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Going “HAM” is seen as a strategy for your investment success.

You heard the strategy before – burn your boat, quit your job, and focus on your goals with 100% commitment.

What usually happens?

You hit an obstacle and realize that your investment goals will take much longer than usual.

You end up quitting faster than you started as the cash flow is not there and you have no way to feed your family. And next, you are probably back at the office begging for your job.

This is what happens to most novice investors – they don’t realize that you need to build the basics to become successful. These “building blocks” for success take time and need to be built properly.

And in today’s episode, I discuss the “winners” formula on how to build your portfolio the right way, instead of you having to give up on your goals and go back to a life of mediocrity. Real estate investing should not be built on pressure, it should be built properly with the right building blocks.

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • The 4-hour Workweek advice that leads to a disaster in your investing career (0.50)
  • Why you need these 3 “success ingredients” to keep you committed to your goals (and not quit too early) (5:56)
  • The “Do or Die” mentality that leaves investors with no progress on their cash flow goals (6:41)
  • Use this “cash influx” strategy to build a steady stream of income in little as 2 years (so that you can quit corporate) (13:06)
  • The “All In” formula that works for steady profits (without having to risk it all) (13:56)
  • Why you need to build these “Keystone Habits” first so that you can have a well-balanced lifestyle filled with abundance (20:25)
  • How to start investing on your spare time and with very little money today (23:20)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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