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Do you ever feel like something’s not right? Here’s the scenario: Finished high school, got a degree, worked a 9-5, built up a decent amount of savings, and yet you still feel chained down. If you resonate, you’re not alone. This is what 95% of Americans feel. It’s frustrating because you’ve done everything you possibly could, yet you still can’t afford to invest.

The real estate guru fools you into believing investing is simple. It’s simple for him. He has millions of dollars, connections, and years of experience.

So, how can the average joe compete?

Today’s episode is for the little guy. It stands in stark contrast to the advice real estate coaches and guru’s provide. You’ll discover 3 ways to close any real estate deal (without credit or money down.)

Listen now!

Show Highlights:

  • Why letting a Veteran live in your double-wide trailer could cost you $18,000 (5:00)
  • The simple way to overcome the adversity plaguing 95% of real estate newbies (and earn $700 per month while doing it) (8:12)
  • How to be approved for multi-million dollar loans by cutting out the middleman  (10:21)
  • Brag about your biggest flaws with a megaphone to negotiate any deal (even with well-established partners) (12:02)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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