22:58.8]

No, you're not, because you haven't built up the muscles to be able to do it today. Maybe used to be able to do it, but you've taken off for 10 years and now you're going to hurt yourself, and if you could even do it. So, you've got to build it up through repetition. Show up to the gym every day, every single day, 180, 185, 190, 195. Oh, shit, going backwards, 180, I feel a little weak today. Boom, boom, boom. Maybe in two, three, four, five, 10 years, who knows how long it would take, you'll be up to that 300-plus if that's your goal.

I'm talking in hustle muscle terms, by the way. You don't have to tell me about hustle. I know about it because I love it. It's my cadence. It's how I tick. I'm oftentimes very silent because I'm looking to take you down by the fucking knees and attack. It's over for you if you're competing against me. [24:00.8]

The truth is I don't even fucking see you, to be honest. That's the truth. I'm too busy dealing with real life sit going on in my companies and my life and business. I'd rather spend time focusing on my children, watching them grow up, than worry about some douchebag down the street that's act like they're going to take my game over. You can't do it. This is hard-hitting shit today, guys. I'm sorry. No, I'm not. I'm actually not sorry. This is real talk. This is real.

Then today I have a call at two o'clock with 40 guys that pay me 35,000 fucking dollars a year to help make them better human beings, and they all are, which is amazing, and if you follow me, you know these guys. They're part of the DM Family, but we're talking about big shit. What's that big shit? Glad you asked. Inflation. Pivoting. Evolving. Creating multiple streams of revenue. What to grow, what to shrink. Why. When to sell all your assets, and why or why not. [25:10.5]

And I bring on a high-level guy that manages billions of dollars, so he kind of has an inside track on entrepreneurs, by the way, an inside track of what people are doing at different levels to protect their growth, to gain more insight. People pay for fucking results with me. More importantly, I get them results. You make an investment in me, you're getting fucking results if you do the work. See, the hustle muscle is real.

It drives me nuts, having this inside of me oftentimes. When I walk into businesses, I see the flaws. I see the opportunities. I see all the money that can be made with a couple of tweaks while most people are like, Dude, oh, yeah, look at those chips. Man, I’ve got some chips and salsa, if I’m at the Mexican restaurant I'm talking. [26:03.6]

A Mexican restaurant should be at every corner and every street. It's amazing, the one that we go to. Limited beliefs, limited growth. They’ve got to be there. Mom and Pop, yeah. They're busting their ass, though, thank God. I'd rather see that than them sitting at home talking about it. They're actually doing something about it. They have hustle muscle.

Hustle muscle must evolve, though. Just because you’re a Mom and Pop doesn't mean you can't become mainstream, massive, larger than anything you've ever thought was possible, but you’ve got to be aware. You’ve got to be thinking about growth, and I'm not talking you have to go from zero to a thousand stores tomorrow, but, dude, you're either growing or shrinking. Don't think like, Man, maybe they don't want to grow. Bullshit. Everyone wants to fucking grow. Most people just aren't willing to do what it takes to grow. Do you want your money to grow? Do you want your health to grow and get better and stronger, and in better shape? [27:07.5]

The older you get, the more you want to grow your physical abilities. I don't know about you, but I want to grow my financial wealth. I want to grow my physical abilities as I get older. I want to grow my connections. I want to grow my relationships with my wife and my kids. I want to grow it with my family members, the people I care about, the people I love the most. When people tell me they don't want to grow, it's because they fucking quit. That's a copout. You have to understand you're either growing or shrinking. There is no in-between.

Listen, I'm not saying there are not times when you need to shrink. Take two steps back, if you will, just take 10 steps forward. Sometimes you need to shrink, cut fat, do whatever, but you’ve got to have a grand vision of what this looks like and why you're doing certain things, not like, I'm having a bad day. I’ve got to just cut and quit. [28:02.4]

See, this guy, the sales guy that has no hustle muscle at all, all he had to do was to call and talk about what his fears were. He's clearly scared because what's going to happen is he has realized you can talk to people all day long. Dude, he showed us his W-2, what he made, and I'm like, my team did, Dude, you realize that you're going to 4X minimum with our company, right? Look, I mean, that's what I’ve always wanted to do. I want to make lots more money.

That's what everyone says. Never had someone say, I want to make less. But then when the rubber meets the road and he sees what really is going to happen, they get scared or uncomfortable, or both, and they fight or flight. This fucker [chose] flight. He flew. The pussy didn't even call. He emailed. Shameful, embarrassing. His kids will know. His kids already do know. His wife knows. Embarrassing. [29:06.3]

I talked last week about how death motivates me. Another thing that motivates the shit out of me is being a pussy in front of my spouse, being a pussy in front of my kids, and more importantly, being pussy to myself. I'm serious. It motivates the shit out of me. I'm going to quit? I don't quit. I will quit the day I'm fucking six feet under the ground, and the truth is I won't even quit then, because my fiduciary, my teams, my vision, growth plans and all the other stuff will carry on while I'm dead, fucking still driving people nuts, growing, expanding, pushing, giving more to charities, helping the family grow. Dude, I'm not stopping. Too many of you are so busy talking about it, you don't have enough time to actually do it. [30:00.5]

I want you to know if you're still here, I respect the shit out of you. You're my fucking dude or you're my gal because this shit ain't for everybody. It really is not. See, I'm a real entrepreneur. I’ve shared with you, I was an entrepreneur, first of all, I didn’t even know how to spell it. Secondly, I didn't even know what it meant, except I worked my ass off every day since I was young, young, young, young kid, six years old. I was hustling shit, entrepreneur, trying to figure out how to get people to do shit I didn't want to do, pay them through profits, pay them through activities, not because I was better than them, not because I was lazy, but because I was trying to be fucking efficient. I was trying to do more. It’s this sit that keeps me up all night, the shit that gets me up at 4:00 a.m., in the morning or whatever. I can't sleep. I don't want to sleep. You have to, though, unfortunately, or fortunately. [31:00.0]

Folks, we're not here forever, but what drives you? I want to be stupid filthy rich. I share it all the time. It's not a secret. Not because I'm greedy. Not because I'm a selfish bastard. It’s because it’s actually the opposite. It’s because I want to give more. I want to help more employees. I want to help more team members. I want to help more people, clients that work with us that make fuckshit tons of money.

Man, I’m cussing a lot today. It must mean I'm excited. But I'm telling you too many of you are talking about the wrong stuff. Too many of you are quitting when you're right there, when opportunity is right in your face. If you're still sticking with me, if you're still chugging along in your business, your life, more importantly, your hustle muscle is on, intact, just know your time is coming. You will be madly successful. It's impossible not to be. Impossible not to be, if you're a fucking real hustler. [32:02.2]

I'm not talking where you wake up and you have to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and do nothing. Everyone hustles differently. Truth is, in the beginning, the hustle looks way different than it does right now for me. I’ve been 25 years deep in real business life. It's a different type of hustle now. My hustle is emotional warfare, team leadership. My hustle is different, so we have to evolve.

But in the beginning, you're in the fucking ring with Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and you're getting punched from both sides. The question is, who's going to keep punching? More importantly, who's going to keep getting up? It's not always easy, but the truth is, you won't murder those fuckers down, you'll wear most people around you down. They'll tap out. They'll quit. You will not quit. Successful people don't quit on their vision. You can't give up. You might have to edit it. You might have to adjust. You might have to zig and zag and pivot, but you don't fucking quit, ever. Ever. [33:14.4]

This is something you share with your kids. You don't have to share with them. When I say “share”, I'm saying they’re watching you. They know quitters. They know bullshit talkers. In my house, it's not do as I say, not as I do. Bullshit. How can you tell your kid?

Let's say, this guy that just quit with us. How could you tell your kid—they're like, Daddy, Daddy, I hate basketball, I want to quit—Son, we don't quit in this family. Daddy, bullshit, you're a fucking quitter on everything you do. How's that going to go off for the kid? As opposed to the kid starts crying, throws a temper tantrum, and the guy is like, Yeah, man, I’m teaching them good lessons, man, teaching them good lessons. No, what you're doing is you're actually fucking them up even more because he watches his dad that he loves the death, thinks he's Superman, lie to him, because he knows his dad is a fucking quitter. [34:08.3]

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I want to stop cheerleading.

Honey, you made a commitment three days ago. You can't stop now.

But, Mommy, you've never had a job because every time you get one, you quit and you always blame them, not you.

Honey, do as I say, not as I do, but you know it's their fault, not my fault.

Yes, it's kind of fucking comical, but true. I just want the best for you. If you're a real hustler and I know hustlers out there like, Dude, I'm the hustler, man. I’ve got family time and this. I'm not saying that. Dude, I hustle my family. I hustle my businesses. I hustle my personal life. You don't understand what hustle really means if you're saying bullshit like that. You're trying to figure out how to not do hustle work.

You'll never meet someone that's madly successful in life and business, etc., that talks about balance, that talks about like, Dude, I don't hustle, I don't do shit. Man, I just sit around and do nothing. No, you don't. It's just a different hustle. [35:13.5]

I hustle hard with my kids. Dude, I was up at-- Again, I'm editing a book right now, The ME Economy. By the way, it comes out at the end of May. You fuckers all had better buy it. You should please buy the book. But it's going to be a banger. It's going to be amazing. Not because I wrote it, but because its message is powerful. If I will have written it or not, I’ll tell you it's amazing. I want to make it better.

The truth is and this is a true story, back to this fucking hustle muscle, I'm up at 4:00 a.m. I can't even sleep right now, going to bed at midnight because I'm stressing about this book, getting up at 4:00 a.m. because I'm stressing about this book. I want it to be the best. I want it to be fucking impactful. I want it to change people's lives and I make fucking zero on it. I give all the money to charity. But when you're a hustler, you want the best. [36:03.4]

Again, I don't want this to ever leave me. I don't like it all the time, but without this, I'm probably not where I'm at in my life. You follow me? I'm a hustler. I want the best. I always want to be better. Dude, I can be on stage in front of a million people and I get off. I’m like, Fuck, I could have said this, I could have done this. When I hang this up, when I get done with this podcast show, I sit down and write notes on two pages of what I could say. One of the first things I'm going to say today is don't cuss as much, two, be a little bit more clear, three, get to the point, four … That's how my brain thinks, how to improve constantly.

My hustle muscle is to improve, grow, expand, become a better person, drive this thing bigger. I don't want it to leave. It frustrates the shit out of me and I know, I talk to all you entrepreneurs, it frustrates you, too, but just stop for a minute and be grateful that you have it. You have something inside of you that you know it's unsettled. There's more out there. [37:10.6]

And it's not just about money. It's about you becoming better, you evolving and you seeing what you're capable of. It's very powerful. I truly believe I'm at 0.3% of where I could be and will be 10 years from now. 1% better a day, that's all I'm shooting for. My schedules are stacked right now. I’ve got about a month before I head back to Ohio. I'm hustling to do that. I’ve got a speech I’ve got to speak in front of 600 people with my boy, Sean Whelan’s event, Lions Not Sheep. I'm nervous. I'm scared. I'm not scared about me getting up there. I'm scared about letting them down. Where's the pride anymore? You’ve got to be proud. [38:00.0]

When I get off that stage, I'm going to be pissed that I didn't say this or that, or mad because I didn't hit this point harder. I’m going to be upset that this didn't happen, but this happened. But I’ll be very grateful for that at the opportunity, but it's driving me nuts, taking me, like I’ve known about for about 60 days that I'm going to speak there. Every day I'm trying to think how to change someone's life in that room, how to make sure my message is connecting with the audience, how not to let Sean down, his people down, his tribe. This is the shit that will drive you, but it's also the shit that will drive you forward.

You're an amazing human being if you have the hustle muscle, the real hustle muscle. You can change your world first and foremost, as well as you'll change everyone else's world around you. Everyone talks about haters. I don't even hear them. I'm so busy hustling on me, growing, expanding, driving. I don't need a hater to drive me. I’ve already got drive, even though I do love haters because that drives me more. [39:07.7]

Everyone gets driven by different shit. I don't want to disappoint. I don't want to let you down. So, I show up and do these shows, for my kids, first and foremost, so they hear kind of how Daddy thinks when they get older. Maybe at seven years old, they can hear these cuss words. I’m joking. But when they get older, right? Adulthood. They're struggling.

Dad, I'm a hustler.

No, you're not. Listen to this. Listen to Show 63, son, 62, whatever show this is. Do you have the hustle muscle?

That'll kick you in the balls, or my daughter maybe, who knows? But today I'm worried about you, focused on you. Time is now. If you have an inkling of hustle, people are fucking complacent, ignorant. They’ve got their heads so far up their asses, each other's asses, they don't even know what's going on. [40:07.8]

This is your time to execute and get more opportunities and money flying at you than you've ever thought was possible. Trust me, I know. I’ll be sharing some details about something I'm working on and I’ve got millions of dollars of money coming in to back it up. Not some bullshit, Oh, man, a thousand dollars, it's amazing.

I'm telling you, it's now, and if not now, when? There's never a perfect time. I'm looking out the window now. It's a beautiful day, a little warmer, but the stars aren't aligning, they never will when you need them to align. It's now. I want you to realize you're at the right place at the right time.

If you're still here 40-something minutes later, you might be shaking with anxiety, excitement, or you're pissed off or everything in between, but know that you're listening to this still because you're being tapped on the fucking shoulder. You're being punched in the soul. [41:14.2]

You know you have a lot left in the tank. You're not pushing it to the level you can that you're capable of. You know when you say you're hustling, you're sort of bullshitting a little bit. You know that if you're still poking, if you're still listening, you know damn well that you're just getting started. You know you don't know everything. You know you're just on a journey of life to evolve and grow, and learn and grow. That's why you're here, learning.

I do the same shit, by the way. I'm listening to podcasts daily. I'm listening to audiobooks daily. I'm connecting with high-level people daily and all types of people daily. I appreciate you. I genuinely do. If you're still here, today's show is hard. It's a hard pill to swallow, but it's a real pill and you don't even have to swallow this pill if you're a real hustler, because you already know this shit is true. [42:15.6]

I challenge you to push the boundaries. Your brain is telling you to slow down or protect. Your brain is lying to you. Your brain is only capable of what you've put into it to share with you. Just remember one step at a time. I'm not trying to say go from zero to a thousand tomorrow. Picture that Mexican restaurant has one shop there. I'm not saying go from one to a thousand, but start acting like you're building something bigger, not act, but start building something bigger than one shop, one piece. You have to diversify. You have to evolve. You have to grow. You have to hire great people. You have to put people on the team. You have to lead the pack, and it's your time. If not now, then when? [43:05.0]

You talk about it. You read about it. You hear about it. The only difference is, listen, you're creating your story where people are going to fucking read your story. You're inspiring people and you don't even know it. Talked about it on another show. They're watching. The question is, are you doing?

Hope you guys keep me posted with your progress. The show is real. I'm psyched. I’ve got another big call here in about two minutes, so I’ve got to go. I appreciate you guys being here. Again, follow me on IG @MarkEvansDM, and if this show has helped you in any way, shape or form, please share it. Let me know. Shoot me a message on Instagram. I will personally follow up, not an assistant, not some bozo clown that acts like me. It's me. If you get a response from me on IG or Facebook, it’s me, no one else, because it matters to me. It's not scalable, but it's what I fucking care about. I don't care if it's scalable. [44:05.2]

Guys, with that said, make today count. Thinking about you. More importantly, I'm rooting for you, so keep me posted. All right, got to go. Peace.

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