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When you try to do everything, you achieve nothing.

The biggest mistake I see food and agribusiness companies making is having multiple reasons why they’re executing an M&A.

Sounds weird, right? Why would you want to limit yourself to only one reason why? By not having a concrete why, you face very low odds of getting the integration right. If the integration fails, the deal fails. And if the deal fails, then the consequences are catastrophic:

  • Your employee and customer confidence erodes
  • Your credibility as a leader is crushed
  • You lose ground to traditional and emerging competitors
  • And your poorly executed deal consumes capital with subpar returns

In other words, understanding the why of an M&A is crucial — it’s the difference between life and death for food and agribusiness companies. But how do we find our “why?”

In today’s episode, I reveal a 9-part framework which creates a clear path to understand your why, stacking the odds of success in your favor.

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Show Highlights Include:

  • The “WBH” strategy to bulletproof your upcoming M&A integration (1:13)
  • The 9 different types of acquisitions which aligns your company to have a 7-figure M&A (6:51)
  • How understanding your “why” liberates the deal-killing confusion M&As can have (13:58)
  • Excited to execute an M&A with all the bells and whistles? Here’s why that’s a great way to be one of the 90% of M&As that fail (15:35)
  • Why delaying your M&A by 6 months increases your chances of success (16:56)
  • 4 simple questions to understand exactly why you’re doing this M&A (17:14)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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