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One of the toughest parts about scaling your wholesale business is creating consistent and predictable revenue and cash flow.

One week you might close 4 deals. Then you might not close another one for the rest of the month.

Not only does this create a false sense of success, but it causes your team to lack trust in your process and lose motivation.

In this episode, you’ll learn the real way to “Control the Clock” to create consistent and predictable revenue and scale your business.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why closing multiple deals in the same day actually stunts your growth (2:13)
  • Why it’s better to close one deal per week than 4 deals in one day (2:38)
  • The “Controlling the Clock Trick” for finally achieving consistent revenue and cash flow (2:49)
  • How closing a deal every week will skyrocket your business’s growth (even if you’re only closing small deals) (4:23)

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You're not a rookie real estate investor anymore. In fact, you're probably doing a small handful of deals each month, but you're killing yourself to make it happen and to top it off, if you take time off from your business, you don't make any money. That's because you don't have a real business, yet. We're about to fix all that. If you're a can do action taker, the whole scaling podcast will teach you the tips, tricks, and systems you need to generate massive revenue, build your team and give you the financial freedom you've dreamed of in any market in the US. This is WholeScaling.

(00:42): So I just give this bit of advice to my operators around the country. As you might know, we have business partners in the wholesale space all over the country, and we do a daily check in call, or we call huddle call where we review key pet key metrics, key KPIs, right? What's going on with the numbers? What's going on with the business? Where are we at reporting? What happened from Friday to this morning? Cause we do the call five days a week. And something came up that I think is super, super valuable to all wholesalers. And I want to hear your opinion on this. Yes or no, totally below. And this doesn't really pertain to just wholesale. Really? This is a sales thing in general, but I think it's more key for wholesalers. And that key thing is, and it goes along with the word consistency, but I want to help you guys along the way of trying to determine how we should keep the revenue and the cash flow continuous and consistent right.

(01:30): Consistency. And that comes with controlling the clock. So one of the things that I see a lot of wholesalers do, right? And a lot of wholesalers do wrong is controlling the mindset of the clock. Two, the cool thing about the wholesale businesses, unlike rehab, you know, he can't buy a rehab and then resell it in two weeks, right? You can't fix it, flip it and put it back on the market, you know, stage it, clean it up, make it look good. And then resell that thing for a profit in a two week timeframe. However, in the wholesale business, the beauty of it is you can, right? You could literally do a deal this morning that closes next Wednesday. You can be on the phone with a seller, negotiating a deal, get the thing, run through title, get a buyer in line and have it closed next week.

(02:09): And the challenges from a consistency perspective. I see a lot of people they're closing two, three deals a month and they're closing them all on the same day or the same week. Right? And I want to urge you to change that. See, you can control the clock in this business. So if you need an extra three or four days extended, if you need to try to push it forward, call the buyers, see if they can close right. To figure out a way and figure out a workaround. See the business's beautiful because it's just a problem. Solving business, a solution oriented business, which is what I love about it. Now what I mean by the consistency piece in controlling the clock is I want to see you guys close one deal each week, no matter what. Right? Big deal, little deal, small deal, crazy deal, difficult deal.

(02:48): They're all the same. Trying to close them one a week is going to add to better consistency for your mindset, better consistency for your revenue and your cashflow. Better consistency. When you're making decisions, how much to spend for marketing or how to hire somebody or what to pay them or where to put them, how they're checking by the way, guys, this is interesting to you. Just tell us where you're calling from. I'd love to be interested in finding out what markets you guys are in and if you're doing wholesale at all, but the consistency and making sure you're closing each and every week is so powerful. Because now that allows you to start to breathe a little bit. Right? See one of the worst things that I experienced in the rehab game, when we were selling bunches of houses at a time, we would have a week where we would sell something.

(03:27): It would have $300,000 in the account, right? But then what would happen is we'd so quickly pay bills that we'd be waiting for the next, we would always say, Oh, when this one closes, when that one closes, but this next one yeah. Closes. Right. Instead of just having consistent predictable revenue, which is very, very difficult to do in the rehab game, it's very difficult to have all that money there and not invest it in something else, decide to buy something else. So it starts to become a little, a bit of a rat race, right? You're constantly trying to catch up, but at the wholesale business is so much different because you can spend much less money out, take much less risk. Of course, the overhead, the private investors, the insurance, the workman's comp, all the things that go on with rehab, nobody wants to talk about is simple in the wholesale business because you don't have all the risks.

(04:08): You're not controlling the asset. You're just controlling the contract, right? So you don't need to have all that overhead in that risk. But now I want to see you build from that point, controlling contracts to controlling deal flow, to controlling the clock. And the clock is where the money is made. Like I said, if you can consistently close the deal each week, I don't care what size it is. You're going to start to build that muscle and make sure people understand I'm closing every week, we got a deal coming down every week. We're going to assign every week. We're going to acquire every week and we're going to dispose of every week. Consistency, consistency, consistency becomes part of your culture becomes part of your team's mindset. So now when they're going out there and being able to continue to create this consistency, now your team starts to get in that flow.

(04:50): Now your team is used to getting paid every week. Your salespeople are used to closing deals every week, and then you can ratchet it up to two deals a week to three deals a week, but always maintain consistency. If you get to the point where you're doing 10 deals a month, that's fantastic. But trust me, when I tell you, you want to do all 10 deals spread out throughout the month. You don't want to do 10 deals at the end of the month, and then figure out that you can't can maintain consistency and everything else. Right? One more point that I want to make is when you're doing these deals, when you're making that consistent deal flow happen, it changes the game from a mental standpoint, when your people start to see things happen more consistently, they start to realize that there's deal flow. Now you can talk about deals.

(05:29): Closing, talk about deals in, talk about deals out, right? It helps the morale tremendously, right? When you guys are consistent. So I'll just the ways here. I hope it makes some sense. If you guys have any questions about this at all, if you're in the wholesale space, if you want to see yourself scale, if you want to see yourself grow, I have teams all over the country that are scaling up each and every day, each and every week. It's amazing to watch it. The most fun thing I've done in a long time is work with these operators to see their business grow. And we have one team this month, that six months ago, and their monthly consistency less than in 2019 was between 30 and $40,000 a month. I just did a call with them last week. You guys can see it on my timeline.

(06:06): They're going to close a hundred K this month, right? First six figure months. And they're going to grow from there. I see these guys go to two 50, no problem. And that's per month guys per month. So I want you to understand that it can happen, but it has to be built through controlling the clock and being consistent. So let's go out there and crush it this week. Super hot steamy Northeast week here, guys enjoy the heat. You know, we always complain about being cold in the Northeast, and there's nothing to complain about this week. Cause it's hot as hell. Enjoy the weather, enjoy your team, go out there and help them build consistency, motivate them for the consistency, motivate them to control the clock. And I promise you the results in the back end will feel so much better than what you're struggling through right now. Have a great day guys.

(06:46): If you are ready to put the immense power of whole scaling to work for you, then head over to Joe evangelists.com/downloads and get your free business in a box download. Or if you're a true action taker, ready to blow the lid off your results. You can apply now to work with our team, to build a business of your dreams faster than you ever thought possible. This call costs $500 to weed out the tire kickers, a mental masturbate, a feed. The real ballers will make back many times over on the first deal. Even if you don't get selected to work with us, you'll get a full year of access to our private coaching group, a $1,200 value and a 30 minute coaching call with Joe. So you win either way, go to www dot real estate money, mindset.com to apply and change your life.

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