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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The “full circle strategy” that lets you live a life of childlike joy, bliss and passion. (2:56)
  • How ignoring your core values lets others run your life. (6:22)
  • The simple pen and paper exercise that lets you align with your true, authentic self in 10 minutes. (7:18)
  • How to follow your purpose even when society wants to keep you from being yourself. (9:31)The simple mantra that lets you love your authentic self. (11:17)

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Welcome to the Sip and Soul Podcast. My name's Angie Leitnaker - transformational coach, self development junkie, network marketing advocate. For over a decade I've been obsessed with the power of human potential and realize that the recipe is the same whether you're 4 or 104. In this show you'll learn the recipe for living your best life through positive vibes and a soulful tribe. So grab a cup, let's fill yours up.

Hi everyone. So we are so excited to be here with you today. One of my dear friends, it has been such a blessing to get to know her. We welcomed her to our retreat in Joshua tree, and she graced us with such wealth of joy and abundance and wisdom. So I'm so excited and grateful to share her with you today. So this is miss Petia and I, the last name go for it, sister.

(00:53): It's so beautiful. And I just, I don't want to ruin that. So

(00:57): Tell us a little bit about you and how you started in this whole journey.

(01:02): Absolutely. And that would be like an episode for a few hours, right? So let's just like bring it down because it's so fascinating. Thank you so much. First of all, for having me on this beautiful introduction and it's so fascinating, people look at you where you are right now. And they see me as a podcast or a TV show host and transformation woman's coach. And when we can travel, I do international retreats and women's weekends and they feel like, Oh, she has it all. You know, she has her soulmate clients, her love of her life, everything, but they don't see the journey that took me into being where I am going through eating disorder and suicide attempt of suicide and emotional and like really turbulence in my life. So when people ask me why you do what you do is because I created something that I wished that exists that on my journey, you know, 10, 20 years ago, it wasn't as easy as tuning to the podcast. Go on Instagram, go on Facebook groups and find a woman who are like, you are a, such a radiant light. So I became on my journey, what I needed. And now I am I'm an, if it feels like I'm a liner for women, how thing them really aligned with their authentic, true purpose. And it's so fulfilling. Oh my gosh. And it's so beautiful.

(02:23): I just remember seeing you stand up there at the retreat and you're in your dress and you're just this huge light. And I see all of these women and their hearts are wide open and they're just receiving, you know, you're like, girl, I was you. It might look a little different, but I know where you are. I see you. But let me show you that I'm hope like hope is here and you can make your mind up today to take one step one step and one step. And then you look back and you go, how did I get here? But you didn't just, it wasn't a straight shot, right? No,

(02:58): I feel like it's like a straight shot because there are lessons and gives that we get to pick up throughout our journey to really get clear. It's like real remembering and learning and I'm learning on our journey. So we can, it's like going the forest circle to really embody and embrace who we came here to be. But it's not strange sharp because of the societal conditioning and our beliefs. And it's, it's beautiful when we can do the full circle in this lifetime.

(03:30): Yes. Oh my gosh. Petsy I just, I feel so blessed all the time. You've been in a lot of my gratitude journals, by the way, because you know, when you do start aligning with your true purpose, the universe be so beautifully put just those people in your path. And then, you know, we're both in very spiritual relationships. I love my husband so dearly and, and also to see you and Chris together, and you are loved, you know, I remember coming home from Joshua tree and I'm like, Hank, yes, they get it. Like, they're just, they love each other so much. And it's just, you pick each other up, you support each other's dreams. And that is a blessing in and of itself to Israel, I guess. It's really. So what do you feel like is your zone of genius? What's the one area that you feel like if there's a woman listening right now, and I trust that the woman that needs you is tuned into this podcast, what would you tell them you can for sure help them do.

(04:28): That's such a beautiful question. And I truly feel that I'm the aligner. And when women come to me, I'm such a safe space that they really feel safe to be themselves. They feel grounded and they become unapologetically themselves. That's something that really helped me along my journey, instead of overthinking over analyzing feeling that I'm not worthy or good enough, I hold the space for a woman and I showed them the mirror of what is possible. It's like me by shining my light. I ignite the light in them of possibilities and truly build the life that they deserve and desire instead of looking around them like why everybody can have it. And not to me, I show them the way, you know, with, with the clarity and confidence on who they really came here to be.

(05:16): Yeah, I can so relate to that just in our several conversations, you just really do chisel away at the old stories and you get right to their truth and help women radiate from that space. It's so beautiful. So if someone were to ask like, okay, Patsy, I just want to start this journey. I don't have a clue where to start. Like, if you can just remember, like you were just saying, like, you're the woman that you needed when you first started. So if you were to go back to that woman that just started and she's like, I don't know what first step to take. I feel a loss. Where do I go?

(05:52): Yeah. And that's such a powerful question, because as you mentioned, like, we go like I'm on my journey for a decade. I'm almost 40, you know, like I'm, I'm $3,600. So it took me three decades to really realize who I am. And that's why give the shortcuts to women, you know, so they don't have to invest a decade in themselves to be where I am today. But I think the most important thing that made the biggest difference besides the self love and all, you know, the rituals and practices for me, it was really realized what do I stand for my core values and you and me, we talk about it before, when you know what you stand for, when you know, what are your core values, then you can really look into your life and ask yourself, am I aligned with those core values? So when you know who you are and what you stand for, it's so much easier for you to attract people who are part of this journey. We're meant to be in your life instead of trying to fit in the boxes and trying to please other people you realize who you truly are and why you came here. So it's the most important thing it's really knowing who you are when you're not everything for everyone.

(07:04): Yes. I remember the look in the women's eyes and mine as well, when you did this powerful meditation with us, and then you literally had us write that, like, what are your core values? And then in your cutesy little self in, you are like, and what are your, non-negotiable like you from your core values, you really are like, okay, so then you create your non-negotiables. And I think that was a really cool practice. Absolutely.

(07:31): Because when you know what you stand for when I did this, and like you remember, it's very easy exercise. You take a piece of paper divided into, and on one, one hand, you write down what you don't send for. And on the other hand, what do you do stand for 20 things on each side. Then again, non-negotiable take a highlighter and pick three things that are non negotiable for you. For me, it's loyalty, integrity, and growth mindset, always growing. If I'm not growing, I'm not happy. So this is very important to me. And when I realized this, I checked, I took inventory of my relationship that I used to be on my business of my clients and nothing aligned. So of course I wasn't fulfilled. Of course I felt like I'm always chasing. Of course, I always thought that there is not enough because I wasn't aligned with who I am.

(08:19): So I let go of my five year relationship. I let go of my business building new one, which is coaching right now. And everything turned around completely. Everything that I prayed for energy. I am living now, I'm doing my weekly money dates. And I write down what would be the things that I would be doing when I have more than enough money that I can be circulating the money. And I was telling Chris today, my boyfriend I'm like, I am living it. I'm doing it all. Besides I didn't buy the house to my grandma yet. That's still like in making that's in progress, but everything else I am living at, and it's so beautiful. So you get to know what are your core values? Because without that you cannot attract lasting fulfillment and joy and abundance.

(09:06): Yeah. We talk about that all the time. It's like you put into your GPS without clarity. It's like putting into your GPS that you want to go somewhere and then your car takes you somewhere. And you're like, no, no, not there. When it goes somewhere. And then it goes somewhere else. And you're like spinning. You're driving all around when you could just say, I want to go to this mall, you know exactly where you're going. You can get there so much faster. But I think for a lot of us, we were just so conditioned to either live lives that weren't ours or not question our lives. That's just like, life happens by default. So we wake up, we brush our teeth, we go to work. And so we forget to live. We just start existing. And I think that that's something that your work really does is like it awakens the woman, like the part of her, that's like knocking saying. And I love that, that your event is called meant for more. There's a part of us. If we're not growing, like you just said that knocks on the inside, like girl, wake up. I came here to do these things and only you can bring it to fruition. So I love that you have that event and I cannot wait until I'll very much look forward.

(10:12): We can do it again. Yes. And that's the thing. Angie, did I feel that like drove me onto where I am today. I had this feeling inside of me that I am meant for more. This can be it. I don't want to just like, be born, go through the motions, have couple kids and then die. That's it? That was the vision of, there was like put out there for me. I'm like, there must be more. And that's something that always drove me to keep going.

(10:38): Yeah. Well, I love, I love your work so much. I love your heart so much. I love your love so much. I love how you show up so much. You challenge me, we know this, right? You're like, now you can do this and miss and I, and I adore friendships like you. So is there anything else you'd like to leave anybody with? If there were one message that you'd like to share, what would it be?

(11:03): The one last message is a mantra that I've created when I was going through my dark times and I just needed the light and hope. And I love that you share that I am the hope for women because that's what I truly need up on my journey. And that mantra is your perfect limit for your purpose, because once you, Oh my God,

(11:25): What do you feed them? Or no, but I got the message. I got it

(11:30): Energy. But you know, I feel like once you realize that, that you are you out, then typically you, and it's beautiful because even in my human design, I had a reading yesterday with my mentor. And for those who don't know what the human design is, it's basically just a modality that helps you to understand yourself and why you are here. You can get the free chart online. And it says that me and my chart, it, it carries out the intensity everywhere. So I'm here to really awaken people in their true authenticity and love themselves as they really are when you can, because so far it's great, right? We all need and want and know what is self love, but can you truly love yourself as your authentic self? That's the thing. So when you realize that you're perfectly made with your, for your purpose, the way you look, the way you speak with your accent, with your body, with your train of tots and feelings, everything it's designed for you to live your purpose, once you embodied.

(12:40): Oh, it feels so good. Oh my gosh. Yes. So compassion I've had goosebumps, like nearly the entire pond interviews. So yeah, it's so crazy. There it's like goose. It was goosebumps on top of goosebumps. So I'm receiving, and I do, I want to leave the audience with one little tip that I got from you the very first time that you didn't know what I'm talking about. Do you know what it's going to be? I dunno, I gave you some no, the first time you complimented me, what am I going to say? Yes. Yeah. The receiving the thing to say I received, and it has been a practice for me. So I invite everybody here to take that Petia advice. And when someone compliments you because you are worthy and because you're perfect for your purpose, as she says, if someone gives you a compliment, when they do breathe it in and say, I receive it, I'm so happy that they are practicing it because really, if we are not open to receive, none of the abundance and money and prosperity can come in, really?

(13:52): And I even created a freebie, I can send you the link. Angie, if you want, I have a freebie for a money mindset and a part of it. It's also the receiving. When you learn how to receive, you become an excellent giver. Yes. I love it. Well, thank you so much made sweet friend. You're so beautiful. And I appreciate you so much. So where can they find you? I'm on Instagram and you will type it in the notes, probably because people will be like, how do you spell that? But it's just my name or my Facebook group, unapologetically abandoned woman. I love showing up there and serving women. So it's really a beautiful, safe space community for creating abundance in your life. Thank you so much for having me.

(14:41): If this podcast is awakening something inside you, if you are feeling lost unfulfilled or uninspired, and want to gain clarity, if ready to shine from within and create your most soulful life, then join us in our seven day affirmation challenge series, where we'll program your mind into believing that you can create the most fulfilled life. Go to www sip and soul showed.com to sign up today.

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