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Show highlights include:

  • Always making excuses that you’re too busy to work out? Here’s how to shatter these “internal constraints” holding you back (3:17) 
  • Why your mind is the single deadliest thing holding you back from achieving perfection in your physical body (3:48) 
  • How to beef up your “Emotional Health” so you stop self-sabotaging (5:06) 
  • The “Emotion Code Method” that frees you from pent up energy you can’t get rid of by crying, talking, or exercising (7:09) 
  • The weird way personifying “good vibes” makes you stronger (8:04) 
  • How a “Muscle Test” tells you exactly what emotions you’re feeling right now (and how this prevents you from getting trapped in your emotions) (11:03)
  • Why you can crush your PRs simply by looking at a certain color (13:12) 
  • How trapped emotions result in real injuries when exercising (15:32) 
  • Why “Ancestral Trauma” stops you from reaching your full fitness potential (and how to finally change these subconscious patterns) (18:22) 

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Hello athletes, welcome and thank you for tuning into the Coach Katie Danger Podcast recorded live from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm your host, Coach Katie Danger, U S army veteran, fitness coach and founder of Red H Nutrition. Here's a fact for you, 99% of us are not elite athletes. We're individuals from all backgrounds, juggling life priorities, including jobs, our families, their needs, and trying to find time to take care of ourselves every single week. When you tune in, I'll be discussing clear, concise and actionable strategies you can use to get the most from your fitness, nutrition, and mindset. So you can optimize your life without compromising your time. So athletes settle in and get comfortable. I'm here to educate, inspire, empower, and entertain you to help you enjoy the unique fitness journey that you are on.

(00:53): Hey, Hey athletes. Welcome to episode number 63. I hope you've been doing well since the last time we chatted life has been really exciting for me. And when I say I'm living the dream, it is not just some silly cliche. I really really mean it. I'm happy with where I'm at, but I am incredibly excited for all the amazing things that we've got rolling on here at HQ, which I'm going to share with you at the end of the episode. So make sure you hang around to find out how you can get in on all the new stuff going on around here. So, you know, I'm always trying to find ways to empower you, to help make you better, to help fill in another piece of your fitness puzzle and help you become a complete everyday athlete. An athlete who has all the tools, not only to help with your vanity stats like abs muscles, a bigger squat, bigger deadlift, but also those intangibles that we really just don't talk about enough things like mindset, emotional intelligence, and how to navigate the ups and downs that go hand in hand with your fitness journey.

(01:50): So that's where we're going with today's episode. And I brought on a guest to tell us all about a very interesting piece of the wellness puzzle. In a few moments, you'll hear the prerecorded audio of an interview between myself and Dr. Sammy, her sister, Dr. Sammy is a licensed physical therapist and a certified practitioner of the emotion code. Now, if you'll recall a few episodes ago, I chatted with you about behaviors and how they directly affect the outcomes that we're trying to achieve. Simply put if your behavior doesn't match the person that you need to be in order to achieve the outcome you want achieve the outcome. And if you've ever tried to implement new habits, but found that adding those new behaviors to routine were difficult, you are not alone. Change is hard, and if it was easy, we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

(02:37): Changing. Our behaviors takes into the external and internal environments that we exist in. This means that when we're trying to change, we need to not only shape our external environment to match our goals, but we have to change our thoughts about it. Our internal environment, we have internal constraints, just like we have external constraints. We have unacknowledged emotions, things like shame, fear, guilt, and these all constraint, our behaviors in some way. And they act like a closed door. Our minds are tricky and they're tricky enough. We're usually unable to articulate a exact reason for why we're avoiding something, other stuff that goes on behind the surface. And sometimes this stuff doesn't even make any sense. So do any of these sound familiar to you? I could, but I just don't want to, I guess, but I keep on forgetting to do it. I'm just too busy.

(03:27): I don't like that. I'm going to go ahead and organize this first and then there's this one. Oh, I don't know. I just don't feel like I'm there yet. Or I'm going to wait until I do X, Y, and Z. Before I try something. These are all internal constraints, things that we tell ourselves and they show up as active blocks. Sometimes things just freak us out and sometimes they're subtle. Sometimes they're very apparent, but what's going on is we just don't acknowledge these feelings and these emotions as if they're holding us back and they are piece of the fitness puzzle that could potentially hold us back unless we acknowledge them. So before we go any further with this episode athletes, I want you to do something wherever you're at. I want you to pause for a moment. I want you to pause and reflect on whether you're noticing internal constraints in your own change project.

(04:15): So whatever you're trying to change in your life, whatever new habit you're trying to implement. Think for a moment, what you say to yourself and how it's acting as a closed door in your progress, our thoughts and feelings influence our physical body. They influence the results that we're going to achieve. And that's why I'm really, really excited for you to learn more about the emotion code and how Dr. Sami is bringing yet another dimension of wellness to everyday athletes. So sit back, grab your favorite protein shake. And here is Dr. Sammy and I discussing all the details about emotions, your fitness journey, and what you can do to keep moving past these potential blocks to your success.

(04:58): There are many pieces to the fitness and wellness puzzle. I would argue that the physical training aspect of health usually overshadows other dimensions of wellness. One of those dimensions is our emotional health. As a behavior-based coach. I've discovered that the root of true behavior change real lifestyle change comes through an understanding of how our emotions can influence our thought, our behaviors and ultimately our results. We've all been there. It seems like we know what we need to do to change, but we self-sabotage. And sometimes we even go out of our way to mess things up on the journey to reaching our goals in a change of pace for the podcast. We aren't going to be talking to anything related to physical fitness. However, make no mistake. What you're going to learn about still directly affects your physical fitness and the results you want to outwardly see in your body today. I am really excited that we're talking about the emotion code and I'm really, really excited to bring on a guest to the podcast Dr. Sammy hipster, Dr. Sami is a physical therapist who specializes in the emotion code. And since she's the expert without further ado, I want her to do it justice. And tell us what is the emotion code? Thank you,

(06:06): Which Katie danger. I am so excited to talk about this today. This is something I'm super passionate about. And as, as you introduced me, I am a physical therapist and in my journey with physical therapy and the patients that I see on a daily basis, I've come to find some frustrating patterns. And some of those frustrating patterns even lie within myself. And those patterns include our inability to kind of solve these complex situations that we have, whether it be pain or whether it be some of our fitness goals, such as reaching weight, or even just sticking with the fitness routine. So I came across the emotion code on a personal experience of trying to solve complex pain, meaning that I work with chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturist, and, you know, you name it. I've got them on my healthcare team, but there's still some things in some roadblocks that I wasn't able to necessarily get relief from.

(07:00): So I found the emotion code and the emotion code goes so intimately with our physical health. That I'm really glad that coach Katie dangerous had me on here today because what the emotion code does is it allows us to release of energy that gets pent up and built in our body for one reason or another, that we just can't get out. If we can't get it out through crying, we can't get it through, out, through exercising or running or sometimes even talking. So it's really a fascinating science that I'm kind of drawn to. We can say. So I really want to share some of those details as they pertain to this audience.

(07:33): I heard you mentioned energy. So there's this intangible yet very real element to the emotion could that you mentioned energy. And we all know that a law of the universe is energy cannot be created nor destroyed. So how does that relate to the emotion code and the work you do for your clients? Okay.

(07:51): Okay. So if we say that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just moves around from place to place. So then the question is like, well, what kind of energy do I have in my body? Or let's even back it up a step? Like, what is energy? Well, what is an emotion? It's just a vibrational frequency. So an emotion is actually just energy in motion. Now you guys know what it feels like to be incredibly happy or have this just sense of overjoy or I'm like, this is so amazing. And that's, that's a feeling that's a vibration that has a frequency. It tends, it actually has a hyphen.

(08:27): I love that you said vibration because I'm always talking about vibe high, you know, keep your spirits high, whatever you want to call it. And vibration is edge,

(08:35): Right? So you know what it feels to vibe high. You also, we all know what it's like to vibe, blow and vibing low is almost just as uncomfortable as some of the exercises and some of the physical pain that we put our bodies through. So this low vibrational energy, for example, we can attach names to it. And that's where we're kind of the emotions come in, lower vibrational energy or things such as depression, guilt, frustration, anger, unworthiness there's quite the list. But if we understand these basic concepts that these emotions have a vibration and high vibrational emotions are happiness, joy, love, love is the highest vibrational energy of emotion. And then we have all these others. Now, as humans, we get the chance to experience the full realm, the full gamut of all of these emotions. And actually we can experience over 350 emotions on a daily basis.

(09:27): Now, when do we trap emotions that becomes a little bit more specific. And we trap emotions usually around times of vulnerability, times of overwhelming, times of transitional changes in our life. And that's just, that's part of the journey. You know, we, we don't go through our whole life without experiencing some heartache. So those emotions, just, as I explained, as energy and motion, they can get held into our body's energy fields. So we all have this energy field around our body. And when we have positive vibrational energy, we are vibing high, but when things happen or we're overwhelmed, we're experiencing these lower vibrational emotions and they can be trapped inside of our emotional body and cause a kind of a series of events that you may be experiencing once. I kind of explained some of these reasons why we use the emotion code to help us better lives. So as you started talking about that,

(10:21): About energy and the energy fields and like trapping emotions is this light kinesiology. I mean, a lot of people who listen, are familiar with kinesiology and how, you know, our muscles work and how our muscles respond to the things around us. Does this happen?

(10:37): Anything to do with the field of kinesiology? Okay. Yeah. So I'm going to stretch our definition of kinesiology because when we get very, just muscle based, we may be missing the boat a little bit on what truly kinesiology is. And it's a response, it's a vibrational response to a stimulus and we actually use kinesiology and the emotion code in the context in which we use muscle testing. So I'm able to test the strength of your muscles by asking you a question. And when that question is a really good example of this is how we start, I ask what your name is. So I'll say is your name Katie danger. And then your muscle energy fields will be very, very strong because your name actually resonates with the energy field that you possess. So I could test anyone of coach Katie, dangerous muscles right now and ask her is my name, Katie danger.

(11:28): And those muscles should test strong. Now in that same respect, if we're talking within the energy field, if I were to ask Katie danger, a question that doesn't resonate with her energy field, but then her muscles will be weaker. And so this simple muscle testing, we can communicate with her of what is a strong resignation and what is a weaker resignation. And in saying that that's how we determine what's trapped. You know, there's hundreds of emotions. If we put names to each one of these emotions, then we can determine which emotion that Katie dangerous currently experiencing and having a problem, not being able to release that energy. So kind of in a long roundabout way, we actually use the strength of your muscles to determine what exactly is that you want to release.

(12:14): Hey, I know, and you know that I talk a lot about using supplements on your fitness journey and reaching your full potential, how I believe they're integral pieces of the puzzle to reaching your best self and best fitness results. But do you know how supplements fit into your plan? Do you know what to take for your goals and how much of a supplement you should take if you've ever had any of those questions and you want to know how supplements can work for you and your goals, go to your fitness supplements.com and take the free free, free three point personalized supplement assessment. And with just a few questions, you'll have a complete personalized supplement recommendation in less than 60 seconds. You'll know more about how supplements fit into your fitness goals, what's safe and what's effective and perfect for you. So type in your fitness supplements.com in your internet browser, take the free assessment and get on the fast track to your best fitness results. You have heard about this in other contexts before like colors. For example, if we look at a certain color and it, I guess, vibes with our being more than another, we actually can get stronger in certain situations. If we look at certain colors versus another color, it kind of the same thing.

(13:30): It's exactly the same thing. And this, the idea of chromo therapy is used in physical therapy as an adjunct tool to help stimulate your brain and your body to facilitate healing. And that's ultimately what we're doing here. So if our body is all vibrational frequency and each one of ourselves is covered by all the energy around us, when we have high vibrations, that's closer to the energy inside each cell that promotes house. So lower vibrational energy waves affect ourselves when they're immersed in them. And that is not the healing vibration that those cells replicate and proliferate in a thriving manner. So if you continuously bathe yourselves in low vibrational energy, as your cells replicate, they have less potential than if you were to pay them in high vibration. So with this very, very big broad approach, our emotions essentially affect how our cells function at the cellular level. And if you think of emotions as also being thoughts, our thoughts are a window into our emotions. They just give us words to kind of what we're feeling, but we know what we're feeling. And then we try and attach words to what we're feeling. And then we have thoughts and those thoughts make us feel a certain way and then vibrate a way.

(14:52): Okay. So trapped emotions, it seems like they prevent the body from healing itself, especially after intense physical fitness. Would you say that if an athlete is able to get some relief from releasing, they get relief after they release their emotions? I mean, would that allow them to continue to move forward with their goals? I guess how significant of a piece of the puzzle is this for athletes?

(15:19): Yeah. And I guess we should look at like, why would we even use emotion code in the first place? And I think with this, you know, with that question that you just asked is probably very similar to, and I'm going to stretch and turn your mind around just a little bit and say in your fitness goals, in your fitness endeavors, as a practitioner, I would ask you, what are some of your barriers? What are some of your road bumps? And I say, because we have a really good idea of how to make a plan. We have coaches, we have resources and we make this plan and we know what to do, but what is it personally, that's preventing you from executing that plan. And maybe it's the type of thing. If you keep getting hurt, no matter how much you try and do this, you still get pushed back because you get hurt or you got a ton of momentum for three weeks. And then all of a sudden, one thing rocks your boat. And now your plan is all out of the water. So it's, it's more or less kind of a trusting the Pat underlying patterns that are maybe preventing you from reaching your goal. And those things can be very emotionally rooted. It could be fear of failure. It can be anxiety and overwhelming. It can be like an adverse reaction to actually feeling physical pain. So all of those things would be topics that we could address in an emotion.

(16:33): Okay. So let's just dive into that. What does an emotion code session? Perfect. So what we're going to do in an emotion concession is we're going to figure out what it is you want to work on. And the most specific we can get the more specific emotions that will be released directly correlated to that issue. So a lot of times when we have our first session, people aren't quite sure is like, what am I supposed to fix here? Like, I don't even really know what all the emotions are. So we raise our emotional IQ by just becoming familiar with these things that are even present. So usually I have folks saying like, man, I'm just, I'm really triggered. I'm like so irritable. Like everything just sets me off. Or I've just been dealing with anxiety for the, like the last 10 years. And I've managed it with a bunch of tools, but it's just still there. Or I'm experiencing physical pain and I keep getting injured all the time.

(17:24): So we find a focus and then we hone down on that focus with clarity. And then we look and see what specific emotions are preventing that from vibrating at the way that you want to vibrate. And we'll be able to determine when those emotions were trapped in your lifetime. So this is part of your subconscious awareness, which is actually the 95% of patterning that's running in the background. All the are 5% of conscious awareness is where we make decisions, make plans, talk, listen to podcasts, but that 95% is patterning. And so when we go into that 95%, we're able to determine at what point those emotions were trapped. And that's kind of part of the healing aspect for us to go like, wow, I really had no idea that when I moved schools at age 12, like it had this overwhelming sense of failure and no one liked me and that's carried over throughout all of my life. And Oh my gosh, it's like affecting me in competition.

(18:23): So I've been really into genetics and specifically like why I am the way that I am. Like, why do I have these certain behaviors? You know, I, I exert them and I have to ask myself, where does this come from? And I found that we can actually carry emotions and these behaviors through our genetics for generations. So like these are things perhaps that my grandparents struggled with, but now I have become burdened with and have to figure out how I move through these does emotion code, address, generational trauma.

(18:55): That's a really good question. And that's actually where the meat and potatoes of this practice are, are getting to those root causes of why we're so patterned the way we are. And it's partly biological your biological family when your genetics, but then it's also do a huge amount to environmental factors. So how you were raised the things that you've experienced throughout life, but when we look at inherited energies or inherited patterning, that literally becomes your program from the moment of conception in your birth. So it's almost like you're predetermined already to be running these patterns and be this person. And as we've realized, we do have the ability to change those patterns. And that's truly where we can manifest our own life that we want to create. That's where we can break through some of the bad mistakes that our parents have made that we don't want to make again. And that's where this emotion code helps us unlock some doors that we may not even know are there in, locked in, are preventing us from moving forward in being who we want to be.

(19:57): I think all of this is just absolutely fascinating. And for anybody listening, if you're curious, yes, I have also had emotion code sessions. I believe I've had eight right now. I personally experienced the relief that this type of mental health care work can provide me. It is a part of my mental health journey is a part of my wellness journey. You know, I always say everything is everything. And the emotion code is part of that, everything. So Dr. Sammy, if the athletes listening, wanting to get in touch with you, how can they reach you and schedule their first emotion concession with you?

(20:28): Yes. And I want to piggyback just a little bit more. I didn't like go into detail, like what that session would look like. On the specific standpoint, this is all done virtually via telehealth. So I'm able to connect with you on a screen, whether it's your iPad or phone or computer, we're able to have conversations and able to go through and work through this. Now I am not a licensed mental health care professional. I am truly passionate about emotional behavior work, but I say that kind of as a boundary to say that we don't actually have to dig up things of the past to move forward through the future. So in being a physical therapist, I'm like, how do we make this in the most beneficial with the least amount of steps? And I don't want to have to Drudge up a bunch of old stuff.

(21:11): So in saying that our sessions are 30 minutes, we're able to connect and find these emotions, we're able to release them. And then you typically need at least a week or two to process what we did. And then we come back and we do it again. And so that first initial session that you set up with me, we'll set aside just a little more time if you have any questions, but it's usually 30 minutes. We're able to make immediate changes. You're able to usually to go practice what we released within that week. And we look really forward to meeting back again so you can tell me how things have been changing. So it's just, it's super amazing. I've got a link that we'll put in the show notes to my scheduling app. And then I'll also put my email in there and that's where I can send you some resources if you're still interested

(21:54): On some more specifics about this practice. I just, I can't share it with people enough. What is your email? It is Sami S a M i@sammyharpsterherbsterpt.com. And I'll say it one more time. It's Sammy at Sammy hipster, pt.com, and that's the best way to reach me and get some information. And like I said, we'll have the scheduling

(22:20): Linked into the show notes. All right, athletes. So I am very, very passionate about all the dimensions of wellness. And if you're looking for a, another piece to your puzzle, I really want you to reach out to Dr. Sammy and learn more about the emotion code. Find out if it's right for you, find out if it is the next step in your journey. In the meantime, Dr. Sami, thank you so much. If there's anything else you want to let us know, go ahead. Otherwise we really appreciate having you on the show. Keep being awesome. All right. Thanks so much, Dr. Sammy. Wow. Okay. Athletes. What did you think of that? Now? I understand that this might be a big Whoa, for some of you. And I understand if you're not in a place where this is something you want to consider for your fitness journey right now, however, the door is open for you.

(23:06): And I highly suggest you get in touch with Dr. Sami and set up your first emotion code session. I've been utilizing this technique and her services to help me progress, not only in my fitness goals, but my emotional wellbeing and my sense of self and my results. They have greatly improved. Like I've said before, everything is everything. Go set up your emotion code session with Dr. Sami right now. And if you want her details, all of her info will be in the show notes below. Now, before we sign off this week, I want to finally share with you all the projects I've completed and rolled out. Like I said, in the beginning of this episode, I had some really fun stuff to share with you. So here's what we got going on. One of my big goals this year is to create an inclusive fitness membership community.

(23:50): So I can connect on a much deeper level, offer a lot more one-on-one and individual support. So I created some online learning courses. I've got three online habit change challenges that have launched. And I also launched my behavior based nutrition coaching package. Now I've got two slots available for new clients. So if you are ready, willing, and able, and you want one-on-one nutrition coaching that doesn't have any of those strict rules, doesn't have any strict dieting. And you're looking for a coaching approach that puts you at the center of the decision-making. Then I am here to be your accountability partner and guide for your journey. You can check out all the new programs@coachkatiedanger.com and click at the top of the menu, the coaching tab athletes, that is a wrap for episode number 63, and as always, it is one of my greatest moments of the week. When I get to leave you with some information that will educate you, inspire you and empower you. Remember only action creates change, believe in yourself, trust the process and enjoy the journey. This is coach KDD, and until next week over and out,

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