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There will only be 2 types of people who will emerge from the quarantine.

Those who used it as an excuse to fail.

And those who used it as an excuse to succeed.

In today’s episode, I’m explaining why I’m excited about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and making the case for why you should be too.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How the quarantine makes it crystal clear that society has brainwashed you (4:31)
  • The insidious “R-word” that immediately assassinates your growth (5:33)
  • Benjamin Button’s secret for living a fulfilling and prosperous life (6:16)
  • The one similarity that even wildly different people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Donald Trump have in common (8:00)
  • The trick for turning anything you already do into a hungry, profit-generating machine (8:42)
  • How to tap into the massive, unprecedented opportunities during the quarantine (9:49)
  • The case for exterminating happiness from your life (12:16)
  • How you can single-handedly save society (40:14)

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Welcome to the “Making of a DM.” There are two types of people that are going to come out of the coronavirus. Which one are you going to be? With that said, let's get started.

Mark: Hey there. It’s your host Mark Evans DM, the deal maker and dream maker. Hope you guys are doing amazing over there. As I'm recording this, I'm hanging out in Parkland, Florida, under quarantine. I think we're in week three-ish, and I want to share some real stuff with you today, as I try to always do that. Not try. I do that. And we'll probably bounce around a little bit because I have some insights and things I see going on, and I'll share with you openly and candidly what's going on internally on my side and go from there. [01:15.0]

So, as I'm sitting here, a couple thoughts come to mind. Number one, holy shit, you have a lot of time on your hands. It's funny, I've been in business for over 23 years, since ’96. June 21, ’96, was when I started my first company. I bought a startup company and I talked about that on show number one.

But I'm sitting here and I remember throughout all these years, the reason people couldn't work out and get in shape. They didn't have enough time. The reason the person couldn't work on that side project. They didn't have time. The reason that person's life, personal life is all fucked up. It was because they didn't have time to connect. The reason that they're not where they want to be financially free, they don't have time. [02:01.3]

That excuse has been tossed out the window at a massive level. It's actually been forced out the window and you're not able to do anything about it. So, now what's going on is I'm seeing a wave of other excuses. Mark, I don't know where to start. Mark, I'm overwhelmed. See, it's amazing to me how people create excuses to suffice their bullshit. And I believe them. That's what's crazy. It’s that you actually believe your bullshit excuses.

Behind the scenes at my house, the truth is I'm in heaven. It's true. I love the fucking tough work. I love it. I'm built for it. I'm a hillbilly Ohio boy, straight up mule at the highest level. I know it. It's real. And I'm getting punched in the fucking face in, and the more I get punched, the more I like it. The taste of blood is happening. [03:01.1]

See, the only time … the truth is, I've been virtual since ’05. I talk about this all time, but virtual. Since December 31, 2005, my business has been virtual. People called me crazy. There's no way that could ever work. No one would ever do business with you if they can't see you and meet you and shake your hand. Then, as the world progressed a little bit, people started realizing virtual assistants, and this could happen and that could happen.

And then I'm telling everyone, Why are you going to closings and titled companies in the real estate space? And it's not needed. It's a waste of your time. Focus on building a business. Stop acting like you're in business. But you don't understand man, I get to connect and I get to do it. Okay, great. Why can't you do it in a different way?

And now that you can't go to title companies. You can't. All this stuff has been forced and now everyone's like, Oh wow, this is amazing. Well, no shit. I've been telling you this for years. Truth is I wrote a book about this in 2007 called Virtual Investing Made Easy. [04:04.5]

And the coronavirus is actually very interesting to me. The lot of the world as we know in the norm will forever be changed. Normal will not be normal like it used to be, if you will. Since I'm sitting here talking to you, like I said, people are starting to realize, literally right now, three or four weeks into this coronavirus thing that you've been sold a bill of lies. You've been sold.

Go to work. Actually it's go to school, graduate, run up a crazy amount of debt for a shit job you don't want any ways but you think you should get because of Mommy and Daddy, and you don't want to let them down. You get the shit job that you hate. You have all these degrees. You have $150,000 in student debt and you might be broke. You might be jobless right now and/or maybe you still have your job, but you're starting to realize the big lie that we've been told for years. [05:14.2]

This word is so important to me and when I hear people say it, I cringe, because when I hear the people say it, I know what it really means. And most people think it means the total opposite, and I'll promise you right now and I'm not pulling any punches with any of you guys, but this word is the death to anybody that cares about growth in their life. You know what that word is? It's “retirement.”

People retire to expire. You see, why the fuck would you go to work every single day hating something you hate, thinking that at 65 I'm going to be good. I'm going to be able to have some saved up. I'm going to have a 401(k) with $12 or $1,200, who knows how much, saved up in it, and then I can go travel with my loved ones? Dude, by the time you're 65, you'll be lucky to have a decent amount of money in the bank or the 401(k). You'll hope you're healthy enough to actually do this. [06:16.5]

See, I kind of think life is reversed. I know when my wife and I traveled the world for seven years, we were traveling all over the world and we'd be in all these amazing places of the world, and we'd see old couples pushing each other and wheelchairs. I'm thinking, Man, this is fucked up. They're traveling. This is, one, very inconvenient, but, two, it's awesome that they at least can get out and they're still alive, I guess. Right? But at the end of the day, I'm thinking I'm able to walk and hang out, and go to the cafes and relax, and go to the Eiffel Tower, all this shit.

Why do we think 65 is the gold nugget, the timeline? Why do you buy into this bullshit? See, I never have, ever, and I'm not patting myself on the back. I just never understood the concept. It's never made sense to me. [07:05.8]

You're starting to get a taste of what retirement might be like. You wake up aimlessly. You have no fucking clue what you're going to do all day. You turn on the news. You wake up later than you normally should. You veg out for the day. You're picking fights with your loved ones because you don't know what else to do. Then you go to bed and repeat process. That's what retirement is for most people. Then, unfortunately, they end up in the nursing home, a lot of these folks, and then their kids don't visit because they got their own life going on.

See, when you actually love what you do, why the fuck would you ever stop it? Why would you want to retire? Dude, at 65, I'm just hitting my prime. I'm just getting going. Seventy-two, I'm in the game.

See, success leaves clues. Why is Warren Buffett still working? Why is Bill Gates still pursuing big shit? Why is Trump trying to run the country? Why are all these people, older people older than 65 still fucking plugging away and still in the media and still relevant, still growing, still doing great shit? [08:19.6]

It's like telling your spouse, Hey, Honey, at 65 I'm done. I'm retiring you. I love you, but I'm out. I know, it makes no sense, right? If you love what you do, why would you ever stop doing it? I don't care what it is, if you love joining it and you've turned it into a career—by the way, pretty much any bullshit you do could be turned into a profit-generating career, anything. You just have to see what the path is, what the product, what the marketplace is and what the path is to get that money—but if you're truly passionate about it, why would you stop? [09:01.2]

See, as I'm sitting here, my businesses are growing. Over the last two weeks, we've hired nine people. We've been giving raises to different people that are years up there, they're two years up, they're five years up, etc. We're kind of in that cycle right now. Everyone's getting raises, three to five percent minimum, not counting all the bonus structures we're doing. I've increased my life insurance policies by millions of dollars.

My wife and I were hanging out more because she's not out running around on her stuff, which, again, she does stuff throughout the day, typically go to the mall, hang out with her friends or whatever, but now we're at the house. So, she's up in her room and she's doing her yoga. She's reading and growing and all that, while I'm down in my office doing my work or I’m in the garage smoking cigars, writing and texting and calling, whatever I'm up to. My businesses are growing. I'm more excited now. I know I said this earlier, but I really am more excited now because I know this is when people become complacent. I know this is when people use what's going on in the world as an excuse. [10:00.0]

You see, there are two types of people in this world. The people who use this as an excuse to fail and the people who use this as an excuse to succeed. It's interesting to me. Like I said, I've always been in the real estate space or just in business in general. Back in 2006 to 2009, a lot of shit went down. A lot of people lost a lot of stuff. The closing rate went out the roof, etc. A year ago, if not less, you still talk to people, Oh yeah, man, I’m still in recovery from 2006. It's like what the fuck are you waiting on? What are you waiting on?

See, how does it take 14 years? Again, people are waiting for the gold nugget. Here's the gold nugget. It's mindset. In my brain, I'm like, Dude, what did you learn? Oh man, you know, I’ve gotta do … What it really comes down to is so many people have no clue what they really want. I'm realizing this more and more as I get older. They have no clue what they really want. [11:03.1]
I hate this. Have you ever asked to sell yourself this, Why the fuck do I keep doing it? and waited for the answer? Now, listen, I hate working out sometimes, but then the follow-up question, Why do I keep doing it? Because I love the results. Cool, I'm going to keep doing it.

We just hired a girl in one of our companies. She drove three hours a day, round trip, to a job, a $50,000-a-year job, three hours a day, round trip. Folks, that's 15 hours a week on the road. That's a lot of driving in shitty traffic. And these are on normal days, by the way. This doesn't count if there's a wreck and all this shit on the road. But three hours a day when she’d come to work with us. She can work from home. Literally, she bought three hours of her life back. It's priceless because she asked the question, Why am I doing this? Listen, I got to take care of my mom. I got to take care of my kid. Whatever. Great, very smart. [12:05.2]

And the next question is, what can I do to change it? What does it look like? Who do I have to become? You start asking different questions. You start getting different answers. And, listen, if you're happy with where you're at and you're happy with your results, keep doing what you're doing. But if you're like me, I'm never fucking happy. I'm trying to always grow. I'm trying to always be learning. Always be learning. How do I grow? How do I do? What am I missing? Where are the opportunities? Who can I connect with to help me?

See, a lot of people hunker down and try to do everything themselves. True story, right before this podcast show, I shot a message to my fiduciary and said, “Yo, I got approached with this op, this thing. It's for insurance stuff and I'd like your take on it because I have no fucking clue. It's a million-dollar policy. It costs me $1 million to get involved in it and I'm interested, but I don't know. Can you guide me?” [13:07.1]

I collect data. I connect the dots with different people that I know and trust because I've built relationships through relationship capital, which I’ve talked about on a podcast show a couple prior to this, and I pay these people to help me and they give me good insight. They give me good direction. They give me good structure. They give me good guidance. And I just don't know what I don't know. But have you ever asked why do you do something you don't like?

I know this lady. She's a divorce attorney and she hates her life. She truly hates her life. From outside looking in, everyone's like, Oh my God, she's so cool. She has so much money. She has a nice car, nice house, takes amazing vacations, who has amazing clothes. But, dude, she hates her life. She's about 52-ish. Let's say, she lives to 82. Do you want to live a life that you hate? [14:03.5]

The biggest thing is once you realize what I'm talking about is a real thing and you can do something about it, you get freed from the world. And the biggest thing is what happens is she built a lifestyle. Again, she wanted to do it initially, which is cool. We all start like that, right? And then it just became such a big thing and then she built a lifestyle around that, making a lot of money, and now all of a sudden she's like, Oh shit, I had this big-ass lifestyle and need big-ass money. I know I can't make a big-ass decision now. Even though it's killing her. It's literally stealing our soul from her.

And as we are in this coronavirus situation, I'm excited because we are literally in the front side of history in the making. Literally, you and I, right now. History is happening. You understand that this will be in the history books for the rest of time. You know that, right? Pre-corona, post-corona, etc. Corona, corona, right? You realize that. Are you going to be a casualty or are you going to make this turn us into the biggest opportunity of your life? [15:19.3]

It's kind of like a reset button that's happened. As I was talking to you earlier, I told you about this retirement myth that we've been lied about. Not me. I'm telling you, you can ask anybody who's known me for my whole life, I've never understood retirement. When I hear someone say, Oh man, I can't wait till I retire, that means you hate your fucking life. That's what that means, by the way. That's like going to the number-one athlete and him saying, Dude, I can't wait to retire. That will never come out of their fucking mouth because they love what they do. Anybody that's performing and creating massive results and moving forward to their goals in their life never wants to retire. [16:06.9]

It's one step closer to death. To me, I'd rather be dead than to retire and that's a fucking fact. An idle mind, for me, I forget who said this, but this is a quote, something about an idle mind is the devil's playground. Why would you want to be sitting around knowing that you could do more, seriously? Think about this. If you're healthy at 65, why would you sit around and wait? If you're 45 right now and you're like, 20 more years, man, I'm really going to hit it, that's a fucking excuse. That's not a reality. That's an excuse.

You don't understand, Mark. I got a family. Yeah, I do understand. That's why you need to fucking do it now.
Mark, you don't understand, man. I was picked on as a kid. Get over it. No one cares about your excuses but you, and they're either hurting you or serving you. [17:00.0]

But the workforce is going to be forever changed as well. Like I said, I've been virtual and my whole team has since December 31, 2005, and as I'm sitting here, people are like, Dude, that's crazy. This could never work, blah, blah, blah, blah. All right, cool. Whatever. Now people were hitting me up all the time. Should've thought about that before.

But in the corporate world, let's talk about that because that's where it's really going to hit. It's going to be changing drastically. In the corporate world, a Pandora’s box has been opened.

Millions of people across the country are being productive, sitting at the comfort of their home or their lake house, or their cottage or their farm, wherever. They can wake up. Their commute is like 1.2 seconds from the bedroom to the kitchen table, to the bedroom to the home office. They fire up the laptop. They get on the interweb. They type in a couple of buttons and voila, they're in a meeting or they're making moves. They can take lunch with their loved ones. They can take a dip in the pool at 11:00 AM. They can go work out at 12:30. [18:14.0]

See, once you realize, this is true, as a leader if we have a goal to do X and you make X happen, I don't care if it took you a minute or 100 minutes or 1,000 minutes. All I care is that X got done. See, in the corporate world, the reason they want you in the office is because they want to micromanage you. Half the corporations would be dismissed because half the people are managing the other half. The model and the system is going to change, mark my word. I think, I believe, I'm pretty sure that we're going to see an upheaval. We're going to see people rioting in corporations when we have to go back to work, when they actually have to get up and go to the office. [19:01.5]

What's interesting about when you work from home, and I know this is true because I do it every day, is that production seems to be a little different instead of an office. When I'm in an office, I'm unproductive, true story. I'm talking to too many people. I'm listening to the radio. I'm hanging out by the water cooler. I'm not focused. We're talking about 18 things instead of focused on one thing. I'm just not getting anything done. I'm busy talking about a lot of cool stuff, but shit ain't getting done, and all I care about is getting shit done. That's what drives me.

And you're going to figure out, I may be talking to you, actually, you're figuring out you can get your shit done in three hours and no one knows. No one knows if it took you three or 30 hours to get that done. What they're going to look at is the reports, Did you succeed or fail?

What's interesting too is I think the micromanagers, they’ve literally got to be hyperventilating. They know their time is up. See, they're doing reports on reports and the reports are on you, not progress, not production. They're reporting on individuals and I know this is true because I see this happen with my mother. [20:17.6]

She has some dipshit lady in her office that's her boss, so to speak, and tries to make my mom's life a living hell. And, unfortunately, my mom is not like me. She goes with it. I just could never do that. But her time's up.

So, I think what's going to happen is these companies that have a thousand employees or whatever, if production is staying stable, if not growing, I believe it will increase because people's quality of life gets better in there and they're like, Dude, I don't want to go back to a shitty office. I'm going to work harder. Not only am I going to work harder—this is a big takeaway—I'm going to work smarter. They're going to realize they can value the company in a different way to make their job better, make their job more profitable. If their jobs are more profitable, the company makes more money. [21:04.7]

Do you think if I'm letting someone work from home and they're making me more money than if they're in the office, I'm going to say, Hey, you can do this shit anymore. I need you in the office. Pretty stupid, right? It doesn't even make sense. And I think real companies that are paying attention to this, and if they're not, they're going to get wiped out, I believe individuals from afar sitting at their house or in their garage office space, wherever there are the most productive away from the office, is they literally are going to change the way business is done.

I think it's normal now if I called a call center and I heard a dog barking in the background, I wouldn't be turned off by that. I'd never have been because I'm kind of in that world, but I wouldn't be turned off with someone in the background, a kid crying or whatever. I'm not turned off by it. I actually like it. That means they're not just focused on business, but focused on their life and everything around them. They care about shit. [22:01.0]

And I'm not saying if you're at an office, you don't care about shit, but if you're at an office and you don't like your job, that's going to reflect on our conversations. If I'm calling in as a client, you're going to be short with me. You're going to be quick. You're not going to want to serve me and it becomes all about you because you're trying to hit your numbers, because that's what the boss told you you’ve got to do because they're looking over your shoulder.

See, I've bought and sold many, many, many millions of dollars of real estate, and if you want some real fucking talk, I've been sitting on the shitter and I've done deals and made millions of dollars, texting people from the shitter. That's real talk, and I'm not the only one. Everyone I know in my little world has done deals sitting on the toilet because we talk about it.

Do I care where you're really at if you're being productive? Not only that, I think you bring creativity to a different level. See, everyone talks about, Hey, man, my best ideas come in the shower. Cool. Why aren't you taking showers all day long then? Dude, ideals are just one part of the pie. Someone has to implement these ideas, right? [23:07.4]

What's going to happen is unique abilities are going to get heightened from a virtual standpoint. Let's say, I'm great at connecting people and you're great at technology. You're great at visual representation, this and that. All four of us come together. Here's my part and this is your part. Boom. Now we're a team collaborating online virtually and we put together an amazing piece. I did my best. You did your best. They did their best, etc.

Times have changed. It has been forced upon us. It will be forever different. I hope, if you're listening to me, if you are working virtually, you need to work harder than you ever have. You need to let the company know that you're valuable from afar. You need to get your shit done. You need to become a problem solver, not a problem creator. This goes if you're a business owner and or an employee, by the way, and the bigger the problem I solve, the more money I make. [24:02.5]

Solve big problems for people. Create solutions. Be thinking about inefficiencies. Think about the technology loops like, Hey, Steve, if we used XYZ.com, we can communicate so much quicker and get this job done 30% faster. Not only would it be faster, but it also would be better. And if you get a product out quicker and it's producing monthly revenue, guess what? The company makes quicker money. The company makes more money and you produce that. That's what's exciting about these times, folks. It's now.

So, the question is what type of person are you going to be in? A person who's using this as an excuse? You don't understand, Mark. I'm going to lose it all. Okay, you didn't lose your brain. You didn't lose your experience. You need to wipe the dust off and get back on the saddle and get rolling back. It's your time.

Again, back to the real estate story, people are still talking shit about ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09, etc. Man, it really wiped me out. Get over it. Fuck, it's like that 50 year old guy talking about the winning touchdown in high school. No one gives a shit. You're 300 pounds. You can't even bend over to tie your shoes and you're fucking talking about a winning touchdown? Get a life. [25:20.0]

We all fuck up. We all have and I'm not painting the picture like I have everything figured out. The truth is I don't have shit figured out and that's the biggest thing I know. But I have people that I call upon to help me. I'm building business.

Not only did we hire nine people, but I created four, wait, five new partnerships that will produce six figures a month net to me, not counting what it produces to them, and it feeds other stuff that we're working on. That's in the last three weeks, two, three weeks. Plus, I have two other prospects, prospective deals on the pipeline that could produce seven figures a year for me, if I even decided to take them. I'm kind of iffy. That's why they're on the table and the truth is I'm trying to see what these two people are up to and how they're reacting to what's going on, because they should be more profitable right now. [26:13.1]

This is real talk. I'm just telling you straight what's going on here. See, the only real thing that’s different for me is I'm not going to the gym, which is interesting because I love leaving. I love my trainer, Christian. But what's interesting is, at the house, I'm actually working out harder. My body is getting tighter.

If you guys don't follow me on Instagram, I'm showing you daily stuff going on over there, what I'm up to, showing you at the home gym jumping on the jump ropes, the curls, the kettlebells, all that fun shit, the pushups, etc., and doing some quick talks there. But at the end of the day, what's happening is I'm really excelling. I like the struggle. I like the hard. I'm working out twice a day. I haven't had alcohol at all in the last 69 days, 66 days, something like that. Haven't even thought about it. I don't even want it. [27:03.5]

We were hanging out at the pool a couple of days ago because we're in quarantine here. We were hanging out at the house, me, Deena, Dria and Marko, my son, Mark. And instead of drinking rosé alcohol, I got a rosé Bang drink because I need more energy. That's all I need, right? Just maybe to take the edge off. I don't know what it was, but it made me feel like I was hanging out. Not that I need alcohol to hang out, but it's kind of a social thing, right? And I feel fucking amazing.

Like I said, I'm growing my businesses. I'm seeing where we can add to. I'm seeing what we can clean up. I have a new book coming out in two or three weeks. Stay tuned for that, by the way. I'm super excited to share it with you guys. I have new websites I’m working on. We have new podcast shows we're working on. I'm only a huge podcast show in two days from now, which would be huge because it's going to be a big show. I’ll share more of that later. But there are some really neat things happening right now, and what it all comes down to is gratitude. [28:00.0]

I'm just grateful, one, to be alive. And, by the way, if I lost everything today, I didn't lose everything because I still have my brain. I sell my heart. I still have my soul. I still have my family. I didn't lose everything. I lost pieces. I lost possessions, but I didn't lose them. I knew exactly where they went and I learned from it, and I want to learn how to get better, stronger, tighter, how to come back bigger, how to come back meaner, meaning meaner in a positive way. I want to succeed. Think of Rocky, right? When he was down, he had to fight the Russian. You’ve got to dig deep. You’ve got to grow.

My question to you is, what are you learning from this? Because a lot of you have your insecurity starting to sprout up. It's three weeks in. You're starting to see where you're weak. You're starting to see what's causing issues, what has caused issues. You're starting to see why and I'm talking to people who want to be better. You're starting to say, wow, man, I really am fucking up and I need to set my game up. Hey, I need to work on this. Hey, I need to hire a person to help me here. [29:03.9]

All of you guys should be reading more books. All of you should be hiring specialized coaches to help you. All of you should be thinking about smarter retirement, revenue, money. When I say “retirement” and “money,” I'm talking parking money in environments that allow you when you hit a certain age to have a lot more money, and I'm not talking of 401(k) and all that shit, but there are different paths. There are different things depending on what your financial situation is today, if you have a little bit of money or a lot of money. The more I learn about money, the more money I make, go figure, the more money I keep as well, and it's not what I just know. It's also what my team knows, the people I'm surrounding myself around.

So, if this is something you guys want to learn more about, just let me know over on Instagram. Just shoot me a message @MarkEvansDM on Instagram and maybe I'll bring on one of my fiduciaries. I've got several, Bryce and Jim, and maybe my insurance lady, Julie. I’ve got people helping me grow, protect, preserve, expand, and just really dominate my life. And it's not about you or anybody. It's about me. Right? And I think that what we're realizing. [30:09.7]

Dude, these Jordan sneakers don't matter. I fucking have 100 bucks in the bank, but I'm wearing $300 shoes. I have 500 bucks in the bank and I’ve got a $1,000 Gucci belt. I got 1,500 bucks in the bank and I'm driving a fucking bimmer can't even afford. What the fuck are you thinking? You're starting to realize that. You're starting to realize no one gives two shits except you. You don't believe me? At the last event you were at, what was everyone wearing? No one knows because no one cares, except the person putting it on.

See, I don't worry about that shit. I'm serious. You could watch any of my videos. I'm probably wearing, first of all, I wear the same flip-flops or the same Lacoste shoes, or a pair of white shorts and a black polo, pretty much all the fucking time. And I'm not saying it's right or wrong, and maybe you like to be fashionable, but like do it in a different way maybe. It’s time to expand your brain. It's time to expand you. Don’t expand the pocketbooks of Gucci and fucking Prada and all the shit that you don't need while you live in a $100,000-house. [31:10.5]

You have to get your priorities straight, man. You're at war with yourself. You're literally stealing from your future every time you do that. And I'm not saying [not to] enjoy shit. I enjoy all kinds of shit. But when I had no money, and by the way, even now I could buy 10,000 more things than I have, but once you can have it, you really don't even care if you even have it. I'm not chasing it for the thing. I'm chasing it for like, wow, shit.

True story, I've talked about this and I’m kind of getting a little sidetracked here, but, dude, I've done where something on my vision board might be my new AP Skeleton that's a $120,000 watch or whatever. As soon as I get it I'm like, Cool, I'm on the next thing. It's not like, Oh man, let's look at it. Cool, dude. Hey, check me out, how cool I am. No, it's nothing like that. [32:02.9]

It's actually the opposite. I get a new car. I've done, forgotten I bought it three minutes after I bought it. It's more of just a sense of accomplishment. But when you see the watches, when you see the cars and you see the houses, that's like a micro percentage of my wealth. But what's interesting is, if I see someone wearing a Gucci belt and brand new shoes and a bimmer, it's 95% of their wealth that they have on them and it's not much. It's a problem.

I've been piss-poor broke and I was wearing the same jeans. I was wearing the same tee shirts, and I wasn't out buying anything because I didn't have any money to buy anything with. And I wasn't trying to get credit cards to keep up with the Joneses, if you will. But this corona stuff going on is creating realization at the highest level and I'm excited for you.
I sat with my buddy, Jeremy, today and I'm like, Dude, nothing's really changed. Like I told you, me going to the gym, that changed, but I'm getting a better workout. I'm seeing the best in it. And then, me going up to the clubhouse, hanging out during lunch. Other than that, I'm at home doing the fucking work. [33:11.9]

I mean, I could be sitting out back. You might see me out back smoking a cigar, but who says I can't work sitting out back smoking a cigar while my kids run around? Who says I can't be working, sitting in the garage typing on the computer at two o'clock in the afternoon?

Truth is, as soon as I get done with this podcast show, I'm going to go work out for my second workout by four o'clock in the afternoon, have two workouts done, have a podcast show done, have three videos done, have multiple emails and texts done, and I'm fucking moving forward and I'll be having dinner with my family.

So, it's like, what do you want? I think that, again, the coronavirus is creating an opportunity to ask yourself what do you want your fucking life to look like? Not mine. Not this guy. Not this girl. Not that person. Not that person. Because, first of all, none of these fuckers have it figured out, including me. But what do you want? What does it look like when you wake up? What does it look like when you look in the mirror? What does it look like when you're progressing? Because it's different. [34:17.9]

Right now, I have an 11-month-old and a four-and-a-half-year-old. My life looks different now than when the kids get out of the house, right? And I don't give a fuck what you think about it. It doesn't matter to me. And that's not to be a dick. That's meant because I care. Too many of you are worried about what everyone else thinks about you.

Listen, if someone's worried about you, that means they're more worried about themselves than you. Don't let them think their bullshit is about [you]. Everyone talks about haters. Haters aren't haters. I don't even hear the word “haters.” They're so excited about us, they're talking about me. You understand, if they're hating on you, they're pissed off at you because they're not you. You got their brain time. They're stealing from themselves and they don't even know it, so why put any attention to it? I can't do anything about it. [35:13.1]

The only person, the only thing I can control is me, the “me” economy, Mark Evans, by the way, my initials, but the me economy. It's all about you. And it may sound selfish, and you know what? It is selfish. But, dude, if you're not healthy, if you're not financially stable, if you're not expanding brain to build up a financial empire around your family to take care of not just you but other people, none of this shit matters anyway if you're 400 pounds overweight, diabetes out the roof, your blood pressure's going and your heart is going to pop any second. You can't tie your shoes. You can barely move with your kids. What kind of fucking person are you? And I'm saying this because I care. If I didn't care, I’d just sweep it under the rug and move on. [36:03.9]

But the coronavirus is giving you this. Literally the world has given you an opportunity that's never been handed to anybody before in our lifetime. Slow the fuck down. Sit at the house and think, and plot and dig, and dream. Get vulnerable. Get sincere with yourself. Dig deep into your brain and understand, I need to get better here. I will succeed there. I'm weak there. I need to fill this hole. I need to eliminate this. I need to add to this. And when we do that, we create confidence.
Everyone's asking me about confidence and how to get started. Dude, just set a time to get started. I see people, literally they think they're on a fucking vacation, dude. Oh man, I'm waking up so much later. Yeah, man, I'm drinking by 10:00 AM, too, hahaha. I don't think that's fucking funny. I think it's pretty goddamn stupid, to be honest. [37:06.1]

You're better than that. It's not serving anybody. Set a time to wake up, 5:00 AM. Boom, wake up. Set a time to work out in the morning. Boom, workout. Set a time to send an email to your team. Boom. Set a time to work on your brain. Boom. Set a time to work out again. Set a time to eat right. Set up a meal plan and eat, and execute with intention.

And every time you do that, inch by inch, hour by hour, your confidence starts rising. You start believing your bullshit, which is a good thing. Good bullshit, by the way. This is good confidence. Got up at 05:00. Keep score for the next 30 days, next 60 days, next 90 days, etc. Got up, didn't eat sweets. Got up, didn't check my cell phone. Got up, worked on my brain. Got up on time. Keep score. [38:06.5]

This is the perfect opportunity to expand into the person that you're capable of becoming. It's now or never. I don't know what else to tell you. If you can't turn this into gold, I don't know what else you could do. Unfollow me, that's for sure. I can't help you. Fuck’s sakes, you can't help yourself.

If you're not willing to dig in, understand, listen, I'm not saying you're not going to get scared. I'm not saying you're not going to get anxiety. I'm not saying you're not going to be dry-heaving. I'm not saying this is going to be easy. I'm not saying this isn't going to disrupt people. This might hurt some people's feelings. But, listen, that's on them, not you. They've got to deal with their own shit. Let them sort that shit out. You focus on you. Work on your plan. Work on your goals. Work on your strengths. Find some help to work on your weaknesses. [39:04.8]

Now is the time to stack up. Now is the time to get tighter with your diet, not sloppier. Now is the time to get up earlier, not later. Now is the time to invest in yourself more, not less. Now is the time to go all in, not lollygag around. You were meant to be so much more and the world literally is saying, Hey, you can't go out of the fucking house. Let's slow it down. That's how I see this.

I think we got another three to six, 10 weeks left minimum, and the normal will not be normal. It's going to take a long time for people to want to get into big crowds. It's going to take a decent amount of time for the flights to be back up to par. I think a year and a half, two years maybe. People are scared. People are confused. People are overwhelmed. They're not really paying attention to real science. They're looking at fake science to make the decisions. That's a whole nother story, whole nother topic. [40:01.6]

But all I can say is I'm super honored to be here. I'm so fucking excited for what's about to happen in this world, because they need entrepreneurs. We will hire the people. We will bring this country fucking back stronger, bigger, tighter, more resilient than ever. But we have to unite. But it all starts with us as an individual first.

Learn. Expand. Dig deep. Really, really dig deep. And I don't care if you go and sit in your garage or outside or wherever your place is for 24 fucking hours to come up with one thing that will make you a better person. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your future self to really ask and start questioning the shit. Why are they selling me retirement? Because that's where you keep people. Why are they selling me this? What's the angle? Why are they thinking like that? What are they telling me that for? Why are they doing the old 401(k) held hostage piece? Why? [41:05.4]

And I'll say this and then we'll move on here in a second, but they're allowing people and this is a big fucking problem, by the way. They're allowing people to take $100,000 out of their 401(k) without tax penalties. Well, Mark, there are a lot of people hurting and they really need the money. Listen, I get it, but you’ve got to remember, money is not always the problem. If you don't have money and you need money this quick, a 100 gees in the first three weeks, your problem is you don't know how to handle money.

Listen, you don't have to take anything I say at all for whatever. Pay attention. When people start getting these refund checks and all this other shit, they're handing out money like water, I promise you Nike sales go up. Amazon sales go up. Apple iPhones go up, because people don't know how to manage their money. They think things make them important. They think things make them significant. [42:03.7]

See, money is not the problem. When I was broke, I was the problem. When I have money, I’m the problem. It’s all about me. As an individual, we have to learn about this stuff. We have to come to grips with reality, and I'm telling you, it's very scary and you guys should be pissed off, because what happens is once in 20, 30 years from now, let's say, you're 40 years old and you pull out 100 grand and you have 125 sitting in there, now for the last 20 years, you put in and saved 125 grand. Why do you think in the next 25 years before you retire, if you will…? That 100 grand could compound to become worth so much more. What if you're sick? What if something happens at 62 or 52? There are so many problems with it.

It's okay to struggle. It's okay to dig deep. It's okay to fucking eat dog shit for a while. Eat dirt. It’s okay. Have some humility. Say, Guys, I'm a fuck up. I messed this shit up, but it ain't happening again. That gives you strength. That's not weakness. That gives you strength, by the way. And if someone thinks it's weak, they're weak. That says more about them than you. You're better than that. [43:17.1]

I truly believe you have to minimize. You have to really tighten up. You have to really get real with yourself and come to grips with reality that this shit, you're in control of it a hundred percent. Come hell or high water, it's all about you. It's your life and I want you to have the best life in the world. I want you to be the best provider, the best leader, the best individual that you can be. I can't do it for you. I'm still working on my shit every day and I will continue till I die.

What is cool about this stuff that we're talking about is once you start realizing this reflection that we're doing, you're getting with yourself and having real conversations, real personal conversations with yourself. You're coming clean. It's almost like a confession to yourself like, Dude, you're so full of shit. You can't do that. You're all talk, man. You don't need that car. Sell that piece of shit anyways. It's in the shop more than you drive it, costs you 1,100 a month. Get off your books. [44:19.8]

I mean, I could go on and on and on, but this is a great time to capture this time with yourself, capture this time with your loved ones and set a plan to implement and crush it. Don't just talk about it, do something about it. It's your time. It's now or never.

I'm thinking about you guys. I appreciate all the comments. Thank you for following me over on Instagram, following me, and going into my website and opting in. I have a lot of cool free resources over at MarkEvansDM.com. Plus, if you're not following me on Instagram @MarkEvansDM, you're missing the boat. Truly, there’s some cool stuff over there on the daily videos and all that stuff, a lot of stories, really sharing some powerful content, a lot of amazing people over there, so thank you guys for that. [45:03.0]

I'm here for you. I'm rooting for you. We're in the fucking midst of it, though, and I'm telling you, I'm more excited than I've ever been, I swear to you. Me and the guys we're talking to everyday, we're excited. We're seeing great opportunities. We're seeing huge momentum. Don't let the news and media drive your emotions. Shut that shit off. Get focused on you. Have focus on what you can control, and when you do that, you will be freed from all the bullshit. It's time that we take charge. It's now or never baby.

I’m thinking about you guys. Have an amazing day. If you need anything, hit me up. With that said, make today count. Bye guys.

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