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Show highlights include:

  • Why your cookie cutter New Years fitness templates won’t last more than a few weeks into the new year (and the “missing ingredient” that will empower you all year) (4:39) 
  • The “Ask Yourself Why Exercise” that helps you surpass all your wildest 2021 fitness goals (even if you have major setbacks) (7:25) 
  • How to navigate negative emotional storms when life gets tough without sacrificing your fitness goals (9:18) 
  • The weird way a life coach can 10x your fitness accomplishments this year (10:07) 
  • Always hitting a plateau in your fitness journey? Here’s the rarely-talked about 3-ingredient recipe that will catapult you over it — especially if you’ve been stuck there for years (11:40) 
  • The “Hotel Maid’s Mindset Secret” that drastically improved every facet of their health (even when other maids doing the same exact work didn’t improve their health) (16:17)  

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Hello athletes, welcome and thank you for tuning into the Coach Katie Danger Podcast recorded live from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm your host, Coach Katie Danger, U S army veteran, fitness coach and founder of Red H Nutrition. Here's a fact for you, 99% of us are not elite athletes. We're individuals from all backgrounds, juggling life priorities, including jobs, our families, their needs, and trying to find time to take care of ourselves every single week. When you tune in, I'll be discussing clear, concise and actionable strategies you can use to get the most from your fitness, nutrition, and mindset. So you can optimize your life without compromising your time. So athletes settle in and get comfortable. I'm here to educate, inspire, empower, and entertain you to help you enjoy the unique fitness journey that you are on.

(00:52): Hey there athletes. How is everyone today? This is coach Katie ginger. Thank you so much for joining me again. I am really excited to bring you episode number 44 of this podcast to share my personal recipe for success and how you can create your own with just these three simple ingredients. But before I get to the meat and potatoes of the episode, I want to share a few things that I've been working on. And I think you'll be interested in first, if you haven't yet head over to leg day, workouts.com, all one word leg day, workouts.com. I created a workout guide you can download for free and it features five different leg day workouts, two for beginners, two for advanced. And then one, if you consider yourself to have bad knees, I know there's a lot of people out there who say they have bad knees and they still want to do a leg day.

(01:39): So I'm hoping that this gives you an opportunity to add some of these exercises in that are going to help you crush leg day. And I don't mean to toot my own horn on this, but this guide leg day workouts is the best guide I've created yet. It's no joke. And if you really want to get after leg day, this guide is going to help you experience that. So, plus when you sign up, you're going to get a series of emails and include some of my best stretches from ability, some recovery solutions that you can use to make sure you crush leg day, but you also get the recovery so you can be your best. So leg day, doesn't crush you. Second, second thing. I'm taking an at-home food sensitivity test in the next few days, and I'm really excited to see the results. It's going to be a future podcast episode.

(02:20): Once I go through the process and experience it, but I'm not currently experiencing any issues with food. In fact, I never really have, I, I don't have issues with gluten. I mean, if I eat a lot of crap, like a lot of sugar pizzas and have a binge, I have some tummy issues, but really nothing that's ever like sent me out. You know, I don't have to avoid dairy or anything like that, but I'm still curious. So I got this deal from my friends at Everly, well.com and Everly, well.com. They do all kinds of tests. They do food sensitivity, metabolism gosh, other medical ones they're doing COVID now STDs, just lots of other at-home tests you can do that kind of just cuts out the middleman. So you, you have to go to the doctor to do all this stuff anymore. So I want to try it out and it will save some money on their tests.

(03:02): So I wanted to try it and I will be sure to share all the details with you, including the experience from point a to point B, how did I get my kit? What is it like to do the kit of the communication process? How you receive your results and all what that looks like. If you've ever done one of these before, don't tell me how it goes. I'm just very interested in the whole process. And if you guys know one thing about me is I love trying new things. So this is something I'm going to try. I'm going to get the results. And then, you know, see if they're applicable to my life. Everything in life is dynamic and I love getting new information so I can get new information and then potentially apply it to my life. Right? So without further ado here we are episode number 44, your recipe for success.

(03:43): The Genesis of the episode stems from some literature I was reading on coaching and had a really interesting quote. And I've never heard of this before, but it makes a lot of sense. The only thing more important than variation is personalization. And I totally agree as I'm recording this episode, we're entering a new year. 2021 is here and it feels good to say goodbye to 2020, doesn't it? But that doesn't mean that I didn't learn a lot from 2020. In fact, the very last episode that I recorded was about the 10 things that I learned in 2020. And if you listen to that episode, it was over 30 minutes of information, 10 things I learned, and there was a lot to digest there. But when it comes down to it, reaching your goals, achieving your dreams, it's a very personal experience. No two journeys are like, mine's not going to look like yours, yours.

(04:31): Isn't going to look like mine. Now we may have similar approaches. We may be at certain points along the journey together, but they're not going to be identical. What's best for me is not what's best for you in this journey for a lot of people, as they enter a new goal or a new year or a new fitness plan, they try to scoop up whatever template they can find to light a fire and create some momentum. I cannot express this to you enough though. Fitness is not black and white. It is a spectrum. It is continuum. It is an eternal dedication to your Y capital w capital H capital Y Y. And that brings me to the first ingredient to success. Your why this isn't just a, I want to look better naked goal. When you wake up in the morning and you don't want to do what it takes, this is the kind of why that turns out motivation to a hundred and it keeps you going.

(05:22): It keeps you going so you can get through what you need to do to reach your goal. You're going to have bad days. You guys, you're going to miss days. Someone's going to come up. You're going to have some sort of hiccup. Maybe it won't be a big hookup. Maybe it will be though. Maybe it's going to be huge. The point here is you've got to have that. Why? And you got to have it dialed in. Okay. Let me give you an example. For me, it's a few things I want to live to be 120 years old. You heard me, right? I want to live to be 120. I used to say that I wanted to live to be a hundred. I've been saying that for as long as I can even remember, since I've been a kid, I'm like, I'm going to live to be a hundred, but I've read research from the past few years that says humans can live to be 120 and they can do it living a, like a independent, successful, enjoyable life.

(06:05): This isn't like 120 in a wheelchair. Decrepit can't wipe my own, but this is 120 full of vitality and love and awesomeness and research doesn't can be done. So I'm going to do it second. I need to be the best partner I can be for my spouse, Sammy. I want to give us, I want to give her a spectacular life. I want to be able to support her through all of her goals as well. So high gotta be my best. That's a big life for me. Another why for me is I want to share my gifts with anyone who will listen. That goes for this podcast right here. There are days where I don't want to record a podcast or days where I don't want to dive into the research. I'd rather play a video game or something, but if I don't do what it takes, if I can't help others, if I can't do that research, then I, I'm not able to share my gifts with people.

(06:51): And if I can't help others and I can't keep my own straight either, right? If I can't help others, if I'm not keeping my own self in line. So I've got to do what it takes to get the job done no matter what. And that lights a fire to me, it's very important to me that I'm the best person I can be. And that means shaking off the bad vibes that are going to come up. And I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I know I'm better than any obstacle that gets in my way. I can pivot. I can turn. I might even be able to just scale that obstacle and go right up and over it. I expect more from myself. And that is my why. So then let me ask you guys, what's your, why? Why do you get up in the morning?

(07:30): Tell me you get to the bottom of this. There's a really great exercise. I don't know what it's called, but I call it, ask yourself why all you do is you start with this question. Why do I want this goal? Let's just say the goal is weight loss. Why do I want to lose weight? Oh, I want to look better naked. Okay. Why do you want look better naked? Well, I want to be physically attracted for my partner. Okay. Why do you want to be physically attractive for your partner? Well, I want my partner told want me, Hey, well, why do you want your partner to want you? Well, I want my partner to want me because I want to be there for them when it gets tough. Okay. Well, why do you want to be there for your partner? When it gets stuff? Well, life is going to hand us lemons and we got to make lemonade.

(08:07): So you just keep going until you get to that. Why that goes, that's it. That's why I get up in morning. And that is why I'm never going to stop reaching for this goal. So that's the first ingredient. Your why? The second ingredient is consistency. This means you got to do the work. You guys. This means that there is no magic pill. I hope that that is not a deal breaker for you. If you're waiting for the magic pill or if you're waiting for an easier way to do the work shut off this podcast right now, because you will never achieve what you're capable of achieving. The second ingredient is consistency, and that means you got to do the work and there's no magic pill. So sure there are things that are going to help you on your journey. There are things that are going to help you achieve them faster.

(08:49): You know, new technology, new feedback systems supplementation, but the end of each day, if you didn't do the work, you're not going to get the results from that work. You lose that date period. So don't lose any time. Don't waste this gift of life that you have. You can't cheat the work before you set any goal, ask yourself, am I committed to doing what is required for this goal day in and day out. Even if I don't see the results as quickly as I'd like, I can't tell you how easy and how many people abandoned ship. This is why the new year's phenomenon will never end. It's because people just abandoned ship. They're not consistent. They don't dig deep into their goals and trust themselves. This is why starting with the first ingredient and remembering your why is so important. It's so important because when gets tough and consistency, isn't the word you want to hear?

(09:39): You can always go back to your why and go, you know what? My feelings right now, my emotional storm I'm in right now. My why is more important than that. And I will keep doing what it takes. That's the second ingredient consistency. Now the final ingredient to success is personalization. I want to tell you a pet peeve of mine. My pet peeve is when people will message me. And they're asking me for individual training advice and programs, the pet peeve begins when they want that information for free. One big reason that I have personally been successful with every fitness goal I have set out and will continue to be. As I changed my goals in his life and fitness becomes dynamic is that I'm willing to dig deep into my personal strengths and weaknesses, but I'm also willing to pay for that advice and coaching.

(10:25): A personalized training program is the cherry on top of this recipe, you've got your why you're going to be consistent. How do you take it to the next level? It's to get personal once you know your why once you've gotten consistent, it's time to find someone to take an assessment and really dig deep into your strengths and weaknesses. And you know, this could be life coaching. This could be fitness coaching. This could be sports specific coaching, Olympic weightlifting, track, and field. You know, whatever it is. I'm not necessarily talking about fitness coaching here. I'm just talking about strengths and weaknesses in the area of the goal you want to accomplish. And then you gotta be willing to invest in yourself, the personalized training program, this final ingredient. This is the cherry on top of this recipe for success. For years personally, I just stuck with templates.

(11:11): Like when I was first getting into CrossFit before I actually got my first invitation to regionals as an individual, I was just sticking to templates. I was paying for, Oh God, I don't even know what it was at the time, but there's so many out there, right? I don't want to throw any names out there cause I don't want to get on anybody's bad side with template coaching, but it was black or it was white. You know, it was like, I'm doing this and I'm doing that. But there's like a thousand other athletes who are doing this. And as I started to think about it, I'm like, how does this make sense for me? You know, like I know I've got a certain weakness. Particularly when it comes to Olympic lifting, I don't have the technique. So I was always hitting a plateau every single time, hitting a plateau.

(11:49): I stick with a template for like four to six weeks. And I just get stuck at a I'm like not getting any better. Here's the thing. This last ingredient might not be for you. Personalization might not be for you. And that is okay. Remember our finished journeys are all different. This is the recipe though, that if you want to optimize and get every last drop out of yourself and your capacity that you possibly can with this goal that you're trying to set, that you've set free. So I'm not trying that you have set for yourself. Now, if you're just flying by the seat of your pants and you enjoy trying new things every other week, like I said, this ingredient may not be for you, but this last ingredient, this personalization is definitely for people who want to optimize. If you want to get down to the dirty, dirty details, if you want to figure out the pieces that really make you tick, Hey, how's your current training program?

(12:37): One of the most underrated ways to train is body weight movements, squats, push-ups pull-ups anything without our barbell and just using your body as a resistance is a body weight movement because of their importance. I created the body weight muscles training program, and the program consists of body weight workouts that anyone can do anywhere because you don't need a barbell or a gym to do these workouts. And the best part is the entire program is free and you get your copy@bodyweightmuscles.com. So head on over to bodyweight muscles.com. After this podcast is over and download the program and start adding body weight workouts. You were teens, so you can build a real functional strength.

(13:17): Let me tell you a story about my personal journey of personalization and how it help me optimize and reach a goal. A few years ago, I decided that one of my goals was to enter an Olympic weightlifting competition. It hits certain weight marks on my staff and my cleaning dirt for so freaking long. I knew that I had training flaws that needed to be worked on, but really the only time I was doing Olympic lifts was like maybe twice a week with some of my CrossFit metabolic conditioning programming. But I had stagnated, like I was not hitting the marks that I felt I was capable of because I was strong. You know, I, I was able to do certain movements of these lifts, like push presses back squats, front squats, but I couldn't put all the pieces together. So I hired a coach. I put my money up, she assessed my movements.

(13:58): She put together a plan and I worked at then after six weeks, we reassessed, we looked at my strengths and weaknesses. What had improved, what had not improved. And she put together a plan with some tweaks and I worked it rinse and repeat that cycle that summer I hit my personal best. My all-time best in the snatch at 165 pounds and the clean and jerk at 225 pounds. I'm going to repeat that before I took that journey on, before I put my investment up before I worked with a coach, it was years I was at a plateau. So I got personal with my plan. I invested in my plan. I worked the plan and I hit my marks. You see, when you put all those three ingredients together, it's not a complicated process, but it is a process and there's a time component involved. And for me, there was also a monetary investment.

(14:42): The three ingredients for success is I have found them to be true, are defining your why, which is who and or what drives you to get out of bed each morning. What lights that fire under your belly are under your butt. When you just don't want to do the work consistency, trust the process. Don't abandon ship, trust yourself, have your own back. And then personalization, try new things and tailor them to your goals, your strengths and weaknesses. That's what this is all about, right? Your fitness journey is your fitness journey. Now these three ingredients are with me and whatever goal I strive for, it can be business. It could be fitness could be a diet. You name it. I can apply these three things to anything, anything, and I can accomplish my goal. Now there is one piece to this recipe, right? Like you're just recipes got to cook, you know, put these ingredients in something to really make it all work together.

(15:29): And hum, and it's called mindset. And that's the last piece of this recipe. You got to marinate it in mindset. Now I'm trying to stick to the cookie metaphors as you can see. So with the three pieces I just mentioned, they all have to be drilled into you with mindset. Every time you get new information, you can create a new habit, can make a better way of doing something. You can take new information and you can tweak that personalization of your approach. Do you have any weakness? Do you have a new strength? Do you need to take a new strategy to your goal? Every bit of information you get is loaded into your mindset and then comes out as new information you can use to be better. I want to share, I want to end this podcast on an interesting study. I found if you want, I can find the study and all the citations, but like I don't like to carry away with that stuff.

(16:17): You can look this up. This happened in 2007 and they did this study with a group of hotel maids. I don't know how many hotel mates, but they split these groups into. And these hotel maids prior to the study start, they surveyed these maids about their fitness habits. They also took the maids, physical measurements, their heart rates and other significant health markers like cholesterol. So these maids, these maids, they spend hours on their feet. They're cleaning and they're moving. They're lifting. I mean, you guys have seen hotel mates, they do work. They are definitely getting their steps in. And also just to make it relevant to somebody who isn't a mate, when you do housework, like have you ever done spring cleaning in your house? Have you ever like cleared stuff out soul stuff, get ready for garage sale that is work. Like there's a reason that we put that stuff off it's because it takes work.

(17:00): So before I digressed any further, these maids, they didn't think that they were actually doing work. They all rated their fitness habits. Prior to the start of the study, they redid their fitness habits is poor to a Bismal, at least on the scale that they had. Well, it turns out it's because they thought they believed that their work was not fitness. The work they did was just something that they did to get a paycheck. And it really wasn't contributing to their health and wellness. So according to these Mays, they believed that they really didn't have a fitness routine because after they got done working, why do they want to go work out? They're exhausted. So here's a cool thing. They took a variable group and these maids were coached and informed that the work they were doing was exercise. They essentially got educated on what fitness was and how the work they were doing was actually improving their fitness.

(17:47): Those before measurements, they took, they were given step trackers and calorie counters. The study went on for four weeks in that four weeks, literally nothing else changed all the maids went on and did their stuff. The only thing that changes, there was a group that was educated on fitness and changing the belief about what they did. So it turns out the maze and the variable group started to believe like, Hey, you know what? I am doing work. I'm getting, I'm burning 1500 calories a day on my feet. I'm getting 10,000 steps in a day. So they started to believe like, Oh my gosh, I am doing work. Guess what happened? They took their health markers after the four weeks. So you've got the group where nothing changed. They're still doing the work and they still believe what they believe. And then you have the variable group who does their work, but now they believe they're actually getting fit in the process.

(18:32): Well, the new health markers show that the variable group improved almost every facet of their health. They lost weight. They improve those health markers like cholesterol. And the only thing we changed was their mindset about fitness in their belief and what the work actually looks like. So mindset's a powerful thing. Isn't it? What you believe matters, what you believe matters so much that it can help you lose weight without doing anything else different. So think about that for a second. I want to summarize this for you guys. I want to bring this episode home. The three ingredients for success are knowing your why being consistent in action and your words, and personalizing the approach and being dynamic with your journey. You put those three ingredients in the bowl of mindset and marinate it for awhile and boom, you have got all. You need to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

(19:17): Here's another little tidbit for you. The only person who stands in the way of getting what you want is you. So get out of your own way. Trust yourself. You are your own best advocate. And if you ever need a little pep talk, come back to these episodes, come back to this episode. I've also got a lot of other stuff on mindset as well. If you're interested athletes, I want you to go out and do amazing things in 2021. I believe in all of you. I believe in all of your capabilities. I believe that whatever you want, you can have it. There is enough for everybody to do anything they want to. Once again, athletes, thank you so much for hanging with me for this episode. I hope that you'll join me again for the next episode. And if you haven't yet remember head on over to nutrition.com, use the code, coach, Katie danger.

(20:01): It's all one word, coach Katie danger. And you can save 30% on your order of nutritional supplements. And like I said before, fitness is dynamic. Do the work, find the pieces of the puzzle. That makes sense for you. I believe the nutritional supplements can help you reach your goals faster and can certainly help you stay on track. I want you to crush those fitness goals, head over to red ACE nutrition.com, load up your cart with the supplements that make sense for you and your goals and use that code. Coach Katie danger save 30%, but for now athletes, this is coach Katie D heading out with episode number 44. I will see you again next week, over and out.

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