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Show highlights include:

  • How falling in love with cardio will make you stronger when you lift weights (3:45) 
  • Why lifting with your ego can physically injure your body (even if you’re not maxing out) (5:29) 
  • Why relying on motivation to work out will make you lazy and weak (and what to rely on instead) (6:02) 
  • The “Hydration Formation Method” from Basic Training that ensures your body doesn’t crumble under stress and pressure (6:53) 
  • The 80/20 rule for your fitness and nutrition that will help you achieve your loftiest goals in less time (10:13) 

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Hello athletes, welcome and thank you for tuning into the Coach Katie Danger Podcast recorded live from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm your host, Coach Katie Danger, U S army veteran, fitness coach and founder of Red H Nutrition. Here's a fact for you, 99% of us are not elite athletes. We're individuals from all backgrounds, juggling life priorities, including jobs, our families, their needs, and trying to find time to take care of ourselves every single week. When you tune in, I'll be discussing clear, concise and actionable strategies you can use to get the most from your fitness, nutrition, and mindset.

So you can optimize your life without compromising your time. So athletes settle in and get comfortable. I'm here to educate, inspire, empower, and entertain you to help you enjoy the unique fitness journey that you are on.

(01:04):Listen to it or not, I chatted on the basics of macronutrients and what it means when we say, if it fits your macros. Macros to me are one of the easiest, but most misunderstood nutrition concepts out there. So if you've got a general curiosity on what macronutrients are and how you can use those to reach your fat loss, your muscle building, whatever your body composition goals are really should check out last week's episode. That's episode number 38. Now for today's episode, I'm going to be sharing some really awesome advice that I received from a post that I put up in the everyday athletes will wide group. If you haven't heard of the group yet the everyday athletes worldwide group, it's open to any athlete. Anybody who has Facebook, you can join. If you haven't already, I highly suggest that you do, but we focus on the everyday athlete, the person who, the real human being.

(01:57): That's an athlete who wants to find information, get motivation, and find peers and like-minded athletes who share similar goals and outlooks on their fitness journeys. Right now we have over 3,300 members and we would love to have you a part of it. So if you want to get it on the fun, go to Facebook and search in the search bar, everyday athletes, worldwide, and request to join the group. So let's get back to topic though, for the episode today, the group is fun. The everyday athletes were wide group is fun because you get a lot of engagement. When you ask a question. And when I was expanding on a podcast episode, I recorded it a few months ago. That particular episode that I'm talking about is called what makes a good coach it's episode number 34. And what I shared in that episode is the lessons that I've learned from coaches that were not good.

(02:45): So essentially a lot of my bad experiences, I had taught me the kind of coach that I want to be, what I don't want to do. Right? So my bad experiences have driven me to be a good coach because I'm like, wow, I didn't like that. I don't think athletes or my clients would like either. So it's kinda like the golden rule approach to coaching, but I got really curious after recorded an episode. I got curious, because I want to know what are other people's advice that they've got, not the bad experiences and what they've learned from. I want to know what is a great piece of fitness advice that you've gotten from a coach during your fitness journey. And I put that post up in that Facebook group, and I got a lot of awesome responses. I've read through all of them. I've replied to all of them.

(03:26): And I think there's some really good nuggets in there. So I thought it'd be perfect to create an entire podcast episode about the best pieces of fitness advice that some of the everyday athletes have ever received. So let's go ahead and dive in and I'll add a little bit of a 2 cents on top of it, but all right. So one of the first piece of advice here is learn to love running. And it's not necessarily in the literal sense because not everybody can run or, or needs to run, but it's like more about learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. That's when the growth happens and that's the top-down approach I really liked to that is, you know, learn to love, fill in the blank, whatever you don't love, get comfortable with it and start doing it because that's when the growth happens. Another piece of advice, everyone starts as a beginner.

(04:14): And that is absolutely true. I mean, we don't know what we don't know. So don't be afraid to start something new. You're going to start as a beginner. Everybody did. And it's okay. One piece of advice that I contributed to this is experience is greater than talent. And then somebody expanded on that said talent plus hard work equals experience and results, but talent with no work ethic equals nothing. And that is so true. My experience will be talent every single time when talent doesn't try. So if you are not the most talented of athlete out there, just put in the work, put in the time, learn the fundamentals and you will get the results. Play the long game, play the long game. I think that's really appropriate to, especially in the fitness journey. Like we all know that there's no such thing as a magic pill, but yet they're still advertisements and propaganda and crap that makes it seem like, you know, results should happen quick, but it doesn't play the long game.

(05:10): Don't think about the means goals. Think about the long-term goals, right? Like you don't just want to lose 30 pounds. Like you want to live a long and healthy life, right? Consistency equals condition escalation. And really that just means stay the course, do the work and you're going to see the results. Oh, here's a good one. I like this one. Don't lift with your ego. Our egos, our egos will tell us all the beautiful things we want to hear about ourselves. It will confirm everything we've ever wanted to confirm about ourselves. It's our best friend. And a lot of times, if we lift with our ego, we end up with a hurt ego and we could actually end up with literal injury. So don't live with your ego. Be smart. Trust the training. Don't be a show off. Okay. Another one, this comes from the military to embrace the suck.

(06:00): Yes. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, never rely on motivation alone. You know, I really liked that because a lot of the podcast episodes I've done in months past. So earlier on, I did a lot on motivation. I love mindset because I found that one of the, one of the best things I've done is trained my mind to be stronger. When you have a rock solid mindset, when you're unfuck with a bubble, I don't know if I said that, right? Unfuck with the bubble, you cannot be stopped. You cannot be stopped. And that's why you shouldn't just rely on external motivation alone. It's gotta come from within. It's gotta come from within it. There's gotta be a greater purpose. Oh, here is a really, really simple piece of advice. Everybody should be doing this. Drink water, drink, water, and drink some more water. So let me tell you how important water is during basic training and any of my fellow service members out there.

(06:52): I, you may have experienced as well. We call it hydration formation. And what we would do is water was so important from getting our formation at night, you do roll call. You make sure everybody's there. And in basic training, it's just really all the part of like the train aspect of it. Cause we were always there. We would get our canteen. I can not remember the size of the, I think with court. Yeah, it was a court. So we had a court of water and we would lift our water bottles up. They would be full of brim. And the drill Sergeant would say, drink water. And we would repeat drink water. And we would have to drink our full canteen of water at night before we could be released for bed. So that was called hydration formation. And then inevitably like three hours later, we're all up because we've got a peak cause our bladders are full. But anyway, yeah,

(07:33): I drink water. I just like that little aside right there. Hey, how's your current training program? One of the most underrated ways to train is body weight movements, squats, pushups, pull ups, anything without our barbell and just using your body as a resistance is a body weight movement because of their importance. I created the body weight muscles training program and the program consists of body weight workouts that anyone can do anywhere because you don't need a barbell or a gym to do these workouts. And the best part is the entire program is free and you get your copy@bodyweightmuscles.com. So head on over to body, weight, muscles.com. After this podcast is over and download the program and start adding bodyweight workouts. You were teens, so you can build a real functional strength. Ah, this is a good one. Don't compare your journey to anyone else's

(08:24): Journey. You have to do you. I'm going to say it again. You have to do you your journey as the one that matters. Not anybody. Else's one of the biggest mistakes people make is comparing where they're at to where somebody else is at. Okay. We are all different human beings. Sure. We are all made up of DNA, but the pieces that make us up the soul, the essence, the vibe, it's all different. And that's why you gotta stay you. And you gotta do what's best for you fuel your body fuel body. So that's one of the first nutrition ones we came across here, fuel your body, do not starve. It, you know, is a nutrition coach and expanding how I'm helping people make better fitness and nutrition choices. I find that a lot of people just don't eat enough. You know, it comes from the mindset where, you know, if you want to be in a caloric deficit, you just don't eat and not eating go into starvation mode.

(09:18): It just ruins any diet nutrition plan. So just don't starve yourself, fuel your body, give it what it needs to repair to recover. So you can keep training heart. Let's see here. Another good one. Yes. Do not be impatient. You can't expect the results to come in an instant. This is a marathon and not a sprint. No gimmicks weights work best. I really liked this one. This is a good one. I'm not using anybody's name here, but if you happen to be in the group and one of yours gets red, let me know. I will definitely give you credit, but yeah, no gimmicks, no gimmicks. Just, there's a lot of snake oil out there. Use your gut. Use your intuition. If you get the promise of a paradise overnight, it's probably too good to be true. One day of training by itself is nothing. It is all the train days together that help you succeed.

(10:08): It is the same concept of, you know, it's not just one brick. It's brick by brick, by brick. Here's another nutrition. One fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. And I highly agree with that. You know, lots of the things that we do are either made or broken in the kitchen. So get your nutrition on point. And I know that we say 80% nutrition, 20% exercise, but even going to nutrition itself, you know, try to do the right things with their food. 80% of the time we are human. And I think that there is that wiggle room of 20% or 20%. You know, if you'd like to cheeseburgers you like your pizzas, go ahead and indulge. Here's very something very, very simple, shut up and do the work. I like this one. This is a really simple tip, but it kind of goes with the physiology of exercise, remember to breathe.

(10:55): And this isn't just like, remember to breathe, you know, calm down stress relief. This is literally like check your breathing. Cadence, make sure that you're breathing in through the nose, out through the mouth or just practicing nasal breathing. But a lot of these things will help you control your heart rate and then control the intensity of your workout. You'll be far more in control than out of it. And it sounds basic, but breathing makes such a difference. Oh, that's such a good tip. I love that one. Do not try a new pre-workout before competition, highly highly agree. Let's see here was some more I'm going through these live. I've gone through them before, but some of them on here are a little bit repetitive. Here's a simple one to never give up, keep going. I can't really get many better pieces of fitness advice in that.

(11:38): That's just life advice. Never, ever give up. Here's another nutrition. One abs are made in the kitchen. Absolutely agree. I mean, you got to do the work. You got to do resistance training, but when it comes down to it, if you want your apps to show, you gotta make them in the kitchen. The hardest part is showing up. Once your feet hit the ground, you've got this. I so agree with that. Especially if you're not a morning, workout person, get your feet on the ground. Once they hit the ground, you're unstoppable. Fitness is a lifestyle. I highly agree with that. There's lots of different ways to achieve fitness. You can be a bodybuilder, you'd be a CrossFit. You can be a runner. You can be a Oh God, just like whatever you name it. Right? Water, sports, land sports. It doesn't matter. Okay. What matters is, is that fitness in itself is a lifestyle.

(12:22): It's how can you, how can you help your body adapt? How can you be harder to kill? How can you be more vital, more resilient, more adaptable to all the things that life outside of fitness are gonna throw at you. That's the one thing I love about fitness the most is that it's not just about looking good naked. That's a, by-product, that's a secondary order effect. The main thing about fitness and that it is a lifestyle. Is this going to take you from one point in your life to the very end of your life, as adaptable, as resilient and as strong as you can be. And I I'm telling you right here right now, I'm going to live to be a hundred years old, at least. And I am going to be doing it with the vitality and vigor that I'm doing it right now.

(13:00): As I speak to you on this podcast, I'm going to be doing things for myself. I still want to be driving. You know, I still want me to cook my own food. Give myself my own showers and baths. Right? So fitness is a lifestyle. It is not about these small little AB or weight loss goals. As you put down on paper, it is about the long-term journey. It's about consistency. And then don't beat yourself up. If you have a cheat day, don't beat yourself up, beat yourself up. If you have a day that isn't necessarily 110%, right? I mean be proud of where you're at. Have confidence in where you are going and trust yourself, trust yourself, get out of your own head. You're getting in your own way. I liked that a lot because it goes back to the mindset. It goes back to you are in control.

(13:52): You can be your best cheerleader or your own worst enemy. Make the choice, make the choice to have your own back. Get out of your way. Trust the plan. One foot in front of the other, listen to your body. Don't force yourself, trust your gut. All of those things are so important. You know, when we start comparing ourselves to others, we see where they're at and you know where we want to go. And we don't. Our ego gets in the way. And then we perhaps do something. We shouldn't listen to your body. This goes back to that previous one I talked about too. Don't live with your ego. Trust yourself, never quit, never give up. And that's essentially the entirety of the question that I asked when I asked what is a number one best piece of fitness advice you've ever received. Lots of good things in there.

(14:37): I highly suggest you go back and listen to the rest of this because I mean, if you need a kick in the rear today or tomorrow or some other time, come back this episode, there are some nuggets in there and then make sure that you go to everyday athletes worldwide and get on the group if you haven't yet, because there's lots of good questions. Lots of good advice. Lots of good people in that group. So which one of those was your favorite out of the entire list? Which one was your favorite? My favorite one out of all of them is that you got to play the long game. It's probably between consistency, but you got to play the long game. This is really about this small little things that you do every single day. The 1% that add up to the biggest picture that you can possibly imagine for yourself, right?

(15:21): It's all the little means goals rather than the end goal. That add up to that big picture we have for ourselves. And if you've got a number one piece of fitness advice that you'd like to share, email me, I would love to know what kind of advice you've received over the years and how it's made an impact in your journey. So email me, katie@coachkatiedanger.com. And let me know what your number one best piece of fitness advice is. I'd love to know well athletes. That is it for another episode of the coach, Katie danger podcast. I wanted to join me next week. I got another full episode of new perspectives and a motivation. You need to keep on track with your fitness goals and making this a lifestyle. But before I let you go, I've got a shameless self promotion. So I relaunched and I redesigned my website, coach Katie dangers.com.

(16:08): And I just want you to go and check it out. Nothing else. Just go to coach Katie danger.com, check out the new website. That's it. You know, I know I fitness a lot. I do these podcasts. I'm a coach, but I also liked to design websites. So I'm really proud of it. And also, you know, I want people to test and make sure there aren't any bugs and stuff. So head on over to coach Katie danger.com and check out the new website. Just let me know. Thanks so much for tuning in this episode. I hope that you've got at least one little piece of advice you can take with you today, tomorrow, and the rest of your fitness journey and help you stay on track. All right, athletes, it's coach Katie D and until next time, Over and out,

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