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  • How to get out of autopilot and fall in love with your busy days (3:50)
  • A simple, yet powerful mental shift that helps you climb out of any rut and beat negative self-talk (8:32)
  • Why outcomes are irrelevant (and how to measure success in processes instead) (15:32)
  • The “control the controllable” approach to goal setting will give you unshakable self-confidence (16:01)
  • Why being the dumbest person in the room is the best thing you can do to feel more self-assured(17:21)
  • How to lose weight while eating chocolate and ice cream (20:01)
  • How to incorporate “chug sessions” in your day to boost your weight loss (27:05)

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Hi there. I'm Jill Allen and this is find your fierce, the show designed for women to discover your fierce, unlock and unstoppable mindset. Build unbreakable courage and completely transform how you show up every single day. Each week I will bring ideas, methods and strategies that will inspire you to step into your greatness and live life on purpose. Let's be fit, fierce and unstoppable.

(00:34): Hey there, gang. Welcome to find your fear so glad that you are here with me today. You're going to love today's guest. I know I do. We go way back and in her mindset and her heart are ones that I know that we're all gonna learn from today. And I can't wait to introduce her to you, but before we go any further, I have to say that I love that you are here listening in and spending time with us. So honored that I get to be a part of your day because you guys are just so absolutely amazing. And I have to thank you for all your love and support as always. I appreciate your feedback reviews, and I love that you share this podcast and a set free message with your friends and family. So if you could keep on doing that, that would be incredible.

(01:08): There's so much power when we share inspiration, because you are helping this movement. It helps reach more women and it impacts more lives. And that is certainly what life is all about. So I can't thank you enough. Okay. So I'm excited to dive in here. I was excited. I was actually sitting at my grandma's house and I'm like, you know what? Mary Anne would be absolutely amazing for her to share her story, her heart, the way her mind operates and thinks we went to actually preschool together, back oh my gosh, three years old. She's my longest, longest friend that I know that we can remember just having many, so many times. And, and we've had this utmost respect for each other all the way through, you know, junior high, high school, you know, through the college years. And here we are adults, you know, raising families and we can pick up, I know I feel this way we can pick up wherever we left off. And if it was a year that we haven't talked it doesn't matter because we just, we just kind of just pick up where we, where we left off. And she, I tell you what, CrossFitter wife, mom, I should, I should first put wife, mom. Crossfitter, she's a coach. I mean, she does it all and she's there for so many people. And I, I'm just so honored to call her my friend. I want you guys to meet Mary and Flannery. How are you girl?

(02:22): I am great. How are you to good. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me on the fit and fierce podcast. I, I was very honored for the request and you are a thousand percent, right? Not only are we very long friends, but the mutual respect is strong and continual year over year. As we see each other balance, so many roles in our lives and continue to grow as individuals and as women. And so I'm really excited to sit down and have a conversation today. So thanks for having me. Yeah, it's gonna be good. We never have a problem talking. So I have a feeling that we're going to go in so many different directions. So if you guys are here listening, just know that you gotta keep up and we, we may hop around on this cuz that's just how we, that's, how we talk and chat. So, okay. You know, I do wanna kind of start off by, I mean, you do a lot. I mean, we all do. I mean, every everybody's lives are, you know, busy and it was funny because we, before we hopped on here, we both use the word. Our day are full. And I love that because I was like, that's what I say. Instead of saying that we're busy, our days are full, our life is full and I'm like, oh my gosh, we're on the same page. But a question that we have so often is like, well, how do we keep up? How do we kick it out of survival mode? How do we be present in the moment when we're running this direction here from the break of Dawn, all the way to sunset and we get up and we do it all over again and yet, how do we still thrive in that middle? So, I mean, how do you do it? I mean, what do you, what do you have to share?

(03:50): I absolutely. I love having full days. I feel like it, I, you know, I find a lot of value in productivity and I, you know, and product to me means feeding my passion, following my passion, serving those around me, you know, my family, my immediate family, and then coaching, you know, whether it's coaching CrossFit or coaching, field hockey and, and being able to mentor the younger people or, or peers who are needing, you know, another role model in their lives, whatever those things as might be. And so I just love feeling those days and then feeling and having opportunity for my own self growth as well. And my continual improvement. And I really look at days, you know, no day is the same and you know, and a lot of days throw things, you know, some unpredictability to them and unplanned events, but I am kind of a type a person.

(04:40): There's a lot of lists. There's a lot of calendars. There's a lot of schedules that, you know, I, I literally will plan out in my day, everything, you know, that I will, you know, I, I'm looking here on my desk and I've got it hour by hour of even like transport time and, you know, transition time and whatever those things shower is on my schedule, you know, and just planning those things out so that I can look at it step by step and not look at it as a whole, you know, and then, and always knowing that it, it might have to adjust or pivot with, with whatever's coming at me, man, that that's good. I need to probably find my journal. I, I am actually looking around to try to find that. And what I heard in this that I absolutely love and, and took a hold of is one, you said, fill your days up, that things that you are passionate about, because I think that is what kind of flips the script in terms of, we're not just surviving because you're fueling your heart and your passions and all the gifts that God's given you, as well as serving others. There's so much that you get back when you do that and making that a priority in your life. It takes away the, oh my gosh, I don't have anything else to give. And, you know, because that's, that's the mindset that we have that we're burn out, we're exhausted. And, and we feed off that, that thought process. But if you flip it and say, how can I serve and give the energy that you get back from that? I love it. Oh, and the third thing was how you map everything out in, in terms of that, because there's a little bit, if, if we don't map out our days, it's, oh, just, you know, just go with it. Things just don't get done always. And we, that's why we feel behind.

(06:17): If I don't map it out, I will feel overwhelmed. You know, of like, it's almost like frozen by that overwhelmness of where do you even begin. And so to, to map out and to really understand, okay, these are higher priorities today. I need to get these things done and it might be personal, might be part of my business. I be part of coaching that those are the priorities to a day. And then these other things, if I can get to them great, or they might fall to the next day, cuz the list can be endless. So it's really, you know, what will make me feel productive today. And, and, and I even will acknowledge the small things of, you know, what we got the dogs out for a walk. We did these things like I did the, I, I did spend my time doing things that are needed, necess, productive, whatever.

(06:59): And, and that can feel, help feel that, feel that sense of fulfillment, you know, of productivity for me as well. But to go on to what I'm passionate about, I mean, I am absolutely passionate about wellness and health. I'm passionate about young people having positive mentors and role models in their lives. Those two things real speak to my heart. You know, I've gone full circle a few times here as an adult through my careers, as I'll say I've taken a couple different career paths. And even just recently of stepping back into a new coaching role of re a coaching role I had for a long time, it just has really reiterated to me how much all of that feeds in to coaching specifically form me, of being able to feed into that health wellness activity piece, as well as that mentoring role model leader piece as well. So that's definitely where a lot of my passion lies,

(07:50): You know, a lot of coaching and you're an amazing coach. I mean, you fired up, I mean, and I think you were even a coach before you realized that you were a coach. I mean, back in high school, we were pushing and training each other, you know, even on the track. And so there, and you were always so positive and, and very driven, but yet you brought the best out in the weakest link. Okay. And, and whoever that may be, or whatever that may be during that day, how are you, I mean, what are your key mindset? How do you pull someone to up level? How do you pull someone out of the rut of maybe some negative thinking or if they have self-doubt or just not feeling courageous that day or confident that day and fear creeps in, how do you bring that out in someone?

(08:32): I think it always starts with the why, you know, of why before you even get started and whether it's my teens on the field or a class in the CrossFit gym of really understanding why are you there? You know, and what is the purpose? Why are we doing a drill? Why are we doing this conditioning? Why, why is this practice happening? You know, and, and why am I a part of this team or walking into the gym. And then, and I think, especially when you look at women, cuz more majority of my coaching is women. I definitely have coach men, especially in the CrossFit world, but in my experience, women are just a little bit more cut to have that negative self talk and to question. And so when we can and to think more about their failure than their success. And so I, you know, if you know the why then you can measure what is success, because we're always way it's easier to identify your failure than your success in a, in a way that most women think.

(09:27): And so, you know, they're, they're much quicker to say I failed than I succeeded. And I accomplished my purpose. I did these things. I think it starts of understanding the why. And that way, when, when that struggles of that failure of this, the negativity or, or getting into that rut, we can step back and, and, and then try to build up of, okay, this is, this is the opportunity for improvement. This is where we can look of yep. You know, we're for fall and short. So this is the opportunity to improve. And here's what here's, what is going well and then be able to re-identify that and try to step and rebuild that confidence and, and do that very consciously as well. Well, and I think too, like, like the, the success bar or the expectation or whatever that may be, that is something that has to be individualized because success is different for every single person and what that looks like. So I think a lot of times it's like we have to, as women, we have to redefine what that success is and then align our goals up to that measure. And so it's, it's not a, it's not a cookie cutter

(10:36): A thousand percent. And I would, I would think that you've seen this a lot with your clients as well. And I've talked to many women in the gym, especially of, you know, I wanna lose, I wanna lose weight. And my next question is why, you know, like, and you know, what's the number on a scale, you know, all just all those things. And if we really draw back, well, you know, I wanna feel the better. Okay, well feeling better or I wanna have more energy or I wanna look better. Tho none of those things have anything to do with losing weight and you know, and just, and so helping understand those pieces. And I think, you know, I think it's a great thing to always be driven to be improving and be challenging yourself, but it's really understanding that six success is ever evolving and it can change, you know, to what success is this year or this month, or this season compared to what was last year or last month, you know, that could be two different definitions for you. And you've gotta be okay with that too.

(11:32): Oh yeah. That, oh gosh, that hits home because as we're all aging, I mean, we gotta be, we cannot compare ourself to the 25 year old adult or even the 35 and, well, gosh, I mean, okay, let's take this for example, 2020, I thought it was gonna come back and train for another half iron man I had taken, I think about eight years off, came back in 2019 and then you of course get the bug because I love the discipline of every single day. That was actually the success was being able to show up every day, much more than the day event itself. And so here I am back in 2 20 20, COVID hit, they canceled the events. I was like week, week 13 into my training. So what do you do? You stop? Right? they defer it 2021 go back into 12, 13 weeks.

(12:21): And I'm like, you know what? I they're just overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed with everything that was going on. That it just wasn't a good timing. So I, what I, I do. I, I put it on pause. Well, for some reason they deferred it again. Okay. For the registration. So here we are in 2022 and I'm like, okay, am I gonna do it again? Am I gonna start? You know? And then I started creeping in like, well, I, you know, two years off, I'm not as fast as I was. My days are more full than what they were even before, you know, two years ago. I'm like, okay, I'll try it again. One time. What did I do on day two? I ended up getting COVID was out for 16 days. And so it hit hard. I mean, it was just one thing after another and these roadblocks of, okay, are we supposed to do this? Do I quit? Do I give up, do you push through? And then you started going, like, I'm not, I'm not, I lost so much. And so I didn't wanna go back through that whole process again. And, and so it was just one of those things, cause I was comparing myself to where I was. Yep. And it takes you out of the game versus saying, okay, where are you right now? Let's be, self-aware, let's identify what your current level is, where your mindset is where your, what the ability is your time, all that stuff right now. That's your day one, not two years ago, five years ago, 10 years ago. And I just love the fact that you just said to, to start where you are and your level of successes to where you are right now and build from there. What do you gotta add to that? Well,

(13:54): I in know, I can relate as a competitive CrossFitter, you know, that I've been doing competitive CrossFit for nine years and so started at 35 and now as a 44 year old, it's, it's a different world. And you know, now I'm a full fledged master's athlete in the world of CrossFit. And so there's a few divisions within CrossFit and RX kind of the, the elite division. That's the main, those are the highest level athletes in the world. And most of our workouts are the same, but what they do is they'll separate leader, boards and scores. So I can, so I will only see myself within my age group as a master's athlete. And it's been very interesting because when I started, I was very much competitive of in the RX division. And now it's, you know what, no, my, I really only care about where I am and, and my age group and all of that.

(14:44): And even right now, the CrossFit open is going on and it's a worldwide building block for the competitive season. And I'm at the top of my age group. So this year, my success is very different because I'm not necessarily, I'm very, my success this year is completely focused on training and strengthening my weaknesses in the CrossFit game. It's not about my placement or anything because I'm literally in the top 90 days of my age group. And so to make competitiveness is, is very har I'm at the hardest it could be. Whereas in next year, I'm at the bottom of a new age group at 45. And if I can strengthen my game, then next year's measurements for me will be extremely different because it'll be a little bit more about the outcome. Whereas this year, my success is at absolutely measured on my process.

(15:32): Well, and I think there's even more value. I, to me, it fires me up when you actually can measure your process more so than the outcome. Cause I always think outcome will come. The outcome will come. If you focus on the process and no matter what, whatever you do, whether your career, your family, you know you know, your finances fitness and you know, whether it's you wanna lose five pounds, it's the process, the end result is gonna come. And I think we forget that or we lose sight of that. One of my biggest coaching sayings I've said for years is control your controllables and you can control your process. And confidence is found in process. If you are committed enough to your process, that you're coming in and out of the gym, on and off the field every day and doing your best. When that when game time comes, you will know that you out processed anybody that you gave your effort through that process. And so then your confidence is so high because you know, you were so committed to the process that you have done everything you can to control the outcome, which is ultimately an uncontrollable, but you you can feel such confidence. You've done everything you can to present the best outcome that you can get.

(16:41): Oh my gosh, that's so good. Yeah. I love that. Control the controllables and you know, the confidence piece too. I always say confidence comes from doing the hard stuff. Yep. You know, the stuff the days that you don't want to, like, that's where confidence comes, you know? No, I always talk to like kids about this. It doesn't matter if you're winning games. If there's no, like you're not getting, getting better, you know, in the process, you know, it's like I would rather people do not agree with me on this and who knows, maybe you're a high school coach, so you may or may not. I, I would love to hear your take. I would rather lose by one point and got better than win by 50 points, preach and loose preach. Okay. I, people do not agree. I have always I've always scheduled the hardest opponents I look back and you know, now I'm I'm entering into my eighth season as a head high school coach and I've looked back and I think of like, our records could have been even even better than they were. And I've been very fortunate to have some very successful teams through the years. You know, the losses were against the best teams in the state, you know, and it we've gone outta state and I've brought teams in just to play the best because that's the only, and it does nobody any good to, to beat a team by eight, you know? And, and like in field hockey that the team, the scoring eight is not getting better. And the team that's getting the eight score on is not enjoying the sport. And those poor athletes might not be back out next year, you know?

(18:03): And so I'm all for close games. I, I seek out just this morning I did the open workout for CrossFit and drove 20 minutes away to do it with a friend who I knew I'd chased the whole workout. I, I, I seek out, I don't wanna be the best in the gym and I drive to make sure I'm not, you know, I, last week I drove an hour to train with two partners who they both obliterated me too. And that's, I love that. That's like what I, I wanna chase to, I wanna see how I measure up. And, and I want my teams to do that. And yeah, I, I completely agree. Yeah, well, you can learn so much, you know, you don't, you don't wanna be the smartest person in the room, you know, and it's like you search for people that, that, that make you better, that challenge you. And the, the stuff that you can learn in the process just like about yourself. Oh my gosh. That gets me fired up because yeah. It's just, that's what life is all about is locking arms with people and making the difference. Yeah. So, oh my gosh. Well, you know, okay, we're gonna jump here, but to, to a different topic, because when it comes to nutrition, man, that is like the one thing, like when we ask people, like what, you know, which is harder, is it showing up for a workout? Is it, you know, eating how it's eating it's oh, you can't outwork about a diet. No.

(19:20): And, and I love food. I know you love food. I mean, gosh, you are like a master chef, too guys. I mean, seriously, she does it all. And I remember eating some meals at your house and it's always so good. And me, I struggle with that. You know, I eat healthy, but I also struggle with cooking. I wish I loved it more, but what's your take when it comes to fueling ourself, our kids, our family being that, you know, mom that is in going in every single direction, how do we feed our kids? And, and how do you feed your kids and feed yourself, fuel yourself in a healthy way, because again, we're constantly nonstop wanting to drive through something and get getting something quick. I mean, what do you, what, what's it look like in, in your household? You know, I am a foodie. I, you know, I like to say I'm a clean food junkie that you know, we, we've got a variety of treats and things in our house. I am conscientious of a lot of ingredients. And I think as moms, as consumers, it's very overwhelming right now to be a con conscientious consumer, you know, if you're looking to be aware of what foods you're putting into your own body or your, your kids' bodies, you know, it's, if you take your eye off a label, all of a sudden you've got crazy ingredients in your house. And, and I, you know, I think anything in moderation is, is gonna be okay, you know, but there's things that, you know, I do look to avoid ever having in my house a lot, and the food dies, the high fructose corn syrups, you know, just a lot of those artificial preservatives.

(20:49): And add-ons, if I can avoid those, we do, I do use a lot. We, we go through a lot of fresh foods in our house of vegetables and fruits. And, you know, I try to even just hide 'em and, and try and get creative with them when we can with the, and I, I, I don't give many choices. I don't give any choices at mealtime. You know, I kinda operate that. We're not a restaurant, you know, kind of take to leave it, you know, we'll modify it a little bit of like, ours are spicy. Yours is not, you know, things like that, but, you know, and try and make things that can, are attractive to them. And, and I get, I get the boys involved, so I've got, you know, Kyle and Kegan are 12 and 10 and they've been involved. Kegans are in house, aspiring chef. So he's always in the kitchen with me. Yeah. And into it. And, you know, but it's very, I am such a believer that food in your kitchen is the heart of your home. You know, we, we sit down, we are very mindful of sitting down as much as we can for, for dinner. We've been very fortunate that that's stayed strong in our schedules so far in our family stages, probably changing as the boys are older. But, and so I, we indulge, you know, I, I'm not for the elimination. You know, I think that it's really important to indulge, you know, as a family, as an individual of just, you know, it's just a balance. And, and knowing that if you don't have to eliminate everything and only eat chicken, rice broccoli to be fit, you know, that there's a lot of other great things that you can have out there.

(22:13): If you love chocolate, have chocolate. If you love cheese, have cheese, you know, if you, if you love bread, have bread, personally, I operate, you know, I, I manage my diet to eat, to perform. So I, I do have a lot of carbs and I ebb and flow. I go from scales and tracking my macros, very tightly kind of, depending on where my training is and where I am mentally to being pretty casual and letting it kind of filter it doesn't really go too far off one way or the other, just because I kinda like the same. I just naturally like, like the same kind of foods, period. Well, one, you know what works. Yeah. Yeah. My breakfast are kind of like one of three things and, you know, just, you know, and those kind of stuff. And then we kind of have just the regular staples of food in our house too, but I I'm also, I don't want my boys, you know, if we're out for ice cream, I'm gonna have ice cream with them.

(23:05): I want them to know I'm partaking in the moment with them. You, you know, I don't want them to feel like I'm watching them eat ice cream because I'm watching my weight or it's not in my macros. You know, like that is something I want them to know, like, Nope, I'm gonna sit and have, you're gonna see me eat ice cream too. And know that, like, we can have this, we can still be healthy. And we, we do a lot. We've done a lot of, you know, we have a, a little, little bit of a unique house. Kyle's a type one diabetic. And so he is completely insulin dependent. We manage his blood sugars 24 7, and there's many different approaches to how you manage type one diabetes. And for us, the best way that we do that is we just, we manage it. And so, so he can have what he wants. We stay in healthy diets. And as I say, that has nothing to do with your diabetes, that has everything to do with good health. And we just insulate for whatever he's having. So we're very mindful. We'll indulge more in the middle of the day, or even at breakfast, we'll do desserts at breakfast instead of dinner, because then we're off doing activity. And and then, you know, all of our bodies can regulate having that treat much easier than going to bed 90 minutes later, two hours later. So we're much more mindful of doing those things or having a, kind of a more unhealthy meal. We'll try and do that at lunch more than at dinner, just for all of us. It makes a difference.

(24:25): Well, I mean, you just, you go into you just look at our society, you know, in America. I mean, just even a couple years ago, I think it was what 70% were either overweight or obese. And then within the last two years, I think it jumped as pushing 80%. I mean, there is a crisis when it comes to our health. And, and I know this sounds like, you know, here you are type type a, I am as well. And, and, and we do all this crazy stuff. And, and it seems crazy because it's so abnormal for that, but I cannot encourage people enough that you don't have to be a master CrossFitter, you don't have to be an iron man to get out there and make a difference in your health. And let's as a, as a whole that 80%, I mean, it needs to drop. I mean, we are in this health crisis. And so when, when it comes to moving, we wanna move when it comes to nutrition, you know, treating ourself is essential, but at the same time, we're so relaxed as a whole, we need to kind of bring it back and create that jumpstart and become super aware of what it is that we're putting in our body. I mean, what tips do you have to help someone get started on that journey to become self aware to where they are successful making that massive shift? Well,

(25:43): I think the two things that I suggest to people who are looking to really become more aware of what their diet is, as you know, I think so many of us mindlessly eat. And so one is to track, you know, even if it's for a day or a couple days to write down everything you put into your mouth, most people are very surprised when they do that, of they realize, and, you know, we all find ourselves into a, it, you know, we all do the circle through the kitchen and grab the little snack on, you know, the, you know, the piece of cheese or the pretzel or the cracker, you know, whatever. And so, and those things add up. And so one is to track everything that you put into your mouth, even just to start, I'm, I'm gonna track for one day, and then I'm gonna track for three days. And then if you can get to a week, and if you see that you instantly, most studies have shown you instantly decrease your consumption because you become aware of, of what you're doing. And then the second one is your hydration. You know, of it's really cute and fun. Like we laugh, we say, you know, it looks like every time we leave the house, that we are about to take a journey in the desert, because we have like, no less than like, everyone's got a water bottle and there's probably like a backup water bottle. And so like, if we're less than a we're gonna be okay and yeah,

(27:01): I love it, but, and it's cute and it's fun and it's become trendy to have these water bottles, but I look at people and I say, intentionally UG like sipping away is, is not enough. Like, you need to refill that water before lunch. You need to refill that water before dinner. And, you know, and I put a, I try to put a glass of water by my bed every night. And if I wake up Thursday, I know I did not probably hydrate enough through the day or a mouth breathing. But but when I wake up, I finish that water cuz we also don't realize, you know, if I've slept seven hours, that's seven hours without my body having any water. And so we wake up a little dehydrated and so that's just a great way to start. And most people cannot tell the different is between hunger and thirst their brains some their signals. And so if we can make sure you're hydrated and especially for women, you know, that hydration of water that is, if you're worried about that number on the scale, nothing will move it faster then being well hydrated.

(28:00): No, that is so good. Well skin, hair, nails, I mean, you'll have the glow, you know, push the toxins out. You know, I always say too, like have, it's funny, you use the word chug, cause I call 'em chug sessions. You have your UG session, you have it morning mid, you know, I have my big old Mason jar here. You just have a chug session. And then even right before bed, you have a glass of water morning, first thing, and the difference and yes, I have to go to the bathroom for the first couple days, but your body will catch up and be able to operate at a high level there and, and be able to keep up. So, you know, that has led you to be the founder of spiteful box. I mean, I didn't even introduce that part when we first started talking. I mean, you are the founder of spiteful box. Let's talk little bit about that because ladies, you guys can, you know, just, it could help you with all your snacking and ideas and eating clean in the process and give you that jump start. Yeah. Tell us a little bit about that. Sure.

(28:56): Well, and it's, it's kind of exciting because really was officially launched pre basically it'll be two years next week was really kind of right when COVID was unfolding. I talk about stepping into complete faith. Oh yeah. In Anyway. Yeah, it was OK. I'm gonna resign from this job. So I can really kind of concentrate on this resigned on Monday and Thursday, the boys came home from school and didn't go back for like, you know, 16 months. So, so we got started in, I got started in 2020 and I've always been a foodie. I've always really just taken an interest in the food in industry, in the CPG industry really. And my previous position, I was, I, I worked for a logistics company that specialized in food. And so our customers were big brands, cliff bar, RX bar, a multitude of brands that just, you know, we did their warehousing, e-com fulfillment, just a variety of in trucking. And so I headed up oversaw the, the customer service and sales teams. And so I managed a lot of the customer relations and in that really understood, started to see how much innovation was happening in the food industry of all these brands trying to disrupt the norms, you know, and trying to put better, healthier food options.

(30:12): I, out there, I like to say healthier because it's still the brownies and the cookies and the condiments and everything that tastes good and that we wanna enjoy, but with healthier ingredients or healthier manufacturing practices. And so the innovation was skyrocketing, but the retail channels and buying channels were pretty stagnant. And so the growth was making it really bottlenecked for all these brands to get 'em to retail shelves. And when they are, you know, then we flip it, we look at the consumer, we'll walk into a grocery store on average, we go in one and a half times a week, we spend about 40 minutes in there. And for us to pick up and put into our cart, a new product, that's probably at a little bit of a higher price point because of ingredient, quality and manufacturing practices that maybe we haven't TA we don't really understand the difference.

(31:01): The that's a, that's a high action to happen. And so you know, to help these brands diversify their distribution and to get into more households I thought that a subscription box would be a great way to do that. And you know, and the growth in the subscription box industry was a going, going up as well. And so spiteful box is a quarterly of Shum box and in each box is about 10 products, give or take kind depending on value and size across the categories. So not just snacks, but also beverages, condiments desserts, breakfast foods, pastas, grains any kind of meal staples. And so in the box we put full size product, cuz we want your whole house to enjoy the product and to try it. And then we also tell you about the brands we tell you, we tell you how best to enjoy the product we tell you about the brands.

(31:51): What makes them different? You know, many are whether it's their ingredients, whether it's their manufacturing practices, maybe they're sustainably, missioned maybe they're, you know, mission based with diverse, owned, whatever, whatever their, their piece is. You know, we share their story too. And so we make it really easy for a consumer to, to know, okay, this is a brand that is making a difference. I wanna support them. And here's here. Oh yeah, we, you know, this is a nice little game changer in our pantry. Something that helps shift our jazz up our meals and our kitchen experience. And so that's really you know, it's two sided helping the brands grow, but also helping make it easier for us as consumers to get new ideas and new products into our kitchens.

(32:34): I love it. It's that is great. Where can they find you? Box.Com is up and you know, right now actually we're closing out our winter box. We've got, we're just, we're doing it. We're about to launch on social, the winter box sale. So depending on when it's publishes, they can try, you know, the winter box will be available for a little bit longer than the spring box will go out in April. So we'll have that ready to, and then on Instagram at spiteful box or Facebook at spiteful box as well. Okay. That is awesome. That is awesome. What's the code that they can put in for fierce 10, we'll get them 10% off. Yep. That's your that's any of your listeners at any point could put in fierce 10 and they'll get 10% off. Okay. That's thank you for doing that. Absolutely. And, and so I think this is great girl. You have added so much.

(33:24): I know we've covered a lot. We probably could do, you know, a 10 part series when it comes to fitness mindset, nutrition and parenting and, and just flipping the script on, on all of that. And so I just, I love that you were here. Guys, go follow her, go get, get your, get yourself a bite and just give her a shout out, share this message, you know, after you guys tuning in, I do have to say, if you want some more fire in your day, head on over to Instagram, join me in the just breathe group or you can join us in glacier or St. Thomas for our upcoming adventures. I know we've been all over the place on those retreats and it allows us to step outside our comfort zone. So go to Jill Allen, coaching.com for all updates or join the just breathe Facebook group. We would love to have you join us heads up on the next episode, we are continuing another faith filled and inspiring message. So be sure to join us next week. Thanks so much for joining us today. I pray that we filled your heart with joy, and if you could let us us know before hopping off here, that would be incredible. Subscribe to share this episode link on your social media, if you felt encouraged or inspired, as we all know someone that can benefit. And I would love it. If you would give some feedback and a review as well, talk with you next time, be fit, be fierce, be unstoppable. See Ya.

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