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Show highlights include:  

  • How to stop negative emotions from dictating your day and live with a Prosperous Mindset. (2:34)
  • Using the Book of Colossians to determine your attitude and elevate your thoughts. (5:40)
  • How to work hard and push through the extra mile using the story of the Carpenter. (6:28)
  • How to find your support team and thrive every day with the 90/10 rule. (9:26)

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Hi there. I'm Jill Allen and this is find your fierce, the show designed for women to discover your fierce, unlock and unstoppable mindset. Build unbreakable courage and completely transform how you show up every single day. Each week I will bring ideas, methods and strategies that will inspire you to step into your greatness and live life on purpose. Let's be fit, fierce and unstoppable.

(00:34): Hey there, gang. Welcome to find your fear so glad you are here. Today's chat. We are going to continue the series called strength in hard places. And I love where this amazing journey is taking us. And you have to understand that I'm still pretty fired up about it, because like I have mentioned it time and time again. I talk with so many of you and you feel like you're on this roller coaster ride filled with all these ups and downs and twists and turns. And instead of moving forward with peace and purpose, our lives spin out of control and we get it. Life is hard. I mean, we find ourselves in some really tough places where the chaos and the uncertainty threatened us to make us feel helpless. And so we're going to continue to discover what to do about it. And we are flipping that script that our problems do not define us, but they actually refine us.

(01:17): But before going any further today, I have to say that I love it. That you are here listening in and spending time here on find your fear. So honored that I get to be a part of your day. You are all so amazing. And I have to thank you for all the love and support. I appreciate your feedback, your reviews, and love that you share this podcast and the set free message with all your friends and family. So if you can keep on doing it, that would be wonderful because you helping this movement as it helps reach more women and it impacts more lives. And that is certainly what life is all about. That's what we're about here on find your fierce. So again, I thank you for just being here each week, but let's retrace our steps again, as we have covered a lot, you know, since these past few weeks, and if you miss an episode in the series, don't worry about it.

(02:02): Just go back, catch the replays, catch up on the next time that you're driving in the car or you're going out for a hike or a run. We've talked about how clarity of our vision can help us not only to overcome, but to prosper from the problems we face. We've talked about perspective and how we can change the way we look at things. We've also learned how our strength of purpose empowers us to add value to the world. Our why that it trumps any obstacles of the, how we dove into perseverance, being true to who you are and being able to identify your greatest challenges. And today we're going to talk a little bit about our attitudes and where they will ultimately take us. So let's get started because life's a journey, right? Filled with all these defining moments, moments that shape our lives. And they alter the trajectory of our future.

(02:49): And one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves along the way is the gift of a new beginning. But the new beginning has to start with the renewing of our minds. Just like what Paul told the Romans, right? Be transformed by the renewing of your mind, to keep guard over your heart, your attitude, to stay hopeful, to stay positive and to tap into that abundant thinking and prosperous mindset. I just love it because if you and I, we want success. If we want prosperity, if we want the peace, whatever it is that we are wanting and desiring or that what God, places on our hearts, it begins with the mind. And it's impossible to have what you want the most with a negative attitude. And you want to go somewhere. Then you need to take your mind there. First, if you want to experience peace, then we must first think peaceful thoughts.

(03:38): First, you want to achieve success. Then you must think successful thoughts, all that hinges on our perception, what you think, what you believe, but we can't allow our thoughts and beliefs to be dictated by what can you guess? It, our moods, our emotions, our feelings, we must persevere in our mind and to overcome to persevere. I mean, it's simply a matter of attitude. I know it's easier said than done, but that mental toughness, that grit to persist under pressure. It's the matter of our attitude. And I get it because success is such a spiritual and mental process. People who become prosperous believe they will be. They have that kind of faith in their ability, in their progress to overcome all the obstacles that are for sure to come their way. I mean, that's inevitable. They block out or reject all the self self-doubt. They block out the fear of failure, fear of failure, fear of the future, all the excuse making.

(04:38): I mean, how many times have we prayed for something while at the same time thinking thoughts of poverty or lack, or we talk negatively praying for one thing, but doing and thinking and talking to another. I mean, we want something maybe if that promotion or that breakthrough in a relationship, or to overcome any type of anxiety and fear, whatever the goal is, whatever mission that God has placed on your heart. I mean, we need to have this relentless determination to put our blinders on, to write the vision, to make it so super clear. I mean, we want it to become a reality, right? That we have to wonder about it. We have to pray on it. We have to journal about it and we have to grab a hold of God's promise regarding it. And if God promised it, then we must believe it. We need to be confident in it in a coming, speaking about our life in the most uplifting, most successful and most loving way is the ultimate key.

(05:32): Your mental attitude is everything. Your attitude is going to impact, you know, your chances of it. I mean, so here's the thing, guys. We have to, we must elevate our thoughts and it's not what you think in Colossians three verse one and two, it says then you were raised with Christ, seek those things, which are above where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. We must think forward creatively, optimistically our attitude toward any situation or any circumstance determines the highs and lows of our life. The state of our attitude determines the state of our life, your home, your workplace, your relationships. Think about this. You can alter your life and the world around you just by altering your attitude. I want to share a story with you. You may have heard it before, but I absolutely love it.

(06:29): I've seen it in a few places. This is out of chop wood, carry water. It is taught. Talk about a gut punch. Okay? So I'm reading this from that, but it was a story of an elderly carpenter who was preparing to retire. He told his employer of his plans to leave the house, building business and live a more leisurely life with his wife and family. He would miss the paycheck, but he needed to settle down. And the contractor was so sorry to see this good worker go and asked if he would just build just one more house as a personal favor to him. The carpenter said he would, but it didn't take long to see that the carpenter's heart was not in his work, thinking it no longer mattered how hard or well he worked. He put things together in a shoddy manner and use the cheapest.

(07:14): Often, most inferior materials he could find to maximize his profit. When the carpenter was finished, the house looked fine, though. We knew the poor craftsmanship was sure to cause the new owner, a lifetime of headaches. When the builder came to inspect the house, he patted the carpenter on the back, handed him the front door key and said, you've worked hard for me all these years. So you deserve a reward. This is your house. It is my gift to you. What a terrible surprise. If he had only worked as diligently as he had his entire career, he would have had a different attitude and produced a different house. Instead he would now live in a home. He would spend his retirement fixing up instead of relaxing in. If you think you don't have time to do something, right? Think about how much more time it will take if you do it wrong.

(08:03): Wow. Can you imagine, can you imagine that, can you think of a time where you did not want to go the extra mile that your negative attitude got in the way or by not having a positive outlook? It became a defining moment when we don't think or act our out our best. And then we look at our life and we are living in a house. We built by ourselves, raising kids. We never invested in what about a spouse? We don't really know. And the sad part of it is that many of us we're going to look back with regret. If we had only realized that every action we took or neglected or you know, to take would affect our future. So significantly, we would have conducted ourselves quite differently. Are we that carpenter or you that carpenter and is your house is your life. That house every day, you hammer a nail, we place a board or re erect a wall with our attitude.

(08:55): I'm here to encourage you guys that we need to build wisely. It is the only life that you will be given on this side of heaven. And it may determine the mansion you inherit on the other side, guys, I'm going to wrap this up. I know this is short and sweet here. And I love this because this is something, you know, these podcasts in these episodes are. I get so fired up about it. It's so passionate. And this message is so important to me. But I also, I love that. It's just short and sweet so that you can add this into your day and get these jolts of inspiration and action steps that we can implement in our day. But I want to share this with you before we hop off here, life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% to how we respond to it.

(09:33): Somebody actually got me this poster, or I should say, it's actually, it's a framed poster. They got it for me when I graduated high school. And I remember it being on my wall in my college dorm room. And I absolutely grabbed ahold of it. Life is 10%. What happens to us and 90% to how we respond to it. It's the most important thing it's going to make or break it. Everything we do. And the remarkable thing is, is that we have a choice every day regarding the attitude, what we will embrace for that day. We can't change our past, or we probably can't even change the fact of how people are going to act. They're going to act in a certain way. Things are going to happen. We can choose our attitude. So who do you surround yourself with? Do they speak life? Do they lift you up?

(10:17): How do you speak to yourself? How do you talk? How do you speak to others in a positive way? I hope your thoughts, your words are going to affect your entire life. They're going to affect your destiny. They're going to impact your future. They're going to mold and shape who you are, what you become, who you become and ultimately where you end up in life. And if you want change, I encourage you to learn to speak for a change because your thoughts, follow your words and your actions as much as your words and actions, follow your thoughts. Think about that. Ponder on it. Pray on it. I'm going to wrap that up today. How about that as always once again, so glad to be a part of your day and that you are a part of mine guys. Grab my book, set free. It's a woman's guide to freedom from confusion, control, worry, fear, and stress by letting go and saying yes to God's endless love and head on over to Jill Allen, coaching.com.

(11:08): Check out all the retreats that we are inviting you to be a part of. We have been everywhere. Sarasota's Zion, Bryce canyon, the Tetons and Sedona. We're planning more epic breakthrough weekends. We're heading to Ash Vale here in a few weeks. It's just going to be so good. And we want you to be a part of it you and your girlfriends. So gather them up. Join us in the just brief Facebook group. You'll be updated there as well and heads up on the next episode. We're going to continue the strength in hard places and talking how to move beyond self-defeat. So be sure to listen in next week. Thanks so much for joining us today. Please subscribe, share this episode, link on your social media. If you felt encouraged or inspired, as we all know, someone that can benefit. And I would love it. If you would give some feedback and a review as well, topically, next time, beep It be fierce, be unstoppable.

(12:04): This is the podcast factory.com.

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