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Show highlights include:

  • Why you can’t get a 6-pack by doing ab workouts every day (5:12) 
  • The 3 notorious “belly buster” foods that make your stomach balloon (even if your consistently exercise) (5:30) 
  • 14 foods that trim your waistline, reduce bloat, and boost your metabolism (5:59) 
  • Why an iron deficiency slows down your metabolism (and easy ways to get more iron into your diet) (7:29)
  • The single best tea to drink after big holiday dinners to prevent bloating (16:15) 
  • 4 supplements that help your body burn fat so you can finally see your abs (20:47) 

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Hello athletes, welcome and thank you for tuning into the Coach Katie Danger Podcast recorded live from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm your host, Coach Katie Danger, U S army veteran, fitness coach and founder of Red H Nutrition. Here's a fact for you, 99% of us are not elite athletes. We're individuals from all backgrounds, juggling life priorities, including jobs, our families, their needs, and trying to find time to take care of ourselves every single week. When you tune in, I'll be discussing clear, concise and actionable strategies you can use to get the most from your fitness, nutrition, and mindset. So you can optimize your life without compromising your time. So athletes settle in and get comfortable. I'm here to educate, inspire, empower, and entertain you to help you enjoy the unique fitness journey that you are on.

(00:53): Hey, Hey please. What is up? It is coach Katie danger and I am coming in hot for episode number 80 of the podcast. And this week we were talking about foods or flat apps because

(01:04): There are specific foods that you can eat that will help reduce bloat, improve your gut flora and your gut biome, and ultimately improve your digestion, which as a consequence will help you have a flat belly will help you improve the musculature around your abdominal section, your obliques, and ultimately, you know, kind of get you the look that you want to set X aesthetics are great. Now the cool thing about what I'm going to share with you today is that the information is also very functional. If we are taking care of the insides of our body, ultimately the gifts that we get in return is this set X on the outside. So we're gonna be talking about foods for flat abs today. I do actually have this in a PDF format. If you would like to also have this as kind of like a, not a hard copy, but you know, on your computer, on your phone somewhere is referenced maybe when you're going to get groceries or something.

(01:50): So stay tuned towards the end because I will give you that website address. You can get the free PDF from you can also of course, go to the show notes on my website, coach Katie, andrew.com and check out the transcript as well. If you want to just pick and choose a few things. So stick around with me towards the end. I'm going to give you that website you can go to, and then I'm going to also give you some information on four supplements that I highly recommend to help you improve the aesthetics in your abdomen area, reduce belly fat, reduce bloat, and ultimately get you where you want to go on your weight loss and your fitness journey. But before we get into the fun stuff of the podcast, I wanted to let you know, like I am just having an amazing time in both of the businesses that I'm operating.

(02:34): So we've got the training and the coaching aspect of my life with the metabolic amplification formula. I just brought on two amazing ladies assistant coaches to help me get new perspectives and help me, help me help more people. So if you have not checked out the metabolic amplification formula, yet, if you have not talked to me about your health and fitness assessment, yet, I highly recommend that you do. If you've got goals and if you're stuck, if you're facing, please, I implore you schedule your free health and fitness assessment with me. Let's chat, reach out to me. I want to learn more about you and how you are unique and what you need to get you to the next step in your goals. And like actually start moving the needle sustainably and quickly then on the product side of my life was ready to nutrition.

(03:22): We still have our fish oil that's on back order. It should be in very soon. I'm really looking forward to that, but really what's the biggest and most exciting news is my executive assistant that we've hired. I hired Lauren, if you go on our Instagram page or if you happen to be a member of our athletes team, or if you send us an email to radiation, nutrition, Lauren is going to be your customer service guide. I am so cited that our universe has came together and we will to find each other and help each other accomplish what we want to, you know, she's looking for, for a gig that allows her freedom and remote access so she can do what she wants to do on the go. And I am looking for a reliable partner to help me build this business and provide even better customer service.

(04:02): So it is a win-win win for everybody, for me, for Lauren and for you, the customer. So if you've got any questions on that, make sure you go to reddish nutrition.com, check out our lineup of supplements. We are adding things all the time. I'm always finding new vendors that are able to provide us better quality products and more options for you to help them we'll find your life and fitness results. So that's kind of a little for one-on-one about what's going on in my life. You know, summer is kind of officially over we're past labor day schools are closed in, in Nebraska. It seems like as soon as September hits, the leaves start to change and they started to fall just a little bit. So it feels different. It doesn't feel like summer, even though technically the calendar still says that summer, it just, as soon as September 1st hits, it's like a whole different ball game here.

(04:46): So soon it's going to be snow on the ground, but until then, I'm going to enjoy the coolness of fall. And I hope that you do as well, but let's see into the awesome part of the episode, let's get into what really matters to you. And that is finding ways that you can eat your way to a flatbed. So you can kind of have your cake and eat it too, right? Except cake. He does not fall in this list. It was just a metaphor or analogy. I think maybe get you a little excited, but yeah, you know, when you're trying to slim down your stomach, we're always so focused on core exercises, AB exercises, Russian twists, so bleak, all that thing. And those go a long way. But what you eat also plays a very large role in the results that you're going to get.

(05:25): So in addition to drinking enough water, you want to eat some fresh produce. You want to get healthy fats and you want to avoid things that are notorious belly busters. And I'm talking about alcohol soda, processed foods with a lot of sugar, and there are certain foods that are particularly good for shrinking your gut for reducing bloat and a quick tip to start you out. If, if you can only listen to this much of the podcast, here's the quick tip for you. If you want your abs to feel and look flatter, choose foods that are going to help to decrease bloating in your stomach. And those include water pack and nutrient dense fruits and veggies that are also high in fiber. Now, the following foods, and I'm going to give you, I believe there's 14 of them. They're going to help trim your waistline, reduce bloat, boost your metabol.

(06:07): Awesome. And if not the most important aspect of it, give your best, a vital boost of nutrients that encourage weight loss. So we're going to dive right in and I'm really looking forward to sharing this information with you so we can help you achieve your weight loss goals. All right, the first food that I got for you, it's cucumbers and thanks to the antioxidant Q certain that is in cucumbers. It helps reduce swelling and cucumbers also have a high water content of 96%. So when you eat cucumbers, they help prevent bloating. They're also a crunchy vegetables. So if you're looking to satisfy like that need to crunch, or maybe you go to chips, I love chips. Oh my God, I love chips. Try cucumbers because they're crunchy and they can help satisfy you on multiple different levels too. Especially if you've got to get that crunch aspect so ways you can try cucumbers, chop salad, sprinkle on top of yogurt, put them on a wrap or just the Eaton plane with some homemade hummus and chickpeas.

(07:00): Another one you can consider are lentils and lentils are a member of a very nutritious family called pulse and lentils, along with other seeds that grow in pods like chickpeas, like white beans and like dry peas, they are packed with protein and fiber, and that helps increase your satisfaction for food helps you feel fuller. So if you are a plant-based athlete or a vegan or vegetarian, or just generally like to get protein from other sources, besides meat, lentils, beans, peas, things like that, they're a great option. They're also a good source of iron. And this is important because if you are deficient in the mineral of iron, you are more than likely going to have an inefficient metabolism, ways that you can add lentils to get creative. You can put them on salad, you can use them in place of whole grain. So you can use them like instead of rice, you can use lentils.

(07:45): They also make a great bed for serving a portion of protein. So you could make your lentils put like down a little serving of it and then put like your chicken, your beef, or another generous portion of veggies on top. So kind of like lettuce, but more versatile than that or protein. One of my favorites that I'm going to talk to you about today are bananas. Bananas. I love bananas. I haven't been in every single day and I do not miss that. I just absolutely loved them. So if you're craving an afternoon, snack of banana could be your best bet. So not only is it sweet, it's not green. If it's fairly ripe, it's going to be sweet. So it's going to, I guess, help you, maybe any sugar cravings that you're having instead of going to your Tandy bar, go to a banana, you're going to get potassium packed with starch.

(08:27): It's a healthy carbohydrate that digests slowly, and it keeps you fuller for longer resistant starch. That is in bananas. Also encourages your liver to switch to fat burning mode. And that in turn gives your metabolism a boost. And here's one more bit of good news for bananas. They can help about water retention our bodies because they regulate sodium levels and they decrease that risk of bloating. So when you have potassium and sodium, we are regulating that sodium potassium pump. It helps for ground water retention. So bananas, keep them in your mind. If you're having a craving during the afternoon and want something sweet, grab a banana instead, your body will thank you. And your gut will. Thank you. The next one on the list is fennel and fennel is a herb and it offers some really awesome benefits for your belly. Now for centuries, fennel has been used to improve digestion, relieved, gastrointestinal spasms, and reduce bloat.

(09:14): You might've used fennel before. And I tell you in dishes, you can have it raw. You can have it cooked. You can also have it in a tea. So I have used fennel before in a tea post-meal because it does have anti-bullying and slimming properties as well. Then there's papaya. There are lots of reasons to love brightly colored, tropical papaya. Not only is it delicious and sweet. It is a rich source of vitamins, a C E and fully papayas also contain an enzyme called pain, which helps your GI system break down difficult to digest foods. So it prevents inflammation and belly bloat. And if you've ever had, you know, if you have beans or other foods that you eat, and maybe you need to take like a Bino or another enzyme before you eat it, try Paya, try eating papaya with your meal before you take a supplement enzyme, because papaya can help you break down those difficult to digest foods and starches.

(10:07): So you can prevent that belly bloat that you might experience. Now you can add papaya, lots of things. You can eat it raw. You can take the skin off and just eat it right out of the fruit. It's also great for smoothie salads and there's something you might not know. You can cut them in half. And then if you put a little olive oil on it and put on the grill, you can grill them. So they get warm and they get like a little bit of a like free crust on them. Absolutely decadent. So papaya on the grill. Awesome. Not only for your belly, but it tastes great too. Another one, and this is something that you probably already know already, but whole grains now gluten-free diets. They might be trendy, but carbs are not your enemy. They're not your enemy. Unless of course you have celiac disease or a severe gluten intolerance.

(10:48): In fact, whole grain carbs actually help you stay slim. And I'm going to say that again. I'm going to say it again. Whole grain carbohydrates actually help you stay slim. They are a great source of filling fiber that aids in digestion. It makes you feel fuller longer. So you don't overeat in one longitudinal study. Researchers found that women who regularly, so five times a week consumed whole grains had a 49% lower risk of major weight gain over time. Now this was a 20 year study and women who ate whole grains at least five times a week were almost 50% lower risk to gain weight over time. And that includes a menopausal cycle during their lifetime lifespan too. So that's pretty incredible. So whole grains are not the enemy. They help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. And compared to refrain refined grains, or like processed sugar, they're not going to spike your blood sugar.

(11:37): Some things that could be whole grains for you that you might like start your day with oatmeal snack on plain popcorn because yes, plain popcorn is a whole grain and you can also choose things like keenwah or brown rice over white rice, chili peppers. If you like spicy foods, chili peppers are going to be your way to kickstart your metabolism. There's a 2011 study that came out of Purdue university and they found that capsaicin now capsaicin is the active component, gives chili peppers. Their heat capsaicin can help prevent weight gain. The research is in this 2011 study, they found that participants who ate capsaicin, rich foods have fewer cravings for fatty salty and sweet foods. And they have a lower preoccupation with eating in general. So this is like, if you're somebody who's maybe having an emotional bout and you go to food as your coping mechanism, having capsaicin can lower those cravings and ultimately puts you more in control in the driver's seat.

(12:28): So you're not overeating and not emotionally eating. Then there's a spare Agus. And you already know that asparagus is full of antioxidants. And sometimes it even acts as an aphrodisiac. And you know, there's a lot of people out there including myself that if you eat a lot of it, and then you go to the bathroom, your urine is very smelly, but did you also know that it can promote a slim stomach? Asparagus is a super healthy spring vegetable. So we're kind of getting out of the season for it. Although, you know, with greenhouses nowadays, you can pretty much find it anywhere, but it's a spring vegetables. So the best time to get it organic farmer's market, but it's a good source of a soluble and insoluble fiber. So your body digest it slowly. It keeps you fuller longer in between meals. It's also a natural diuretic and it facilitates the removal of water and waste to decrease discomfort and bloat. So add asparagus to your, the rest of your summer and the grill

(13:15): Put asparagus papaya on there. Maybe have some cucumber water. I mean, now we're really talking about getting flat apps. Hey, I know, and you know that I talk a lot about using supplements on your fitness journey and reaching your full potential, how I believe they're integral pieces of the puzzle to reaching your best self and best fitness results. But do you know how supplements fit into your plan? Do you know what to take for your goals and how much of a supplement you should take if you've ever had any of those questions and you want to know how supplements can work for you and your goals, go to your fitness supplements.com and take the free free, free three point personalized supplement assessment. And with just a few questions, you'll have a complete personalized supplement recommendation in less than 60 seconds. You'll know more about how supplements fit into your fitness goals. What's safe and what's effective and perfect for you. So type in your fitness supplements.com in your internet browser, take the free assessment and get on the fast track to your best fitness results.

(14:20): The next one that you should know about yogurt now, yogurt is great for your gut. We know that it's got healthy probiotics in it. It's got usually a good source of protein. One thing I do want to say a caveat is make sure with yogurt, you look at the sugar content. There's a lot of yogurt out there like marketed for kids like Gogurt. It's just a sugar stick. So you want to make sure that your yogurt is low in sugar and high in protein, generally per serving. There's 17 grams of protein in yogurt. And that's almost three times as much as an egg. So if you're looking for a great protein as well, yogurt is the way to go. Great for your gut with probiotics and great for your diet plan with protein. The next one is ginger. Now, if you ever had an upset stomach before or traveled or ever been seasick, it's really good to have some ginger chews or some ginger ale because it can do wonders on an upset stomach.

(15:07): The cool thing is it also turns out that ginger is good for keeping your belly slim. There are compounds in ginger that help move food through your gastrointestinal tract or your stomach. And it's been used for centuries. So ancestors knew about this long before we did it is a natural remedy to treat bloating. This is also good for animals as well. So babies animals, adults, ginger can help with weight management. And let me tell you about a 2012 study, 2012, the study comes out of Columbia university. They found that participants who drank a hot ginger beverage during their meals felt fuller longer after their meals. So they were less likely to overeat and less likely to eat again and keep their caloric intake lower throughout the day than those who did not have a hot gingerbread. So there is some knowledge for you and it would, you include ginger in your diet is just have a ginger tea.

(15:55): I've gotten ginger chews from trader Joe's before. So that's an easy way. If you do like fresh ginger, you can use like a, a vegetable greater and great up. Some ginger, you can put it in the smoothie. You can put it on top of another other dish that you like and put it in yogurt, but a really easy way is to make ginger tea, peppermint and camomile, peppermint, and camomile. So now we're kind of getting into some herbs here. And if you were feeling really full after a big dinner, so think Thanksgiving, think Easter, think Christmas, right? These are coming up. If you're feeling really stuffed after a big dinner, have some peppermint or campers, the meal tea, it will help your stomach recover and it helps relax your gastrointestinal muscles. So it eases digestion. It helps your body dissolve gas. So you don't feel so bloated peppermint tea in particular can help you reduce bloating and makes your stomach look flatter and camomile can help improve sleep.

(16:40): So if you have peppermint after your dinner and then camomile in the evening, you're not going to have any of those like awful, awful guests bouts in the middle of the night after you have a huge meal. Cause I know Thanksgiving is coming up and we all really love to throw it down and see how much food we can eat. So keep these in the back of your mind. Maybe not now, but definitely come in handy. And then there's avocado. We all seem to love avocado nowadays with avocado toast and [inaudible] put on brownies, use it smoothies and puddings we've been using and bread. And your belly will thank you for eating avocado. It is a superfruit because yes, technically it is a fruit and avocado contains two grams of fiber and four grams of Moto and saturated fat per serving, which helps keeps the pounds off.

(17:21): The more fiber you eat, the more full you feel, the better your digestion works for moving that food from point a to point B, which is ultimately in the toilet. So it doesn't sit in our bodies and rut. And that's why avocado is really great. So in addition to keeping your stomach slim, there's healthy fats in avocados that are vital to the gut. They coat the stomach and they allow for easier digestion process. They also help the body increases absorption of other nutrients and antioxidants, particularly that soluble vitamins and nutrients. And perhaps one of my favorite or second favorite on the list. I guess I'm saving the best for last here. Dark chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth, I want you to take heart. Not all chocolate is off limits anymore. Good quality, dark chocolate, generally, anything above 65% is actually really, really good for you.

(18:10): So 65% cacao or higher yeah. Is really good for you. High in antioxidants, just like avocados. They have healthy monounsaturated, fatty acids, which are going to speed up metabolism. The thing is, so I want you to, just to be aware of watch your portions. You want to indulge, but you also want to keep your calories in check. So typically a serving size of dark chocolate that is acceptable. And I say acceptable as in like, you know, not overindulging and staying within your caloric range is the size of a dental floss containers. So if you've gone to the dentist recently, yeah. Free container of floss, that's about the size of the dark chocolate serving. It's good for you daily. And then almonds. I have almonds every single day. It is a guilt free snack was reached for that handful of almonds. I have them in the morning.

(18:53): I have about a fourth of a cup of almonds every day, all day with my coffee. And I mentioned, it's like, we're saving the best for last. So with dark chocolate, with avocados, almonds are also a high source of monounsaturated fatty acids, and they're going to help your body burn fat fight hunger. You're going to feel fuller, longer, great source of energy. And what I love about this is a study in the international journal of obesity. No, when people had a serving of almonds and a serving of almonds in this particular, the study was an eighth of a cup as part of a low calorie diet. Those people lost more weight than those who had carb-heavy snacks instead of almonds. And I believe the reason is, is that it's great for your gut. You don't need it as much to feel full and they keep you fuller longer.

(19:35): So you're not gonna, that's why I love almonds so much. I think this entire list of foods for flat abs is really critical for you to know one, because a lot of these can be snacks, but two, you can make meals out of a lot of these or use them. In addition, you know, to certain things in meals like instead of white rice, you know, maybe have your whole grain rice, you have keenwah lentils. You can have lentils instead of white rice instead of brown rice. Even we got bananas, cucumbers, fennel pie, a whole grains, chili peppers, asparagus yogurt, ginger sure. Peppermint and camomile teas, avocado, dark chocolate and almonds. And with this entire list, I mean, you could make a whole weekly shopping list out of this and meet yeah, all your macros, meet all your food needs. Cause we got proteins fats and carbs in this entire list.

(20:21): So foods for flat abs not one food group, it's not just carbs or it's not just that you can see with these 14 foods that I presented to you, there's a wide range of foods that will help you improve your digestion, improve your gut microbiome, improved digestion. Okay. And reduce bloat all while leaving you full and satisfied with the foods you've chosen. So with the food it's for flat abs. Now I want to go into another question. I get very often, it's like, okay, now we know what to eat, right? So what supplements could you take to help with weight loss? And before I get there, I just want to let you know that supplements are not the be all end, all of your weight loss goals. You can not take a pill and lose weight. Losing weight takes the right combination of exercise, food and supplements to help you reach your goals.

(21:02): So don't look for a magic pill, stop looking. Cause there ain't one. My best advice to you is eat well, move well. And then consider these supplements in these foods to your routine for sustainable long-term results. So I like to always consider a fat burner. Now a fat burner is a staple among those who want to lose weight and improve their caloric expenditure. And a good fat burner can really help you with that calories in and calories out equation and putting an overall caloric deficit for the day. And my go-to, all of these are going to be ready. Nutrition. Go-to burn notice for medics nutrition. It's a low stim and it won't make you jittery a probiotic. If your gut isn't digesting food properly and isn't using nutrients for food efficiently, then you are not going to get the best results with your weight loss efforts.

(21:43): You have to ensure that your gut health is optimal to lose weight and digest food, ready, nutrition, adaptogenic probiotic is perfect for men and women who want to improve their gut health, improve their gut microbiome and lose the weight of fish oil. You want to take a fish oil because it has necessary fatty acids, which were in some of the foods that we talked about, right? Dark chocolate, avocados, almonds, and then fish oil, specifically big fish for Monday. She nutrition. It contains the optimal ratios of essential fatty acids, EPA, and DHA. To help you boost your body's metabolism, improve your energy and ultimately burn more calories throughout the day. And then the final one, probably something that isn't on your list, but it should be is creatine. And creatine is the most widely studied and researched supplement available today. And I'm talking to everybody from your 90 year old grandparents to teenage sports, phenoms soccer, moms soccer dads can benefit from Korea team.

(22:35): Now creating indirectly assist your fat loss goals by improving your energy and helping you build more muscle during recovery muscle is far more metabolically active than fat. So you can get stronger and can burn more calories at rest and during your workouts throughout the day. So get creatine and check out pure Creotine from reddish nutrition. It's easy mixing say for sport and free of any banned substances and mixes really, really well, no fillers. So those are the supplements that I would recommend. And now you're probably thinking, okay, I've got a lot of information. I've got foods, I've got supplements. How the heck do I put all this together? And it is really easy to gather all this information from the internet, easy to listen to these podcasts. But one thing that is not easy to do is take all this information and put it together in a way that makes sense for you and your goals because you're unique and your goals are your needs and you should not be shoved into a one size fits all cookie cutter program.

(23:22): Whether that's a workout program or a food program, you are unique and your goals are unique. So instead, what I recommend is I want you to embrace your uniqueness, embrace who you are, schedule your free health and fitness assessment with me, yours, truly learn more about how all of these pieces can fit into your life. And you can finally get the results you want without yo-yo dieting. I'm talking about quick and sustainable results because I'm going to do what we're going to do. I'm going to listen to you. I'm going to find out what's working, what's not working and we're going to leverage the key pieces in your life. That makes sense to help you get those quick results you want, but sustainably. And they fit into your life like a skill would. So this is long-term results. And if you're ready to see how a coaching program and how you can put all this stuff together and sustainable long lasting results that you do deserve, you've got to schedule your free health and fitness assessment with right now.

(24:11): And you can do that at metabolic amplification, formula.com or at my website, coach Katie danger.com. I would love to chat with you. So that is the next step. My friends and athletes, after you get done, listening to this episode, go and schedule your appointment with me right now. All right. So there, we have it. We have episode number 80 in the books and it's eating your way to a flat belly. You've got 14 different foods that are going to help you trim your waistline, cut the bloat, boosts your metabolism, and ultimately give your body the important nutrients that encourage the weight loss that you're looking for. And even if weight loss, isn't your main goal and gaining muscle is your number one goal. All of these foods are important because remember these are proteins, fats and carbs. And if you're following a macro-nutrient diet plan, all of these are going to fit into your macro someway great source of nutrients, not just about losing weight and losing fat.

(25:00): This is about boosting your entire overall longevity and wellness. So you can just be the best that you possibly can. And then when you throw some supplements in there like a fat burner, probiotic, fish, oil, and creatine, oh my gosh. Talk about the magic sauce coming together to really get you what you want. And then if you want to put it all together and make your puzzle look the best that it can. You got to talk with me, we got to chat. We got to get your free health and fitness assessments scheduled. So go to my website and get that done. And if you have any questions, you can always send me an email. katie@coachkatiedanger.com because I am here to help you all 80 of these episodes that you have sat down with me with it's all for you in helping you get the results that you want because you matter, you matter. All right, athletes, that is all I have for this week in episode, number 80 foods for flat abs. And if you have any questions, you know how to reach me, make sure you follow me on Instagram at coach Katie danger, join my free fitness group on Facebook. And as always, here's a few things I want to leave you with. I want you to trust your journey. I want you to believe in

(26:02): Yourself and don't ever, ever, ever quit your goals matter. And you will eventually reach them. The only way that you will never get where you want to go is if you quit. So don't ever quit. All right? And one more thing athletes, before I give you the final over and out. If you want this PDF, this ebook format, all you gotta do is go to foods for flat abs.com and you can download the free PDF. It is completely free food for flat abs.com. All right, athletes, I will chat with you again next week. Thank you so much for sitting down with me for episode Number 80. And until next time, this is coach Katie D over and out

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