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Real estate investing can be a highly profitable business. But the problem is that it’s a lot harder to get started when you have zero dollars to invest in your business.

Money unlocks a lot of opportunities in all businesses. And this is especially true with real estate investing.

But what if you don’t have money? It’s still possible to become wildly successful — if you put in the work and work on the right things.

In this episode, I reveal the top 3 ways to start closing deals in real estate when you have no money.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The “Sticky Note Secret” that makes driving for dollars a lot more profitable (1:19)
  • How your friendly neighborhood realtor can help you close your first few properties (1:52)
  • Why calling the number on bandit signs can be the quickest route to success (2:39)
  • The trick for turning your competition into your best clients (3:26)

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You're not a rookie real estate investor anymore. In fact, you're probably doing a small handful of deals each month, but you're killing yourself to make it happen and to top it off, if you take time off from your business, you don't make any money. That's because you don't have a real business, yet. We're about to fix all that. If you're a can do action taker, the whole scaling podcast will teach you the tips, tricks, and systems you need to generate massive revenue, build your team and give you the financial freedom you've dreamed of in any market in the US. This is WholeScaling.

(00:43): Motivated sellers with zero cash out of pocket. Here's a couple quick tips that are going to help you guys get the phone, start to ring and start to being an outbound calling. Start to get a hold of those sellers. The whole idea is to put in the work guys. Yes, it is work. No easy push button success here, right? Got to put in the effort, but here's a few ways you can put in the effort and spend no money doing it. Ready. First, driving for dollars. Very simple guys. A lot of people do it. A lot of people start out this way before they get into business and they work for somebody else and they basically bird dog. You heard you hear the term bird dogging. It means going out and finding deals, driving for dollars, very simple, buying a house that's dilapidated. It needs work.

(01:22): Older houses. Maybe there's a car in the front. The, you know, on blocks or the house has been, you know, maintenance been deferred for years, right? Pull over, get yourself a little sticky note, write it on the door and say, I'm interested in buying properties. Let me know if you're interested in selling, or if you really got guts, knock on the door. Talk to the seller, have a conversation. By the way, you're going to have to have conversations to make this business work. Number two, talking to expired listings and for sale by owners. Very simple. If you're in the real estate business, you consider yourself a real estate professional. You have to start making connections in the real estate industry. So hit up some of your friends that are local realtors or people who have their real estate license, ask them to send you a list of expired listings.

(02:06): I'm going to give you a bonus feature on this piece in a couple of seconds, but you can guys can cold call expired listings. You're like, Oh Joe, what am I going to do? You're going to call them. You're going to say, Hey, I noticed you tried to sell your house before. If you're still interested in selling your house, I might be able to make you an offer, right? Just get the ball rolling. Have those conversations, piece it together for sale by owners. The same thing for sale by owners are uniquely qualified because they're raising their hand and they're saying, I want to sell my house and I'm trying to do it without a realtor. So they're looking for people to talk to. They look for people to talk about the house, get them an offer, put a deal together, right? Last but not least call bandit signs, right?

(02:43): Here's the deal guys. There's a sign out on the street that says, I buy houses. Guess what's on the other end of that phone. It's eight investor, right? Somebody's buying houses or you hope they're buying houses, but they're local. They're in your community. They're doing business. Talk to them, see what they have. Maybe you can bring a seller to the deal. Maybe you bring a buyer to the deal, piece it together. You can split that fee. 50 50. Here's the reality. There's so many good wholesalers out there for every bad one that are actually doing deals that are actually putting together 20 K deals. And they're looking for you to help bird-dog deals or help put deals together. Maybe you're strong on the buyer's side. Maybe, you know, all the investors in the area. Maybe it's the other way around. Maybe you're good at talking to sellers.

(03:23): And you're showing your effort by doing your driving for dollars and go into your expired listings and cold calling. Right? Hop on the phone with those other competing investors in the area and learn to joint venture, learn to put deals together, right? Calling bandit signs is the quickest way to get them on the phone. All right. Quick bonuses for you guys, trying to keep this video short and sweet to the point. This is when you have a couple of dollars, okay? Maybe you did a deal. Maybe you close some deals. Maybe you've saved up some money from your job, your job, right? Maybe you need to sell some stuff out of your house. Go on Facebook, Facebook marketplace, sell your junk, sell your old baseball card collection, sell your old rollerblades, right? Put some money in your pocket and then go out and don't be afraid to spend it on your business.

(04:05): Invest in yourself, take some risks. Right? So number one, you can do mojo dollar, right? Make it easy to call, make it systematic. Upload the list. Boom, mama phone. I can start calling right? The simplest way to get in front of multiple sellers and to multi-diode them is in mojo. Mojo also offers an exp. A lot of people don't know this expired listing service. So you don't even know, you know, you need the realtor. You can pay mojo to have access to expired leads, and they will go right to your app and you can cold call them directly. Right? Hey, I noticed your house came expired. You still want to sell that property. Right? And then when you have a little bit of cash again, buy your leads, right? There's so many exclusive lead purchase places out there. It's easy to get a qualified prescreen motivated.

(04:53): Raise my hand. I want to sell my house kind of seller, right? There's a lot of systems out there with exclusive leads. That'll go directly to you. They cost cash, right? So again, this is the free system. A couple of the bonuses started making some money, but buy yourself some leads, go buy yourself. Some motivated sellers have easier conversations, closed the deal. More information, check out easy wholesale hacks.com, easy wholesale hacks.com and all kinds of good stuff in there. Some free, some paid, some coaching, some mentorship want to see you guys succeed at the next level. I appreciate you watching.

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