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Show highlights include:

  • The Military’s Secret for getting the most out of your fitness journey (without breaking your back) (2:15)
  • The subtle mindset shift that instantly transforms demanding roadblocks on your fitness journey into fun, conquerable challenges (4:06)
  • Why dumbbell workouts can make you stronger than any other type of workout (6:45)
  • The easy way to lose body fat and weight (without sacrificing your muscle mass) (7:28)

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Hello athletes, welcome and thank you for tuning into the Coach Katie Danger Podcast recorded live from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm your host, Coach Katie Danger, U S army veteran, fitness coach and founder of Red H Nutrition. Here's a fact for you, 99% of us are not elite athletes. We're individuals from all backgrounds, juggling life priorities, including jobs, our families, their needs, and trying to find time to take care of ourselves every single week. When you tune in, I'll be discussing clear, concise and actionable strategies you can use to get the most from your fitness, nutrition, and mindset. So you can optimize your life without compromising your time. So athletes settle in and get comfortable. I'm here to educate, inspire, empower, and entertain you to help you enjoy the unique fitness journey that you are on.

(00:52): Hey athletes, it's coach Katie danger and welcome to episode number 37 of the coach, Katie angel podcast. Now, if you've been following the podcast for awhile, I took a break. I took a break from about late August to right now, and here's what I've been up to. So if you didn't already know, I'm the owner of reddish nutrition, it's a sports nutrition supplement company. After COVID happened in March, April, we took our brick and mortar store and we completely transitioned to online operations. So since may reddish nutrition has been completely online. And in doing that, what I've also want to do is make sure that I still had that local presence because a lot of the reason I started the brick and mortar store is because I love to connect with people. One-On-One I don't necessarily love large groups, but I find something really, really beneficial and be able to connect with people.

(01:42): One-On-One mainly because I learned so much from talking with people, but two, I really feel like it's a way to learn individually what people's goals are and what they need for their journey, because there's anything that I've learned since starting reddish nutrition is that every body is different. Everybody's goals are different and what one person needs is going to be different than what another person needs. So with that, I also launched coach Katie danger.com and trying to manage the two Reddits nutrition.com and coach Katie danger. You know, I was trying to like, how does this all make sense? How does it all fit in? Because ultimately what I want to do is help athletes get the most from their fitness journeys. There's so many different ways. We said this in the military a lot. There's a lot of different ways to skin a cat. And what that means is one size doesn't fit all.

(02:31): So what this podcast episode is all about is just touching base with you guys, again, touching base with my athletes and letting you know where things are going and what you can expect from this podcast going forward. So with reddish nutrition, I see it as the content of everything that I'm trying to do. So the context is ultimately me in my experiences and how I can use all of the knowledge, all of my education, all of my certifications to give better and to make the journey easier for people that want to listen. I believe that everybody's an athlete. I believe that if you are putting one foot in front of the other, if you have a fitness goal, whether it's a setic, whether it's weight, loss, performance, or just being a healthier version of yourself, for whatever reason that may be for yourself, for your family, for whoever, I believe that everybody's an athlete.

(03:18): So what I'm going to focus on more is coach Katie danger. Like what do I provide the everyday athlete? And I guess that's another thing. We changed the podcast title from the everyday athlete podcast to the coach Katie danger podcast, because I really think, you know, not to be conceited at all, but coach Katie danger, that's me. And that is exactly who I want you to know. I don't want you to know about, or am I trying to say here? So I want you to know me and I want you to know what I can help you with and either take it or you leave it. Some of these podcast episodes are going to hit the nail on the head for you. Some of my podcast episodes, you have no interest in and that's okay. What I do is I see fitness, a journey to experiment with where there are times where certain things make sense and then they don't make sense anymore.

(04:05): So then you move on. I believe that life is fluid. Challenges are going to present themselves. Things might get difficult, but the way I see roadblocks in the journey is that it's life telling you that there is a better way to do something. And then instead of hitting your head against that proverbial brick wall, that you've come up against, you gotta find a way around it. Life is telling you, Hey, the way you were doing things, isn't working anymore. You got to find a different way. And that's, that's where the fun of the challenge comes in is, is finding that new path. And I'm hoping that with a lot of these experiences that I share with you, that you're going to find a way around the brick walls that you hit, that you're going to find better ways to do something. You're going to get more out of your fitness journey. So stick around with these podcasts. If you haven't go back and check out some of these episodes, cause you'll find that I practice what I preach. I walk the walk and I talk the talk. I don't just read articles and regurgitate information. I actually get really deep and I dive into these things and I experiment with them for myself. For example, I did a podcast a while back and it was discussing why you should skip breakfast.

(05:09): Hey, how's your current training program. One of the most underrated ways to train is body weight movements, squats. Push-Ups pull-ups anything without our barbell and just using your body as a resistance is a body weight movement because of their importance. I created the body weight muscles training program, and the program consists of body weight workouts that anyone can do anywhere because you don't need a barbell or a gym to do these workouts. And the best part is the entire program is free and you get your copy@bodyweightmuscles.com. So head on over to body weight, muscles.com. After this podcast is over and download the program and start adding body weight workouts, your teams. So you can build a real functional strength.

(05:52): And the reason you should skip breakfast has to do with intermittent fasting. It has to do all of the wonderful things that fasting can provide you. Now, it isn't going to be for everybody, but a lot of these podcasts aren't for everybody, you can take the information and you can leave it. That's what I really love about this way to connect with my audience and connect with my athletes. I want to do these things. I want to experiment with them. I want to give you my feedback. I want to let you know how you can apply them, how you can get results. And then, you know, if it doesn't work, there's another way. So I'm going to be getting back to the podcast. I'm gonna be providing strategies, things that I'm doing in my fitness journey. You know, right now I'm using dumbbells. I've created quite a few new programming guides.

(06:33): Since the last time we chatted go to coach Katie danger.com and check out the new resources. I've got a lot of free guides on their dumbbell hero. I have a four week women's lower body program, a six week functional bodybuilding program. Dumbbell hero is the newest one though. And it's so much fun. It's based on the push pull, pull, push method. And I talk a lot about how the golden era of bodybuilding can really help any athlete become stronger, become more stable and just at a different stimulus to their workout programming. So check out all those resources that is ultimately what I'm here for. And that's really what the gist of this episode is, is catch you up. Let you know that reddish nutrition.com is going to be providing the nutritional support, but me, myself, and what I share with you, these are going to be my one-on-one experiences, the things that I've seen benefit, and then how he benefited it right now, my goal in fitness is to see what I can get my body to respond to right now.

(07:29): It's intermittent fasting. So I've lost body fat. I've lost weight, but I've put on muscle mass. And I share all of this on my website and the emails. So log on to coach Katie to.com. And if you haven't already make sure you get signed up for my email blast, because that's where a lot of like the finer information comes in. That's like how you find a lot of the things I'm going to start talking about applying. But you know, the episode I mentioned before about skipping breakfast, that's just a few episodes ago in episode number 33. I just want to share my experiences with you. So if you want some advice for the journey, like real talk advice, somebody who has actually done it and will do it, it doesn't just talk out of their , then stopped by the coach, Katie and your podcast, and check out from week to week, what I'm experiencing, what I'm trying to improve.

(08:13): And then my advice for you. So if you have any questions, you can always reach me. Katie@Coachkatiedanger.Com. And if you want to check out ready to nutrition supplements, go to reddish nutrition.com. You can use the coupon code, coach, Katie danger, and that code will save you 30% on your very next order. Let me know how I can help you fit fam, let me know what you want to know about what information is out there, what potential fitness trends and myths have you heard? What bro science do you need to know about? Let me know what you want to know. Otherwise, I'm just going to keep continuing on my journey and I'm going to share everything along the way. And here's a really cool thing I'm up to right now. So I'm actually getting my United States Olympic weightlifting certification because I'm gonna start doing video reviews.

(08:57): I'm very technical. I, and I love giving that feedback. So if you're looking for an Olympic lifting workout program, functional fitness workout, performance program, individual nutrition, coaching, macros, eBooks courses, all of that is@coachkatiedanger.com willing to check it out. I want you to go there right now. Send me an email, send me an email with the questions you have. It really, really helps me tailor these podcasts to going forward. So with that athletes it's over and out. I'm going to let you go. This is coach Katie danger. You know how to get ahold of me, katie@coachkatiedanger.com or the website, coach Katie danger.com. You guys have a fantastic day. This is coach Katie D over and out.

(09:36): This is ThePodcastFactory.com.

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