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We all go through painful and traumatic experiences in our lives. Nobody talks about it on social media, but everyone goes through something traumatic.

But the mistake most people make is they sit in their pain and add to their suffering instead of repurposing that pain for greatness. It’s not always easy to repurpose your pain, but nothing gives you a bigger advantage for becoming wealthy.

In today’s show, we share a few painful stories with you to show you how we repurposed our pain.

Why? Because when you get exposed to repurposing your pain, you build confidence that you can do it too.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How thanking your trauma helps you repurpose your pain into cold, hard cash (2:10)
  • Why bottling your pain instead of letting it go holds you back from being the person God wants you to be (9:12)
  • How growing up dirt poor gives you an unfair competitive edge today (13:17)
  • The “Towards the Tornado” mindset shift you can only pick up if you’ve experienced a painful upbringing (and how it helps you stay calm even when you’re surrounded by chaos) (16:15)
  • How a soul-crushing dead dream can actually be the spark you need to make millions (19:50)
  • The insidious “sit in your pain” disease infecting society that guarantees you level up your wealth (and what to do with your pain instead) (28:45)
  • Why going to therapy can be the catapult to your first million dollar year (29:50)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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