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Show highlights include:

  • Why men over 40 are more prone to feeling sluggish and lethargic (and the easy way to restore their energy levels) (7:49) 
  • 2 vitamins that prevent men from battling life-threatening and embarrassing prostate problems (12:37) 
  • Why the secret to world peace is your gut health (15:25) 
  • How improving your gut health rejuvenates your energy, boosts your mood, and can even eliminate anxiety (18:54) 
  • Why testosterone replacement therapy is only a short-term solution (and the supplements to take today that boosts testosterone for the future) (25:12) 
  • 2 natural supplements that will help you have deeper, more restorative sleep (even though they’re not sleep supplements) (26:08) 

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Hello athletes, welcome and thank you for tuning into the Coach Katie Danger Podcast recorded live from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm your host, Coach Katie Danger, U S army veteran, fitness coach and founder of Red H Nutrition. Here's a fact for you, 99% of us are not elite athletes. We're individuals from all backgrounds, juggling life priorities, including jobs, our families, their needs, and trying to find time to take care of ourselves every single week. When you tune in, I'll be discussing clear, concise and actionable strategies you can use to get the most from your fitness, nutrition, and mindset. So you can optimize your life without compromising your time. So athletes settle in and get comfortable. I'm here to educate, inspire, empower, and entertain you to help you enjoy the unique fitness journey that you are on.

(00:53): Hey, Hey again, athletes, you know what time it is? Welcome to episode number 41 of the coach K danger podcast. And it's me coach Katie danger. Have you guys all been doing, you know, the last time we chatted and Wilton was just episode number 40, but we were chatting about some really important information on college and how supplementing with collagen is pretty much necessary if you're over the age of 35. So if you haven't yet, please check out last week's episode, episode number 40. It really follows that foundational premise of the more, you know, okay. So the more, you know, the more educated you are, the more information you have to make better decisions. But this week, this week, I have a treat in store for all the dudes out there, or the ladies listening who have a special guy in their life or special guys, plural, whether it's your husband, your boyfriend, your dad, your brother, your uncle, whatever role, the man or men in your life fulfill.

(01:46): There's going to be something in this episode for them. I was recently invited on a Facebook live event for my friend, Susie Goodwin. You can follow her on Instagram. It's at run lift mom and the topic was supplements for men. It was literally called the man event. Now she brought me on as a guest expert because she wanted to help the athletes in her community make smarter supplement choices. And this was specifically for men and the education seminar was titled for men. The five best science-based supplements. Now the main goal with this information is to educate you. And I guarantee you that if you get through this episode, you're going to find something that's going to help the man or the men in your life to get more, do more and be more with his life and his fitness goals. So athletes, sit back, grab a beverage, maybe even a snack and enjoy the man event five best science-based supplements. Good morning, everybody. Hello. Hello. Welcome to the man event. And this specific Facebook live is the five best science-based supplements for the man in your life. And I am really, really grateful to be here this morning. Grateful to have the opportunity to speak with you. I do want to give a shout out first and foremost to

(03:00): My good friend, Susie Goodwin. Thank you so much for inviting me here this morning, giving me this platform. And my main goal today is first and foremost is to educate, educate, and then empower you with some good information about supplementation and how you can help the man in your life. Get more, be more and do more. So that's what I'm here today. I will tell you straight up shameless self promotion. I will tell you exact products that I have created formulated manufactured that will help with very specific things in your man's life. So I've got some questions that people have already asked in the threads started in the [inaudible] group. So passionate team. I am so happy to be here. Like I said, my name is coach Katie danger. I am the owner of red H nutrition. It is a e-commerce based supplement brand. We help the everyday athlete achieve their wildest dreams.

(03:49): I'm a big, big fan of supplementation. It has helped me in so many different times of my life, both performance-based vitality lifestyle and just being a better human being, being able to be the best human I can be so I can help other people achieve their goals and dreams. I like to educate, inspire and empower number all three goals right there. So other than that, I'm just going to dive right into some of the questions that have been asked here and how I did this is I just summed it up into the, into the five best science-based supplements. And I use science-based because, you know, there's lots of supplements out there. There's lots of misinformation out there. In fact that word supplement might even make your skin crawl a little bit. But a mission that I have is to educate on some of those misconceptions about supplements and how you can use new information to make better decisions for yourself, for the men in your life and for anybody else in your life who could benefit from any supplementation that we talk about.

(04:47): So if you have any questions that I don't get to today, you can leave them in the comments. You can email me katie@rednutrition.com. And I answer all of my emails personally and individually. So let's get started. Shall we? And with that, Susie gives me one of the toughest questions to begin with, but that's how I'm going to dive in here because it really encompasses a lot. She asks, she loved recommendations for men over 40. And the recommendations I'm going to give to you are really, really critical to men starting at age 35, and then as we age. So if you're, if you've got a man in your life and he's 35, 40, 45 50, plus these five recommendations are really, really going to help you with things like his energy needs, his libido, his strength and performance goals, muscle building, and then potentially any fat loss goals that he might have too.

(05:35): But what I've found is when it comes to supplementation, when it comes to encouraging people to try new things, you got to have meaning behind it. So all of these things have to mean something to the person that you're speaking to you, can't just say, Hey, take this multivitamin, you know, do it because I took it and it was great. You know, that might be good on the surface level, but when it comes to intrinsically motivating somebody, what is that meaning? And what I've found is it doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman, human beings are more loss averse than we are gain averse. So we will do things. We are more likely to do things so we don't lose something. Then we are to more likely to do something in order to gain something. Okay. So when I talk about supplements, usually I'm talking about when we age, we always think that we're going to lose capacity.

(06:22): We're going to lose our abilities to do things. And specifically for men that is energy, it's libido and its strength, energy, libido, and strength. And the great thing is like, you don't need hundreds of supplements or hundreds of things to get those, because these are all like foundational level things. They are self identity things. They are psychologically how we perceive that we should be in terms of what gender we are. And men really, really are concerned with their energy levels, their libido, which is their sexual health. Really, that's what they're talking about. And then their strength. They want to be strong. They want to continue to be a strong, healthy man from birth until the, the day that they die. Right. So that's, that's really what I'm talking about here. We're talking about ages 35 plus because I'm a 35 year old female and I hit 35 and I started to think, okay, like I am not a spring chicken anymore.

(07:14): Well, I'm a CrossFit athlete, right? That's like for the past 12 years, that's really been how I've trained as a CrossFit athlete. And we're always talking about strong. People are harder to kill, right? So we gotta really stay as strong as we can and be as capable and able for as long as we can. So Susie asked what is the best supplement for men over age 40? And I'm going to say this answers the same question for Heather hun. She said, I like to know about supplements for a man over the age of 50. I'm going to start with these five. Okay. These five, the first one is vitamin B12. And vitamin B12 is incredibly important for males and females. But when it comes to the man in your life, you really have to be concerned with his B12. Now, if he's a meat eater, if he's a straight carnivore, he's probably getting enough B12.

(07:58): But a lot of times, if your guy is complaining about being sluggish, not having the energy that he used to, you know, a lot of times they go to the testosterone first. And while that may be a piece of the puzzle, I think the larger component is those vitamin and mineral deficiencies that optimize our cellular processes because hormone balance comes from optimized cellular processes. It comes from having an optimized physiology. You know, it's not just my hormones are out of whack. You have a lot of other things going on. So that's why I like to look at vitamin B12. When it comes to micro nutrition, supplements, micronutrients, vitamin B12 is really, really crucial. And typically you need about 2.5 micrograms a day, 2.5 micrograms a day. Now, if your guy is extremely active or if he happens to be battling some immune system issues right now, he would probably, it would be hoof him.

(08:47): It would be very, very good for him to take more vitamin B12 up to five micrograms a day. So that would be like two, two doses. But like I said, if getting, if he's a carnival or a meat eater, he's probably getting enough vitamin B 12 right now. However, if you've got some immunocompromised deficiency or disorder occurring right now, certain vitamins and minerals do not get synthesized correctly. So you might want to explore vitamin B12, deficiencies. It enhances brain function and mood. It enhances energy. When it comes to muscular contraction, our nervous system is composed of myelin, right? And myelin is what conducts our neuro-transmitters to then create the muscle contraction. If we're talking about muscle stimulus and he's going out there, he's trying to build muscle because when you build muscle and improve your hormone balance, it improves your testosterone production. So he wants to get in there and get in the gym, but maybe he's tired or maybe he's not seeing the results vitamin B12.

(09:40): It helps with neurotransmitter efficiency. So that muscle, when it receives that message from the brain, like I need to contract my bicep. It does so effectively and efficiently. So he gets more of a stimulus. He gets a better effect. He's able to recover faster. And essentially the time and effort he puts into the gym from point a to point B the results, instead of being here, the results are going to be far more exponential when you have that physiology, that base vitamin B12, those micronutrients, when they're, when you got all your ducks in a row there. So that's why I think vitamin B 12 is incredibly important. Especially if we're talking an aging male and not wanting to lose an ability, not wanting to lose a function, right? We want to stay as strong as we can for as long as we can. And there is no reason in this day and age in 2020 and what we know and what we have available to us, that we can not do that every single day.

(10:28): The vitamin D three, vitamin D three is incredibly important for energy immunity. If you cannot, if your man can't stay healthy, if he is run down and sluggish all of the time, it is really, really hard to put your best foot forward. So this comes down to a multivitamin. Does his multivitamin have vitamin D three in it? And does it have at least 60 micrograms in it every single day? This is something that a man should take every single day. Once again, I go back to saying we were we're in 2020, and there was no excuse for why we aren't able to give ourselves the best every day. But with that, the flip side is we're in 2020. And the way that we eat, the way that we cook our food, the way that we may affect your food, the way that we process our food, the way agriculture is in the United States of America in 2020 is much different than what it was in 1900.

(11:18): And there are the good to that. We have far better sanitation processes and manufacturing, cleanliness processes, but at the same time, the manufacturing process we have are known to take way more out of our food than what they used to. So if your man is eating an all raw vegetable diet, he's hunting his own gain, he's cleaning his own game, then you're probably okay. But because I believe that we're in 2020 and 99% of the people are not able to sustain that because we have families. We have jobs, we have lives, we have other hobbies we want to do then hunt and gather our own game and cook own vegetables in our own garden. This is where vitamins and supplements come into. It's a bridging those important gaps in vitamin D three is so close to vitamin B12 in terms of what it means for a man's overall vitality and not losing those things like less energy, losing his libido and his hormonal balance, losing his natural testosterone production, and then being able to, you know, lose strength.

(12:16): So we're always talking about how can we prevent these losses? Because from a human psychological standpoint, we are far more risk averse than we are looking at and taking risks for gain. Okay. So vitamin B12, vitamin D three, and I'm going to jump right into vitamin D three with a multivitamin. You can hit two birds with one stone here. We're going to talk about selenium and selenium is so important. The more that we age, this is like we get into the over 45, over 50 range for men. Selenium is really important for the prostate for prostate health. And if there is something that men have to get checked, I mean, with women, you know, we have to get mammograms. That's where we start right with a man it's going to be as prostate and prostate health is so important, so important. Make sure he's taking selenium.

(13:02): And as I'm doing this live, I'm thinking fiber fiber is so important. In fact, the center for disease, excuse me, the CDC center for disease control. They talk about fiber as being a nutrient of public concern. So fiber is a nutrient fiber is a micronutrient. Fiber is certainly a supplement you can take. I'm sure you've seen commercials before for Metamucil and all these other fiber supplements. You know, I like those, but I don't like those. I like them because we need fiber. It's bringing awareness to a problem that America has, especially men and prostate health, but it also isn't necessarily a good source because it's a manufactured source. So I really like getting fiber from your greens and your veggies. If your guy is a heavy meat eater and he is just not about them, vege, think about adding a green supplement one that has a decent amount of fiber, at least 25% of your recommended daily amount of fiber is really, really fantastic when you're looking at a supplement for fiber.

(13:58): So selenium and fiber, they go hand in hand selenium and D three. You can find in a good multivitamin fiber. You're probably going to find either, obviously in a natural source like fruits and veg, or you can find it in a really good green supplement. And because I told you there'll be some shameless self promotion, I'll give you direct recommendations from products I've created and manufactured. And I consider to be great, great bridges to those gaps that we're talking about here. So B12 D three selenium, which are multivitamins the selenium and T3 it probiotic. So let's go back to Kara, Kara Carr. I apologize if I got that wrong, but she says she wants some recommendations for gut health because she's the only female in the house. And we don't really have to go any deeper into that Dewey. So yeah, I'll just call it what it is.

(14:47): There's a lot of issues with the gut today. Crop dusting, bloating, gas, you know, our gut tells us a lot. Our gut tells us so much, and here's a fun little fact for you. Gut health. The majority of serotonin serotonin is our feel good hormone, right? It's what helps us stay happy, healthy, alive, feel vital, feel capable and confident with Ella serotonin. We go into those. If you're taking an SSRI, selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, Prozac, and Xanax, things like that, that help with serotonin production with feel good, happy hormone production. Take a look at gut health. This is where fiber comes into a probiotic. Gosh, a good probiotic. If I could get everybody in the world on a probiotic of some kind I'm telling you the world would be such a better place. Like I don't know the exact key to world peace, but I bet a good probiotic is real close.

(15:41): So I really believe in a good probiotic. And I know as Susie's question, she asks, what's the best supplement for somebody over 40 and over 50. Cause I lump those together. A probiotic is a close second. It's such a close second. I will say if your guy gets enough beef in his diet, if he gets enough, real red meat fish go with a probiotic first. If he's not getting enough, good wholesome nutrients. It happens to be a McDonald's drive-through guy. Get a vitamin B12 first, but a good probiotic, good gut health so much comes from the gut. If you have crap gut, there's so many other things that you don't need to be supplementing a lot. If you've got good gut health, that's the first and foremost thing, get your gut in order to take a good probiotic. And what is a good probiotic? You ask there's three gut flora that are the most abundant.

(16:29): And when we're talking about a good gut, here's the way I like to describe it. Okay. We've got our gut, right? We've got good gut bacteria. We got bad gut bacteria. And both of these bad boys sit in our gut and they fight each other. The bad bacteria gets fed with high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, sugar, sugar, sugar, right? So artificial sweeteners are bad. Bacteria just loves that stuff. And what happens is the bad bacteria starts to grow and suffocates the good bacteria and that good. Our good gut bacteria cannot do what it needs to do. It cannot digest carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, the way that it needs to. So we start to experience superficial things like bloating, gas, perhaps even some skin conditions, eczema, psoriasis. Those are often things that we get as we age because these problems start to accumulate over time. This is usually isn't something that we see with younger men in their late twenties, or even in their mid thirties.

(17:21): This is like an accumulation of some habits that have not been corrected over time. So micronutrition gaps that have not been corrected. And then over time, these problems become big and that bad bacteria just says, all right, I, in the majority I am taken over, here's your bloating, here's your gas, here's your digestive issues. Here's your diarrhea. Like here's all that bad stuff, but you can correct it. And you can correct it very, very easily with a good probiotic. And the three most abundant gut for it is acidophilus LKC and bifida. So I'm going to talk more about that. I mean, this is the probiotic there. I guess I won't skip to the shameless self promotion, right? The adaptogenic probiotic. I made this specifically for athletes and gut health, because so many probiotics out there they're marketed at this like 10 billion, 20 billion, 50 billion CFUs, and CFU stands for colony forming units.

(18:14): And that's just how we measure the bacteria quantity that is going and being adjusted similar to like micrograms or milligrams or grams. It's just another way to measure the units, colony forming units, but you don't really need that much natural things like fermented foods, sauerkraut kombucha. I'm not a big fan of kombucha. So if your guy isn't going to be down in sauerkraut and kombucha all the time, which in itself could create some stinkies and smellys through other parts, the armpits, the mouth, a good probiotic is going to serve him so well. And it really can have an effect very quickly. So if you've got a guy and he's a little stinky in the gut area, and you know what I'm talking about, have him take a probiotic, specifically the adaptogenic probiotic from reddish nutrition. It's going to help him. Not only digest his carbohydrates as fat since proteins better, but it's going to help him with his energy levels, his mood, his vitality, because we're gonna increase the serotonin.

(19:10): And I'm not a doctor, but a lot of times when we address gut health, we also see mood mental anxiety disorders start to decrease significantly as well. So take that into account too. And ladies, that is some advice that you can take as well. But since I'm talking directly about your dude right now, that's exactly the advice that you're going to get, help him, help himself find a good probiotic. It doesn't have to be anything crazy. Look at like 6 billion colony forming units at least get about three to five strains of probiotic. You don't need 20 billion. You don't need like 50 billion. You don't need all, you don't need everything. You don't need everything in the kitchen sink. Because a lot of times what you find is with these probiotics that have like 50 billion plus CFOs is you're not getting enough of the ones that really matter, right? You're getting a bunch of pixie dust of everything, but nothing that really is effective. So probiotic, probiotic, I talked about B12. I talked about the probiotic and then the multivitamin that includes selenium and [inaudible]. So that's three. Let's talk about create team.

(20:12): Hey, how's your current training program? One of the most underrated ways to train is body weight movements, squats. Push-Ups pull-ups anything without our barbell and just using your body as a resistance is a body weight movement because of their importance. I created the body weight muscles training program, and the program consists of body weight workouts that anyone can do anywhere because you don't need a barbell or a gym to do these workouts. And the best part is the entire program is free and you get your copy@bodyweightmuscles.com. So head on over to bodyweight muscles.com. After this podcast is over and download the, and start adding body weight workouts, your routine. So you can build real functional strength.

(20:55): Tina is so, so important as we age our muscle tissue, the way that we recover. But let me tell you why Creatine is so freaking important for a guy who exercises and wants to maintain his muscle mass. He does not wanna lose muscle mass. As the age, creatine is going to be the best thing. Now we know we need protein, right? Protein helps repair and rebuild what creatine is going to help somebody do it is it helps you recycle and reuse. ATP. ATP is a Denison. Triphosphate it is the energy powerhouse in the mitochondria. And it helps us do more work faster. It helps us stay energized. It helps us work out whether it's a cardio workout or a strength workout, but what creating does. So specifically it helps a guy do more work faster, helps him recover faster. So it takes that ATP molecule.

(21:41): And when we work out, it breaks down into ADP. So we've got, we've got this phosphate molecule that has been released from the ATP tri and we've got this one floating in space, and we've got ADP out here. We've got this two molecules, right? So you've got the two on the one. Well, usually the body naturally has a process where it regenerates that ATP. It's the Krebs cycle. You don't need to know a lot about science, but I will throw it out there in case you're interested. So the body goes through the Krebs cycle. It regenerates replenishes ATP in the body. It does this naturally, but we can hack the system and we can help your man out by giving him Creatine at least five grams a day. And what this will do is it will help him. Yeah. Suzy, I'll get to testosterone. What creatine will help a man do is recycling regenerate that ATP faster.

(22:27): So you've got that after it's broken down and you got the phosphate and you got the ADP, the, the di phosphate molecule, well, they're able to come together and make that ATP faster and quicker. It's recycling your energy. It's hacking that system and it's optimizing your bodies, your man's natural physiological process. So he can get more to ATP back in his body faster, do more work, faster, recover faster, get a greater stimulus from his cardio or his strength training workout. All right. So that's why creatine is incredibly important. And the last two I'm gonna to talk about are zinc and magnesium zinc and magnesium go into that narrative. When we talk about testosterone. So let's talk about testosterone. I mean, I've been doing this for five years now. And the number one thing I get asked by men is how can I boost my testosterone levels?

(23:12): And they want to know a couple of things they want to know. What does it mean when we're talking about naturally boosting testosterone and what is TRT? What is testosterone replacement therapy? And this is one instance where I will say that testosterone replacement therapy should be the second option. You should first explore natural options. And yes, that includes diet. That includes exercise. There are so many guys out there who, because life circumstances, they've got busy. They have kids, they have families, they have jobs. They have other hobbies. These become sedentary, and they're not lifting weights as much as they should anymore. They're not doing as much endurance exercises as they should anymore. So they start to gain belly fat, their natural testosterone levels drop. And that's, that's just the standard American way of things. And if that's what your man is experiencing, a lot of times they'll go to testosterone replacement therapy because it is quick because now it is covered by insurance.

(24:02): And it is usually very, very affordable and accessible. There are male medical clinics on like every corner. Now it seems like CVS is Walgreens. They have a place, they have a purpose. If your man is severely immunocompromised, if he has an underlying testosterone condition that he dealt with for the majority of his life, TRT is a really good option. But first I would really, really highly recommend that you look at natural remedies and that includes getting fresh fruits and veggies. That includes getting fiber. If there's low testosterone, it isn't because your guy is just genetically, probably a low testosterone human it's probably because there's physiological processes underneath. They're not being optimized in the body struggling. And unfortunately, a lot of times whether you're male or female hormonal processes get out of whack quicker than anything that I can think of, Oh my God, I'm 35.

(24:53): And I think I shouldn't be here dealing with any hormonal things, but some things, some things I'm starting to notice, but what I'm getting at here is look at natural processes first and vitamins and minerals, zinc and magnesium, zinc and magnesium are really, really important for a couple reasons, testosterone and three natural testosterone. So what T or T does it just injects testosterone in the body? The body uses it again, gobbles it up. It's like, yeah, I got testosterone. I need this right. TRT also doesn't promote than body's natural feedback loops. So that's what gets upset when our hormones are off balance with it. When a man's testosterone is low, he's having an feedback loop issue. Okay. The body is not reading one thing and then sending another, it's just not communicating correctly. It doesn't know what to do. So when you inject that testosterone in there, sure the body gets the tea it needs, but we aren't teaching the body better habits.

(25:47): We're not teaching the body how to do the things that it used to know how to do when you slowly and consistently take things like zinc and magnesium. Magnesium is responsible for over 600 cellular processes in the body alone. And when you look at that hormone balance is one of the number one things, magnesium and zinc help optimize, especially as we sleep. So zinc and magnesium are not sleep supplements, but they promote natural deep REM rapid eye movement cycles. And that's where a lot of that recovery takes place. That's where a lot of the feedback loops are our hormones. That's where our body can talk and not be interrupted by the other thoughts and things that we're doing in our minds. We were very, very busy people and optimizing our sleep is one of the best ways that a man can optimize his natural testosterone levels.

(26:32): There are testosterone boosters out there, some of them claim to do all mighty things, but really what we're looking at here is we want the body to learn how to get a feedback loop right back, where it wants to go. We don't want to give it artificial things that makes it thinks it knows what it's doing. We really want to promote the body learning how to do things for itself. Again, and with supplements, you can do that. Sometimes it's not the quick and easy fix though. Like how, instead of addressing mental health disorders, we'd like to take pills, which they help, but when it comes down to it, our body knows what it needs to do. Our body knows how it needs to operate. Everybody is born with the things that it needs to do, what it needs to do. Okay. The majority of people, right?

(27:15): The majority of people, and I really believe that supplements can help naturally do things. There are medical interventions that are necessary, but I would highly consider looking at natural ways to do things before you go under knives, before you start taking pills, before you start injecting things into your body, our bodies are incredible, magical gifts. And if you use them appropriately, if you give them what you need, it can do really incredible things for you without expensive treatments, creams, gels, pills, surgeries. I really truly believe that that is my mindset and philosophy. And that is why I believe supplements can take men who don't want to lose those things like libido that comes with testosterone and sexual health lose energy. So they can, you know, if you've got kids, you know, and if you want grandkids someday, you want to be able to keep up with all of those phases and stages of life.

(28:02): I'm a really big proponent. I want, I'm going to live to be at least a hundred years old and I'm talking like a hundred years old. Awesome. I want to drive my own car. I want to be able to go to the bathroom by myself and dress myself and clean myself up. And I think that that goes with the men in our lives, as well as we age, we all want to stay as capable and awesome and cool as we can as we age. And that's where I think these supplements can come into play. So I talked about B12 for energy, muscular contraction, nervous system health. I talked about a probiotic for gut health, potentially a green supplement to help with fiber gut health is so important when it comes to our mood and that serotonin. So we have our natural feel-good hormones available to us when we need to use them.

(28:45): I talked about creating, creating helps us recycle energy, zinc and magnesium are so important for natural testosterone health. Please, please look at raising testosterone naturally with a vitamin and mineral supplement of good multivitamin, zinc and magnesium selenium, vitamin D three. Look at that before he considers hormone replacement therapy. Now, like I said, I am not a doctor and hormone replacement therapy is going to be appropriate for some people, but the majority of individuals I've talked to they've really just had some bad habits over the years that have accumulated. And now they're at a point like, okay, my body doesn't work the best way anymore. Can I get it back to that point? And how can I do that? And the answer is yes, you can. And you can do it naturally with supplements, herbs, vitamins, and diet, whole foods, right? Whole foods in your diet, whole foods in your diet.

(29:35): What else has come up here? Let me see. I'm going to scroll through the comments here. Okay. Susie asked how much vitamin D three, you know, international units that I, you, that you use. I don't know the equivalent. Because I use micrograms. I do go to Google. So 60 micrograms is the recommended dose for men, but I'm going to do that to use so international units. What is that? Oh yeah, it kind of looks like it is 5,000 international units. It's my programs might be a bit, much serious. I'll have to get back to you on that Susie. Cause I'm just not sure. I don't want, I can't do the math in my head right now, but look for micrograms, that is more of a, at least in my mind, it makes more sense than an international unit. That kind of seems like this arbitrary number we put on things that isn't necessarily the most comprehensible.

(30:25): So I like micrograms for my measurements. See here, we got gout gout. You know, I'm not sure on supplements right now for that, but I will. I'm going to get a book. I'm gonna get a book off my shelf, Carly, I'm going to show you now the book is promoting plant-based health. And one way of doing something isn't necessarily always the best way. I like to take lots of information and amalgamate it together and pick out the things that I need. But this book, how not to die. It goes into the science of plant-based eating and how adding more plants, not necessarily, you know, making the complete shift to plant based, but how eating more plants can help. A lot of these things like gout. So check out that book, check out that book. I'll do a little bit more research on supplements for gout.

(31:08): Cause that's a good question. You know, that's something that comes up a lot as we age as well. Not just Penn, but also females too. So Carly, you mentioned that you liked Zen REM, but their work crazy dreams. I'm going to tell you zinc and magnesium together. It promotes a calmness and clarity in the nervous system. And I often like to say that if you're getting dreams, when you're taking Zen REM, you're doing it right? Because our body, when our body dreams, that means we've got this, our body's doing what it needs underneath. So it's not fighting anything else. And we've got that clarity where we can dream dreaming is one of the most incredible things that a human can do. And we should really promote that. So if you're not dreaming right now, take a look at your gut health, take a look at your zinc and magnesium levels.

(31:52): Start with a multivitamin first, but that zinc and magnesium, if you've got other concerns, you want to boost your testosterone. You want to get some better sleep, but you don't want to take an ambient or NyQuil or anything to knock you out. Zen REM is really fantastic. And yes, if you want to call it a side effect dreams, perhaps crazy can be part of that. If you happen to have nightmares and you're taking Zen run, I'm not going to say that that's okay, but that's not the supplement. That is a subconscious. So perhaps you want to address some subconscious things as well. And that's not really something supplements can do. That's you know, just maybe doing a little self work on the side. So what else we got going on here? I talked about the five best science backs supplements. I did see a comment on one.

(32:35): Stacy has a 32 year old husband, boyfriend. He's not good at taking supplements. He takes his BCAs and his protein. And I'd love to know how Stacy got him to do these things. Because I mentioned at the beginning here, getting somebody to do something you got to attach, meaning you got to attach meaning. So the overarching concept behind all of this is so I can educate you the woman of the household to help your man find meaning in these things that he's taking, because that is where the buy-in comes. And that's where a lot of the results are going to come from too first and foremost, if you take something, but you do not be leaving it, you will never see the results. So providing that meaning to your guy, giving him the reasons behind this weather, you know, Hey hon, let's boost your energy.

(33:15): Oh, you know, I know you haven't had a lot of energy lately. I know you knew your guts been bothering. You can't eat the foods that you like anymore. You know, maybe he's not enjoying the things that he loves anymore. He wants to get stronger, but maybe see a little bit more belly fat than usual. Help him find meaning in these things, humans are much more risk averse to loss than they are doing something for gain. So if he's talking about losing something, give him meaning you do not. You do not have to succumb to the effects of aging. A man who is thirty-five, who is 40, who is 55, 60 plus, there are plenty of men out there who are doing all of the things that still love to do at every single age. And your guy is no exception. So help him find meaning in a proper diet and getting his gut health optimized in naturally boosting his testosterone levels and taking a multivitamin that will help with his immunity and will prevent prostate issues.

(34:05): Because I mean, if there's one thing that aging men are getting done as women with mammograms, it's men with their prostate health. So find meaning in these things, educate him first, educate yourself and then educate him on it. Leave little things here. Maybe a great stocking stuffer would be putting some supplements in his, in his stocking. So I'll tell you what I recommend and why I've got the factor 10 multivitamin. And I called the factor 10 multivitamin. I come from the CrossFit world and we talk about being harder to kill being strong and performance means so many different things, but strength is beauty. Strength is here for the long run. So selenium and D three, our cornerstones in this multivitamin, I also added adaptogenic mushrooms, which will help with that natural testosterone health, which helps with gut health and serotonin as well. So I really liked factor 10 multivitamin.

(34:57): It's got 63 micrograms of vitamin D three. It has 200 micrograms of selenium in it, which is the recommended daily allowance, gut health ladies, gut health. We'll talk about the adaptive genic probiotic, which I mentioned before. It has the three most abundant gut flora in it. So of all the gut bacteria we have in our bodies, the three most abundant, the three that exists the most and are most prevalent for digestion, carbohydrate optimization, fat breakdown, and protein digestion is the B bifidum L acidophilus and L K PSI. Those are the three. And then I also talked about gut health and fiber, and that's where green supplements going to come in. Greens are not necessarily something that's easy to get a guy to do. It's just the way that it is if he's already good at taking it fantastic. But if you've got an uphill battle against you, a great place to start is with a green supplement.

(35:49): It is so much better than him just saying, no, I'm not going to take my veg. Cause I hate eating veg. It also has 25% of your daily recommended allowance of fiber as well. So 25% of fiber in one tiny scoop, he can add it to water. You can add it to OJ where you can add it to his current protein shake if he wants. And I talked about zinc and magnesium, which are great, one great for sleeping, optimizing that hormone process, helping him recover and repair his muscles quicker. But when it comes to hormone balance, talking about testosterone, right? Let's raise your testosterone naturally, do what was inking magnesium, do it while you sleep. I do have a new product coming out that is explicitly related to testosterone production. It uses all natural herbs. So none of this, none of this is going to be a shot.

(36:32): None of it is going to be anything that is illegal or not safe for sport. So I really like naturally was zinc and magnesium. And then with a natural testosterone booster, I actually have that coming out on black Friday, it's called H drive and it's a natural blood serum, testosterone booster. Let me take a quick aside and talk about test boosters to ones that are on the market. So there's ones that will help with actual blood serum. So ones where you're, it's actually in your blood. So if you were to take a blood test, that's how you're going to get what your real testosterone levels. A lot of times men will take over the counter urine test to testosterone. That's not necessarily effective and can be incorrect, you know, one way or the other, whether it's high or whether it's low. So I always talk about raising blood serum, testosterone levels because that's, what's actually in the blood that's, what's actually in the liver being produced by the endocrine system.

(37:22): Right? So look for things that talk about natural blood serum, testosterone boosters, and not just ones that like will raise libido. And then the guy thinks maybe he has high tea. When really it's just like kind of an ergogenic effect that you would get with caffeine as you get a high. But there isn't, that long-term effect that we're looking for. We want, we want stable testosterone levels for life. We don't just want to get that high and that low and then back to our low, right? So that's what I have to offer you ladies. I hope I've educated. You. I hope I've empowered you with some information and I certainly hope I've inspired you to maybe put some of these things in your husband's stocking. Maybe get them a gift card. You know, whether you choose ready to nutrition or not, that is not consequential to me.

(38:01): What is important to me is that you've been educated. You've got a little bit more knowledge and maybe a little piece of nugget is going to improve your man's life. Take you from point a to point B because it doesn't matter if it's a 1% improvement. It is a better than where he was yesterday. Am I right? So if you have any other questions, I am always available. Follow me on Instagram at coach Katie danger, you can join our group every day. Athletes worldwide on Facebook. Susie Goodwin is a fantastic resource. If you have any more questions on just getting in touch with me, but this is an open door. Feel free to contact me directly emails, great to katie@reddishnutrition.com and then check out at reddish nutrition. That is my brain child. That is my baby. That is my purpose in the world is to change the narrative around supplementation and show that there are, there is so much more than the snake oil.

(38:50): There is so much more than quick fixes out there. Supplements have long been demonized for reasons that they shouldn't be. But you know, with shady marketing tactics, I can't blame anybody for being skeptical. So I am here to help educate you and inspire you. If you got anything you need, you can leave them in the comments here. I'll check this for the rest of the day, but open door policy, katie@reddishnutrition.com. You can email me. Thank you so much ladies, for your time today. I talked a lot more than I had planned on talking, but I'm telling you as I get going, it just starts coming. I love this so much. I am passionate and passionate team. I hope you have a fantastic holiday and Christmas. I hope you're successful with your sales and you're successful in reaching new customers to help educate and inspire and empower them as well. So I'm coach Katie danger. Thank you so much for having me believe in me, Suzy. Good one. Thank you so much. I hope I can do this again sometime soon as well. You guys have a fantastic Thursday. We'll talk again soon.

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