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Email is one of the most wasted assets entrepreneurs have access to. Would you send more emails if they could generate millions of dollars for your business?

Of course you would!

But most people don’t understand email marketing. A quarterly “newsletter” full of beautiful designs doesn’t cut it because it’s boring and nobody reads it.

Becoming better at email marketing isn’t hard, once you understand how it works. Be personable, consistent, and provide value then the rest will fall in place.

In this episode, I reveal how email marketing is your secret weapon for generating more sales, getting a “pulse” on your market, and producing the biggest return-on-effort.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How simple, plain-text emails to a small list can generate so much interest your phones start melting (2:18)
  • Why you don't need to have perfect grammar or fancy designs to send emails that produce millions of dollars (5:05)
  • How your dog can help you write emails that rake in oodles of moolah (7:18)
  • Why your small email list is more valuable than 100k+ followers on social media (9:20)
  • Why email marketing is at least 20x more effective than social media (even if you have more followers on social media) (13:21)
  • The “10-Minute Workday Method” that generates tens of thousands of dollars (23:16)
  • How to use “Secret Agent Emails” that allow you to spy on your prospects and uncover their deepest, darkest secrets (37:12)
  • Why anti-professional emails riddled with misspellings and slang work better than ultra-professional emails (38:03)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” Can you really make millions of dollars simply sending emails? This show is going to share with you something magical that truly can transform your business and get money rolling in. So, with that said, let's get started.

Mark: Welcome to the making of a DM. What's up, everybody? It's your boy, Mark Evans DM here. Tactical Tuesday. That's right. I was walking today. I thought about you guys, as I always do, thinking about how to help. A lot of cool stuff here today. We're going to be sharing today what's going on. Can you really make millions of dollars simply sending emails? Tactical Tuesday, let's go. [01:10.6]

Today is the day. A lot of cool stuff going on today's show. If you guys pay attention to this and write down and, more importantly, implement, you're going to see some results, 100 percent guaranteed. You'll get results, 100 percent. The show will change your life. I guarantee it. Can you really make millions of dollars simply sending emails? I want you to just think about this for a moment. Don't shut your eyes if you're driving, but just picture this because this is going to sound so unreal.

In 2005, actually early-2006, I'm sitting in South Beach, Fla. I'm on the interweb. This is when you had to plug it in actually. We didn't have the… This was old-school days and I was sitting there thinking. I was like, I'm going to send out an email. I had a small list, about 800 people that had come to me and talked to me like, Hey, man, I want to buy a house one day. I've had all these emails. I've never done anything with them, ever. [02:05.0]

I stuck them into a database. I put them in there. I had my assistant put them in an Excel sheet and I stuck them into an email platform, like GetResponse or something of that nature. I don't remember back then what it was. I sent a simple email out to them and I’ll share that email here with you later today because it's kind of not the story here. But I sent the email. I shut my computer. I’ve got to the beach with my wife and we were just hanging out. This was flip phone days.

My assistant calls me. She's like, What the hell did you just do? And I'm like, What are you talking about? This is 30 minutes later. I was like, What are you talking about? She's like, Mark, the phones are melting in the office. No one's here yet. I don't know what you did. I'm answering the phone as fast as I can, but tell me what you said or did.

I was like, I don't… Again, it wasn't material. I didn't understand what she was talking about, so I was like, Katie, what are you talking about? and I was like, What do they want? What's going on? [03:01.5]

She's like, They're saying they want to buy a house.

I was like, Okay, that's what we do. We buy and sell houses every day. Do you have their name? Do you have their number? How much do they have? Blah, blah, blah, blah, basic qualifying.

She's like, Mark, I don't think you understand. We have eight phone lines that are all lit up. I can't stop. The phones are not stopping. Keep in mind, this was only a small list of 800 people.

I was like, Okay… Again, I'm still not connecting the dots and I was like, Did we run marketing? Did we send and sign? What do we do differently? Then all of a sudden Deena is like, Didn't you send an email to your list? and I was like, Uh, yeah, but, guys, keep in mind. I just didn't put my phone number in there or anything. It just wasn’t in there. When you stick it in the database actually back in the old days, it had my footer, my name, my phone number, office address, basic stuff, kind of like an email does. I was like, Katie, let me see something.

I run up to the condo where we're staying out of the Decoplage. I run up there and I open up my computer and literally had 120 something responses within…this is an hour, hour and a half max at this point. Not only that, the phones were blown up and I said, Oh my God. [04:15.9]

Literally, people are like, Mark, sell me this house. Mark, I need this house. Mark, I have money, or you get other emails and say, F you, scam artists, blah, blah, blah, too. You're going to have that in the mix, right? Literally, that moment, I'm getting goosebumps even talking about it, that moment I was like, I think I'm onto something.

So, can you send emails and really make millions of dollars? The answer is absolutely yes. I've sold many hundred over a hundred million dollars in real estate and stuff and transactions. Gross numbers, by the way, not net profits in real estate, simply sending emails, and I'm talking I’ve bought products sending emails, I’ve sold products sending emails and everything in between, and you could do this in many, many different levels. I don't care if you have two people on a list or 2 million people on a list. Sending emails, if you send the right emails and what to send and set and all that 100 percent can generate millions of dollars. [05:10.9]

At that moment, what I did was we had to corral the sales team because, again, keep in mind, this was early. The sales team gets in there. You know they roll in at 10 o'clock because they worked so hard, but they roll on at 10:00 AM. I had to get on the phone and do a conference call with them and tell them what happened, kind of my thought process behind it, and all I did was to simply say, Hey, guys, are you still buying properties in Columbus or something? It was a very, very simple email and people were going crazy. Again, grammar was terrible. I had terrible spacing. It's just the thought and the intention, more importantly, the action of me sending out that email to that smallest of people really lit a fire under them to get them to respond.

So, I started digging deeper. Keep in mind, though, let me step back a little bit. I've invested now over a million dollars, just learning copywriting. I've gone to many, many, many seminars across the country at this point to learn about how to get people to respond, because I spent tens of thousands of dollars a month on direct mail. [06:04.5]

Direct mail is amazing, by the way. I still utilize it. I love direct mail. Good, direct mail I love and it works. You send out 10,000 postcards. You get X percentage response and you convert X percentage on top of that. That's KPI management, a whole different conversation on another tactical Tuesday.

But what I discovered is emailing is such a simple, non-friction email process. It's not intrusive. People can delete it. People can respond at their convenience. Not everyone is going to respond. Your open rates are not going to be crazy all the time, but if you can average a 10 percent-plus response open rate, if not more. The smaller the list, the bigger that percentage is because they know you’re at a different level, but as you're starting to build, we can average 10 to 20 percent pretty consistently with good subject lines and good copy.

Then, again, let me just throw this warning out here. Do not be a whore. Do not be an email whore, meaning you're sending emails out only to sell people stuff. That's not the intention of this conversation. The intention is that you can make millions of dollars, but don't be a douche about it. [07:07.8]

Be very professional and clean about it. You can do it in a way that's very tactful and clean, and just high-level professionalism. Have fun with it. Put your personality in it. I know a guy that actually emails from his dog and he crushes it. He generates many millions of dollars by doing that because it has a personality to it. It's kind of a fun thing. Obviously, they clearly know the dog is not sending the email, even though they could push send.

But this is the way I was able to travel the world for seven years. This is when it all started clicking for me, when I was like, Holy shit, I can send an email. Yes, send an email from anywhere in the world. Anywhere. I can send an email and I can generate leads and sales to create revenue without killing myself.

See, again, that’s the mule because I talked about this in the Magician vs. Mule. As the mule, I couldn't even see that. I didn't even know there was an easier path to revenue and that's the truth. All of you watching me are working too hard. I promise you that. I still work too hard sometimes because I get caught up in the grind. I get caught up in the weeds. [08:16.1]

When you get caught up in the weeds, you can't see it. It's kind of like those corn mazes, if you will. When you're in a corn maze, you're going to laugh, right? You can't see the full picture. I kind of have to step up on top and say, Go left 300 feet. Go right 220 feet. Go back. When you're on top and you can see down, it's so much easier to see the destination. With email marketing, what I realized, and, again, by the way, I spent about $700,000 a month on email marketing as of today, still today, per month, monthly, and because it works. You're not spending that kind of money if it doesn't work. In my real estate company, when we were really cranking it up on the turnkey side, we were spending about 100,000 to 150,000 a month, simply on email marketing only. That does not count direct mail. That doesn't count text broadcasting and everything else that exists. I'm talking strictly on email marketing. [09:05.5]

What was always interesting to me, a lot of people always try to copy everyone. Definitely, there's a lot of turnkey operations that came through my funnel that I helped grow and I was like, Yo, this is how we're doing it. We showed them the path, but they never had the balls to step up and invest in email marketing.

Email marketing is, by far, I think probably “the” most undervalued asset that you have access to right now. As of right now today. The problem is we're so accustomed to when we get an email and it's from mom, dad, cousin, brother, employee or whatever, we just respond. You're not doing anything to stimulate, to create, to extract.

By the way, I don't care what product you sell. It could be a pen. It could be a pen, for God's sakes. I've talked about watches and hats and cars and stuff. If people would put me on an email list that's selling bad-ass houses, cars and watches for discount prices or just stimulate activity, maybe I just sold something and I just popped $5 million in my bank account extra that’s kind of a windfall, and if I’ve got that email at the right time, I might just buy on instinct. [10:12.2]

See, I'm an instinct buyer. I don't know about you, but I buy a lot of stuff. I've spent millions of dollars on instinct and many people do. I know this to be true because I'm receiving some of those millions of dollars every year from people that buy on instinct. I promise you, yes, 100 percent buy stuff from emails. I know you do. We all do. That's why email marketing works. You’ve got to be thinking, when you're doing these actions, ask yourself, how can you plug this into your system? How can you plug this into start extracting?

I don't know what to say, though, Mark. Of course, you do. You just haven't thought about it yet. You’ve got to put some time and energy into it. You know what to say. I mean, if you want to break it down the ultra-super simple, let's say if I'm selling…I’ll just use houses because that's what we do every day, but I could send a simple email. It's like, Hey, are you still buying in Columbus, Ohio? If so, let me know. Send. [11:06.5]

Then what happens is you send that to one person or two million people, you're going to get responses as you do this more and more. What that does is, again, you're not selling a house in the email. By the way, this is the biggest mistake I see everyone make in marketing. Your job is not to sell the product in an email, in a direct mail campaign, in a text broadcast and a voice broadcast. Your job is to simply create conversation to get them on the phone with your team, extract them, conversate and close the deal via phone or in person. That's your job.

By the way, if you have a restaurant, let's say if your restaurant is dying every day—unfortunately, right now with what's going on, this is happening a lot more—but, let's say, when things are pumping, let's say Tuesdays between two o'clock and six o'clock, the place is kind of dead. It's kind of like your numbers are down drastically. You understand you could email your users that come into your facility and create a funding experience for them to come into your restaurant for a special discount or special gift, or a special something. It’s like, Hey, John. [12:10.4]

And don't just do it once. This is repetition. You’ve got to do it consistently. You constantly consistently put people in front of you, and the more people you do, the more marketing you're doing, the more people are going to start showing up and you start creating a little conversation with them via email, almost like you know what they're up to.

Hey, if you ever get tired on Tuesday at two o'clock, over at Johnny's pub we have a great deal on finger food and beer and blah, blah, blah, whatever. Or, Hey, did you know if you're big into cards, we have a little card game going on every day, Tuesday at 2:00 PM. Come on in with your buddy, bring a friend and I’ll give you a free beer, or whatever you can say or do. These are the things you need to be thinking about. Again, with the copywriting, this is something you need to start learning more and more about, understand how copy hooks you in.

I know a lot of you guys, you think email is dead? You think email is dead, right? A lot of people think email is dead. Here's the way email is not dead. Every time you buy something online or even go to the stores today, they're going to say, Hey, would you like your receipt sent via email or text? [13:17.1]

You understand how many people get sent email? A hundred percent online. Social media is so big, Mark. You don't understand, I'm on social. I get it, but you don't own social media. You know that, right? You don't own the social media handle. You understand social media could shut down and your business is done. I've seen it happen many times. Your job on social media is to extract eyeballs, get eyeballs on your stuff and then ask them for their email address, so you can start conversating with them on “your” platform.

The cool thing about email is, once they're in your system, you own them, if you will. If they're on a social media platform, the social media platform owns them. Literally, you could have 5 million people on social media crushing and making millions of dollars a year. They shut you down. You're done, period, because you didn't set it up right If you’re constantly saying, Hey, give me your email. Give me your email. Give me your email. Get on my list. Get on my list. Get this free report, whatever you say, or, Hey, get this discount code, get this. [14:12.1]

However, you need to take your eyeballs from social, extract them into your email platform and then start emailing them. Be cool about it. Let them know what's up. Let them know about you. If I asked your clients, Yo, what do you know about Steve Johnson? and they're like, I-I-I-I just bought a house from him. That's all I know. That's bad because now your competitors can easily gobble that person up. But if you say, Hey, what's up with Steve Johnson? Oh, dude, he has two kids. He has a five-year-old. He's a one-year-old. He's an amazing dad. He's a great husband. He loves his lawn looking amazing. He lives in Ohio and Florida all the time, blah, blah, blah. The more they know about you, the more opportunities there are for you to connect with them.

That's why I love email marketing, and I see every single one of you doing it wrong in the real estate space specifically, where all you're doing is email whoring it out. Hey, buy my house, three bed, two bath. Make offer, highest the best. Call now. Dude, seriously, that's all you’ve got? [15:05.3]

Again, the problem is, the problem is even that shitty content works when it's hot, you know what I mean? Louis, “Mark, is college worth it for finance?” No. That's my opinion, but don't listen to me. But when you're sending an email, be cool about it. You’ve got to understand who you're sending the email to.

See, what I really clearly understood is who my avatar was. Who was I talking to? What are their pain points? What do they need help with? How could I solve their problem? My guys were in turnkey. They have money. That's check, right? They have cash they have to deploy. They want cash flow passively without going out and doing the direct mail, finding the property, walking shitty houses, rehabbing the houses, finding management, blah, blah, blah. That's a problem, by the way, but that's what our company did. Then what we would do is sell them on greed.

People are greedy. You and I are greedy. That's what drives us. That's what gets us excited as business people. We're greedy. You can say whatever you want. The fact is you're greedy and that's what. Greed glands get going. You get all excited. You get delusional and you buy. You execute. [16:10.2]

There's nothing wrong with this, by the way. It's just understanding human behavior. What we would do is, instead of sending an email, Buy property now, or whatever bullshit people say, it's to say, Hey, three bed, two bath, West side, 23 percent net ROI, and then, boom, that's the subject line. Boom, then they go in. Then, again, you could play around with pictures or no pictures. You can play around with the exact address or no address. You can play around with zip codes or no zip codes. You can play around with is this a rehab? Is this a turnkey? Is this already done or not done? What do they need to do? And, remember, always sell the greed. That's what people want. They want to know what's in it for them, not you. Not you. What's in it for them?

When you start doing this, you start really creating exciting people. You will get this. If you stay consistent with email marketing, 100 percent will get this. You're going to get people messaging you privately like, Yo, dude, please do not send any emails out on the deal. Send to me first. I have the money. I'm ready to close. If it's a deal, I’ll buy. No questions asked, I'm in. [17:13.1]

Then you start creating this urgency factor and you need urgency to sell. You need the urgency to get people off the fence. You start creating this massive buildup of energy and urgency and, before you know it, you have a pipeline so hot of real buyers. Again, I don't care if this is on pens.

Let's say, it’s this pen. I’ve got DM pens, right? Let's say, this pen company emails me right now, my assistant, Just bought a bunch more pens, but they email us and say, Hey, we just got an overstock of black pens, blue point blah, blah, blah, and right now, today if you order 3,000 pens or 5,000, whatever the number is today, we're going to give you free shipping. Dude, she's going to do it because we need pens. Same thing with hats or shirts or whatever. I don't see anybody doing this right. Very few people do it. Right? And when you do it right, you can generate many millions of dollars. [18:02.7]

By the way, it doesn't even have to be your own product. There's a world that exists out there called affiliate marketing. I don't go down that rabbit hole, but affiliate marketing. You could send other people's products out and get a percentage of the sale to your tribe, to your database. Gets more advanced further down the road, but let's stick to the basic topic of send an email to your list.

Send an email to your people that you've met at networking events, people that follow you online. Start extracting people from online that follow you like, Hey, John, my boy, Matt, does a great thing called Freebie Fridays. He gets a lot of emails by sharing great Freebie Friday stuff. I do it by simply just asking people for their email address so I can get them on the 4:44 club. There's all kinds of things that you can.

The truth is I'm not even doing it enough. I need to do it more because you’ve got to remember your social media environment present. It's recycling all the time. Their algorithms don't show it to everyone. I know you're sitting back thinking, But, Mark, I posted it yesterday. Yesterday and today are two different days, and yesterday and today the algorithm is different. Yesterday and today, people are engaging differently. People are looking for something new. You’ve got to always be in front of your prospect's mind. You always have to be in the front of their mind if you want a massive competitive advantage. [19:16.2]

This is God's honest truth. In the real estate company, we've had many people because we sell turnkey, right? We used to. Two years ago, we stopped doing that, but when we've sold turnkey, our clients would come to us and say, Hey, do you know so-and-so turnkey company? Because they said they know you and they want us to sow property to you, and we're like, no, we don't know them and we don't vouch for them, we don't endorse them, but, by the way, while we have you on the phone, boom. We would ask them what they're looking for that they want to buy.

Don't get it confused, folks. Buyers are buyers, period. Don't get it confused. I buy every day. You buy stuff every day. Why do you think? And, by the way, it's not sleazy. It's not salesy. It's meant to be cool. It's meant to be laid back. And if your client wants it, why wouldn't you sell it to them? It doesn't make sense to me. [20:02.5]

So many of you, pretty much all of you are working way too hard to go get the new leads. You have an amazing database. I don't care, again, it's small or big, an amazing database. You need to nurture. You need to connect. You need to slow your roll down. You need to really start connecting with these people. Right now, we need to connect more than we've ever needed to connect, and it doesn't have to be all about business.

Start learning how to write, and if you don't want to learn how to write, hire people on Upwork.com to write articles for you, write emails for you.

Usually an average email costs about 100 bucks for a quality copywriter, $100 to $200 per email. Mark, it's a lot of money. Is it? Is it? Is it really a lot of money? No, it's not. It's a lot of money if you don't understand business, but it's definitely not a lot of money if you understand the power of email marketing. That's why most people don't do it. They just genuinely don't understand. You'll go out here and spend 20 grand on direct mail and not change any formatting, not change any titles, not change anything, and yet you won't spend $2,000 to create 10 emails that could connect to the people that already know you. [21:10.3]

What's interesting to me, what's so wild to me, and, again, I'm talking of myself here, it took me, what, nine years to figure this out, nine years, and I'm telling you exactly how to do it. It took me nine years to figure out the easiest people to sell are the people that already know you. They've already connected with you. It's not selling now.

Don't get it twisted. I'm a high-level order taker. I hate hardcore selves. I'm not into it. I don't try it. I don't get a hard on thinking about, Oh, dude, I snagged that person. I really took them down the rabbit hole and I used some trickery words in this ad. I don't do that shit. I never have and never will. It's just I think that's slimy to me and, listen, I'm not knocking it. It's just not my style. Everyone has different styles. I like the more casual, Hey Mark, where do I send the money? That's the kind of sales I like. [22:00.9]

Again, we call it sales, but the truth is it's order-taking, just like when you call the hotel. You already have the credit card in your hand. Hey, I want a one-bedroom penthouse, blah, blah, blah. Done. You're calling to get your calling to book. You're not calling to negotiate. You're not calling to ask questions. You're calling to book. Why aren't they doing that in your business? Why aren't they calling you to book a deal book, an order for pens, book an order for coffee mugs, book an order.

Email marketing can change your life. It can change your business. It literally does. I remember this and I wrote about this in my book called Virtual Investing Made Easy. My wife and I, Deena, back then she was my fiancée, because we were engaged for eight years, but we walked the thing called the Camino de Santiago back in, I think, 2013 or ’14, and I was writing the book. I was writing the book during this time and I remember sitting at some little café somewhere in Spain, I don't remember. I mean, barely had any internet wireless, wireless internet anywhere. [23:01.6]

But I was sitting out there smoking a cigar after probably 10 hours of walking. Literally, it's a 500-mile walk of 42 days, but I remember sitting there and I was sending emails because I was trying to do some concepts and proof of concepts for the book. I was sending an email like, Hey, I'm sitting here and beautiful blah, blah, blah Spain and found this deal, and I'm just out of the country and I don't want to do it. If this is something that interests you, let me know. Here's the details. It'd be three bedroom, one bath in 43219. It's worth 70. I'm selling it for 30. I just don't want to deal with it.

Keep in mind, my team locked it up for 20 and I was just playing around with it and, boom, sent it. By the way, I said, “Reply to Peter at Mark Evans DM,” not me , because I'm clearly walking and not having much internet, but this took 10 minutes to do, guys. I sent an email in 10 minutes and in 10 minutes, literally we made $10,000 on the deal and not counting all the other people, the overflow that comes in from that saying, Hey, man, I want the next deal. Hey, Mark, I'm buying the next deal. Hey, dude, love walk in Camino de Santiago. I heard about that walk. Was it amazing? And then you start connecting. You start creating a relationship. You start conversating. [24:14.8]

I love that part about the business, truthfully. I know it's not scalable. It's not quantifiable, if you will, like we talked about last week, but, man, to me, connecting with these people is so amazing because you meet very cool people. I know in the world you think everyone is terrible. You think, the world, everyone is trying to rip you off and do all this crazy shit. The truth is what I’ve found globally from especially sending emails, probably billions of emails, but not even probably, definitely billions of emails by now, is that you have a lot of amazing people out there.

Email marketing, again, if you have an email list, you have to use it. So many of you are sitting on gold. So many of you are sitting on, I'm telling you, millions of dollars, but not using it for anything. It's insane. It drives me nuts to know that you have an email database and you're not sending an email. [25:05.4]

But, Mark, I send a newsletter once every quarter. Dude, that's not sending anything. You might as well not just not send it because it's stressing you out once a quarter. Just don't even send it. They don't care about you. They don't know you. They don't know anything about you if you only send it once a quarter. I mean, could you imagine if you're married, you only show up to the house once a quarter? Pretty stupid, right, to even think? That relationship is not going to last too long, is it? Why aren't you sending daily? Yo, man, what's up? Hey, man.

Again, this is the stuff I talk about, I think about. I talk about and, more importantly, I do is where you're conversating via email. You're sending one to many. I talk about it all the time. One to many, the power of one to many. I can send one email from anywhere in the world. I could be anywhere, anywhere. As long as I have internet access, I can send an email. By the way, you can do it from your phone, do it from your computer or wherever. I can send it from anywhere. You could be sitting on the toilet and send this email, by the way. I know because I’ve gone and done research on this. [26:03.5]

You can send it from the toilet, I'm telling you. Hey, blah, blah, blah, boom, boom, send, boom, go about your day and, within 20, 30 minutes, hour, two hours, five hours, depending what the offer is, you're going to start seeing orders. You're going to start seeing leads. You're going to start seeing responses. You're going to start seeing phone calls coming in. You're going to start seeing things happen.

It's just one piece of the puzzle, but it's a very massive piece that every single person I know misses the mark on drastically. Some of you are starting to get it a little bit. That's awesome. Some of you are starting to be more consistent. Folks, I send twice a day to my email list. I send twice a day. I send content and I send an offer. That's what we do. That's what you should do. That's what people want.

You're not that important. Dude, what if they don’t like my email? They unsubscribe. What if they don't like your Facebook posts? What if they don't like your Instagram picture with your ass hanging out? They just unfollow you and move on. It's really not that big a deal. Don't overcomplicate it. If you're being cool about it and providing great value, it's great value. What they interpretate it as is up to them. I can't control them. I can control me. [27:13.8]

I can wake up and send an email in the morning at 8:00 AM. I can control that. I can also control when the emails come in, how they get filtered out, how they get filtered through. Who do they go to? What is the goal of the email? So, you need to create a structure, right? Here's my email list. Here's who I'm going to. What’s the avatar? What do they do? Are they buyers of real estate? Are they sellers of real estate? Are they buyers of pens? When's the last time they bought or just buyers in general that know you from buying something from you? Then now what is their biggest need?

But, Mark, I don't know what to send. I don't know what they really need. You just created your email, your first email. “Hey, Mark, it's been awhile. I hope you're doing amazing. I'm sitting here in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and I'm thinking about you. Yes, you. Here's what I need help with. What could I do or what could I provide you to help make your life easier in business?” Then, “What are the top three things? What is the top one thing?” Then they reply. [28:09.1]

You send it to 100 people. You might get five responses or 10 responses are more or less. You send it to 1,000,000 people. You're getting a lot more than 10 responses, but you're going to get responses. Now what you're going to do is you're going to take the list: I need help on marketing. I need help on finding great deals. I need help on placing my cash. I need more money. I need this.

Then you're going to take the ones that get the most response like, hey, 10 people need access to money. Great. I'm going to bring on an expert. If I'm not the expert on how to get access to money, I'm going to bring on my boy, Austin, about how to get access to tens of millions of dollars in private money. Now, all of a sudden, I'm looping in people together. Now I'm building my stance with my following and letting them know, I'm listening to you. I'm here for you.

I do this with you here on video. I asked you guys every day, Please ask me questions. Send me a private message of where you're struggling and let me help create a show for you to help you. That's my job. You make my job easier when you ask questions. I encourage questions. Why? Because I don't want to just talk to the computer screen. I want to talk to you. I want to help you. [29:11.1]

I don't care if you have the question. Millions of other people have the question. You're not alone. You're not solo. You're not unique in that way. You're unique as an individual, but your questions are not unique. If you have the question, I promise you, millions of other people have the question.

By the way, this never costs money. It has never cost money. I spend actually over 100,000 a month on email marketing platforms. That's what we spend internally, and I'm not saying you need to do that yet, of course, but you don't look at it as a cost, though. I want to spend more. Why? Because that means we're making more.

So, now that I have the email database set up, whatever system you use, again, I'm not the expert on that. Just go, there's so many of them, but you've got to warm them up. You’ve got to clean them up. You’ve got to go, do a couple of dynamic things. Then now you send the email and then you get a response. What do you do next? Don't stop sending emails. That's what you do next. Send another email the next day. [30:07.8]

Here's a cool trick that happens, especially if you're wholesaling stuff. Again, I don't care what you're wholesaling. It could be houses. It could be cars. It could be watches. It could be anything. Let's use watches. There's a world of watches that exist where people buy and sell wholesale on the back market. You pay 50 grand retail. They're wholesaling for 43,000 to 45,000, and they're going to make a spread of five to seven grand typically more or less.

Picture that I have 1,000 watch buyers. People that I know buy watches. Hmm. I wonder if you buy watches. Maybe you sell them once in a while, too. You think? So, a cool email. Keep in mind I'm trying to sell watches. That's how I make money, by selling watches. But to sell a watch, what do you have to do? You have to buy one, too. And how do you make money? You have to buy it for lower than you sell it for, and then you get the spread. It's a really simple concept. I don't know why we overcomplicate this, but, yes, it's that easy. [31:08.2]

So, there are 1,000 people, 1,000 individuals that have all kinds of crazy shit going on in life. These could be business owners, husbands, wives, kids, grand-- I mean, these people could have a lot going on, 1,000 different people. I'm going to send an email to 1,000 people that says, Hey, John, I know you've bought a watch from me before, but I'm actually in the market to buy a watch and I was wondering if you've ever thought about selling a watch. As you know, I buy watches all the time at discount, and if you have something that you need to move quickly without a lot of stress to a professional buyer that has cash ready to go, reply back and let's talk. Keep in mind I sent it to 1,000 people on my list of 1,000 people. I 1,000 percent guarantee, you're getting a response from someone. [32:01.6]

You will not understand, maybe someone is going through a divorce and they have 10 watches. Maybe someone has got sick and they want to sell their watches because now they said, Hey, I used to be materialistic. Now I'm not. If that's what you're thinking, then they’ll sell the watch. Maybe they have a great business opportunity where they need a quick 50 gees to get in the deal and they just want to sell the watch they just bought for 70 grand for 50 grand. Yes, people do this all the time, trust me. Then they take the 50 and move and then they move on.

This simple one strategy, one, is worth millions of dollars, I promise. Send that email to those 1,000 people. Let's say, 10 people respond. Way more is going to respond, but say 10 people, and you can buy five watches. Let's just say one. One. It costs me 17 cents to send the email. I send the email. Boom. Ting. Okay, uptick. Okay, I get it for 80. It's worth 110. I'm in. I'll take it. You’ve got the box papers. Yep. Cool. That deal structure. [33:05.3]

I'm going to take that same exact list and I'm going to send out an email the next day. It says, Holy cow, the response to buy watches has been so overwhelming, first off, I want to say thank you. Secondly, I can't buy them all. If you're in the market to buy blah-blah-blah watch or a blah-blah-blah watch or a blah-blah watch, reply to me. I'm liquidating them fast. Deep discounts, fast deals. Have your cash ready and let's talk.

The same exact database. You’ve got to remember people that buy watches also sell watches. People who sell watches, also buy watches. Maybe they're selling an older, cheaper watch that they bought back in the day to go upgrade to a bigger watch. I've never ever, ever seen anybody do this in the watch business, ever. If you're a watch trader, if you're doing this with cars. [34:06.6]

Do it with cars. Do you understand people sell cars for discounts all the time? All the time. It's for convenience. If you have people that have bought cars from you, Hey, Steve, I know you recently bought a Nissan 300Z from me, and this might sound like a weird question, but my lot is looking a little bare and I would like to acquire a couple of cars. Maybe the Nissans are available or maybe not, but maybe you have a car or know someone that does. Shoot me a message if you do. I'd love to see if I can buy it. Boom. Create conversations.

[Sound dropped] They want to run the ads. They want to run newspaper ads. They want to run direct mail. They want to put signs and banners in the front yard. They want to do a postcard. I mean, a lot of stuff. This is just one piece in the arsenal, but I'm telling you it's the most undervalued asset in your business that you're not utilizing. I promise you, zero skin in the game. I have nothing to lose by telling this, only the upside for all of us to do this. [35:00.9]

So, get in front of your prospects. Let them know you're buying. Let them know you're selling. Have fun with it. You've seen this, by the way. You've been partaking in this because you'll see people post on social media, Hey, guys, I have $2 million. I'm looking to buy A class, B class properties. If you have anything, hit me up. It could be 2 million. It could be 10 million. It could be a million. It could be 20 million. Whatever the number is, it's called lead extraction. It's called opportunity arises. What do you do?

Maybe they have the money, maybe they don't. I don't know. I'm not there to judge that. But, again, that's done on social. Why can't you do it in email? You can, by the way. That's usually where it starts and then they're like, Holy shit, Evans, it works. I know it does. That's why I told you to do it.

Secondly, just because it works on email, once you find something that pops on email, take it directly to social media. Post the same exact message because they're totally different people over there. There's going to be a low crossover, but the majority will be different because they're following you in a different way. Not only that, their algorithms are presenting it to different people, their friends of friends, etc.

Then there are ways to stimulate this with advertising against it and all that. I'm not going down that path. I'm talking about emails today. Only send an email, make money. [36:07.0]

I'm telling you, I don’t care… I'd love to know what you guys do here, if you guys want to post. I’ll help you real quick. I’ve got another 10 minutes. But I'd love to know what you're doing. What business are you in? What do you think you can or cannot do with email marketing? What's interesting about the show is that we have less people listening and watching right now than our normal shows, which is absolutely stupid to me. It's fucking dumb.

Why? Because this shit works and it will make you money, and yet you want to sit here and listen to someone talk about mindset. This is mindset at a whole other level.

You're working too hard. If you abandon the show, go work hard. Keep being smart. You're smarter than me clearly. Just go work harder. That always works, right? That just keep working harder. You'll make more. Just keep working harder. You'll make more. Will you? Does it work? How's that working out?

By the way, this is working smart and hard. I'm not saying you don't have to work hard, but this is a very smart, intelligent way to make a lot of money by utilizing your database that you've worked so hard to build. You could have a database for the last 10 years, 12 years. [37:12.5]

By the way, I don't just use my database to buy and sell stuff from. I use it to ask them questions. Hey, guys, I need a new accountant. I know you've been on my list and you buy houses from me, so I know you do business. Do you know anybody that's looking for a job? Hey, guys, here's a great resource. I found a great gutter company, Kevin. Found a great gutter company. Hit Kevin up. Let them know I sent ya. Hey, guys, here's a great financial advisor that I’ve been using. Check him out.

There's so much value that you can send an email and have fun with it. Hey guys, I'm stuck on the leg on this big-ass boat, me and my wife and kids. Thank God the kids fell asleep, Benadryl might have expedited that. But, anyways, I have a quick question for you, and then, boom, go into what you're offering. [37:59.5]

There are so many fun ways to do email. Too many of you are too professional with it. You're trying to make it too hard. Brandon, by the way, is doing it. He knows exactly what I'm talking about. It works. I get his emails. I say, Yo, say this, say that. Here's what I would say. Here's why, blah, blah, blah. It works. Stop trying to be sexy and cool and professional. Why not just talk to them like you're standing in front of them? Communicate. Grammar won't be perfect. I don't care.

My first email started in March 2005. That's when I started emailing my list. By the way, I didn't email. Like I told you, I did in 2006. It's different. I didn't know what I'm sharing with you, the power I had in front of me, but I'm telling you, start investing in people, start investing into your email marketing platforms, start investing in sending emails.

It's not hard to send an email a day. If you're like, Oh my God, I can't do it no matter what, send one every other day, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. You have to. You must. It's mandatory. If you're in business and you're not sending at least three emails a week out, you're not in business, and if you are, you're working too hard. [39:07.2]

Picture this. Picture that you own a restaurant right now. Are you sending emails and letting them know you have specials and you deliver? Are you letting them know that you'll have touchless delivery or whatever should they’ve got going on these days? Let people know. Let your customers know what you're up to. I know I get it. Again, I’ve been in this position where we're so busy with trying to build and get new that we've actually forgotten to take care of the people that have been there that supported us and that's doing stuff with us that actually know who we are. So, why work harder?

Who says you have to work hard to make millions of dollars? Show me where it says you have to work hard. Show me. I just want to see it. By the way, even if I saw it, I still don't fucking believe it. Why? Because I know the truth is not that. I can send an email today and generate more money in one day than I used to dream about in a year by working 16 hours a day. That's how powerful it is. It's that powerful. It becomes so massive. [40:09.0]

I have guys that generate hundreds of millions of dollars sending emails. Corey, don't get too cute with email. Just let people know you're there and add value to help. Yeah, there's a lot of value to all this. Cute is relative. I don't know what that means, but I agree. On the surface level, don't get too cute. You don't have to be cute. You just have to be… Think of the customer, the avatar. Who's the avatar? What makes them laugh?

Guys, the best way to do deals, I like to do deals with people. I like to do deals with people that laugh at my stupid jokes. I like to do things with people that can connect. So, cute or not cute, I don't know what that means because it's different for everybody, but, of course, I wouldn't recommend being sloppy and silly. I'm talking about high-quality copywriting. Hire a copywriter if you don't know how to do that and be professional about it, but have a personality with it. So, cute or not cute, I don't know. Just go out there and keep it simple, and especially in the beginning, it just has to be simple. [41:05.4]

Listen, take your fucking logo off it. No one cares about your company like that. Connect with the human being from another human being. That's a big secret, by the way. All of you that have your big banners at the top of your emails, all of you have your logos everywhere, no one cares about your company like you do. If you're trying to put your logo on it, put it at the bottom of the page, not at the top. No one cares. Don't. Stop putting all this fancy shit out there. I'm telling you, send an email like you're sending it to your mom. Send an email like you're talking to your dad. Send an email like you're talking to your best bud. Send an email. Maybe not send the meme because they might be a little over the top, but send a cool email. Make it look like it's coming from you personally. That's the personal connection.

It's amazing to me that you guys think when you get an email, what happens with email is that you think it's coming to you from the individual, and it is, but it's going to a mass market. What's cool about that is it allows you to connect with them like you're talking to them one on one. That's why it's so important. [42:05.4]

Again, this is a very big tip. When someone replies to that email, reply back to them from you. Be genuine. Hey, Steve, thank you very much for the question. Anyways, here's the thought, or, Hey, Tom, thanks for replying to me, but that goes to Peter. I'll introduce you guys. I’ll link you two in, okay? Hey, thanks for reading emails. Thanks for replying. I look forward to working with you. Boom, loop Peter in. Boom, hand it off my plate. Back the business. It's so easy to do. All of us, including me, are still underutilizing it. All of us.

Mark, I send twice a day. Why am I not sending three times a day, four times a day or five times a day? I know a guy who literally sends six emails a day. I really do. It's wild to me. I still don't understand how it works, but he sends six times a day and his business does over $100 million a year, and he sends, I mean, crazy emails, crazy over the top emails. Keep in mind, he has a full staff of writers and he's a very high-level marketer. [43:00.7]

So, I'm not saying go up to six emails. I'm only doing two a day, but he's up to six. It's pretty amazing. But we've tinkered around with it. I mean, we do send three emails a day sometimes to just kind of measure what it does to the attrition of the list, what happens and all that. My whole thought process, too, in emailing is they either die or buy, or unsubscribed.

There's only three ways out, die, unsubscribe and keep buying, just keep buying. You're not getting out of my system. I guess there's only two ways to get away, die or unsubscribe. There's nothing wrong with either. There is obviously, we don't want you to die. I don't want people dying because they don't want their emails. But I want you to know email marketing is very powerful and, if you're not utilizing it in your business, you're not maximizing your business in any way, shape or form. It is the most underutilized tool every single person uses. It is, by far.

I was talking with my buddy who is doing 200 grand a month. He's on pace to hit a million a month by the end of the year, which is pretty cool considering what's going on. I was talking to him on Sunday via text. We were chatting via text. Sure enough, he was telling me what was going on. [44:10.4]

My first question I always ask, Dude, that's amazing, because I see his ads everywhere. I see he's pushing ad spend. I'm like, How often are you emailing the list? That's the first question I ask every single business person that has a list. He was like, Oh, we just kind of got an autoresponder sequence in there and we're just building it right now.

Then the next question, How big is the list? Well, it's 120,000 people. Okay, when was the last time they heard from you on a dedicated email, meaning a global email to all? Because with autoresponders, there's only timelines on autoresponders. If someone sends an email and sets up a 10-day sequence, for the first 10 days, that's all they get, or however many days you spread that out. They're only going to get the 10 emails. After that, they're kind of lost. Don't ever do that. Don't ever do that. If anything, I'd rather see you just set up one autoresponder that says, Welcome to the club, and then after that you just send dedicateds. Worst case scenario, do that. [45:01.4]

He's like, I haven't messaged them at all on a global level. I'm like, Dude, literally you're printing money right now. You're about to get all this free money. You have people that know you, like you, trust you, believe you, and here’s the line in the sand, guys, so if you're on his list, you really believe his message. I was like, That's where I'm spending my time.

If I was coming into his company to consult, I'm consulting on that. He's going to give me 50 grand and he's going to make five million. It's a good, good exchange. Actually, I don't even want any money from him. I want a percentage on the upside of the deals via email marketing only because I will make millions of dollars by helping him make more millions of dollars by simply sending emails. That's how powerful it is. I'm telling you.

But I know you guys are going to shut this video off and go stick your thumb up your butt, and get all excited about cheap leads and free leads online, and scraping databases and communicating and closing them hard on the phone on the first step, because that's what you’ve got to do. That’s the only way it works. [46:05.1]

I’m telling you, guys, fight. This is something I fought for years. I still fight it and I live it every day. It can't be that easy. I can't just send an email and make money. I can't send an email and get leads like that. Well, you can and we do, and you can, too.

How do I get on your email list, DM? Send me 5,000. I actually have an exclusive email list for 5,000. No, I’m just joking. Go to MarkEvansDM.com. Sign up. That's how you get on the list. That's the real estate list or real estate business list, I should say, now. But, yeah, get over to MarkEvansDM.com.

Here's the challenge. Tomorrow when we show up to this video, tell me how many emails you sent and what the response was. That's the challenge. It's a 24-hour….it's a 23-hour challenge. I'll see you guys tomorrow at 8:30 AM, EST. Appreciate you guys. Get over to get the book, MagicianVsMule.com. Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram @MarkEvansDM.

Nick says, “Every time I listen to Mark on this, I get a huge influx of leads.” Go figure. “He has to tell me a lot.” Dude, I keep telling and I tell myself every day, send more emails. Thank you, David. Thank you Jamie. Thank you guys. [47:13.1]

Hey, keep me posted with your success, your progress. If you need help, I'm here. You're not fighting this fight yourself. I'm in your corner. There's other people here following you in your corner. You’ve just got to share. Don't do it silently. There's no need to have that silent battle. We're past those stages. Elevate. It's not weak if you ask for help. It's power strength, I'm telling you. It's very powerful if you ask for help and implement the information.

Appreciate you guys being here. Have an amazing day today. Make today count. Peace.

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